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tv   Hard Earned 2015 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  January 13, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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can only monitor an area of about two hundred meters and a ray of them could go a long way and in fact. a bigger array stretching the entire length of the u.s. border from the gulf of mexico to the pacific ocean according to the company quantity would cost only about one point five to two billion dollars considerably less than the physical border that's being discussed in washington and this would work night and day according to the company and be able to determine or distinguish rather between human beings and animals that are out there in the desert so it's possible some day that this could be an alternative in the company has been in touch in talks with politicians in washington and federal officials to make that someday a reality so news from ecuador where a fire and a truck we have been a taishan has killed seventeen people and left twelve others injured the blaze in
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the country's largest city. was started by patients who set mattresses alight when trying to escape police are looking to arrest the onus and all prices of the building and three people have been killed by a huge explosion spawn by ghastly hits of bakery in paris two of the dead were firefighters searching for the cause of the leak on the third was a spanish national thirty seven others were injured in the past ten of them seriously. all this is around eighty four thousand yellow vest protests have been out on the streets of france on the ninth weekend of demonstrations against the government police five water cannon and tear gas at protesters near the arc de triomphe in paris the interior ministry says more than two hundred forty people were detained the protesters are angry at the french president's economic reforms emanuel has promised billions of euros in tax relief is due to launch a national debate on tuesday to address the protesters concerns it has more now from paris. thousands of protesters marched across paris and they have congregated
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here the arc de triomphe just behind me which has become something of a symbol of this yellow vests movement and police are at the moment firing tear gas they're trying to move people away from this area dispersed the crowd so if you look behind me you can see the police there there are eighty thousand police deployed across the country security has been boosted as the government tries to crack down on what they say are some or the most violent elements in the protests so far they have been peaceful most of the protesters are of course peaceful and that's why the police are here to try and control and manage the situation but it has been very difficult for them over the past few months to think these photos have been very unpredictable now the government response has been politically to try and offer protesters more concessions more financial concessions they're launching a big national citizens dictate to get people move of course in politics next week but people here say that's not enough what they want are more taxes to be scrapped
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they say they want more to be done for poor people they say the president only cares about the rich so i have for you on the program she fled saudi arabia fearing a family would kill her and inspiring many saudi women in the process now rough flume is safe in canada. and south africa's ruling a.n.c. kicks off its election campaign and the first with cyril ramaphosa. had others yet more snow on the way for central and southeastern europe but i don't think the current the same extent we've just had you can see is two cloud tumbling down from the north that's where the cold coming from plenty of moisture has been brought up before not quite as much as we've seen before so the picture on sunday
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will still be snowing on the northern side of the out some tickets inserts in the trust to austria germany may even touch southern poland breaks of light is rain or course given the temperature is likely for the sas in for example be a pulse noon it's a governor across ukraine but the driving force actually is turning for a northerly to more westerly look at the temperatures in london and paris twelve eleven degrees and that driving force continues so we've got yet more snow to come so it's fairly rapidly sat it might leave a meter on the outs probably less than that for the south again talking about the balkans or the operations for example and rain is maybe more prevalent down domination coast and certainly in the coast of turkey where it is still flooding and ten percent risen to some degree five or six degrees a bit too high for significant snow off of that the consequence is still a windy cloudy and wet one throughout the mediterranean from argyria all the way to the levant disappointing.
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culturally i believe the muslims had to for greater effect all of europe than europe on the middle east. on the grocery goes forward for old christmas all because they failed to recognize the moment but there was no holocaust it was in the the list campaign of colonization that exploded religion even the move across the crusades an arab perspective the find of the soul liberation at this time on a.
