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whose the rebels and the saudi iraqi backed yemeni government their recent talks and sweeten they happened last week it's hoped the limited ceasefire and the withdrawal of troops from the port will lead to a breakthrough in the four year long civil war diplomatic go to james bays reports now from u.n. headquarters in new york this resolution passed unanimously endorses the deployment of u.n. monitors to yemen i'm told the first advance team could be there in her data in a matter of hours they will then decide how many monitors there should be i'm told mission they were talking about thirty but they could go up to a figure of one hundred sixty seven the other thing the security council hopes this will do is bring momentum to the peace process with more talks to you in january the u.k. ambassador was the one who drafted this resolution the most important matter now is that we turn to urgent implementation it's vital that the parties finally thier
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neck commitments to pave the way for a formal mean launch of negotiations and at the same time mr president delivering real improvements on the ground that make a tangible difference to ordinary yemenis there were some tough negotiations to get this passed including an unseemly ryle between two allies the u.k. and the u.s. i'm told it even went to the office of the foreign secretary and the secretary of state one of the things that come out of the original draft resolution drawn up by the u.k. is the provision of accountability for crimes under international humanitarian law that something that would have targeted the saudi led coalition it seems the u.s. has been doing the coalition's bidding and got that section removed. the government forces and who is a blaming each other for violating the cease fire in data government forces released this video showing displaced yemenis after they say three fights a shelby government help district of. however whose he's accused government forces
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of targeting the city's al shaab district with artillery shells data for is critical for the supply of food and humanitarian aid for millions of yemenis who've been on the brink of starvation let's get more on that for you joining us here on the. associate research for the london middle east institute she's also the author of yemen in crisis well talk crissy neo liberalism and the disintegration of a state helen lackner as far as the observers are concerned what do they do and how do they do it well i. bet i bet. that. they. edit it at will. and that and.
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that. holds it at helen i'm going to interrupt you there and apologize to our viewers because the quality of the scotland to oxford in the u.k. not as good as perhaps it could be we will try and come back to you just as soon as we can so sit tight we'll try and return to a conversation in the next few minutes or so. the resignation of the u.s. defense secretary james mattis is creating new rifts between donald trump and members of his own party republican senator lindsey graham is calling for an immediate hearing on the decision to withdraw our forces from syria the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell echoed that condemnation on twitter saying i believe it's essential that the united states maintains and strengthens the post world war two alliances that have been carefully built by leaders in both parties so i was sorry to learn that secretary mattis who shares those clear principles will soon depart the administration but i am particularly distressed that he is
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resigning due to shop differences with the president on these and other key aspects of america's global leadership let's get more on that story for you joining us live from washington is our correspondent rosalind jordan rose how many people across the administration are rattled by mattis deciding to quit. well it's not clear how many people within the trumpet ministration have been rattled but clearly both republicans and democrats on capitol hill are very very disturbed by the fact that jim mattis has said that he is resigning his post as defense secretary and that he said it was because he could not agree or support donald trump's policies and certainly you have even someone who could theoretically be a possible candidate to replace jim maddest the former army general jack keane also decrying his departure from the trumpet ministration and saying that this is
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a very very bad situation in terms of u.s. national security so there is a real sense that with the imminent departure of gen matters from the pentagon that the foreign policy of the united states is going to be something that certainly its allies would not want which is very isolationist not willing to take the lead on difficult conflicts and certainly not being willing to support international institutions such as nato or the leading the ongoing coalition to fight. across the admin not the administration but those people that kind of support the administration was massey is seen as an insulation almost to mr trump's more i guess instinctive way of coming up with how he does his job and how he puts in his mind the best people into the right positions. peter you're touching on something that is very very key jim mattis was seen as one of the proverbial adults in the
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room and he was considered the last adult in the room when it came to national security into foreign policy because let's not forget the president had brought in the former head of exxon mobil rex tillerson and decided that he didn't like tillerson deference to curb some of his instincts and foreign policy rex tillerson recently said during an appearance in houston that he had seen was persuade the president many times not to do things that rex tillerson knew would be illegal the departure of h.r. mcmaster the celebrated general who had written the perhaps the textbook on how not to fight a war the war in vietnam he was driven out as the national security adviser because again he was the one who said that we needed to stay a key member of the united nations of nato of other international institutions and
