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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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house knows stories of three young women challenging the world around. al-jazeera selects. this is. a low i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up. we could call a national emergency and build it very quickly. talks between u.s. congressional leaders and the president failed to break the government shutdown deadlock because donald trump insists a border wall will be built. we as you know have been pressing for justice in
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the case for months now. the u.n. human rights body calls for an independent investigation into the jamal khashoggi murder. thailand's first tropical storm in three decades hits the south east coast causing destruction and flooding. and we'll tell you about the human rights defenders pushing their lives on the line to combat armed groups in colombia. in support of a joke of riches suffered his first feats of the new tennis season the world number one was beaten in the semifinals of the cuts are open our reports are brought ceased of groups. welcome to the program our top story president donald trump says the partial u.s. government shutdown could last for more than a year if he doesn't get funding for
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a wall along the u.s. border with mexico the shutdown is now in its fourteenth day and has meant hundreds of thousands of government employees away without pay or not at all but trump insists he'll call a national emergency to build the wall and has also pointed out that his policies of let the u.s. economy added three hundred twenty thousand jobs since december. we're very proud of the jobs in the job numbers it was incredible and i think i'll be even more proud if we could have great border security for the first time in really the history of our country the southern border is a dangerous horrible disaster we've done a great job but you can't really do the kind of job we have to do on less you have a major powerful barrier and that's what we're going to have to have we can call a national emergency because of the security of our country have saluted you know we can do it i haven't done it i may do it i may do it but we could call
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a national emergency and build it very quickly and some who have doing it but if we can do it through a negotiated process we're giving that a shot will trump made those comments following emergency talks with congressional leaders at the white house they cues tromp of holding the american people hostage senate minority leader chuck schumer insists the u.s. the issue of border security must be separated from government funding we told the president we needed the government open he resisted in fact he said he'd keep the government closed for a very long period of time months or even years. the discussion then despite we discussed a bunch of issues as the leader said that was somewhat contentious and we'll continue discussing of course but. it's very hard to see how progress will be made unless they open up the government we really cannot resolve
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this until we open up government and we made that very clear to the president services are being withheld from the american people paychecks are being held with help from people who serve the needs of the american people and our border security will suffer if we do not resolve this issue we are committed to keeping our borders safe. that has always been our principle to honor the oath of office that we take to protect and defend our country and our constitution. we can do that best when government is open we've made that clear to the president. apache call his following all these developments for us and joins us now from washington and pass he could this really go on for months as president trump seemed to suggest in that meeting with leading democrats today. well theoretically it could go on for months a year seems like a bit of
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a stretch but keep in mind the holidays have just gone we've just gone through the holidays the american people haven't really been engaged but this is a huge number of workers we're talking about eight hundred thousand federal workers it's only part of the federal government but it's eight hundred thousand people that in the coming days are not going to be getting their paychecks those people know people those people go to businesses they won't be doing that anymore so the pressure is going to build the longer this goes on and the president has a problem he has control of the senate but it's not a huge margin so if enough republican senators say this is hurting us politically they could go ahead and vote for the bill that the house passed which basically funds most of the government except for homeland security that funds it for a little bit longer so they can negotiate over the border if they get enough of those republican senators to put pressure on the senate majority leader to bring it for a vote if they get enough votes they could override a veto so it's possible that the president could end up seeing the government funded and he still doesn't have his wall is damaged by this politically if the
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shutdown drags on the republicans or democrats. right now it's and again it's still early because as i mentioned it was the holidays and not a lot of people were paying attention over new years but right now the early polling indicates that president donald trump is seen most of the blame there's a new poll out that shows democrats could be shifting to democrats but that's only one poll still much too early to tell but i think it's the broader context is important if you look at polls on the possibility of building a wall on the southern border obviously that's a huge deal for the president's most ardent supporters we've seen conservative media attack the president which is why he went from saying i'll sign this bill to say sign this bill because they were basically saying you will lose your base so his base likes the wall but the vast majority of americans poll after poll say they don't think a wall is necessary they don't want to spend any u.s. money on it after all the president said mexico was going to pay for the wall and
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the longer this goes on the more you're going to see video of president trump in the oval office was before the holidays he went on camera and he said fine i'll own the shutdown put it on me i'll hold that mantle so that state that the democrats can play over and over and over again so right now you see the president try and tweets to say this is the democratic shutdown he's on tape saying this is my shutdown that's going to get more play the longer this goes on so while the president is made it clear he's worried about losing his base if he doesn't from the wall democrats have made it clear they believe they were sent here to stop him and if there's one thing that fires up the democratic base is the idea that the country would put a wall that now has all sorts of connotations because of the way the president has framed it on the campaign all right thanks very much for now. in washington. well you know all the developments in washington today the u.s.