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critic of the top stories now in the democratic republic of congo presidential candidate ma tough guy you know who has asked the constitutional court to order a recount of votes in the election is challenging the victory of opposition rival felix to she k.t. . the new york times says the f.b.i. opened an investigation into u.s. president donald trump back in two thousand and seventeen that followed his dismissal of james comey as head of the bureau which prompted concerns trump might be working on behalf of russia and the u.s. government shutdown has entered its twenty second day making it the longest in american history eight hundred thousand federal employees are going without pay as republicans and democrats failed to reach an agreement on a mexico border wall. when all the stories we're following an eighteen year old saudi woman who fled her family over fears for her life as a arrived in canada which is giving asylum. the moon flew from thailand to toronto via seoul. arriving dressed in a canada and un baseball cap earlier in the week she barricaded herself in
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a bangkok hotel to avoid deportation drawing close attention when she mounted a social media campaign for asylum well clinton story has emboldened many saudi women you've been tweeting under a hash tag translating as saudi women demand to overthrow the government one of them rights many women in saudi arabia are unable to leave the country yes women can drive but most guardianship laws remain and this was a feminist campaign a moan of to how we who campaigned for half translated tweets into english rather have. mark my words is going to start a revolution in saudi arabia go on social media now and watch the accounts of so many young saudis seeing rob you have shown us that we can do this. well many pointed out that it was social media that led to rescue this twisties a says social
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media gets denigrated but instances like this unveiled its positive role in empowering voices speaking truth to power and bringing about social change. well mike hanna joins us live now from toronto airport so clearly a great deal of mentum behind rough going on particularly playing out on social media might tell us more about the reaction now that she is on canadian soil well you can't really see it but early on in the day when she arrived shortly after nine o'clock local time there was a massive media scrum here the size reflective of the massive public interest that there has been this ongoing story and not many refugees are met by a country's foreign minister well that was the case the commander counted as foreign minister on hand to welcome her and she had this to say. and it was glad that you were able to leave and offer refuge
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sooner of refugees that busted you in apes and off the earth you see a person in his late lives in danger as the prime minister said yesterday canada believes very strongly in standing up for human beings around. people need their insistence that women's raids are human rights that something people even kept on hearing and that's something we believe in acting on. the world as. it has been quiet a while when we for housing it she accused her family of abuse she has now been granted asylum in canada or it's certainly cost the spotlight on the plight of many saudi women do we know much about rafael clinton's plans now. well we do understand she has stated on her social media fee that what she wants to do now is
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go to college and studied to be an architect but the process is not yet over she's safely here in canada as the canadian foreign minister continues to say but although she was given emergency sanctuary she still has to go through the lengthy process of immigration getting legal residence in canada that's a process that could take weeks maybe even months so that is ahead of her but despite all of this the canadian foreign minister insisting that she is safe and very important to mope to a statement from the canadian foreign minister that the idea that some decision would be taken at the risk of human rights that diplomatic relations with saudi arabia may be threatened by this decision to give century that doesn't matter as far as canada is concerned the foreign minister making very clear that the protection of human rights is far more important than any diplomatic deal or indeed any trade deal a very sharp if not subtle message being passed across the border to the united
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states thank you very much for the all the latest there from toronto mike hanna at least fifteen hundred syrian refugees in camps in lebanon are being displaced again a snowstorm is adding to the misery of more than three million refugees who fled the conflict in syria snow and ice blanketed many of the tents at this camp in lebanon's bekaa valley for many it's their fourth winter now living in makeshift camps with just plastic sheeting for warmth the lebanese government doesn't allow permanent refugee settlements in this area. south africa's ruling african national congress has launched its manifesto for elections in may addressing a rally in durban pasi latest on the post's promise to create more jobs and address racial inequality aversion maze being seen as a test of whether i am opposed has managed to reverse a decline in the andes popularity since taking over from jacob zuma last year for me to enter reports from durban the south africa's president and leaders of the
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african national congress aim to shore up support wasn't at all at the climax of a week of unofficial election campaigning at the launch of the party's manifesto cyril ramaphosa continued to play out the idea of a new dawn for south africa today as the african national congress we launch our twenty nine thousand. election manifesto we do so at a crucial moment in the history of our nation after a period of uncertainty we have arrived at a moment. of oath and the promise of a new beginning for a party marge not only by corruption scandals but infighting between rival factions aligned to either roma or former president jacob zuma the a.n.c. has used this event to highlight some of its achievements as the last election and
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its future plans for south africa but for many here it's much of the same from a new party president competing with a formal leader who's popular in this province there were concerns about how reports i would be received was in a tall is the home of former president zuma who resigned last year during various corruption scandals involving him in the a.n.c. thunderous applause greeted zuma as he entered the stage with distinctly fewer cheers for the president the more forces presidency however appears to have regained some support nationwide one survey shows sixty one percent support for the ruling party its closest competitor the democratic alliance trails with fourteen percent the manifesto appears to continue previous government policies including free university education for students from poor and working class backgrounds and promising a more inclusive economy growing libin the big one how dare i let the bible god
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the lord out of the bar was there probably access for help ever depression but the emphasis on what has gone wrong what the killer with the quality of those services is what is wanted. from a force or acknowledge that corruption has weakened south africa's public institutions and went on to say it would not be tolerated as the a.n.c. winds up its one hundred seventh birthday celebrations and the launch of its plans ahead of the general election in may delivering results such as improving the economy and creating jobs remains a priority so does a united front with factionalism remains a major threat to the agency's election success. al-jazeera durban puzzle natal. government workers protesting against low wages in bangladesh saying police are fired live rounds at them hundreds of workers have been demonstrating in the capital dhaka
