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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 24, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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and that's a really good at bar why in. so it was home and. protection of people wrong. there were. several of them or we. see it on the dollar store. only some years ago but there and then asked. if he did nothing. because a key. is a given in the ceiling in. green the other while ukraine's keep us but. to the movie in time to one of my beautiful it's there for the could have to teach each different way it. steers and you see the meeting what's the stick in grozny really me and you could go but the season could be teaching. the russian forces how the right if they claimed to protect the people it was not an expression of claim it was joining me here and we all rushed it was.
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for the russian government to support the crimean people because people are here to be and there's a cigarette or cheer or if. there is. let's . talk about. the world watched impotently as russian forces took control of the entire peninsula. veteran human rights activist and crimean tatar leader jimmy live received an unexpected approach from the former president of the russian republic. meant to move live who was acting as a go between for moscow. russia. risky russian of crew members he reported your memory of his authority for march. they were perhaps
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the rigors man thanks they didn't occur what you were but i must give the storms their friends which i'm sure that a much discretion. in mid march to me live was asked to receive a call from my little home of the run. for a better way to live one spot you know. you had to look good spend sort of going to use and. dark with arms and yet it is just the bottom of the sheet there who needs around the turn of the. rather put them citizens goodness on the nose robot or is it the little party that runs order of things that can be regarded. when you discover the. card where it. dumps the grahams can drive better in person because in a grim aggressive. they're up to go too far or is there isn't there what if the hurdle for a marshal in order to refute richard riordan the serious course russians are. not
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only did put in have no intention of taking his troops out of crimea he had another insurgency planned. similar taney asleep as most coups troops began arriving in crimea pro russian protests broke out in an area known as adama us in eastern ukraine. it would soon lead to an all out war and surge and supported by russian troops and military equipment pushed ukraine grabbing town after town region after really. one of the key aims denied by moscow was to establish land access to crimea and in the process create a great to russia. initially the ill equipped ukrainian was pushed back but no one in the russian military had anticipated the determination ordinary ukrainians who volunteered in their thousands to counter insurgency.
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put in stream of land access to crimea had been swapped. back on the crimean peninsula with moscow's forces in total control a referendum was hastily arranged which the pro russians easily won it was absolutely clear and fair that eighty five percent of. operation was for near great joy in russia. despite world condemnation russia now claim crimea as its own. and in the sick that it is you think it will. be when you're back with that return they didn't look at your best image watching got a dream so not sure but if you didn't that let you know legumes important visit you in the formal the good stuff but the. law says that what they kill it does not like . it was not in the foot and it was holding
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forth people people voting station with. tears in their eyes. but not all shed tears of joy for most ukrainians and tartans living in crimea it was a dark day. long . for you to read this ambition appears to be echoed by the man himself in the speech to crimean russians. look at us going back to natural. caves might be going to. amongst putin's first orders was to begin working on a bridge spanning over eighteen kilometers from the russian mainland to crimea.
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with the annexation of the peninsula now in full flow. russian strategy was about to take an ominous direction against the us who had opposed the referendum and occupation. here to reserve the us for the printer mark their stead and store where they. are shut amid the original riddles translating russian to care for the government or lower grunts who. were sort of there's a squad to live. in that ensures noone are. going to grow or secure open a police or gubernator permission system that actually we picked that is pretty sure you mr news.
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today most affords me live lives in exile in the ukrainian capital kiev under strict warning from moscow and he will be arrested immediately should he ever attempt to return to his home life i am. his wife sufi know remains in the family home defined and determined that the towers will not be driven from their homelands. point in some ways it is main theme in my now that i stated to you you hear hides but the most a download in the national of my back and to my auntie's e me my soil and they see me and this is the land of their people.
