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minerals and all kind of glass and it's very very scratchy or. so dangerous about going up into. the plains if there is a larger. planes flying back not just to be a hazard well adeline's the increased warning level comes as a blow to the thousands of people displaced by the tsunami of wanting to return home many seeking shelter on higher ground where even a few meters above sea level office a greater sense of security. schools and community centers in the town of level one have been turned into makeshift homes giving a feeling of semi permanence. most of these people rely upon the sea for their livelihoods but i mean. they're mostly fishermen they can go to sea because their boats are gone so they can make a living. and many don't know if the houses they fled from are still standing we haven't been back to see the condition of our homes because we are still
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a freight. truck a towers latest eruptions will do nothing to ease those fears macbride al jazeera north west java indonesia still ahead on al jazeera health care meltdown now a shortage of staff and appointment as crippling greece's health system. and thousands continue to flee venezuela but they're facing an uncertain future emperor . and i bet there's an awful lot of wintery weather across japan at the moment if we take a look at the satellite picture we can see the clouds are streaming down from the north they're picking up a lot of moisture from the sea and then dumping it on the west coast because it's so cold we're seeing a lot of that tend to snow so this an awful lot of wintery weather there at the mine. mint and plenty more snow as we head through the day on friday for saturday
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still expect more of that to be with us plenty more snow little bit of rain in the fourth out perhaps where it's a little bit too mild for us to see some snow towards the west staying cold for many of us here beijing samoa getting to minus one of course a new number of top minus seventeen for the southeastern parts of china here loss of cloud with this current layer not too warm shanghai only getting to around five degrees that cow thickening up if anything as we had three saturday and then more of a seeing some snow that really does look pretty heavy as we head through the day before the towards the south or we've been watching all school make its way across the philippines here it is edging closer and closer to us on friday and then tracking its way across us on saturday so that's when we're most likely to see some flooding and we're also seeing the showers towards the west become slightly more invigorated as well say for the southern parts of it now it's looking really quite wet and that stretches all the way up into thailand.
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step into the unknown with central america's first ever trickle production by actors with down syndrome. a life journey illuminated on stage each performer transformed with the rays of occurred to. witness time to look for a backstage who. are watching out to sarah let's recap the top stories for you now place in the
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democratic republic of congo disperse protesters angry at more delays to the presidential election but as far as crowds and many in the tempo to opposition strongholds there were also demonstrations in goma. defended his decision to withdraw forces from syria during his surprise visit to iraq as president and first lady no one yet met with troops and air base west of baghdad which it follows criticism over trump's failure to visit troops in overseas combat zones. a no go zone near an erupting volcano in indonesia has been why to me alert level raised experts fear another massive eruption will cause a second tsunami at least four hundred thirty people were killed twenty five metre highway plighted coastal communities on saturday. an earthquake has shaken the island of sicily and southern italy several injuries were reported after a four point eight magnitude quake it's one of more than a thousand tremors and for the eruption of mt etna the ash cloud from europe's most
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active volcano forced hundreds into emergency shelters on monday the tiny airport has sense reopens. surgical supplies running out operations postponed and severe of staff shortages doctors in greece have issued a dire warning about the chaos in some public hospitals johns rob lowe supports in the town of patra. it takes several pieces of equipment to install an intravenous line in a patient needles taps catheters and rubber gloves must be sterile and discarded after use these are the cheapest of materials for one of the simplest of procedures there are no apparent shortages here at the outpatient clinics of st and brass hospital in part that are but stuff say appearances are misleading. too we had a budget a sixty to sixty five million euro crisis today out what it is fifteen to eighteen million of this creates enormous problems back up at the bottom the hospital is
