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tv   Unification  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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the tukey should block free city and the free syrian army according to syria wants us has been on the receiving end moves in some strategic tome some villages in the west and aleppo countryside some of the fighting today has been sent to a new. ottoman away from the border elf syria and hockey. left. heading to. try and support the free syrian army to reclaim some ground voles russian resulted in some civilian casualties including a baby in the last twenty four i was a mental. must've speed with which. is going out and gaining targets city quite near any. of that has been conceded.
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a place where there should be no hostilities something that came into force last september mohamed thank you. now the u.s. says it doesn't believe saudi arabia's version of the murder of the journalist. and will continue to push for a state department official says the kingdom's investigation of the handling of the killing lacks credibility and accountability in the u.s. secretary of state will continue to pressure the saudis for answers when he visits riyadh next week might bump ayos eight day trip to the middle east will include the u.a.e. egypt and. jordan has more from washington. eight countries eight days not much time for sleep a lot has been packed into the secretary's agenda not only is he going to be putting pressure on riyadh to elevate its credibility about the story that it has
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been telling about the murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi it's also going to be putting pressure on all eight countries that he is visiting to do more to try to withstand the influence of iran in their internal affairs the u.s. considers iran perhaps one of its top two or three foreign policy objectives and it feels that if by drilling this face to face being that they might be able to get a little further along in their ham pain to isolate iran on the global stage the secretary is also going to be holding a couple of strategic dialogues with officials in doha and officials in kuwait city and he is going to be looking at a number of other key issues that really have been on the us his foreign policy agenda for the past year especially the ongoing war in syria the ongoing war in afghanistan the ongoing war in yemen a lot to pack and a lot to discuss but whether they're way to come up with anything concrete at the
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end of this eight day trip is really what remains to be same time for a short break here at al-jazeera when we come back a showdown over immigration in one of australia's biggest cities. and shoppers in turkey face extra charges of them till we tell you why stay with us. hello again and welcome back well here in china we are seeing some moisture being pumped up from our tropical storm public here off just off the coast of thailand notice all the clouds right there on our sunday map we are going to see a few showers in the region as well but by the time we get to monday it's going to extend up more towards the northeast and we may see a shower or two over here towards for joe shanghai may see a shower or two but it's going to be very light there with a temperature of about ten degrees as to make your way over here towards parts of
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india well things not looking too bad but we are watching that storm did mention here making its way into the adamancy and brings a very heavy rains for the nicobar and the admin islands over the next few days we're also going to continue to see more rain here across parts of miramar and that can lead to some localized flooding as we go towards the beginning of the week for the rest of india really not looking too bad kokoda twenty nine degrees here on monday and then very quickly as we make our way over here towards the arabian sea we are looking at clouds pushing in from the north the gulf is looking quite nice we're could be seeing doha at about twenty five degrees temperatures though do go up to about twenty eight by the time we get towards monday over here towards miska really not looking too bad for you with a temperature of twenty nine but heavy clouds are pushing into parts of yemen with sunnah it's going to be overcast a few with a temperature of twenty three. bigger and potentially more dangerous that's the best way to describe what's happening
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with the smoking alternative known as i enjoyed the taste of it. between two thousand and thirteen and two thousand and fourteen a lone star tripling in use among us high school students and head to head. which one do you think it's my opinion i think they're both dangerous take no one else is the. top stories here this president says the u.s. government shutdown could last more than a year if he doesn't get funding for a war long the u.s.
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border with mexico is threatening to use emergency powers to build it if congress doesn't meet his demands. the u.s. justice on homeland security departments have admitted to using a report that used a misleading information to link immigration to terrorism civil liberties groups say officials misuse power to advance a political agenda. in the u.s. national security adviser has warned the government not to see that was drawn of american troops from syria as a green light to use chemical weapons members of the minority community up eating with the u.s. also not to remove the troops. now thousands of anti-government protesters are back on the streets of hungary that calling for an end to new labor laws which allow employers to demand up to four hundred hours of overtime a year al-jazeera joins us live from put up as a model how big are the protests expected to get today that. well thousands of people are right now in the city center over the base they are
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marching towards the goal should square the square in front of the parliament or start the march on heroes where they're expecting that people will join them to march and after the home of course where they were then. say out loud their statements they have a few months they want free media they want the abolition of the so called slavery there also was the abolition of the so called. mr couper it's also they want hungary to join the european for secretary or this is some of the mess of the protestors this is the continuing growth this is started in the mid december after the parliamentary session of the united nations there from the lesser eyes the from the right there in this together calling these protests this year two
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thousand nine hundred thirty year of. revolution the year of resistance against the government of the explored about and there's also a lot of people here carry e.u. flags european union and also also in much of the segments not satisfied with the democratic standards and so. law. hungary also after this protests yellow west movement and gary and yellow western moment was in recent days announced it will be interesting to see if they're playing to occupy huge bridge here hungary is going to work we will follow the protest later on and mona just briefly what's being done is there anything being done to try and bring these protests to what end.
