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tv   Searching For Sanctuary P2  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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the fall maybe because of lack of money but the fact is you don't see. what the park is do money is not impressive. he says there are thousands in the wild where he gets some of his stock. forty don't use are sold of every week in this rural market on average what prices ranging from fifty to one hundred fifty dollars per head. in northern nigeria long commute is not the many but the highs are valuable to traders who come here to buy the animals and with more and more donkeys being killed there but it's having been done by the elderly because young people have moved to cities to find what. former owners such as. regret they sold their animals. the life is tough without it don't you get used to the help you get from. old people like me are used to living with them that's our source of
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transportation. a member of parliament who says the animals may soon join the growing list of critically endangered species is pushing for a law to save the remaining stock. their fate may lie in the hands of small time breeders such as muhammad a couple. breeding a donkey is tough and easy at the same time the pregnancy is long nearly a year feeding it is hard work and. it probably will take more than people like him to save the animals neighbors such as needs you have already stopped exports of life donkeys. it's questionable whether that and other measures will be enough to save the dependable dog. but you breeze. nigeria. zero when we come back. artwork behind one of the city's traditional games is. looking to spring an
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upset in the opening much of the asian cup we'll hear from in a sport more on that stay with us. from the carter center. the latest news as it breaks in a poll just out sixty five percent of people said that they think will do a great or a good job with details coverage is the second time to see
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a doctor has walked out on strike the governor signed about a single suspension. from the around the well to the increased warning level collins is a blow to the thousands of people displaced by the tsunami and wanting to return home. welcome back now a bluefin tuna has sold for more than three million dollars at auction a record breaking price was paid at tokyo's new fish market but there are warnings the species is close to extinction reports. the price of fish went off the scales at this auction in japan yeah the giant bluefin sold for
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a record three point one million dollars at tokyo's new fish market it was bought by the man who calls himself the tuna king the owner of the sushi is on my restaurant chain yoshi camorra and was an opportunity he couldn't miss the time them one by one of the i expected the highest it would go for was hot for a million but it didn't got five times more expensive oh gosh. the enormous two hundred seventy eight kilogram fish was caught off japan's northern coast it's not the first time camorra has paid the highest price for a bluefin but in two thousand and thirteen a similar fish only cost him one point four million dollars on you know what about the tuna looks so tasty because it's fat and looks fairly fresh it's a good to enough but i think i paid too much. known as the one most pacific bluefin usually sell for eighty eight dollars a kilo. sushi made from this torpedo shaped tuna could cost upwards of three
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hundred dollars apiece. tokyo's world famous true keiji fish market closed for redevelopment after its last auction in october it'll be a parking lot for the twenty twenty olympics the new tell you so market was built on the side of a former gas plant on tokyo bay it holds seven hundred fish merchants and businesses and provides more than ten thousand jobs. and i sincerely hope that the first new year sale is generating a big interest and it will become a symbol for a uniform to z. as industry used to market. but conservationists say the celebration of the auction is hiding a grim warning about the future of the bluefin tuna prized around the world ford's use in sushi over consumption and overfishing have depleted its stock in the pacific by ninety six percent over the last four hundred years. japan and other
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governments have vowed to protect the bluefin and take measures to increase its population over the next two decades paul chowder gian. for example a sport now his far thank you so much there's been more controversy ahead of the asian cup which kicks off later in the united arab emirates cats are has accused the host nation security services preventing journalists from the country from covering the events on friday a group of cattery journalists were denied entry into the way despite being granted visas earlier to enter the country since then turn into organizers say they've offered to bring the journalists back to the u.a.e. to cover the tournaments but organizers claim their proposal was declined the incident follows the problems faced by cattery a.f.c. officials. who had his entry into the united arab emirates delayed by twenty four hours that there is still under a blockade imposed by the saudi arabia bahrain and egypt. the host from salisbury
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kicking things off on the field the u.a.e. will take on the gulf rivals bahrain in abu dhabi later on saturday the amorality as head into the match not in their best of form they've only won one of their last four games they did however come the third at the last asian cup in two thousand and fifteen and they've been given quite a kind draw with india and thailand also making up their group. but i caved. in our last participation in the asian cup we came out of it positively we came third in australia now with this tournament in the u.a.e. we have the support of the public and the learnable i hope we can benefit from the thanked is. bahrain are looking to make the knockout rounds for the first time since two thousand and four having exit at the group stage for the last three editions they have some real momentum going into their game with the u.a.e. bahrain have won their last three matches in which they scored ten goals and conceded none but they accept their rely on their dogs in the tournament opener we
