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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 357  Al Jazeera  December 24, 2018 3:32am-4:01am +03

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it's not my job to be popular he once said i'm goal driven my job is to get results c.l.o. possible yawn al-jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera a bad run for the moderates gets worse as one of their stop a is a sense lying into the stands and sister had insisted just as. they wanted for two three billion dollars worth of weaponry that was six billion intermission. there's no hope of any more because there's always a small cobbles people for really really good business. in essence we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function more shadow on al-jazeera. and monday put it well on. u.s.
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and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel that or or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. clock and back greece israel industries the smallest in europe but things are on track for a change thanks to all of all things economic crisis dancer optimistic spades like
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station. athens commuter railway was built ahead of the two thousand and four olympics and to change the lives of outlying communities a journey into the city that used to take an hour by car now takes twenty minutes by train mover livy it's very convenient i'm a cancer patient and had to go into hospital for surgery i used to go by taxi and best but now i just take the train it's a feat hellenic rail hopes to repeat by the end of this year when it fully electrifies the country's main rail line from athens to the northern port city of the seventy that'll have travel time to three hours and twenty minutes so the train will now compete with the airplane that line will help realize another ambition this train loaded with goods made in china is headed for budapest the rail yard here in the port of paris is part of china's new silk road to europe the idea is for this port to become southeast europe's main supply line. these changes are
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happening as a result of greece's economic crisis port operations was sold to the china ocean shipping company the government rail monopoly was broken up there are now seven competing train operators and helena grayle was able to focus on one particular area upgrading track now the industry is trying to make up for lost time greece's rail is the smallest in the european union it had only one percent of passenger journeys by land and one of the half percent of overland freight transport compared to european average of eight and two percent that's because after greece joined the european union in one thousand eighty one most infrastructure spending went to rebuilding its motorways and rail was neglected so the trains currently move only a tiny fraction of these containers inland most leave by truck that is about to change this twenty five hector freight marshaling is the largest in southern europe
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and hellenic rail has just taken over its management the shipping on the graph look at this chart connects the container port with the rail network and beyond cargo from asia will enter here and will be distributed across europe greece's economy will acquire a new dimension and greece will become one of the biggest freight rail hubs in europe. even though the greek market suffered during the crisis the country is now taking advantage of its geographical position to produce growth jumps up last. time for sports thank you very much tottenham have proved they can be english premier league title contenders they beat everton six two on sunday the hosts actually took the lead before south korea's song young men equalized in the twenty seventh minute he first of two on the night. took the lead in the thirty fourth minute through danny alley harry came with top on third and they say it's the goal from christian eriksen and another son put spurs confidently in third place just two points behind second place in that city. i exams that i remember one again to
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stay in touch with dutch needed to b.c. leaders p.s.v. eindhoven last week i x were eight no winners sundays when it was not anywhere near as emphatic but it is unlikely extend huntsmen that cultivates of kids here will complain about a three one win away from home cast the dogs do send ted h. and frankie to young on the school board for the famous amsterdam club they are two points behind p.s.p. in the standings at the halfway mark. real madrid have set a record at the fee for club world cup in the united arab emirates the spanish giants beat four one in the final it's their third straight trophy and fourth overall that's more than any other club so he'll melich reports. the club world cup could prove to be the turning point in real madrid season. struggling down and for the leader they have a look themselves at all this campaign and their opponents and to find
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a lane nearly made them pay for some sloppy play early on was winning would make v.m. rocky's the tournament's first ever asian win is. but minutes after blown a chance to take a step closer to history ralph midfield magician luca moderates made them pay was the croatian opening the scoring and reminding everyone just why he won the ballon d'or this year. however going down didn't seem to faze alain they put the ball in rails net just a minute later was only for the offside flag to cut short their celebrations the european champions were ruthless after that marcos llorente putting them two nil up on the i was and then there was a special moment for the real captain sergio ramos getting a go tomorrow what would be a twentieth title with the club was a line did manage a consolation goal in the last five minutes was but any momentary joy was short
