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tv   The Listening Post 2018 Ep 47  Al Jazeera  December 22, 2018 11:32am-12:02pm +03

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fifteen hours to get to the town of called the capital of the semi autonomous gorno but action region in eastern tajikistan the broken road winds its way through the primary mountains bordering afghanistan the people here have long complained that demands for better infrastructure jobs and respect for their distinct culture are ignored by central government the mountains about it seana provided a natural defense against all those who tried to impose their wealth already on this region for centuries the chinese the russians the british all have struggled to control a people with a distinct culture a distinct identity and recent protests here in horror suggests that the government intrusion bay is facing similar challenges even today the majority of go no but actions approximately two hundred seventy thousand population. in september there were demonstrations against what protesters say has been gears of neglect and
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intimidation by the predominantly sunni muslim government. unemployment is estimated to be around fifty percent there are no major industries which could offer jobs. president and home on iraq a man whose roots as you can stand for more than twenty five years has banned opposition parties imprisoned political leaders and journalists and crushed any independent media across the country he's also criticized local leaders often described as warlords as well as regional government officials for what he sees as their failure to crack down on drug smuggling from afghanistan it's a national and she narcotics agencies say corrupt officials are involved. tons of heroin and opium a smuggled across the border every year. this government mind refused to let us interview anyone on the streets and wanted names of anyone we had tried to talk to . we contacted one person by telephone and recorded disk on the sation.
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we were. very. you know. unleashed say president is aware of the risks of a crackdown in gorno box on a region that accounts for almost hoff of. which. the people of that action are easy to mobilize it's a conservative society it's enough to just call someone a brother to him to them bring a thousand five hundred people from his village to support the authorities know there's a risk of crossing a line that's what president rahmani scared of president sent the army into the
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region in two thousand and twelve off the bottom intelligence chief was stabbed to death around fifty armed men civilians and soldiers were killed in the fighting that followed the risk of renewed violence is testing the government again one that critics say has to be year is relied on its intelligence services police and army to silence dissent. zero hawg tajikistan the king of belgium has accepted the resignation of the prime minister michelle king for me as . a caretaker government until elections are held in may he decided to step down on tuesday after his government was reduced to a minority following differences over an international migration deal. in spain thirteen people have been arrested after pro independence supporters in catalonia fought with the police the secessionists are protesting against the spanish government cabinet meeting in barcelona now they're offended by its timing which
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comes exactly a year after madrid blocks the region's bid for independence his son your go. blocked roads. confrontations with police a far cry from the message spain's prime minister hoped to bring to the city headache for the politicians aiming to turn the page on the catalan crisis if there had been doubts about resolving it and friday's events certainly proved them right i don't care about what spain durai will stay here they will. share my opinion. and i will follow this movement to achieve our independent they just came here to show ours to show everybody that it is these their homeland and that we don't have anything to do under the spanish government's decision to call i havenot meeting hey ambassador it was according to them supposed to be a symbolic so i'm reaching out to the region but for the independence protestors
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here it's being seen nothing as more than from pockets of show of force and it's just an example of how the bits of divide between the two sides remains which shows little sign of resolving what. one thousand police officers secured the streets just down the road in the middle of a palace surrounded by a sizable security cordon prime minister federal sancia held a meeting with his cabinet an area of relative calm away from the outpouring of outside of the spanish government has insisted it's doing this to advance talks with the council and leadership because. this is the only possible proposal the situation cannot be solved by continuing to find one another it will only be solved through dialogue negotiations and a deal that two of those scientists is offering. both sides contre green how to solve this spain's government continues to maintain the crisis can only be
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resolved within the law but the cat. government doesn't agree and sees it as a political maneuver to do night for the independence from the dritte at this moment we're not back really in what is the origin what is the nature of the conflict and how to fall bit so we either start talking but i will seriously and with the best. we the birth aim. to keep moving forward on this is not work it has been fourteen months since the outlawed referendum which triggered the current crisis emotions are running high on both sides but no path has yet been carved out to resolve the current standoff sony vaio al-jazeera barcelona. it's the end of an era in germany as it closes its last active coal mine a group of workers left the mine for the last time carrying a symbolic chunk of coal which they handed to the president on baltistan while germany to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by forty percent by twenty the twenty.
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still to come here on al-jazeera the sports news on one of the biggest grudge matches in boxing just got more personal will tell you that. after joining the greenpeace team campaigning to protect the weddell sea in antarctica we're now in australia for the outcome with the first generation to realize the gravity of this crisis. but we may be the last to be able to do something about it in another thread special find out if the effort to create the largest sentry on earth has succeeded thrice on al-jazeera and monday put it well on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already
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a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. time for sports is leah. thank you so much we start with football and liverpool have gone four points clear at the top of the english premier league they've beaten wolves two nil away it was their seventh league win in a row and what's been an unbeaten e.p.l.