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secretary of state is to seek an update on saudi arabia's investigation into the murder of jamal khashoggi next week during a trip to riyadh she was last seen entering the saudi consulate in istanbul in october said there was no direct evidence connecting the saudi crown prince mohammed bin to the. seven day middle east will also include visits to the united arab emirates egypt and cattle jordan has more now from washington. it's going to be holding a couple of strategic dialogues while he is in kuwait and qatar he's going to be talking about security issues namely syria iraq the situation regarding iran the ongoing efforts to try to broker peace between the israelis and the palestinians and he is going to be looking at more local issues and as well areas where are the u.s. like able to ruffle some help we know for example that he will be raising the question of the ongoing rift within the gulf cooperation council or g.c.c.
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while he is meeting with officials in qatar during his trip eight days eight countries a lot of work is facing the secretary of state on this his first full fledged trip to the middle east or has visited saudi arabia the united arab emirates and jordan before in his first year but this is first full trip to the region certainly the secretary is going to find himself answering a lot of questions about what kind of posture the u.s. is going to have in the region once the president's desire to pull u.s. forces out of syria takes place he's also going to have to answer questions about the u.s. plans to withdraw half of its troops from afghanistan the leaders in the region have a lot of questions about whether this means that the u.s. is going to be changing its security relationship with them relationships that have been built up over the better part of forty in some cases fifty years and so he
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will be having a lot of discussions with regional leaders about how the military drawdowns are going to affect the security posture and really affect what the expectations can be not just from the united states but from countries in the region as well very much a key part of his travels the discussions about syria and afghanistan. well you know it's meant of pompous trip came a saudi arabia held its first hearing on casualties case with the death penalty being sought for five of the eleven suspects but the trial has already been criticized by the u.n. human rights office describing it as not sufficient mike hanna has more on this now from u.n. headquarters in new york. well the un making very clear that a one cent independent international investigation into the murder of jamal khashoggi a spokesperson for the high commissioner for human rights insisting that it's impossible to adjudicate on the impartiality of the process underway in riyadh the
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trial there of the eleven suspects in the murder beginning this week the spokes person had this to say we are not present in saudi arabia to be able to assess these trials and we can't give an assessment of the trials ourselves we as you know have been pressing for justice in the case for months now. and we've been calling for an investigation independent investigation with international involvement and this has not happened yet now while we are aware that a trial has taken place in saudi arabia this is not sufficient first of all and second of all we are against the imposition of the death penalty in all circumstances a number of human rights organizations have also cost out some of the legality or impartiality of that process in riyadh also calling for some kind of international independent investigation into the murder but the situation is that the u.n.
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is quite capable of michelle such an investigation by itself all it requires is one of the legislative bodies of the united nations the security council of the general assembly to give a mandate to the secretary general to start such an investigation however it would appear that un members are looking for some kind of political cover they want one of the interested parties in the situation to approach the security council or the general assembly and make such a request the interested parties turkey and saudi arabia it's unlikely it would appear that saudi arabia would make the request turkey has insisted that it does want some kind of independent international investigation headed by the united nations but as yet it has not made an official request to any of the united nations bodies. well in all the stories in the region eleven people from the same family have been killed in as strikes carried out by the u.s.