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the crimean tatar capital. has been their home for centuries but since the annexation by russia tens of thousands have fled north to various parts of ukraine now a muslim minority with fewer than three hundred thousand remaining they live under the constant threat of arrest should they dare to speak out against the occupation . in the middle of the nineteenth century they were the majority today they make up around twelve percent of the population of crimea as two point five million inhabitants as more and more russians are encouraged by moscow to move here. that's not true this was real rick smeared and i should steve nestle easy mia. totters though are distrusted by many russians they have lived here since the fourteenth century when various turkic
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tribes invaded. but their wealth depended mainly on the trading of slaves who they captured in regular raids across the region selling them on to autumn in slave markets and cost one thousand opel now is tumble and elsewhere in the middle east. this trade was eventually brought to an end after conflicts with both ukrainians and russians and the crimean peninsula with a valuable trading post on the black sea was an extent by russia and seven hundred eighty three. since then try me and thought ours have been repeatedly buffeted by their neighbors and driven from their land. in one thousand nine hundred forty four as portrayed in this drama by crimean ta-ta director when they were suspected of collaboration with the nazis joseph stalin
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ordered that the entire crimean tatar population be given just fifteen minutes to leave their home for half. an act of ethnic cleansing which lives in the folklore of the tarnation to this day. was stuff a jimmy live was just a small child time. period in french period of bedsores merchant. to china and her niece and there it is commissioned her they're going to be prince corregidor and they're going to north korea that emotions three of them. there that are over. cricket. is not assured her it's nonsense care less. president would appear to understand the national interest in that history. and put them in the direction which you remember them.
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scripts for for more than a. marker for the work of her son. thomas dancing yet more because. it's like the arts there are some restaurants here's the full on rural or her unconditionally or opposed to her desk in the us the literally across the river is her. parker put his can there in the preference for. most was sent for resettlement in his book star and over one hundred thousand are said to have died either joining the deportation or from the diseases and famine that followed. we prepare i'm sure she has her peer group of her where
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there are procession of approaches to her version in part of my answer screwed are they move for president. red rugged territory or are growing person the part of both super rich over the super disorder she is preparing for this native nor. for richer or poorer but it's the risk to birth her there are several barriers that have been in stores and grocery ephemeris there's a difference if appropriate corish visionaire here learn. this where footage shows tacos in exile celebrating the festival of aid. always there was just one thing on their minds. the most let us get out of. it but i think was. it weird you feel as if you nationalise forgotten us we would.
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then in the late one nine hundred eighty s. taking advantage of mikhail gorbachev's introduction of greater freedoms in the soviet union a small number of startups led by my stuff and you may live made the move back to their home without waiting for permission from moscow. it was just. didn't come up with. the bit about the school. and she wanted city. hall door snick you. nash it is sad silly i knew
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not really because they only had the langley oh kind of thought school young young lady that about the release of been as reasonable to shasta. in one nine hundred ninety one the end of the soviet union provided the opportunity the rest of the crimean thought tarnation had been waiting for. with the agreement of the newly independent ukraine over a hundred thousand dollars made their way home. there's. been a pretty rare and your group was the very sharga shergar group reverse search for it was thrown. out of their shirt and worse than. that since i did something i really saw what do i care a new. story depression right of palatka
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relieves him we aren't really that of kind he is star of our growing list susteren luxury really if tiny it was a start or no you did wish as to where i knew william a slave. but today that happiness is gone. outside the russian embassy in the ukrainian capital kiev a small demonstration is attracting media attention. yeah because osho because i do not mean lead post which has totally unknown in form i guess. ok just get another crowd in the not post media and you my lad don't need no new someone getting impressed if it's a place to play in a scene. actually smarmy and a shame years really but i give. says i matter not only it's a new of
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a shirley the girl is so torn you give me such when you could have a is. it a fiend it a game of is an executive of the world congress of crimean taught us as well as a member of buck just arise city council. his abduction just yards from his home was captured in the top corner of the picture and it's immediately clear the vehicles were lying in wait. stopping his car pulling him out of the driver's seat and binding his hands takes less than a minute. his bungle towards the side doors of a waiting van. then suddenly makes a desperate bid to escape. is soon captured again and this time he disappears into the van and is gone forever.
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a policy imposed decades ago the pregnant woman thought that she put selectively in goods and have many boys changing demographics across asia with far reaching consequences for creating a pool of socially disadvantaged young men so you have the system where people at every level will be hit being given money money to agree to start as a ship or money to get other people to meet the sterilisation outages there examines the politics of population control. al-jazeera where ever you are.
