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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  January 2, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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we are talking an option which is forty we're talking forty two times farther away than the earth is from the sun at that point the amount of light that the amount of energy that this object gets from the sun is about two thousand times less in a way all these pictures are going to see hopefully in the next few hours in the next few days we're taking with our two thousand times less light that the one we have here on there which is another major achievement now thinking of the possibilities of life i would say no almost category clearly the conditions sidestream lee is suddenly called extremely dark and any any ball at times will be completely frozen there but the existence of these volatile as the abundance of this there is telling us the the history of the solar system because remember that we are walking on air that broadly was brought to the air and to the inner part of the solar system by comets and asteroids and obviously these one that crash landed on the earth in the very early stages in the solar system so this water and that
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water may be connected somehow and this is very important to do to reconstruct somehow the history of the solar system this belt is the outskirts of the solar system we have the rest your planets we have the asteroid belt we have the gas giant planets and then we have the copra belt that contains millions of small bodies like this one like pluto itself and the kind of material that we find in this copper belt is different it's very rich in water and methane and nitrogen and all these materials are concentrated in the outskirts of the solar system so investigating more the composition of these bodies is giving us more idea of the pristine material out of the which out of which the solar system was formed four and a half thousand million years ago very important to have these opportunities to explore these very very remote regions of the solar system this is a unique opportunity. still ahead on the news hour after that an eighteen month
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darkened battle one player as back in the english premier league peter has his reaction coming up. water an essential resource for all humankind across europe pressure to recognize water as a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very true those words privatization on anybody's silicate. those people who see everything as something to invest the profit of they want are. up to the last drop on al-jazeera. when the news breaks and the story. when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told. with exclusive interviews and in-depth
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reports. al-jazeera has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries. and light needs on air and online. and it's time for sports now elizabeth thank you very much serena williams and roger federer make for ten flies in tennis but what about when you put two of the game's biggest names against such other well bets just what happened at the hopman cup team tournament in the australian city of perth has kevin covered with who won the battle between the thirty seven year olds. four players on court but this was
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all about each partnerships other half on the suppose side roger federer winner of twenty grand slam tournament titles he'd with belinda been church for team usa let's single out twenty three time major winner serina williams alongside francis tearful i there was already on the night familiarity between all four feeder a warming up by comfortably outclassing both and straight seats and their singles match and while the famously camfield express had a cooling down period williams worked a bit harder for who won who pretty mixed doubles match against been church stretching to three sit i. saw it when all all sit up for the decider. and then hopman cup style that's like fast dating first of four instead of six the
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swiss master am most winning for two for three to take out the group time but at the end of the night this was all about a one off courtship between phaedra and williams for me it was super call i got there and i wanted to take pictures and i am i was which side i am but it was it was really fun while i was nervous returning because i think this is there are no bad people talk about a serve so much and i see why it is such a wonderful service because you just can't read it you don't see until the very you are saying that i given that al-jazeera. elsewhere three time major winner andy murray got he's new year off to a winning start playing at the brits been international after a terrible twenty eighteen which he played only six tournaments because of injury he was up against james duckworth at one point in this match with appeared to have some trouble with his cough but didn't last for treatment murray going on to win
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this first round match in straight sets. it's not easy to sort of sum up. you know one sentence on one answer it's been it's been really hard eighteen months a lot of a lot of ups and downs as you know tricky just kind of get back on the court competing again so i'm happy i'm back here again i want to try and joy as much as i can and. yeah just try and try and enjoy playing tennis as long as i can i don't know how much longer it's going to last but. i taught them hotspur are hoping to overtake manchester city and move to second place in the english premier league with a win over cardiff those teams are in the second half with spurs three nil up earlier arsenal turned on the style to hammer fullam for one granted shocker alexander luck as it aaron ramsey and pierre merrick obama young hit the back of the net for the gunners who are still firth for them are second from bottom and in tuesday's only
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became everton away from home jamie vadi with the only goal of the game manchester united will play on wednesday a new manager leg on a soldier who is on a three match winning streak take to newcastle and there's no bigger name at manchester united then alex ferguson now he's mentoring k. take a manager souls who are one of those in the crowd when a new stand was unveiled in ferguson's on a in two thousand and twelve sosias won three from three since taking charge after the second of jos a merino and that's obviously boosting the spirits of seventy seven year old ferguson he's been at united's training ground for the first time since a brain hemorrhage eight months ago. i've had it for fifteen years so obviously he's influenced me more in the fifteen years before than these do on the last week obviously i do keep him informed and. he did pay a visit yesterday and i think he enjoyed his time at the training ground and we had
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a nice future in the stuff and encourages he says he knows that we are you know the stuff about this it's an united through and through and he knows that we we're going to do whatever we can to. do the last second that we're we're going to do everything we can for us and man united do as best as we can west ham will also be in action on wednesday when they host brighton hammers have just signed an experienced footballer who is back after completing a doping ban some in their three has been out of the game for eighteen months off he was banned for using an intravenous drip treatment when he was playing for severe in spain back in twenty sixteen the thirty one year old joins west ham until the end of the season ealing sump with manager manwell pellegrini who played for manchester city where he won two league titles before moving day the frenchman was at arsenal for three years. back in the days i wasn't.
