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tv   Unification  Al Jazeera  January 3, 2019 4:00am-5:00am +03

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including earthquakes cannick eruptions tsunamis and landslides. this disaster on the last day of the year took the death toll for two thousand and eighteen across indonesia to more than three thousand the highest number in more than a decade median hond to syria. six people have been killed in a train crash on a bridge in denmark it's the country's worst stray lax it into more than thirty years the bridge where it happened connects denmark's two main islands one hundred thirty one passengers were on board a train that was heading towards the capital copenhagen when it hit the trader police say sixteen people were injured but not in critical condition fighting has intensified between different rebel groups in northern syria leaving at least thirty one people dead it's centered in the west of aleppo province where territory controlled by turkish backed fighters meets the area under the control of al qaeda linked. or h.t.s.
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several people have been killed in the town of. analysts say h.t.s. is pushing back against turkish control of the region fearing that turkey might make a deal with russia and the syrian government mohamed though has the latest. in turkey . city on rule one it does describe the latest spate of fighting the last in mosul syria in the past three months fight us and loyal to the i'll cut it out from the hated heya to cradle shaam a safe soft cut it out an offensive against tuck his box in and rebels with a view of dividing destroying the free and the loss on the other side of the l.f. or countryside say to have taken control of the threat to dick tal of visit then villages around it and now the toughest city and rebels are calling for help from being forced months to try and repulsed the offensive against them by the al qaeda
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affiliates all this comes a little over a week says the president of the united states donald trump announced the withdrawal of about two thousand u.s. troops to a station in syria there has been a spike and umble to fill the vacuum that will eventually been left by then with the brutal of the us forces with turkey and iran did in the way tuck your force has promised the united states a fellow much more alive it will deal with not only remnants of i said but also those al qaeda affiliates and could be the main reason why the higher to to have a shot has now cut it out on offensive on the turkish allies in syria of course talking also wants to cut out an autopsy on the tama of men be dropped has been controlled by syrian kurds and right now we do not know when the offensive is going to happen but turkey has been massing troops such as florida and has put its allies
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the free syrian army on a wall forty. still ahead in this half hour a war of words between china and taiwan is easing things says if we unification is inevitable and the day after his inauguration brazil's new president gets straight to work in making the agricultural ministry responsible for indigenous people's land rights. heiler the push of cold which represents proper winter is making a very obvious progress through central europe now as a circulation in temperatures around low single figures notion is cloud carries snow for the alps in particular but also of a low agronomy was three degrees in berlin the snow right there on the road surface
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is not true for poland it's true for the west or at least it was just cold in there and weather's cold meats a circulation in the gin got a massive snow potential in the high ground north and trees and beyond all rain for greece and turkey increasingly of the next two days is a very active area as weather of weather is this cools down and calms down and looks more like winter with yet more snow good old breeze and four degrees and bill is an example and all this time we've been sitting pretty cold but sunny weather for france the british isles and downs but in portugal in particular so the place to watch that is the central eastern mediterranean if you're off to still be weather that has affected today's you're in libya in the last two days but don't think you are in the future financial breeze so still at war and thirty now g. is but seventeen bengazi is about nineteen kyra and the rain will probably stay away clyde ling trees on the coast but the rain is heading once again towards the levant.
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cultural history is inscribed layer upon layer at times erase others rejuvenating and reinvented. through the transformative power of public art and unlikely collision of hip-hop culture and indigenous tradition forms a community building project led by the godfather of graffiti. on a. welcome back here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s.
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president. republican and democratic leaders in the white house for a border security briefing to convince them to provide funding for his border wall with mexico to hindu women have to find. the pair walked into the temple outrage and protests from conservatives and rain is hampering efforts to rescue people stranded by floods and landslides in the philippines at least eighty five people have been killed. in the center of the country. chinese president xi jinping says he will not using military force against supporters of independence in taiwan in his first major speech addressing the self . she said that taiwan's reunification with china is inevitable taiwan's leader has rejected. beijing must face reality and.
