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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 31, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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new budget promises to reduce the country's inflation from its current rate of seventy percent to twenty seven it also aims to increase economic growth by five point one percent and raise spending by nearly three point four billion dollars while cutting budget deficit to three point three percent from the current three point seven aims that some economists think will be difficult to achieve another. there's a huge deficit in the budget about one billion dollars there is also a deficit between exports and imports and i mean creation inflation these are challenges facing the government so anything that doesn't address those issues affect the implementation of the budget. the newly passed spending bill also leaves important questions unanswered. the new budget will maintain subsidies on wheat and theo but doesn't explain where the government will get the hard currency needed to pay for the subsidies because a shortage has led to the long queues at petrol stations and lack of right in some bakeries which has triggered nationwide protests a process that began in the city of hadera bread shortages and rising inflation
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quickly spread to other parts of the country the government responded with tear gas and live ammunition more than sixty percent of sudan's revenue was lost when thoughts dentist heated in twenty eleven taking a third of the country's oil reserves with it despite government attempts to find new sources of revenue and sudan suffered now some sudanese think they have lost faith in the government's ability to fix the economy here. i have little faith in the government but there's no other option if we get another government it might be even worse than the one we currently have. our only problem is the high prices we've said it before that the government has taken all our money but we don't know what the future holds if we bring in people who have experience and they destroy the economy even more so dense economy has been fragile for the past seventy years but politicians here hope that their twenty one thousand budget will lead to greater stability both economically as well as politically he morgan of his era. in
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yemen heathy rebels say they fired four missiles into saudi arabia and say they targeted saudi forces near the city of johns on and it's separate development two saudi soldiers were killed while fighting with ruthie's near the yemen border that's according to saudi media. well the u.n. team monitoring the truce in in yemen says it's disappointed a humanitarian corridor between the port city of her data and the rebel held capital sana is not yet and this was among many agreements reached at talks in sweden earlier this month that deal hutu rebels have handed over control of the data pool to the government but the united nations wants to verify where they'll go next the u.n. says it wants to ensure that the movement to rebels is in line with the sweet agreement. so the head hair on al-jazeera a major investigation raises new questions about the israeli military's use of life on protesters in gaza. we explore the growing phenomenon of far right groups in germany as foreigners and refugees come increasingly under attack.
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how i once again we're still got some disturbed weather affecting parts of the middle east other area cloud just spilling out it's coming down into syria there was some rain there also be some snow on that so we see some wintry weather coming in basis out of the med looking a little disturbed as well so expect to see some showers longer spells of rain fading into cyprus and that wintry weather continuing around to he and syria some way winter weather to into afghanistan kabul heat of the day at around six celsius twenty degrees warmer than that for karate here is five and dry the beefier showers into the western side of iraq as we go on through the next day or so that's monday's picture that ray might just spill a few showers into the fall and also want to mystic here in doha that it will stay
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dry twenty six hours just to add coolers ago wanted to choose the blue skies coming back in thick clouds still there post northern parts of saudi arabia most of it was a little bit of thick cloud that just down towards the horn of africa a few spots of rain seventy a possibility now plenty of rain across southern africa because of big downpours affecting the eastern cape pushing up across to homs but easing into botswana all the way up into wangel seen the rain for much of the elections in the democratic republic of congo here estates probably it. they wanted forty three billion pounds with a weapon that was six billion pounds in commission. there's no any more because there's always a small. really really good business. in essence we
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in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function your shadow on al-jazeera. and again you remind of our top stories this hour how does iran has obtained pictures showing the hit team that killed journalist jim carrey knowledge shortly after he was last seen in life suspected of carrying his remains have never been found into the consul's. at least sixty people have died after a storm system calls flash floods and landslides in the philippines five thousand people have been forced to leave their homes dozens of still missing. bangladesh's
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prime minister has won a landslide election victory securing a consecutive term in office but the opposition has rejected the results has called for a new vote but at some polling day left at least eighteen people dead. some of the ganguli is a professor of political science at indiana university and he says despite the overwhelming victory they want me to lead government may face protests. i think democracy is clearly at risk in munda marriage and this election underscores those risks opposition upon intensions win at a significant disadvantage in this election and the principal leader of the opposition become calibers he is in prison and there have been allegations that even the chief election commissioner has behaved in a somewhat partisan fashion his two colleagues have expressed reservations so all of this amounts to raising serious questions about bruce about their
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success of perceive your own democracy in bulk that they should be entire machinery of the state which should be impartial particularly at the time of an election for the most part has become quite partisan and that is evident from the range of allegations that have made being made from across the board about voter fraud misconduct and voter intimidation the really key question is will the opposition in the weeks and months ahead now seek to sort of resort to extra parliamentary means and it is entirely possible that despite this seeming overwhelming victory on the part of the no army league there could be. widespread public disorder in the country in the weeks and months ahead.