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led coalition against i still in syria local sources as saying that the attack happened at the village of. province it's close to iraq's border and is an area is in an area controlled by i still it comes as a joint investigation by al jazeera and the intercepts reveals the u.s. military's intensified its bombing campaign against isis in the region since president trumps announcement of the withdrawal of america's troops report says the fiercest attack in the past week happened in acushla the village on the euphrates river is held by eisel fighters and in the northwestern provinces of aleppo and in syria fighting is escalating between rebel groups and there are clashes have been reported throughout this area between the al qaeda linked to reassure and the turkish backed national front for liberation dozens of people have now been killed in the worst rebel infighting in some three months so
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a great deal to discuss and places say that joining me now is jeff stacy a former u.s. state department official who also acted as a foreign policy adviser to both obama and hillary clinton and the presidential campaign thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us and so we were speaking about the state department announcing secretary of state might pompei o's trip to the region it comes at a very challenging time for the united states just after the announcement of u.s. troops from syria also on certainty and confusion over america's future role in afghanistan what will pump ayos priorities be on this middle east toll. the priority will obviously be walking back president trump's announcement of a withdrawal from syria we basically are seeing something between either a considerable slowdown of this so-called withdrawal or a complete cancellation of it without an official announcement to follow that by
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all appearances the israelis have been even more effective than people like senator graham in persuading the president that he was making a mistake with this and already the cost to u.s. credibility has been considerable because we've seen the kurds basically already reaching out to both moscow and the syrian regime so even if the u.s. stays which it looks like it is now poised to do we still have and media and massive fallout from probably the worst decision the president has made on foreign policy yet in this administration. in making this announcement argued that he was simply keeping a promise that he made on the campaign trail so it should not come as any surprise that was his argument in any case but are you saying that while we are unlikely to see a reversal in this decision that the timeline for withdrawal will be very very slow
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at least very slow and it may not happen at all. you're already seeing secretary of state home page to come out and make a very broad claim that the u.s. will prevent the turks from slaughtering was his word of the kurds now that got a sharp rebuke from the turks not surprisingly but that is yet the latest piece of evidence that this is shifted that and without any sort of announcement from the president that that's what in fact has happened nonetheless even if the u.s. stays in place and they have they've been assisting the s.d.f. on the battlefield they've taken additional key towns from isis just in the last couple of days the syrian regime is not all the way in there as they've announced they are so we've got a situation where the fallout has been considerable the u.s. credibility is falling fast even if this withdrawal is canceled. what are we likely to see in terms of the gulf crisis because we know that is going to be visiting
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cats on the u.a.e. egypt how strongly is this going to feature on the gender and what sort of conversations might he potentially be having with his saudi counterparts. so there obviously is going to be a little bit additional and you know investigation of the khashoggi proceedings who exactly is going to be held accountable in this sort of thing in a way the saudis are really advantaged by all the focus on syria now it's taking away most of the media pressure on the regime there in riyadh so that's already a positive for them but i suspect you're going to see them in the saudis themselves are very concerned about what's happening in the rapidly shifting events in the syrian theater they have been getting a little closer to damascus surprising a lot of people and now they're probably going to support the u.s. sticking in there and maybe even if by chance the u.s.
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were to leave they would be tempted to intervene themselves at a later date and of course we've seen iran try to take advantage of this already and in doing so and setting up forward bases closer to the golan heights we've seen the israelis demonstrate that they're not going to allow that to happen either all right thank you very much chased stacy joining us that from washington my pleasure . so i have for you on this news hour from london arcus downs prime minister begins his first official visit to ankara going to bring you all the latest on that also coming up and on conveyor unconvinced by their government's assurances sudanese protesters rally off to friday prayers in the country's second largest city. and in sport the grand slam hopeful missing is next to work at the start of the new tennis he's.
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now thailand's first tropical storm in three decades has killed one person has it made landfall on the southern coast on friday. has knocked down trees and utility poles but is fast losing speed thorough the risk of flash flooding still remains holiday makers are being advised to avoid the tourism hotspot with ferries and flights suspended on the popular island of coasts a movie from their florence louis reports. tropical storm public unleashes its fury on southern thailand meteorologists say the timing is unusual as it's well outside of the monsoon season. made landfall in the province of new concept on friday hours earlier than expected the government issued a maximum alert warning for the area officials had given orders days ago to start releasing water from some reservoirs in the southern provinces to lower the levels and reduce the potential for flash floods thousands of people living in low lying
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coastal villages have been moved to higher ground. schools are shut with some buildings turned into emergency shelters the oil and gas industry has also been affected more than two thousand workers have been evacuated from offshore rigs on coast some an island north of new concepts both ferries and flights have been suspended yesterday we went back from our boss the morning. because we planned to come back from somewhere. today that they said they stopped on yesterday afternoon power supplies have been disrupted in some areas the eye of the storm was initially forecast to pass through coast some that it's changed but we're still feeling the effects of tropical storm it hasn't stopped raining and the waves are much stronger than usual and people have been