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a new year's speech with a familiar message. chinese president xi jinping has urged the people of taiwan to accept that it must and will be reunited with china in a speech on the fortieth anniversary of a key policy statement he reiterated beijing's call for peaceful unification. well . we are firmly against any plots to create two china or one china one taiwan or taiwan independence we've achieved a major victory in the fight against taiwan independence or separatist activities nobody and no party can change the historical and legal fact tabone is part of china and both sides of the strike along to china thank president she has increased pressure on taiwan since the election of citing when as president in twenty sixteen she leads the pro independence democratic progressive party and on tuesday insisted the island's twenty three million people want to maintain self
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rule made without. democratic values and ideals and way of life cherished by taiwan's people we call on china to bravely step out onto the path of democracy only then can they truly understand the persistence and ideals of the taiwanese people. while taiwan is self-governed it has never formally declared independence from the mainland however it has acted as an independent nation since one nine hundred fifty when china's nationalist government leaders fled to the island after being defeated by communists forces the legitimacy of the ruling government today in china in just on several things possible economic governance and people which have done but secondly cheating national. have to do with the chinese identity is also a good thing as banging on about the need for you to take action the credibility of the party here just on their ability to deliver on that goal while in recent years china has become more assertive over its claims over taiwan it has also managed to
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convince more of taipei's view international allies to cut diplomatic ties with the island. for now neither side appears to be willing to back down in this longstanding dispute enter schapelle al-jazeera. israel's public security minister has vowed to make conditions worse for palestinian prisoners public security minister gilad the air than says jails will remove cooking rights ration water and reduce the autonomy that prisoners are given also lose the right to be housed with members of their factions most of have a hoot he is secretary-general of the palestinian national initiative he says it would be another escalation of human rights violations by israel the fact that. now these unity of our. presence is very clearly related to the fact that there is their limits using suppression and operational palestinians as an instrument of
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competition in their. elections some ministers are in france include activities of those. people through imprisoning them specially children. not wanting to make conditions much worse for post persons and others are a group. of violence against palestinian people so in my opinion this is one of the way over the skeleton their human rights violations netflix has been criticized for withdrawing an episode of a satirical comedy series in saudi arabia after complaints from riyadh saudi officials say the episode which criticised the crown prince over the killing of the journalist jamila shuggie violated saudi and cybercrime law sutta hiring has more. the online film provide a netflix has removed an episode of the show patriot act with her son men has from
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its site in saudi arabia and hey why do you know what his nickname has. rus asa which means father of the bullet we own ten percent of which makes complete sense saudi arabia and are both places women drivers don't feel safe. they have nine hundred in thirty million dollars that's a lot of money you know it's free though not bombing them. there are people in saudi arabia fighting for true reform but m.p.'s is not one of them and to those who continue to work with them just know that with every deal you close you were simply hoping entrenched and absolute monarch under the guise of progress because ultimately m.p.s. is not modernizing saudi arabia the only thing is modernizing is saudi dictatorship well the audience may have found it funny but the saudi government certainly wasn't laughing because netflix received a complaint alleging the episode violated the kingdom cyber crime law now and the
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episode has one man has criticized his crown prince muhammad bin solomon over the killing of journalists in the saudi consulate that was back in october in istanbul and the kingdom's cozy relationship with the us was also criticized as well as the imprisonment of political activists including female drivers and saudis involvement in the war in yemen now the streaming service defended its decision saying we strongly support artistic freedom worldwide and only remove this episode in saudi arabia after we received a valid legal request and to comply with local law but using the artistic freedom card didn't go down too well with human rights watch in fact it's middle east and africa executive director that sarah leah whitson she tweeted that netflix claim to support artistic freedom means nothing if it bows to demands of the government officials who believe in freedom for their citizens not artistic not political and she adds not comedic but jamal khashoggi is editor at the washington post she
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called the decision quite out rageous now some people have been sharing the link to it's on you tube which by the way can be watched from founder a row at least for now with people pointing out that if anything saudi arabia's move has given the show more publicity and ironically it has the most viewed patriot act episode on you tube with more than one million views. the best toll from a building collapse in russia has risen to twenty seven fourteen others are still missing after a blast on monday damaged forty eight apartments in a ten story building in the city of magni called ask east of moscow a baby boy was found alive in the rubble on tuesday after spending thirty five hours in freezing temperatures a gas leak is believed to have holes that the explosion. monitors from the southern african development community say sunday's election in the democratic republic of congo went relatively well despite challenges opposition groups disagree saying
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there were widespread irregularities technical and organizational problems meant that many congolese people weren't able to vote more than a million have already been excluded after the electoral commission postponed a vote in three opposition strongholds because of ebola and security concerns results are due to be released this week. brazil's new far right government has got straight down to work announcing a move that's expected to open up the amazon rain forest to increase commercial exploitation president of all senario issued an executive order giving the agriculture ministry responsibility for democrats in the genus lands the decrease strips the indigenous affairs agency of power and bring in native native rights groups the government has also promised to introduce an anti crime bill next months while john heilemann joins us live now from the capital brasilia just explain this
