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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 27, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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well the timing is terrible i mean we're just going to few days before the elections this election has been constant perspire and as many of you viewers know since twenty sixteen and the locations in the east of the country. the authorities say are because of ebola and then you may be in the west because of violence but the problem is going to be that these are now for spawn to march their opposition strongholds and we don't know how they're going to tally these votes with the final result especially since at the moment the plan is to announce a president a new president in the democratic republic of congo on the eighteenth of january two thousand and ninety one of the opposition leaders is saying he'll probably still go ahead and contest the elections several of us are saying they that they're thinking about what to do and a number of others are saying that they'll pull out i mean there are twenty one candidates for the presidency in the democratic republic of congo so getting a unified platform is going to be pretty difficult if they're couple of favorite
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favorite candidates so many out of the twenty one have no chance it'll. not support think that the former interior minister mr stoddart who is the mystic could be less of the incumbents choice may well still win but that the opposition has a strong following one of the problems the opposition is is split is divided attempts to get a unified platform have failed unless is this gives the incumbent see the incumbent party the biggest opportunity i think still had on al jazeera how one bomb on lakeside town news using art to draw more tourists to the region. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast we're here across the
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western part of europe things have been quite nice of the last couple days we've turned to spend a little bit lower but plenty of sun and many locations high pressures dominating you can see here on satellite a lot of clear skies anywhere from germany all the way down here toward spain over the next few days we do expect that trend to continue we may see some clouds appear towards the north but anywhere across central europe it should be partly cloudy to sunny a little bit cool those are at five degrees but dritte is going to be seeing at about eleven degrees there well over here towards the southeast of course we've been dealing with a big storm system pushing through parts of turkey into parts of the one that brought a lot of snow across parts of turkey as you can see here on friday a lot of that active weather is going to be making its way towards the east so much clearer conditions here across parts of turkey we have certainly seen the snow terms as quite low ankara a touch of there of only reaching zero degrees well here across parts of the eastern med we did see some rain across parts of. over here towards parts of cairo over here towards alexandria as well clouds along the coast but as we go towards
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friday things get better as well we are going to be seeing those winds out of the north with ghazi attempt a few of about sixteen degrees up here towards algiers it is going to be a sunny day with the temperature of fifteen. too often on the streets of india. are victims but a new force is that plain. female police officers are combative sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india's.
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watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now donald trump has made a surprise visit to iraq as president of first lady milan you trump met with troops airbase west of baghdad the criticism over trump's failure to visit troops overseas combat zones and the nation authorities say no one is allowed within five kilometers of the volcano that triggered a tsunami on saturday killing at least four hundred thirty people it continues to spew ash into the air days after its creator collapsed status has been razed to the second highest level. supporters of opposition parties in the democratic republic of congo say voting must go ahead as planned commission has postponed the presidential election and three known opposition strongholds until march and says
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that's because of fears of violence and in poland. to ousted egyptian president have appeared in the same courtroom hosni mubarak has testified in the retrial of egypt's first democratically elected leader mohamed morsi over a jailbreak during the revolution that toppled mubarak seven years ago and a whole has more. egypt's revolution may seem like a long time ago but its consequences are still unfolding. and man who wanted the whole ability the information i'm requested to provide here is related to the trial and what happened before it such information was delivered to me because i was the president and supreme leader of the military forces in a car oh courtroom an extraordinary scene two former presidents adversaries in the events of early two thousand and eleven now appearing on opposite sides of the law the long time ruler hosni mubarak many called him a military dictator was deposed by the revolutionaries he gave evidence against
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egypt's first democratically elected leader mohammed morsi morsi who faced a death sentence until it was revoked is being retried on other charges along with fellow muslim brotherhood defendants they're accused of conspiring with foreign groups including hamas and hezbollah to orchestrate a violent jailbreak in the early days of the revolution but it was some say a third president the current leader abdel fattah el-sisi attempting a show of strength here to wield more power you see that he's telling the former president mubarak you must come to court and so we're seeing this power play that sisi signaling to both mubarak and his people that i'm consolidating power and myself i am the eternal power in this state and the level of repression today's unprecedented and the economic situation is even worse the attacks on journalism and freedom of speech and press and civil society egypt is quickly becoming