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campaign so far. and virgil then dyke getting a goal each man city have the chance to reduce the gap to a single point if they beat crystal palace on saturday and manchester united's new interim coach ole gunnar sol shire says he wants to manage the club on a permanent basis his first chance to prove his worth will be against cardiff in the e.p.l. on saturday with united down in six in the table my job now is just for the next six months to do as well as i can. move the club forward as well as i can and then i understand the this so many so many managers that would love to be a manager of mine united so of course. i'm one of them but it's not something that we've talked about it they're going to do the process now for the next six months real madrid take on you easily and on saturday in the final of the club world cup and while the games give rale the chance to win the competition for
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a third time in a row it could also be a landmark moment for captain sergio ramos if real when it will be the twentieth title for roma ramos for the madrid club since joining in two thousand and five the thirty two year old's rio honors list already includes four champions league and four titles. in football you don't have a lot of time to enjoy what you achieved because you keep on carrying on i have to say thanks to all the people that helped me get to the position i'm in right now for every moment i've lived and every moment i've experienced i hope that in the future i can be the player that has won the most titles for around madrid. well football star christian are now those due to court early next year dates been set for his child for tax fraud he's expected to plead guilty and receive a suspended two year sentence and pay a fine close to twenty two million dollars proceedings are scheduled for january twenty first last year rinaldo was accused of four counts of tax fraud from two
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thousand and eleven to twenty four teams worth sixteen and a half million dollars ronaldo was accused of using shell companies outside of spain to hide his income from image rights now one of boxing's biggest grudge matches just got a bit more personal britain's dillion white and said his opponent derek zora insulted his family ahead of their rematch in london on saturday after the british heavyweights made weight earlier there was a scuffle between both camps tensions were expected both fighters have been in war in a war of words for years now choose or even through a table at white at a press conference before their first match in twenty six team which white won by decision saturday's fight is expected to be an eliminator for a world title bout with anthony joshua. i'm fine if you see me i'm cool in front of me didn't mean to say but the media is being called on you for the members of my family. to defy even begin to understand you are still
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you know i don't think. you can say that to me i'm cool i mean if. a person. the miami heat fought back from an early deficit in the houston rockets five game winning streak in the n.b.a. the rockets james harden scored eleven points in their first quarter to help the visitors to a thirty three twenty one lead but the heat fired into life in the second to get back within two thing to quickly unraveled for the rockets one of their star players chris paul suffered a hamstring injury ruling him out for the rest of the game he went on to win one zero one to ninety nine. there was also a win for the l.a. clippers over the dallas mavericks that's despite scoring a career high thirty two points in the game. gave the mavericks a three point lead with less than a minute remaining but the clippers won it twenty five to one twenty one and the
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tampa bay lightning extended their point streak to eleven in a shootout win against the calgary flames the lightning came back from three goals down and back to make it four fourth forcing the game in to shoot out. the line to come back to tie this game with three tampa. was on fire he made thirty four saves including seven in overtime j.t. miller scored in the seventh round of the shootout to seal the five four win for tampa and elsewhere the philadelphia flyers were in great form against the nashville predators breaking their four game losing streak the game was tied at one one in the second period but the flyers quickly turned things around. with the winner is twelfth goal of the season making it to one. snowboard cross world cup is finally underway after a delayed start to the season because of a lack of snow sports a mix between motocross and snowboarding and luckily there was enough snow for the event to happen in italy germany's visitant and took home gold for the men and in
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the women's event. of the usa took for her victory. that's all your sport for now more later. and finally this hour images shot by the european space agency's mass express to reveal the winter wonderland on the red planet it's released these photographs of a crater filled with bright white ice the color left creates a measures eighty two kilometers across and the ice two kilometers to the top of the hour so you soon. when i enter the speed of light a fire car six hundred horsepower i feel the happiest. women tearing up a truck in the west bank. challenge a stereotype. living life in the fast what it's like to cover for the
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duration of the. big sisters on how different. generation after generation men work under the merciless sun of northeastern state that one in this slum there's no sewerage running water or other basic services sixty percent of the people here are not living in poverty their needs are so great and their pockets so empty that they are easy prey during election time for politicians they can come here and buy their votes for as little as ten dollars of course if i'm a politician and i give culture an education to the people i'm in pairing them and if i'm in pairing them they may not vote for me so that's why it's in their interest to keep things as they are. it's a vicious circle of inequality aggravated by a severe recession and governmental stared that's left thirteen million brazilians
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unemployed and even as the next government can start the recovery process those living here at the bottom of the social ladder will be the last to benefit. kidnappings and murders in crimea since russia's full stomach sation of the black sea and the. i don't understand why he was kidnapped. schools of crimea into ties have been arrested and. most been moved by russian security forces. crimea russia's dirty secret on al-jazeera. his wall does not have sixty votes here in the senate let alone fifty votes a u.s.