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the most hands initial response had been inadequate but now it was time for. muslims no move from acting to taking action putting the western crusaders on defensive with hindsight this is seen as a breakthrough revival of the jihad in the muslim near east the crusades and arab perspective episode to revive at this time. here in doha with the top stories from al-jazeera at least two hundred eighty one people have died after saturday's tsunami swept along the sundra strait and crashed twenty meters inland without warning rescue teams are working around the clock in search of survivors the president has promised to upgrade tsunami to texan systems
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a court in pakistan the sentence the former prime minister nawaz sharif to seven years in prison sharif along with his daughter and son in law was jailed earlier this year on corruption charges relating to the purchase of luxury properties in london coming from the capital islamabad. where. they were. clear where they had. a car bombs exploded in the afghan capital kabul the blast took place near a government building fighting in the area is ongoing between police and armed fighters no group has claimed responsibility for the attack we'll get more on that
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story for you as it develops turkey says it's working with several countries to take an investigation into the killing of the saudi journalist jamal to the united nations in answer comes from the foreign minister came at a news conference in tunis is also demanded riyadh share its findings on the case with other members of the international community jamal khashoggi was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul nearly three months ago on the morning of october the second trades unions in sudan are calling for a general strike aimed at paralyzing the government this comes after the police fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of protesters in the capital khartoum on saturday night the protests were triggered by a shortage of bread and fuel. in the states the pentagon has given the green light signing off on the withdrawal of u.s. military from northern syria it comes after the turkish president. spoke with president donald trump trump says mr hurd one informed him he will eradicate
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whatever's left of ice or in syria the news continues here on al-jazeera after crimea russia's dirty secret of the news hour and thirty minutes.
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forty nine young men have been disappeared since the forced an accession of crimea by russia in two thousand and fourteen most were never seen again. the very first was irving but on the mall today his father grieves for his missing son kidnapped he says i russian security services. with his blue eyes as usual you doomsayers nation. this guy has shot the sheeted got struck my report as i am guessing at it but he did it by ok i mean
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die who is genuine sadness for. his family i young enough to home that boy you know that he knew you would yes national you know you. from that the dear little critters ber reserve i thought others remember only for. good or for this is going to resonate the growers and that this. record player more was sort of. wrong approach it is a pretty grim when you look but if you say look it was their share in. the grab us here to. do what they were grossly preferred computer when we. were kids could remember us. praying in a makeshift basement in a ukrainian town close to the crimea that these men fear for their lives
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recently a grenade was thrown into the mosque the didn't explode. we can't show their faces because many wherever possible slip back into crimea to see their families if caught the consequences can be terrifying. yang pacifist and. nine hundred nearby and therefore the man disappears now it is not because i do and i will lose him in your design i mean after the violence and yet but. my reason you would have. but i'd like. to share. dosing up with that and also in that order you see the seats in your bill the nurses in the recruits. mccrea you know.
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like so many of his fellow taras exiled for him has been hard to take. his family had been deported by stalin in one nine hundred forty four and only returned to crimea in the one nine hundred ninety s. with russia so you can stage screws in los origin which are not a problem. and you put that well adama but that comes up at home you're. good at it and you go out you is not a nice name but in that i bought or nothing but i'd be so into national id to. come back i was comparing smith's. story to the region washington your source and the style of soccer in your book what at the staying in to sri shoe store store and you got a new lease sporting a dog but it curve was i just not origin. i
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think i might go yes good show you pursue more. of was the whole presumably. becoming your own crematorium at the origin or. at the moment. those still living in the homeland know that they and their families under ever safe. in will get to the abilities it is because well they sure that's what it was because you only get what took astronomy does it. for so i can still name thing you can still play nurse was he was ok liz dozier. push into. yes facilitator billy should have a medium budget because i need one when you don't will see shouldn't think you should party in the course of austin's but it was it's
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a boom of the music. his eighteen year old son and his seventeen year old nephew ziad that were taken from the street around six thirty in the evening on september twenty seventh two thousand and fourteen and he just really got orders for braving oppression in. this is the stimulus you could put it suited to the cea suited music store citizens it was of the ad is a misleading good that he thought he could more than just couldn't get it she sniffled us i too used to as. an addict the discussion was the other. good the subjects press when you don't use well did it gets to me seems to look pretty but he was just a who swear. were into the stores motion stores and to miss conditions with the ads were could see it unless he did as used to do most of the abuse to the mutant
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freedom that i think is national when youth league civic i move to me he used to say yes two thousand and twenty seven i did scares him to death of that she's to get better just because it. up the rashid has started a support group for families of the arrested on the disappeared. when they know of court hearings they gathered together and a short of solidarity. what would you most stores about the most a scimitar bit about as well but you might have stopped eating but you might be sure to visit labs in the quarter see a movie news in your ear processing just what i mean. j m original push into estonia to muslims the controversial movie you. see with this is that it's a stretch put them both are idiots on the street. when you both are at them which it probably is when the suit could.