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a minimum wage was set by the government last year that many say it's not being in force at least one person has been killed and dozens injured since the protests began last sunday well now the death toll from protests in sudan that started last month has risen to twenty four the head of the sudanese government fact finding committee has said anti-government protests broke out in december over rising food prices in cash shortages they quickly turned into demonstrations against the government. now four days before the british parliament votes on the government's breaks it deal a country remains deeply divided over the imminent break from with the european union left wing protests of march through london demanding that the government call a general election and in northern england a separate event urged the government to grant another referendum on the issue paul brennan reports. well. with just
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days to go until teresa mayes breck's a deal is voted on the volume and the tension is cranking up. this demonstration in london attracted a wide array of left wing protesters with a wide range of political grievances this was anti austerity not a brics it rally at all but it certainly bret's it which has brought matters to a head. after eight years of ashes starting they want to push us over the age into our present foreign montijo pricey ritual signage our economy and savard up of it services so the solution is very straightforward on shoestring we want to read maize to you. was labor is not seeking to overturn bricks it's simply to try to deliver a different rex's i what is clear and after size by all the different events taking place across the u.k. this weekend there is still no single coherent principle everybody can unite behind
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. in the northern city of sheffield campaigners for another referendum have been pressing their case you have the right to be heard and they must listen to the voice of the people as people now look at the exit understand what it means and realize that this great country in truth has made a terrible mistake and at the same time government minister chris grayling warned that the biggest mistake would be not to go through with grex it we risk a break with the british tradition of moderate mainstream politics that goes back to the restoration in six hundred sixty he told the daily mail newspaper it will open the door to extremist populist political forces in this country of the kind we see in other countries in europe. opposition figures quickly denounced gratings comments as gutter politics but the route illustrates the bitter divisiveness of the current political climate and the uncertainty out this will be resolved the
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culprit an al-jazeera central london. the mayor of a remote town in canada has appeal for help after more than forty harp seals became stranded on the town streets the marine animals came ashore washington and new found land during the high tide of january third they've taken over roads driveways and parks more than a week local officials say many of the seals appear in distress off to being unable to find their way back to the water nice to have been killed after being run over by vehicles. there's more in everything we're covering right here the address is al jazeera dot com they'll find more on our top stories but also comment and analysis that takes you behind the headlines al-jazeera dot com is the address. of the mind of the top stories this hour now in the democratic republic of congo
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a presidential candidate modify unit has asked the constitutional court order a recount to votes in the election is challenging the victory of opposition rival felix to she k.t. and claims catholic church electoral observers put his vote share over sixty percent i'm hoping you got to the constitutional court we called the electoral commission to read the ballot papers because that's what. we have to politicise agree that it is not to see me as a most films they are fabricated nothing to do with the truth. the new york times is reporting that the f.b.i. opened an investigation into u.s. president donald trump back in two thousand and seventeen it followed his dismissal of james comey as head of the bureau which prompted concerns trump might be working with russian intelligence trump reacted on twitter saying the former leaders of the f.b.i. are corrupt meanwhile the u.s.
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government shutdown has entered its twenty second day now making it the longest in the country's history eight hundred thousand federal employees are going without pay as republicans and democrats failed to reach an agreement on a border wall with mexico a fire in ecuador has killed seventeen people and left twelve on this injured a blaze in a drug rehabilitation clinic in the largest city of kill it was started by patients who set mattresses alight when they were trying to escape police want to arrest the building's owners a saudi teenager raul has landed in canada where she's been offered asylum going and says she's fleeing an abusive family in saudi arabia and fears she'll be killed if she returns their story has prompted a social media campaign to end saudi arabia's strict male guardianship laws and more than eighty thousand yellow vests protesters took to the streets of paris in a ninth weekend of pro demonstrations police fired water cannons and tear gas at
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the arc de triomphe as well as that original demands for tax reductions the protesters on now calling for constitutional reforms. all of our top stories there will be more news later on in about twenty five minutes time after the listening post which is next. a veteran n.b.c. news analyst has quit the network after three decades with the strike action on his media obsessed archive our thoughts now is to cover that up for auction it's like taking the bait i believe distractions served up on twitter as the mainstream media failed its mission. hello i'm richard gere's bird and you're at the listening post
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here are some of the stories we're covering this week news alert for the u.s. media being tough on trump can lead to being pro military think about it there's an election coming up in nigeria and the raid on a newspaper there is probably no coincidence conspiracy theories they're everywhere and journalists aren't really sure how to deal with them plus president el-sisi and the interview his government did not want to see on the air they say you are a military dictator the one the egyptian media pretended did not happen as parting shots go it was a good one it made news when william arkin a veteran national security reporter with n.b.c. news and m s n b c wrote his resignation email last week he shared it with his colleagues it was then leaked to other news outlets among arkansas criticisms of his former employer and other mainstream news outlets in the us that by incessantly covering the presidency of donald trump the network is being held hostage by trump
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that in its reflexive li anti trump coverage it has become even more pro-military that n.b.c. and m s n b c are now captives of the security state back in his days with the washington post arkin worked on an investigation called top secret america on the rapid growth of the u.s. intelligence industry post nine eleven so his critique of the establishment media is worth listening to he knows the subject matter. however american news consumers are tuning into m.s. n.b.c. and its anti trump agenda in record numbers armed with those kinds of ratings what corporate owned news channel would risk alienating its shareholders by changing tack our starting point this week n.b.c.'s headquarters in new york city. william arkin in his resignation e-mail to his employer on the perils of trump.
