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of the kurds to have their own state ok this is only going to very clear that that's not there if it's a blow to kurdish forces but at the same time you said i saw and the syrian regime won't fill that vacuum now that this sort of rejigging the withdrawal timetable who will. i think. from the initial announcement that the withdrawal is not going to happen quickly because turkey what turkey's worried now is the syrian regime backed by russia will take over most of those areas and let's not forget the the southeast in syria that's where the most oil assets on the syrian regime if get their hands on those that will lessen is dependent on russia and iran for this finances because once they get once a control of those areas they will be able to sell the oils and they'll bring russian oil companies and so on but turkey has different ideas they want to install the
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opposition as we've seen in a free nor various parts in the northwest of syria to make sure that. they control what happens next in syria however the syrian regime and the russia seems to have different ideas and keep the kurds as a buffer between the syrian regime and. turkey for the time being so in the near future is very uncertain how the kurds will manage and the let's not forget withdrawing support on the ground for the kurdish forces first and foremost is a blow to the fight against isis as pentagon estimates around twenty to thirty thousand fighters scattered around syria and they could easily regroup and take territory within the next four or five months if there is first of all there's no u.s. boots on the ground and secondly if the u.s. withdraws the air support because that's vital for the kurdish forces in northern syria to maintain their territory and keep isis from regrouping and attack in.
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u.s. and western interests so on's on our last thanks for your analysis. plenty more still ahead on the news hour including. a country on the edge suppressed minority in tajikistan tries to speak to the watchful eye of the president. not silent anymore supporters of a disgraced south korean leader find new ways to make themselves heard and australian football is demanding help for a refugee player being detained in thailand have the details in school. now the head of the u.n. team tasked with monitoring a cease fire and one day there has arrived in the port city on friday the security council agreed to send a team of observers to oversee a u.n. brokered cease fire between houthi rebels and the saudi morality backed yemeni
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government the monitors won't wear uniform or beyond the initial deployment is expected to be for thirty days and i've been covering events in yemen he joins us now live here in the studio is good to have you in mohamed so monitoring team is arriving are all parties going to cooperate though well that's the hope of everyone and particularly the united nations and the rest of the international community because it's if the. monitors do not have the cooperation of all the parties then the work would not be any successful. the retired general who is leading the monitors right now he's speaking to government officials and holding talks with tribal and this is expected to head to sanaa where the rest of his team have also arrived and together they are expected to make their own journey to day the which has been calm since tuesday but both sides still accusing each
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other of cutting out by additions might they be leaving too much to hope i mean they're unarmed so they can't really keep the peace right. indeed there are an armed. of course the ceasefire and her data is seen as the most significant step so far in ending that diversity conflict in the yemen and the more it is work is going to be the eyes and ears of the international community of course there will be the ones who will be reporting back and violations. but again they are now md and again the would be beholden to the groups and the good will on the ground of course there is a lot of very wording in the agreement signed in sweden of course we do not know who is going to replace the group's militias once they leave the town behind on before you will they be able to enforce the withdrawal of all fighters from the day
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that sounds like a tall order the parties have already committed themselves to withdraw with the signature of the agreement in sweden but you don't. miss it i want nothing that simple so you never know whether they're going to. keep their word and get their militias out of the city and when they get the militias out of the city what kind of security arrangement will be there is there a plan to send a peacekeeping force or peace enforcement falls from outside the country so far the snow plan for this so these are some of the things again the whole things are supposed to give the monitors a map of the city showing mind areas you know places where they have put the landmines booby trap compounds and all that stuff will they be willing to do that so many questions at this point all right thanks so much for coming in and try to shed some light on some of those questions. at least thirteen people have been
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killed and seventeen wounded in two car bomb attacks in somalia's capital the injured reportedly threw the deputy major for security and a member of parliament one of the explosions targeted a security checkpoint near the presidential palace. reports. the first car bomb exploded at a military checkpoint soldiers and civilians among the dead. moments later the second explosion also a car bomb bodies were scattered on the street just a few hundred meters from the somali presidential residence in mogadishu the go out one look at me i was at the scene of the attack first i saw a vehicle driving back and forth and we tried to stop people walking here and there and then within the blink of an eye the vehicle exploded causing havoc. police say government officials have been travelling in the area earlier in the day now the road is covered with charred cars and debris we know explosion today up in