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could you please repeat the question is part of klaus i was just asking is anything being done to bring these protests to an end. the government is ignoring the fro chester's their government to government of the beach they're all. calling them. not they're not giving any kind of acknowledgment to these kinds of broad lists the composition. said they are going to continue these protests also the trade unions are planning to announce a general strike there will there have been some clashes between the police and the protests protesters but for now everything is ok on peacefully ok. in budapest not a thank you. now hundreds of yellow vests protesters are also back on the streets of paris demonstrations first began in the member of
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a proposed still tax hike which was later abandoned by president emanuel much for the protests of often turned violent at least ten people have died. one of the first muslim female members of the u.s. congress is facing criticism for using profanities when calling for the impeachment of president trump democratic congresswoman rushing to tally and made the comment just hours after being sworn in the president has called her language disgraceful but talib is standing by her remarks was on the gallagher. newly sworn in but already courting controversy detroit congresswoman rashida to lead concluded to celebrate free speech on thursday with a comment that's attracted widespread attention fully don't wait and the baby gets out because we're going to go in there really. i believe is part of a new generation of democratic lawmakers many of them women coming to power for the first time most are seen as progressive and keen to hold president trump to account i don't like their language we use our language i don't and again establishing the
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language standards for my colleagues. i don't think it's anything worse than the president when the president said some in the democratic party is said to be angry to lead comments fearful that it could be seen as playing politics rather than pursuing oversight we had a very very productive meeting his part the president claims impeachment is not on the democrats' agenda so i think it's very hard to impeach him but he has done a great job that's number one and. and we've been talked about that today i said why don't you use this for impeachment and then she said we're not looking to impeach you i said that's good that's good to leave comments so widely seen as premature but the new generation of lawmakers in the house may present the party's leadership with challenges huge number of new members who are quite bold. if you will. have their own mark and may say we don't care what he says we got the vote
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we're not going along with what he says impeachment is a risky move for the democratic party and many are telling new members to be more cautious special counsel robert muller's probe is still underway and senior democrats are said to be more focused on the twenty twenty election by the way most agree the language used by the congresswoman was not helpful to gallacher al-jazeera washington thailand's first tropical storm in thirty years as left one person dead and another missing as rain wind and surging seawater uprooted trees and brought down power lines it's now weakened to a tropical depression but the risk of flooding still remains very reports from coast to move in southern thailand less than twenty four hours after it made landfall public has been downgraded to a tropical depression the province of no concept appears to have been hit hardest by the storm. we love our mainland but not the only five or six minutes after the storm hit the roof was blown away. dozens of buildings have been damaged power
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supplies disrupted and streets flooded thousands of people were evacuated ahead of its arrival. there is wind and rain we have children in our family so we hurry to hear the head of our village urged us to leave as well. the tourist destination of coast and other islands nearby suffered no severe damage as the eye of the storm passed farther south than initially forecast. public it's unlikely to have a long term effect on terrorism or economic growth in the southern provinces financial losses will stem mainly from the fact that businesses have got to shut for a couple of days. already boat ferry and flight services that were suspended on friday have resumed there were fears public could be the worst tropical storm to hit thailand in thirty years that fear hasn't been borne out weakened as it made its way across southern thailand and by saturday morning it had moved into the
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andaman sea florence li al-jazeera. there's been a huge police presence on the streets of melbourne in australia as officers move to break up competing rallies far right nationalists faced off against pro immigrant demonstrators they were protesting against melbourne's youth crime problem which they blame on people of african descent is cutting back. killed in melbourne is usually a place to relax at the beach not today. instead a scene of far right nationalists facing off against left wing groups hurling insults across the police line with very different views of the kind of a stray leah in which they wish to live and immigration nationalists say they came out to protest against crime on the beaches which they blame on australians of african descent ok doing the wrong thing and there's still enough for every hurt me all we want to ever exist but we want our drug back we want the lot but the
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sudanese australians in particular have been under scrutiny recently with the local media airing reports referring to african gang violence but those who rallied in support of multiculturalism in australia say the minority group has been made a scapegoat for bigger issues i've lived in melbourne my whole life now there isn't a problem with african crime we have issues with youth not having enough and guys meant things today about the fact there's the fact that they tried to scapegoat it on africanus ryans is really disappointing only prior notice that the far right groups would be rallying at the beach and that counter protest would be staged in response to doing all they can to keep the two groups apart to prevent any escalation of physical violence the opposing sides moved from the beach front into the streets of st kilda shutting down roads as police maintained their lines using pepper spray at times to break ups couples extraordinary scenes outside the iconic luna park where children come to ride the roller coaster is likely to be much more