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israel's military has killed more than two hundred palestinians during months of protests at the go as a border fence thousands more have been injured in that we can demonstrations all of the new york times has released a damning investigation into israel's use of life on protest as its report focuses on the death of a twenty two year old medic who was killed by gunfire during a protest in june. off to analyzing eva one thousand photographs and videos the times concludes that runs on al nudges killing was intentional but she didn't pose any security threat and was standing well one hundred meters away from the border fence when she was killed by a sniper the israeli military says it's investigating the death well david how the finger is the new york times jerusalem bureau chief and one of the journalist behind the report explains why his team chose to investigate nudges. it was important especially in the case of american obviously it's the death of any
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civilian as it is pivoted by international law you know when when it's certainly intentionally that. medics are specially protected status and here is a young a young medical woman who's volunteered and she's gotten really well known and she gets killed it seems like we really needed to know what happened in that case nobody really knew each side you know made very forceful declarations one way or the other the palestinians said she was gunned down you know with their hands in the air and this wasn't quite true. the israelis tried to court you know they are the person is portrayed as an innocent martyr a few days later the israelis put out a tweet suggesting that you know a video suggesting that she was part of the violence the truth you know was out there still and we wanted to set out to find it israel's prime minister says he's received a personal pledge from brazil's president elect to meet his country's embassy to jerusalem. is hosting benjamin netanyahu and other leaders for his inauguration on choose day he's under growing pressure to keep brazil's embassy in tel aviv to
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avoid hitting you could have exports to arab countries navy divers in northeast india have resumed this for fifteen teenagers trapped in an illegal coal mine a rescue attempt on sunday was about and off to the team could only make a partial descent into the one hundred ten meter that the miners became trapped two weeks ago by search of floodwater. another mass grave containing civilians executed by isis fighters has been from the northern iraq the site in co province was used by the group as a military training camp police guarding the area and how we do it until a team arrives from by baghdad to exuma the remains barbara as this report shepherd's discovered these remains after a heavy rain in the area a child shirts was found among blankets in the grave it is unclear how many bodies a further underground come out. as you can see the location allowed them to hide
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and kill innocent people from the district and outside the district locals from village say they witness victims being murdered by i saw as they walked him through the forest fall up a little ahead of me as you are for me and live on our way we saw what they were killing them with the victims were dressed in red suits we could see them it was clear. it isn't the first mass graves found in her wheelchair in southern ca cook gray's containing at least four hundred bodies were found at a map base on the outskirts of the city in november last year last month the united nations in iraq and the un's human rights office released a report it says there verified and documented at least two hundred two graves in northern and western iraq they date back to the time when i still controlled large swathes of iraqi territory between june twenty fourth scene and december twenty seventh teen only twenty eight of those teams have been excavated and ever one thousand bodies have been exceeded and the report says as many as twelve thousand
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bodies could be buried in the graves they could hold vital evidence to convict those responsible for war crimes and possibly genocide. traumatise families may never know what happened to their loved ones they knighted nation says gray's must be preserved and they seem to with care to give them some comfort barbara and per hour just sarah the u.k. and france have agreed on a plan to deal with migrants and refugees attempting to cross the english channel the plan will include increased joint patrols and surveillance will be implemented in the coming days more than two hundred twenty people have been have attempted the journey since november attacks by the extreme right in germany have been on the rise in recent years often targeting homes of refugees and foreign owned businesses experts say a core of around twenty five thousand far right activists are spread throughout the country doubling cane reports now from eastern germany massoud hashemi prepares his