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the impulse to oppose any and all of the president's policies regardless of their merit. of course he is an ignorant and incompetent and pasta and yet alarmed at how quick and b.c. is to mechanically argue the contrary to be in favor of policies that just spell more conflict and more war really we shouldn't get out of syria and by the way we're knocking the hell out of isis will become another syria like very soon so to recap for everybody panag on not happening. we shouldn't go for the bold move of denuclearizing the korean peninsula why did that happen what was that for no us president has ever agreed to meet with a north korean dictator before and even russia who really yearn for the cold war in almost everything we see here touch and feel and smell it's russia and don't even get me started with the f.b.i.
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what we now lionized this historically destructive institution. everything just so there's no conversation about whether or not these are actually positions that have merit there is no conversation about whether or not we should have even gone into syria when they're not even legal we don't see the actual coverage of what's happening except for to condemn the president for not wanting to be there he has earned ninety eight percent or. your ire ok don't ruin it by actually being reflexive way against the two percent that make sense we should definitely get out of syria we should one hundred percent get out of afghanistan but it's irrelevant what i think i know the huge percentage of the right wing and a huge percentage of the left wing who want to withdraw from those wars so are any of them represented in the media and the answer is no because the media is decided we're going to put up a wall if you will of fear and loathing donald trump everything about this critique
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with regard to the mainstream media's treatment from is false the idea that they are anti trump well no they're in the business of telling the truth and trump is in the business of lies in the past month alone according to the washington post he has told an average of fifteen lies a day to be anti trump is to be pro truth so i don't give any of arkan's critique those particular issues and it creates looks like. some aspects of this story are unique to the trump era but not all american and coalition forces whether it's the bush administration invading iraq in two thousand and three we will hunt down terror ordering the bombing of eisel in syria in two thousand and fourteen or donald trump conducting air strikes against syrian government targets in two thousand and seventeen the coverage is one sided and the voices reflect that why didn't we take out all of his military capability and like all three us twenty four
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hour news channels m s n b c hires ex-military and intelligence figures many of them now employed by the defense and security industries the networks call them analysts which is misleading because many of them are advocates according to william arkin the preponderance of those voices and how much airtime they are given on stories such as trump's recent decision to pull out of the syrian conflict are evidence that u.s. news networks have become captives out. of the security state so when i started as a commentator on m.s.n. b.c. and n.b.c. in one nine hundred ninety nine there were others who were from the academic world there were others who were activists now all we hear are retired generals and admirals and high level government officials all of you have so many credentials we don't really know where to start but let's talk start with the general things that only one of us who has four stars. and all we hear is a kind of partisan analysis of how bad trump is because he's breaking with past
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administration policy or whatever the american public suffers it's amazing to look at how many former national security state officials are on television i mean you'd expect maybe and it's a tele tarion society to have former intelligence officials being your experts were supposed to be democratic and i can't think of people less qualified to opine on politics and to represent the interests of average people then those officials who have spent their careers warmongering and running secret programs michael first of all what were the u.s. media's addiction to ex-military and intelligence forces is well documented a two thousand and eight investigation by the new york times exposed how at the outset of the wars in iraq and afghanistan there was a virtual conveyor belt running between the pentagon and network television studio
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the times won a pulitzer prize for that piece of journalism what changed there after was nothing like the conflicts kept coming i'm guided by the beauty of our weapons so do the x. generals and the pentagon labels message force multipliers. love a good goodbye note and and as william arkin pointed out in an interview on c.n.n. the us media somehow managed to accommodate all those pro-war voices without even know. where some of the conflicts are taking place. when i think about how we cover the news i think about are we at war or are we not at war and even if we're in this so-called perpetual war or the long war as the pentagon calls it i want to know that it's being covered with the aggressiveness that's necessary right now brian we are bombing nine countries around the world and i defy you to even name what they are that's how can i add to our coverage of warfare is beyond us with you i cannot