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frightened by the anger on display outside the fun part kathy novak al jazeera melbourne. turkey has introduced a charge on single use plastic bags and then attempt to clean up the mediterranean sea its waters are polluted with thousands of tonnes of plastic every year but manufacturers say tens of thousands of jobs and i would risk so them cost us more from istanbul. like many countries where. white turkey has a major problem with plastic waste turkey is your second largest plastics producer and six in the world. millions of tons are thrown away every year. often ending up in the mediterranean sea and littering turkey's coastline it is estimated one hundred forty four tons of plastics from turkey alone and up in the sea every day one are of it refined fish has my for plastic in its
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digestive system and one million. birds are suffocating in plastic bags every year. the turkish government is implementing what is called a zero waste policy turkish m.p.'s passed a law aimed at cutting the cost stemming from pollution in the long run single use plastic facts are the first target. from now on shoppers will have to buy plastic bags shops carts given the way face a fine farmer's market traders around sure have the new law will work it would cost too much for a customer how would we charge them everybody now keep the bags and use them again . the turkish government estimates every turk uses four hundred forty plastic bags every year with the new plastic bag tax that total is expected to fall to forty a year by two thousand and twenty five many people here are hopeful the new government's measures to reduce plastic consumption will be just as successful as
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the ban on smoking in public places a decade ago and more mentalist say the success of the new regulations depends on troops being responsible citizens they need to be encouraged to avoid single use plastic packing and to help save the world from the dangers of pollution. plastic bag makers say the law could make tens of thousands of factory workers redundant god bags can. we recycled for maximum of three times the main problem is a lack of awareness and decomposing. turkic current the recycle thirty percent of its plastic waste within the next twelve years the government says it is aiming for one hundred percent. al-jazeera a stumble. part of a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera president trump says the partial
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u.s. government shutdown could last more than a year if he doesn't get funding for a wall along the u.s. border with mexico is threatening to use emergency powers to build it if congress doesn't meet his demands the u.s. justice and homeland security departments have admitted to using a report that used inaccurate and misleading information to link immigration to terrorism civil liberty groups a officials misused power to advance a political agenda. for u.s. national security advisor john bolton has warned the asaad government not to see the withdrawal of american troops from syria as a green light to use chemical weapons bolton has just landed in israel as part of the middle east tall meanwhile members of the religious minority community are pleading with the u.s. not to remove troops from northern syria if the revival of the armed group isis. thailand's first tropical storm in thirty years has left one person dead and another missing as rain wind and surging sea water battered the country's southern
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coast it's now we come to a tropical depression thousands of people have been left homeless. tensions run high when the far right and pro immigrant groups rally that is one of melbourne's famous landmarks the demonstrations were held at the popular st kilda beach under heavy police security a far right groups were protesting against melbourne's youth crime problem which they blame on people of african descent they were opposed by a group supporting multiculturalism. hundreds of yellow vests protesters are back on the streets of paris demonstrations first began in the denver of a proposed fuel tax hike which was later banned them by president emanuel mark all the protests have often turned violent at least ten people have died. thousands of anti-government protesters are back on the streets of hungary calling for an end to new labor laws which allow employers to demand up to four hundred hours of overtime a year opposition groups union workers and students
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a pledge to make twenty nineteen a year of resistance protesters are also angry over changes to the country's judiciary which they say could threaten the independence of judges. well those were the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera station that's what. i am a fish every week a new cycle brings a series of breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welts janin ace that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the an aisle ation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they recruit on the stories that matter the most in battery is a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks in a poll just out sixty five percent of the faithful says that they think it will do a great or a good job with details coverage is the second time this year doctors walked out on
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strike the government is funded by issuing suspension. from the around the world the increased warning level columns as a blow to the thousands of people displaced by the tsunami of wanting to return home. president discusses his hopes of the country and the region. and challenges including poverty migration corruption and the case of julian assange. lenin merino talks to al-jazeera. this is techno show about innovations that can change lives the science of fighting wildfires we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity and we're doing it the unique way. this is a show about science no no i sign texts tonight techno
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investigates to ever bought this cat way more than they bargained for i guess they did it's everywhere in clubs street corners in cars they say it's safe. and can help break the cigarette habit if i had to say what is more dangerous honestly at all but what's really inside those pieces you never know what you're getting dr chrystal deal worth is a neuroscientist who specializes in nicotine studies she'll bring us the latest research what happens to your lungs when those metal particles go and sit and read to davison is an environmental biologist and they're going to be around the corner they went through there really quickly we got them she's off the coast of california where drones are taking some incredible images of migrating whales as this technology becomes available to more people and we're going to see more research is using that i'm filled tor is an entomologist that's our team no it's do some science.