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mogadishu somali capital and the first explosion was your suicide bomber and targeted security checkpoint. in the national. somali presidential palace and then. the station in the area and it is really getting a blaze. mogadishu afton targeted by the al qaeda linked group al-shabaab its members want to dislodge the government and impose islamic law the group maintains a foothold in some regions of somalia that was forced mogadishu in two thousand and eleven. thousands of somalis have died in this divisive decade long battle many of them civilians see a little piece of the young al-jazeera. at least nine people have been killed in sudan during protests against the rising cost of food and fuel schools and universities are closed in at least five states the
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cities of. as well as white nile stories are under emergency rule protesters are angry at high inflation which is running at around seventy percent the economy is struggles in south sudan became independent in two thousand and eleven and lost the majority of its oil revenue and morgan has the latest from khartoum it's therefore a process here in sudan and today it's in the southern state of south kordofan where people have burned down the headquarters of the national ruling party the national congress party and they made it very clear again once again that they want the government to do it they want the ruling party to go that they've had enough of the economic crisis this year earlier this year in january the dollar was thirty sudanese pounds two dollars but today it's about sixty said in response to a dollar and for many people that makes market prices higher and affordable to them now people have come out and protested and over the past few days we've seen people in the streets being basically facing brutal excessive force by the from from the
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security forces people have been shot dead so far doesn't have been injured even dozens more have been arrested and rights groups such as amnesty have called out on to the to the police and to the security forces and told them not to use excessive force against the protesters surprisingly the government of that came out and said that they do not want to use excessive force and that the government the protesters have the right to air out their frustration to air out what they feel like is basically the grievances against the government is against the government but they also said this morning that they will not tolerate people vandalizing that they're not going to or people burning down buildings and burn it burning down properties a state of emergency has been declared in several parts of the country and curfews has been declared in many cities and schools and universities have been shut down indefinitely nearly nationwide making it very hard for people to congregate and what the government is trying to make sure is that people do not gather together to protest but because this is there. for it doesn't seem like this problem is going to go away anytime soon and if the government tries to introduce some kind of reforms that would ease the people either ease them be assurance of people and make
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them feel like yes something is being done to it so that they can be able to go on with their daily lives and afford basic commodities which at the moment many find an affordable. driver has died in a car crash at the roundabout blocked by so-called yellow vest protesters in southern france these are live pictures six from of the six of saturday's of rallies they were triggered by rising fuel prices the turnout in paris appears to have dropped significantly after the government cancelled rather than new taxes but many kept up traffic disruptions to protest against president emanuel micron's other economic policies the controversial change to hungary's labor laws is uniting both sides of the political aisle what critics are calling the slave law would allow employers to force people to work more overtime and even the late payments for up to three years protests have been held since last
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week problem for us to walker has more from budapest. after ten days of public discontent hungary's opposition hoped their president would think twice about signing two new laws they say will make their country less european and more like a dictatorship he signed them anyway this week so protesters marched to his palace to express their anger i am so reality you keep telling me that nothing thank you treat me like you like yourself even. if there's a protest i won't get there the first lure the opposition says will force hungry stretched workforce to work harder a second gives the government more control over the judiciary there is in direct pressure to do judges fear a bad outcome or three year and the board's prime minister viktor orban has accused the protesters of being violent agents of the hung garion liberal philanthropist
