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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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before i solicit defeated the young group will make a comeback the report also requests the establishing of a no fly zone over northern syria to prevent a potential turkish assault on kurdish strongholds moments ago joins us live now from the turkey syria border so mohammed is it just the z.t. community who have worries about the u.s. troop withdrawal. not pretend it's also the minority christian community in syria have a similar concern some it's no one in the city or iraq that understands that brutality i still fights as a kid a lot more than this. minority groups you know i'm talking about the thousands of years the demand killed in villages along this in a mountain range you know on those along the border between syria and turkey when i still fight is. the territory when they held sway over these territories
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we also saw the kidnapping go falzon guls for a sex slaves and then the destruction of your cd tumbles some of them. in existence for hundreds of years and also the false compulsion of these communities and this is why this saying they're facing an existential threat and appealing to the united states not to be fussed in with the growing its forces and get the job done as quickly as possible and reports of civilian casualties following the russian air strikes yesterday what else do we know about that. well octave it's not conforming the deaths of two adults and a baby in russian. strikes in aleppo countryside yesterday this is hopping at the time when they ease heavy fighting going on
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between their heads it's a fatal shot. which is a conceded allied to al qaida by many people as well as. free syrian army which is supported by its teeth on the fighting these morning around the. ball that the unfamous near the border between turkey and the city health calls that ourselves will still stop the forced advancement the higher to to hide out of the shop group i've been involved in in the past five days what they want to do is divide the free syrian army forces who are in the militant side of freedom and also the ones in aleppo and they hope in succeeding thought such an extent in taking towns and villages near the deescalation zone mohammed thanks very much still to come here on al-jazeera taking on brazil's criminal gangs
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the new president sends troops to contain violence in the northeast. hello again well this hour i do want to start here in north asia we are watching some snow here across the central and northern part of japan particularly on that west coast now we call that sea effect snow as the colder air pushes over the relatively warmer water picks up the moisture and then dumps it here on the higher elevations of the area of japan so we could be seen some isolated heavy snow across much of this area down towards the south though it's going to be cold day for tokyo partly cloudy fuit nine degrees there but as we go towards monday slightly going up to about ten degrees and over here toward seoul it cleared a few with a temperature of two degrees there where here across china we are going to start to
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see some of the moisture from tropical storm down here in thailand make its way up here towards the northeast we're going to be seeing mostly cloudy conditions as that stream of moisture pushes up here towards the northeast we don't expect to see too much in terms of rain in the area annoying may see a shower or two of the terms are there about twenty one degrees and then as we go towards monday's some of them when she gets up here towards the north and we're going to be seeing some rain in your forecast at nine in shanghai it is going to be a cloudy day for you with the temps are there of about ten degrees over here towards taipei we are still seeing some clouds in your forecast maybe some showers with a temperature of twenty two. bigger and potentially more dangerous that's the best way to describe what's happening with a smoking alternative known as favorite i enjoy the taste of the harmful effects of what smoking does between two thousand and thirteen and two thousand and fourteen alone we start tripling in use among us high school students and head to head.
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first is conventional cigarette which one do you think is healthy my opinion i think they're both dangerous take no one else is the. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera live from doha i'm peter dhabi these are the top stories president trump says the partial u.s. government shutdown could last for more than a year if he doesn't get funding for war along the border with mexico he's threatening to use emergency powers to build it if congress doesn't meet is to moms . members of the years e.d. community of pleading with the u.s.