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have a lot of information we know the about the quality of the u.a.e. team. because this is not far away from the bahrain and and everybody you know everybody is sure that in from the gulf. but ok we respect the song quality of the team we know that you a team is the best for voted from our group. argentinian football legend donna has been released from hospital he had been admitted on friday after suffering from bleeding in the stomach marathon a had been undergoing routine examinations ahead of his return to mexico or he's the coach of second division derogate the fifty eight year old who has suffered numerous health scares since he retired from playing he collapsed at last year's world cup while watching argentina beat nigeria and st petersburg. another defeat for the l.a. lakers are still without their star le bron james use that with injury the lakers
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lost at home to the new york knicks despite taking an early lead in the game. the knicks who capitalized on the brawns fifth straight absence rally from a six point deficit in the fourth quarter to pull away winning one hundred and nineteen to one hundred twelve new york snapping an eight game losing streak to playing just their second win in fifteen games. over in minnesota the timberwolves pulled off a comeback victory over the visiting orlando magic minnesota were down nineteen points midway through the game cromwell anthony townsend twenty nine points and fifteen rebounds to leave the two in the rolls to one hundred and twenty to one hundred and three wins. now that jock rich has suffered his first to feed of the new tennis season the world number one was beaten in the semifinals of the caps are open by roberto but jock itch had a frustrating night in doha against a player ranked twenty fourth in the world the reigning us open and wimbledon champion beaten in three sets by
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a spanish opponent both players building up to the first grand slam of the year the australian open which starts on january the fourteenth. but the good will face thomas burdick in the final on saturday the child who's been without a title since two thousand and sixteen italy's marco church and i dos in straight sets. terms of. germany's alexanders of rugby jock itch in the title decider and november season ending a.t.p. finals the world number four is yet to win a grand slam but is looking good in his preparations for mel been gutted germany into the final the hopman cup team about despite the slip again it's not up to him of australia went on to win this match and his country will take on switzerland in saturday's final. in the n.h.l. the pittsburgh penguins beat the winnipeg jets for their eighth straight win the penguins blank the jets or nothing in pittsburgh penguins and we're now one ten eleven overall to close in on defending the stanley cup chop means the washington
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capitals in the metropolitan division. over in detroit the right way the right way is defeated the visiting nashville predators snapped a six game losing streak it was all tied at the three apiece at the end of regulation detroit dylan larkin scored with just under twenty five seconds left in overtime to seal a forty three win over the predators. and that's your sport for now and aaron back to you very much indeed you know in days gone by the holiday season would be a good excuse for a game of mahjong in hong kong but the younger generation with their mobile phones and computer games often don't know how to play across men and women who hung like the tiles for the traditional table games are dying out the problem reports. huge cash flows once a familiar sound in almost every hong kong neighborhood marjon was so widely played it became synonymous with the city's culture but over the years as gambling laws
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tightened and the younger generation lost interest the march on tables that are once seen everywhere started to disappear and so did the intricate handmade tiles that define the game. is one of the last three marginal artisans in hong kong and the only woman left chiseling away at the blocks they say don't know why i'm working on this it's like a walk down memory lane it is like a cassette player which allow me to replay my favorite songs again and again. she grew up in this tiny shop under this tears of adele outdated building and has been working here since the age of thirteen she inherited the business from her father in the one nine hundred seventy s. when business was booming now the handmade tiles compete with cheaper factory made ones and electronic versions. we gave them our drawing to be part of every day life with the center of social gatherings almost every home had
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a set but now it's become more for novelty even a collector's item and a reminder of hong kong power in one of hong kong's oldest neighborhoods a youth hostel is dedicated to keeping the city's marjon culture alive because the living area in hong kong is frozen oh so not many family they can afford to put a mile long table in the living room that's why they have less chance to play macho when they go out of course now many young people they prefer to focus on the mobile phone more at the games with friends and family. mahjong is played by four people around the table they line up the hundred fourteen pieces dissuades and sequences by choosing and discarding tiles first to complete a full set in a particular order where. the hong kong government listed mahjong tile carving as part of what it called the city's intangible cultural heritage because that's hasn't stopped the decline getting have always no matter how much i want to
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hang onto this beautiful art i know the end would come she says no younger craftsmen or women are joining the trade it is a fading heritage and she wants to keep going as long as she can be gopalan al-jazeera hong kong only is of course not website where it is on the screen the address al-jazeera dot com and that's it for me down jordan for the news hour my colleague peter dobby's up next with more of the day's news that you are subject. our war on terror begins with al qaeda but it does not in there no terrorist state