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to us in a little bit more detail what does it actually mean on a practical level on the ground the putting together of these two ministries. i think the biggest bit of news as you mentioned this transferring of the power to decide over granting or expanding indigenous land rights to the agricultural minister now the agricultural minister is headed up by today said dia's she's someone that's very pro agro business interests so this isn't going to be a measure that's going to protect the indigenous community now it didn't come a surprise even on his campaign now president will say not it was saying not one centimeter more of land in the indigenous reserves but i think you'll come and it's come as a bit of a surprise how quickly he's chosen to do it as you said as well while the whole for brazil is covered by the amazon rain forest and it turns carbon into walks and
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seasonal stools carbon for quite a lot of the world so this is something that affects the planet in general and if that land does begin to be opened by the agribusiness sector under this government that it will be become a global concern so this is obviously a covenant now that the new president has named we've got a new foreign minister the new foreign minister is also commented on the environment in the past he said that climate change and global warming is a marxist plot so he's going to be dealing a lot and has already started deal with pale the secretary of state for the united states who came for the swearing in you mentioned there is well another bill to do with crime now there's a new minister of justice in brazil this is sergio morrow who was the judge who was in charge of the investigation of the level just talk scandal this was the biggest scandal to hit corruption scandal to hit latin america ever so this is quite
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a coup for the government that he's on board and he said that the president has said that he needs to get to grips with impunity there's questions about how much they're going to do that this is a. government in which the president's party only has ten percent of the seats in the houses of congress so he needs the gover a wide variety of support to do that he's going to have to give a lot of interest so he can't be courting them out probably on corruption left right and center as well as trying to get them to support him so it's going to be interesting to see how this develops it will indeed john homan with the latest from brasilia thank you well pope francis has given his first general audience of the year and it was a very colorful affair with cuban circus performers showing off their acrobatic. the head of the roman catholic church even joined the briefly spinning a ball on his finger the pope encouraged the group to keep up the good work
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bringing beauty. and now a spectacular display in southern israel huge flocks of migrating starlings from russia and eastern europe have been creating swirling patterns in the sky. the birds gather in flocks known as numeration stew created the splay of shifting shapes and movements a grouping together the migratory starlings find safety in numbers and their shifting collective shape confuses would be predators looks amazing more on everything we've been covering here on al-jazeera on the website al-jazeera thought comb. in the reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump is to meet congressional leaders in the white house to try to convince them to provide funding for his border war with mexico trying to threaten the full government shutdown if
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a budget cannot be agreed but says he is willing to negotiate a partial shutdown has already been in place for twelve days affecting thousands of public employees. we're in a shutdown because democrats refuse to fund the border security. they try and make it like it's just about the wall and it is about the wall i said over the weekend to a number of people that you know the wheel the wall there's some things that never get old it's never going to change the wall is your number one point of security if we had a wall and we will. in india to hindu women have defied a ban on entering a religious shrine the pair walked into the saab temple prompting outrage and protest from hindu conservatives continuing rain is hampered efforts to rescue people stranded by floods and landslides in the philippines at least eighty five people have been killed since the storm was mon wrecked havoc in the center of the
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country a state of calamity has been declared in three provinces which will allow them to get access to emergency funds rescuers in indonesia are facing similar problems after landslides in the province of west java fifteen people were killed there and twenty are still missing when a village was swamped with months six people have been killed in a train crash on a bridge in denmark the great belt bridge connects then marks two main islands it's the country's worst rail accident in more than thirty years. fighting has intensified between different rebel groups in northern syria leaving at least thirty one people dead it's centered in the west of aleppo province where territory controlled by turkish backed fighters meets the area under the control of al qaeda linked. or h.t.s. several people have been killed in the town of that at the analysts say h.t.s. is pushing back against turkish control of the region. those are you made headlines
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i'll have more news for you the half an hour coming up next the street. i am here in the stream a series of events in which white bystanders business owners and employees called the police on black americans as reignited conversations about racial profiling in the united states we explore the realities of living while black that's today live on al-jazeera and you tube to leave your comments in the chat and i'll do my best to include as many as possible in our discussion. many of these that they
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would need to manage each year you are. you're already criminalize when you're wearing black skin says darren martin a former obama white house staffer who was mistaken for a burglar moving into his apartment in new york city story being questioned by neighbors and police for simply being black in an allegedly white space isn't unique nor is the outcry it sparked on social media and we also california a group of african-americans were detained by police while checking out of their air b.n. b. rental when a neighbor accused them of stealing stuff the neighbor was also concerned that the group hadn't waved to her as they left in oakland police were called in a group for allegedly not following park rules and using a charcoal barbeque grill and in philadelphia pennsylvania employees of a starbucks cafe accused two men of trespassing as they waited for a colleague to arrive have a look. anti-racism
