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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 27, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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nomic which is economical which is of. the problem of fuel hyperinflation but that is the manifestation of the problem which is the underlying cause is the political problem and it's the manifestation of problem and failure to run the country for the wrong time i think is blaming others for the crisis i don't think is acceptable and this series of conspiracy i don't think anyone would write because you've been in power for thirty it's you it is your responsibility and everyone is asking you and this people are not. a get out sudanese who actually feel the pain of the policies which you want and also the failure to run the country sudan is a rich country but is not being administered in the right way that is why the result is the suffering of the people and this is why people are coming out not because they are blowing to a political party but because the sudanese are suffering they need dignity they
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need to live their lives as these supposed to be we don't see that is a problem i think the government have to vis the sponsibility. the people and not. excuses which is no one is going to buy this just how violent is the situation on the ground right now i mean could you give our viewers a snapshot as far as what you're hearing from your team members regarding what's going on. thank you very much for giving us a chance to participate in the program and on behalf of the sudanese stranded u.k. we are very proud of the people of sudan. fortunately such seven lives were lost from the ground and from my colleagues in the medical sector and we we are aware that people use that they say very. aggression and that has
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been. directed. towards. peaceful demonstrators on their heads or direct. work or the chest for example we have a surgical registrar. or expiration. it seems like the casualties are adding to the think when other people took to the streets. it's worrying that. a group. or the army or the police but maybe she is. nicer and people are very worried about the extent of this aggression from the government to protect itself. peacefully
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we know that there is a gentleman almost significant head injury and we are expecting to. find there is another. child lives that the age of eighteen a an interest in the spine. so it's a very significant increase a significant casualties. i mean is there any possibility at this stage that protesters would accept anything less than the resignation of president bashir and also do you foresee any kind of political compromise a compromise being a possibility. no not at all i mean the thing about this but this they're not initiated by of the opposition party and those are the ones who sit with the
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government and have a negotiation and they've been trying to do that for a long time these protests are by people who are not most of them are nonpolitical so they do not want it we're not going to be ok with another government being done with oppositions or anything like that so the whole idea is a machine is to go and this government a national congress party needs to go and what happened is because of what happened in on the nineteenth and what happened on the twenty fifth yesterday people feel power so at this point people are very powerful and they think they have the power to get rid of bashir and there's all these talks about friday it is going to be a big protests and on the new year that's going to be the end we're going to be celebrating the end of this week game with a new year and they'll be the strongest part as we're going to have if i could just pick up on one of the points you make em you're saying that it's just people that are behind these protests and and certainly it seems as though it started that way on tuesday at the protest at least partially was organized by the sudanese professionals association which is an umbrella coalition for professional unions so
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what i'm wondering is this this suggests to you that the opposition could potentially position themselves to capitalize politically on the anger that's be expressed from the protesters. i mean being from a nonviolent group we know that in the end when you have democracy the people who are going to rule are political parties so the political parties have to decide now they want to align themselves with the people or do they want to align themselves with this government and what you're seeing is there actually from their call they're all aligning themselves with the people so all the opposition parties withdrew from the government who are part of it and are now aligning them themselves with the people but they're not leading the street yet which is very important so what we have right now is need to shift this coming from a whole group of people a big variety of people and groups that are like from. professionals that led calls for the party yes and so although they called for the brought this need are shipped from among
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a vast majority of different groups of resistance movement that i've been and civil society that been fighting this government for years i have of hers was talking about how these protests began in op but and how significant that was so i want to ask you what led to that expression of anger and frustration coming out into the streets in oppa. yeah i think it is mainly because of that which is people are facing because of lack of bread lack of committed but at the end of the day what caused this is a political issue it's at the end it's a political yes because the economics politics economics economic is politics are good economics is good politics it's clear the people are frustrated because this. shortage of few been going on for a very long time and i think people have had enough of actually you know at the end of the day if the government which is supposed to. run the country is supposed to
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provide this type of services to people for the government was it can a way of this and not to act differently people will come out yes they come out protesting because they feel the pain but at the end of the day it's the momentum build up and it's in that the way it is and i'm sure is going the problem is going to stay the problem is the protest is not going to end that the important question is is this government now solution for this problem i don't think so because i think the whole system is not functioning to the interest of the people and that is what needs to be changed not only changing the prison i think the whole system is not fit for purpose and it needs to be changed to serve the sudanese people are not to serve so among the people and also to engage them
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because sudan is a multi-ethnic multi bagger and it needs all the sudanese to come together and to agree on how to rule the country that is the most important issue how concerned are you right now that the violence will get worse that the tensions will escalate where do you see all this going. we also you very concerned because. the sudan government at the moment. there's no government. but they don't want to. really i don't want to give up are they going to use different tools to try to take the power. this is going to be good friends can be different tools to do it we know that we have a lot of. people who paid more than one good is today they can be conscious physically and psychologically we know that there has been a lot of the funding to work. on the street.