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governor and sisi is afraid of a counter revolution in two thousand and sixteen egypt's highest appeal court overturned a life sentence handed down to president mohamed morsi ordering a retrial last year mubarak's own conviction on charges of negligence in office. was overturned and he was released but it is president and c.c. who now faces the possible outpouring of public anger a stagnating economy and a repressive room for almost eighty years egypt appears to have come full circle to an i'll just hear a. great doctors say hospital waiting rooms are turning into saints of chaos because of a severe shortage of staff are also warning that supplies are running out and supports in the town of patra some operations are being postponed. it takes several pieces of equipment to install an intravenous line in
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a patient needles taps catheters and rubber gloves must be sterile and discarded after use these are the cheapest of materials for one of the simplest of procedures there are no apparent shortages here at the outpatient clinics of st and brass hospital in part that are but staff say appearances are misleading the music. school we had a budget a sixty to sixty five million euro crisis today out what it is fifteen to eighteen million this creates enormous problems back up at the bottom the hospital is also short stuffed this doctor says there are just two nurses for the outpatient clinics serving the city of two hundred thousand seat a c. medicine and most days this room is full of stretchers with a queue of more outside shouting and pushing to get in and they come from towns all over the region it can be a stick we can barely walk in there shortages have shut down clinics in smaller regional hospitals so same town there is also takes in patients from the broader
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region of more than a million people with hospital one hundred twelve hundred before the financial crisis of two thousand and eight it is now down to thirteen hundred and fifty and at least fifty doctors are urgently needed these trends and personnel and materials reflect the broader cuts in government health funding and just the past three years it has fallen from seven billion dollars to four point two billion that means greece is spending less than ten percent of its budget on health care the european union averages over fifteen percent it's driven many who can afford it into private health care he went only here for financial reasons of course national health doctors are more experienced than private sector doctors but the moment you arrive here you're tied up our patients get wary there are lots of people in line the dedication of the doctors and nurses who remain in the public sector has been rewarded with a forty percent pay cut. during the crisis and no government has tightened health spending more than that controlled by the city's a party which has made
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a point of producing even the highest surpluses than creditors demand with which to repay the country's debt next year's budget contains a further reduction in salaries for hospital staff a move which will anger many jumps at openness al-jazeera. the dow jones has said its biggest single day again on wednesday rising eleven hundred points or almost five percent the partial rebound of u.s. stocks for a christmas losing streak by slower global growth than uncertainty and washington strong retail sales and surging tech and energy stocks helped to boost the markets are scott is from the economic policy institute says there are fears of a recession despite a market rally what we're experiencing right now is a is a period of extreme what we call volatility or highs and lows the market seems so you know you know from very low one day to bounce back the next i think what's
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more important is to keep our eyes on the trend. over all the markets still is down several thousand points from just levels of just a month ago and to the year both the dow and the s. and p. five hundred off about seven and a half points seven half percent rather so that's a substantial loss of value of the course of a year. i think that reflects concerns about the risks of recession going forward we know that government spending is going to shrink continue thousand million teen the trade deficit is already rising and the i.m.f. has projected over the next two or three years the u.s. deficit trade deficit could more than in the early double nearly double in the next two years and that those two factors together are going to greatly great tail growth in the united states would be enough to push us into recession economists seem to think that's increasingly likely to happen the u.s. border protection has ordered medical checks for every child in custody after
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a second guatemalan child and its care eight year old philippe gomez alonzo died on christmas day hours after being discharged from the hospital he was diagnosed with a cold and a fever and his father had been at u.s. border control custody since entering the country a week earlier a seven year old girl died earlier this month after being detained huge numbers of venezuelans have fled poverty food and medicine shortages and all sorts of other problems and the u.n. is expecting at least another two million to follow them in the coming year more than two thousand a day or crossing the border into peru it has the second largest number of venezuelan refugees after columbia but the new arrivals they're facing stricter immigration controls are in a sense has a port some lima. everybody when i buy nothing i mean it's going to buy you has been selling coffee on the streets of lima since she arrived from venice willing november the thirty two year old is qualified in food quality control but she's