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hey guys welcome to techno on phil tours joined by maria davison and dr crystal still worth no bigger and potentially more dangerous that's the best way to describe what's happening with the smoking alternatives known as the cigarettes or vapor that's an industry that seems to really be exploding i mean you're seeing it everywhere and a part of me wonders if this might be because of some misinformation about maybe that's that's my sense in our doctor crystal dorthy of your ph d. in the study so we've asked you to keep a tab on this there's a lot of academic research is being done on the safety of the use of these devices but it can't really keep up with a growing industry. i enjoy the taste of it the harmful effects of what smoking does call them vapors or fathers are competitive cloud chasers all are welcome at crystal vapor one of
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thousands of vacant shops across the country since techno first reported on the dating phenomenon in two thousand and thirteen the industry has to. taken off like wildfire revenue is estimated to reach three point five billion dollars this year doubling since two thousand and thirteen according to a recent poll ten percent of all american adults of a thing that's an estimated twenty million people when it comes to kids well conventional tobacco smoking among them is dropping to record lows east cigarettes are a growing concern at the centers for disease control between two thousand and thirteen and two thousand and fourteen alone we saw a tripling in use among us high school students to the point where it was about thirteen point five percent of u.s. high school students who use these products within the past thirty days from the early generation of cigarette lookalikes techno first reported on personal vaporizing devices known as mobs have gone high tech beings come a long way baby we've seen the shift move from pens and tanks at least culturally
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to what we call cloud devices from mechanical mogs to basically box models what's going on right now it may sound confusing but the basic mechanics are pretty simple there's a battery powered advisor that heats up a liquid mixture known as juice entered into vapor which the user inhales. when we first met researcher i'm an equal humans should wrapped up a study that found harmful metal particulate in the vapor from earlier models of east cigarettes following the evolution of the industry she's updating her study so the original study we had looked at a card a miser style cigarette and we had detected high amounts of ten present in the car demise are parts do you still finding heavy metal particulate in the vapor we are still finding that yes because it's going into people's lungs what happens to your lungs when those metal particles go in and lation of metal especially things like ten can cause stenosis and that could constrict the bronchioles and you know the airways in the lungs across the hall at u.c.
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riverside they're studying one of those compounds research or a lot of is bogus to nicotine concentrations and refillable. in this case the solution tested is tennessee q. by red oak a fluid made by johnson creek enterprises an online seller of the liquids and accessories we order a bunch of and just run most of them to the accuracy of the label and in this case this is eighteen micrograms per milliliter so this would be considered a high nicotine concentration so the test here is we'll see how much it's measuring from the speak and we'll compare that to what's on the label and as you can see from our control it was a lot higher so we know for sure that it is nicotine and recent paper that we published we found out that this specific sample was fifty nine percent higher nicotine than its advertise label whoever bought this got way more than they bargained for and yes they did take no ask johnson enterprises about its nicotine labeling discrepancy they offered this statement between twenty eleven and two
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thousand and twelve there was a noticeable improvement in our manufacturing process including in process controls and analytical methods for testing nicotine concentration with greater accuracy while the company's stated claims point to a step in the right direction the red oak sample that they manufactured with the fifty nine percent higher nicotine discrepancy was purchased for the u.c. riverside study online in february two thousand and twelve well within the range of johnson creek stated internal improvements in controls and accuracy but they're not alone currently u.c. riverside is evaluating a new batch of liquids from a variety of vendors and polyphony results continue to suggest large discrepancies in nicotine labeling throughout the industry just based on all the research that we've done you never know what you're getting it could be higher nicotine contribution it could be lower and although lower my sound better that's going to mean they need smoke more just to get what your buy is normally used to researchers are also concerned about the content of the hundreds of flavored liquids that.
