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we are the french people that fought for the land and we continue the struggle no political party is above the french people. honestly i'm not going to fight because i don't want to fight with people who look down on us who talk to us disrespectfully who just buy something leave us alone anonymously ways one of the protestors strongest demands after tax relief is for direct democracy referendums rather the more elected representatives that worries e.u. leaders just forty percent of french people voted in the last european elections there is a real crisis stuff for presentation and europe is part of it in particular as the open parliament is not so well known by most people it's important to. show much better what true up is doing for people for all people from a high of three hundred thousand protesters nationwide in november to thirty thousand by the end of the year there may be far fewer yellow vests willing to take
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to the streets every week but polls consistently show support for more than seventy percent of french people support the political parties are trying to harness actually saying you know this one thing i think it's putting some on there are topics on the table meaning what actually is in your appearance in your opening and that's for them on the road on a day to day basis only one opinion poll has tested how yellow vest candidates might fare in a european election and it suggested that when twelve percent of the vote and almost all asked would be at the expense of the far left and far right the same poll said micron's republic on the move got twenty one percent of the vote whatever the yellow do the biggest problem might be the yellow vests own base which is so far resisted attempts to create a leadership burnitz with al-jazeera perils still ahead on al-jazeera it was a tight race to the finish at the cross country ski wildcats of benton germany.
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with more in school.
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well argentina is known to have the best polo in the wilds and one of the reasons why is the quality of its horses but it's not all down to nature animal training has become common practice in the sport and as to raise about explains it sparked a heated ethical discussion. polo horses at the most important tournaments in the world they may all look the same except that a few of these horses are clones. they were created here at this center
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fifty kilometers outside when a site has had a man keiser explains that to clone a horse they take tissue from the neck of the animal they want to copy then what's generated out of that tissue is inserted into an empty cell no you cannot just because they don't know that there's no sperm here it's considered a sexual reproduction even though the initial cell we want to clone had a mother and a father. then they wait for a few days to see if the procedure is successful so they can later implant the embryo a nightmare. this fall as you can see here is a clone of course said if playing argentina is polo championship it was created in a laboratory and implanted in this manner it is expected to be as good as the original version of the idea and more has been leading the cloning process in argentina he says that kilwinning has helped them accelerate the record auction
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process of what is considered an exceptional horse so we're ready for this but it's sort of what we cannot clone experiences. what nature does we copy it in a lab and it has inefficiencies it's always an imitation of nature and even though we reset you to start from the beginning we cannot delete the genetic marks in the d.n.a. so it's not crazy to think that the clones are born with more experience than the original animal. considered argentina's best polo player has cloned his mare quite a bit more than a dozen times the mayor and her clones are the stars of every tournament in the country. the discussion over the ethics of horse cloning has forced the polo association to regulate what can be allowed in the industry. there is a big debate eight hundred twenty five laboratories want to mutate change and adapt and that's why our association with the government decided that cloning is one
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thing and manipulating genetically is something else. the demand for horses is what has made this industry and even though ethical questions about animal cloning remain it has allowed some of argentina's best horses to transcend in time. it's time for sport. thank you so much while manchester united's hot streak under new manager ole gunnar sol shire has continued romelu lukaku and marcus rash word scored to secure a two nil win at newcastle in the english premier league the six and sole shares winning streak to forn a row now since taking over from the sacked josie marino of chelsea have missed the chance to close the gap on third place manchester city the blues were held to a goal a straw by southampton at their home ground stamford bridge and fans at burton mis match against watford were treated to a thrilling three three draw burnley and crystal palace are also able to win their
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games away from home and meanwhile liverpool will be in action and a high profile top of the table clash with manchester city on thursday you're going club side lead the standings currently and could go ten points clear of city if they can win. it's the third of january so really it's on it's a very very very important game for both teams obviously and i would use it as motivation for the other team if you are these are these kind of six point games it's like it is to play against each other you can go and pretty much in all directions that's how it is and it's a motivation for them one hundred percent so they will be ready and we have to make sure that we already that's all. i couldn't figure out too much so what happened in the past is going to happen in the future so we tell him when we want to go to the games and the means that it's going to happen in the future to have the feeling