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afraid she'll get in trouble for trying to work in an industry she knows well she missed the october deadline to apply for a work permit by just a few weeks i'm afraid we came here to work legally and to be in the country legally i don't want to do anything against the law to do so so-called foreign police along with immigration officials are conducting inspections across the capital to ensure venus williams half the required permits to work out of the muzzle by the immigration chief. said the briefly detained some than a swell and for security reasons. sadly some people have committed crimes and that makes us sad because it affects the way peruvians see them and it also makes peruvians afraid. of the immigration office and many are rushing to apply for work permits before yet another deadline december thirty first but who says it won't issue any more after that they were trying i haven't waited for the last minute but
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it's been very difficult because i still don't have a certificate from interpol immigration authorities say they've increased the number of personnel and office hours to help these venezuelans get their paperwork done fast but they also say eighty five thousand business with us have missed their appointments and twenty thousand have not picked up their approved permits. six hundred thirty five thousand in a swim and snow living according to official estimates you know he. says she feels lucky that she crossed the border in time to work legally and. i pride in august they gave me to a point where you just know i don't know what will happen to those who get here after the situation in venezuela is a tragedy and officials say those who entered after two. i can only apply for asylum no but i mean. this doesn't guarantee a job. i applied for asylum they gave me a paper that allows me to work but no one is accepting it as valid. or never reach
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two thousand in a suite in. a few days we do see they will not issue work permits after december but for now they will keep the border open to those fleeing the deepening economic and political crisis back home again my son just one just. an american and it has become the first person to cross an article alone braving raging winds polar temperatures and heavy snow fall colorado brady made a final thirty two hour push cover and one hundred twenty nine kilometers to complete the track on wednesday he's thirty three years old he's from portland one hundred seventy kilograms of gear a distance of fifteen hundred kilometers for nearly two months achieving a feat previously dame's and possible the turquoise waters of guatemala slake draw tourists from around the globe but people one lakeside town hope that more
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colors will attract even more visitors when inspired by the dutch artists hoss and hahn who transformed us on them brazil by painting it is david mercer reports and santa catarina a local are doing the same. and is renowned for its beauty now one lakeside town is drawing on these surroundings to transform itself into a giant work of art. it all starts with a fresh coat of paint families choose colors and designs inspired by the traditional hand-woven clothing worn by local women then they help to paint their own homes. because the house is going to end up looking really notice the result will be good and it makes a landscape here look it's a big change from before and i hope more neighbors paint their houses. local women have led. since it launched two years ago they helped develop the color palettes and designs and administer the project. coordinator lydia coombe is says women have
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another key skill that's allowed the program to thrive and. i think that when women make decisions they seek consensus with this reedy helped us during the start of the project and that helps us keep the support of the community the weaving tradition is strong incentive. the patterns and colors of textiles are inspired by nature. she says women express their imagination through weaving and they are now able to share their talents on a different scale but. for me it's special to see our designs on the walls of town and to see vistas to say this beautiful and take photographs to remember it it makes me happy to see a traditional embroidery scene this. is attracting more tourists for visitors who've been here before the transformation is clear. not so many
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activities. like. industries and everything. feels like much more respected. than. the first project with kind in guatemala organizers say that once they complete the painting of the eight hundred fifty buildings in this town they plan to. span the project the other towns around. recently the project won an international design award showing how art can combat poverty and empower a community david mercer al-jazeera sent to get that. right amala. pick up the headlines on al-jazeera has made a surprise visit to iraq the u.s. president and first lady malani in trump met with troops at air base west of
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baghdad and the trip follows criticism over trump's failure to visit troops and overseas combat zones. one year ago i gave our generals six more months in syria. and it turns out it was really a year and a half ago i should go get them we need six months. and there's a give us another six months i said go get them. then they said go can we have one more like period of six months as a no no. i said i gave you a lot of six months and now we're doing it a different way. and an agent already say no one is allowed within five kilometers of the volcano that triggered a tsunami on saturday the killed more than four hundred thirty people more than double the exclusion zone around. and raised its alert status to the second highest level of all kaino continues to spew ash into the air days after its creator collapsed sending waves up to five meters high along the coast all flights around
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it have been rerouted supporters of opposition parties in the democratic republic of congo say voting must go ahead as planned but coral commission has postponed the presidential election and three known opposition strongholds until march it says it's because of fears of violence and any outbreak. one of sudan's ruling parties is calling for an investigation into the killing of protesters during the week of anti-government demonstrations members of the popular congress party say seventeen people were killed after security forces used live ammunition at the protests rights group amnesty international says at least thirty seven protesters were killed. u.s. markets are still volatile after a major losses in the weeks before christmas on wednesday the dow jones posted its biggest single day game rising eleven hundred points that's almost five percent a partial rebound followed