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words d.j.'s directors and sisters dentist are gone when you must please produce good at their value i should list your kids around you they should put on the top national stage at lest one additional eastham kids and you. need to have seen you more missives also determine which has a particular miss denison dates. in the mission movie did you uncover the last images educational but i've shared seems so you will be skinny yes mrs nine is a i said what is it the question of their biggest meeting. one man the town community rely on for support is lawyer i mean you could have a dino. he spends most of his working life racing between courtrooms and police stations registering his interest in someone who's been arrested before there's any opportunity to disappear them. so. was all of.
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this was a waste of time limits to the rich in the world over the ballot or. just a bunch of words almost it was a way of the process not. a book reading. where holes lie all through those simple trot this is all it was for why those one needs are of a couple. so missed almost. raids by militia supported by russia's f.s.b. secret police have become part of daily life for the crimean tatars. fearing for the well being of their people when taken into custody the community has set up a system of alerts as people rush to the scene to film will be arrests. an unknown number of those taken are currently languishing in prisons in both crimea and
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russia. was a lot of the good he did it on my side like to misapply what. my doubts i was. given year over possible tom became public interest game. for money or did. we do it to. remain up at a mill not just. the ballot what was a lot of the category of. this stone raid time to catch their quarry asleep in bed was filmed by russia's secret service the f.s.b. themselves national deal of only investing spillers that's best. and usually with most only those in the us. the listener must anybody to move her
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novel and imagine. that his daughter. after securing the arrest they spend six hours ransacking the house looking for incriminating evidence. all they found was a small collection of religious texts but that was all they needed. yes i saw never as packing food to deliver to the prison where since that raid her husband still a minus spent a year on remand awaiting trial. but that was. it only if. he's charged with terror of fences but for the russians his real crime is life streaming raids from his mobile phone simonetti for life give the whole you don't
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get the show. he's merely just a place when his story and you have to live in the one day a kingly one and when i'm bitching i'm so sad you new physician. since alone and the rest she's been raising her children alone the youngest sophie who has struggled to understand. when she easily beat any thought. at history. and of us than the glasses. on the way our story had had huge and is that the most to me and was more about it . another day another case for i mean you. could have. a meal may not be able to keep his clients out of prison but at least he's managed to keep most of them alive. it's meant that he has become
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a target of the authorities himself. as. the name. of the loot you must probably know is mostly yours you see it all in the world of him and his. email believes fear of his land is at the core of russian tactics. be a delusion need. to use the bit allusion united is present in it but he goes a little bit but is that it is this a huge leap into all their images to dimia domus and whining like a toddler has the while carli not asking music if they have all they. can out of the most amusing as though well it will be a field with opposed me me yes that's an easy but to them and phase way the valley
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was all mobile more must also visit with you we visited it would include of we can only because our souls locals and you are the shells. at least those korans were written in russian more than eighty thousand books written in ukrainian have been destroyed. and for schoolchildren history lessons are now drenched in russian nationalism. and minutes apart was recently appointed deputy minister of information in the ukrainian government like so many others she's exiled from her crimean homeland but her family including her ten year old brother still live there. he told her a simple story about his teacher single lesson she starts with this political conversations kind of she devotes ten minutes she dedicated stone minutes for the conversation on how beautiful cranium of reality is within the russian system on
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russia. when her young brother asked about ukraine the teacher became very angry she said oh stop it stop dreaming on the crane it will never get back here so and she was really annoyed this statue in the center of simferopol depicts a little girl thanking a russian soldier for liberating crimea ukraine and society is much more open and much more democratic and one of the fundamental principles fundamental values for this society is freedom is again about the whale of a queen anne's on not to be suppressed something that unfortunately is not in their reality in russia but that's not how russia sees it a majority of crimea but ours was a good stride here to rejoin russia because as a cuban when you pull weighted by a ukrainian are sort of during your