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as professional as i am now i was young i was a mature. it was a big move for me i want to leagues. like haas and good morning i was not just focusing on my job i was doing all the things and i made some mistakes and today is a second chance for me so working with him is a. totally different. twenty eighteen was a golden year for france on the football field they won their second world cup trophy of the defeat in croatia in the final the full twenty three man squad has been honored by the country's president the engine of ana is the country's highest order of merit for military and civil achievements france's nine hundred ninety eight world cup winners also receive this award two decades ago with a play off place to set the n.f.l. has had its annual clear out of coaches it's become known as black monday the jets
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broncos buccaneers dolphins and cardinals all kept their head coaches loose but the biggest surprise was the firing of cincinnati bengals marvin lewis you'd been with them for sixteen years he was the second longest serving head coach in the league behind bill belichick of the new england patriots for the third straight losing season and attendance is down it was time for the bengals to make the cut. and then deliver what the number one goal is now to be world champions and we did not get that so wrong have been lot of positives but that's the one goal was a coach that you look forward to doing rio you kobayashi became the first japanese man in twenty one years to win the two opening legs of the f.i.'s world cup for he'll ski jumping competition kobayashi beat up a local german favorite after flying one hundred thirty three meters to secure the win between two year old is seeking to become the first japanese for hills overall
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champion since before nucky back in ninety ninety eight. the playoffs are still a few months away in the n.b.a. but the used the rockets are doing their best to make sure they are contenders have now won ten of eleven games and james harden was once again the standout he got a triple double with forty three points ten rebounds and thirteen assists in this one hundred thirteen one hundred and one win over the grizzly's it also marks hardens fourth straight forty plus point game time for fourth in the western conference off to that when. the indiana pacers also pulled off a third straight win victor oladipo miles turner and a month plus bonus combine for sixty two points as they beat the atlanta hawks one hundred sixteen one hundred. then that's all the sport a leader like you very much for that now finally this bulletin forty one year old new york city institution is about to close its doors for good but not by choice
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the cornelia street cafe is the latest victim of rising rents and when it's for legend neighborhood the business helped make trendy kristen salumi has the story. this night out at the legendary cornelia street cafe is bittersweet for patrons and performers alike. but at the. start. the artists haunt voted one of the ten best places to hear jazz in the world is closing its doors after forty one years eliminating a venue that has fostered countless poets and performers as well as musicians. who will be. irreplaceable. both for the people who have performed here the stay the been given to us and for the community it's come it's a catastrophe on
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a robin hirsch says even with an award winning restaurant and multiple nightly performances he can no longer afford the rent three of us who were all artists opened a little one room cafe. because we were artists all kinds of other artists . just sort of a crew. but the capping greenwich village neighborhood has changed a lot since then. but the cornelia street cafe opened in one nine hundred seventy seven the ranch was four hundred fifty dollars a month now it is a staggering thirty three thousand dollars and the village is home to some of the most expensive real estate in the country thanks in part to the very artists who helped make it trendy and are now being pushed out. these days it's primarily high end boutiques and chain stores that can afford to be here i like to call it the mauling of manhattan because every store that was in suburbia that i ran away from
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when i moved here forty years ago now they followed me here they're on my block her she blames societal changes as well. the contemporary relationship is not amongst people and some with you and your screen and if you go to sawbucks that's what you see and so it's the final curtain for cornelia street and the end of an era for the village art scene kristen salumi al jazeera new york and that doesn't for the new thank you very much for watching. the weather online i want to start here on my laptop with
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a tweet or if you join us on sat there was a a rush of adrenaline will be felt this is the moment that we have been waiting for this is a dialogue the government has codebase i legal protest i'll start to pull the students force to disperse the crowds everyone has a voice and for votes and lots of different reasons what's different types of bricks join the global conversation on al jazeera. january on al-jazeera. an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth. as brazil gets ready to swear in its controversial president we'll have live coverage from brasilia an award winning series showcasing hard hitting stories from the world's most populous regions. as the united states prepares for a new congress we'll examine what this will mean for the country and the world.