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told to stay out of the water. the storm is losing strength as it crosses southern thailand and heads into the on demand sea but the amount of rain it dumps in the region still means that a threat of severe flooding lawrence louis al-jazeera. now pakistan's prime minister has told the president of turkey he wants to strengthen the relationship between the two countries ahead of his two day visit imran khan has already agreed to transfer schools set up a lend to a turkish charity turkey blames glen's followers for an attempted coup in two thousand and sixteen. reports turkish president john and pakistan's prime minister him on hama arrived at the presidential complex and after friday prayers this is homs first visit to turkey since taking office and there were many issues to discuss the law of the connection between turkey
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and focused on the. i want to stress. the we want to dig this relationship to a much higher level. a level that so far has not been reached trade relations between turkey and pakistan have gained for mentum in recent years with agreements reached on weapon sales worth billions of dollars this meeting between add-on and hun comes just weeks after pakistan handed management of schools associated with the turkish business mentor to look given to turkey's mari foundation tricky because this killer who's been in the united states since one thousand nine hundred ninety off a massive mining it failed coup attempt in two thousand and sixteen and his supporters of attempting to overthrow or john's government failed to do. so we've expressed our satisfaction with the decision of the supreme court of pakistan regarding the terrorist organization the fact that the supreme court of pakistan
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has declared a terrorist organization and the transfer of girl in the schools to the armory foundation are welcome batters. trick you want school and extradited from the us a request that has so far been turned down straining relations between washington and ancora but us president donald trump has promised to study the case at the legation from the u.s. including f.b.i. have presented this has been in turkey and been briefed by tradition persecutors about goodman and his supporters involvement in the failed coup attempt the u.s. delegation spent two days in the turkish capital they attended trials of the coup suspects and were given recordings f.l. idjit discussions between fact a lucky man and his followers in the army and denied of the attempted coup the spike the recent softening by the u.s. some turkish officers doubt washington has any intention of extraditing good men but is just trying to gain time and possible leverage with turkey over policy
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toward syria and elsewhere in the middle east so now because solo al-jazeera and kyra. moving to sudan now where police fired tear gas to disperse dozens of protesters chanting anti-government slogans as they left a major mosque after friday prayers the incident took place in durham and it was smaller than all the demonstrations we've seen in the country over the past two weeks the protesters want president to step down they're blaming him for rising food prices and government corruption at least nineteen people have died so far since the unrest began last month morgan has more now from khartoum. once again we've seen people coming out today to protest against president obama to share and demand that he step down and his twenty one year rule that was all started two weeks ago when people started complaining in the city a lot about about the rising price of bread and other living commodities they say that inflation which is about seventy percent is quite high and very unbearable for many of them that quickly escalated into protests demanding that the government
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shut down president obama was here has been very defiant in the process thought that he said he was going to try to improve the economy and yesterday he spoke to civil servants saying that he's going to increase their salary so that living conditions become better for them but people have been saying that they've heard their promises over and over again now let's step back and see what three weeks of protests have done to sedan major institutes major indication in cities have been closed down social media platforms like twitter facebook and whatsapp have been blocked by the government so that people cannot call for protests that is still happening despite the government shutdown of social media so people are saying that they will continue to protest and i think the national says at least thirty seven people have been killed but the government is the feeling that figure and says only nineteen have been killed and several have been injured in the process but people have been very defiant they say they will continue to protest they say they will continue to demand that the president step down and the president says he's also going to be very determined to stay in power until elections in twenty twenty so it's not clear where this would end and how long it would go on for but what is a fact is that president bashir has never had to face protests this long before he
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has faced protests during his rule yes but never for this long and he seems to be very confused about how to handle it because people have not given him much of an option besides stepping down something that he's not going to do so this may be going on for a while before solutions are found if ever there is one. well still to come for you on this news hour america's disappearing drug stores are looking at why health care experts is sounding the alarm of the so-called pharmacy deserts and low income areas. will be making the iraki king of the five thousand year old game of damage but how much longer can its of mind in the digital age and then later in sport will hear from one of the teams getting ready to make a debut in asian football's biggest international tournament.
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welcome back to your international weather forecast well plenty of weather here across much of the eastern and southeastern parts of europe we have several weather systems talk about first of all down here towards the south several weather systems are making their way through parts of greece turkey as well as into the black sea and that's bringing a combination of winds rain and snow to many of these locations as well as this other system making its way from the north across the central and eastern part of europe this is going to bring plenty of snow across much of that area and then when we go from saturday to sunday a big drop in temperature for many locations out here we're going from above average to below average and below zero for many of those locations with warsaw only reaching a high of about minus four degrees there well that same weather system is going to cause a big problem here across much of the eastern mediterranean winds rain across much of this area is going to be lasting for several days are here on saturday anywhere from tripoli been gazi all the way over here towards cairo even over here towards parts of the middle east we are going to be seeing some very windy as well as rainy