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george soros but on friday demonstrators with discipline and diverse as a genuine movement there's no one behind nothing strange nor strange movements you know soros or just normal people pensioners students housewives star struck sort of as a technical bundle the government should take note that unions and parties and citizens and everybody else is demonstrating together and this is unprecedented but what's different about these protests is that this time for the first time. on both sides of the political spectrum you know it's in their criticism of victor government. hundred straight unions and now organizing the nationwide strike action the government hopes they will go home for christmas and for their robin first year walker al-jazeera for the past. after months hunting in the colombian jungle
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security forces have killed the man known as. a former commander you who refused to surrender in a two thousand and sixteen peace deal he was accused of drug trafficking extortion and murder child about us reports. by senior ministers colombia's president rallied reporters for his big news boy. can't confirm that troia was killed in an operation he was killed by the heroes of colombia. this is quote your full name walter patricio. he was one of the most elusive and powerful rebels in colombia wanted for drug trafficking extortion and murder. while cho commanded the all of us in a state of front a group of up to eighty former fark rubles who have refused to twenty sixteen peace deal with the colombian government they continue to traffic cocaine and fight security forces. colombian police and military searched the jungles for him for
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months yes it's really a pretty strange this is an effort of persistence we may not find out for today but it could be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow in a week or two we're not going to rest or stop this offensive the manhunt escalated after his group kidnapped and murdered to ecuador in journalists and their driver in march colombia and ecuador put on their most wanted list and offered hundreds of thousands of dollars for information leading to his capture. more than three thousand army police and special forces were deployed to find him then on friday from the former front frontline and cocaine capital the colombian president took the podium and made a you know your you know how to get out of today i want to make clear that for quatro our party is over colombe many many communities in colombia will now
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sleep in peace because one of the most horrendous criminals that our country has known has fallen well cho was shot and killed in a military operation near the ecuadorian border challenge ballasts al jazeera. police in the united kingdom have arrested two people with suspected links to the forced closure of london's gatwick airport the runway was temporarily closed again on friday after another drone was cited nearby flights are now back on schedule the airport's management estimates more than one hundred twenty thousand people missed their flights during the thirty six hour shutdown that started on wednesday night military technology has been brought in to monitor the area and it's believed more than one unmanned drone is responsible for the chaos. it's time for the weather with kevin now how's it looking that's very well some storms all the way down towards the caribbean these are all dealing with the storms that
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we had actually in the united states take a look at that front about right there in havana now take a look at the video that has come out across advantage because of the storms and the waves that broke the barrier here along the front here where we saw up a lot of flooding in parts of town where all that water from the sea made its way towards businesses as well as homes we're now looking at much better conditions across the region but that front is moving down here toward the south even down towards panama they have reported winds of ninety klara prowar as that front pushed through so we're looking at that for the next day at least in terms of the temperatures well have been a nice day for you now twenty three degrees in your forecast and i want to take you up here towards the northwestern part and it states we have been talking about storm after storm making landfall here across the northwest here's another day of winds across that region wind damage because of very high winds causing roofs to come off as well as power lines to go down across the region we do expect to see more in terms of wind over the next few days were flooding is going to be
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a big problem across the region as well as we are going to be seeing snow in the higher elevations anywhere across parts of british columbia washington as well as oregon oh here towards the east though it is much quieter in temperatures a little bit cooler. thanks so much well still ahead on al jazeera feeling helpless and ignored palestinians in the occupied west bank explain why the situation is getting worse. once popular now the tide is turning against bolivia's president and seize accused of killing democracy and in sport find out why russia could face another suspension from the world anti-doping agency those details coming up within the. day one of a new era in television news we badly need at this moment leadership and this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist three weeks ago now there's at least
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twenty thousand or hinder refugees who live here. i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism president hosni mubarak has resigned. after all the lies the attempts of cover ups the high water diplomacy. loved ones some form of closure we saw the syrian army. in the city as well as posters of syrian president bashar assad to speed record. movements a good two missiles a plan to the hundred feet away from us we're on the front line but. the market doesn't happen now.