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activists say these incidents recall america's history of vagrancy laws which criminalize the presence of people often black in public spaces starbucks plans to close its eight thousand u.s. locations on may twenty ninth to conduct anti racial bias training but is that progress or just p.r. with us to help us explore that question franchesca ramsey is a comedian and author whose new memoir well but escalated quickly tells her story of becoming an accidental activists damon young is the editor in chief very smart brothers sherri williams is an assistant professor of communication at american university here in washington d.c. and via skype in lagos nigeria the day she is a yale university student was questioned by campus police when
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a white classmate took issue with her sleeping in the common area of her dorm building so welcome to this stream everyone so i want to start on my laptop here with a headline says from the l.a. times new starbucks policy no purchase needed to use restrooms or to sit in cafes and they begin this article by saying medical emergency burglary and physical assault these are the few instances in which starbucks is now saying that employees should call the police would you make of it sherry well what i make of that is that in this country we actually have to be instructed on when and when not to call the police on black people because for decades for centuries we have had a series of laws that really have pretty much regulated black existence in the public you know immediately after slavery the black holes were enacted which were a way a series of laws it was a way to continue to relegate black people's presence and really keep them relegated and public spaces then moving on into reconstruction there was the
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conflict leasing system in which black people could be arrested for any my minor infraction and violent infraction you know for doing pretty much anything and then once they came into the. their labor could be leased out to private companies private citizens and one of those things in which they could be arrested for was loitering but then we moved on over into the one nine hundred sixty s. civil rights era in the fifty's and sixty's sometimes civil rights activists were arrested for loitering while they were in the process of actively resisting white supremacy moving on over into the eighty's and ninety's cities across the country were trying to grapple with gang activity so they started to again in act more loitering in vagrancy laws so what they ended up really doing was arresting a lot of black and brown youths who looked like game members because what is a what is a gang member looked like in this contemporary context a gang member looks like somebody who is not white and that was in my home saved. illinois and chicago that that was going down there so
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a whole history lesson thank you very much the same to what you packed in there and i think our audience will appreciate that francesco what do you make of starbucks announcement and this new policy change i think it's strange because i've always understood it to be that a coffee shop is a place for people to chat and hang out and work with the understanding that they're probably going to spend money and so now that they have to outrightly say in response to this major gaffe is really troubling because what it says is that a lot of their employees are carrying around this bias and that it's being supported by their management but also by the police and i just think that it's really sad that we need to have these list situations for them to help them determine when it's appropriate to call the police and also the fact that as white people they have this inherent privilege where police officers are going to believe whatever it is they say about
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a black person and that puts us in danger which is really scary and as you're talking there david before you get in there what we're watching on our screens now is the protests the people who heard about this and mediately took to twitter. then took to the streets and took to starbucks around the country really to protest this statement. or mandate saying don't be races is necessary particularly in a space like a like a coffee shop which you know for people who are in the bay or a part of unities where people go they were the people of color stations. and the fact that there's large corporations yes a total workers you know what you probably should not be racist today. and to actually have a day a day of just telling me no billboards they'll be races they'll be races they'll be races they'll be raises
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a good it's just it's one of those things that just or take a leave the absurdity of white supremacy in of america it's also really frustrating i mean i i commend them on the one hand because like they're trying but there are so many instances that don't take place in a business establishment you know whether it's the people calling about air b.n. b. you know or the woman at the barbecue there's just so many instances where white folks are calling nine one one for no reason i feel like we need some sort of checklist for them you know kind of like the green eggs and ham type of nursery rhyme you know are black people having fun please do not call nine one one you know just make it a little rhyme to there's a little bit scenarios to kind of go through the list we. just might work because that right i mean. i like that you mention other examples i want to share one that our community members actually shared with us this is katherine on twitter she says my mom and i stopped by and house to visit she wasn't home so we waited in eric har
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police were called because we looked suspicious she goes on to say it was another sad reminder that just being black is enough to star suspicion even when doing something in a sense like waiting outside. on this house and in this case that wasn't deadly we have seen other cases where waiting in a car can be deadly that's one example there are a long list a whole host of other. day there's actually an example that you of your. with you became pretty well known for sleeping if you want to tell us what happened yeah. yeah. you know it's. not my dorm and. you know the light came on and about one forty five in the morning . another student was just kind of stabbing at me. are you not supposed to be here why are you sleeping in here. and from my description my friend description of her behavior this time that she almost beat on i i thought it was the same person so i
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asked. the police on my friend with a few months of all the knowledge to start going on about how i'm not supposed to be there and all the. and so she did and so the video that we both my things but. the interaction. what happened with the university have they stepped in i mean there have. i mean for yeah so issued a number of statements. most of them you know talking about diversity and inclusion and how you know we still need to do more work to make it again and he will of our. university to have one. action. not one. behavior. and they have not spoken at all.