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number one seller is from animal this is a cereal fruit loops flavored with a little bit of milk. a lot of the flavors that are required. that's grass is generally regarded as safe that is a term that's given to flavor in products that can be ingested what's happening to these flavoring products when they're being aerosolized at these high temperatures and inhaled into the long you have chemical reactions that can break them down into a lot more toxic chemicals known as carbon compounds a prime example being formaldehyde that's a very common when everyone's heard of formaldehyde and everyone should know rather how it is and could be so in head to head comparison versus conventional cigarette which one do you think is healthier my opinion i think they're both dangerous i think the narrative that most people are missing is that the public health opponents to vapor have lumped in vapor with the evil tobacco folks that they fought you know back in the eighty's in the ninety's and so they've decided that
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this is the exact same thing cynthia is the executive director for the smoke free alternative trade association called safira of aping lobby group we need to dispel the idea that these products paper products are the same as combusted tobacco products because they're not so we need to look at any time that anyone is using a vapor product they're not smoking and that's a win for everybody these is cigarettes they don't contain the seven thousand plus chemicals that conventional cigarettes have and that's always a plus but on the flip side i they do have their own set of compounds that you're being exposed to unfortunately we're going to have to wait for the long jetty studies but if i had to say what is more dangerous honestly i there to me they're equal the food and drug administration which regulates tobacco is still reviewing vaporing regulations travis padgett has been smoking since high school today he baits to cut down on tobacco use it was it was just kind of
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a different you when you get to now a microbiology major at u.c. riverside travis is babying for science participating in a study that measures his intake puff to. volume and frequency when you get out of here you're going to have a science degree why not wait for science away now before we know if it's safe i mean it's either a vapor a smoke cigarettes and we already know cigarettes are bad so roll the dice exactly it's a roll of the dice so. that people that are choosing a thing over conventional cigarettes are choosing the unknown over the know and they know that conventional cigarettes and give them cancer there's a chance that it's better and so they're rolling the dice with that but they're still gambling with their own how and sometimes adults are making more informed decisions with and you have all these kids well absolutely i mean adolescents there are still in a stage of brain development they're not as capable as adults of making good decisions and they're uniquely sceptical to addiction and usually we've got
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regulations in place that help protect for specifically those kind of cases but here it's so new you know you know the regulations aren't they haven't kept up obviously that's a major concern all of the regulations of protections that we have developed for tobacco products conventional cigarettes are not there when it comes to the things will go as fascinating topic and i'm sure crystal you'll keep us up to date on this but to understand you when we're watching it i got to go whale watching using drones in the sky so a little bit like spying but it's a great way to observe whales that we normally wouldn't be able to see and we don't really disturb them at all. most times when you see images from a drone something is exploding usually devastation from the air these are the military drones in service around the world. closer to home in california they're also used for important peacetime missions like assisting firefighters by mapping out hot spots during raging wildfires. much has been reported about the use of drones
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especially when it comes to military applications drones may even become the delivery system for consumer goods but today. way off the coast of san simeon california researchers using drones like this one here behind me for spectacular use all in the name of science this is the peters walk of life station this is a very unique piece of property because it sticks out into the migratory corridor or of the northbound gray whale cows and calves a picture perfect location for researchers to fly a science drone to get an unprecedented bird's eye view of what swims below right. but in the distance all i got. for twenty two years wayne perry man and a team from noah have been here from march until may counting and collecting data on great whales migrating north from the breeding grounds of mexico to the arctic
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a trip of six thousand eight hundred miles this point is kind of a focal point for them and we're able to see them very very well they passed often within one hundred meters of the beach so it's a great place to count animals great whales swim close to land as protection against their main predator killer whales even so it takes a sharp eye and strong binoculars to spot the northern migration once they do it's go time for a one of a kind unmanned aircraft named mostly. to the right to the right now move there and then i let the frame the right keep on going out on the service economy of the frame good come down a little bit of the i'm doing to the right as i'm underwater know a scientist and pilot john durban is tracking a mother and her calf from a distance of about three quarters of a mile out from where he stands john's wife and co researcher holly fernbach is under the towel that shades a control panel giving her
11:35 pm
a real time video feed that aids in guiding the flight so when they come up next i'm going to move out of them at picking out markel but the very right to be perfect now it's split second. in timing for john to remotely trigger the camera to take high definition photographs of the whales are going to be around the corner they went through there really quickly we got there we did well the gap. this is really a tool we have a flying a camera and we're trying to make inference about size and shape of whales but taking photographs is cool photogrammetry so this is a camera and we want to get it above the whales. mobley was built by don the boy at a cost of twenty five thousand dollars it may look like a hobby a stream project but in fact it's packed with many high tech systems to do science
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so it's called a house a car because it has six motors and six rotors if it's not being told what to do wants to see how we're going to be stable when the air. behind a finish and photos taken from the eye in the sky give scientists a better look at the overall health of the whales a female has been eating a lot and she's fat her whip relative to her length will be different than a female who hasn't eaten very much so we can take just those two measurements and with those two we can get an index of condition index of that this or that female peri min says this season many of the northbound lactating female gray whales observed appeared more robust than in previous years data that is important for many reasons will health give scientists a snapshot of the balancing act between food sources natural predators even climate change we're getting to the point now where we really can talk about how climate change in the arctic is impacting this population now there's less ice and it's
11:37 pm