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not to withdraw troops from northern syria a report from the free u.c.d. foundation is warning if washington leaves syria before eisen is defeated beyond group will make a comeback. the u.s. says it doesn't believe saudi arabia's version of the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi and we'll continue to push for answers a state department official said the kingdom's investigation and handling of the killing lacks credibility and accountability the u.s. secretary of state will continue to pressure the saudis for answers when he's in riyadh next week my pump eight day trip to the middle east will include the united arab emirates egypt and qatar rosslyn jordan has more now from washington. eight countries eight days not much time for sleep a lot has been packed into the secretary's agenda here not only is he going to be putting pressure on riyadh to elevate its credibility about the story that it has been telling about the murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi it's also going to be putting pressure on all eight countries that he is visiting to do more to try to
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withstand the influence of iran in their internal affairs the u.s. considers iran perhaps one of its top two or three foreign policy objectives and it feels that if by dealing this face to face being that they might be able to get a little further along in their ham pain to isolate iran on the global stage the secretary is also going to be holding a couple of strategic dialogues with officials in doha and officials in kuwait sitting and he is going to be looking at a number of other key issues that really have been on the us his foreign policy agenda for the past year especially the ongoing war in syria the ongoing war in afghanistan the ongoing war in yemen a lot to pack and a lot to discuss but whether their way to come up with anything concrete at the end of this eight day trip is really what remains to be seen. on friday the u.n.
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human rights office criticize sente arabia's handling of the cage for skeeters in the kingdom of seeking the death penalty full following of eleven suspects mike hanna has more. well the un making very clear that it wants an independent international investigation into the murder of jamal khashoggi a spokesperson for the high commissioner for human rights insisting that it's impossible to adjudicate on the impartiality of the process underway in riyadh the trial there of the eleven suspects in the murder beginning this week the spokes person had this to say we are not present in saudi arabia to be able to assess these trials and we can't give an assessment of the trials ourselves we as you know have been pressing for justice in the case for months now. and we've been calling for an investigation independent investigation with international involvement and
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this has not happened yet now while we are aware that a trial has taken place in saudi arabia this is not sufficient first of all and second of all we are against the imposition of the death penalty in all circumstances a number of human rights organizations have also cost outside of the legality or impartiality of that process in riyadh also calling for some kind of international independent investigation into the murder but the situation is that the u.n. is quite capable of michelle such an investigation by itself all it requires is one of the legislative bodies of the united nations the security council or the general assembly to give a mandate to the secretary general to start such an investigation however it would appear that un members are looking for some kind of political cover they want one of the interested parties in the situation to approach the security council or the
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general assembly and make such a request the interested parties turkey and saudi arabia it's unlikely it would appear that saudi arabia would make the request turkey has insisted that it does want some kind of independent international invest. geishas headed by the united nations but as yet has not made an official request to any of the united nations bodies thailand's first tropical storm in thirty years has left one person dead and another missing is now we come to a tropical depression but the risk of flooding does still remain florence we reports now from course in southern thailand. less than twenty four hours after it made landfall public has been downgraded to a tropical depression the province of now concept appears to have been hit hardest by the storm. but. only five or six minutes after the storm hit the roof was blown away. dozens of buildings have been damaged power supplies
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disrupted and streets flooded thousands of people were evacuated ahead of its arrival. follow me there is wind and rain we have children in our family so we hurried here the head of our village urged us to leave as well the tourist destination of coast and other islands nearby suffered no severe damage as the eye of the storm passed farther south than initially forecast. public it's unlikely to have a long term effect on tourism or economic growth in the southern provinces financial losses will stem mainly from the fact that businesses have got to shut for a couple of days already boat ferry and flight services that were suspended on friday have resumed there were fears public could be the worst tropical storm to hit thailand in thirty years that fear hasn't been borne out weakened as it made its way across southern thailand and by saturday morning it had moved into the andaman sea florence li al-jazeera. there's been