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mr trump didn't want to hear a charge that masters advice so he has left you see this happening over and over again and what you have left in the wake is really the sense that donald trump is going to be acting in terms of things in terms of policies that would perhaps be more pleasing to people in moscow or in beijing or in rather than what is most appropriate for first washington and then for haps for its allies in europe and in other parts of the world very very real sense of alarm here in washington something i have not seen here in many years thanks very much. well the decision to withdraw forces from syria surprised and angered many in washington as we've just been hearing and with reports of a possible withdrawal of forces from afghanistan is also meaning that u.s. leaders are questioning president donald trump's foreign policy and where foreign policy is headed next she has her tense enough from washington there's been no
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shortage of voices in washington expressing dismay at donald trump's decision to withdraw troops from syria and the subsequent resignation of defense secretary james mattis and shaken by the news because of the patriot that general secretary model is. and now with reports that the president has ordered a withdrawal from afghanistan republican senator lindsey graham has called for congressional hearings on both decisions the foreign policy establishment is confronting one of its greatest fear is that trump meant what he said on the campaign trail where for course in the middle east that we were fifteen years ago i mean right now it's a disaster once trump filled his cabinet with people who did not share about view though the establishment thought it was safe i think it's fair to say that the establishment never wanted this moment to come needed establishment and that is certainly as a member of that establishment in good standing. is only willing i think to. ask any interest or have questions about u.s. policy in the region and even if things haven't gone well neat haven't there going
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asian is simply to persist there is skepticism about how deeply geostrategic trump's decision was and whether the president will even follow through. but several issues are reported to have been involved in the syria decision including the primacy of the us a strategic relationship with turkey and the avoidance of mission creep. in the last few months national security advisor john bolton has made it clear that the us was in syria to confront iran that was a position explicitly rejected in the tweet that announced the withdrawal we have defeated isis in syria my only reason for being there during the trump presidency the president wrote the military itself is divided there are many senior officers in the military we think the serial deployments for a long period of time just aren't working and they're eroding military readiness but it's worth remembering that even with these proposed withdrawals the u.s. still has tens of thousands of troops and massive air power in the region she ever
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turns the outer zero washington the turkish president. has confirmed donald trump's decision to withdraw all u.s. troops from syria came after they had spoken on the telephone. book and as other mark macdonald we will not hesitate to take steps but of course for mr trump and as a result of that meeting he said to us this could you claim dice from the area we c.g.s. we will and we will continue if you give logistic support to us and now you can say they started to withdraw now our target is to fear the diplomatic relations and how we need three thousand members and drop us and we will continue p k k y p d e n y p j we will need to realize all of them and we have the capacity and the skills. well in france the defense minister praised the record of the u.s. counterpart james mattis comments came as kurdish leaders were in paris looking for
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an expanded french presence in syria after the u.s. withdrawal is natascha bottom well two political leaders from the syrian kurdish alliance the s.d.f. a u.s. ally have been in paris they were here hoping to have talks with the french president but the least they said that emanuel markhor would not be able to meet them now they are calling on the french government to step up and do more to help them in light of the possible quite a consequences or the u.s. decision to pull its troops out of syria. the heart of the region faces threats especially from the turkish government and the threat of i still remains there's an obligation to protect the areas we freed with the help of international partners we've asked the french government to assume the moral responsibility turkey is a part of nato the french can pressure them to stop the barbaric aggression against this region. well donald trump's decision to withdraw u.s.
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troops from syria was certainly met with a mixture of frustration and surprise here in paris the french defense minister flawless battle they said there is still a lot of work to be down to defeat us on the ground and france will remain in syria she said look ninety percent of the territories that were taken by eisel have been recovered but they are still ten percent still work to be done she also said that is very important to focus on trying to stabilize those territories which have been recaptured now france of course has more than a thousand troops in both syria and iraq it has special forces in syria so now what the french are concerned by is exactly what will be the u.s. timeline to withdraw these troops because whatever happens once those troops go there will be a lot more pressure on the french troops left behind reaction from other european allies to that decision by the u.s.