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that everybody can beat us but also have the feeling of we can beat everybody the tennis world number one novak djokovic has advanced the qatar open quarter finals but the two time champion in doha didn't get there without some major slip ups the serb face hungary's martin savage the world number thirty six stunned his more awash tria soprano and by taking the first set six four but jovovich was able to fight his way back after taking the second set six four to be wrapped up the third in comfortable fashion six one. he will play georges nicklaus at best in the quarter finals the world number twenty one seeded fifth for this tournament overcame last year's runner up andre in the second round bust the last really winning this match six three six four. seventeen time grand slam winner rafael nadal pulled out of the brisbane international on the advice of his medical team meanwhile defending champion nick kyrgios almost missed out on the event himself after being bitten by a spider last week it was not an ideal lead up but the australian still competed
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against unseated jeremy charedi for a place in the quarter finals it seemed to be going well for curios who challenge the serve in typical fashion. and it was proved right but after taking the open sets seven six he was bundled out fairly quickly in the next two sets charlie goes through to the quarter finals while that last drops curious out of the top fifty in the world and means home miss out on the seeding at the australian open in melbourne. another home favorite john millman broken grigor dimitrov twice in the second set but ultimately it was the ball garion who triumphed to reach the quarter finals it's good progress for dimitroff who had it for twenty teams. the leaders of sixteen national anti-doping agencies have called on russia to be suspended immediately from international competition russia missed a december thirty first deadline to allow the world anti-doping agency full access to their moscow laboratory what is compliance review committee meets on january
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fourteenth about this but in the opinion of the sixteen national agencies including the u.s. no further discussion is needed in twenty fifteen a wide scale state sponsored doping program in russia was exposed that countries athletes have missed important international events or been forced to compete under a neutral flag and team name ever since. two and being nowhere quiet leonard had a career high forty five points as he led the toronto raptors to a one twenty two one sixteen win over the utah jazz on tuesday the portland trail blazers rallied from nine points down with three minutes left of the fourth quarter to pull off an overtime win over the sacramento kings damian lillard made twenty five point six rebounds and had six assists. and joel embiid was back with the seventy six ers after covering from a source still he scored twenty eight points in one thousand rebounds to lift philadelphia to a one thousand one thirteen victory over the los angeles clippers. it was white out
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conditions for the mass start cross-country world cup in germany and it really was a mass start as you can see there but emil everson of norway was able to make his way through the fifteen kilometer track and he came out on top but only by a hair second place went to russia who was only five point nine seconds behind. that's all your sport for now will have more later well it's not too often that the wilds of arts and science come together but that's exactly what's on offer in the nicest exhibition of dutch artist esha and even if you don't recognise his name it's possible you've seen his work and one of the largest collections of it is now on display in the us. reports from new york his name was mao which corney this sure but most people know him simply by his last name he's considered one of the world's most famous graphic artists his work about fantasy mathematical shapes and playing with our perceptions he died in one nine hundred seventy two but the
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precise sketches and designs by the dutch born innovator are still considered by the scientific community as remarkable something more than just pencil on paper or . this is works what actually a very modern it's very hard to believe that this is computers prove digital age they're very modern looking and it's also there's that math science engineering part of the brain that intersects here with art so it appeals to such a wide range of people the largest collection of asher's art for the first time on display in the united states more than two hundred works shown at the industry city complex in brooklyn new york an exhibition that is also an experience this is an exhibit that very much welcomes the visitor to reflect on as sure as reality altering concepts and exhibit very much for that instagram generation. hash
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tag escher n.y.c. and it's clear the fun the visitors are having with the interactive part of this exhibit it's not the type of exhibition you're just walking around you're actually experiencing at your putting yourself a little bit into estrus world and getting sort of a glimpse of what his mind how his mind worked but even for the younger generations they didn't know a shared by name his art concepts can be found in popular culture from album covers to advertising. and also featured in the simpsons. for an artist who was way ahead of his time who had an eye for the unusual that is still appreciated today gabriel's on do new york. a nasa spacecraft has sent back its first close up picture of ultimate today the most distant celestial object ever explored
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a new high resolution images shows it's shaped like a snowman consisting of two spheres fused together now says new horizons spacecraft swept past the small icy object on new year's day six point five billion kilometers from. you can find in-depth coverage of our top stories including the possible u.s. government shutdown on our website the address for that al-jazeera dot com. that's it for meanest audio tape for this news outlet about twenty about t.-bo will be here in just a few minutes. from
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the carter center. one term begins with but it does not in there no terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat than the regime of saddam hussein this summer that has something to heart they have here a significant problem. and guess what not one. site which found in iraq since the one nine hundred ninety one iraq a deadly deception on al jazeera. if you want to learn what the world might look like very soon regards hundred and hungary's in an extreme example of the predicament the whole world is going through. seems mass immigration story we had paunch clashes between the cultures and the problems that the culture of that these. guys should say some reading to us is or is not