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restaurant for the lunchtime rush on a busy week day he'd expect to have lots of clients it is a rainy and restaurant but recently things have changed he and his restaurant have been attacked and for how the. three men dressed all in black and wearing motorbike helmets came into the restaurant they made nazi salutes and shouted heil hitler then they threw one a some of ours at me and hit me in the face then they three make ends one of the radiators i spent eight days in hospital because of it you. are the police are still investigating this attack to establish whether it was a case of right wing extremist violence but on the face of it appears to be part of a string of such incidents that have happened in this city in this state in recent times one question your forty's will be asking is what's the deeper motivation for such violence. mike scheffler can provide
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a clear idea he spent seventeen years in the extremist far right movement in saxony who does well because of the how to be idea where i grew up there were only left wing groups and right wing groups you could join and i felt drawn to the right and it felt as though my friends did too then one day a recruiter arrived and he gave us a structure something to believe in he admits having targeted left wingers and foreigners in violent attacks at the time he felt no remorse until relatively recently he was an elected representative of the neo nazi n.p.a. day party now he rejects the movement he told me why often and the reason for it was a gigantic disappointment for me when the people i had followed into the movement suddenly quit it made me question everything at believed then i was full of doubt and i slowly began to realize i needed to be part of a wider society and it was in doing that that i became a different person scheffler was helped out of the neo nazi scene by the group exit
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dodge land far beyond fishman runs the group from its base in berlin he says the size of his task is clear but one think life that there are about twenty five thousand dedicated hardcore neo nazis who are being monitored by the police and who are suspected of committing violent acts and that number is well identified but there is also a crossover of some individuals from the populist far right there's no doubt the vast majority of people who support the political far right do not support the use of force to achieve their aims but as massoud can confirm in kenneth's there are still several who do dominate came out zero in saxony. well the one hundred forty seven thousand security force personnel will will be deployed across france and new year's eve the so-called yellow vest the protesters say they will be gathering in paris to continue their anti-government demonstrations and invest movement began in
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november roy's car few times. the u.s. state of california will toughen up its already strict rules on gun ownership in the coming months as part of our series looking ahead to two thousand and nineteen reynolds reports on how the state has come a long way in bringing down crime. the new year will bring new gun laws in the biggest us state california will ban anyone under age twenty one from buying rifles shotguns and semiautomatic weapons like the rifle a teenage gunman used to kill seventeen high school students in florida last february we have seen dramatic decreases in the death rates from firearm related causes and we think that those decreases are attributable to some of the strong gun laws that we have in california the strongest in the country in the early one nine hundred ninety s. california began an acting law mandating waiting period for all gun purchases
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background checks prohibiting gun sales to people with mental health issues and many other measures in one thousand nine hundred three california had one of the highest gun homicide rates in the u.s. seventeen point three firearm deaths per one hundred thousand residents by two thousand and sixteen the rate had declined to seven point seven per one hundred thousand by contrast alabama with lax gun laws currently has twenty one point four firearm deaths per one hundred thousand per year the states that have strongest the strongest gun laws have the lowest firearm related death rates and the states that have the weakest gun laws have the highest firearm related death rates the national rifle association for the proposal to raise the age limit at last another log coming into effect in twenty nine teen will impose a lifetime ban on california residents convicted of serious acts of domestic