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welcome back you're watching out to zero time to recap our headlines a partial shutdown of the u.s. federal government has begun after politicians filed to and block over spending president don't trump refused to back down on the funding for his border wall forcing congress to adjourn without a budget deal. the u.n. security council has agreed to send a team of observers to monitor a cease fire in yemen's key port city of a day that they won't be uniformed or armed and are expected to be deployed in the coming week for an initial thirty day period. a driver has died in a car crash at the roundabout blogs by so-called yellow vests protesters in southern france people are rallying for the six weekend against president emmanuel
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micron's economic policies. hundreds of people have taken part in the funerals of four palestinians killed on is on friday by the israeli army mourners gathered in gaza for the burial of the men who were killed during weekly protests against the israeli and egyptian blockade of their territory palestinians have demonstrated at the border every friday since march east in gaza strip during the thirty ninth day of the return. march and the c h. palestinians in the occupied west bank say they're feeling more helpless and frustrated than ever about their living conditions they've told us it's made worse by a greater israeli presence and also by the ineptitude of their own political leaders stephanie decker reports from ramallah. it's been especially tense few weeks in the occupied west bank palestinian shootings in israeli incursions have killed people
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on both sides palestinians tell us they had not seen this amount of israeli soldiers on the streets of ramallah in years ramallah is the seat of power for the ruling palestinian authority and supposedly under full palestinian security control its outage an already pessimistic atmosphere. what's needed is that the palestinian authority stop security coordination with the israelis stop working together we don't benefit anything where a lost people in the situation has become very bad every time i come to the misery it's so hard to reach checkpoints all over the roads the traffic is a nightmare we hope that the world will do something to change this political situation a recent poll across the occupied west bank and gaza indicates that almost two thirds of palestinians want the resignation of president mahmoud abbas and other shows it increasing support for half particularly off of the escalation here in the west bank and also in gaza and the poll also suggests that the idea of an armed
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intifada as opposition to the occupation is gaining support that's moving away from diplomatic negotiations. carried out the survey he says the palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas are facing increasing questions about their credibility and the lack of palestinian unity between the rival political groups fatah and hamas is a major issue significant criticism of the. for the lack of progress on the reunification efforts most of the public today blames the two to one the blame is being placed on the bars on the people rob a ban on hamas this is a significant change from the past in the past most of the blame was being put on hamas most people here say that if palestinians were united they would be stronger to deal with israel everybody hoping for peace but you know everybody knows the other side is very strong israel is very strong every time we come a closer to make abuse then they stop it we have some of the cues all the time they
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have excuses our viewers they are ready for peace but the other side they're not ready you see the smile is seventy six years old and has lived in the ramallah all his life. in the palestinian authority to is controlled by israel just like us they should be a sovereign palestinian state every time the israeli want to raid the towns they go in they go out they do what they want. as another year draws to an end palestinians say they seem to be moving further and further away from their hopes of one day achieving their own sovereign state stephanie decker al-jazeera in the occupied west bank. iran's revolutionary guards have conducted military drills in the strategic straits of hormuz the passageway for nearly a third of all oil traded by sea. the annual exercises showcase the guard's combat helicopters and drones on friday the iranian army trial the u.s.
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aircraft carrier that entered the persian gulf iran is under increasing pressure from the u.s. after the trumpet ministration renewed sanctions on iran over its nuclear program. tajikistan appears to be tightening its grip on a region that's long been opposed to the government the eastern region of god no better than has its own culture and languages people say they're ignored by those in power in the capital in the latest in a series from inside stand a chance stratford reports from the army were sent in after protests earlier this year. it takes fifteen hours to get to the town of cork the capital of the semi autonomous gorno but action region in eastern standard the broken road winds its way through the premier mountains bordering afghanistan the people here have long complained their demands for better infrastructure jobs and respect for their distinct culture or ignored by central government the mountains about action are
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provided a natural defense against all those who try to impose their oath already on this region for centuries the chinese the russians the british all have struggled to control a people with a distinct culture a distinct identity and recent protests here in horror suggests that the government intrusion bay is facing similar challenges even today the majority of going oh by the actions approximately two hundred seventy thousand population ishmael is. in september there were demonstrations against what protesters say has been gears of neglect and intimidation by the predominantly sunni muslim government. unemployment is estimated to be around fifty percent there are no major industries which could offer jobs. president and iraq on whose rooms as you can stand for more than twenty five years has fanned opposition parties imprisoned political leaders and
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journalists and crushed any independent media across the country he's also criticized local leaders often described as warlords as well as regional government officials for what he sees as their failure to crack down on drug smuggling from afghanistan it's a national and seen all cults exegesis say corrupt officials are involved. tons of heroin and opium a smuggled across the border every year. this government mind refused to let us interview anyone on the streets and wanted names of anyone we had tried to talk to . we contacted one person by telephone and recorded disk on the sation. you know.