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comfortable with european culture this is not like food fascists. triumphal march dreams of conquest and of global try. this is very very uneventful glide towards the precipice without resistance we are past the danger has already happened. it was then just ten years ago. now this is it. was said about out ways to considering a democratic bill which got out past the chamber at which the president. the u.s. government shutdown continues as republicans say proposed registrations from the
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democrats is a no go. back to watching al jazeera live from a headquarters in doha also ahead at least thirty one people killed as fighting intensifies between rival groups in northern syria a change of tone in brazil as a new president moves to make it easier to exploit the amazon rain forest. and apple says it expects to lose billions in the coming months and it's a u.s. china trade war. u.s. president donald trump has asked congressional leaders to return to the white house on friday after both sides failed to reach a deal to end the partial government shutdown said he's prepared to let the shutdown go on indefinitely unless he gets funding to build
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a wall on the border with mexico she has a report from washington. the garbage cans were overflowing outside the white house on the twelfth day of the partial government shutdown inside the president had convened his full cabinet to extol the virtues of his wall and blame the democrats for a budget impasse that donald trump and said he would take full responsibility for just a few weeks earlier i will be the one to shut it down i'm not going to blame you for it he then spoke to the press and though to be said he was now insisting on five point six billion dollars for the wall not even the two point five billion for a barrier but the white house had offered democrats as a compromise once the shutdown began. this. could be a long time and it could be quickly could be a long time it's it's too important a subject to walk away from later in the afternoon the democratic leadership made its way to the white house for the first direct talks with the president in weeks however this was organized as
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a border security briefing by department of homeland security officials and as a negotiation clearly the president was continuing to frame the shutdown as a failure of democrats to understand what he says is an emergency at the southern border even as illegal border crossings are at historic lows and after the meeting the democrats said their plans have not changed they are now feeling the heat it is not helping the president it is not helping the republicans to be the owners of the shutdown well as the president to open up government we are giving him a republican path to do that why would he not deal with incoming house speaker nancy pelosi has made it clear that she intends to pass several bills in the house on thursday to reopen the government with one point three billion dollars for border security but no funding for troops wall but to end the shutdown the senate will need to post those bills as well and the republican leadership there says it has no intention of even debating them as i've said consistently for the
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last two weeks. they said it was. considering a democratic bill which got up over the president. the president didn't receive five billion dollars for the war when republicans controlled both houses of congress now that power is split that goal seems all but impossible more talks are being planned for friday she ever turns the old to zero washington so let's let's get let's get the latest now from mandy gallagher in washington d.c. and so now the democrats say their introduce new legislation today to try and there's a rather to try and end the shutdown but already the republicans are saying is a waste of time so what next what next is that this impasse seems to have no end at the moment what you've got is a president who views his pledge to build a wall as a matter of national security and this is not politics the president donald trump he wants to build this wall this was his signature promise to his supporters and he
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won't budge he wants his five point six billion dollars he talked earlier about not for two no half billion dollars which was put forward by mike pence he's put that one aside he wants five point six billion dollars or nothing mitch mcconnell who's negotiated lots of these government closures in the past over a long career is basically shrugging his shoulders and saying look this is not on the republican party i can't fix this this is donald trump he wants this money and he will not budge on this issue the republican the democrats on the other hand are offering over a billion dollars to enhance security on the border not to build a wall they're dead set against that so what we have is a government closure you need already got the joshua national tree park is closed because the toilets are overflowing that could go on for at least weeks so this could go on for a while i was going to ask in fact what impact is that likely to have if the longer this goes on. well you got eight hundred thousand workers at the moment who are furloughed they're not being paid some are still voluntarily turning up to their
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jobs all that means is national parks and museums are closed it means the department of homeland security and those people that work on the border aren't being paid either this is not playing very well with the american public i think a lot of people are fed up on this issue but on the trump's base this is something that he promised them he would do he thinks walls work he wants to see that war go up over the u.s. border and it seems at the moment that he will not compromise and not take anything but the money that he wants but there's a big power change coming in washington d.c. nancy pelosi will be speaker of the house from thursday because the democrats have control of the house and now with that major shift in power the likelihood that on trying to get the money for his wall seems even further away thank you for that and agalloch a life for us in washington d.c. . chris garcia is a political commentator and former u.s. commerce department official in the trump administration he says donald trump will likely get the funding he wants for the border war where the public supports. this
