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it's like that well we're from central american countries they were families young and old who had crossed the border at bennett detention cells for anywhere from three to eight days it was left to volunteers from local profits to rush to the scene to try to help the desperate migrants and asylum seekers many of them were hungry they were thirsty some of them were sick they were sick children were dropped off and they were confused and so what they did it was done purposely was done willfully that because it's worry that immigration and customs officials are dumping migrants and asylum seekers out on the streets in order to relieve overcrowding in detention facilities particularly after two guatemalan children eight year old boy and a seven year old girl died this month while in border patrol custody veronica escobar recently elected to the u.s. house of representatives says it's a crisis started by what she calls
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a cruel immigration policy by president donald trump one she hopes to change to children that we know of have died in american custody that should never happen again we need to know why it happened how it happened we need to know the conditions that other individuals are having to live through we need to know the foundation of this policy who called for it and we need to change it back at the community center where mad well is at falling to tears or trying their best to help more migrants will need it hoping no bore are left on the streets to fend for themselves give rosendo al-jazeera el paso texas. on al-jazeera stills military claim success and insert a long operation to fight crime in rio de janeiro but residents say that things changed. their desperate search for miners trapped for nearly two weeks and north east india.
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hello again we're here across the united states we watch one major winter storm system make its way across the great lakes but the forecast is going to look much better as we go towards the weekend so let's take a look what's happening here on friday this is going to be the last day that you see a lot of weather and that is going to be down here along the eastern seaboard anywhere from québec all the way down towards florida the south is going to be severe storms to the north though it is going to be snow and some very heavy rain in between as the system pushes out we're going to be left with much better weather here on saturday clearing out temperatures from new york warm for this time of year fourteen degrees there out here towards the west though not so warm for los angeles we do expect to see a high on saturday of only sixteen degrees there well would be quite nice across much of the caribbean as well the central america we do have some clouds appear to
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the north but down towards the south really fairly dry across much of the area temperature wise looks like this kingston jamaica a few clouds in your forecast at thirty one on friday and it's really staying the same thing on saturday center domingo is going to be about twenty nine degrees there and then very quickly across south america plenty of showers across the amazon basin we are going to sing very warm conditions over here towards asuncion at about thirty eight degrees few and for rio de janeiro it is going to be a stormy day with a temperature of twenty nine. then you look the arrival of refugees is debated in european parliament's. but the journey itself is little understood. to syrians document the route that is claimed so many lives searching for sanctuary padawan people in power
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on al-jazeera. and watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories for you right now saudi arabia's king saul much as to motive his foreign minister as part of a major government reshuffle the delegate barrow will now serve as a minister of state polls the murder of journalist mark which as part of a diplomatic backlash against the kingdom. place in the democratic republic of congo have fired tear gas on opposition protesters just days before presidential and parliamentary elections there is anger after sunday's vote was postponed by a few weeks in some opposition strongholds elections are already two years overdue
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. about two hundred people seeking asylum in the u.s. spent some of christmas and a parking lot in texas after being sent there by immigration officials in el paso four hundred others were also sent to places including busts shelters just ahead of christmas day families were left to fend for themselves because there was no room detention centers. as government shutdown is likely to continue into the new year after both houses of congress adjourned without agreeing on a way forward politicians are now expected to vote on the impasse next week the standoff centers on tunnel trumps demand for five billion dollars for his border wall in next year's budget which democrats firmly opposes and opinion polls suggest more americans blame the president rather than the democrats for the shutdown and also ports in washington d.c. . there is of course a very strong political element to the government shutdown president trump promised during his election campaign in two thousand and sixteen that he'd build
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a wall on the border with mexico he said he'd make mexico pay for it he's not saying that anymore but he wants five billion dollars to pay for a section of the wall and he's saying that democrats are being intransigent and not coming to the table this despite the fact that the president said he would be proud to initiate the shutdown in a televised meeting with democratic leaders so the democrats' response is to try to paint president trump as being irresponsible and even image sure using terms like temper tantrums one of the democratic leaders dick durbin the senator of illinois said there's no end in sight to the president's government shutdown he's taken our government hostage over is outrageous demand for a five billion dollar border wall and at the moment about eight hundred thousand federal workers are either furloughed or working without pay if and when the
