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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 3, 2019 5:00am-6:01am +03

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that that feeling of freedom and exploring that freedom was very exciting. the structure of the artwork it resonated with me because of my approach and so who told me you and them to hear that you can do it legally so in a more real has now felt like ok go hour. or just diekema calculate you don't mean and then all the commercials talking about prime real estate food commercials talking about prime rib and then when i read the definition of pride oh the yeah that's me man. i thought i might do other kinds of art so for hawaii boys to hear names like michelangelo its exotic names and artists got to have an exotic me. from what they played with letters rearranging them until i ended up with not knowing if that meant anything or what my crew going to be with because the first thing i would do is look for some way to find. one person that i remember. as far
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as twenty he was in the back of a bus showing everybody just black school or university. where he. was like. you know who's prime and who's a prime which is being awarded you can blow prime. blues posing a bit more relief for poor my black book of that you go check this out and he started flipping through. the prime stuff. priming the bar so i can bring. you notice when you see graffiti pieces it's like letters but all any kind. it's about making your letters dance and. you start to get the idea you get an idea you're going to get better at it because we're going to do it more often and you get looser. in high school joining paying teachers she wanted you to explore your creativity in your field and you could get
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in a so when you're considering college i was thinking about colleges that had an option for art ended up at universe just cyrus's school because they had a partnership with the academy of art. i moved to san francisco in one nine hundred eighty six and that was the golden age of writing in the bay area there were a lot of crews a lot of writers and a lot of unique styles being developed at that time. i didn't even realise that i will. isn't good until my first piece and so i was to school and i was like a bowl i suck. me i'm coming from private school hallway so to come from that safe haven to. harsh big city like all you got to get some street smarts pretty quickly you got to get. this writing culture and i think hip hop in general you create a persona you're making something from nothing what were you making you were making
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that name. media sort of the ultimate of ego were all of our names me me me i had that battle mentality of like get smoked or small like you're always chasing more fame or fame . in my mind i was yes. i felt like i kinda. i mean where i was you can only do so much so i became stagnant. trying to challenge everyone and no one would want to trial and you bad no one would want to give you a fight. after a while it just became boring. once i start i started to build
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this fear almost started to be calmed down. and then my second one came eleven months later and then here on machine i. started just working regular jobs trying to focus so much from. mayor. daley and i don't like it. i didn't grow up with the point culture i grew up with my japanese family my mom she's japanese and okinawan my grandparents were born on the island of hawaii my father never met him. when i was younger i always considered myself japanese at okinawa but i always said i was one because my mom still you have this whole way and blood but to say your whole point is very different than to live a whole
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a lifestyle so i didn't have that. i was born in the generation that english became our primary there were so we're picking between one primary. or are traditional sort of traditional ways of living. were just hearsay. so many of our traditions were pushed to the side that we started to lose our own identity in our own. from the time of the overthrow to the time of statehood i mean that's so deliberate to not let generation upon generation upon generation to learn their culture language. are they. speaking why and they also stop their ground so that we and we can rebuild ourselves. now that there's more horn charter schools there's more one piece
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projects they destroy mission is they come back or the start of the comeback how many of you have done this would have before. well there were a mere are you. are you moving like the wind yes ok so what do i know is also. energy. each of our equipment is so rich in such aerated in men and it only we take or our voice not just our language where we take away our ability to sing our own songs we take away their ability to understand what is it really there's. you know why and music is that piece that can still condition the mind in the body to remember. that i think is essential is vital to our existence.