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president donald trump officials in germany saying they weren't alerted in advance of the u.s. announcement on syria. secret wedding is planned as an ally and part of the coalition we would have found prior consultations with the u.s. government on a withdrawal of u.s. troops helpful in the view of the federal government the so-called islamic state continues to pose a threat even if the terrorist organizations have meanwhile lost large parts of the territory previously controlled by the well the us president's also moving forward with plans for a big but not total withdrawal from afghanistan has more on that but. as much as gridlock is a part of living in kabul so is the presence of u.s. troops for seventeen years thousands of american soldiers have been stationed in afghanistan and now there are reports that may be coming to an end for american we consider this good luck if they get lost and disappear from here would be very
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happy with. their own fourteen thousand u.s. military personnel in support an advisory role for more than two hundred thousand afghan troops but the u.s. numbers may be harped. we would be happy that u.s. troops are leaving if the f. ghana forces were strong enough to defend us but unfortunately we do not have enough power to defend our country similar concerns were voiced three weeks ago by the general nominated to command all u.s. forces in the middle east if we were precipitously right now i do not believe they would be able to successfully defend their country president ashraf ghani and his government remained largely silent in response with organics chief advisor to tweet most analysts believe that afghanistan would collapse with the departure of more than one hundred thousand troops but a brave defense and security forces prove these analysts wrong and defended the nation with great valor president donald trump has flip flopped on afghanistan
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coming into office he was for a troop withdrawal then last year increase the number of troops and said this. there's no talking to the taliban we don't want to talk to the taliban we're going to finish what we have to finish but nobody else has been able to finish we're going to be able to do it but now the u.s. is talking to the taliban and peace talks are gaining momentum earlier this week u.s. taliban saudi pakistan and afghan representatives met and the united arab emirates talks covered a possible cease fire and a complete u.s. troop withdrawal something the taliban says is non-negotiable maybe we could look at it as a confidence building measures the taliban are requesting. ambassador. for in a schedule to draw their forces this could well be one of those signs where they are committed to would draw from of understand if they could. visited in a long long kirk hour afghans anxiously wait for clarity on what president trump
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will do what it will mean for the shallop palace al-jazeera. still to come here on the news for you. barcelona on the boil again we'll tell you why. and we report from cuba where there's a debate on a forthcoming referendum the could transform the communist country. and the world club cup final could prove to be an extra special occasion for real madrid captain sergio ramos leah explain precisely why in the sports news in about two hours. hello again we're here cross united states we have been watching a very powerful system make its way across the eastern seaboard bring flooding rain and windy conditions to many locations as well as snow the good news is by the time
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we get toward saturday that system begins to move out we're left with much dry conditions here. for the eastern seaboard a lot of people are traveling so there's going to be a lot of catsup expression at the airports that had a lot of delays in cancellations down towards atlanta cooled a few at ten degrees but sunny but out here towards the northwest we are looking at another pacific storm coming into play across parts of washington oregon british columbia for the cascades that means a lot of snow in the forecast there for seattle a high temperature few of nine degrees down towards los angeles we're looking about twenty one as your forecast high well that same storm system had a funnel boundary pushing through cuba there it is right there down across parts of the bahamas as well a little bit cooler behind the front but really more dry air than anything we'll be seeing nasa twenty three degrees really staying like that as we go towards sunday maybe a shower too down here towards jamaica but for panama it is going to be cloudy and rainy with attempted there of thirty one degrees and then very quickly we are still seeing some showers across parts of southern brazil rio de janeiro
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a very warm day for you at thirty five degrees but better conditions and what is that us with a temperature of twenty six. welcome back ok let's just get right up to speed with all our top stories so far here on the news hour the u.s. federal government is hours away from a partial shutdown after president trump refused to back down on funding for his mexican border war now his demand for nearly six billion dollars is expected to be rejected by the senate. the u.n. security council has approved a team of observers to monitor a cease fire in yemen's key port city of data the u.n. monitors who won't be uniformed or are we deployed financial period of thirty days
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. and top u.s. republicans have expressed concerns and anger of the defense secretary james mass his resignation senator lindsey graham is calling for an immediate hearing of the foreign relations committee to discuss the matter. demonstrators have rallied in hungary it's a percentage of the new amendments to recently introduced new labor laws their critics are calling the slave law would allow employers to force people to work more overtime and delay payments for them perhaps for up to three years nationwide protests have been held since last week robin for a city walker is there in budapest. we've been with the protesters today on the streets of budapest and many thousands of them have come out to express their frustration with the hung garion government being brought in to make these two you know it's not just the label although they are calling this lays low because it means the hunger is going to have to work a lot of extra hours is