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government gets its act together so to speak and passes a bill to restore funding funding many of those people will get back pay they'll be compensated for the money the paychecks that they did not receive but still this new year season is going to be fraught with a lot of anxiety for a lot of federal workers here in washington and all across the united states that is another roller coaster day for u.s. markets on thursday after dropping more than five hundred points that out and it's back to finish up more than one percent markets also show fall short i think global market volatility and investors worry over global political uncertainty. military claims its crackdown on crime in rio de janeiro has been a success controversial operation to end on monday target some of the state's most violent areas most of them in the capital but some residents say it failed to
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address the root causes of the problem. reports. for nearly one here soldiers carrying machine guns have been raiding some of brazil's most dangerous favelas the military was called in when gang violence became unbearable the government says the plan to curve in security work. this ceremony marked its completion the state operation in rio de janeiro officially ends on december thirty first the general in charge says the mission was accomplished moment is still to news we are here to mark the end of the federal intervention in public security in rio de janeiro this new an extraordinary measure took ten months of work and reached all its objectives by reducing the crime rate. since the military's arrival car thefts and street assaults have declined in targeted cities statistics show an eighteen percent drop in hama science compared with two thousand and seventeen but behind this progress critics say there's
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a hidden reality some brazilians say killings by security forces increased by underlying problems behind crime like unemployment and inequality work nor. just in this thought that i must tell you to defeat you suppressive politics will never change on the contrary people will continue to be afraid and will be repressed this intervention is more political than effective so i think nothing's changed. when it was launched in february it marked the first federal operation in a state since brazil return to democracy in the one nine hundred eighty s. top government officials welcome did but it was criticized by some human rights groups. now some fear speaking out publicly on the crackdown. so if i share my opinion about it it will bring me serious problems so maybe it's better not to talk about this are brazil's new far right president will be sworn in on new year's day brazilians will be hoping for
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a new chapter that will bring security to a nation torm by crime. al-jazeera the former president of madagascar and very rajoelina is back in the top job after winning the election with more than fifty percent of the vote argentina was up against another former president marc ravalomanana who has already denounced what he called massive fraud and wants an investigation into the december nineteenth constitutional court has nine days to declare a final result so as government says at least nineteen people have been killed since anti-government protests began more than a week ago and also on strike on thursday in solidarity with demonstrators anger over rising prices go up president omar al bashir to step down even morgan as well from the capital khartoum. it hasn't been a normal day at the office for yasser instead of editing his newspaper he's preparing evidence to file an official complaint against the dance police and
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national security forces he says they beat him during protests on tuesday. i was standing in front of the newspaper and some men in a pickup truck came some were armed some. they told me to go inside the newspaper building or refused they put me in the truck for two shots and drove off as they were beating me beat me so much i started bleeding. protests started last week in the city when there was no bread to buy that anger quickly escalated into protests against the government and demands for the government to step down and then for the president to go president obama has been in power for twenty nine years his ruling party has announced they want him to rule for longer which would need an amendment to the constitution protests to say they don't want him to finish his current term let alone run for another the president announces them as infiltrators. the infiltrators are from groups and other opposition organizations that are against
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the regime and against with the regime they want to topple the government they constantly repeat that they are part of the popular revolution we have seen these things before back in september twenty third chain. the protests have resulted in dozens killed and even more injured activists have targeted some of the protests and human rights groups as well as some governments are condemning the use of what they call brutal force this by the threat to their safety processes continue to demand the resignation of president bashir. some political parties are calling for an investigation. barly seventeen people were killed in tuesday's protest and eighty eight granted we call on the government to launch an investigation into the killings those who committed these crimes must be held responsible. when protests are planned. says he won't give in sudan seems to be at a crossroads between the president and the people people morgan al-jazeera. officers have been killed in an ambush in the northwest also three others were
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injured when gunmen attacked their convoy in the village of le bron a near the border with mali. same frequent attacks over the last three years mostly by al-qaeda linked fighters. iran has become the second gulf nation to reopen its embassy in syria earlier on thursday the united arab emirates to the same places are prone hold after syria's civil war began more than seven years ago all those coincided with the first direct flight from syria's capital to tunisia and eight years of flight from damascus was caring about one hundred fifty syrian tourists were saved by tunisians waving syrian flags at the airport the palestinian authority has suspended all fruit and vegetable imports from israel it's in response to an israeli ban on similar imports from the occupied west bank the move comes despite israeli warnings the palestinian economy won't be able to withstand the measure. askew workers in the indian state are trying to save the lives of