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prime was this guy who had a good name from the eighty's away the writing scene and had disappeared. so mama. guess what your moment. your moan how verity so i was so here's my kids are going to war. and i wasn't it was like what she was doing the bear was doing this new thing called. and i shook my head and then iraq at peace with. what some of what. i know about the world was there from day one about a year later i get a phone call as i write the article check operating seeds. and i did a piece just blew my my own wall i never expected to speak use shown to all my extra money and built wooden paddles on my yard and the way i served out
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was more cook one hundred pounds of state to go show up and just paint the walls but i would have the whole g.'s there so that we communicate with them and the six months time we went from four q.'s to about a hundred and he said we can't. but we have our metro was a road to this repeater website and i told him you know i'm starting up this program in my backyard and if you know any writers this coming from the mainland she said oh my we have. still ended up coming to his house and we've just started to live together. was a kid like just killing it on the street scene yeah definitely i would you know i would just come on we're just going to smash. to be honest i thought this would be like my swan song i'm going to be all these males are on the either the piece i'm out done. earlier i had told you i hadn't met my father so my at the had read the
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obituary saw that my father had passed and this is on a wednesday so by friday i'm on my way to try to catch the funeral on saturday so for the first time in my life i met my whole family just seven years ago. for me a big part was the realisation that i am who i am i mean i have grown up why i mean i have practice when traditions play point. with hip hop hip hop was a replacement for true for our smart morning on morning culture no i understand i am only i want to represent that but i had no idea. what cultural noise when he meant to the point talk about the postcard understanding of point culture i mean we were painting full of dancers and sort of this straw skirt notion of what the white identity is. from there it's gone deeper and deeper into our
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whole culture deeper into the spirituality. that open their eyes to this whole part of life that we hadn't been aware of. this meditation first so there's grounding connecting to heaven and earth asking the land what does it want here with your ancestors why here at all of that changing what i paint so even visually you know i'm more attuned to what do i get in the meditation's and how i put that on the canvas. we may have to help each other figure out what you've got sometimes by talking through it we arrive at some. are so rare. i saw. rebirth. what do you make of that for those of us.
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about the first. visits are people. we. met that's kind of thing where. one. side of. it was being. round about. it's. time and i had painted this mural with a couple of our friends i think two years ago in the area lou. for me i was painting and his daughter. normally should take about two or
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three hours to paint the face and i think i was about four hours in the struggle with this wasn't coming out that was where we first met and too poor she happened to be in town. i mean we are totally a me by everything that we see were inspired and we come up. that we have our secret god yes. she's like i don't want to tell you what to do because you're the art is what i know my poliahu as she starts breaking it down you know her tears like beers and she has this key and blah blah blah and i'm over there like. i'm the art is this going to rock this i'm going to rock it you know or the kind of struggled with it. struggled with it a lot. when i. was really unhappy. can not be in their dress poliahu would never wear her
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hair like that and poliahu doesn't even look all i. that's not only oh. so that was two years ago back home and what a little and now here we are and why me. any another mural. and here goes and. that's the case works the white male middle school we try to teach she was deeply connected to y m l not only herself but she. i wanted them to know that what they put on the mural on. this is the real thing.
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so much energy when you go up to talk because you can feel and see spiritually people there and people who are not there. looking at you. what i got at that moment was that it's not about paying you what i want it's a ball painting community story you know taking my ego out of the equation and thinking what they want. you know learning from the students the water that runs for members down to the
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ocean and there's a particular place that carries stories. and i. stated my intention just to put it out there that i'm here to to be your servant and please with a spiritual flow through me don't let it start with me. he. just started to just float this block everything you know and does receive the energy from. what. i was looking for confirmation on what we're painting under specific. we're talking star out there is treading water and out of the car am i
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see that huge splash. that looked into at the beach and all these guys are like pointing out there are like you know when you're all in the water and a bunch of people are pointing out at something you freak out about what the hell is that. we use seal will still be sticking out of the water you know they look like to me big shock of just like this. and then they started doing this as it was as if they were saying what sign up how does it also yeah. because that was my confirmation i was it everything came full circle i never had any questions after that it was a prophet with two close. future every color you want to use in this book.