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government shutdown is now imminent and the political stalemate centered on president trump's planned border war with mexico. hello i'm down jordan this is obvious here at live from doha also coming up. the u.n. approves observers to monitor fragile ceasefire around the yemeni port of her data . out on the streets again hunger ariens protests stuff a so-called slave law comes into force. and in the latest in our special series from to explain what tensions are rising in an area with its own distinct culture. the us federal government is just two hours away from a partial shutdown that's after president donald trump refused to back down in
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a rout of a funding for his planned border war with mexico congress has been forced to adjourn without a deal on spending mike hanna reports from washington on this vote the yeas are forty seven as evening fell it was clear there would be no agreement in the senate democrats adamant they would not vote for any bill that included funding for the border wall and the senate majority leader acknowledged the inevitable hope show democrats will work with the white house on an agreement can both houses of congress and. receive the president said after democrats have offered three proposals to keep the government open including a proposal offered by leader mcconnell that passed the senate unanimously only a few days ago we are willing to continue discussions on those proposals with the leader the president the speaker of the house and the leader of the house all five are necessary to get something done
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a procedural bill was passed that essentially places the onus on congressional leaders to strike a compromise with the president we're not voting on anything else in this chamber. relative to this issue until a global agreement has been reached between the president and these two leaders and the leader of the house on thursday the house passed a funding bill that included five billion dollars for president trump's border wall or fence but without a vote in the senate the bull remains in limbo and funding still not there for what president trump described as a beautiful wall tweeting out the image earlier in the day the president insisted he would not compromise and here we're talking about five billion dollars so it's a tiny fraction but unfortunately. they've devoted their lives to making sure it doesn't happen but then he sent a team to negotiate with congressional leaders which included his chief of staff
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close adviser jared and the vice president house members went home for the night as did many senators they hope that the president will back down and that the partial closure of government will last a matter of hours rather than days or weeks the president confirming in a tweet that he's canceled his shed jule trip to florida adding while we wait to see if the democrats will help us to protect america's southern border mike hanna al-jazeera washington. well ahead of the shutdown the u.s. stock market has had its worst week of losses in several years concerns of slowing economic growth and the recession has worried investors all major u.s. indices of lost between sixteen and twenty six percent from their highs over the summer and autumn the likelihood of a u.s. government shutdown also triggered a sell off of stocks around the world well the dow jones industrial average finished the week nearly seven point seven percentage points lower was its worst weekly plan since two thousand and eight and the tech rich nasdaq was down eight
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point four percent this week this is also the sharpest drop since two thousand and eight and the s. and p. five hundred was down nearly seven point one percent this was his biggest fall since two thousand and eleven alive or johnson is founder and c.e.o. of the lansing investments he says americans will start to feel the pinch of a slowing economy in twenty nineteen. we've had nine straight quarters of g.d.p. growth on a rate of change basis that's unprecedented it's never happened before if you go to quarter one we had two point two percent growth it jumped to four point two percent in the second quarter and then three point four percent was just revised downward so essentially what's happened is we're going from great to good which is bad we're not just decelerating on the g.d.p. front but also inflation has peaked we had inflation peak at two point seven percent it's a three year higher so anytime you have growth and inflation decelerating at the same time you'll see that's why you see the growth stocks the technology stocks get get get beat up pretty bad is because companies are predicated value of
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a company is predicated on future earnings and so those are things don't look as robust when you start to global economic slowdown. the headline rest notwithstanding i don't think it's as much to do with trump or the fed or these other issues it's just we're at the end of a business cycle we've got wage growth at two point nine percent and that's significant because that's a lagging indicator and in time you see wages go up go up corporate profits get squeezed and when poor profits get squeezed their turn to lay people off and so that's an indication that going forward in two thousand and nineteen you will start to see average americans start to start to feel the burden of a slowing economy president trauma's hardline policy on asylum seekers has been dealt a serious blow by the supreme court because restrictions have been rejected five to four by the courts judges the measure had sought to ban anyone seeking refuge in the u.s. if it arrived outside approved border entry points signed an order in november and
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people traveling in a circle caravan from central america have been to reach the u.s. through mexico william frescoes a former u.s. deputy assistant attorney general in charge of immigration he says the supreme court's decision suggests president to saddam ban is illegal. what the supreme court did today was monumental because it basically gave the saying all that even as the litigation proceeds through the lower courts in its full education of the marriage that most likely by the time it gets to the supreme court it was a brain court will say that the trump asylum but it was a legal what this decision today has done is in a firm decision from a few weeks ago that blocked that policy so for the last thirty forty years since the u.s. have an asylum statue with the asylum that you said was as long as you present yourself for asylum it doesn't matter how you got to the united states what the president tried to do is to say no you will be banned from seeking asylum allez you