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we are very concerned that the casualties will increase. the death of individuals as doctors. you know in the insight into that we are going to have a magic participation as much as we can. we think there is a role there for the larger the community and for all sorts of diplomatic groups that are on that they have to pressure. the government to allow the people of sudan to practice their right. to march. to hand over a petition to the leave. as soon as possible and we might. i think it's very clear that we don't want this in to what happened. when
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more than two hundred people but. this. was a massacre. to be workable half as you may just heard us are talking about the need for support from outside and also from inside sudan to try to come up with a solution to all this let me ask you do you think that any other countries would try to intervene to to come up with a diplomatic solution to what's going on in sudan right now. all in the international community to gain through. mediation of the african union the hyper limitation twenty one others but i think at the end of the day it's for sudanese if there is if there is the political will among sudanese then we can do so legally but the problem is the question is the n.c.p. is ready to engage seriously to actually move the country for and agree on how this continues going to be governed and ruled by also the knees that is the that is the
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question which is remain to be seen the orchestrated the so-called national dialogue and which is ended and you did nothing and that you condition is not been implemented are nothing happening and now. i think the sudanese have to agree on how to govern the country that yes we need the support of the international community but at the end of the day is this the sudanese they have to address that they have to agree on how to move things war and how to work together to serve the country from actually the brink of collapse and bankruptcy i think that is what we need to do as a sudanese and we need the help of our friends from the international community they waited for the process of rebuilding the country but at the end of the day we need the political will from all the parties to do it and if you ask me whether the n.c.p. is ready to do that i don't think so i think they want to address political and
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economic problems by security and police means and that will never work and i think people have to learn from history that has us do you believe that president bashir would ever agree to stepping down and beyond that is there any kind of mechanism that exists in which he could be removed from power in sudan. i don't think he'll step down i think he has to be forced to step down saying i'm going to bashir is so disconnected from what's happening on the ground he has in his head is been a dictator for thirty years and we've seen other dictators like mugabe knew he's never going to get to the point where like i need to go he always has this. to his thing in his head where he's like the father figure saving his kids and we don't know better so i don't think he's going to go we have to he has to be forced to leave ok let me ask badly there how would he how would he be forced to step down how do you envision that scenario playing out and also where does the military stand in all this because there have been reports that the military has publicly
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expressed support for a model bashir so where where does that stand right now so sudan is a country where this is where genocide happened you know and are for this is where the war in nuba mountains of blue nile is going on this is where we had a lot at our cities being the two hundred people being killed in protests in two thousand and thirteen so this is a country where we have this group called the rabbit response force which are they're not really part of the military they're not really part of the there is this militia that is just right under armor bashir and yesterday they actually got all their troops and sent a speech that was against corruption and against what's happening konami clee and they wanted answers so the army in sudan is not controlled by one people and because of these militia groups we don't know who controls them so right now although some people in the army said there be an army of us here others we're not and so we expect the army to fight among each other which we don't really want what do we really want this war or the army to step aside and allow us to progress to
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the point of toppling the regime and i think the wait for that to happen is to continue on the street and to have that force and to have the opposition parties uniting for this one thing which is stopping armor going to share his regime and c.p.l. them. and at the same time for media to cover us like a disease doing right now and other media to come up and comer as media as a revolution not as this read. on we people african old narrative of we just need to eat and i think that's what's going to get him to the point where he's going to be removed and he's going to be removed by yes by it maybe the army which normally happens and right now he's only protecting forces the national security and the police and the police step aside in more than one city and the national security team there our biggest enemy right now in the fight on the ground and they're the ones who are committing atrocities and actually shooting people snipers and whatnot
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we're hoping the army would step aside but hopefully not fight each other which would be the worse case scenario is sorry there are calls now for a general strike by doctors from your perspective what would that do with regard to the overall situation and how everything is playing out. to start whether there could have started two days ago it is start program court cases and. it's a step forward. to. give the team off we are expecting a professional oath during the strike build up the momentum that is to provide. the. government home there are real help in the handover of power. what we hope for all this will happen peacefully without.
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you know. we need to work for all. parties i just would like to say that. had never been the. best if. you believe. there's no way for us to step back when we're going to move forward. and our whole city that coming together professionals political party you. know that we were really to the ultimate goal of the handover of power have his last year the u.s. ended two decades of sanctions that president bashir had had long blamed for the country's you know economic isolation and the poverty there. when that happened that was supposed to mean new investment in sudan that was supposed to mean
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economic upturn and that didn't happen why. the what we've been seeing all the time the problem is not the sanctions and the problem in the sudan the economic problem is not because of any foreign conspiracy is because of the way the economy's been run it's the mismanagement of the economy because the contrary is not in the correct which that is the problem is not you know and it is clear now the sanction have been removed for almost more around two years and still the problem is actually getting worse and more sun wars and it's going to get the issue is what we need this is a political problem and the political probably we need to address the political issue for this if we don't address the political issue if we don't at the if you don't restructure this. so it can function properly to serve the country and certainly part of me then it is not going to be a removal of
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a tory and it is clear now they move the sanctions and you have no one to blame apart from the sense of you know if you been for city is in power and this country is so rich with the sources we have more than can you offer or you'll be source you will see that we have a very much for the land when it we get it and we have a good deal of skin which has been destroyed and we have you know all the economic infrastructure of the economy will completely destroy this completely. vestment inside but before that we have to fix the politics of it if we do wrong then it the economy is not going to be fix our we're going to have to leave it there we have run out of time so thanks so much to all our guests. half as mohamed and has george kuka and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash a.j.
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inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. into. story for me and the whole team here bye for now.


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