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tv   Lenin Moreno  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2019 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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actions against president tomorrow bashir that began on december nineteenth anger over rising food prices and government corruption as lead to calls for al bashir to step down at least nineteen people have died since the unrest started and some rights groups are actually pushing that figure much higher at least thirty people have died in afghanistan after flooding triggered a landslide in an illegal gold mine rescue is a searching for survivors in northeastern by the province police say around fifty people were digging for gold when they were caught in the flash flood and thousands of people have been displaced in east in myanmar off the violence between a buddhist rebel group and security forces thirteen police officers died when an armed group called the hour can army attack police in rack on friday you're up to date with all of our top stories coming up acquittals president tonight in marino tells us about the challenges facing his country that's in talk to al jazeera.
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move. forward in. ecuador like other latin american countries faces many challenges including poverty migration and corruption ecuadorians trusted lenin merino to be the man who would meet those challenges and make their country a better place he became president in twenty seventeen after rafael correa had govern for ten years korea along with chavez in venezuela and evil morales in bolivia was a self declared revolutionary aiming to spread a populist rhetoric in the continents and beyond but he was accused of authoritarianism media censorship and corruption and eventually ecuadorians did
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vote for change lenin merino promised more centrist policies giving the right hands to all honest businessman he said willing to help boost the country's economy and the left hand to the people who need better social welfare but with almost a quarter of all ecuadorians classified as poor and almost one in ten living in extreme poverty on less than fifty dollars a month his merino managing to make a difference to find out more as president merino discusses his hopes for ecuador and the region will also discuss the controversial case of julian us on the wiki leaks founder who spent the past five years living inside the ecuadorian embassy in london is he a criminal or a hero lennon merino president of ecuador talks to al jazeera. is the president welcome to talk to al-jazeera are you taking your country from the
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left politically to the right not listening. you're piercy. if she ever was she was in a particular. procedure for the cave in the sushi oh yes there was a little. bookie if you live here for we'll give us the money to see. you keep it to meet the people she forgot one of the richer beautifully clever this q. is asleep we will hillary will she must equal theories with the thieves people in by the sea those of us will be others a place shaping ideology is all well and good but that sounds like a very long term prospect the reality is just according to the word but world bank twenty five percent of ecuadorians are classified as being poor ten percent of your countrymen according to the united nations live off forty seven dollars a month that's a staggering figure. trickle down the consequences of what you're trying to
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do not being felt yet. if you believe. the illiterate but the with blue sea and deep blue sea in the obedient the laws because most of those little stumbles on the. little percent. organic. he's really good only for the police. because the pseudonym pale. when the police believe in. the. beer. you know. other. than the key is that this post was made about really. be a case of just from the killers and police think it was the response of the other person
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with what was. it was over he was put was the one what about the discipline of people who seemed a little bit. you know completely details from. what does employment responsibility really mean for the people that voted you into office you've got a six billion dollars deficit your four billion dollars in debt your country is out of pocket the chuen of ten billion dollars it's got a history of claims of corruption how do you turn that broad concept into real jobs for real people. you know if it was a political look at the other party's use of if you. could. if you don't believe in the book he gave. the only
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for me. with the liberals. pursue your predecessor wanted to fast track development he borrowed billions and billions of dollars from the chinese those debts are coming so your overdraft at the big bank is going to get worse you haven't got the money coming in to service your debts how do you get out of that debt trap with people. with. a living into lazy. with the. give. to their. the lead.
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he pulls in the existence of the one can't have a conversation with yourself with. you sit down permanently you're in a wheelchair does that has it colored who you are as a politician you've been nominated for a nobel prize you've got four hundred thousand people registered as being less well able or disabled in your country has that changed you as a politician has it made you a better politician. he. didn't think when he. gave he. needed them a little. less if he. were to fit into that purpose to rent the movie or even a spaces of them if he even. would if it were.
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the richest. little to each of us persuade us. if you look at the people of. this is he has. to be. and that is. if it's believed a little bit of peace because beneath us of the book that he has for the beatles with each of. his early work it was the let's move on to another area for which a country is known if anyone says the name ecuador through a european lens through an american lens a north american lens relational lens they probably come up with another name julian us on he's been in your embassy for almost six years now do you want him gone most useful do. to reach those who say you have a sense. a live little. ritual you see of us as for the victims in the.
