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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2019 5:00pm-5:35pm +03

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russian war i mean city and war more needs is what is happening at the moment is there is a support from the where they have been good they get things done by enforcement from the through syrian army forces who are in a free inside and hopefully they will be able to gain some more. rights hopefully they also happening in in in there on the banks hold that if i your great is religious where. i still are still saved to be hiding the american forces are really. cut it out more products than ever seen before and now with the hope that they're going to get us much of the job completed before they are asked to withdraw mohammed thanks very much venezuela has accused the u.s. of plotting with a regional bloc to overthrow president nicolas maduro government more than
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a dozen foreign ministers from latin america and canada have said they won't recognize my daughter was president if he's sworn in for a second term next week the lima group says elections in may will not credible underscoring for power to be transferred to the national assembly until a free vote can be held. varian republic of venezuela express is great bewilderment at the extravagant declaration of a group of countries of the american continent which are receiving instructions from the united states through a video conference have agreed to encourage a coup. has more from. the foreign ministers of the fourteen countries members of the group decided not to recognize. next president to take over office again on january the tenth they said that the election didn't comply with international standards it was not transparent it
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didn't have any opponents and it didn't have any international observers group decided today that. officials from the government will not be allowed to enter any of the member countries it was expected in the last few weeks that at least. would break diplomatic relations with the. foreign minister said that they are increasingly worried about the humanitarian and political situation in. foreign ministers of the countries urged. to not take office again. still to come here. human rights defenders colombia we look at the unintended consequences of a peace deal with the rebels. and hong kong reporting on the. artwork behind one of the city's traditional games is disappearing.
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from a fresh breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello get a welcome back to international weather forecast with this i want to take you over here towards poland notice we're seeing a lot of clouds on the map that also has a lot of snow as well and this is what it's looking like in southern poland as we have seen some very heavy snow push through over the last couple of days actually so high that the snow drifts in some locations have been about five meters high we're going to sing some more snow and avalanche warnings are in place across the area fifty people have had to be rescued because they were stranded at certain lodges across much of that area over the next you days the snow is going to continue across much of eastern europe here's the copa right here we have an area of low pressure just to the east and a lot of snow is still continuing to make its way down here across much of the
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central eastern parts of europe today so that is going to be a big problem still affecting that southern part of poland down here towards the south we're looking at are a combination of rain and snow that we really have been watching of the last couple days across parts of greece as well as into turkey as we take a look what's also happening across much of the area going into the end of the weekend a lot of that activity continues across much of the south tempters appear towards the north get a little bit colder we are talking about warsaw at minus three degrees kiev at minus four in vienna high temperature of you of about two degrees there. the weather sponsored by qatar and peace. i am a tradition every weekly new sanko going to see you simply breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the outstanding least that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the
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media focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most embarrassing is a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera linings presumably these are your headlines so far today president trump says the partial u.s. government shutdown could last more than a year if he doesn't get funding for a wall along the border with mexico he's threatening to use emergency powers to build it if congress doesn't meet his demands. the u.s. says it doesn't believe saudi arabia's version of the murder of the saudi judge mr malvo the u.s. secretary of state might pompei i will continue to push the saudis for answers when he is in riyadh next week. and members of the religious minority community
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appealing to the u.s. to not withdraw troops from northern syria a report by the free foundation is warning if washington doesn't leave syria before i saw this defeated the armed groups will make a comeback. thailand's first tropical storm in thirty years has left one person as rain wind and searching seawater uprooted trees and brought down power lines is now weakened to a tropical depression but the risk of flooding does remain thousands of tourists were left stranded when airports and ferry services were shut down before storm made landfall thousands of residents were also forced to evacuate louis has been following developments on the island of. we're seeing a loss of lives at a minimum and really it appears to be the worst of the storm has passed and. the storm has moved on see it has already been downgraded to a tropical depression still bringing rain and winds but nowhere near as strong as
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when it first made landfall on friday afternoon. and sun has just come out it was raining this morning but it really appears that the worst of the storm is over this is also a part of the world where it is quite common to receive heavy rainfall at this time . people. in the rain and the waves in the much stronger than usual but there was a sense that this was even though this was unusual this was something that they could very well cope with and their worst fears have not come true we've. seen really very little the worst affected areas really seem to be. where these tropical storm made landfall on friday. it was just the reports that we're getting is that dozens of houses were damaged power supplies were interrupted temporarily because electricity poles. but loss of lives have kept. speculations