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conditions and we can't rule out the possibility of flooding this could be happening particularly out here towards the east because there's still more wins in the forecast for the temperature there are fourteen degrees tripoli about fifteen tunis clouds in your forecast as well as rain we do expect to see a temperature of sixteen. in a four part series a russian filmmaker travels across his homeland to discover what life is like under putin many russians view put him into somebody with a difficult job rather than an authoritarian leader with imperial ambitions and many critics of putting equally critical of the west meeting with russians from across the political spectrum under a neck wrestle discovers a complex attitude towards that country's leader and his policies in search of putin's russia are now jazeera the latest news as it breaks in a poll just out sixty five percent of people said that they think it will do
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a great or a good job with detailed coverage is the second time this year doctors walked out on strike the governess funded by issuing suspension. from the around the world increased warning level calms a blow to the thousands of people displaced by the tsunami of wanting to return home. welcome back a look at the top stories this hour president donald trump says the partial u.s. government shutdown could last for more than a year if he doesn't get funding for a wall along the u.s. border with mexico trump insists he'll call
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a national emergency to get the five billion dollars of funding needed. president trump has been holding emergency talks with democratic congressional leaders at the white house and they have accused trump of holding the american people hostage. and in our other top story u.s. secretary of state my parents seek an update on saudi arabia's investigation into the murder of jamal khashoggi next week during a trip to riyadh his seven day middle east tour will also include visits to the united arab emirates egypt and castle. well more now on our top story deadlock over the u.s. government shutdown i am joined from washington by bruce fein who is a former u.s. associate deputy attorney general is also the author of a book called constitutional peril the life and death struggle for our constitution and democracy thank you very much for taking the time speak to us so talks today appear to have ended in failure though there is a plan in place for each side to. continue negotiations over the weekend
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do you see any possible space or room to maneuver. well the answer is yes and no if that doesn't sound paradoxical on the one hand there are really endless number of compromises you could go from five billion to two billion you could combine some money for the wall in exchange for more relief for the so-called children who have been here for many years undocumented and give them citizenship or you could delay deporting those who are given temporary status here because of hurricanes and other natural disasters in foreign countries there's ways that you could and that propose new legislation that could perhaps focus on more family reunification is something that the democrats would want perhaps in exchange for eliminating a lot of the anyway the permutations are endless and i think it's an earmark of how polarized the situation is politically and how both the democrats and republicans
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think they are gaining that they engage in this kind of kabuki dance it has nothing to do with the actual incidence of illegal immigration the wall isn't going to cut it it's just a symbol out there and i believe that's why mr trump said this could last for a very long time it's not that they're not options for compromise out there neither side wants them because they think their advantage in their political base so in that case who has the most to lose from digging in their heels and sticking to that position. it's hard to say i mean on the one hand because three quarters of the government remains fully funded and of the remaining quarter half of those are essential personnel that shows up the pinch on the american people is not pronounced if you look at it as a nation wide phenomenon obviously particular individuals may lack wages they may not be contracted but that's
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a tiny percentage in general i think that the president is held accountable for things that happened on his watch and probably there's greater risk to trump then to congress which is more of an opaque institution and it's more difficult to pin accountability on the house or on even the democrats as opposed to individual who occupies the white house the net as mr trump and we know that this individual. thrives on. he does not shy away from a fight and seems to becoming even more and trans intransigent do you think he really could use his emergency powers to build that rule by diverting funding from from the defense department or elsewhere could he use that option potentially if he doesn't get his way well under our constitution you know he can spend money that's only been appropriated by congress he can't just decide you know take out of a lump sum money and push it around from agency to agency so i think there would be
12:34 am
a very very pronounced illegal constitutional problem if he just tried to raid other funds and build the wall it's obvious that congress has refused to appropriate money for the wall that's what this shutdown is about and for him to claim well he doesn't need it any way suggest that the whole thing was phony why didn't he raid the money a long time ago why is he waiting right now and negotiating with the democrats if he thinks he already has authority to grab the money and build the wall anyway so i think that would be a legal constitutional debacle for the president if you attempted that endeavor. two thousand and nineteen is going to be interesting isn't it thank you very much bruce fein for joining us there from washington thank you for being latin america governments and canada are not going to recognize nicolas maduro as the president of venezuela and he's due to start his second term next thursday him not to take the oath of office space had proper democratic standards would not
12:35 am
allow the cheering his reelection bid around the sanchez brings us more now from lima the foreign ministers of the fourteen countries and members of the group decided not to recognize. our next president to take over office again on january the ten. election didn't comply with international standards it was not transparent it didn't have any opponents and it didn't have any international observers group decided today higher ranking officials from the ministry of government will not be allowed to enter any of the member countries it was expected in the last few weeks that at least peru would break diplomatic relations with ministers foreign minister said that they are increasingly worried about the humanitarian and political situation in venezuela foreign
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ministers said that to the country's urge president to step aside and do not take office again and generally the. every third day a community leader or human rights activist dies in southwest colombia that being dog being targeted by armed groups vying for land that can be used to cultivate drugs and the rate of killings has spiked significantly since the signing of the peace deal with fogge rebels two years ago. the reports now from. hundreds of the nurse indigenous people attend the funeral of edwin a young community leader he's the latest defender of human rights shot dead in the kalka region of colombia his brother says it's only seen we're speaking out he made a strong statement against armed actors at a community meeting and sentenced himself to death as they say they were there that day but who knows which ones they were they could be any of seven different