then or there's more photosynthesis going on in the wintertime because like can penetrate and what we want to do is kind of understand that dying. what's going on . recently john durban and the no it's team took mobley to canada to study killer whales taken from one hundred feet above this video the first of its kind give scientists a clearer picture of the health of northern resident killer whales in these images the whale on the right appears robust and in good condition while the whale on the left is then and in poor health scientists believe this will later died because it was no longer spotted with its pod. killer whales reported because the competing with this fish would try to understand all the getting enough food as this technology becomes available to more people we're going to see more research is using it safer research safely out of miles i think
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it's a win win. from an emotional perspective just being able to see these incredibly beautiful species out in their natural environment we'd never be able to do that and we don't have to disturb them to see them but in terms of the overarching story i mean a scientist you can collect data on two things what is and what's changing and it seems like this method allows them to collect data that's sort of speaking to both of those objectives they're studying what is now and when things change well no and i mean that also speaks to the importance of having long term data sets right because you have to be able to establish a baseline which i think they're doing very well you know with twenty two years worth of data and now with the changes of climate change you know that that's a really powerful sedative and it to to give us a sense of what's what's on the horizon. you are going to tell us about a unique to where you took a little unusual lab and
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a tray here you know it's basically a lab full of trash and for invited us to check out the ways that they're making the auto industry will be greener so clearly a lot of environmental incentives here a a play. you know obviously when you use recycled materials over new ones are going to be saving a little bit of money but they also found some new ways to solve some old problems using some very cool methods so saying look. it's taken over a century but today car manufacturers are getting into high gear when it comes to going green from hydrogen fuel cell cars to electric plug ins and hybrids mileage is going up and with a least ten percent of vehicles environmental impact in the assembly process manufacturing is going green to. companies like toyota g.m. volkswagen ford and honda are all stepping up eco friendly methods with zero waste factories diverting millions of pounds from landfills reusing water recycling
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sludge and going solar powered and it's not just assembly take forward eighty five percent of its cars are renewable recyclable or compostable everything from recyclable aluminum bodies in engine parts to solely from seats in fabrics made from five million was cycled plastic bottles and this is where the ideas percolate the materials research lab at ford headquarters in dearborn michigan what would you say is the craziest thing that you guys work with do you think those are the hook ups yeah so these are cigarette filters it's a cellulose yes a tape fiber and so we're looking at that fiber as a reinforcement for plastics debbie moleski start of the lab back in two thousand and one was soil foam oil was about forty dollars a barrel and so nobody saw a reason to use plant based materials even though there was an environmental improvement when we launched our soil base foams oil was about one hundred fifty
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dollars a barrel and so suddenly what was a very poorly received idea was very well received instead of a petroleum base. the foam in every seat in north america is made of michigan soil and now the lab is testing algae oil with its more global reach plastics researcher ellen lee gave techno the first public look at this newest experimental phone rang and have you had in search back then this one. and that's like the egg and the plant everything you have there and then i'm going to have to add the following which in our case is water i'm going to mix this up. and then we'll see the foam start to react. there it goes bacon until a cake you can see all the gas bubbles all ready for we use this to kind of evaluate our formulation how fast it comes out why is it important that this reacts
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fast how fast you can be made each part is really important for manufacturing because we want to be able to make things in a timely manner are we talking a matter of minutes per phone seat or seconds or less that ford is aiming to make their plastics at least twenty percent bio based is actually making the plastic stronger yes it does. these parts are later in ways they can show you one that is made from camp first class and it's about a thirty percent weight reduction so if we continue to do this we will improve fuel economy as well ford says it's already diverted more than thirty million pounds of plastic from north american landfills with materials as diverse as we grass coconut hair shredded jeans and millions of dollars of greenbacks a lot of people don't know as money isn't actually paper it's a blend of cotton and linen try to grind it down into a smaller fine and right research engineer just simply look curious showed me how it's done bullets crime some money to use a crime there's a shuttle that goes inside and using magnets it turns the magnets on and off and it
11:43 pm
will move the shuttle back and forth between the two metal ends and smash the money using liquid nitrogen around liquid nitrogen so look at nights and all just. pool the money down to a brittle so it's easy to smash and turn on the machine. is on the. how to morning then it's melted in with plastic and formed into pellets you melt them down and then you formed them into things like this right and this is a coin trick that is a coin to your money money back into your vehicle what is this tomato fibers these are actual skin leaves and stems from the tomato plants from hines's ketchup production they process millions of pounds of tomatoes every year and they have a lot of left over why is this a good product for you guys to use we can use this to reinforce our plastics to
11:44 pm
make them stiffer but then at the same time we can start in the lab is in the very early stages of testing the tomato responsibilities making samples bun melting and mixing plastic extruding it into pellets and molds for testing you would mention part of the test is actually the smell you know if they're driving a lot and they may not want to smell tomatoes because they might get angry. so what's your big end goal for all of us we all have kids and we want to make sure that there's a green nice planet for them with materials that they can continually replenish i don't want them to depend on petroleum as their only source of materials. sitting between you guys is of course ten thousand dollars worth of cash but unfortunately it is old cash shredded would normally go to the trash but in this case they're reusing it making trees and this idea of closing the materials lou you
11:45 pm
know going as much as we possibly can to words zero waste and manufacturing it's not just lip service anymore it's happening and it makes total businesses. i think it's so interesting to see that cross industry collaboration like catch up and ford motor is that these aren't really two companies that i would think would work together in this way i mean i as a chemist i think a lot about it is a green chemistry like you want all of the by products of your chemical reactions to be used for their reactions and that's kind of like how i think about it but this is really created when your doctor can. meet in the past not only catch up and call interactions when i spilled in my car from the california coast all the way over to detroit we've covered a lot of ground today guys and some pretty interesting topics so thanks for that level up more for you next time on techno see this dive deep into these stories and go behind the scenes at al-jazeera dot com slash techno. expert contributors on twitter facebook instagram google plus and more.