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a stretch but also another tool that is going to affect that you tishri that the protest to say is going to erode its independence and blur the lines between the executive government and the judges and that's why they. said it was facing. these laws into being without having listened to us and they say they're determined to carry on we're hearing now that the trade unions are meeting and they intend to hold nationwide strikes it still remains to be seen whether this movement has enough momentum to keep going through christmas and into the new year but this opposition movement that comes the left and the right that students they say they are going to keep changing to keep up the pressure and think up new ways to challenge that ministration. spain thirteen people have been arrested after pro independence supporters in catalonia for with the police the session is protesting against the spanish government cabinet meeting in barcelona they're offended by the
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timing of the meeting which comes a year after meant to block the region's bid for independence you. blocked roads. confrontations with police a far cry from the message spain's prime minister hoped to bring to the city headache for the politicians aiming to turn the page on the catalan crisis if there had been doubts about resolving it and friday's events certainly proved them right i don't care about what spain do or say will stay here i will. share my opinion. and i will follow this movement to achieve our independent they just came here to show ours to show everybody that it is these their homeland and that we don't have anything to do under those financial governments decision so far i haven't let me think a bastard out was supporting to them supposed to be
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a symbolic so i'm reaching out to the region but for the independence protestors here it's being seen nothing as more than from pockets of show of force and it's just an example of how the bitter divide between the two sides remains which shows little sign of resolving what's. one thousand police officers secured the streets just down the road in the middle of the palace surrounded by a sizable security cordon prime minister better sancia held a meeting with his cabinet an area of relative calm away from the outpouring of outside the spanish government has insisted it's doing this to advance talks with the council and leadership because. this is the only possible proposal the situation cannot be solved by continuing. to hide one another it will only be solved through dialogue negotiations and a deal that would be there are scientists is offering. both sides consecrate
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how to solve this spain's government continues to maintain the crisis can only be resolved within the law but the cattle and government doesn't agree and sees it as a political maneuver to do night further independence from madrid at this moment we are not that create what is the origin what is the nature of the conflict and how to file a bit so we either start talking but i would seriously and with the best. with the best aim. to keep moving forward on the work it has been fourteen months since the outlawed referendum which triggered the current crisis emotions are running high on both sides but no path has yet been carved out to result the current standoff sunny day ever al-jazeera barcelona. in belgium the king has accepted the resignation of the prime minister michel king felipe michel to run a caretaker government until elections are held in may he decided to step down on
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tuesday following political differences over an international migration deal. flights are returning to normal in london second airport gets weaker after another drone citing temporarily grounded services flights that resumed earlier the drones were spotted on weapons day shutting down the airport for thirty six hours the disruption affected more than one hundred twenty thousand people military technology is being used to monitor the area he's need. thirty six hours of transport misery is slowly coming to an end a limited number of domestic and european flights were allowed to leave and land on friday but most long haul flights remain counseled the airport is coping with a backlog of tens of thousands of passengers many forced to bed down on the terminal floor overnight the reopening of the airport is being cautiously welcomed the something to relate. you know all the calls in chronic they've made this sort
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of thing you're going to madrid in an hour and they were saying it's console one another saying we're flying so it's all quiet the decision to reopen get with follow the arrival of specialists military equipment on thursday police said they would be willing to shoot the drones down if they reappear again they were thought to be at least two drones described as being of industrial specification but in a much better place to say that we were yesterday in terms of the options available to us so we are in a really positive position in terms of detecting the drone tracking it mitigates the threat that it poses secondly the last confirmed sighting was just before ten pm last night so we've had a significant period of time where the drone hasn't appeared the hunt for the rogue drone operator or drone operators has drawn in multiple government agencies the police british intelligence the authorities say they're all following multiple leads but it keeping these details of the tight control for now airport management to calling the incident commercial sabotage whoever is responsible could face up to
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five years in prison that we had ten thousand past is he didn't fly on wednesday we had one hundred ten thousand passes he didn't fly today we're going to see ongoing disruption today and into into that we can live in a very diverse situation i'd just like to apologize to all the passengers an instruction that has been posted in by this criminal act events here at gatwick have major implications for airport security. around the world the union of air traffic controllers is demanding stricter regulations and more counter drone measures to safeguard airports and protect lives the park at al-jazeera that we can port. in the czech republic thirteen miners have died in a meeting explosion at a coal mine of the prime minister and raised by bush has visited the mine and has announced compensation for the families the explosion took place about eight hundred meters underground in the city of kut of ina close to the border with poland eleven of the miners of polish to check the site is operated by