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poses a greater or more immediate threat than the regime of saddam hussein this is a regime that has something to hide they have here a significant propaganda for sure and guess what not one w m d shite was found in iraq since the one nine hundred ninety one iraq a deadly deception on al jazeera. it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in bhutan. seems to defy gravity every few cities is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness what it became a democracy in two thousand and eight the time put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow bhutan example but how do you measure it many brits unease happiness is what we ensure it's if it is quantifiable but by
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simply turning its pursuit into policy the time has done what no other country has . short films of the hook and inspiration. stories of three young women challenging the world around them. al-jazeera selects. in fact he said he'd keep the government closed for a very long period of time months or even years absolutely i said that i don't think it will but most threats from donald trump as the political deadlock over his
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border wall enters a third week. you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up a new female u.s. congresswoman places criticism for using an expletive when calling for the impeachment of president trump. members of the minority busy community say they see a for their safety and for us with force troops from northern syria. thousands are left homeless in thailand after a powerful tropical storm bashes the country's southern coast. the u.s. president on the trump says give him his wall or he's prepared to keep more than eight hundred thousand public employees off work for a year the president is also threatening to use
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a much as your powers to get it built meanwhile negotiators are vowing to work through the weekend in washington to try and break the deadlock has the latest from washington. the two sides emerged from both sides of the white house with very different impressions of how their meeting went and we had a very very productive meeting lengthy and sometimes a contentious conversation with the president. with democrats now in charge of one chamber of congress they came to the white house to try and find a compromise to reopen the government the president says he won't sign a bill that doesn't spend five billion dollars on a wall the democrats say they simply will not spend a penny to build it they only seem to agree on one thing in fact he said he'd keep the government closed for a very long period of time months or even years absolutely i said that i don't think it will but i am prepared and i think i can speak for republicans in the house and republicans in the senate they feel very strongly about having
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a safe country but that is the key question can he keep senate republicans on his side if enough vote to fund the government it could override any potential veto reopening the government with out of all without that it could go on it for much longer both sides refusing to budge the president threatened to declare a national emergency to build his wall on his own but it seems unlikely he actually has the power to do that under the constitution an open question about who will win the political fight hundreds of thousands of government workers and contractors are not being paid and for many not paying their bills for them it is a question of how much more they'll have to lose before this political fight is over political hane al-jazeera washington live to washington correspondent gabriel elizondo gape who do you think might blink first here. well that's the million dollar question and quite frankly nobody knows the answer to that peter this is
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really a stalemate like we've never really quite seen before in washington d.c. you know we've seen. government shutdowns in the past but there was always some sort of negotiation going back and forth the real urgency to in these shutdowns we're really not seeing that and that's what makes this government shutdown so much different you rarely have both sides both the white house and donald trump and on the other side the democrats led by nancy pelosi that really have no motivation for say to really negotiate nancy pelosi is position is very clear on the democratic side and trump is really dug in his side saying that he will not go forward in unless he gets this money for this border wall that he wants so how you see any sort of conclusion to this is really anybody's guess i can tell you on saturday that there will be staff level meetings between. congressional leaders their staff members and staff from the white house meeting at about eleven am local time here
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in washington to try to negotiate more but really a lot of pessimism that anything will come out of that those staff level meetings will the pressure increase on both sides both donald trump's white house and also the democrats mrs pelosi when those government work because don't get paid towards the end of the month. yes without a doubt there's going to be a lot of pressure that's building particularly because two reasons the people that are really affected by this are every day working americans middle class americans and there's two things we're got going on here number one the eight hundred thousand government employees that are either not working and or working and not getting paid those are people from that such as park rangers from the national park service t.s.a. workers transportation security administration workers that do security and screening at the airports that are not getting paid but asked to work as well as coast guard officials as well so you have really working class government
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employees. that are not going to get be getting paid and there's a lot of pressure there that government officials are going to be feeling from from these eight hundred thousand or so employees but then you also have millions of other americans that will not be getting benefits potentially because of the partial government shutdown such things such as the food stamp recipients there are about thirty eight million americans low income americans that receive government state ins every month to assist them in buying food well these government stipends now are at risk of not being paid out to these millions of americans because of the government shutdown as well so the ramifications of this are far and wide and they go far beyond even the eight hundred thousand or so government employees that are directly affected tens of millions of other americans now could be directly affected as well gabriel thanks very much. the u.s.