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is an issue that the president believes is about national security it's not just about immigration or illegal immigration for that matter this is a national security issue that the president frankly didn't campaign on but this becomes about democrats saving face as they take over the house come to thursday what we're going to find is that with each passing day democrats become more and more i would say the owners of this shutdown because the president did say in the oval office meeting with chuck schumer nancy pelosi that he would own the shutdown if there was not funding provided for border security however what he's now done is he's switched that around and said well now that we have the house in control with democrats in control of the house it's now their responsibility to fund the border wall it's now their responsibility to have border security under their tenure so it's a very interesting move the president pulled here and i think it's very similar to some of his foreign policy negotiating tactics that he's used and we'll see that we will see the fruit of that in the next coming days i think the president's going to
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allow this to run its course knowing that full well he will come out victorious he's well on his way to a victory here and frankly with eighty percent of the american people agreeing that border security is a significantly important issue in the united states where it costs perhaps i believe upwards of two hundred billion dollars each year to not have a secure border the president's asking for a mere five billion dollars to fund that wall and i think that most americans as the polls will show agree with that. in other world news at least thirty one people are dead after days of intense fighting between two armed groups in northern syria it's happening in parts of two provinces aleppo and. fighters in turkey backs rebel forces a blaming each other for starting the violence is a worse fighting in this part of the country in three months meanwhile u.s. president donald trump has described syria's war as sand and death while defending his decision to withdraw u.s. troops from the country speaking at a cabinet meeting on wednesday trying didn't provide
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a truck timetable for the military exit he announced last month against the advise of his defense chiefs but he did say he wants to protect kurdish people in syria trump's been accused of abandoning the kurdish y p g who have been key allies in the fight against eisel. faster or slower that is what is behind. you know what somebody said four months but i didn't i didn't say that either i'm getting out we're getting out of syria look we don't want syria obama gave up syria years ago when he didn't violate the red line i did when i shot fifty nine missiles. but that was a long time later so syria was lost long ago it was lost long ago and besides that i don't want we're talking about sand and death that's what we're talking about what we want to protect the kurds never the less we want to protect the kurds but i don't want to be in syria forever it's st and it's death
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not in her chemise director of the center for middle east studies at denver university he says it's clear donald trump isn't listening to his top advisors. i think there's just a lot of you know concern and you know consternation about the absence of any sort of u.s. strategy with respect to the middle east with respect to syria with respect to the potential of you know greater conflict in evolving as a result of this rush to see a decision. one thing that is clear though i think that we can learn from these recent comments both today and on december nineteenth when trump announced his withdrawal is a trap is very much his own man he's not listening to you know john bolton he's not listening to his generals he's making his own foreign policy and he's read really catering to the isolationist stream of the core base of american supporters who support him roughly thirty percent right or wrong and he's very much his own men
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brazil's new government has announced a major policy overhaul including a move expected to open up the amazon rain forest to increase commercial exploitation the country's new far right presidential aide above scenario issued an executive order giving the agriculture ministry responsibility for demarcating indigenous lands that it creates have seen this in a safe as agency of power which is angered rice quotes the government has also promised to introduce in an anti-crime bill next month john homan has more from the capital of resilience. president but also not overt only just been sworn in really when he started to try and take action and come good on his campaign promises one of them was not one centimeter more of land for indigenous reserves and he signed an executive order that all intents and purposes made that happen there was obviously outcry from indigenous leaders who would see this is the thin end of the
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wage at the moment it doesn't affect established indigenous reserves in the country but they fear that a president who's made no secret really of his plans and decide to develop brazil's natural resources would then move on to that next the agricultural minister the new agricultural minister also came out and said that brazil had too many environmental laws the agriculture ministry at the moment is really in the hands of the agri business lobby who would also like to develop and stop farming on the brazilian countryside remember that more than half of this country is made up of the amazon rain forest also the new security the new justice minister came out and said that the president but charged him above all other things to try and deal with impunity this is a country that's coming off the back of the biggest corruption scandal in latin america in the new president bill to not zero.


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