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called the must much is saying has now been held in pretrial detention for two years what is his crime. why hasn't he been tried yet why hasn't justice been applied in this case is he detained because he said charnel us as journalism become a crime have moles become a tool to silence was is of truth we will continue our news coverage with professionalism and impartiality our work will remain credible and accurate but journalism is not a crime incarcerating journalists is not acceptable we demand the immediate release of our colleagues or mahmud to same and all journalists detained in a gyptian jails free mahmoud's and all his colleagues we stand for press freedom. water an essential resource for all human coming across europe pressure to
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recognise water is a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very. water privatization on anybody simply kids. people who see everything as something to invest the profit of they want or up to the last drop on al-jazeera. and barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump is to meet congressional leaders in the white house to try to convince them to provide funding for his border war with mexico trumpets
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threaten the full government shutdown if a budget cannot be agreed but says he is willing to negotiate a partial shutdown has already been in place for twelve days affecting thousands of public employees were in a shutdown because democrats refused to fund the border security. they try and make it like it's just about the wall and it is about the wall i said over the weekend to a number of people that you know the wheel the wall there are some things that never get old it's never going to change the wall is your number one point of security if we had a wall and we will. in india two hindu women have defied a ban on entering a religious shrine the pair walked into the sovereign temple prompting outrage and protests from hindu conservatives continuing rain has hampered efforts to rescue people stranded by floods and landslides in the philippines at least eighty five
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people have been killed since storm wreaked havoc in the center of the country six people have been killed in a train crash on a bridge in denmark the great belt bridge connects denmark's two main islands it's the country's worst rail accident in more than thirty years fighting has intensified between different rebel groups in northern syria leaving at least thirty one people dead it's centered in the west of aleppo province where territory controlled by turkish backed fighters meets the area under the control of al qaeda linked. or h.t.s. several people have been killed in the town of bet is a analysts say that h.t.s. is pushing back against turkish control of the region brazil's new far right government has taken a step towards opening up the amazon rain forest to increased commercial activity president cheney had also not all issued an executive order giving the agriculture ministry responsibility for demarcating indigenous lands the decrease strips the
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indigenous affairs agency of power angering native rights groups well those are your main headlines and then i have more for you on the al-jazeera news hour in less than half an hour now witness continues. there's going to be classes of students coming pretty much every hour so it's going to be anywhere from kindergarten to high school as each class of students comes you folks teach them how to. how to do everything so they get culture and through ollie who a lot but i don't think they get enough of this knowledge or like and some of those kids and you know. you think that these kids would just love you know that circle sure they want to do it all the time it's true. i'll make them early.
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speaking what we see to our eyes and it's going to help represent. poirot is. where we're going to be giving us certain skills or more important to me they were bringing something into the community that we hadn't had a long time and those stories we're going to have a visual place in our community we have three walls and each one has a different song that's going to be associated with it and the stories are going to be of people one place what is the song that we've chosen for this one. is not. have a composer here you have. if you look at our land people when you look at all of the names there's most likely stories there's more level attached to them yeah. go
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away i mean need a place where the rain really the simple many but it's about being attached to this place and about knowing your family we always forget work with you on an army to take care of what is around us so that you can take care of what i found that this year i was going to help us to see that. one of the things that the students really wanted in the bureau was one of the shoes. came on or is it ok if i paint you and then i asked her like can you show yourself to me that is see anyone. but i couldn't see her face. right when they started and she who i feel like i was spinning everything was going
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like this in the back but kind. you know like how an old lady sounds would you tell stories that's what it sounded like in my ear i just push in the back of my head see. i don't want to be center of to i don't we just have to have tension. the thing the shoes during the moment is if we're going to honor her make sure that she's not the main focus the focus should be on water. and it makes sense because we're only focusing on one movie and we should be focusing on the bigger picture what is the bigger picture that's above water. so i wanted to bring you over here because what started me. standing for the mile not occurred right there in one nine hundred seventy nine we had a really severe drought here like we had no water and the catalyst dying my dad was
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in charge of all of the water with parker and they went to the rock in a put my arms on it in a you said if you bring rain from my father said i will take care of you for the rest of my life and so will my children i sealed my children in this promise to this poor hospital and to wonder why i'm sure was sitting there i'm sure she said ok i'll take that. if you mean that it's taking. issue really. the two could be really big you my money the reins to these. you.