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justice and homeland security departments admit to using a report that was both inaccurate and misleading to link immigration to so-called terrorism as information was then used by the white house in the push for immigration reform the document claims that seventy three percent of people convicted of international terrorism related charges since the nine eleven attacks were foreign born but it fails to detail how many individuals committed so-called terrorist acts abroad and were only later brought to the u.s. for prosecution critics say by focusing on foreign born fighters the report admits statistics on home grown fighters including point supremacists and far right groups several civil liberty groups of brought about lawsuits saying the two government agencies misused their power to advance a political agenda officials have admitted to the errors but have declined to retract or to correct the report eric ham is an author and political analyst he says the report has compromised the u.s.
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justice department. i think we've already seen a blurring of the lines between both the justice department and the white house since the president was inaugurated and i think that's one of the reasons why i think there's so much concern particularly among both political parties here in washington that you're seeing a president that is hat has his hands on the scales of justice which is one of the reasons why you're seeing rising cause that there is a constitutional crisis that's coursing through the u.s. government here right at this time this was being done at the time that the administration was trying to bolster its reasoning for a band of the muslim countries and one of the reasons that they were attempting to use that was to say that if there was a security risk in of course and they were using this idea that they were this terrorism was linked to immigration but of course now we see that the justice
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department was was was was erroneous and that idea and so now we're seeing the justice department actually retract this report which is virtually unheard of here in the united states that you would have the justice department actually do something like that but unfortunately what we're not seeing from the justice department is the department actually going further than that and saying that this was in fact a political tool not a policy tool nor was it actually a legal tool as well one of the first muslim female members of the u.s. congress is facing condemnation for using an explosive against president trump when calling for his impeachment democratic congresswoman rushing to to labor made those comments just as often she was sworn in the president called her language to scrape but to leave is standing by her remarks is on account of. newly sworn in but already courting controversy detroit congresswoman rashida to lead concluded to
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celebrate three speech on thursday with a comment that's attracted widespread attention bullies don't play and the baby gets out because we're going to go in there really the mother. i believe is part of a new generation of democratic lawmakers many of them women coming to power for the first time most are seen as progressive and keen to hold president trump to account i don't like their language we use our language i don't like it again establish any language standards for my colleagues and i don't think it's anything worse than the president when the president said some in the democratic party are said to be angry to leave comments fearful that it could be seen as playing politics rather than pursuing oversight we had a very very productive meeting his part the president claims impeachment is not on the democrats' agenda so i think it's very hard to a peach on but he has done a great job that's number one and. and we've been talked about that today i said
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why don't you use this for impeachment and then she said we're not looking to impeach you i said that's good that's good to leave comments so widely seen as premature but the new generation of lawmakers in the house may present the party's leadership with challenges huge number of new members who are quite bold if you will. have their own mark and may say we don't care what he says we got the vote we're not going along with what she says impeachment is a risky move for the democratic party and many are telling new members to be more cautious special counsel robert muller's probe is still underway and senior democrats are said to be more focused on the twenty twenty election either way most agree the language used by the congresswoman was not helpful to gallacher al-jazeera washington. members of the religious minority the z.t. community appealing with the u.s. not to withdraw troops from northern syria a report by the free years e.d. foundation is warning if washington leave syria before i solicit defeated the young
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group will make a comeback the report also requests the establishing of a no fly zone over northern syria to prevent a potential turkish assault on kurdish strongholds moments ago joins us live now from the turkey syria border so mohammed is it just the z.d. community who have worries about the u.s. troop withdrawal. not pretend it's also the minority christian community in syria that cause similar concerns and it's no one in the city or iraq that understands the brutality eisel fighters are capable of more than this. minority groups you know i'm talking about the thousands of years the demand killed in villages along this in a mountain range you know on those along the border between syria and turkey when i still fight is.


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