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lived. the emira artie's gifting royal an own goal to cap off a four one win and seal a third straight club world cup title for the spaniards simonson them with one center i am very happy to a finish the year with another trophy this is our objective and we've got it and i'm very happy for missing title was twentieth title three consecutive times impressive and now we can enjoy what they're going to present this year. this is great to get this marvelous success and this is what we wanted to achieve but to win three you a fair champions league consecutively and then three club world cups is a very difficult thing to repeat these players in the club have made history before as well but this time it's very hard to match he's accomplishments for me personally i'm very content because this trophy means a lot to me the rally now have a for. trophy understand. the founder hope it could be the spark to resurrect their falteringly campaign surveilled al-jazeera. the boxing day cricket test match in
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melbourne is one of the sport's most famous annual events this year australia will host indian starting the day after christmas it's the third contest in this four match series between these two rivals which is even the poise that won each the indians won the first test before the home team bounced back in the second india have never won a test series in australia while the hosts are still trying to restore their reputation off the ball tampering scandal in south africa earlier this year. you know that in the first two tests. were quite good in the ballot bowl and you have the reverse when it's good what happens having laws are there do you think of pressure it's always the hardest advice about sports or. law that you know what your boxing guidance it's going to be grateful to have got hold of just. as i said as a part of that. it's not often that you'll find a team these days when they travel overseas words one one in the series with two
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test matches to go to the boys know you know what they can do what they're capable of and the potential that lies ahead. defending him be a champion's golden state warriors return to winning ways on saturday with the victory over the dallas mavericks the mavericks made a strong start in california thanks to their teenage rookie sensation look at don church he scored fourteen of these nine hundred points in the first quarter but after missing verse lay up he went flying into a young fan man is now an injury concern for the mavericks meeting with the group and trailblazers later steph curry contributed twenty two points for the war is jonas to redcode bag career high twenty three and kevin durant led the way with twenty nine as the warriors closed out a one hundred twenty one hundred sixteen when the mavericks have now lost five straight games. the western conference leading denver nuggets slip today worst defeat of the season's of the l.a. clippers. lead gets with nineteen points in twenty minutes before being ejected
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midway through the food court for the screaming at an official following a foul call you the clippers went on to win one hundred thirty two one hundred eleven. british heavyweight boxer dillion white says katie's hopes alive of taking on world champion anthony joshua that's after white knocked out compared to a dare to soar on saturday the contest at london's o two arena was a rematch of white interest stories meeting in twenty sixteen white one there on a split decision but this time the thirty four year old delivered a knockout blow in the eleventh round joshua was ringside as a commentator and afterwards stepped up to the ring to tell white that he's third on his wish list of next year's opponents of the dion say wilder and tyson feehery . just was talking rubbish and i'm just talking rubbish that run away from you know runaways free for months a mockery away from way into your ways then. you know mockery need to progress you
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know this five two years wait here wait. you know thinking of him about it my problem no you know. so i need to act i merely to just keep a marker and keep going in the n.h.l. patrice bergeron scored twice to lead the boston bruins so when over the nashville predators it was a spectacular return for bergeron who came back to home ice after missing sixteen games is two goals takes the thirty three year old to three hundred forty s. korea five two to boston the final school it's the bruins sixth win in eight games an ice avalanche in austria had disastrous consequences for a skier during a world cup events noways a yarnell mugginess rebore blamed organizers for not properly cleaning off the track after an avalanche of itan snow hit the competition he'll be pleased jump this if it here leaving him in forty sixth place ending rebuilds hopes of clinching
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a fourth world cup when set out of the cross-country part of the competition allowing double olympic champion juergen buck to seely's for three world cup when. i get out of the sport fully more later peter thank you very much for that now an industrial city in south korea is now home to the world's knowledge is outdoor mural the work of as nearly twenty four thousand square meters mcbride reports from incheon city it's become a source of pride. it dominates this part of incheon skyline and it just real i saw turned into an eye catching thing of beauty standing nearly fifty meters tall a facelift in a city known for its industrial grimes. in chan is a city of manufacturing and industry we have many aging buildings like this which poses a problem for us this is what they were grain silos but with an imaginative i
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it wasn't hard to see them as a row of books on the shelf so that is what they became sixteen volumes that tell the story of a boy's journey from childhood to adult hood while depicting the complete cycle of the four seasons in john is probably best known to people outside south korea as a location for the international airport that serves the capital seoul but officials here seem determined that the city should be recognized for far more than just the place you fly in and out of with hopes that some of the millions of passengers who use the nearby airports can be persuaded to stay a while in incheon the city has big tourism aspirations. and now other industrial buildings are being looked at as potential canvases for more art.