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all these bus loads of kids are supposed. to milk the cost of the gun because it's henri's really. every single class kid and all the kids go with. that just shows how much more connected to the water. we have not had rain like this for months and months so this is huge for us this is why me and if you're going to put our living history on the side of the building then it's not just what you do but it's what you feel and the rain and the wind is so part of who we are and so you are to me what you have to.
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you don't have to really explain what's going on the wall as if they've never heard of it. they are beginning here in this community to know all their stories. will go. to. you know. still kind of like this you. smile just like. any information that might help them to paint. and he pulls that old t.v. and he wanted to be sure that if we were going to do portraits on this wall that they were going to be accurate and with her younger daughter a couple a who's
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a seer she can give you a very detailed account of how. it looks like. what's its most secret base for the sake. of taking her notes and i'm trying to paint the face my first pascals i can i just do it in black and white real quick so that the kids can feel it in and then for whatever reason the most based on her husband's face they both came out japanese look at the poor like. this looking like my mom. and i'm like. oh oh. oh oh oh. oh. oh. oh oh oh oh oh. i just paint i mean i don't question right
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if you trust right so if you if you trust god or if you trust a higher source then why do you question so that's how i pay my just grab a kind of spray i mean trust that it's going to go. i'm sure it takes a long time to tell and makes you feel about things and think in the primaries so i am going to tell you when i want to tell you then i should just like i'm going to sit here for a long think i'm on it and then tell you who imagine the more water that could. get the. when i lived in california it was me by myself so
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if i missed stuff it was my mistake if i had a success it was my success but coming here in the pain of bar culture. it's more of a sense of almost that these people. they asked my husband and i felt like they were doing the right thing and he says you know if we compared it to the economy or twelve connell you guys are not ok one is a captain one is an r.v. gator the rest of us are your crew automate me and he used to be don't want to see in the dark we are creating chaos he had to be able to see. what the poor helping us i definitely feel like it's pressure. and you really got started the some of the characters and faces of this dead wrong. you know why this
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is challenging is because you're trying to paint someone that you simply can't see a cast see them physically have to close my eyes and try to visualize them. because i have this illustration train used to like pain from a photograph. so that's been part of my artistic development lately. to take what i was young i was trying to prove myself to myself and i also think prove myself to my peers. i think you know you work so hard to build your name and make a reputation for yourself and it cost you relationships a costumer i'm with loved ones. moving to california to the bay area and i really realized how much it changed me.
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in the constant you can be like you on the canvas up you can put a crown on your piece if you can back it up so coming back to hawaii or so battles here i was pushing them pushing and not realizing that. valuing how it is here. in the writing community and the graffiti world this trip will tell you they don't michael because of the way he's played things out he puts himself on his pedestal over everyone else because he's too busy being a king. for people who stay here when you go away they think he left you're no longer holy. they don't know it's still it's in your heart not where you physically are. it's plain to think that my age still got a prove myself to people. ten minutes and.
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i love time because he's kind of like like he can fit just because that's how to imagine he should be changed. i think the film is like a kid in a man's body he always has a smile on his face. how to take negative and turn it into positive or oh no. you know when i see the kids succeed and feel like they're succeeding. or should have succeeded or i'm. well because i didn't have that growing up i want to make sure it doesn't happen to them. because they might. and so i've taken time out to sit with these kids. and say to my so. i wish somebody took the moment you know three years ago. to
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explain stuff to me so i remember to take so freaking long to get to this point i will be helping people along probable if i heard somebody teach me. so looks like a great shift tonight. is how i like to work. when no ones are wrong. i can just really focus on what i want to hear and do both at home getting from russia because i'm one of the big bear. it's crunch time and. it's old habits never die i still like being at night especially when it's nice and quiet like this so i can hear the pain and hear everything around me and. when i hear
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more than. what i've also hear but. yeah it's like. quite. the business with. not one of those people they can see the sense the energy i'm not that gift my gift is in my. what i take him through my ear hold on to my hand in my hands first movie. and that's how i do it.