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also short staffed this doctor says there are just two nurses for the outpatient clinics serving the city of two hundred thousand c. the c. medicine on most days this room is full of stretchers with a queue of more outside shouting and pushing to get in and they come from towns all over the region it can be a stick we can barely walk in where shortages have shut down clinics in smaller regional hospitals so same town there is also takes in patients from the broader region of more than a million people with hospital of twelve hundred before the financial crisis of two thousand and eight it is now down to thirteen hundred fifty and at least fifty doctors are urgently needed these trends and personnel and materials reflect the broader cuts in government health funding and just the past three years it has fallen from seven billion dollars to four point two billion that means greece is spending less than ten percent of its budget on health care the european union averages over fifteen percent it's driven many who can afford it into private
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health care he went only here for financial reasons of course national health doctors are more experienced than private sector doctors but the moment you arrive here you're tied up our patients get wary there are lots of people in line the dedication of the doctors and nurses who remain in the public sector has been rewarded with a forty percent. pickups during the crisis and no government has tightened health spending more than that controlled by the city's a party which has made a point of producing even higher surpluses than creditors demand with which to repay the country's debt next year's budget contains a further reduction in salaries for hospital staff a move which will anger many jobs are open but that a. lot of the parties forming sudan's ruling coalition is calling for an investigation into the killing of protesters in the wake of anti-government demonstrations members of the popular congress party say seventeen people were killed by security forces but amnesty international says at least thirty seven
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protesters died it's been no reports of protests so far on thursday adel. from sudan's ruling national congress party has this protest calling for the president's resignation must follow the legal process put out of course. there really limited demands by the opposition for the bashir to step down over the regime to be a top. is now the head of a national reconciliation government that has included tens and tens of partisan small parties and these parties who was with you at bashir has been voted by the sudanese people to entertain the ones who want to stay down when they have to go through the right way which is elections in twenty twenty in a prevented turn to be having elections and everyone has the right to be nominated
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and we will accept that too ousted egyptian presidents have appeared and the same court room. has testified in the retrial of egypt's first democratically elected leader mohamed morsy over a jail break during the revolution that toppled mubarak seven years ago john hall has more. egypt's revolution may seem like a long time ago but its consequences are still unfolding those man. and man who wanted the whole ability the information i'm requested to provide here is related to the trial and what happened before it such information was delivered to me because i was the president and supreme leader of the military forces in a car oh courtroom an extraordinary scene two former presidents adversaries in the events of early two thousand and eleven now appearing on opposite sides of the law the long time ruler hosni mubarak many called him
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a military dictator was deposed by the revolutionaries he gave evidence against egypt's first democratically elected leader mohammed morsi morsi who faced a death sentence until it was revoked is being retried on other charges along with fellow muslim brotherhood defendants they're accused of conspiring with foreign groups including hamas and hezbollah to orchestrate a violent jailbreak in the early days of the revolution but it was some say a third president the current leader abdel fattah el-sisi attempting a show of strength here to wield more power you see that he's telling the former president mubarak you must come to court and so we're seeing this power play that sisi signaling to both mubarak and his people that i'm consolidating power and myself i am the eternal power in this state and the level of repression today's unprecedented and the economic situation is even worse the attacks on journalism
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and freedom of speech and fast and civil society egypt is quickly becoming governable and sisi is a free hand of a counter revolution in two thousand and sixteen egypt's highest appeal court overturned a life sentence handed down to president mohamed morsi ordering a retrial last year mubarak's own conviction on charges of negligence in awe. this was overturned and he was released but it is president he now faces the possible outpouring of public anger the stagnating economy and the repression. eighty years egypt appears to have come full circle to own a home. displaced syrians in several refugee camps are dealing with heavy flooding in the north of the country happened in the wake of rain storms that triggered flooding of the a-frame river high water levels cut off roads between several towns with water reaching around one point five hundred refugees who are also dealing with freezing winter temperatures. hundreds of thousands of people have already