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a christmas losing streak by slower global growth and political uncertainty in washington. as are the headlines keep it here much more to come inside story is next. the arrival of refugees is debated in european parliament's time but the journey itself is little understood. to syrians document the route that is claimed so many lives such into sanctuary one people empower on al-jazeera. is this sudan's version of the arab spring president or on one of the shias says protesters demanding an end to his twenty nine year rule are traitors after a week of food and fuel price protests he's pledging what he calls real reforms will they be enough to save this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program. the soaring price of bread and fuel was the spark for the outrage now sudan's president is in the firing line with arm of the bashir facing growing demands to end his twenty nine year rule riot police fired bullets and tear gas to disperse crowds marching towards his presidential palace on tuesday the government says twelve people have been killed in eight days of protests amnesty international thinks the total could be at least thirty seven the president's promising reforms to improve living standards and accuses protesters of being traitors. well as it is. thank you behind me thank you for your support and enthusiasm which is
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a response to every foreign aid to try to outlaw and destructive person you are the ones responding to them right now from here you are responding to all the churches in foreign agents i support you and with your support i will be back here next year when our reporter hit morgan as the latest from khartoum. life may seem normal today in sudan capital of soon but yesterday the city was at a standstill thousands of people came out into the streets and marched protesting against president bashir and his twenty nine year rule they were trying to make their way to presidential palace to submit him i'm richard quest that he step down and pay a voice for a new government's new faces it all started with an economic process in the city over a bar last wednesday that's quickly escalated into a political protest people were chanting slogans like down with the government who went to new regime want to topple the current three g. police responded using tear gas and live ammunition president bashir said he's going to try to introduce a new policy the new reforms to improve the economy for the people the people
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protesting said they've been there before but they've heard these promises the only thing they want new with a new government and a new regime amnesty international says they just given people have been killed before yesterday so it says now with the police using tear gas and live ammunition there are concerns that the number of people who have died during the protest will increase we've already heard reports of people injured during the protests people who have sustained bullets injuries and were hospitalized some of them in critical conditions it's not clear where these protests will and the people are saying that the only thing they want is a peep the president to go and the president said he is not going to step down but he will try to introduce a new reforms so at the moment the benefit of course hard to keep the protesters one thing that they want in your government and the president was defiant and wants to stand hanging on to power people morgan for inside story. all right let's bring in our panel joining us on skype from norwich saga of the
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chilean president of the sudan doctors association in the united kingdom from her film half as mohamad director of justice africa and from here on skype has george kuka a member of your if not a nonviolent resistance movement in sudan welcome to the program let me start with you so president bashir first is promising reforms and then he's calling these protesters traitors what does that say to you about what he will be willing to do going forward. i mean at this point specially with yesterday like we're coming out of this great high this was the best the strongest nonviolent protests we had ever and we're unique that so at this point we don't want to hear from as an armor but here and we know that he has nothing to offer us so at this point we just we just want him gone and we want to talk about what is next how has this all began of course with protesters enraged over the price of fuel and bread are you surprised
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that this has gone on that these protesters have taken the kind of shape that they have and that now protesters are demanding the resignation of president. i think this is a combination of of problems which is many sudanese have facing for very long time you know districts have been in power for thirty years and to end the problems it seems to be economic which is economical which is lack of. a problem of fuel hyperinflation but that is the manifestation of the problem which is the underlying cause is the political problem and the manifestation of problem and failure to run the country for the wrong time i think is blaming others for the crisis i don't think is acceptable and this series of conspiracy i don't think anyone would write because you been in power for thirty it's you it is your
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responsibility and everyone is asking you and this people are not. not. out sudanese who actually feel the pain of the policies which you want and also the failure to run the country sudan is the rich countries but is not being administered in the right way that is why the result is the suffering of the people and this is why people are coming out not because they are blowing to a political party but because the sudanese are suffering they need dignity they need to live their lives as these supposed to be we don't see that is a problem i think the government have to this responsibility to the people and not to excuses which is no one is going to buy this just how violent is the situation on the ground right now i mean could you give our viewers a snapshot as far as what you're hearing from your team members regarding what's going on. thank you very much for giving us