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violence previously domestic violence convictions had resulted in only a ten year ban hannah dunn year is the violence prevention education coordinator for the organization peace over violence but we know it that when it got as a present in the home it makes us. a woman five times more likely to be killed but also we know about when a gun is present and the user has access to a gun it also increases the likelihood of more it's utilized often as a means of control of coercion and the evidence shows a clear link between domestic violence and shootings fifty four percent of mass shootings have a connection to don't mastic violence yet it's a domestic violence shooting in which the perpetrator kills their partner as well as other innocent victims or family members california is chipping away at american gun culture year after year an approach that's paying off and saving lives
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rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles. so let's have a recap of the headlines here on al-jazeera and al-jazeera has obtained pictures showing the saudi hit team that killed journalist carrying a large bag shortly after he was last seen alive the video shows the team arriving in the consul general's residence in istanbul suspected of carrying his remains which if you haven't been found at least sixty one people have died after a storm system calls flash floods and landslides in the philippines five thousand people have been forced to leave their homes dozens of people are still missing because more women in. so many areas according to local government officials and rescue worse remain inaccessible because roads and bridges have been destroyed at this point rescue energy bill operations remain and their way and those who have been displaced according to the local government are receiving assistance such as
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temporary shelters food and medicine bangladesh's prime minister sheikh hasina has won a landslide election victory securing a thirty second term in office for the opposition has rejected the results and has called for a new vote violence from the left at least eighteen people that. fed counting is underway in the democratic republic of congo after a long delayed presidential election the opposition has raised concerns of irregularities the original results are expected in the coming days israel's prime minister says he has received a personal pledge from brazil's president elect to move his country's embassy to jerusalem and you know who says both sonari told him it was a question of when not if the move will go ahead the incoming brazilian leader is under pressure to keep the embassy in tel aviv. more than one hundred forty seven thousand security force personnel will be deployed across france a new chief say cool yelling vest protesters say they will be gathering in paris to
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continue that anti government demonstrations yellow vest movement began in november for a rise in coffee and taxes. all right up to date with headlines got more news here on al-jazeera right off to why no one. on counting the cost the economic factors to watch be ringing in the new year why columnists are predicting a rocky ride for the global economy and from china to the middle east find out why and where financial storms could be proved. counting the cost of al-jazeera. the marshall islands is a tiny pacific nation with a very big problem. once ground zero for america's cold war atomic testing it's been left with a toxic radioactive legacy. now rising sea levels threaten to swallow the
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islands and if that happens deadly nuclear waste will be released into the ocean. and steve chap on this episode a one on one east we investigate how one of the world's smallest countries is paying for the actions of a global superpower. we're halfway between australia and hawaii. in the middle of a seemingly endless pacific ocean. below us chains of mostly uninhabited islands that together form the nation of the marshall islands. which is part of me yes well known around the world experience on the right. the way we're going to want to pick up on the placement of the president carried out
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some of the biggest history. spread over two million square kilometers of the central pacific the marshall islands is a scattering of more than a thousand islands and islands. few people live in a we talk but it's the ground zero of us nuclear testing in the pacific. the welcome sign he said what we've come to see but when you know what it really is a few would want to visit this place. the circle is a room. so remote that there's no regular transport in or else it'll be a week before our plane returns if we're lucky. it's a stunning place. hides a dark secret. to be.