12:37 am
criminal groups dissident rebels paramilitaries and other armed gangs fighting to control this land for the lucrative cultivation of coca crops the plane to use to make o'kane. any legal gold mining at the thousand and sixteen peace deal with fired grabbled ended the decades long war against the government but left a power vacuum that the state as failed to feel. indigenous leader and senator. has received death threats for denouncing the criminal groups activities. he was given an armored car but no body guards. we don't know who will be next it could be me a family member or a companion we are living in constant fear of what can happen in any given day the norden cow can degenerate association has compiled a list of the death threats received by its members but says the government needs to recognize the systematic pattern of the attacks. at the board of the there's
12:38 am
a killing every day indigenous social leaders human rights defenders we are denouncing the government's lack of attention. to. the overall number of killings yes fallen since the signing of the peace deal but the same is not true when it comes to community leaders and human rights defenders four hundred have been killed since two thousand and sixteen one hundred sixty four in two thousand and eighteen alone. under pressure the government invited the special reportorial from the united nations on a fact finding mission he met with hundreds of community leaders and victims of attacks i mean you can only admit that some wow it's a systematic against the founders want to blame the government but. really. the government of president says many of the problems date back to the previous administration but unless more is done people will
12:39 am
continue to pay the ultimate price for speaking out. private data belonging to hundreds of german politicians including the chancellor angela merkel has been published online information leaked includes home addresses mobile phone numbers credit card details and invoices it's not clear whether the officials were targeted by hack or victims of an internal leak the only political party not to be affected was the right wing a.f.p. stolen data was published on twitter in december but only recently came to light dominic cain has more from berlin. we know that more than nine hundred politicians from almost every party in germany have been affected many of them from merkel's christian democrats or from her bavarian christian social union allies but it's not just politicians who've been affected here one interesting line it's being
12:40 am
reported by several different agencies is that the form that the attack took was rather like the advent calendar principle in other words on the first of december a particular twitter handle was putting at information sensitive information about people in the public eye and that every day that went by there would come a new revelation as it were of details about specific individuals then from the twentieth of december it's reported that the attack took the form of attacking politicians releasing politicians details then from the twenty eighth of december this particular source on twitter went cold went dark as it were it's now being reported that the specific twitter account has been closed the question will be who is behind this there's a lot of speculation in germany this morning as to who might be or might not be responsible for it but people are very impressed by the way this is being done and there are as i say lots of questions asked not that many facts and certainly the
12:41 am
twitter account concerned seventeen thousand followers not anything at all since the twenty eighth of december closed this morning that element closed but certainly the investigation is very much open and although as you say angle americal confidential details have not been late very many details of very many of her colleagues have been and so as i say a great deal of questions being asked by federal sources right now. it was a muse from india where a third woman has entered one of hinduism is holiest shrines breaking a centuries old tradition that women of menstruating age on wednesday to forty year old women became the first to access the. temple in the southern indian state of carola follows the supreme court's decision to overturn a ban on women aged between ten and fifty in september conservative hindu groups have shut businesses in whole to transport across carola in protest reports of one person killed and over two hundred fifty others injured. well now in the united
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states health care experts are warning about so-called pharmacy deserts from oregon on the west coast of baltimore in the east low income and minority neighborhoods are left without local drug stores and with the widening scope of services pharmacies offer in the us an increasingly important pos of the national health care system john hendren reports from chicago. for miles around every pharmacy has abandoned reader johnson's neighborhood on a summer day i really could walk to the one that was too far from here and. they close with the one in. to find the medication she takes for cancer in a recent spinal surgery she now makes a winding five mile trek on public transportation some of her neighbors have neither the patience nor the money to make it. welcome to the pharmacy desert the place in major american cities where garbage strewn like urban tumbleweeds before
12:43 am
what used to be corner drug stores it's a growing phenomenon in poor minority neighborhoods across the united states it racially motivated to me because they've all mainly closed black and latino communities it is in neighborhoods like these that the u.s. opioid epidemic is at its worst addicks suffer an opioid overdoses are often left without access to the lifesaving drug narking this man survived because these police officers were nearby with a ready dose you may have a child that's on the money so what if that child does not have a local pharmacy in their area and they can't get that rescue inhaler. patient in the emergency room or the outcome may be worse. chicago's cook county hospital system has tried to fill the gaps with mail order pharmacy but mail order doesn't provide the counseling in-store health clinics flu shots and other services
12:44 am
local drugstores offer pharmacy professor deem a cut too says for pharmacies it's simply a business decision to leave areas where more of their clientele used government insurance if an area is not profitable you know they just leave like any other business when when you think about reimbursement rates for pharmacies with public insurance versus private insurance it's much lower cities are increasingly becoming a land of drugstore haves and have nots while there are pharmacy deserts on chicago's poor south and west sides the affluent north side is a pharmacy with a drug store on one side often directly across the street from another. re needed johnson and her neighbors are left hoping the longer distance they have to travel doesn't mean the difference between life and death john hendren al jazeera chicago . now where a five thousand year old boardgame is in danger. sure of being forgotten delma is a traditional game similar to checkers that's popular around the world but the