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a lot of companies with similar styles of us have said they want to paint them aware that one might please the public don't put those paint brushes away just yet robert bryant al jazeera incheon city south korea. that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera from me fully back to the home team here in doha thank you very much for watching live from london you center next. getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after you while eight borders between five safe countries facing realities the pain starts from the very beginning of the. providing context housing
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is not just about four walls and a roof hear their story and talk to al-jazeera. because we're not. sure the. rights being violated. and freedom stripped away. on the seventieth anniversary of the wishes of the whites that stand up. stand up for human rights. medieval western society it was a feudal society to detail. the above all and assume most of pope ended his speech some people stood up and said god will sit down and the entrance to the city was horrific they killed people in the streets in their houses and in. the crusades an
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arab perspective of the sold one shot at this time on a. al-jazeera where every you. tsunami devastation in indonesia more than two hundred people die and hundreds injured after a huge wave triggered by a volcano hits java and sumatra. and
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orange taylor this is al jazeera live from london also coming up patrick shanahan is appointed as donald trump's new defense secretary after james mattis leaves earlier than planned. sudan on rest doctors join protesters on a fifth day of demonstrations that have led to ten decks. and the campaign to free our jazeera journalist mahmoud hussein has now spent two years behind bars in egypt without trial. and heard tsunami in indonesia has killed more than two hundred twenty two people and injured more than eight hundred forty others it happened in the sunda straight between the two popular tourist islands of java and sumatra which crashed into land destroying homes hotels and roads the current swept away people and vehicles scientists say the tsunami was triggered by undersea landslides following the
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eruption of the volcano and that krakatau the side had been on a watch list because more eruptions have been recorded throughout the year and to thomas's near the disaster zone and has this report. by the into these important than seven western java thanks to an abrupt wind waves from the tsunami swept away the stage musician friends. to float up to twenty leads inland killing dozens and injuring hundreds. very little mary. gives the morning so there are so four weeks ago here reading you know under out the meter to a meter so this could have been much worse in these years meteorology and geophysics agency believes the waves could have been caused by an undersea landslide from the eruption of and krakatau that's a volcanic island formed over years from the nearby crocodile volcano search and rescue operations are now under way for survivors who were very family.
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were people that are treated. because this is a traumatic event especially given all of the things the indonesians suffered in the last you know four months in september more than two thousand people were killed by a quake and tsunami that hit the city of palu on the island of subtle ways in which is just east of borneo indonesia in the ring of fire it's it's it's there's always volcanic eruptions happening there always sometimes there are tsunamis. and it's really no more active than normal actually it's just every now and then there's a confluence of events which unfortunately results in people being kind of literally swept up in these disasters and the number of casualties from this disaster over a holiday weekend is expected to increase as rescuers reach affected areas and
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there are already hundreds of rescue workers in that disaster zone in parts because of how close is it to jakarta indonesia its capital where all the emergency services are based the fear now is of a second tsunami if more volcanic activity causes more on the water landslides and that's why i'm here in chile going about five kilometers inland from the coast up a hill the authorities are saying that nobody should be along that coastline tonight in the dark in case another wave hits andrew thomas out as there are children on internet. david rather is a professor of planetary geosciences at their pretty invested in the u.k. he spoke to us about to how the tsunami was triggered the trouble this is broken it collapses and not directly related to a particular eruption which is happening surface made on that cracker time it's been erupting off and on the whole year and into several years prior to this and it's quite spectacular you can see very hot lava coming out sometimes but that
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wasn't especially ruction that happened which caused this landslide what happened was as as the island has grown up it's not built your call it's become steeper and steeper and eventually parts we perceive became to state to be stable and it collapsed and that's what displace the seawater which caused the white if you're washing at the instant it happened you want to see a particular erupted event going on above sea level it's just that it got to state to be stable and this is what's going to happen spillane continues to grow there will be of the collapses some of which might cause tsunamis it doesn't mean there's another one it may then that we could go a long time before the next. the u.s. defense chief now has just days left in the job james mattis is leaving the post on january the first two months earlier than expected president trying to say i'm pleased to announce the da very talented deputy secretary of defense patrick
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shanahan will assume the title of acting sector defense starting january first twenty nineteen patrick has a long list of accomplishments setting his deputy and previously boeing here because rate john hendren at joins me now from washington does more about why mattis is leaving early john. well that's not the first time the president has announced that someone is leaving by announcing they've been replaced that is simply couldn't leave quickly enough for trump mattis was widely praised as defense secretary and trump was widely criticized for allowing him to go mad as left a resignation letter on the twenty of december of december saying in essence that the u.s. was not treating its allies well by just announcing by tour by presidential tweet that the u.s. would be pulling its two thousand troops out of syria mattis wrote in that letter our strength as a nation is an extra completely linked to the strength of our unique and