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if there is and he's not a military expert he's a news media critic but i wanted to make the point and in fact it's been interesting even my colleagues have said one of those nine countries is again show me any mainstream media outlet that is anti war and what it would be this out of here without pre-war either. the corporate media is massively pro-war so when you combine those two forces being against pro-war when he announces withdraw they hate it and they fight him with a passion that you haven't seen him a long time there are times when that just distain for him gets in the way of producing really good news really good commentary and we have seen that with the line is not just math is i think jim mattis is departure was different from a lot of the other previous departures we've seen because he is so highly regarded but when connie was leaving the f.b.i. we've seen this kind of happen after everyone leaves that there's this moment where
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it's like oh oh they're so great because they've left but it doesn't really look at how these people have contributed to everything that we're saying is a problem with trump. m.s.n. b.c. which declined to answer our questions can live with the criticism and just point to the ratings they show a clear appetite for and to trump t.v. viewers clearly don't mind the pro-war bias and happily tape. in political talking points from former trump officials who have left the administration iraq last month for the first time in seventeen years m s n b c one the ratings war with fox attracting more viewers in the key demographic that advertisers want. to see has done well in the ratings and the traveler but i think part of that is a reflection of the fact that whenever you have a democratic president. sort of focus on official opposition network like fox news will do better in this case the beneficiary of this dynamic is in the sea because
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you have trump and power most cable news is crap and allows a lot of crap on amazon to say there's less crap on m s n b c than there is on c.n.n. and far less than there is on fox i don't understand why unless n.b.c. is a problem they see themselves as the voice of the resistance but the idea that this is the problem rather than fox is the problem or c.n.n. is the problem it's it's insane. or it's possible that fox news is not the only problematic news network on the american airwaves and that's not drawing a false equivalence equating m s n b c's locational blindspots with fox's constant crimes against journalism it's just stating the facts the points that william arkin made on his way out the door. we're looking at other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers joanna who's joe egypt's president. sits down for an interview with sixty minutes in the u.s.
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last week and then tries to stop that interview from going on the air why even agree to do it in the first place you had to know what was coming but as one of the show's producers said later it's almost as if c.c. was unfamiliar with the program and just wanted to appear on it because a number of other arab leaders have done the same c.b.s. host scott pelley asked some pretty direct questions about the president's record on human rights the kinds of questions never has to face from egyptian journalists . mr president the organization human rights watch says that there are sixty thousand political prisoners that you're holding today as we said here a c c clearly thought the interview had gone badly according to that same producer on the shoot by the time she got home from the interview there was an e-mail from her contact that the egyptian embassy formally requesting that the interview not be aired now holding back that interview or burying it is not something that c.b.s. news could even consider but the president has had more success in controlling the media output back home on this has been much more according to one of the few
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independent outlets still operating in egypt not a mussar in the president's office instructed domestic media not to cover the sixty minutes interview in any way and the media blackout looks absolute instead there's been a lot of focus on the inauguration of a new coptic cathedral just outside cairo it's like the sixty minutes interview never happens let's move on to nigeria now last week the military raided several offices of the daily trust one of the biggest papers in the country arresting a couple of journalists seizing equipment why this paper and why now well richard the nigerian military post a statement on facebook saying that all this was in response to a cover story published by the daily trust on january sixth which detailed a military operation planned against the armed group boko haram and the article supposedly and i quote divulge classified military information now by undermining national security employees at the paper say the officers came looking for reporter hans idris who wrote the story but when they couldn't find him they arrested two
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other journalists instead and now if these raids and arrests come after a series of setbacks in the government's war with iran and with just over a month before a scheduled national election this might be just another attempt to stifle critical reporting of the ninja erin military and its political masters ok thanks joe have you heard the conspiracy theory about al-jazeera being a secret tool of the israeli government probably not since i just made it up and put it out there. conspiracy theories are a growth industry they can affect politics last year one such theory may have helped reelect varian president viktor orban another lead to a mass shooting in an american synagogue and donald trump pedaled a few with them on his way to the white house the thing about conspiracy theories is that journalists don't really know how to cope with them debunking them fails to convince those who believe that the media are lying to them and the exposure that comes with countering them introduces people to conspiracies they've never heard of before so are the social media giants doing anything about the problem not in ways