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a year as i see more and more see that right from the garment are tried to respect rights or crimea and others. like so many others jamil calico is unable to return to his home. he is the crimean qatar's most famous musician and it was he who rediscovered their ancient and. so those who go to the local to the good to go on hold and have the option. conform or. and so my are his honesty afterward so there again him lemme see in the millisecond your mother so many years with us was first born as you said would only one of them it would have chastised you but i was listening always in my eyes because i've asked them whether they and i will do that today and i doubt there will milligan and he let on as you have left which among us
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now is probably today in the complete is then you are divorced at the end they can and they are still there on the. right a.t.r. was a total of his own television station based in simferopol. but soon after the annexation russian forces moved to close it down. today rather than giving concerts and back just arrived jimi a character of plays at a qatar restaurant a kid. in the audience tonight is a woman who brought the crime in touch our course to world attention. singer songwriter gemma lives in exile because a song she wrote upsets russian all four of these. strangers a name. oh
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my yes it was their story as has my year. about syria. and the classics in maine a story of what chad just on the other guys it's all over the north. ya spend all of that's going on all those as where are they and then they're fine yes. she entered the song for the your revision song contest. the final was watched by hundreds of millions across the world. one thousand nine hundred forty four a song about the deportation of tars under joseph stalin won the competition between the russian entry into third place. young man the if it's all comes because in the civil comes on the road that's above cross that. it's a volvo cop it's a symbol of the couple of young men's national union. that's of them with the dog
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hair. fall out of stitches saying put a magic door might open only say his casket the pro store moses to their lives just live on t.v. to watch the somewhere norma. with all the hopes and dreams of thought those would go to massive blow in two thousand and eighteen when vladimir putin's pet project the road and rail bridge linking crimea with the russian made was opened. it had cost three billion dollars and the man himself was there to lead the procession and place his feet firmly on crimea story. a waste of a machine and because only a few more we're not there yet sheer i knew because now you might get out yeah
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we're british you need it here and don't you put in your ladyship but i got. valuable to here is i will do shear weschler duty. was probably one of the big course his decision to hold crane means could been supported by eighty five percent of communists but because he could see that crimea c.y.d. would approach and celebrate not just the bit rate but celebrated because like europe would in decision save some wasn't ansel's and lives. it had been proposed to call the reunification bridge but they finally settled on a less controversial meaning simply the crimean bridge. perceptions. why it was so important to put well i think you really want to.
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let's say to leave the trace kind of to have this very physical evidence of this very union because this was something that is about showing put in as the glorious leader of russian federation that is fighting for the security of his own people which is again not truth. meanwhile for the tart are still living in their home things seem to be getting worse not those very deep recession if he's received recovering in his post as his words are that you might be able to draw but it would be very dishonest it is if you look at in. danger. and when you. see them pull. the nearest the fire was done server has been languishing in the remand prison for months for the drunken m.p.'s who were back up. here william
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shock you still state it wasn't here that this girl is. that but all matter what was he disappears not really. getting a real live thought of in that. bradley will. the moral so ever will be taken to court and his parents are meeting with lawyers to see what can be done. no family members will be allowed inside the court where he faces the usual terrorism related charges. so the whole will only you are what a cook at you go to your machine accused of but no one politician you materially you are a new age in britain assume this meaningful they must at least privately will still this. communion use a sheet of work up of interest near me boot of a new my head to the gutter circuit or
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a new place the lesser game i wish but bold red on broken roller for is a bit of bally i mean there is yet still is this is good that still yet. we get wins in particular were really young is now cut notion of a nice a bigger guy would need to win his deal. a number of thought on men including servants the five will appear in court today and supporters of arrived to see if they can catch even a glimpse of the accused. and did it better they still want to use the fact. only to see if i decide that we need business such as the state of the us the visit as easily. as they enhance the story equired sure they listen to someone who. one by one the men are
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led into the courthouse. i am. the very last to service the fire for. a smile of the fine stretching across his face. his family at least know that he is alive. others can only wait. but their hope is fading.