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a huge police presence on the streets of melbourne in australia as officers move to break up competing rallies far right nationalists were protesting against a youth crime problems they blame on people of african descent kathy novak. wasn't killed in melbourne is usually a place to relax at the beach not today instead a scene of far right nationalists facing off against left wing groups hurling insults across the police line with very different views of the kind of a stray leah in which they wish to live and immigration nationalists say they came out to protest against crime on the beaches which they blame on australian african descent ok doing the wrong thing and there's still enough for every hurt me all over we want to have prices but we want our drug back we want the lot but the sudanese australians in particular have been under scrutiny recently with local media airing reports referring to african gang violence but those who rallied in
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support of multiculturalism in australia say the minority group has been made a scapegoat for bigger issues i've lived in melbourne my whole life now there isn't a problem with african crime we have issues with us not having enough and guys aren't things today it's about the fact there's the fact that they're trying to scapegoat it on africanus ryans is really disappointing only have prior notice that the far right groups would be rallying at the beach and that counter protest would be staged in response to doing all they can to keep the two groups apart to prevent any escalation of physical violence the opposing sides moved from the beach front into the streets of st kilda shutting down roads as police maintained their lines using pepper spray at times to break ups couples extraordinary scenes outside the iconic luna park where children come to ride the roller coaster is likely to be much more frightened by the anger on display outside the fun part kathy novak algis
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. now that. brazil's new president. is sending troops to the northeastern states of syria in a bid to crack down on violent gangs there the military is already facing an early test after forty tourists were robbed at gunpoint near rio de janeiro laura burton manley with more. it is brazil's most iconic landmark christ the redeemer towers over rio de janeiro seen by many as a symbol of peace. but the trail leading up to it on koch about a mountain has become known for violent crimes dozens have been ambushed held hostage and dropped at gunpoint prompting tourists to think twice about visiting yes and i'm going to go out but i see no live advised us that tourists were robbed yesterday so we didn't hike up we have our camera so we didn't go i didn't want to go because the people there day rob forty people and i said a bit scary as
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a tourist you want to be safe you want to go up you don't want to miss your cell phone your wallet your camera. it's not the first incident last year the area was closed after a polish man was stabbed the trail runs close to a fan. that is home to some of the poorest in the city. many fear that it's a run by drug gangs and criminal organizations rising violence and read the janeiro has impacted the number of visitors in two thousand and seventeen there was a reported loss of more than two hundred million dollars in tours in revenue j.a. both scenarios swept to power on a promise to crack down on crime and corruption to fulfill his promise he sending three hundred soldiers to the northeastern state of seattle to contain violence by criminal gangs. the national force has already been contacted the mobilization plan is in action and is about to leave scenes like this and not unusual in brazil's
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northeastern state there's been a wave of attacks in the previous few months that's included armed robberies and the targeting of public buildings and banks brazil has one of the highest murder rates in the world with tens of thousands killed every year paulson are has vowed to take action but arming civilians experts say this will only fuel further violence. manmade al jazeera. the donkey could soon become. an endangered species in northern nigeria hundreds are sold in rural markets every week with a growing demand for their meat and height but as a limited risk reports now from dundon market one m.p. is pushing for a new law to protect the remaining stock. these animals are heading to the market it's certain that most of them will end up on someone's dinner table and their heights processed for export locals say the rush for the beast is driving the
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numbers down but all the dealers are bothered about is price drop. a sluggish or leg to fall maybe because of lack of money but the fact is you don't seem productive was. the parking is the money is not in principle at all. he says there are thousands in the wild where he gets some of his stock. forty don't use are sold of every week in this rural market on average what prices ranging from fifty to one hundred fifty dollars per head. in northern nigeria a long commute is not the many highs that valuable to traders who come here to buy the animals and with more and more donkeys being killed there but it's having been done by the elderly because young people have moved to cities to find what. former owners such as muhammad more to regret they sold their animals. the life is tough
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without it don't you get used to the help you get from. people like me are used to living with them that's our source of transportation. a member of parliament who says the animals may soon join the growing list of critically endangered species is pushing for a law to save the remaining stock. their fate may lie in the hands of small time breeders such as mohammed had a couple. roy breeding a donkey is tough and easy at the same time the pregnancy is long nearly a year feeding it is hard work and. it probably will take more than people like him to save the animals neighbors such as unusual have already stopped exports of life donkeys it's questionable whether that and other measures will be enough to save the dependable dog yet. but he agrees. that nigeria.