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that would hurt their bottom line online architectures algorithms help keep conspiracy communities in gauged and outraged the listening posts will young now on conspiracy theories the media and the consequences they can have in the real world . a whole. lot novel idea from bad uncle george george soros hasn't visited hungary. prime minister viktor orban make the hungarian finance iran fun to paste a central part of his reelection campaign last march. off of him gary and believe soros is behind the plot to bring large numbers of migrants into the country
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a conspiracy theory that the gary in government has been propagating. george soros is a useful character because it taps into this preexisting fire right now about jewish control and throughout the years we've seen this anti semitism turn into documented conspiracy theories the sort of thinking is obviously extremely useful to populist politicians who want to position themselves as someone who. a defender of the people against outside shadowy forces who wish to weaken their nation. but we want populist politicians such as trump you think somebody. i would be surprised would be i would i don't know but i would be surprised a lot of people say you know. the theory that soros was funding an orchestrated the migrant caravan travelling from honduras to the us border had reached millions on social media
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a series of twelve suspicious packages sent to critics one turned up. by the time the first of a dozen targeting think it's on the street. sources. days later was allegedly shot eleven people dead. tree of life. several posts about the migrant caravan on facebook. on the united states jewish. conspiracy theory a time in sorest to the caravan started in some private facebook groups and in other chat forums then eventually people started tweeting about it lou dobbs starting to sort of make associations to it a lot of these folks also have affiliates who are getting money from the. state department and then from there really jumps into the mainstream there was a video shot in guatemala we don't really know what it shows in someone
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distributing some kind of paper maybe take it maybe money out of money change but this video was seized evidence that some larger group was funding and in fact erecting the caravan this is completely baseless conspiracy theory but became so popular that even a congressman was promoting it of course one of the exciting promises of social media is that the. there is no more media gatekeepers but it's also very useful if you're a conspiracy theorist and you think that the mainstream media is not going to tell the story that you think people should should hear. ideas that jews freemasons. this is people. secretly running world affairs have been around for centuries. about conspiracy theories today. and sproat. take the breakout hit of conspiracy theorizing in trump's america q and on the
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conspiracy of political intrigue game if the case should real time news analysis and crowdsourcing. the story by those who believe the theory to be of government working close to donald trump and bring down the state. of this message forums for believers to interpret. what's interesting about q. and on the answer of general modern conspiracy theorizing is that it's not a passive experience for a lot of people who believe that q. will release a puzzle or a cryptic message in the queue drunk and then people in the cuban community will spend a lot of time and energy and effort in attempt to decode it as very it's very game a fight is very fun but the problem is that they they don't actually really think it's a game they think that they're actually genuinely uncovering some sort of secret from deep inside the government key to the growth of these serious is them not just
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living on places like fortune or read it but them making the leap to the more widely used social media platform. and a lot of other things leavers create these sort of quasi i news reports on you tube to respond and nearly real time to events to say ok this is happened in the news today again. this is all these timing. here's how this. off to fit into the queue and on theory into the sort of larger conspiracy that explains if you watch a conspiracy video it recommends another conspiracy video and those conspiracy videos are often telling you don't listen to the mainstream news stay on you tube and watch more you tube videos where people reinforce these messages that most of the outside world says are ridiculous you can buy into whatever conspiracy theory you want people can create a filter bubble that's completely their own where outside perspectives start to feel galleon to them but apart from the platforms there's another bug in the media
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ecosystem that can enable conspiracy theories and that it's journalists themselves breaking news often means events over time the ability of news outlets to provide reliable information and the resulting data voids online can be spaces where conspiracy theories take hold when a student opened fire would stoneman douglas high school in parkland florida last february killing seventeen people the conspiracy theory going to currency even as events were unfolding the shooting was faked and witnesses were in fact crisis actors while journalists attempted to debunk the theory they may inadvertently have been spreading it. so i watch a news report that debunks this idea of crisis actors but i've never heard of this term before i'm not an actor in any sense way shape or form so i get out my phone and i google the term crisis actors those search results bring up more conspiracy
4:43 am