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this is a place whose atomic past is seed into its present the people of in a way talk were forced into exile by the atomic full elf allowed to return after three decades and new generations learning about the traditions and customs of this place. was they have also been told about america's top sick legacy and how it lies under a giant dharma. was. they are interesting some are they understand that we have a voice in our you know island that is what they call by using. they know that
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there is a tomb because they have been there so the dawn you call it the term according to. my. we sit out the next morning to see for ourselves. after nearly two hours we approach one of in a way talk assholes forty islands. what we've come to see is hard to spot from the beach only from the air can you get a true sense of the sky of what the united states military calls. the done is actually a dump it contains the toxic leftovers of some of the most powerful atomic bombs in history america's cold war legacy it is a tomb of nuclear waste the dome is completely unlabeled there's no fence there no
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guards there people can go there if they want and there's nobody to stop them but they let me up and make you write about them i am afraid i haven't had a. crime was . i. the nine hundred forty six to nine hundred fifty eight the united states detonated dozens of atomic bombs in the muscle islands. and was in a way talkies hardly knowing its closest neighbor three hundred kilometers to the east became synonymous with nuclear fallout. its name is bikini. on a on my own going on the are you gonna wave coming toward the camera bottom
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line. from the kid. right nado thing i'll be able to come in it's just not clean. for us it's not. one of the countries loves traditional never gaiters else and killen is adrift living in exile because he's not allowed to return home to bikini. ahead of the atomic testing there in the one nine hundred forty s. the united states told elson killen's family and the one hundred sixty seven people of his asshole that they had a duty to the world to leave their islands. kind it was a moment film by the military's p.r. unit and want to thank. all right now james when you count that the united states government now wants to try and write it for us and there's something good
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for men. and that this experiment here are the first step in that direction and i was. ready and women. every. where you can there are many things you did everything being in god and it cannot be other than go there ah and here by the way i was thinking i am i should leave now you are my. the. god. god there are no magic group at all well only yank. there was the impacts of twelve years of nuclear testing in the marshall islands included increased rates of thyroid and other cancers and the permanent exile of people from their home islands
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. in one thousand nine hundred six is part of a deal to give the marshall islands independence the us paid one hundred fifty million dollars later an independent tribunals awarded more than two billion dollars to victims of the testing. graham less than four million was if a played. the tribunals office in the capital mudd zero is no longer operating with most claims unresolved sitting in files gathering dust. the us government policy on the nuclear weapons legacy in the marshall islands is to simply downgrade and dismiss health hazards as not existed or in significant. johnson is the publisher of the marshall islands journal the country's only newspaper for three decades he's been a passionate advocate for the local people his wife. was
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a famous nucleus of five who died of cancer aged just forty five it really makes us wonder if marshall islanders will ever get justice from the nuclear weapons tests that were conducted here and just this is the right word it's really important to understand that that a lot of nuclear contaminated material was tossed into a crater left over from a bomb test a coral atoll essentially and a coral atoll by its nature is porous. when the us was getting ready to clean up i believe in the one nine hundred seventy s. they picked the pit that had been left by one of the smaller atomic explosions and dumped a lot of this plutonium and other radioactive waste into the pit and covered it over with an eighteen inch thick dome and left.
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the dome was never meant to be anything but a temporary solution to the problem of atomic waste at almost every stage of its construction safety was. to save money. michael gerard is a u.s. climate change specialist who's visited the dawn of the bottom of the dome is just what was left behind by the nuclear weapons explosion. it's permeable soil there was no effort to line it and therefore the seawater is inside the dome already they see sometimes washes over it and you know you know our storm and united states government has acknowledged that a major typhoon could break it apart and cause all of the radiation in it to disperse. you can see why ruin its remoteness made it seem like
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a good place for the day and it's contaminated contents but like most of the islands of the marshal's route it is bailey a major above sea level at its highest point. when the storm was built in the light nine hundred seventy s. there was no factoring in sea level rises caused by climate change now every day when the tide rolls out as it is now ready zero active isotopes from underneath the dime roll out with it that is the connection between the nuclear age and the climate change each. station even if it really it we're not talking just the marshall islands we're talking. sweet ocean. i think it's really telling. that the ocean is rising and it's and it's making this nuclear waste leak out because in
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a lot of ways this climate change issue has also been revived revitalizing a lot of conversations about our nuclear legacy every time someone talks about climate change you can't ignore our nuclear legacy as well it's link. is a poet and climate change activist. she's proud of her heritage. it's my home it's where i'm from that's where my family's from my ancestors they've been here for thousands of years and there's also just nothing like you and your else and it's a part of. them that. you have. a rising leader of a nation kathy jett no kid you know was invited to the twenty fourteen united nations climate change summit in new york to speak about how the marshall islands is on the front line in the battle against rising sea levels the marshall islands
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encompasses more than two million square kilometers of ocean i mean it's the united nations these are world leaders from all over and it was the first time that i was able to share something that i was i can.


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