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wait for a week to get through one of the eighty slots. at one of the ports of entry on the southern border and what today's ruling patent that's totally illegal what congress already welcomed how it wanted people to apply for a bible and there is no way to block people from applying if they can find someone with a player in the. their intention to apply for it by them they thought well because we had five justices that have been appointed by conservative presidents for sure we're going to have this decision but what justice roberts showed today showed that in past immigration the most notable one being when the arizona law passed during the obama administration and justice roberts struck that that was the show about in my brain just physically he's a very moderate judge and we're sided with the liberal wing of the court because the side you is very clear here to say you're going to fly for a file and that literally you were irrespective of whether you entering the port of
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entry or into green before and through the fact that it doesn't take a rocket scientist. and that's what the congress required and both in the ninth circuit with a very conservative judge and in the supreme court with justice roberts both prime conservative judges have said that this law cannot be interpreted the way the president. un security council has approved a team of observers for a ceasefire in yemen's key put city of her data that u.n. monitors who won't be uniformed or armed will be deployed for an initial thirty days so part of a peace deal agreed by who the rebels and the saudi iranian backed yemeni government talks in sweden last week it's hoped a limited ceasefire and withdrawal of troops on the port will lead to a breakthrough in the civil war our diplomatic editor james bays is at u.n. headquarters in new york. this resolution passed unanimously endorses the
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deployment of u.n. monitors to yemen i'm told the first advance team could be there in her data in a matter of hours they will then decide how many monitors there should be i'm told mission we were talking about thirty but they could go up to a figure of one hundred sixty seven the other thing the security council hopes this will do is bring momentum to the peace process with more talks to you in january the u.k. ambassador was the one who drafted this resolution the most important matter now is that we turn to urgent implementation it's vital that the parties fall if they are neck commitments to pave the way for a formal me launch of negotiations and at the same time mr president delivering real improvements on the ground that make a tangible difference to ordinary yemenis there were some tough negotiations to get this passed including an unseemly ryle between two allies the u.k. and the u.s. i'm told it even went to the office of the foreign secretary and the secretary of
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state one of the things that's come out of the original draft resolution drawn up by the u.k. is the provision of accountability for crimes under international humanitarian law that something that would have targeted the saudi led coalition it seems the u.s. has been doing the coalition's bidding and got that section removed saudi and u.a.e. back to government forces and who think fighters are blaming each other for violating the cease fire in her data government forces released this video showing displaced yemenis after they say who think fighters shelled that the government held districts of our lands are but the who these accuse government forces of targeting the cities al shaab district with artillery addenda port is critical of the supply of food and humanitarian aid to the millions of yemen is on the brink of starvation . demonstrators have rallied again in the hungary to protest a new amendment to the labor laws what critics are calling the slave law would
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allow employers to force people to work more overtime and even delay payment for up to three years while nationwide protests have been held since last week robin forced to walk has more now from the capital budapest. after ten days of public discontent hungary's opposition hoped their president would think twice about signing two new laws they say will make their country less european and more like a dictatorship he signed them anyway this week so protesters marched to his palace to express their anger i don't know the ality people telling me that nothing is going to change that i could like me selfie. if there's a protest i won't be there the first floor the opposition says will force hungry stretched workforce to work harder a second gives the government will control over the judiciary there is in direct pressure to do judges fear
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a bad outcome or three year and the courts prime minister viktor orban has accused the protesters of being violent agents of the hung garion liberal philanthropist george soros but on friday demonstrators with discipline and diverse as a genuine movement there's no one behind nothing strange nor strange movements in all soros or just normal people pensioners students housewife a sock sort of as a technique or vinyl the government should take note that unions and parties in citizens and everybody else is demonstrating together and this is unprecedented what's different about these protests is that this time for the first time. on both sides of the political spectrum you know it's it's in their criticism of victor government. hundred straight unions and now organizing the nationwide strike action the government hopes they will go home for christmas and for their robin
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first year walker al-jazeera for the past. time for a short break here not just when we come back we'll have the latest on the hunt for the drone operators who caused havoc to britain the second.


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