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the biggest concern for the three walls was our. painting mom awards. you know it's hot and like this. so weird trade off because in the cold it lowers the pressure they can giving you more control but the paint dry slower but then in the heat the pressures like the cans are hot right now so mixed up and. you only can have one. the faces are only about this big i think so in spray paint you know like does break and sprays like this they're going in the face of this takes even you think about how you doing eyelashes and not shows at that size so i had to use a skinny cap. so skinny cap is like the plastic cap they come on top of the can you
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kind of couple holes in it and cut one of the top so that you could stick your finger through it to. the miles over and you could too small holes so that it doesn't let all the paint through it's like a little stencil and then only a fine line comes out like a sharpie. says . i saw him putting on a scales i saw him stepping back i saw him putting on more skills and all this while an hour before nandini and still not been satisfied until he
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finished her hair. and then i felt like the worry in his face and gone away and he was sure because he threw the stories your chance to everybody and even after relationship with her. getting closer. or while. now. that matters to us in. our cars we go home why do you live here right yeah yes so thank you for your help in else you know i have some but i would add which part. you know i don't hear right now i totally i totally are now down by. that.
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we're getting closer we are. talking about some magic stuff like as soon as i finished painting this body that's when it rained i mean it was like hot and sweaty that the and the no where the rain shows up and just dumps it was right when i finished that was like ok thank you ok with it. thank. you. started in the rain to finish in the rain and then fifteen minutes later then the sun came out all that i was sorry for us about i think that was the moment but i realize like. this is amazing.
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it. was. was. oh. it was. it. was was.
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more looking. more look at the note if you can because. of it's not. over here we have our first ball fall on our wall we have the lariats from the method that we first did this man it was written by emma let me case. i came up with the idea of the sun in the moon being held by hands and it's like the water from coming from the hand just like the rain and it's the rain coming down to the i know. we have might not look at her over and we visited the school that might as well as our door said a big star and. this is us at the. in the middle we have are three people in the past the present and the future.
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over here we have the cool laws but we're people just you know to see you know so we can know what you want to move. and know this is the question to you have you seen deeper meaning did you find yourself through it is was did you find your elements your point of. view for years to over in these war. i mean what does one does is it makes us aware there we cannot always do things or the same way over and over and over and think that we're going to evolve as people it helped us to see things in a totally different light not a star is
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a really kind of the united to know that they're on the wall in bold bright colors you can't miss it. are we all transforming and as we do that what we me and what we are becomes so much deeper and that's what's really amazing about being here at this time at this moment as cannot be. in this generation. to mean monarch is in the people. who walk away from the peace. but who are from the people best my heart is my connection to them. there's lots to learn from lots of great sources all of that helps me to acknowledge that ok the ego got me this far i don't really
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need it so much and also i'm on this leave it here let's try going with felt that. this helped me remember. to help me we restore my cultural identity. and so move forward it's my responsibility to help others remember. i'm going to resolve these kids become usual story time. i'm not just me anymore. the norm. because i'm learning more about my whole life size i can be more face to face with my own shortcomings things that i want to change. there's
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a difference between. me. and i'm trying to make more. me. penny still circulating just offshore now from northern queensland and that possibly regenerate and come back in a game or watch the daytime showers are showing up is quite significant but discrete is the heat is still the principal thing the good part of inland australia
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but even sydney reach twenty eight now the same is true in melbourne in a pretty help thirty six so as a heat builds by day you tend to get evening showers and they're all from the new south wales right up through northern territories well out of springs of forty four is halts at twenty i think we can do better than that but it is on the car which side of average to be on is considering we're in summer there's a secular nation's forecast of friday we haven't seen the last of its penny as they might come back towards the coast given on that for you in new zealand the streaming cloud bass quite obviously coming in from the west not from australia or so so this car is a little bit of potential rain for it was just icing for the southern tip of south island otherwise if you want to enjoy a bit of summer twenty three degrees in the sunshine you can do so virtually wherever you are in new zealand similarly it's a quiet spell of weather in japan at the moment as none show a breeze so if you're in the west of honshu it's cloudy weather wise it's looking