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historic visit to south korea by the north korean leader kim jong un improving relations are having a marked impact on the heavily fortified border that separates north and south korea correspondent broad traveled to young pyongyang island a short distance from the north korean mainland. from its observation points you can clearly make out the coastline of north korea just twelve kilometers away and at times of extreme tension young pealing island has found itself in the sights of north korea's guns eight years ago it was the scene of an artillery jewel that killed four people and wounded nineteen others the most serious clash since the korean war today the same waterfront is that peace following a year of diplomatic engagements between the leaders of north and south korea. for many of the two thousand people who live and work here things have never looked so
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good you know until the good things should improve for better kim jong un wants that sort of one day and given that most feel free conciliation things will improve you know but the fractious history of into korean relations makes others more cautious talking. with their track record and it's possible that they might change in an unpredictable way so i don't have complete trust. today the only sound of gunfire comes from the firing ranges of the marines who are based here. the shelters that people are taught to run to when the event of an attack are chain didn't locked. one of the houses destroyed in the attack has been preserved as a memorial the disputed maritime border has long been a flashpoint between north and south korea in addition to the shelling of twenty ten there have been deadly clashes between naval vessels near here but the
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remarkable improvement in into korean relations in the past year is having a remarkable impact on the heavily fortified border separating the north and the south. guard posts along the demilitarized zone have been dismantled and the numbers of weapons facing off against each other reduced. assuming the process continues the fortifications of young people going low and could eventually become part of a bygone era rob mcbride al-jazeera young people island south korea hundreds of police were deployed in melbourne and australia were far right groups rallied against crime they believe being committed by people of african descent the activists met at the populace and killed a breach of what they call a discussion of melbourne's youth crime problem a counter demonstration was held by a group supporting multiculturalism kathy novak has more now from that ronnie in melbourne. well demonstrators here in melbourne are on the move in the beachside
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suburb of st kilda police have been trying to keep the two sides apart far right nationalist on one side and pro multiculturalism groups on the other the far right groups said they came out to protest what they said is a spike in african crime on the beaches there have been more reports of violent crime here in melbourne and there's been a lot of focus in the media on african australian groups or the other side say it's not fair to paint the entire community with the same brush and they say they have come out here in support of immigration and of the african australian community the us system floyd eighty military stuff after a disputed presidential election in nearby democratic republic of congo president trump says the troops will support the security of u.s. citizens and personnel in case of violent demonstrations after results of the long delayed election on the cleared preliminary final results expected on sunday vote
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counting is still underway but the three main candidates of all declared they won the vote catholic bishops fielded the largest group of election observers they say there is a clear winner and they're demanding that accurate results be declared the u.n. security council met behind closed doors to discuss the vote. intimidation and harassment against journalists opposition candidates and human rights defenders continues to take place and this being a very sensitive as i said very tense period we are concerned that these efforts to silence dissent could backfire considerably when the results are announced and we are watching carefully and we are calling on all sides to refrain from the use of violence in the southwest of colombia community leaders and human rights advocates are being killed at a rate of one every three days they're being targeted by armed groups fighting for control of land to cultivate drugs but the rate of killing has increased since the
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government signed the peace deal with the fark rebels two years ago. the reports now from kolkata. hundreds of dinners indigenous people attend the funeral of edwin a young community leader he's the latest defender of human rights shot dead in the kouka region of colombia his brother says its only sin was speaking out he made a strong statement against armed at a community meeting and sentenced himself to death as they say they were there that day but who knows which ones they were they could be any of seven different criminal groups dissident rebels paramilitaries and other gangs fighting to control this land for the lucrative cultivation of coca crops the plane to use to make o'kane. any legal gold mining. at the two thousand and sixteen peace deal with rebels ended the decades long war against the government but left the power vacuum
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that this state as failed to fill. indigenous leader and senator. has received death threats for denouncing the criminal groups activities. he was given an armored car but no body guards. we don't know who will be next it could be me a family member or a companion we are living in constant fear of what can happen in any given day the norden cow can degenerates association has compiled a list of the death threats received by its members but says the government needs to recognize the systematic pattern of the attacks. at the board of the there's a killing every day indigenous social leaders human rights defenders we are denouncing the government's lack of attention. to. the overall number of killings yes fallen since the signing of the peace deal but the same is not true when it comes to community leaders and human rights defenders four hundred have been killed since two thousand and sixteen one hundred sixty four in two thousand and eighteen