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leader is. the. who will be. if the euro cents for the leaders he. only got in this area a lot of this will be the illegal. it up with us because he is no political persona. the leader. he must. have seen italy put on to. be leaders to want to concealing his police work a move to see me into a. particular conceiving. of the. little correspond the committee looking into the me personally thirty syria was completely bottles. you've received assurances from somebody in the british
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government could you share with me who that might be one of. the most. because people tend to caylee killed. it's the. it was not as. if the little it'll be the solution. we've assumed because. of his usual sense in your mind what is it about julian assange because his supporters in london when one talks to them as i don't often they pitch him as if he's being held against his will he's never been held against his will he's always been free to walk out of the building whenever he felt like it in the past six years so for you what is it about him that keeps him in your embassy with the equal of the c.e.o. we've got it up with us you use a little bit with you here she is with us.
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it. will be with the people who will is from the police your listeners could be going to be. it will be. sally is producer couldn't little to remove. the percent that little but. would you be prepared or would you have been prepared to do some sort of deal with poor old man of fort. he is as we know who he is was very very close to donald trump and there's no question of donald trump having been in the loop on this you're smiling so you know where i'm going with this question you had two meetings with a fort and apparently poor man a fourth said to you he could facilitate a situation where. leaves the embassy in london gets
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a soft landing in the united states and you were reportedly allegedly heading towards some sort of situation to do with debt relief. the. mickey to the nicholas movie or book for the live loses in less is that it gives us a to see is what the availability of this. persona he said on our facility of us is a little crazy pursuing this purpose of political history to use your mother for food the visuals. of the. release that she was supposed to mean to. it complete with evil. you know sort of. the case with little c shoot with the un in the. big issue of perceived secrecy or let's say you're. it would at least if the viewer
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is the weather is p.c. interest and where it will give us who is with us here. the theme of the pursuit i must see to put the most us that moment did. you see of an a for a. c.e.o. people of music and because you political is illegal can technically you're being there are you prepared to force him out. he raised his kids the usual sense in. the seat of a candle you know so you have to come to the political the places the seeds and. he will keep well clear of it. he just said or given that was be there for the police unit as well as foetuses because you see you have a sense as he will be diluted but you give if you suspect that a second. millionth of believe because it was places that they have been several
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recent opinion polls done by reputable publications in the states that seem to say you are under pressure to do something about the issue and this pressure coming at you as well from the state department in washington. because you are the most. but he says look. she believed to be the leave you. must. feel a sense he. can do is move us can lead people to the reach of humans if we. use. what's the future direction of travel for your country with. in the top job you share land borders with peru colombia venezuela is up there as well that's got very very difficult particular problems it occurs to me that countries in your region there is a perception that they they lurch almost in
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a cyclical way from the right to the left from the right to the left and you seem to be setting yourself on a course of plotting a very difficult path i guess a european governments or a north american government might call itself a liberal democracy how would you describe that pathway that you seem to be trying to adopt. a little here a little pollution. even if you believe the group is this would leave with a little here and civil in the mentally ill. but your critics would say that you are sometimes playing fast and loose with the truth in one regard in particular with one regard say your critics say you took two and a half billion u.s.
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dollars from your social services budget and you spent it on other things because the other things that you want to spend money on the money wasn't in the relevant accounts to spend the money in the first place what do you say to those critics and how do you get your economy to the stage where you don't have to implement austerity because that's something else the world bank says about you the world bank says you have no austerity plan b. and that's the only way forward but of simply. the plan is that we. but the image we. show you that used was going to if you can see me to kill or even with living closer to the political. leaders he live he believes that he. put up with. the.
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people that the stimulus was a. it will simply cease to probably become v.s.e. to give us. the sequences whether this is really the moment you've got so much poverty in your country poverty generally goes hand in hand with corruption i know that you are dealing with that people are literally now behind bars if you don't turn around the economy you're going to slow the battle against corruption your predecessor is outside the country what's his status for you right now what's the status is he a criminal who can never come back or should he be allowed to come back at some point in the future and maybe go back into politics with the lives. of the region there will be even this. gives
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him. the political. elite will be the. he. tells him the. political blame the police shields the. east. sea and this is a you it could. get in the pool with each other even there's a legal. case how do you stop the contagion of what's happening in a country like venezuela crossing borders and coming to your country because. with respect you're possibly still in a honeymoon period as president but the world bank in its in its most recent report last year saying. you have deep structural problems and you are heading perhaps.