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fifteen coal miners trapped for more than two weeks government is under fire for its slow response to the rescue operation in the northeastern state. reports. these rescue workers know the chance of finding the truck miners alive is slim but they continue their search the teenage miners went into the illegal coal mine in the north east and instead of mughal yon december thirteenth but got trapped soon after when the mines tunnel was flooded by a nearby river they've been without food or drinking water ever since the war that in the north we don't get heated but look from him if it's anything worthwhile but not fast enough prime minister narendra modi's government is being criticized for not sending in the right equipment on time he was at a nearby state on christmas day and didn't mention the incident or the trapped miners divers at the scene say they aren't equipped to go down more than thirty meters and the miners are some ninety meters underground there's still water living
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there filled we've been looking to start a little bit just to we're doing all day and we have going down to keep the news that the water live in the thirty fifth we don't and don't. digging in abandoned mines has been banned for more than four years now but many. the law risking their lives by going down into so-called rat holes miners can earn up to twelve dollars a day which is a higher pay rate than most jobs in india a similar incident six years ago killed more than two dozen miners their bodies were never recovered and it is feared dissimilar fate awaits those trapped inside the school year paul should urge on al-jazeera they were not. born without his left hand what some might say is a disability a sixteen year old bolivian as embrace as the challenge now is transforming the lives of other youngsters like self and went to santa cruz and eastern bolivia to find out more. leonardo is something of
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a hero in these parts not quite spider-man but he's helping youngsters with similar problems to his soon to feel closer to their superheroes. like him the seven year old girl was born missing a hand it was all he wanted to christmas his parents through the found him one but not just any hand he gets the spider-man prosthetics. no longer a mistake is now the envy of his friends. you know there was a victim of amniotic band syndrome which affects babies still in the womb and supportive parents he's tried to never see it as a disability but as one of. people who have lost a hand often hard to cover it up they don't want to show it what i do is take off the prosthetic and say look i'm not ashamed i'm proud of who i am it's sad not to have a hand but it's sad i'm not too excited you must accept. he developed an interest
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in robotics at a young age two years ago aged just fourteen he made his own replacement hand using a three d. printer. he's since made more than sixty fingers hands and arms charging less than one hundred dollars to cover materials such as this biodegradable plastic artificial limbs in bolivia one of the poorest countries in the region can cost between two to three thousand dollars. what i always say is what the three d. printer takes twenty four hours to finish can change the life of a person forever. still only sixteen his reputation growing in bolivia and beyond the plans to study by a medicine to one day used by all nix to control his left hand directly from his brain. but. he's going to use his new hand to play games he couldn't play before i was no one else will have one of these he'll be able to do so many things with it i am extremely grateful to
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a many across bolivia beneficiaries of laon are those dream he simply wanted a hand so he made one using his initiative on what was available to. santa cruz bolivia. holiday celebrations in the russian city of st petersburg have combined the digital with the divine the cathedral and. a canvas or a projection of the virgin mary but should the delight of residents and tourists alike show installation or continue to eliminate the cathedral to the orthodox christian. we shall carry let's take a look at the headlines on al-jazeera saudi arabia's king solomon has demoted his foreign minister as part of a major government reshuffle delegate there will now serve as a minister of state at follows the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi which has brought a diplomatic backlash against the kingdom police in the democratic republic of
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congo have fired tear gas on opposition protesters just days before presidential and parliamentary elections there's anger after sunday's vote was postponed by a few weeks and some opposition strongholds the elections are already two years overdue the main opposition candidate has appealed for calm. we. all moved. to. friday. and. will be. in the on sunday we. will leave when. we see. the country. and the city police. we know the violence about two hundred people seeking asylum in the u.s.
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spent some of christmas and a parking lot in texas after being sent there by immigration officials in the city of el paso four hundred others were also sent to places including bus shelters just ahead of christmas day am israel have to fend for themselves because there was no room in detention centers. the u.s. government shutdown is likely to continue into the new year after both houses of congress adjourned without agreeing on a way forward politicians are now expected to vote on the impasse next week the standoff centers on donald trump's demand for five billion dollars for his border wall in next year's budget which the democrats firmly opposed thursday saw another rollercoaster for u.s. markets after dropping more than five hundred points the dow jones odd its way back to finish up more than one percent european indices also showed falls reflecting global to libby the markets have been volatile in recent weeks a government shutdown in u.s.