theories the goal of conspiracy theorists and the people who want to spread these ideas around is that these conspiracy theories enter the mainstream of lexicons the tree of life shooting the alleged killer was a conspiracy theorist he bought into this narrative that jews were trying to control the us by eating immigrants and for that reason he allegedly massacred eleven. people so i want to start by trying to scare you ok ready george soros and even as we cover this conspiracy we can watch the real time reaction on the far right saying yes they're finally talking about this incorrect thing that they believe literally conspiracy theories about source of this from the outer reaches of politics to the highest reaches a government so it's a very strange line to walk where you want to serve the public interest but you don't want to help disseminate the far right and incorrect views also in the crowd
4:44 am
last night wired into the d.n.a. of any conspiracy theory is the idea that the mainstream narrative is a cover up and the vested interests including the media are hiding the truth q we're not a fast growing right wing online community which puts journalists in a difficult position just a somewhat ubiquitous cute symbol of conspiracy theory believers don't trust you there's no point attempting to debunk the claims but given conspiracy theories are rising to the surface of politics and motivating individuals to commit terrible crimes how can they be if the. conspiracy theorists are trained to see all opposition as validation. they think that if the mainstream media explains why maybe elements of the conspiracy theory are absurd nonsense it's evidence that they are on the something if the mainstream media is attacking us then that means that we're doing something right. people feel very destabilizing i think in our current
4:45 am
fire meant when you offer a conspiracy theory often that's a way of simplifying the qs plain save the world it gives people an easy answer in a world that feels scary competing to my spirit guides you back that's an aspect i think we should be considering a little bit. which i'm just in in on a good. finally back to egypt and the reaction in the media there to the interview the president r.c.c. did with sixty minutes in the u.s. talk show host faced a dilemma he wanted to support the president because that's what he does often in the form of a tirade night after night and he wanted to trash sixty minutes for asking c.c. real questions but he couldn't actually mention the interview because to do so would make the president look bad which would be a career ender for any egyptian talk show host so what it was to do he went on a seven minute rant about the american media how mighty egypt is without ever
4:46 am
mentioning the sixty minutes interview context who needs it confuse your audience who cares we'll leave you now with the mighty egyptian media doing as they're told once again and we'll see you next time here at the listening post it is a must have it is about god and he let me didn't you know it was it was the last my hamas fear i love that i mean it when i was. snubbed the bell at that it would get. well it's rump had to ten and look eleven and you could add to shop. and then nobody could end it which about about stuff that nobody could be fabric let me repeat that. dumb bell kid the third element i make it not about is that the of the.
4:47 am
bill came in let me assess the minute i you know. well a c n n no a c b is no rush of the birth trauma. couldn't go to cont. five families fight to survive in twenty first century america i live off my credit cards when i don't make enough money the last couple months it's been minimum balances can only keep their heads above water in a tough economic climate companies have had to lay off thousands of workers if he wants to go to school he'll be paying for his classes and books and all of that he can do that on a walgreens allard called. on al-jazeera. it
4:48 am
could be the biggest lie in history. as powerful nations lay claim to territories under the ocean twenty one geologists are secretly plotting your borders. as the struggle for resources been tons of cars some of the world's most powerful scientists speak our. oceans manakin on al-jazeera. hello i'm maryanne demasi in london just a quick roundup of the top stories a legal battles began in the democratic republic of congo over who should be the next president opposition leader martin fire who went to the constitutional court
4:49 am
to challenge the results of last month's election after his rival felix to chicanery was declared the winner al jazeera is hardly tasa reports now from the capital kinshasa. martin fi ulysses he has evidence to prove he won last month's election by a landslide sixty one percent of the votes and the presidential run up is challenging the result in the constitutional court i'm hoping that to the general court we call the deal expel a commission to recall on the ballot papers because that's what the laws say and we totally disagree with that is that to say ne has announced that it fails they are fabricated nothing to do with the truth provisional results released by the election commission on thursday declared it is just a kitty the winner with nearly thirty nine percent of the votes his supporters say if she accept the result i'm calling on him i'm going to go to my colleague board
4:50 am
and say guys. stop with. this is just a result of. and we made sure what. we don't want to go into a fight unlike previous elections voting day at the end of last month was relatively peaceful but growing suspicions over the count could derail congress first democratic transfer of power since independence from belgium in one thousand sixty constitutional court judges are due to meet on monday and tuesday to go through what martin félicie is evidence which proves he won last month's election if the judges say he has no case in feeling the katie will be sworn in as president of the influential catholic church is rejecting the official result so too is france and former colonial power belgium the african union and the southern african development community regional body are appealing to the people of congo to respect the eventual decision of the constitutional court judges and avoid