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with maybe a trend is constantly changing the listening post continues to analyze how the news is covered. january on al-jazeera. it was one of the biggest bank robberies of modern times with over eighty million dollars stolen from bangladesh a central bank one used to investigate how cyber harker's implicated the global banking system and on our desire. brazil's new far right president is sworn in promising to combat and demick corruption in latin america's largest nation.
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alero i'm suitors and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up president donald trump agrees to delay the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria. a new path in the new year north korean leader kim jong un warns of an alternative plan on denuclearization and flying by the most distant world ever explored a nasa spacecraft on a mission billions of kilometers from a. we begin in brazil where a giant also narrow has been sworn in as president in the capital brasilia the sixty three year old former army captain represents a major shift to the right and he's promising big changes for latin america's largest nation both an hour won the election by a wide margin back in october he was propelled to victory by his campaign promises
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to curb corruption and crime he also wants to loosen up his country's environmental protection the was potentially allowing the agricultural sector to exploit more of the amazon rainforest in his inauguration speech also narrow underlined his commitment to conservative values. we are going to place value on family we're going to respect religion and our judeo christian tradition you're going to combat the ideology of gender to support our values we're going to free ourselves from ideological moorings we will progressively responsibly and consciously to assure that brasilia is at the service of brazil my electoral campaign took to the streets and towards the commitment of putting brazil first and god above everything i like correspondent john homa was carefully watching about inaugural speech and joins us now live from the capitol visitor i want to make of it john. president now president also not
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a really he tried at certain points of the speech to to to address the criticisms really that some people have leveled at him you spoke about the amazon rain forest about the worries from environmentalist that he was really going to take that and sort of strip away protections for the from the agribusiness sector that's going to form a part of his government and he said in effect that yes that was going to be a big part of his government but he was also going to balance that with protecting the environment he also said that this was going to be a government and here president was going to be against discrimination and against division in the country but he also went on to speak about and he mentioned it several times we heard that from him just now about this big government that wasn't going to be ideological that wasn't going to be subservient to ideology and what you can really read into that is him saying that he's going to make a break from the leftist of ministrations that we control of the country from two
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thousand and three to two thousand and sixteen this is a man who's become very much against that and also against any kind of activism in the country be that environmentalists for human rights or political what he's basically saying is we're going to move away from that he's already said that these pople are not welcome in the country for him the natural order of things is the nuclear family the christian traditions of brazil and sort of the treaty and he doesn't see that although it is his ideology he sees it as a way that things should be in the country and what we're going to go back to same to be a speech that really address the domestic audience if you like what about those he's now meeting with those heads of state from around the world how do you think they would have taken the things that he said today. you know you're absolutely right this was a speech for a domestic audience so i think there was a lot to really about foreign policy within it and there's going to be some it
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heads of states within the region that are going to wait to see how this plays out who is he going to listen to the banking sector the agribusiness people his own family's sons an influential congress person which which a group is going to catch his ear and shape his policy but i think there's one head of state which is probably the most important to paulson auto who wasn't actually at the ceremony he said his secretary of state but president trump is a person the full sonata in particular feels a real affinity to they both sort of hard right populist they both dislike the press they both wage their company in heavily on social media and that's how they got traction and they share quite a lot of ideas president trump has already tweeted him to congratulate him on his victory and president bush so not only tweeted him back to say thank you for that now that's an interesting point in brazil because its biggest trading partner is