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or you know the weaponization of again. the thing that jumped out to me the thing that jumped out to me in that scene is when the student says i have every right to call the police you're not allowed to sleep in that room every right it sounds intitled it sounds privilege what did you make of it when you when you saw this video because of course it's gone viral it's what i make of it is again just this embodiment of this history of white people being able to be around black people when they want to be around them right and if i don't feel like they belong in this space then i have the right to make sure that they are ejected from this space and i think there are some ideas too that we still have about like black criminality and black conspiracy because a lot of these vagrancy laws and a lot of these laws that have existed throughout time really have been about white
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people's fear of black people in fear of black congregation and what black people would do if they come together because i mean i even as a contemporary grown woman in my past twenty years of work in the workplace have even experienced at the water cooler at the copy machine standing with a mother a black colleague or two or three and don't let it be for a white colleague would even say what are you guys can conspiring to do over here what are you guys cooking up over here and i know that was just like a really you know blanket statement the person didn't mean any harm but it just the vokes these id. about black fear and even some of the stores like corner stores in black and brown neighborhoods have these pop policies just like maybe written on notebook paper on the door no more than two people in here at a time two or three people so these ideas of black people being together and being destructive and dangerous are really deeply rooted in the american psyche. you know . i'm not even sure if it's so much even so much of like there's more real fear of like you know ok this black presence here. it's almost as if white people
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consider the police to be their own personal apple care where like black people are like this. just isn't working correctly and they need to call customer service real quick just get rid of problem. or something where they wish someone could clean up really quick. and its thing is when they do that you know while they might be thinking ok i just want the black people removed introducing the police to black people could be a potentially lethal situation and that. you know sometimes we end up good because of these phone calls because of this this annoyance. this feeling of i just don't expect them to be in this space and so i want the removed from out of space because i thought of comparable and the like they can see you nodding there but i want to bring in this comment via you tube live walker says this is been
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going on in america for centuries it is one of the quote don't trust white people warnings given to us by our elders one warning to be careful as they want to give you a record so this is one person's perspective we actually spoke to a former dispatcher about when to call the police and when not to have a listen to christopher carver he's the operations director for the national emergency number association and that's a group that provides policy and education to nine one one centers around the u.s. have a. there are obviously things that are not emergencies that cause challenges for a number. as power outages such as. sometimes barking dog complaints cannot be an emergency would even have examples of calls united states for genset a fast food restaurant where there was a certain kind of fruit that was no longer available in those cases obviously the issue is not one that justifies the use of a life threatening you know
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a number designed for life threatening emergencies however in any other cases where it's never in doubt where the caller doesn't know exactly what's going on and they make that call to nine one one then it falls on nine one one dispatchers to do the best they can with the information that's reported. so francesca dispatchers have to use or judgment but what about the people calling when you heard some of the reasons people are often not telling the truth that's as a huge part of the problem and i think also is that i mean saying i believe that this person has a gun you know that's something that we've heard people call in and say to the police or in an instance with the air b.n. b. i don't believe that usually people who are stealing bring suitcases with them i just think that that's a little strange and so i agree with a lot of that there should be consequences and so if you are making these calls to police officers you should be held responsible for you know the cost of taxpayer
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dollars that are being used to bring out eight and nine ten police officers for a potential robbery and i think you know there is a bigger conversation to be had about racial bias but i think one thing is that money does talk and that if people saw a real financial consequences then maybe more would think twice before picking up the phone to call police about a frivolous incident which oftentimes i think is really just a power play you know with the barbecue situation it really kind of felt like oh no you're going to listen to me and if you don't listen to me that i'm going to call. the police and just because knowing our fraud history with the police that that word automatically shuts down some conversations and people will say well i would like to live today so i will leave you i'm going to go i'm going to see my way out and i think in that situation especially we have so much footage and you can really see that she was. kind of seemingly thrown off by the fact that these guys were not intimidated by her and that's why she was willing to stay on the phone for two