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a chance to participate in the program and on behalf of the sudanese the strength the u.k. we are very proud of the people of sudan. fortunately such seven lives were lost from the ground and from my colleagues in the medical sector and we we are aware that people yesterday pay very. excessive aggression and that has. a lot of casualties. who are picking. up peaceful demonstrators on their heads or direct. work or the chest for example we have a surgical registrar. or expiration. it seems like the
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casualties are adding to the think when other people took to the streets. it's worrying that. group. or the army or the police but maybe she is. nicer. people are very worried about the extent of this aggression from the government to protect itself. very peacefully we know that there is a gentleman almost significant head injury and we are expecting to. find there is another. child lives that the age of eighteen a an interest in the spine. so
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it's a very significant increase a significant casualties. i mean is there any possibility at this stage that protesters would accept anything less than the resignation of president bashir and also do you foresee any kind of political compromise a compromise being a possibility. no not at all i mean the thing about this but this they're not initiated by of the opposition party and those are the ones who sit with the government and happening. and they've been trying to do that for a long time these protests are by people who are not most of them are nonpolitical so they do not want it we're not going to be ok with another government being done with oppositions or anything like that so the whole idea is a machine is to go and this come and the national congress party needs to go and what happened is because of what having an umbrella in on the nineteenth and what happened on the twenty fifth yesterday people feel power so at this point people
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are very powerful and they think they have the power to get rid of bashir and there's all these talks about friday it is going to be a big protests and on the new year that's going to be the end we're going to be celebrating the end of this week game with a new year and they'll be the strongest part as we're going to have if i could just pick up on one of the point you make amy you're saying that it's just people that are behind these protests and and certainly it seems as though it started that way on tuesday at the protest at least partially was organized by the sudanese professionals association which is an umbrella coalition for professional unions so what i'm wondering is this this suggests to you that the opposition could potentially position themselves to capitalize politically on the anger that's be expressed from the protesters. i mean being from a nonviolent group we know that in the end when you have democracy the people who are going to rule are political parties so the political parties have to decide now they want to align themselves with the people or do they want to align themselves with this government and what you're seeing is they're actually from their call
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they're all aligning themselves with the people so all the opposition parties withdrew from the government who are part of it and are now aligning them themselves with the people but they're not leading the street yet which is very important so what we have right now is need to shift that's coming from a whole group of people a big variety of people and groups that are like from. professionals that led calls for the party yes and so although they called for the but this need to ship us from among a vast majority of different groups of resistance movement that i've been and civil society that been fighting this government for years i have of hers was talking about how these protests began in op but on how significant that was so i want to ask you what led to that expression of anger and frustration coming out into the streets in oppa. yeah i think it is mainly because of the hardship which is people are facing because of lack of bread lack of
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committed but at the end of the day what caused this is a political issue it's at the end it's a political yes because the economics politics economics economics is politics are good economics is good politics is clearly people are frustrated because this this this shortage of for you been going on for a very long time and i think people have had enough of actually you know at the end of the day if the government which is supposed to. run the country is supposed to provide this type of services to people for the government was on the way of this and not to act differently people will come out yes they come out protesting because they feel the pain but at the end of the day it's the momentum builds up and it's and that the way it is and i'm sure is going the problem is going to
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give the problem is the protests is not going to end that the important question is if this government now solution for this problem i don't think so because i think the whole system is not functioning to the interest of the people and that is what needs to be changed is not only changing the prison i think the whole system is not fit for purpose and it needs to be changed to serve the sudanese people are not to serve so among the people and also to engage them because sudan is a multi multi bagger and it needs all the sudanese to come together and to agree on how to rule the country that is the most important issue how concerned are you right now that the violence will get worse that the tensions will escalate where do you see all this going. we also you very concerned because. the sudan government at the moment. there's no government. but they don't want to.