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from the clear blue sky of the doha morning. to the fresh autumn breeze in the city of. l.a. there were plenty of shower as over south america at the moment most of them establishing in the northern parts of brazil then just clipping french guyana and syria now and then stretching all the way back around to the southern parts of brazil once more and this is the region we're expecting the majority of the showers as we head through the next few days as well to the south of all of that is generally draw and fine should be pleasant to him but as always with a temperature of twenty nine degrees over the next few days of course in santiago will be at thirty two for the central americas we've had a little stringy from with us over the past few days you can still see a bit of cloud here over cuba and stretching down into parts of honduras and across
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the yucatan peninsula and this is where we're going to see a good deal of cloud over the next few days and a few outbreaks of rain to the south some cloud at times want to showers but also plenty of sunshine and for the northeast generally a little bit cooler for north america is in the west we've got the most active weather currently but one system that's working its way eastwards that's giving us some patchy snow there over the rockies and that is gradually tracking its way eastwards and then we've got another feature that is just lifting its way south was along that western coastline heavy downpours during the day today quite a bit of snow as well but it does ease a fraction as it sinks south was for tuesday. the way sponsored by qatar race. they wanted forty three million homes with a weapon that was six billion pounds and. there's no any more because there's always a small. business. in essence we
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in the united states have privatized the whole team a public function more shadow on al-jazeera. hoping for better living standards and more security the people of bangladesh both cast their vote in a general election with special coverage from across the country we'll assess what direction the nation could take bangladesh elections on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. well come on peter you're watching the news live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes indonesia on high alert rescuers risking their
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lives searching for survivors knowing another tsunami could come without warning. israel heads for early elections amid strains in prime minister benjamin netanyahu coalition. the former pakistani prime minister and i was sorry for sentenced for corruption for a second time he gets seven years in jail for money laundering. also shifting alliances how the u.s. pullout from syria is bringing turkey closer to washington but testing its relationship with russia and i'm peter stone with all your sports river plate's make a triumphant return. as they celebrate their limited henri's trophy with their fans . there are growing fears of more tsunamis in indonesia as an active volcano threatens an already ravaged coastline the crack
9:50 pm
a toe of all came no has remained active since saturday weather experts are sending out warnings that a tsunami recurrence could happen at any moment the president your coworker. has toured areas devastated by the tsunami were the two has promised early tsunami warning system to texan will be improved at least three hundred seventy three people are confirmed dead and more than one thousand injured in the country's second such disaster this year that number is expected to rise as the military gains access to areas that have been cut off by wrecked buildings and deborah al-jazeera is andrew thomas as at the coast along putting golan province which was worst hit by the wave. listen carefully over the noise of the waves a regular allowed blooms. that's not wind hidden in the gloom forty seven kilometers out to sea and krakatoa volcano is still erupting it has
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been for months but on sunday the eruptions triggered an underwater landslide that caused the tsunami that led to this hotel's line to the sea front here some workers and guests saw the wave coming and ran a little and then a book about it was not like a usual beav it was a huge wave before one thought and it was just rolling and rolling after at this hotel two children swept out of their ground floor rooms as they slept one of their bodies was found in the swimming pool after the tsunami it retreated across the road and yet i showed us her damaged house she support meters above normal see that all here yet the water powered into her home and into her shop next door of the mob or. after that no money the shops gone to so i've got no income i don't know what i'm going to do. the main road through two hundred grand has been cleared of debris but what remains of the stephanie villa hotel has not twenty nine
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people are known to have died here seven more a missing the water did a pretty good demolition job here but what it left behind those men are now clearing completely fairing and in some ways hoping they find some of the bodies of the missing insides people are nervous along this coast watching the sea for signs that another wave could come not knowing which rumble means they should run andrew thomas al jazeera handle on indonesia. a pakistani court has sentenced the former prime minister nawaz sharif to prison for seven years. sharif along with his daughter and son in law was jailed earlier this year on corruption charges relating to the purchase of luxury properties in london they were released from prison and september with two charges still pending the three time prime ministers of the accusations are politically motivated as the latest from islamabad. the
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national accountability bureau or old court at ten fifty three time former prime minister of pakistan two are not there seven years in jail over ideology. he was however exonerated and flagship reference against him it should be remembered that he was given an eleven year sentence by the court in the evan fear apartment cage which was. beyond his means the main case against him but had today his political supporters have been coming out in numbers they've had photos with the police but that situation is now under control now why should he have had also been fined twenty five million dollars he need to be taken in an armored rake headed back to jane it should be that member dead right now out on bail because his lawyers had filed an appeal against the wording of the court. from the court