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rewind returns can bring your people back to life from start with brand new updates on the best of documentaries there has been a number of reforms put in price since the program. begins with mohammed at the time. i was the global. and the other i was very fortunate to be awarded a rewind on al-jazeera. i remember the first time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. just that we all come from different places but it's one that gives this bankruptcy the ability to identify people when they get inside the world but we can understand what it's
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like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. weather online i want to start here on my laptop with a tweet or if you join us on sat there was a rush of adrenaline when we felt this is the moment that we have been waiting for this is a dialogue the government has codebase on a legal protest i'll start to pull students forced to disperse the crowds everyone has a voice and for votes in a lot of different reasons was it different types of bricks or join the global conversation on al-jazeera. in the darkest of times brave men and women stood up. when oppressed they rose. together they forward for greater justice respect and compassion. they had a dream for
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a better future. today we are at a turning point. the stakes are high climate change inequality. hate speech you may feel overwhelmed but there is hope for. you. we together can create the change we want. by speaking out by standing up by taking action to be the leader you are looking for stand up for human rights. this is al jazeera live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha. welcome to the news grid the shutdown with no end in sight.
11:49 pm
will try again today to find a way through the impasse while they talk we're looking at the impact eight hundred thousand workers going without pay and american. soul going on visited and. also on the grid the i would it is gathering steam in washington mainly thanks to a viral video from a new congresswoman but is there now potential problem within the democratic party between those who want to go. and those who would rather wait and also the war in syria gradually american forces reportedly asking for significant u.s. military support to battle us. a live update from. syria borders coming. doctors in zimbabwe are still on strike calling for better wages but now they say they'll no longer tend to emergency patients and they won't back down from their demands looking at some of the reasons why you can tweet us your thoughts
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using the hash tag. live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live on al-jazeera dot com it is day fifteen of the u.s. government shutdown in donald trump's warning it could go on for months even longer but it's also the fifteenth day that hundreds of thousands of federal workers have gone without a paycheck and so is the administration and congressional leaders bitter over the price of a proposed border wall average americans are the ones feeling the impact in their wallets we're going to get to that in a moment first as we reported on friday both sides met at the. white house attempting to bridge their differences the third meeting in as many weeks and when it was over very little sign of any progress speaker of the house nancy pelosi described it as lengthy and sometimes contentious a sentiment backed up by senate minority leader chuck schumer so we told the president we needed the government when he resisted in fact he said he'd keep the
11:51 pm
government closed for a very long period of time months or even years that the shutdown could go on for months or even a year or longer did you say that he did sure i did that intersection where we are absolutely i said that i don't think it will but i am prepared and i think i can speak for republicans in the house and republicans in the senate they feel very strongly about having a safe country having a border that makes sense without borders i've said it many times we don't have a country and just a couple of hours ago trump opened his weekend tweets with this the democrats can solve the shutdown problem in a very short period of time all they have to do is approve real border security including a wall something which everyone other than drug dealers human traffickers and criminals want very badly this would be easy to do gabriel elizondo in washington d.c. this saturday hi gabriel what is planned today more talks. yeah there are it's
11:52 pm
going to be staff level talks in washington here between white house staff and staff from nancy pelosi office chuck schumer's office some other congress people as well so that but this is staff to staff level this isn't going to be direct talks as far as we know between the principals which are trump palosi schumer and others so there's a little pessimism that this is going to lead to anything but at least people are talking but. very unlikely it seems that there's going to be any resolution to this this weekend anything can happen trump said that he was hoping that this could get resolved quicker than anyone imagined but then in the same thing you also said yesterday as well that on friday as well that this could go on for months or even years so really unclear and listen there's been twenty one government shutdowns in the history of the federal government here in the u.s. so they've happened before but this one is different primarily because both sides just seem like they will not budge on their negotiating positions and that's why
11:53 pm
there's so much uncertainty and how long this really could go on go because there is a fundamental difference in the way they approach this it seems to me gabriel maybe you can elaborate that it's not something that can really be negotiated because it really is i'm saying this the other side saying this and we do not see eye to eye fundamentally. you either build a wall or you don't and that's really what it comes down to and we can talk about if it's five billion ten billion three billion whatever what's on the table right now is a little more than five billion but you're right and that's why this is such a roadblock here and why quite frankly the white house and trump has really backed themselves into a corner because they have nowhere to negotiate he said absolutely he would not reopen the government until he gets the money for this wall and democrats say we'll give you money for border security but not for a wall and trump built his campaign as we all know about building this wall never never mind the fact he said mexico's going to pay for it now and you know there's