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sleep i don't want to give up are they going to use different tools to try to take the power. this is going to be good friends can be different tools to do it we know that we have a lot of. people to pay more than one good is today they can be cautious physically and psychologically we know that there has been a lot of. work. on the street. we are very concerned that the casualties will increase. the death of individuals as doctors. you know in the insight into that we are trying to have a magic participation. as much as we can. we think there is a role there for the logical community and for sort of diplomatic groupings that
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are on that they have to pressure. the government to allow the people of sudan to practice their right. to march. to hand over a petition to the lees. as soon as possible and we might. i think it's very clear that we don't want this in to what happened. when more than two hundred people but. this. was a massacre. to be workable half as you may just heard us are talking about the need for support from outside and also from inside sudan to try to come up with a solution to all this let me ask you do you think that any other countries would try to intervene to to come up with a diplomatic solution to what's going on in sudan right now. all in the
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international community to engage through. mediation of the african union the hype limitation twenty one others but i think at the end of the day it's for sudanese if there is if there is the political will among sudanese then we can do so legally but the problem is the question is the n.c.p. is ready to engage seriously to actually move the country for and agree on how this continues going to be governed and ruled by also the knees that is the that is the question which is remain to be seen the orchestrated the so-called national develop and which is indeed did nothing and that you condition is not been implemented are nothing happening and now. i think the sudanese have to agree on how to govern the country that yes we need the support of the international community but at the end of the day is this the sudanese they have to address that they have to agree on how to move things war and how to work together to serve the country from actually the
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brink of collapse and bankruptcy i think that is what we need to do as a sudanese and we need the help of our friends from the international community they waited for the process of rebuilding the country but at the end of the day we need the political will from all the parties to do it and if you ask me whether the n.c.p. is ready to do that i don't think so i think they want to address political and economic problems by security and police means and that will never work and i think people have to learn from history that evening or do you believe that president bashir would ever agree to stepping down and beyond that is there any kind of mechanism that exists in which he could be removed from power in sudan. i don't think he'll step down i think he has to be forced to step down saying i'm going to bashir is so disconnected from what's happening on the ground he has in his head is
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been a dictator for thirty years and we've seen other dictators like mugabe knew he's never going to get to the point where like i need to go he always has this. to his thing in his head where he's like the father figure saving his kids and we don't know better so i don't think he's going to go we have to yes any forcedly ok let me ask dad's leader now would he how would he be forced to step down how do you envision that scenario playing out and also where does the military stand in all this because there have been reports that the military has publicly expressed support for a model bashir so where where does that stand right now so sudan is a country where this is where genocide happened yeah and therefore this is where the war in nuba mountains and blue nile is going on this is where we had a lot of cities being that two hundred people being killed in protests in two thousand and thirteen so this is a country where we have this group called the rabbit response force which are they're not really part of the military they're not really part of the there is
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this militia that is just right under armor to bashir and yesterday they actually got all their troops and sent a speech that was against corruption and against what's happening konami clee and they wanted answers so the army's sudan is not controlled by one people because of these militia groups we don't know who controls them so right now although some people in the army said there be an army of us here others we're not and so we expect the army to fight among each other which we don't really want which we really want is for for the army to step aside and allow us to progress to the point of toppling the regime and i think the way to for that to happen is to continue on the street and to have that force and to have the opposition parties uniting for this one thing which is stopping armor going to share his regime and c.p.l. them. and at the same time for media to cover us like doing right now and other media to come up and cover as media as
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a revolution not as. we people african narrative. and i think that's that's what's going to get him to the point where he's going to be removed and he's going to be moved by yes by that maybe. normally happens. and right now he's only protecting the national security and the police and the police step aside in more than one city and then national security they're our biggest enemy on the ground and they're the ones who are committing atrocities and actually shooting people snipers and whatnot helping the army with step aside but hopefully not fight each other which would be the worst. there are calls now for a general strike by doctors from your perspective what would that do with regard to the overall situation and how everything is playing out. to start with the folks. two days ago this is. court cases and if
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it's progress as a solution to. the timor we are expecting professional story to strike. up the momentum that is to paralyze. the government whole. in the handover of power. what we hope for this would have to be sorting this out. because the casualties. but we need to work for all. parties i just would like to say that it's not never be enough. if it. isn't and there's no way for us to step back when we're going to move
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forward. and our whole city that coming together professionals political party you. know that we were really to the ultimate goal of the handover of power have his last year the u.s. ended two decades of sanctions that president bashir had had long blamed for the country's you know economic isolation and the poverty there. when that happened that was supposed to mean new investment in sudan that was supposed to mean economic upturn and that didn't happen why. to what we've been saying all the time the problem is not the sanction and the problem in the sudan the economic problem is not because of any foreign conspiracy is because of the way the economy's been run it's the mismanagement of the economy because the contrary is not in the correct with that is the problem is not you know
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and it is clear now the sanction have been removed for almost more around two years and still the problem is actually getting worse and more sun wars and it's going to get into is what we need this is a political problem and the political probably we need to address the political issue for this if we don't address the political issue if we don't add if you don't restructure this country so it can function properly to serve the country and certainly part of me then it is not going to be a removal of a tory and it is clear now they move the sanctions and you have no one to blame apart from the self you know if you been for city is in power and this country is so rich with the sources we have more than can you offer or you'll be source you will see that we have a very much for the land when it we get it and we have a good deal of skin which has been destroyed and we have you know all the economic
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infrastructure of the economy will completely destroy this completely. vestment inside but before that we have to fix the politics of it if we do wrong then it the economy is not going to be fix our we're going to have to leave it there we have run out of time so thanks so much to all our guests. half as mohamed and has george kuka and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. into. story for me and the whole team here bye for now. i've.