9:54 pm
need to be free on that count going to jail immediately because of the new word against him which was raised by the court there were unprecedented security over a thousand security forces personnel were deployed including the police and the paramilitary force eight and of course for his supporters that will be seen as political victim ideation but the mood across pakistan education debility across the board that brings everybody from other political parties and the bureaucracy into the bed of the accountability pro say well this is not the first time series has been on trial for corruption in july sharif says daughter and son in law was sentenced to eleven years in prison guilty of pushing for luxury flats in london through corrupt practices all three were released on bail in september in twenty seventeen sharif was an innocent holding innocence beyond. source of income court
9:55 pm
say sharif couldn't provide documentation showing legitimate funds and setting up two companies in saudi arabia sharif denied all the charges saying they are politically motivated the accused is the military in courts of working together to end his political career tarik is a political analyst he joins us live on the line from islamabad can he appeal against this latest conviction and sentence he going to do things economically he can appeal against the conviction which is a regular procedure the case will go to the higher court are and then after the high higher court and job is and in islam both his case and then if it is if it remains the same and the conviction is not reversed he can appeal again further before the supreme court but the immediate challenge is that he has to get himself released on bail and and from there he has to file an application separate
9:56 pm
application for the release not that is what himself to believe don't be so that's the situation at the present time he has been sentenced to seven years of imprisonment and that's a very bad news for the entire family of mr sharif this must surely mean even his political career is completely over. i think i going to agree with you his political career is finished his family's political career is finished his daughter's political career is finished because of the court and the institutions in august on having a strange way of you know of following the law sometime for example his daughter is actually directly involved in in the in the case in the chief fabricated documents forged that documents she is accused of forgery of documents but at the supreme court and the lower court in the higher course in the previous case
9:57 pm
they have not taken the action so what but she is likely she must be because the evidence is year there are near the end those documents a year that she forged documents so the you have families but it will go to a year that is finished he was found guilty of money laundering i'm not trying to be glib or sarcastic here but is there a sense in which he's not a very good money launderer because if your money liff you laundering money you come up with the fake documentation to back up what you would say is the authenticity of what you have been doing and how you are genuinely earning that money he wasn't genuine the earning that money but he couldn't provide even fake documentation to the court to back up what his take was on where all those funds came from. your point is absolutely very big and the history of pakistan has been that no ruler in pakistan has had ever been
9:58 pm
actually sentenced you know prior to him prior to him we have the example of mr hughes of the golani the other prime minister but he was sentenced on a different thing at the fed that is for the disobedience of the court but kid in this case now and in other cases the pakistani politicians have always been going scot free they have always believed they will not be sentenced in any case it is not possible they can exert their influence but this time i think we are living in a different times people of pakistan as your reporter already pointed out they have they are going for you know accountability people are tired of corruption the corruption is massive. we are talking about ninety six billion dollar of deck that the country has piled up most of which has been fired up in the last ten years from zardari to no washington so somebody has stolen the money in this case i think the documentation is very clear and he cannot be. allowed to be released on bail
9:59 pm
in this case a very easily if at all ever gets released on bail and this one if we're talking about step change when it comes to the judicial his attitude or the political attitude towards this kind of behavior his two sons hussein and assam they have been declared absconders by the court you're talking about ninety million dollars plus that was the figure you just used does that mean that the courts will go after the rest of his family or not do you think ninety six million dollars i'm talking about the countries direct ok thank you for correcting i was in the order of the soldiers out of country which is not far and that was ninety six billion dollars ok do you think they'll go after the sons. you know i'm sorry so let me address your question the thing is this that most since most of the debt has been piled up in the last ten years which is the totality of the time of mr zardari and mr no washy and for this period the majority of the debt has been
10:00 pm
piled up good in the five year annual riches the last five years of the muslim league led by mr no washy so the documentation is very clear he has lived beyond his means the section nine eight of the accountability act sais that if you cannot prove that your ass or salve not beyond your means or income then the burden is on you and because you feared to prove that he could not explain the money trail now in this case he could not produce the evidence and remember one thing in not it does not happen in many cases he has not produced any evidence deliberately for example if you had brought his sons back and produced them as a narrative as a piece of evidence as a as a symbol of this concrete evidence then he'd learned lawyers from the government side prosecute.


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