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hours i believe waiting for the police officers and i think she was wasting the time of those nine one one dispatchers who could have been responding to a real situation and so she should face consequences that are video of that playing i want to show this headline here this is the san francisco chronicle even in oakland calling the cops on black people just living their lives and of course because we could see the person who did the calling she has since been me means that look like this people are calling her barbecue back to you that is not her name and money. who did this and you can see her there in the back of dr martin luther king jr the martian d.c. here she is calling on the obama's this person has been in tears all day they tweet that's right i have a right so making light of the situation because sometimes and the only thing you can do is laugh but i want to go to this tweet here this is directed right to your . day wasn't allowed to sleep in that particular room she should have contacted on
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campus staff or the da and i think she's referring to the student who called the police on you but calling the police was blowing the situation way out of proportion and i would just like to know what made they look as if she didn't belong. what do you think it is. you know obviously i think everything that we've had about you know people utilizing the police as their personal apple care is true but also make history of america are you know it's interesting that this fear of black congregation and its fear of even black story is so similar to you know posts where you really air our reconstruction air and you know the pattern just seems so identical this this year you know black people are free they're living their lives we don't like this we should be on the plantation and we should be and for them it's not ok i mean i think if there is something very deep in the white american fight you've got to tell them that
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a black person being free on is a problem and that's a problem that needs to be resolved every time they want and if there are people like you know like sarah not necessarily always right in pittsburgh right now there's like an issue going on and one of the communities that is kind of like small size is this whole conversation where there is very hyper. community celebrity and this community is actually one problem in this community. there's a billboard that has been erected that. each month a different artist has an opportunity to put like a phrase on a billboard and it's just a piece of just a piece of art that exists in a neighborhood people look at the billboards look at the sayings and you know oh that's called us clever and they only think anything of it so a couple months ago black artist got a name of obese or worms lee had a phrase up there to see if there were black people in the future. and if that
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became an issue in the home feeling the. landlord contacted the person who's in charge of all of the solution asked them to take it though there were panels about this there were new articles about this like this was a big pittsburgh deal. why do you think that was. one i think you know as everyone has said so far and. just the idea of blackness right it's just the idea. that there. are a lot of black people. you know and. so there is that. idea that exists is a threat to people enough to make people want to have it taken down so i like that you took us into the future black people exist in the future but i want to move us to the past just for a second because we got a video comment from the dean of the university of virginia school of law and she raises a point that you raised a little bit earlier terry have
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a listen to what she said when you look at these incidents in historical perspective they have a very long pedigree going all the way back to the beginning of this country and in england where there were laws that really essentially made it a crime to be a person who was out of place in any way in the one nine hundred seventy s. the supreme court made it more difficult for the police to use such laws and they struck down a number of those laws but as you can see from these incidents they still continue there are still some laws on the books that are in a similar vein. so she says you know there is a history here which is a point that you were raising do you think though that that's in the minds of people when they're calling the police they can't be there they're not thinking of the fourteenth amendment and what led to it not just the right i don't know what they are thinking about that but i think that there have been just having this built into the d.n.a. of the country and into the system and the laws and there having been an extension of all of this i think is what is kind of evoking in people's minds again so these laws were basically enacted to be able to restrict and relegate black people's
4:42 am
presence in public and that is connected to white people's fear of black people so i think it's really important that we recognize that and i think it's really important for white people to do some work and really recognize that too so when i . i'm making this call what am i actually doing right what i'm what how does this overture really connect to this person's life and just what is going on and especially in this contemporary context you know because it's it's just not the time for people to be calling the police on black people for igs for just simply existing and actually embodying joy because that's why the part incident just really kind of teed me off because i mean you know black people just having a barbecue with frankie beverly in the background that's a crime you know what i mean i mean it it's out of hand but i mean but again this country does have a history of not only just relegating black people but anyone who is not a able body heterosexual white male and there were laws on the books and the anti
4:43 am
vagrancy act in the eight hundred fifty s. relegated the movements of. mexican people out in california there were a series of laws called the ugly laws that existed up until the one nine hundred seventy s. which basically said someone who had a physical deformity or what was perceived as a physical deformity or any kind of physical disability was not allowed to be seen in public so what i do in my media classes is i really try to make connections for students because it's important to know this history in know why if it was illegal for a black person a disabled person a mexican person to actually exist in public then that's also connected to why we do and don't see people reflected in the media and how they are reflected in the media so other than learning history and recognizing and recognizing how it plays into today's scenarios what to do about this you wrote a book yes it is. hold it up and get it out all the way. through the end of the