12:45 am
iraqi version is struggling to survive in the digital era as imran khan tells us the simplicity of fails to get the attention of the youth growing up with flashy video games. shaykh mom is in his seventy's but he is a champion in the streets of appeal the defacto capital of the kurdish region of northern iraq he's playing a game that's five thousand years old people here consider him to be the undefeated king of this ancient strategy game. that i learned how to play the game when i was only thirteen my father and grandfather used to take me to watch dhamma playing as part of st tony mounts my fascination grew day by day to the game and i've become a professional player they sold a as you can see the game is only played by older generation and the younger ones have different tools to play with. diseases and the only one who tries to keep the game alive as homage to this land is ancient past from the time before iraq even
12:46 am
existed sure mahmoud a below is a historian who loves the game because it's easy to learn but to master. the. dharma is a game that requires training of the mind patience and strategy which only the senior citizens possess nowadays in order to play such a board game while the younger generations are more occupied with social media platforms the game is now merely played by the old as opposed to the young as they consider it a folkloric an archaic game. played very very well social media is popular gaming is also popular across iraq in cafes like this it's no surprise that games like dying out from the competition is this online video game is that a multiplayer that you can play against anybody in the world with an internet connection for most of the youth they've either never heard of or it's a game that they barely remember. but isn't that the game my grandfather used to play i don't remember it we live in
12:47 am
a different era we play online. although the game of dharma may be dying out and isn't as popular as before the social aspect of gaming remains whether it's. computer games old board games people always gather to spend some time. respect things really haven't changed over the years. but looking at. black people. or the japanese. thing is a way into the history books. that still i am. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates to you by qatar airways going places together.
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now in zimbabwe white farmers who lost everything under the former government's policy to redistribute land to black people say compensation plans fall far short of what is needed is skeptical about ever seeing any money from the cash strapped government. tacit reports now from chair go to ben three says returning to the farm that was seized from his family nine years ago is difficult he's distraught to see the farmhouse in such a state and doubt zimbabwe's government will keep its promise to pay fifty three million dollars to compensate former white commercial farmers i believe what is happening is government is. trying to make the right noises in order for the international community to come in behind them and say we are prepared to put money
12:50 am
into this but they're not serious about it the compensation is for improvements made to the farms such as dams and tobacco bans but farmers who lost everything say fifty three million is nowhere near enough it's estimated zimbabwe's kastrup government needs at least nine billion dollars to compensate four thousand displaced white farmers government. funding. but with. just. the right truly. compensating whites is not popular with some black war veterans who helped force the farmers out there that say much of the good land will to senior officials in the ruling party just. because i don't have lent him and.
12:51 am
we don't have named so forward from us to be considered i feel i mean it's an insult the commercial farmers union says several farms are overgrown with weeds and wild grass on this land the sunflowers maize and mangoes that were once here are long gone this used to be a four bedroom house and this was the kitchen the taps or over there they've been removed people who came here took the tiles and the sink so and whatever bricks they could find the house traced all the way back there that used to be the lounge and the living room for bend free compensation if it happens is not enough he says property rights and the rule of law have to be respected otherwise history will keep repeating itself. al-jazeera zimbabwe time now for years andy thank you so much marion will not
12:52 am
a joke of it has suffered his first defeats of the new tennis season the world number one was beaten in the semifinals of the cats are open. to a good joke of each other pretty frustrating night in doha against the pirates twenty four in the world the reigning us open and wimbledon champion beaten here in three sets by his spanish opponents both building up to the first grand slam of the year as the australian open which starts on january the fourteenth. good will face thomas burdick in the final on saturday the checkers being without a title since twenty sixteen it's laser marker check in at zero in straight sets. now germany's alexander's very of be joke of it in the title decider of season ending a.t.p. finals the world number four yet so win a grand slam but he's looking good in his preparations for melbourne guarded germany into the final of the hotline cuts him event despite this slip against matt at the novel stroy went on to win this match. and his country will take on
12:53 am
switzerland in saturday's five. now argentinian football legend diego maradona has been admitted to hospital in point as areas after suffering from bleeding in his stomach maradona had been undergoing routine examinations ahead of his return to mexico where he's the coach of second division gerard us the fifty eight year old has suffered numerous health since he retired from playing he collapsed at last year's world cup while watching argentina beat nigeria and some pieces are. now a top cut three football official had his entry into the united arab emirates delayed by twenty four hours ahead of the asian cup which begins on saturday syed omar hannity who's also vice president of the asian football confederation wasn't around to take his flight from oman to the u.a.e. the qatar football association has now confirmed that arma hannity is in the country cats or is still under a blockade imposed by the u.a.e. saudi arabia bahrain and egypt all despite that blockade the man in charge of world
12:54 am
football says he's still open to the idea of catalyst twenty twenty two world cup being shared with saudi arabia and asian cup hosts the u.a.e. the for president gianni and francine and wants to expand cuts us tournament from thirty to forty eight teams while earlier on we spoke to football writer andrew was sure about how likely that expansion is in how armor one of these delayed entry reflects on the organizers. you know seldom have know how to eat. is not only the the organizing. director of the competition but he's also an a.f.c. vice president which only increases the embarrassment as far as the organizers are concerned because it's asia's showpiece international tournament but what would like to think that this is a one off incident and the tournament can progress smoothly though i understand he wasn't the only person who was. initially at least refused entry to the u.a.e.