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fled than his way let another two million are expected to follow them in the coming year escaping the collapsing economy shortage of food medicine and just about everything else more than two thousand a day or crossing into peru where they face stricter immigration controls than ever before support some lima. everything was fine nothing i mean is going to buy you has been selling coffee on the streets of lima since she arrived from venice willing november the thirty two year old is qualified in food quality control but she's afraid she'll get in trouble for trying to work in an industry she knows well she missed the october deadline to apply for a work permit by just a few weeks i'm afraid we came here to work legally and to be in the country legally i don't want to do anything against the law to do so so-called foreign police along with immigration officials are conducting inspections across the capital to ensure business will and half the required permits to work out of the
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muzzle by the immigration chief. said the briefly detained some than a swell and for security reasons. sadly some people have committed crimes and that makes us sad because it affects the way peruvians see them and it also makes peruvians afraid. of the immigration office and many are rushing to apply for work permits before yet another deadline december thirty first but who says it won't issue any more after that they will try i haven't waited for the last minute but it's been very difficult because i still don't have a certificate from interpol immigration authorities say they've increased the number of personnel and office hours to help these venezuelans get their paperwork done fast but they also say eighty five thousand venezuelans have missed their appointments and twenty thousand have not picked up their approved permits. six hundred thirty five thousand in
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a swim and snow living according to official estimates. says she feels lucky that she crossed the border in time to work legally and. i pride in august they gave me a portal you just know i don't know what will happen to those who get here after the situation in venezuela is a tragedy and officials say those winter after. i can only apply for asylum no but i mean. this doesn't guarantee a job. i applied for asylum they gave me a paper that allows me to work but no one is accepting it as valid. or never reach two thousand in a suite in. every day to be an efficiency they will not work permits after december but for now they will keep the border open to those fleeing the deep in the economic and political crisis back home mcguinness on just one just. as border protection has ordered medical checks for every child in custody after
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a second child while in its care. died on christmas day hours after being discharged from the hospital he was diagnosed with a cold and fever sleepiness father had been in u.s. border control custody since entering the country a week earlier a seven year old guatemalan girl died earlier this month after being detained. share prices in the united states have made a remarkable recovery two days after suffering their worst ever losses on christmassy the dow jones that is the main index on wall street enjoyed its biggest ever single day gain rising almost five percent on wednesday the markets are expected to remain volatile and esther's are warning about a recession in the world's largest economy. place in the u.s. city of baltimore have launched a guns for cash campaign aimed at getting weapons off the streets it's hoped the move will help curb gun violence in a city where more than three hundred people have been killed and each of the past four years but an ownership so widespread in america it's argued such campaigns are
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nothing more than p.r. stunts john hendren reports if you know if you're going to stop before you disappear in one of america's deadliest cities police are trying to even beyond. to reduce the number of weapons they face on the streets of baltimore they're buying them one hundred dollars for revolver and five hundred for a fully automated firearm no questions asked and. the pieces i think i need to get rid of i think this is great idea gets guns off the street well it's a problem i don't know but we've got to start. there is little appetite on capitol hill to change gun laws the national rifle association has opposed any effort to curb gun rights and remains the most powerful lobbying group in america to police here and taking weapons off the street one of the few ways they can. one donor dropped off this rocket launcher with more than three hundred murders this year baltimore is one of the most violent cities in the united states and police say
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they hope with each weapon they take in it makes it just a little bit safer so the gun buyback program is about getting guns off the streets of baltimore today is day number three of the program on the first day we took in five hundred seventy eight guns the second day five hundred eleven and we're only about an hour into the vented a. and there's already a pretty long line inside with people turning in brazil managed to take more than a million guns off the street with gun buyback from two thousand and three to two thousand and nine but with four hundred million guns in the u.s. more than one for every person the effect here is at best limited typically a very small number of gaza turned in fifty one hundred two hundred guns you might have cities like los angeles when you get a lot like two thousand but they're still small relative to the number of guns in the united states but at the end of the day i think most research suggests that it's actually simply p.r. for some bad p.r.