4:44 am
book you have some suggestions for recognizing privilege and how to tell others to recognize privilege in a way that won't have them turned off because a lot of people might be watching the show and think they're being racist very well i think one of the things i talk about a lot of my work is speaking up and not over and. i think specially in situations where black bodies or marginalized people are. are in danger that's when we need allies to actually step up and i think too often people are very comfortable with just saying i'm an ally and i changed my facebook profile picture to black lives matter but then when i'm in starbucks i mute when the police show up i don't stand up and say actually those people didn't do anything wrong and i believe in the barbecue video there the woman that was filming was actually challenging her you know i think that that's really important because unfortunately those people are not going to listen to my voice and those are going to be situations where i'm not trying to get arrested i'm not trying to be a danger and so we really need people to step up and have those conversations with
4:45 am
the members of their family who might be watching these events and saying well maybe they did do something wrong or i don't understand what the big deal is that's when we need you to step up and explain to the people that you care about the people that you have relationships with that this is not ok so that hopefully they aren't calling the police next time or they are making excuses for someone and i see you nodding there. agree with everything you're saying i mean it's up to them you know because we are not going to be able to infiltrate those like crucibles or white as those living tables those hours those core poles those were unions that are those all white cocoa with potato potato salad. you know we're not going to be able to have those conversations with them and that's when it's. the the white people consider themselves to be. sort of men and women and the ones who are wanting this so yes that's all the time we have so i have to thank all of our guests for having this conversation and for our audience for viewing keep the
4:46 am
conversation going online at hash tag stream. a lot again of some of the control. but it's tremendous fun to potential so i think and he was determined to go on could you do salute the pull into the sword to avenge to eighty eighty is he smashes the frankish on the couch is the king of
4:47 am
jerusalem he sees is the truth crawls and this is the great military victory the crusades an arab perspective that was sold three unification of this time on a just. the latest news as it breaks i'll go inside on both sides of the political spectrum are you know it seems in their criticism of victim in this government with detailed coverage only change so far as to make it explicit that cuba's communist party will remain as the only aki. from around the world the idea of an armed intifada as opposition to the occupation is gaining support that's moving away from different magic negotiations. bigger and potentially more dangerous that's the best way to describe what's happening with the smoking alternative known as favorite i enjoy the taste of it and the harmful effects of what smoking does between two thousand and thirteen in two thousand and fourteen alone we start tripling in use
4:48 am
among us high school students and head to head comparison ysaye versus conventional cigarette which one do you think has helped my opinion i think they're both dangerous take no one else is in. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on our u.s. president donald trump is due to meet congressional leaders from both sides at the white house shortly for a border security briefing trump who made his cabinet earlier says u.s. homeland security officials will make a plea for a southern border war with mexico this is the twelfth day of a partial u.s.
4:49 am
government shutdown triggered by trump's demand for five billion dollars in war funding is a reason why politicians and wealthy people build walls around their houses and their compounds president obama recently built a wall around his compound as a reason for and i don't blame we're in a shutdown because democrats refused to fund the border security. they try and make it like it's just about the wall and it is about the wall i said over the weekend to a number of people that you know the wheel the wall there's some things that never get old it's never going to change the wall is your number one point of security if we had a wall and we will. continuing rain is hampering efforts to rescue people stranded by floods and landslides in the philippines at least eighty five people have been killed since storm and wreaked havoc in the center of the country
4:50 am
a state of calamity has been declared in three provinces to give them access to emergency funds in india to him do women have defied a ban on entering a religious shrine the pair walked into the sabri mela temple prompting outrage and protests from hindu conservatives fighting between different rebel groups in northern syria has left at least thirty one people dead it's centered in the west of aleppo province where territory controlled by turkish backed fighters meets the area under the control of al qaeda linked. or h.t.s. several people have been killed in the town of that analysts say pushing back against turkish control of the region mohammed though has the latest now from gaziantep in turkey. city on rule one it does describe the latest spate of fighting the last in mosul syria in the past three months fight us and loyal to the i'll cut
4:51 am