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china and it's always kept the united states quite a distance over arm's length i would say over the last few years so this sort of bracing of the united states philosophy and wanting to be close allies shows a sort of a bit of a new direction for the country and politics definitely shifting down home and thanks very much speaking to us live there from brasilia. the u.s. president on a charm says he won't rush to pull troops out of syria after coming under intense pressure from allies and senior figures in his republican policy last month trim trump abruptly announced that or two thousand american troops would withdraw immediately following what he described as that victory over iso backtracking on plans for an immediate pullout trump treated that his drive to end u.s. involvement in wars still made him in his words. if anybody put donald did what i
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did in syria which was an isis loaded mess when i became president it will be a national hero isis is mostly gone now we're slowly sending our troops back home to be with their families while at the same time fighting isis remnants of the pullout comes as the war between syrian president bashar al assad's government and rebel forces appears to be entering its final phase at the province is the last remaining opposition on klav people there are bracing for a government offensive has asked the chinese to bring all of syria under his control mohammed are reports from gaziantep near the turkey syria border. this is are you how tommy mosul serious to be problems it libya's home to three million people who since two thousand and fifteen have been effectively troubled it is serious last remaining opposition controlled by a kill to assad but the rebels. syrian president bashar the loss of strength and in
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recent months by support from powerful allies on the reopening of the embassies in damascus by some arab countries is vowing to launch an invasion. it live with its cinder block thompson villages could soon be subject to rockets bottle bombs and even class the bombs. the rebels are putting more debris face while. today we are all gathered here and ready to fight until the last drop of our blood we are the sons of this territory and we know it very well and so do the people displaced from all over syria are now living in this small geographic area which is just ninety square kilometer nothing will make us lose our resolve to fight on what to me are. in the middle of it leaps of rolling olive groves the displaced live in some of the most desperate conditions possible with no proper housing there are the must see of the elements. we lack
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everything there is no food no money we have nothing that winter and floods are making life even more difficult when it gets a little windy our dance just fly away. humanitarian workers want a full assault on it live could spark a refugee crisis of historic proportions driving millions of people into turkey and europe yet this theater of war is never locking in action in another corner of milf in syria fighters loyal to the turkish allied free syrian army are on the march. they're headed for the kurdish held city of members in support of the planned offensive by turkish forces in recent days techie has been massing troops at its border and even sent tanks rolling into territory in syria that he told sway over turkey considers the kurdish y p d fighters who control members terrorists.
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turkey's main problems with groups he considers terrorists finding a foothold in territory to administer inside syria i'm talking of the so-called terror corridor the p y g m p y d kurdish organizations but there is also the issue of syrian refugees turkey believes there is a great need to end the conflict in syria so the refugees can return the announcement of a complete withdrawal of u.s. forces from syria has opened the gates just crumble by regional powers such as turkey and iran to aggressively pursue their interest in the city feeling abandoned by the united states congress why premier fighters of cotton deal with the syrian rebellion and invited its forces to protect them against the prime targets often without football now when cut is held territory in or from syria admit remains the missing plug in assad's plan to reclaim the whole of syria it's just a matter of time. before him. mohammad i know well does it or
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doesn't. the united nations is accusing both sides in the war in yemen of stealing and selling food aid meant for millions of starving people the un food agency is threatening to suspend aid shipments unless the fact stops the world food program says about two thirds of relief supplies delivered to areas controlled by the rebels is being taken says haiti press also so documents suggesting that aid intended for families in ties is being stolen by armed units working with the saudi and erotic coalition davidoff from the world food program says attempts to investigate the theft have been a fine of a forces. were extremely concerned by what we've discovered in the course of our inquiries we noticed in recent months there were increasing volumes of food for sale in the markets in the capital sanaa this obviously
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happens occasionally in war zones where people are desperate and they will sell food to meet other essential needs such as health and education but what we have been noticing it looked like a systematic. misuse of relief of food relief it would indeed seem to be taking place on both sides however today most of our investigations have been on the. hooty side in the capital sanaa. and that is where we have discovered most problems because we've been. effectively prevented from carrying out all the monitoring we would like where abuse and diversion of food aid is taking place that it means it's not reaching those who desperately need it for a.


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