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like. the town. well we can we keep saying we don't trust the police the problem with about one hundred thousand shootings each year nearly a third of them fatal and more than three hundred mass shootings across the u.s. in two thousand and eighteen in little chance of new gun restrictions police here say they are doing what they can john hendren. baltimore. can find much more about the day's news on our web site al-jazeera dot com their. take a look at the headlines right now on al-jazeera government forces in the democratic republic of congo had dispersed protesters angry at delays and the presidential election crowds rallied and and the tempo of two towns are opposition areas sunday's vote has been postponed there and till march there were also
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demonstrations in goma commission blames a delay on violence and an ebola outbreak catherine so i has more from the capital kinshasa. well the electoral commission was very clear in this statement yesterday and. they held. up to that statement issued and they could say that there is no way they can have an election places because of the outbreak as well as. the economic crisis where people are trying to but what many people in. the campaign continue we let the cooking. area so what has changed now as president on past defended his decision to withdraw forces from syria during a surprise visit to iraq and met troops airbase west of baghdad and then visited
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a base in germany on his way back to the united states the trip follows criticism over trump's failure to visit troops and overseas combat zones the no go zone near an erupting volcano in indonesia has been widened and the award level raised experts fear another massive eruption will cause a second tsunami at these four hundred thirty people were killed when a five metre highway flooded coastal communities on saturday earthquake has shaken the island of sicily and southern italy several injuries were reported after a four point eight magnitude quake it's one of more than a thousand tremors led to the eruption of mt etna the ash cloud from europe's most active volcano forced hundreds into emergency shelters on monday displaced syrians in several refugee camps are dealing with heavy flooding in the north of the country happen in the wake of rain storms the trigger flooding and. i water levels . in several camps with water reaching around one point five. freezing
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temperatures there those are the headlines keep it on al jazeera and sad story is that next. is this sudan's version of the arab spring president or on one of the she says protesters demanding an end to his twenty nine year rule are traitors after a week of food and fuel price protests he's pledging what he calls real reforms will they be enough to save this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program. the soaring price of bread and fuel was the spark for the outrage now sudan's president is in the firing line with i'm going to share facing growing demands to end his twenty nine year rule riot police fired bullets and tear gas to disperse crowds marching towards his presidential palace on tuesday the government says twelve people have been killed in eight days of protests amnesty international thinks the total could be at least thirty seven the president's promising reforms to improve living standards and accuses protesters of being traitors. should be a good as it is to. thank you for hosting me thank you fuel supporter new clues which is a response to every foreign and. destructive person you are the ones responding to them right now from here you are responding to all the churches in foreign agents i
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support you and would you support i would be back here next year our reporter hit morgan has the latest from khartoum. life may seem normal today in sudan capitol hill soon but yesterday the city was at a standstill thousands of people came out into the streets and marched protesting against president bashir and his twenty nine year rule they were trying to make their way to presidential palace to submit him i'm richard quest that he step down and pay a voice for a new government new faces it all started with an economic process in the city of hadera last wednesday that's quickly escalated into a political protest people were chanting slogans like down with the government who wanted a new regime want to topple the current three g. police responded using tear gas and live ammunition president bashir said he's going to try to be a new policy the new reforms to improve the economy for the people the people protesting said they've been there before but they've heard these promises the only thing they want new is a new government and a new regime amnesty international says they just given people have been killed
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before yesterday so it says now with the police using tear gas and live ammunition there are concerns that the number of people who have died during the process will increase we've already heard reports of people injured during the protest people who have sustained bullets injuries and were hospitalized some of them in critical conditions it's not clear where these protests will and the people are saying that the only thing they want is a peep at the president to go and the president said he is not going to step down but he will try to introduce a new reforms so at the moment sudan is it of course hard to keep the protesters one thing that they want in your government and the president was defiant and wants to stand hanging on to power people morgan for inside story. all right let's bring in our panel joining us on skype from norwich sabah gillian president of the sudan doctors association in the united kingdom from her film half as mohamad director of justice africa and from here on skype has george kuka
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a member of care if not a nonviolent resistance movement in sudan welcome to the program let me start with you so president bashir first is promising reforms and then he's calling these protesters traitors what does that say to you about what he will be willing to do going forward. i mean at this point specially with yesterday like we're coming out of this great high this was the best the strongest nonviolent protests we had ever and we're unique that so at this point we don't want to hear from as an armor but here and we know that he has nothing to offer us so at this point we just we just want him gone and we want to talk about what is next how has this all began of course with protesters enraged over the price of fuel and bread are you surprised that this has gone on that these protesters have taken the kind of shape that they have and that now protesters are demanding the resignation of president. i think