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comprehensive system of alliances and partnerships that's a very nice way of saying we're sticking it to u.s. allies he went on to say that the president deserves a defense secretary whose ideas were more aligned with his and of course after mattis resigned then brett mcgurk the u.s. envoy in the fight on isis also resigned a day after that there's been an outcry on sunday talk shows here in the united states by senators of both parties about that move dick durbin is a democratic senator from illinois he said i was one of those who told matt is to stay as long as possible we count on him to be here and stop this president from his worst impulses will trump apparently did not like all of that coverage didn't like the criticism of himself and he didn't like the fact that in madison is letter one suspects he didn't think trump in the end so he accelerated the exit is by announcing the next person in line and the meantime trump especially on the phone
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to techies president added want to detect any kind of shift in strategy from trump over this whole syria put out business. there is a bit of subtler language in his tweet he writes i had just i just had a long and productive call with president area one of turkey we discussed isis our mutual involvement in syria and here's the key wording at this slow and highly coordinated pullout of u.s. troops from the area and that's much gentler wording when he initially announced the u.s. pullout he was not making it sound like it would be slow and orderly and that seems to have been the provocation behind those two resignations if it were indeed to be stretched out over time i know that would certainly please u.s. commanders in the pentagon it would probably please and number of u.s. allies in the region including the kurdish fighters who who now feel that they are going to be ill treated in an area where russia and turkey are playing an expanded role filling that vacuum there but it's always hard to tell from the president's
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tweets whether that's going to translate into some kind of action on the ground or whether that's something he's saying at the moment i know that at the pentagon they often try to parse these tweets as well and then follow up with information trying to make sure that they're enacting the president's will so i suppose it is conceivable that this means a slower withdrawal than we at least thought was going to happen a day or so i think john hendren thank you very much indeed the french president has criticized donald trump's decision on syria speaking in chad in one year mccall also praised james mattis. georgia typify didn't want to be soon please i deeply regret the decision taken in syria i would like to pay tribute to general mattis and to the remarks which accompanied his decision over the past year and a half i and the french minister of ahmed phyllis's know he was a reliable representative and constantly reminded us of the importance of what being allies means. on the ground in syria the impact of china's decision is being
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felt turkey is sending military reinforcements to its border with northern syria including one hundred vehicles and tanks mounted with weaponry machine guns and commandos deal agreed between ankara and washington june has meant turkish and u.s. troops have been holding joint patrols in the west of the euphrates river to he wants the city cleared of y p g fighters so in a honda reports from the turkish syrian border. turkish military reinforcements are being sent deep into syria to the front lines north of the city of mumbai the message turkey is sending is that it's ready to use force if membership is not handed over to what it calls its rightful owners the turkish deployment followed reports that the syrian army plan to move in there will be a vacuum once the u.s. begins with drawing its troops from areas across northeastern syria controlled by the syrian kurdish armed groups the white p.g. . people are afraid after reports of
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a possible military operation another reports of the regime was to capture the city were preparing to escape if the regime enters or if there is military action the u.s. military in what is known as the members military council are the forces on the ground but the turkish government and the syrian opposition say the council is a front for the white peachy a group they consider terrorists and separatists who have exploited the fight against eisel to carve out a state of their own members is among predominantly arab areas under why peachey control over. damascus has been making its position known state media has been broadcasting images from the white b.g. controlled region of what it says are protests against a possible turkish offensive the government has accused turkey of territorial ambitions turkey's main objective in syria is to prevent the establishment of a kurdish state along its borders so as. so inflamed separatist sentiment among its
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own kurdish population it's not clear if turkey will accept y.p. g.'s rule to be replaced by that of the syrian government but if it does its will demand guarantees that the y.p. ji is rendered ineffective. turkey's president has promised to try to isolate and the chief from syria his military has changed its posture strengthening turkey's hand a serious player is likely in gauging backdoor negotiations to prevent what could be a new conflict. on the turkey syria border sudan's doctors are going on an indefinite strike in the first of a series of work stoppages aimed at paralyzing the government of president omar bashir demonstrations have been rallying for five days across several cities and anger over rising fuel food prices as well as corruption at least ten people have died there are reports that police have fired tear gas to disperse protesters in rwanda in north korea fun in a moment has the.


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