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fine. the foreign ministry. the latest news as it breaks i'll go insane on both sides of the political spectrum are you know it seems that in their criticism of viktor orban this government with detailed coverage only change so far as to make it explicit they cuba's communist party will remain as the only r.v. . from around the world the idea of an armed intifada as opposition to the
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occupation is gaining support that's moving away from diplomatic negotiations. over the look of the arrival of refugees is debated in european parliament's record but the journey itself is little understood. to syrians document the route that is claimed so many lives such infrasound cheree to people in power on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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hello i'm barbara sarah this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming out in the next sixty minutes president trump gathers republican and democratic leaders at the white house to make another plea for funding for his border war. protests in india after two women defy a centuries old ban and enter a hindu temple the number killed by storms in the philippines rises to eighty five as rescuers reach cost of communities israel's public security minister vows to make conditions worse for palestinian prisoners and then sports world number one novak djokovic makes his way into the catcher open quarter finals. in the last hour president trump has been meeting republican and democratic leaders
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at the white house for a border security briefing u.s. homeland security officials were expected to make a plea for a southern border war with mexico it's day twelve now of a partial u.s. government shutdown which was triggered by trump's the man for more than five billion dollars of funding for his war as a reason why politicians are wealthy people build walls around their houses or their compounds president obama recently built a wall around his compound as a reason for and i don't blame. we're in a shutdown because democrats refuse to fund the border security. they try and make it like it's just about the wall and it is about the wall i said over the weekend to a number of people that you know the wheel the wall there are some things that never get old it's never going to change the wall is your number one point of security if
5:51 am
we had a wall and we will. get more now from shepparton see who has been following all of this from washington d.c. as she have do we have any idea if there's been a sort of breakthrough at this meeting and when are we likely to get the idea. well we have premonitions at least based on what donald trump said before the meeting that meeting is still underway as you said it was even billed as a negotiation to the white house said it was as you mentioned aboard a security briefing by homeland security officials in the situation room in the basement of the white house where the administration the president conducts top secret and sensitive sensitive missions again that's will part of the the op tic says in that horrible washington of showing that you know this is a this is a national emergency in the democrats to understand it and we have to you know we have to hold firm on this and on trump line even though the statistics show the border crossings illegal border crossings in the southern border at historic lows in fact so that was going down very well with the democratic leadership anyway
5:52 am
because they know they know what the facts or they get briefings to about about what's going on at the southern border but them in those comments to the press off of the cabinet meeting it seemed a dull trumpet completely hollow doom's of the white house position on what would be acceptable to end the government shutdown just twelve days ago mike pence the vice president offered the democrats a two point five billion dollar compromise not including a concrete wall to end to end the shutdown or to avert a shutdown told me didn't even seem to know about that he just said what two point five billion dollars no five point five point six billion dollars is what we're asking for that's for a wall and that's that he wasn't going to budge which again leads to those questions which shouldn't be. a surprise anymore about how do you negotiate with donald trump because people were seeming to negotiate on his behalf including the vice president since the shutdown began or just before the shutdown but even to the don't shop was even aware of that and certainly for his own rhetoric he was going
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to accept accept the compromise anyway of course this could just be the odds of the deal in a tough negotiating position because just added to pessimism in the short term at least i guess perhaps often it pays to be pessimistic if one stickley if one wants to be right so if we do follow that train of thought then where could this lead. well it could be a negotiating position here i was told don't trump his own rhetoric has wavered on what he means by wall has even said look i'll call it whatever they want and the democrats certainly say they're not going to build a concrete wall and you know every now and then says look i'm not even saying a concrete will ever fencing it's autistics. and so on and the democrats have appropriated billion dollars in the past for fencing and things like that so that's one possible way forward but we don't really know we know what the incoming house speaker nancy pelosi says she's going to do on thursday when she takes power and that's policy several bills to reopen the government which won't include funding for the war that will include one point three billion dollars for border security