11:54 pm
doesn't appear that's going to happen he's asking for the tat u.s. taxpayers to pay for it to put that aside for a minute and just look at the basic issue of building this wall whether it be the entire length of the border just be part of it he has to build a wall to satisfy his core base of supporters and he knows that and the democrats are newly emboldened by have now having the house of representatives in the debt control of the democrats and so they say we're not going to give you money for the wall so where do you go from here negotiations that's a big question nobody knows and that's why it's so quite frankly scary that this could go on for a while yet no one says i thank you gabriel is on the in washington d.c. so while president trump is dead real says continues to push the war issue over that of the actu shutdown there is this reality that the shutdown is having far reaching negative impacts first of all there is the made the reference to previous shutdowns and i've got a shot here from statistic to show you yes they were in fact in the seventy's in
11:55 pm
cities even though quite a lot of shutdowns there then through the eighty's and ninety's only a few and the longest any of them went was three days the longest shutdown was right here twenty one days nine hundred ninety five during bill clinton's first term he vetoed a republican resolution which hypes medicare premiums and rolled back environmental regulations and coincidently at her. two thousand employees were affected just like today so that was december of one thousand nine hundred five right now we're on day fifteen a very good chance of those twenty one days being surpassed and how does a shutdown look well in places like us national parks for instance think trash cans overflowing toilets shut litter on all the lawns of friends and edge of possibly having a look at that. we're
11:56 pm
really alarmed about the situation in our national parks and the pressure the administration's been taking which has been one of our partial openings have a number of parks. there are a lot of local businesses that are really concerned about what this means for them this is their bottom line decision makers at this point are suggesting the shutdown could last for weeks and that is unacceptable for our parks and there is. we're certainly urging decision makers that they need to get our parks totally reopened at this point if this continues we could be looking at significant impacts
11:57 pm
to park resources and that's going to be very difficult for managers who are already demoralized by not being in parks worrying about when their next paycheck will be they'll have to come into parks and deal with the massive and quite unpleasant cleanup that could also mean the irreparable damage to park resources. ok so let's talk about it all joining us and scott from london jacob particular so is the deputy head of the u.s. and america's pregnant chatham house in london a nice to have you with us jacob so. first of all we've been talking about the duration of this shutdown donald trump has used this sort of big statement over could go on for months or even three years it sounds very big i wonder how realistic that really is i mean the government's got to operate. well as we know trump speaks in hyperbole and he often talks about the greatest of day guessed the biggest election victory after when it clearly wasn't that sort of thing so when he says months or even years i think we can reasonably read weeks or even months
11:58 pm
because it fundamentally not a sustainable situation for the reasons that your viewers have just seen it's more than just national parks it's also things like the transportation security administration air traffic controllers federal law enforcement people on whom every day americans actual lives sort of depend and the quality of life depends not going paid makes the situation increasingly unsustainable as time goes on how exactly much give there is in the system no one really knows because generally speaking in the past both sides have seen their their sort of negotiating terrain in roughly similar terms but trump is like that the democrats and even the republicans in the house and senate are playing a game of cards and trump is flipping the table over it's a fundamentally different game and i think that makes it very difficult to predict how exactly it gets resolved or how long it takes to get resolved yeah ok trying to predict anything donald trump does very very difficult business but what i'm
11:59 pm
wondering and it's this idea of almost getting inside his head and thinking why would a president willingly put his people out of work he talks about jobs he talks about make america great again what does he have to gain from putting eight hundred thousand people of his own people out of work. well i think there's a fundamental difference again between trump and previous president trump doesn't see federal workers as his people he referred to them as democrats and said essentially that you know them not getting paid didn't really matter before christmas i mean i don't think he he really understands or has much perspective on the importance of the work that the federal employees and contractors who by the way aren't getting paid and won't get back pay for this period but do a lot of critical government workers well do fundamentally for the country and for his own administration i think there's just there's a sort of it's somewhere in that space between not understanding and not seeing it
12:00 am
as part of his core political strategy which is of course playing to his own base but that's a very short term strategy i mean the base isn't enough for him to win reelection and it's not enough to preserve as we saw just a couple of months ago it's not enough to preserve the fortunes of his allies in congress so there needs to be some deeper and broader thinking and if not there needs to be some kind of off ramp some kind of. offer to trump that he can claim as a victory because he doesn't need a wall it's not about the wall it's about being able to claim a victory right jacob would you mind staying there for me. because we're going to talk about impeachments and richard it's laden some issues and i want to come back to you and talk about that in a moment that cope yeah of course sit tight we're going to pick up on that story we brought you on friday which has become a lot bigger in the past twenty four hours that is the profound comments made by the new u.s. congresswoman rasheed at sleep about impeaching donald trump and you're going to have the full details and reaction but i did want to start with this it's an opinion piece written by today but in the detroit free press two days ago.


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