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i've had this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of time of ability and if you can give them the opportunity wonderful things start to happen sometimes the simplest seditions author missed and packed for that bit right there it was a fake. the main thing is that sets out zero apart from other news organizations is that a lot of our reporting is about real people but about ideas or politicians and what they may want to do but how policy and how events affect real people it's ok it's ok ok. a little like the conflict it could offer to have if this is not an act of creation i'm going to mark the office. down like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their choice to enslave. some of us so stai risky to speak out as a surprise that. this job isn't just about what's on a script or a piece of paper it's about what is happening right now. in the first
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episode of science in a golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made my school is doing them and even to slamming a period in the field of things. professor jim. brings the brilliance of the pasta line. was point credible but was the real all we've done is block out the mud from the room and then allow it to come through the small old papers or to one of science and go into marriage on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. with ever your. thanks love to make loans to sufferings because behind the suffering a millions of taxpayers because those tax payers never go away is
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a new one born every. single day a nineteen it is an urgent national necessity that it be officially request. of the support mechanism we created together because i happen to live in greece somehow i am a sinner i'm a bad person. that's machine on al-jazeera. meets u.s. troops during a surprise visit to iraq just days after announcing a pullout from syria. and we shall carry this is al jazeera live from to also coming up air travel is
4:49 pm
affected as indonesia expands a no go zone around an ash troops doing volcano to cause last week's deadly tsunami . this summer in discontent and democratic republic of congo after some opposition strongholds are excluded from voting and sunday's presidential election. plus how guatemalan lakeside town is using art to draw tourists to the region. has visited american troops and germany on his way home from an unannounced trip to iraq u.s. president stop at ramstein air base a growing criticism of his failure to visit troops deployed overseas stayed for just three hours in iraq thanking a group of soldiers and defending his decision to pull out of syria however he did not meet anyone from the iraqi leadership robert also reports from washington d.c.
4:50 pm
. resident donald trump got a warm welcome from u.s. troops during his brief visit to iraq. we came to our to share our eternal gratitude for everything you do to keep america safe strong and free. accompanied by first lady maloney a trump the president shook hands with service members at an air base one hundred sixty kilometers from baghdad he posed for selfies and signed autographs including one on a make america great again campaign cap he bragged about the defeat of eisel on his watch two years ago when i became president there were a very dominant group they were very dominant today they're not so dominant anymore the visit came amid continuing fallout from trump's abrupt
4:51 pm
decision to pull out all u.s. forces from syria our presence in syria was not open ended and was never intended to be permanent trump said the withdrawal from syria would be strong deliberate and orderly he also met with military commanders i think it's an opportunity for him to explain to his generals on the ground and the troops on the ground what the syria withdraw all means and most importantly hear from those generals how they plan to execute that withdrawal trump said the u.s. has no plans at all to pull out of iraq. a day earlier during a phone call with the commander of the air base in qatar trump asked about the ongoing blockade of qatar by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. together with egypt and bahrain so how are they doing it cutter how are they doing getting together with saudi arabia and u.a.e. you know we don't track in a certainly the political followings of saudi arabian u.a.e.