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a state owned mining company ok.d. israeli forces of shot dead three palestinians including a sixteen year old boy during ongoing demonstrations in gaza over one hundred fifty others were injured according to the palestinian health ministry the teenager who was shot in the neck has been named as mohamed just june on the stimulus have been holding weekly protests for the right of return for palestinian refugees along the gaza israel border fence for almost nine months now in sudan a state of emergency has been extended to the north and the white nile states as protests against rising food and fuel prices continue to spread eight people have been killed the cities of barra and got us are already under emergency rule and on thursday demonstrations spread to the capital khartoum schools and universities are being closed there protesters are angry about a seventy percent inflation rate one of the world's highest economies struggled
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since the independence of south sudan in twenty eleven and it lost the majority of its oil revenue. is a sudanese academic and activist he says the protests are a call for democratic change. government is actually really now for the last twenty years actually just it's a ripple effect you feel your. back by crisis fuel and read about. what the people that's what they see what we all feel your view and now what you see this morning and now it's nearly. legal says we don't want this region it's actually a little. group and that's the mean reason for all this no usually. feel you. just go and that's what the street on the streets obscene and no they
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are quite also and you think. that is. opposition candidates in the democratic republic of congo urging supporters to show restraint as large protest groups such as across the country the latest on rest follows this week for spokesman to a long delayed presidential election malcolm webb has this report from the capital kinshasa. ok oh i know these opposition supporters chant if there's no election by december the twenty third people will be killed. president joseph kabila has left the democratic republic of congo for seventeen years due to step down for the last two. this man says he now could be this cunning if you have a state in power and there's no election where central jersey could he can kill us all. and this boy says we won the
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election it could be a dozen wanted he has to go. people here support felix he's a kennedy one of the main opposition candidates. they gathered outside his party headquarters in the capital kinshasa. they don't have much patience with the government they said this man is a spy from the ruling party sent to stop violence to have it beaten. he was lucky to be handed over to the police. elections that would have been delayed fighting. a lot of the people here have been protesting what action to be held since before that right there broken up violently by police they are still alive people by the people here frustrated electoral commission have yet another delay and they're waiting to hear what their leaders say. position presidential candidates including she security skeptical about the seven day delay
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. we think this perspiring win is a way to push supporters to violence to burn election materials so that even the promise of an election on the thirty's the december cannot be fulfilled people here in kinshasa are waiting to see if they'll be trouble but leaders have called for calm i feel that this isn't for this was just two words and this started up. until fifty december and the. article sixty four of our forces and asked me about the war feeling party officials told us then not allowed to comment the lot of people here are wondering if the election really will happen on the thirtieth and wondering what will happen if it doesn't now come where al-jazeera kinshasa in the democratic republic of congo. nigerian police say
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they've arrested a book oram fights are believed to be the key plot of the twenty fifteen bombings in the capital in a boojum abdul malik and several others who confessed to their roles were arrested in lagos the twin blasts killed fifteen people and injured dozens more tribal elders in a turn on the border between kenya and ethiopia calling for calm after twenty one people died in a week of ethnic violence mali sits on both sides of the border fighting in ethiopia between ethnic and somali communities this year has forced thousands of people to escape to the kenyan side as in bus ravi reports now from nairobi. a refugee crisis is playing out on the ethiopia kenya border. last week a decade's old dispute over tribal lands on the side of the town of moore turned violent again forcing the most vulnerable to flee into kenya. you want to go back home but our houses have burnt. the population of
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a split by an international border that runs through the center of the town a legacy of colonial rule that adds to the tensions in a place divided along ethnic lines for generations continuing fighting this year has forced thousands of refugees into kenya many are still there too afraid to go back there. is too. scared to. walk on and if this people stay here most likely the host communities will have a lot of pressure on their food stocks. the tribal elders on the kenyan side say they want an end to the bloodshed and are worried about communities on both sides of the border. what's happened of the ethiopian side treat the wetted us members of the community government as security officials we are making sure what happened on dates european site doesn't spill over into kenya peace committee
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meetings in kenya during the past week.


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