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alone but under pressure the government invited the special reportorial from the united nations on a fact finding mission he met with hundreds of community leaders and victims of attacks i mean you can only. somehow it's a systematic against the founders want to blame this government but. really. the government of president says many of the problems date back to the previous administration but unless more is done people will continue to pay the ultimate price for speaking out. a fish has been sold for a whopping three point one million dollars in turkey as famous. sushi producers and wholesalers have been known to pay massive sums for the biggest of the best but this is the highest price ever on record so this fish market reopened in
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a new location in time for the annual. in days gone by the holiday season would be a good excuse for a game of hong kong but the younger generation with their mobile phones and computer games often play craftsman and women who hand make the toils for the traditional table game or drawing out of. the cash flows once a familiar sound in almost every hong kong neighborhood marjon was so widely played it became synonymous with the city's culture but over the years as gambling lost titans and the younger generation lost interest in the march on tables that are once seen everywhere started to disappear and so did the intricate handmade tiles that define the game i'm a is one of the last three margin artisans in hong kong and the only woman left chiseling away at the blocks they say i don't know why i'm working on this it's like a walk down memory lane it is like
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a cassette player which allow me to replay my favorite songs again and again. she grew up in this tiny shop under the stairs of a dilapidated building and has been working here since the age of thirteen she inherited the business from her father in the one nine hundred seventy s. when business was booming now the handmade tiles compete with cheaper factory made ones and electronic versions. we gave them our drawing to be part of every day life it was the center of social gatherings almost every home had a set but now it's become more of a novelty even a collector's item and a reminder of hong kong power in one of hong kong's oldest neighborhoods a youth hostel is dedicated to keeping the city's marjon culture alive because looking anywhere in hong kong is photos so not many family they can afford to put a mile long table in the living room that's why they have the last chance to play
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macho when they go out of course now many young people they prefer to focus on their mobile phone more than take a miss with friends and family who. margarine is played by four people around the table they line up the hundred fourteen pieces dissuades and sequences by choosing and discarding tiles first to complete a full set in a particular order where. the hong kong government listed mahjong tile carving as part of what it called the city's intangible cultural heritage but that hasn't stopped the decline in getting him away no matter how much i want to hang onto this beautiful art that i know the end would come she says no younger craftsmen or women are joining the trade it is a fading heritage and she wants to keep going as long as she can if you go palin hong kong.
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this is not just the top stories president trump says the partial u.s. government shutdown could last more than a year if he doesn't get funding for a war along the u.s. border with mexico is threatening to use emergency powers to build it if congress doesn't meet his demands. the u.s. says it doesn't believe saudi arabia's version of the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei will continue to push the saudis for answers when he visits riyadh next week. members of the religious minority years e.g. community are pleading with the u.s. to not withdraw troops from northern syria a report from the free years e.d. foundation is warning if washington leave syria before i sill is defeated the armed group will make a comeback thailand's first tropical storm in thirty years has left one person dead as rain wind and surging seawater battered the country's southern coast is now we can to a tropical depression thousands of people have been left homeless florence louis has more now from the island of. we're seeing a loss of lives at
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a minimum and really it appears to be the worst of the storm has passed him by the time that department that the storm has moved into the andaman sea it has already been downgraded to a tropical depression it's still bringing rain and winds but nowhere near as strong as when it first made landfall on friday afternoon and here on personally as well we're seeing services resumed to normal and sun has just come out it was raining this morning but it really appears that this storm has that this is the worst of the storm is over. venezuela has accused the u.s. of plotting with a regional bloc to overthrow president nicolas maduro his government more than a dozen foreign ministers from latin america and canada have said they won't recognize madieu role as president if he's sworn in for a second next week the lima group is calling for power to be transferred to the national assembly until a free vote can be held the tensions run high when the far right and pro immigrant groups rallied at one of melbourne's famous landmarks the demonstrations were held at the populace and killed to be shown the heavy police security the far right
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groups were protesting against melbourne's youth crime problem they blame on people of african descent they were opposed by groups supporting multiculturalism those are your headlines up next it's the listening post i will see you very soon. whether online i want to start here on my laptop with a tweet or if you join us on sat there was a rush of adrenaline will be felt this is the moment that we have been waiting for this is a dialogue the government has cool bass and i legal protest i will start to police these forces to disperse the crowds everyone has a voice in for votes it flows into for reasons different types of bricks or join the global conversation on al-jazeera. but i'm going to fight back but i'm going to work good morning.
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