4:52 pm
with regards to cover but i will tell you they're fantastic comics this is trumps first visit to u.s. troops in a conflict zone during his twenty three months in office the visit is likely to quell critics who say he should have followed the example of his predecessors presidents bush and obama who visited troops in harm's way earlier in their terms rob reynolds al jazeera washington as i mentioned donald trump did not meet anyone from the iraqi leadership but he did speak to prime minister talent till monday by phone to invite him to the white house and iran khan has more from back to. the iraqi prime minister and the u.s. president donald trump were supposed to meet that didn't happen the iraqis only half of the iraqi prime minister they have said that the parameters of the meeting could not be agreed now that is going to be of concern particularly to the iraqis
4:53 pm
because they see the u.s. as an ally but they see them as an ally within the context of the whole region however the u.s. president did come to iraq he did meet with the troops and said air base in the west of baghdad we didn't meet with any official iraqi. city or even political official now the reason for that is because they couldn't agree on the parameters what does that mean well i've been speaking to people throughout the day before the u.s. president's visit was and out and there is some confusion over what is going on with the u.s. is policy they're very concerned in iraq about syria about the two thousand troops being pulled out of syria the eisel hey have been defeated the been defeated for yet baghdad is much more safe that there has been so play very long term the iraqis very confident they can deal with eisel within their own borders will any concerns
4:54 pm
them is syria and that's where they are less confident that the syrians the iranians russians and indeed the americans can deal with the threat from isis and then as an authority say no one is allowed but then five kilometers of the volcano that triggered a tsunami on saturday that killed more than four hundred thirty people more than double the exclusion zone around and crack a tele and raised its alert status to the second highest level of all kind of continues to spew ass into the air days after its crater collapse sending waves that to five meters high along the coast all flights around it have been rerouted probably fry the ports of this. that's a couple of kilometers inland from the damage coastline of west java island. in any tsunami the natural instinct is to seek higher ground and also shelter and effectively that's what's happened here at this school in level one district it's gradually become home to around three hundred people gravitating in the days since
4:55 pm
the tsunami from communities on the shoreline many of them fishing communities but these are people who have now largely lost their fishing boats some of them of lost their homes and many of them say they're just too afraid for the moment at least to go back to the coast. they're mostly fisherman they can go to sea because their boats are gone so they can make a living it's only a few metres above sea level but that's enough to provide peace of mind for the thousands of people who've moved into locations around here that are quickly gaining a sense of semi permanence i would do this and yet i don't know how long we're going to stay here we haven't been back to see the condition of our homes because we are still afraid and no one's going to be taking any comfort from the latest news that the warning level krakatau has just been raised on a sudan's ruling party says calling for an investigation into the killing of protesters during the week of anti-government demonstrations members of the popular
4:56 pm
congress party say seventeen people were killed after security forces used live ammunition at the protests rights group amnesty international says at least thirty seven protesters were killed some sudanese doctors have now started striking while medical students have joined protests calling for regime change. del abbas is a leading figure in sudan's ruling national congress party he says protesters calling for the president's resignation have to follow the legal process put out of . a very limited demands by the opposition for the shia to step down over the regime to be a top. reason now the head of a national reconciliation government that has included tens and tens of part as a small parties and these parties or was with the show you who has been voted by the sudanese people to entertain the ones who want to stay down have
4:57 pm
to go through the right way which is elections in twenty twenty in april turn to turn to be having elections and everyone has the right to be nominated and we will accept that there are growing calls for anti-government protests and the democratic republic of congo following the sunday's presidential election in some areas commission says the delays because of conflict and ebola outbreak that it covers three known opposition strongholds reports of kinshasa. the democratic republic of congo's election is already two years a veggie and the electoral commission has announced the second postponement in a week in three areas. the elections the beni be initially planned for december thirtieth or no program from march twenty ninth and
4:58 pm
will be subject to a specific calendar. the electoral commission said the three areas would have delayed parliamentary polls and provincial elections in march that means that we can see excluded from the presidential poll that's meant to happen on sunday the electoral commission said the reason was conflicts and then a polar outbreak all three areas a key opposition strongholds. and this is one of the reasons why hundreds of civilians have been killed in a series of massacres around the town of benny in the last four years it's not clear who is behind them the government blames a rebel group called the a.t.f. . or outbreak started in august and spread to the area around benny more than three hundred people have died. campaign rallies were allowed to take place there. and its opposition candidate martin flailing through the biggest crowds i think
4:59 pm
this is the people that need change in this country most because they. was more was a war of choice it is a must feeling seized the kids also want the aborts consulate in this country there was want to change. there are about one point two million voters in the regions that will be excluded many of them support five. congress catholic church which has played a key role in campaigning for democracy they question the decision to do this is that. within this is a dangerous decision and also we don't see a clear motivation for it why did they not decide this during the campaign when people were more exposed why only now i think there is a hidden agenda behind it. the election's been repeatedly postponed opposition they millions of followers now question its credibility to even if it happens its result may not be accepted malcolm webb al-jazeera kinshasa in the democratic republic of
5:00 pm
congo. alex vines as head of the africa program at chatham house says it will be difficult for the opposition to react to the delay because it's so divided while the timing is terrible i mean we're just going to few days before the elections this election has been constant perspire and as many of you viewers know since twenty sixteen and the two locations in the east of the country. the of course you say are because of ebola and then you may be in the west because of violence but the problem is going to be that these are now perspired to march they are opposition strongholds and we don't know how they're going to tally these votes with the final result especially since up the moment the plan is to announce a president a new president in the democratic republic of congo on the eighteenth of january two thousand and ninety one of the opposition leaders is saying he'll probably still go ahead.


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