4:51 am
a violent reaction out of. the us government shutdown has now become the longest in the country's history after reaching its twenty second day more than eight hundred thousand federal employees haven't received their latest pay checks some are using food banks taking on other jobs or simply selling their possessions shut down was ordered by president donald trump after he was denied money to build a wall along the border with mexico the new york times is reporting that the f.b.i. opened an investigation to president trump back in two thousand and seventeen followed is this mission dismissal of james komi as head of the bureau which prompted concerns trump might be working with russian intelligence trump has reacted on twitter saying the former leaders of the f.b.i. were quote corrupt. around eighty four thousand yellow vest protesters have been out in the streets of france on the ninth weekend of demonstrations against the government at least five water cannon and tear gas at the protesters near the opted
4:52 am
in paris the interior ministry says more than two hundred forty people were detained the protest is angry at the french president's economic reforms emanuel macros promise billions of euros in tax relief is due to launch a national debate on tuesday to address protesters concerns. an eighteen year old saudi woman who fled her family over fears for her life as arrived in canada which is giving her asylum raphe mama the noon flew from thailand to toronto via seoul arriving dressed in a canada hoodie and un baseball cap earlier in the week she barricaded herself in a bangkok hotel room to avoid deportation during global attention through such a social media campaign to be granted asylum south africa's ruling african national congress has launched its manifesto for elections in may addressing a rally in durban party leaders cyril ramaphosa promised to create more jobs and tackle racial inequality the vote in may is being seen as
4:53 am
a test of whether our post has managed to reverse the decline in the a.n.c. as popularity since taking over from jacob zuma last year. those are the top stories up next it's the crusades an arab perspective more news after that in twenty five minutes time i'll see that. in the history of conflicts between east and west. the mightiest battle between cristiana to slam. a holy war in the name of religion.
4:54 am
for the first time. the story of the crusades. from an arab perspective. the crusades began with the goal of capturing the holy land for christiana. over the years if old into something entirely different. in a sense one last thought is india. and the relevant is that he has a you must win the war and then that. has it let alone in the gutter see what russell. is that he had by all means a has a whole mess is that what went up must suck up standing on.
4:55 am
once more the holy city of jerusalem would fall to the crusaders but this time through the conclusion of an infamous treaty. many one hold. and few. well and if it has mattered. sadly we live the toppled wobbly. when. well i'm talking a couple of them in washington we had to sell them again and when i became the less she. let off the two hundred years of bloodshed the crusader presence in the east was brought to its ultimate and. i'm with all the money. in the fourth and final episode of the series. the story of the muslim liberation of the holy land from the crusades.
4:56 am
the year eleven mighty three. damascus the capital of the u. but state. but then it's the founded by salafi demon a you known in the west. a solid. the kurdish officer had risen to become the ruler of a powerful and united muslim front against the crusades. six years earlier. he had crushed the christian forces at the bottom of a team. and opened the way to the liberation of jerusalem.
4:57 am
but in the spring of eleven ninety three after. or a brief illness so long had dean died leaving the mighty muslim states in the hands of lesser men. all of us alive again again no got up for some must sham we in that it. can old fashioned way. my suspicion. of a nomad as a muscle i. generate been that only can mean and then mean much you are on my feet the found innocent problems on the mean leg willing to live their lives years at the valley wide them and well done while others in.
4:58 am
the first crusade a century earlier had succeeded in establishing four christian enclaves in the levant and above all in the capture of jerusalem. the second and third crusades each led by a powerful and famous european model. of ended in abject failure. by the end of the twelfth century. after a hundred years of muslim fight. the territory under crusader control was reduced to a tiny coastal strip in the liver. will. the crusaders were forced to adapt and revise their targets. and the more we
4:59 am
saw him until. when. what other kind of how to move will be enormous killer frost free for all to. kill if you. will have left and there's a lot of that you can say lisa. but a difficult bistrot easier to get you there where hey at this roof but what are the wood stocks good about where you are innocent at their. leisure your min of got a bubble what even the bubble will get about stocks yeah i'm a little slow to be a bit buttercup well you know why i go but wolf wrong. where number of. men but no. wealthy enough to walk in the. money can. innocently carry one guy down while the idea of having to leave the. fresh air.
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and then as your family. feel for sure i'll go sailing at. the made. the venetian controller to ship them to the east. they couldn't afford to pay for the new it's the fee that they'd agree. with the mutable and the high command and doesn't force out what happens when. the woman is a stop to be dead man in zeal to share what i'll be from stealing money from wiser how can it will get i lost. jenna jenna upon the realities and i had a lot do you know yet jenna had beheaded. me.


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