12:55 am
so it does it it does smack of some kind of geopolitical. shenanigans look it's very important that the usa could on a good show at this event it's asia's trying to intimate it's at the same time of year as the world cup will be it's roughly the same temperature as the world cup will be in qatar and all eyes are going to be on asian football in all things asia as far as this is concerned over the next four years this idea of sharing has got issues it's got problems number one who are could not get a share if extend their neighbors then we're fully aware as all of us are of the geopolitical tensions in the area who else could they share with if not saudi arabia if not the u.a.e. well possibly they could share with omar and maybe even turkey but that's really a long shot or yemen of qualified for the tournament for the first time in their
12:56 am
history the lowest ranked team in the competition are great with iran iraq and viet nam the security situation in yemen means that domestically there is suspended and the national team that's a play all the home qualifies in qatar one lover of conditions backer everyone but this has become normal players are trying to focus on doing good. they want to charge you the third and i think stuffing generates creativity this is our goal in the coming days or yemen will take on three time champions iran in their opening game run of the top ranked team of its formats but haven't won this title since one thousand nine hundred seventy six. surrounds her up to star koala leonard got a less than friendly welcome on his return to san antonio. doesn't mean forgiven for taking the decision to leave the spurs in the off season he did score twenty one points in this game but it wasn't enough for a run to win for the toronto player to moderates in his first career triple double
12:57 am
leading me to i want twenty five to one of seven victory it's the spurs tenth straight win over toronto at home. and it was a battle of the western conference powers in california james harden helped his side the houston rockets defeat defending champions the golden state warriors had his fifth straight faulty point game and he scored the game winning shot with just a second left in overtime to get the rockets a one thirty five to one thirty four win. and japan's rio kobayashi is insights of some ski jumping history this win at innsbrook in austria saw him complete the third of four wins required to claim his sport's equivalent of the grand slam only two of the jumpers in history have completed the four hills clean sweep. ok that is how the sport is looking for now let's get back to mary i'm in london i love the thanks very much andy well that wraps up the news hour for
12:58 am
you but remember there is always our web site for the latest news and sport this is the address al-jazeera dot com i will be back in just a couple of minutes time with a full bulletin of news stay with us. it was one of the biggest bank robberies of modern times with over eighty million dollars stolen from bangladesh a central bank one of one east investigates how cyber hackers infiltrated the global banking system and on al-jazeera. called the muslim which is saying has now been held in pretrial detention for two years what is his crime. why hasn't he been
12:59 am
tried yet why hasn't justice been applied in this case is he detained because he said china lust as journalism become a crime have moles become a tool to silence weiss's of truth we will continue i news coverage with professionalism and impartiality our work will remain credible and accurate but journalism is not a crime incarcerating journalists is not acceptable we demand the immediate release of all colleague mamu to same and all journalists attained in a gyptian jails free mahmoud's and all his colleagues we stand a press freedom. the book the arrival of refugees is debated in the european parliament's. but the
1:00 am
journey itself is little understood. to syrians document the route that is claimed so many lives searching for sanctuary to people in power on al-jazeera. talks between u.s. congressional leaders and the president failed to break the government shutdown deadlock as donald trump insists a border wall will be built. hello i'm maryanne demasi in london you know with al-jazeera also coming up on the program. we as you know have been pressing for justice in the show g.


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