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ok let's get you right up to date with all our top stories so far president trump says the partial u.s. government shutdown could last more than a year if he doesn't get funding for a wall along the border with mexico he's threatening to use emergency powers to build it if congress doesn't meet his demands the u.s. justice and homeland security departments have admitted to using a report that used inaccurate and misleading information to link immigration to so-called terrorism civil liberty groups say officials misused power to advance a political agenda members of the religious minority community are pleading with the u.s. not to withdraw troops from northern syria a report from the three years e.d. foundation is warning if washington leave syria before i sold is defeated the armed group will make a comeback the u.s. says it doesn't believe saudi arabia's version of the murder of the journalist and we'll continue to push for answers
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a state department official said the kingdom's investigation handling of the killing lacks credibility and accountability the u.s. secretary of state will continue to pressure the saudis for answers when he's in riyadh next week thailand's first tropical storm in thirty years has left one person dead and another missing as rain wind and surging sea water battered the country's southern coast lawrence louis has been following developments on the island of coastal movie. we're seeing a loss of lives at a minimum and really it appears to be the worst of the storm has passed and by the time that department that the storm has moved into the andaman sea it has already been downgraded to a topical depression it's still bringing rain and winds but nowhere near as strong as when it first made landfall on friday off and here on as well we're seeing services resumed and sun has just come out it was raining this morning but it really appears that this storm has that this is the worst of the storm is over. there's been a huge police presence on the streets of melbourne australia as offices move to
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break up competing rallies far right nationalists who are protesting against melbourne youth crime problem on people of african descent those are your headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story also you from seventy to more. teenage girls using social media are more likely to be depressed than voice new study calls for caution what's the connection and why this is inside story.
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hello welcome to the show i am sam is a than the extent to which social media has embedded itself into the daily lives of people cannot be understated a u.k. study is look specifically at how teenagers are affected the differences between how they project themselves online than the images and fantasies they are bombarded with researchers at university college london studied almost eleven thousand fourteen year olds they say teenage girls are twice as likely to show depressive symptoms as boys but twice as many girls as boys use social media for more than three hours a day the study found that can lead to mood swings a drop in confidence and poor sleeping habits. this isn't the first study to link social media use with depression in the two thousand and seventeen survey the u.k.'s royal society for public health found signs of exile to what was dubbed foam
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o. or fear of missing out by young people if they weren't on the web and in the united states the university of pittsburgh suggested too much social media use can cause social isolation that could lead to behavioral symptomatic of an addiction now we should say all these studies showed a connection between social media and depression but not necessarily of course. i. was growing i guess into the show now joining us from london we have dennis who a grin a clinical senior lecturer at kings college in london in oxford amy orban psychological researcher at the university of oxford amy investigates the effects of social media and other technologies and in london as well stella brant and foster a student who's a former patient of dennis welcome to you all if i could start with dennis so this
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study talks about coalition but does that mean causality necessary in other words it was because of their exposure to social media that they developed signs of depression now it doesn't so one has to say that correlation of association is very different from causality and causality is a difficult thing to establish and this kind of study of design does not lend itself to it. having said this one has to say that there are elements of the study which are really important and quite novel so one of them is that there is the so-called those a response relationship which means that. we can very clearly see that the greater the number of hours of social media use the greater the number of and
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severity of depressive symptoms so that means there is a link in other words even if we don't know that it's necessarily a cause right is that what where is that where we're going dentist is a break this down in layman's terms yes it's an association so but. so what it means is that young people who are the past or unhappy are more likely to use social media but the direction of the cause in fact is not established so we don't know for sure whether the young people who are depressed already are more likely to use social media or the other way around right right now having said this i have to say that all the time. when i you know i used to always be of the view that social media is an accelerator and accelerates everything excel rates good things and bad things. but i have to say that over time as we have more and more of these association the correlation studies. they all seem to
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point in one direction i events excessive heavy social media is definitely linked correlated with the pression but it makes it makes me think that maybe more to it than that. and so i really think that one has to begin thinking about. some sort of interventions at the at the public house level because we may be at the start of something that could be quite damaging to young people in the same way that. correlating cigarette smoking and lung cancer long before because of the case let me jump in and stop you there because we do we will you're absolutely right we need to talk about policy implications of this but before we get into that i want to pick apart some more points from this study and bring amy's perspective into it why do you think amy are girls who use social media