it out from the hated heya to friedel shaam us a tough cut it out an offensive against tuck his box in and rebels with a view of dividing destroying the free and the loss on the other side of the l.f. or countryside say to have taken control of the threat to dick tal is that the villages around it and now the toughest city and rebels are calling for help from being forced months to try and repulse the offensive against them by the al qaeda affiliates all this comes a little over a week says the president of the united states donald trump announced the withdrawal of about two thousand u.s. troops was stationed in syria there has been a scramble to fill the vacuum that will eventually be left by then with the brutal of the u.s. forces with turkey and iran did in the way tuck your force has promised the united states a fellow much more allies it will deal with not only remnants of i said but also
4:52 am
those al qaeda affiliates and could be the main reason why the higher to to have a shot has now cut it out on offensive on the turkish allies in syria of course talking also wants to cut out an autopsy on the tama of men be dropped has been controlled by syrian kurds and right now we do not know when that offensive is going to happen but turkey has been massing troops such as florida and has put its allies the free syrian army on a wall forty. brazil's new far right government has taken a step towards opening up the amazon rain forest to increased commercial exploitation president shaded both so nytol issued an executive order giving the agriculture ministry responsibility for demarcating indigenous lands the decrease strips the indigenous affairs agency of power angering native rights groups well those are your main headlines i'll have more news in half an hour stay with us
4:53 am
coming up next on al-jazeera its witness thanks for watching. as a masterful artist i'm there with religion very guys man they've done
4:54 am
a lot for the community for the culture of. i had the honor roll with some really good writers so i thought i was a man. as big a lawyer some people put dull as the lovable belief i had of myself. they were known as the harder but that sometimes i was again you know he played a well in law but unlike you a lot of guys got on a grease painted a lot but it was all crap. nobody could copy. i'd say both of them were like. godfathers and choreography. in the eighty's it was mostly about naming it and just giving up. after doing so many pieces of your name you start to think well what else am i going to talk about. think maybe two years ago i had said i want the majority of my life's work going forward to come from my people and i met my whole line people and the people so from then till now
4:55 am
has been this like intense immersion in the culture and learning as much as i can and promise had a big role in that his way of thinking of living is definitely whole way and it shifted how i think. we're still moving as far as who we are as hoeing and at this point in our lives i understand it more whereas if you told me one pound will go i will cheer because i was too busy bee. but now i'm too busy trying to be home why. it blew me away that somebody could do that with spray paint it was a first time i had realized that the hip hop culture annoying culture could make a nice mix. i mean that's the whole reason i connected them in the first place was to find. experts to come in to teach my students. this teacher named from the big island called prime and i and asked us if we could fly out to the big
4:56 am
island and work with his students and teach them how to paint a mural i said hey you know making this million miles project and maybe you could be one of those or yeah i'm millimeters or project where we hope to go to other islands and teach the students how to paint murals mel it means songs so we used to lyrics as the foundation for the mural. and. the. the.
4:57 am
wind focus started school we teach white culture language all within a school day. the vast majority of our population of native horn still are not fluent in our native language is a problem yes those it changed the trajectory of who a future yes it was and so there is a huge movement to shift that to be able to enable our identity to live in to thrive through language. was. for me being whining this time with no hard some people are just really darned mental wanted one time one two or high and someone thought i lived in
4:58 am
a hut. were really privileged to have people who need us to stand around and bring back the ways that we feel grounded in our culture and like any project that i do i have to go out to the broader community to bring in experts and also why i went to them in the first place oh everybody. so much but i hear us trying to hide until prime we've been here i've been painting either of us six seven years now and we've been going down this journey together learning more about our culture and all of that has led up to this series of murals that we're doing called melamine else we can share with you how we paint how we grow each one is going to tow a different story or a different song the students going to choose to translate that into a visual image and then teach them how to paint when i want. to with the kids when
4:59 am
they first meet me really study legal. college girl feed me. gruffydd. show of hands how many of you like writing culture better known as graffiti. how many of you guys know the history. here so let's go into the history part that it's in fort. myers this recollection of hip hop being in point a little must of been about eighty three for once the b. boy seen it here it was like everything else came with we didn't understand why that aesthetic coming from the ark was that way to see a train with your name your voice on it was doing what you could do that that feeling of freedom and exploring that freedom was very exciting. the structure of the artwork it resonated with me so much a pretty girl who told me you and them to hear that you can do it legally for you
5:00 am
know more real is now sort of like ok go home. or just how can we do you mean and then all the commercials profitable prime real estate food commercials talking about pride and they want to read the definition of pride oh they yeah this mean they're. a might do other kind of art so for a boy to hear names like leonardo all michelangelo it's exotic names and all artists got to have exotic me. for a month they play with letters rearranging them until i ended up with not knowing if that meant anything or what my crew loved going to me with because the first thing i would do is look for some way to fight with one person.


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