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this is a combination of of problems which is many sudanese have facing forward a long time you know district have been in power force here two years. the problem is it seems to be economic which is economical which is lack of. a problem of fuel hyperinflation but that is the manifestation of the problem which is the underlying cause is the political problem and the manifestation of problem and failure to run the country for the wrong time i think is blaming others for the crisis i don't think is acceptable and this series of conspiracy i don't think anyone would buy it because you been in power for thirty it's you it is your responsibility and everyone is asking you and these people are not. a good
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sudanese who actually feel the pain of the policies which you want and also the failure to run the country sudan is a rich country but is not being administered in the right way that is why the result is the suffering of the people and this is why people are coming out not because they are blowing to a political party but because the sudanese are suffering they need dignity they need to live their lives as these supposed to be we don't see that is a problem i think the government have to this responsibility to the people and not to resort to excuses which is no one is going to buy this just how violent is the situation on the ground right now i mean could you give our viewers a snapshot as far as what you're hearing from your team members regarding what's going on. thank you very much for giving us a chance to participate in the program and on behalf of the sudanese friend the
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u.k. we are very proud of the people of sudan. fortunately such seven lives were lost from the ground and from my colleagues in the medical sector and we we are aware that people use that they say very. aggression and that has. a lot of casualties. who are picking. up peaceful demonstrators on their heads or direct. work or the chest for example or we have a surgical registrar. or spray ssion a bullet was in those. it seems like the casualties are things we think whenever people took to the streets. it's worrying that.
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group. or the army or the police but maybe she is. nicer and people are very worried about the extent of this aggression from the government to protect itself. peacefully we know that there is a gentleman almost significant head injury and we are expecting to. find there is another. child lives that in the age of eighteen. and injured in the spine. so it's a very significant increase a significant casualties. i
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mean is there any possibility at this stage that protesters would accept anything less than the resignation of president bashir and also do you foresee any kind of political compromise a compromise being a possibility. no not at all i mean the thing about this but this they're not initiated by of the opposition party and those are the ones who sit with the government and happening. and they've been trying to do that for a long time these protests are by people who are not most of them are nonpolitical so they do not want it we're not going to be ok with another government being done with oppositions or anything like that so the whole idea is a machine is to go and this scum and the national congress party needs to go and what happened is because of what happened i'm outta in on the nineteenth and what happened on the twenty fifth yesterday people feel power so at this point people are very powerful and they think they have the power to get rid of bashir and there's all these talks about friday there's going to be a big protests and on the new year that's going to be the end we're going to be
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celebrating the end of this week jeanne with a new year and they'll be the strongest part as we're going to have if i could just pick up on one of the points you make amy you're saying that it's just people that are behind these protests and and certainly it seems as though it started that way on tuesday at the protest at least partially was organized by the sudanese professionals association which is an umbrella coalition for professional unions so what i'm wondering is does this suggest to you that the opposition could potentially position themselves to capitalize politically on the anger that's be expressed from the protesters. i mean being from a nonviolent group we know that in the end when you have democracy the people who are going to rule are political parties so the political parties have to decide now they want to align themselves with the people or do they want to align themselves with this government and what you're seeing is there actually from their call they're all aligning themselves with the people so all the opposition parties withdrew from the government who are part of it and are now aligning them
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themselves with the people but they're not leading the street yet which is very important so what we have right now is need to shift that's coming from a whole group of people a big variety of people and groups that are like from the. professionals that led the calls for the party yes and so although they called for the brought this need to ship us from among a vast majority of different groups of resistance movement that i've been and civil society that been fighting this government for years have of hers was talking about how these protests began an op ed on how significant that was so i want to ask you what led to that expression of anger and frustration coming out into the streets in oppa. yeah i think. it's mainly because of the hardship which is people are facing because of lack of bread lack of committed but at the end of the day what caused this is a political issue it's at the end it's a political yes because the economics politics economics economic is politics are
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good economics is good politics is clearly people are frustrated because this. shortage of few been going on for a very long time and i think people have had enough of actually you know at the end of the day if the government which is supposed to. run the country is supposed to provide this type of services to people for the government was the way of this and not to act differently people will come out yes they come out protesting because they feel the pain but at the end of the day it's the momentum build up and it's in that the way it is and i'm sure is going the problem is going to stay the problem is the protest is not going to end and that the important question is if this government.


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