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unleased say president is aware of the risks of a crackdown in gorno box on a region that accounts for almost hauffe of to. which. the people of that action are easy to mobilize it's a conservative society it's enough to just call someone a brother he didn't bring a thousand five hundred people from his village to support the authorities know it is a risk of crossing a line that's what president rahmani scared of president sent me into the region in two thousand and twelve off the box chance intelligence chief was stabbed to death around fifty armed men civilians and soldiers were killed in the fighting that followed the risk of renewed violence is testing the government again one that critics say has to be year is relied on its intelligence services police and army
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to silence dissent. zero hawg tajikistan. president of trump's hardline policy on asylum seekers has been dealt a serious blow by the supreme court's the proposed restrictions were rejected five four by the court's judges the measure had sought to ban anyone seeking refuge they didn't enter the country using approved border and three points. now the family of the guatemalan girl who died after she was taken into custody by border control guards is pleading with the united states to allow her father to stay seven year old jacqueline was taken to hospital suffering from dehydration and shock her family disputes the official story about how she died david most reports from san antonio so cortez. when claudia mckean said goodbye to her daughter jacqueline on december first she never imagined it would be the last time she'd see her alive but
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what started out as the dream of a better life quickly turned to tragedy and just a week after her husband and daughter left this remote what a mile and village and headed north the united states cloudy receive the news every mother dreads media at the moment i found out that my daughter died i felt an immense pain in my heart it was something that i never thought would happen when she heard that her father was going she decided she wanted to go to jacqueline died in a texas hospital two days after being taken into custody by u.s. border patrol. domingo kyle says his seven year old granddaughter was happiest when she was at her father's side jacqueline jumped at the chance to join her father on his trip north and her family saw it as a chance to escape the poverty and lack of opportunity that plagues their community and that. getting the girl made the decision to go to the united states and she was excited leaping up and down she was really happy but after they left we don't know
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what happened it hurts it really hurts the cornfield where jacqueline used to play is quiet now and the shack where she lived with her parents and three siblings is locked up the memories of the little girl are too painful yet even as her family mourns others are preparing for their own american dream in communities like because it's rumored that smugglers are convincing people to bring their children on the trip north promising to the have a greater chance of getting political asylum for authorities here it's a worrying trend if her husband is deported cloudier doesn't know how they will ever pay off their debt to the smugglers who took him in jacqueline to the border wanted me to find we don't have the means to support our children that's why my husband left i'm pleading to officials in the united states to let him stay and work so we can get ahead for now the cow family awaits for jacqueline's body to be
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returned so they can say goodbye for the last time david mercer al-jazeera san antonio say cortez what amala. nicaragua's government has raided and shut down a t.v. news station this comes a week after similar operations that nongovernmental organizations and newspaper a program on the one hundred percent news channel was forced to go off air on friday the channel says its direct them to get more has been arrested president daniel ortega has been accused of silencing his critics to control and to government protests that killed more than three hundred people since april. bolivia's president evermore arlo's is planning to run for a fourth term but the opposition says it's unconstitutional and is accusing him of disregarding a referendum to limit the number of times a candidate can stand the decision has led to protests across bolivia some of the
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most intense demonstrations in the city of santa cruz. this saying that democracy in bolivia is dead that the government is not respecting the constitution and will stay on hunger strike here in the main plaza in santa cruz until it does the all rich east has oppose president morales since he came to office in two thousand and six but their anger has intensified even among his traditional indigenous supporters and he's not just abandoned indigenous people he's lied to them he's worrying an indigenous mask he's not indigenous. president morales held a referendum in february two thousand and sixteen asking to change the constitution so he could stand for a fourth term in office he lost that he had that decision by and is standing again next october his supporters were delighted his opponents outraged.
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this decision puts into question the rule of law and democracy in bolivia the government and its party control the electoral commission the legislature and all the democratic institutions there is no independence of power in. anger mostly centered here in santa cruz erupted last week with protesters setting ablaze the electoral commission office divisions here run very deep along class ethnic and reason the lines so to the passions spilling over here at the electoral commission office is an act of violence that many fear is only a taste of what's to come. who ordered the arson attack. the subject of accusation encounter accusation president morales who celebrated his thirteen years in office at the ceremony and has meanwhile accused the united states of interfering in bolivian affairs of supporting the opposition after the state department electors
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to stay calm and respect the constitution. even more on this still enjoys substantial support.


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