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trade wars are being blamed for all of that so the headlines to keep it on al-jazeera there's much more news to come people in power as up next. more with more diversity the new look of the u.s. congress what it needs for the first time on january third we'll ask what it means for the democrats and for president joining us for coverage of this historic step in american politics the new the less confidence on health is there. it's become one of the defining themes of all times a tidal wave of humanity in search of sanctuary from war repression poverty in recent years millions have taken to the road in the hope that safety and a better life lie on sway some manage it some don't but almost every journey is
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a tale of hardship insurance and great risk over consecutive episodes where telling one such story as seen through the eyes of those who made. somewhere in southeastern europe in the summer of two thousand and fifteen. modern day refugees on the march. down.
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did out as from concha hoon in western syria he's filming his journey. he's joined forces with a compadre at mullard georgists. out here on the road where anything can happen they've learned to watch each other's backs. i know. that in the in very dumb way of that i can recognize you know. like so many others did out in may lead stories began back in twenty eleven when syrian president bashar al assad sent in troops to crush protests against his regime. the uprising that followed triggered the worst refugee crisis since the second world war. since then eleven million syrians half of the country's population have been displaced.
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in twenty fifteen alone four million were on the move. the majority sought safety in neighboring countries. a world most of that canada had. also listen almost or even a comment that you like and what is he really other than. an economics student at aleppo university did art had been arrested during the uprising and thrown in jail on his release he'd fled over the border there he proposed to his fiance. badmouths always. see the area and you know. why the choice why. handedness or. a nose the only son of a can. hope for to keep.
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up with me and suffer. in the middle of a by then. so on the twenty second of may twenty fifteen did our joint thousands of others on a long journey searching for sanctuary in europe. if he made it he could meet up with his wife who dorothy going to head by another route. and for heaven of the. non dissolve the that. yet it is a tower on all. george us was a literature student from northeastern syria when he ended on a mat in the takesh put of izmir they stablished an immediate bond. so the. inuktitut said. ok and when i said it was.
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after days of making discreet inquiries the pentagon has she to deal with a people smuggler to take them across the sea. also not. lawful caught it. she. fifteen us with me coming out of a. good long. looks and. the fully and when i was a brazilian. and us. we . got on the other. though the waters were
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calm that fear wasn't misplaced over three thousand seven hundred refugees were to drown in mediterranean crossings that almost a thousand of them and the eastern sea is through which that pass. this time they were lucky within a few hours that overloaded boat came within sight of chaos a greek island. for the good. of the.
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earth by the early summer of twenty fifteen more than one hundred thousand refugees had arrived by small boats in greece and the government was struggling with the influx.
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but after three days in the camp they managed to obtain documents which allowed them to move illegally around greek territory. then. what i had is the them i had to have. money the balkan route as it was becoming known went from greece through macedonia serbia and hungary eventually leading to austria and germany the most popular target for asylum seekers. by the middle of twenty fifteen the flood of syrian and iraqi refugees into europe meant anti migrant sentiment in some countries was heartening . but germany under chancellor merkel was bucking the trend and it's approved has remained. a safe haven back and only providing refugees could reach it. when the club are. there are only.
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machines wrong. and difficult. one of them would not there are any. but by mixing one of. how do you get more do dips odio the old us yes you would. listen to. the fia and he doesn't quote me on you as with the amish i have yet. to. be foolin here and the. sun would be. still. good to scream. but. johnny in the. spirit.
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should be. listening to the show me. people are you moving. on to. northern greece some twenty five kilometers from macedonia a small group forge ahead of the first hurdle crossing the border. holding in common with as in the end of a little gun a month or. the. wall in the dark. if.
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they use railway tracks and their g.p.s. phones for a guide to. reaching the border crossing in the dead of night. breaks revealing the beautiful countryside.
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in the darkness the group had made it into macedonia. now they set off north again towards the serbian border. and then she'd been. how many on a bottle. but it does he want to. as the refugee crisis escalated that summer politicians in the balkans and the rest of europe was slow to appreciate its sheer scale. tens of thousands of people were left without cat for assistance.


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