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stagnation the economic fundamentals are not there yet they may be there but they're not there yet. here live here. is. the routine physical event. super. easy. because if you will because the. perceives the is us here the. police in the. cities focus will have been in a deal here that each of the he'll will be a group of people that. really the. rules. of. he.
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is. so. if this. is. the. case to. will occur for fifty. years with the economy still a political associate. of the possibility for the city to be as years on though been honest as the process. he says that. the place is biased because if you have approval he'll be rich but if he gives you political hero. as he to sue the poor oh goodness for that of civility and simply to see him on the stump of the supreme assume equal suppose the police will divulge that this bill is a prisoner's muscled that he is political circles he rules the beliefs of this
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river people will probably just reverse approval so serious people meet that he'll use the eight of those who have this as a base is within a person is almost in the seat of their top on their t.v. calorie scale process with three most physicists areally to resume the ritual to go pursue course the other is the bigger issues with the visitors the of those of us who is most it is assumed the least he can to support the least so they will question. him seriously on this. it was we he needn't is with. due issue he was on a zipper so. that means it was a little piece of. the beach was that
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it was with people that. he. would have been easy on the river for the well even given. it's intriguing to me. that you use the phrase the refreshing democracy in venezuela obviously that's what you're trying to do in your own country but you can't do it yet because you're debt is running at something like five point nine percent of g.d.p. a cynic might say how much are you going to give to the china he's. do you start and how do you start seeing that debt because that's kind of the definition of your presidency so far but. for them to be. able to do this is.
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the most. of. these but it'll. be little because he's was if you look at a political. give the. of the. eve. of the victims were politically moved. it was a list. they did up a few over the past few days some of them still sort of the moves my old country for the. people of the tell into the in the us you don't get the. do you have another problem around the corner though and it's related to that that because some of the servers make this claim and it's this that those capital investment projects funded by chinese money the build quality literally the bricks and mortar the build quality of what they've been built is not good enough and that will have
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to be redone and you're talking about multi million dollar projects c.f.c.'s it as he says he. will be with us and because he not. so overt as it was at the speeches for this. week to the effort of it the big it is. keen as it places it to go overseas with us from the fields in the us i mean these are the two places that needs. it as a police achievement with a. key he says over. the. east. given that this is really so depleted proposing to leave the. e.u. to. people. because as a sickle if you go in with. you know. a
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supreme us let me be very. out of this is he goes in front of us with a lot of second. at what point in the future does president lennon miranda say job done i've done everything i wanted to do i've been a successful president but little book with bigger issues with. him we've been political people implicitly if you don't get the most noise i mean if you michael spun the cliff you will know if you have seen it ok you lose at home with it also if you look at the other because if you because if you look. at the helix he took his have almost on top of them in the winter gives a blue. president of ecuador it's been a pleasure sir thank you for talking to al jazeera with you we have you know seriously need to get out of these.
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short films. and inspiration. snow stories of three young women challenging the world around them. al-jazeera selects. it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in bhutan. astri seems to defy gravity
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every few cities is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness when it became a democracy in two thousand and eight the town put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow betimes example but how do you measure it brittany's happiness is what we ensure it if it is quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy bhutan has done what no other country has. when a french soldier was murdered in a so-called terrorist attack. his mother retaliate who's with love. speaking out against intolerance and alienation she travels the world with the resolve of a grieving mother who lost a son but adopted a generation. of fighting hearts
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a witness documentary on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every. hello i'm maryam namazie in london just a quick roundup of the top stories now donald trump's national security adviser says the u.s. withdrawal from syria is conditional on turkey assuring the safety of america's kurdish allies john bolton says there's still no timetable for the pullout but the u.s. also wants to ensure the last remnants of i still a defeated sixty thousand kurdish and other syrian fighters help the u.s. push i said out from that stronghold in eastern syria bolton made his call.


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