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but the senate which then has to pass those bills has already said that the job of the republican senate will even to have a vote on these on this we get an indication from the president that if we do post them that he will sign those into law so it's still that impasse out we have to remember that even when both congress both houses of congress that the house of representatives and the senate both chambers were controlled by the republicans he didn't get the five billion dollars for the war that looks all but impossible now but don't trump certainly for the moment at least rhetorically is saying he's not budging so we're back where we were before before we have this meeting she had written see with the latest from washington she have as always thank you. to women in india have defied religious hardliners and entered one of the world's largest hindu pilgrimage sites the submarine temple doesn't allow women of menstruating age inside the shrine despite a ruling by india supreme courts lifting the ban the move by the two women has led to protests and the backlash from conservative hindu groups or such as has the
5:55 am
story. under the cover of darkness and escorted by police these two women defied religious hardliners by entering one of hinduism holiest shrines the shop a remodel temple in the southern state of carola which attracts millions of worshippers ear their historic move is backed by india's supreme court which in september ordered the authorities to lift the ban on women or girls between the ages of ten and fifty from entering the temple. but the temples authorities refused so by by the court's ruling and subsequent attempts by women to visit had been blocked by thousands of the booties supporting the ban conservative hindu groups say they believe women of menstruating age would defile the temples in a shrine local media is reporting the chief priest briefly shut the temple for purification rituals. it isn't clear to me any issue of politics and electoral
5:56 am
politics by am saying days after these two women ended up being shy and dead in a year but dad the baby of the atmosphere in that. piece for. their van these three men very endearing babbitt not object there did not paris is very very peacefully silently allowing the men to go and watch it before that board . the care of a state president of the hindu nationalist party claims that these events are politically motivated the be dippy the bin thing the local government plan what happened there declared a missile destroyed. to achieve the communal. means advantage to be did this. on tuesday millions of women from across the state formed a six hundred twenty kilometer human chain and called it the woman's wall it's an issue that's become increasingly contentious in the run up to india's general
5:57 am
election schedule for me on the door such a party al-jazeera. rescue workers in the philippines are struggling are struggling to reach areas cut off by floods and landslides which have now killed at least eighty five people storm was when hit shortly after christmas devastating central provinces the victims include children and they were mostly killed when their homes collapsed a state of calamity has been declared in three provinces to give them access to emergency funds jimmy has more now from manila on the rescue operation. the main focus remains to be rescue and retrieval operations but local government officials also see the critical part here is infrastructure that is because roads and bridges leading to several areas in the beagle region have been destroyed these are critical because much needed aid needs to be brought as you know beagle province this might be always at the forefront of natural disasters here is seem to be the
5:58 am
best when it comes to emergency response in the past it has always achieved its zero casualty goal but not this time there was not even a declared typhoon but due to incessant and heavy rains several areas suffered landslide there have been triggered by flooding this is something that surprises local government officials here they had protectively evacuated more than twenty thousand people in preparation for this heavy rains but that did not stop this disaster at least fifteen people have died in indonesia after a series of landslides in west java province twenty people are still missing but as mariana honda reports the rescue effort is being hampered by ongoing heavy rain and the spread of yet more landslides. the wall of mud and debris came without warning just before some seat on new year's eve. with about one hundred
5:59 am
people live in the village of tsunamis me it slammed into their homes burying at least thirty buildings many up to the of roofs. only up around to the back of my house and saw the barn turn upside down and then be carried away our source so much soil coming my way very very fast at least thirty five people are thought to have been swallowed up by the landslide survivors and rescue workers for the most part using basic tools they head and to clear the thick mud to find survivors and the deeds but this is dangerous work ongoing heavy rainfall on the unstable soil has triggered at least full more landslides hampering the refits soon it is me village is on the hill one of more than thirty areas within the sukhumi district that disaster relief officials head assist to be at medium to high risk because you
6:00 am
are nothing to create your policy to make sure. you use the way of relief invest is really weiss and. but that's little comfort for those whose family and friends did well still missing. that day my brother was visiting me down at the beach in the afternoon he said he wanted to return to his house i asked him to stay overnight but he said no i'm afraid of the tsunami and then i heard what happened there i came straight away to look for him. and in asia was hit by more than two and a half thousand natural disasters in two thousand including earthquakes. tsunamis slides. on the last day of the year took the death toll. to three thousand the highest number in more than a decade.


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