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showing a higher correlation or link with depression than boys. i think that our finding that girls are more or have a high correlation between them and hug and especially the users quite consistent throughout the literature i want to go back to what that has not what we are looking at here are really our correlations and while we find these small negative correlations. with various of these datasets have maddened now been allies what we do find is that these correlations are extremely extremely small so even though they're significant it's quite easy to get a sort of statistical significance in these data sets because they're extremely large and have the real talent to find very very small acts but with this power comes a kind of question to ask the scientists as to whether are these are these relations
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actually in the courtrooms and the study is in two thousand and seventeen that you also mentioned we know that yes while girls are more affected by social media and boys still ninety nine point six percent of them and can't be predicted by us no matter how much they actually get use that anything only one percent of their wellbeing is predicted by the social media eighty s. which again makes us really question are we really focusing our attention on the right name by discussing so much about social media and in mental health once we know that other things that affect a child's life have a much higher. in. the predictive value they add if i know how much it's how sleep how well a child eats or how caring the parents are i can predict a lot more about how good it will be feeling so are you saying i mean we could be actually be getting distracted by looking at studies like this than focusing more
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probably are the real causes of depression and mental health issues i think this debate is drawn. now a really complicated and complex conversation that we do need to have so because there are correlations we don't i what the cool relationship is recent research in the us found that disadvantaged children are up to use technology attitude to three hours movement day we also know that this is done to children you know what so we're naturally going to find negative correlations between technologies and marni en route to the it is that we analyze i'm not surprised what i want to ask the scientists is do you want should we be. investing so much money into cosy teacher interventions because so much large staffs and such money spent really need a marginal evidence backing up and personally i think that large madden's does not
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yet exist in the current research that's a really interesting point i want to keep it going between both of us scientists and academics but before we do that like to bring into we say the user perspective in all of this and stella you have been the patient you've had the challenges with depression tell us from shall we say user's perspective what role can or does social media exposure to social media have on where ian person is mentally i think it really depends and i think at the fence on how you use social media so for myself so it is for myself it's been both beneficial and harmful that the family depended on the platforms i've been using and the people i've been interact with so i've met lots of friends for socially as your i've really good friendships which has really helped over the years equally i fit top lots of of sort. that i do shall we say from social media and if i stand myself people who have been equally
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sort of unwell then that is the fanie been more harmful than anything at some point so yes do you see a pattern though when you look at exposure particularly for young ladies or we say girls and the lessons teenagers do you see a pattern in the way that perhaps the types of social media they're exposed to people that they associate with. i think i think. i'm not sure of a place when i can only really talk about myself but definitely for myself when i've been in a bad place mentally i forty spent more time on social media which means i've been sort of surrounded with the good and the bad aspects special in a very good place then it's quite easy to latch on to the more harmful aspects of social media running with people who perhaps in an even worse place than you or and just as bad a place. i thing. even so if stepping away from that and just general social
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media use i've definitely found that if i'm just going for facebook and you know everything is fine i'm staying in bed and i'm just working up in the morning it's really easy i find it really easy to little are people doing and compare myself to them so i think our look look how well this person is doing in their life or look at all this core stuff they're getting up to and i'm doing i'm laying in bed and doing absolutely nothing with my life and i think it's really easy even if you sort of take the mental health specific stuff away i think it's still really easy just day to day to get really sucked in social media that's not to say there's not really good is in social media it's not say that it can be really useful. to have any platforms that have been incredibly beneficial to me and my mental how generally far do you think that as i said pens how you're using social media and sometimes it's really hard to see when you're in the midst of it how you're using social media and to see that actually it's negative i think that's something you can only really see when you take a step back and you sort of have
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a little think about it that makes sense yeah it does and that's an interesting point which i want to take back to amy and perhaps. i want to challenge your thinking there but you know when you said earlier about there may be other factors about you know how well the child may be eating more or not less and eating or sleeping and so on is there a difference when we talk about social media because it does as stella pointed out seem like sucks people in a way that you know your regular food or other factors don't necessarily do this becomes your whole life you you you exist in a make believe world but you can't get out of mentally. i think stella made two really important points so the first is this diversity that social media and it also that we talk about screen time is incredibly diverse. and looking at it on instagram will naturally have to print a fact and.


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