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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 12  Al Jazeera  January 13, 2019 10:32am-11:00am +03

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to study that thing for. a test to test and i started may eighth two thousand for the sprint pushers. i thought i had died and went to heaven i'd never made their kind of money in my life i'd never had insurance. i couldn't make the doctor's appointments fast i was like oh my god i have insurance. i remember what working on the scissors lamp few know to be attaching all that screws and fittings and the hangers to put the sprinkler has women in the trades generally don't make it very far if you do it because you have tough skin and you have to be because a lot of those guys will razz you you know what i mean they don't feel women should be doing their job it was fun i had a lot of fun it was a busy time we were consistently and then in two thousand and eight it dropped everything fell and i got laid off in december of two thousand and eight when they started hiring back they just didn't call her back for whatever reason a younger stronger man could do probably more than you know
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a fifty year old woman is probably want a lot of them think but it's tough it's tough to go back i thought for sure that i'd be able to retire in that field. that think that's my fear my fear is of not making enough to be able to keep. you know the things that i have. because it takes a lot don't a house. i bought the house in two thousand and two for ninety five thousand. and now i'm underwater on this mortgage. or someday i'll be back.
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comedy that she's working. through today is basically just think what you see what it actually fixed. jose and elizabeth have signed a contract on a two hundred sixty nine thousand dollar house in a county where the median home price is much higher when i told my parents that me and jose are planning to get a holiday you know we've saved enough money they told me that if we could find a place that was big enough for them to move in with us that would help them a lot and so we did that all checkups there is no. i think we did things backwards we started looking at houses and getting really eager and looking at all these nice houses with all the things we had on our checklist that we needed and are getting
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along without even going to a letter asking what can we have for can we afford. the couple has prequalified for a special mortgage program for low income individuals if approved their downpayment will be as low as three percent. all we have right now is our downpayment in the one month one month of. what we do is we'll come back a couple days before make sure that i actually did everything good clothes and do paperwork and you get the keys that day which is very good they're getting them before the holidays so i've gotten some memories. i do you know i'm scared. it's a big purchase. yeah one of the biggest purchases we have is a home so different. but you'll feel better after you're starting from when to say
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this is my house you know no i didn't take that away from. just over a surrogacy was not mine not my property or. we would have been no no it's not approved. or something happened or whatever the company i work for goes bankrupt and then we were in a house that we have three. i don't feel comfortable going outside of our spending limit although it is easy to enlist emery county oh my goodness it's just like i said it's just the zip code adds another twenty thousand dollars. in two thousand and ten the cost of living in montgomery county thirty percent higher than the national average and was the tenth wealthiest counties in the u.s. . but we want to live in the county we were born and raised in. families up here. i don't know any other place. jose and i went to twelve here in montgomery county
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we went to great schools we met my cousin introduced me to or on facebook. an interest group and i knew she liked star wars me being a nerd sent a picture of the guy with the stormtrooper helmet on looking at i'm not your creature improve you know she's all this is really awesome you know i could give you whatever. you know i'm kind of in there i was like my look here's a virtual hug we can share this. looking back on i was like. i was a virtual. who's they started talking to me on facebook and let's be honest and this one sexy guy was talking it's got to that he's very good looking guy. is very lucky. the first date came up my cousin they were like go there don't to learning about dating and don't turn me about your married or your ex-wife what you're going to do don't do any of that stuff are
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there many we walked into the restaurant he says i'm still married i don't have a job. i'm still in school i have a son. took a deep breath i drank the whole couple wine that i had. i loved him for who he was and he never lied to me he never lied to me to marry. she takes care of my son as if it were her own child read these words. as another thing this is a fresh relationship i mean it doesn't take two cents to know that you don't buy a house with somebody but when i saw eight in one day that he was angry he went under the bed. and he was crying and he said that's a safe spot. he has no where to go in this house because he doesn't have his own room. so. that made me change my mind. we need this house.
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i've been really have a lot of probably one job. i'm giving them everything they want as far as i'm very close or so great teamwork and no performing well but it's not a matter to. there's all these. this is the. man is going to pick and choose him for. for an example but alas like a mother that has me really really. walker's having hair on the bottom floor you know all the heat was with you know management. so my boss has a you know i want to spears jacket that we get to wear around the store because we go in the house cool is where have you so i just put my jacket on and she comes all
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the way down. from the second floor why does he have that black jacket on did you not just have a whole conversation with the other team leads they have the stuff or you know at least my i was black with. something. they say. to get you to react to her. d.j. has been talking to the union that coordinates the local campaign for fifteen dollars an hour wages. just because they have to do so. you know i wanted to do everything. and. you know it was true.
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and you need. to agree that stuff needs to change. and what is going to take to change. with or without the. right but without the you can't. we can reach out. if we get involved corporations will listen. we make in these companies big and make a million dollars down as walgreens burger king all these people is making all this money but all the people doing the legwork is just not getting the money and that call me right away you know that was my grabbing point and i've been a fighter. this is. what. i did was cities are on strike
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today fast food workers and retail workers i knew about the first strike but i think jennifer start because i was nervous and scared that was the second strike i say you know what the the lord gave you have good. access. to. the federal minimum wage is seven dollars twenty five an hour but each state can set its own minimum. the highest is nine dollars and fifty cents an hour in washington d.c. you work at. i think part of our work or come billion dollar cut here now well it's ok to make billions but we'll we don't want to live we're going haven't seen any of the paper all i want is what i want he wants to. change overnight. and is not going to. come. back on you know
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should there be a compromise in there. because two people working minimum wage or even just a little bit more than minimum wage where can you go. in the future and still want to like my son graduated college got their masters i believe that people will try to switch roles and ask if it i just want to understand that it's. i really really hope for. my. next time on hard earned. to start all looking and that's a problem for me. getting more and more scared with the financial disclosures which
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could potentially lose the house that the house that we moved and moved from italy i wonder if my life would have been different. you know. and we meet helton and diana who live in a garage in a trailer park and survive on the wages of a cafeteria worker. in search of a safer neighborhood it was a huge blow when they came in a house and took all our stuff can't put my family in the hole they discerned that's a problem for me struggling to secure a home really really quite a bit of words are all that we could potentially be living paycheck to paycheck there's nobody to blame and live with the consequences every day of the choices that have been hollowed. out zero.
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hello apparently fifty million people are about to be affected by this lump of cloud here which is producing snow and has no nation rain further south but the temperatures are not extreme certain be wet soggy horrible snow on its way through snow overnight feature so the time we get to do or norm sunday that's the picture left behind was over cast gray skies temps might be hovering around zero but they should be well below freezing by now when he pegs not as cold you might expect are the new york is above freezing freezing cold down towards really florida on the
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pacific seaboard the rains come back again and it's no level right so it's not up in the mountains to talk about rain disappointing you if you live in san francisco or possibly even a not useful stuff just annoying stuff it's quiet there through much of central america little bits of grey cloud the prevailing breeze means it's going to be the coasts of nicaragua or honduras and belize where frequent showers show themselves occasional bigger ones in cuba or jamaica if you're lucky and then in south america . big showers they reached a long way west in both peru and chilling but i think we're going to see the heavy rains once again jones i was not until you know more flooding. on counting the cost blame it on bragg's it one trillion dollars worth of assets shifted out of the u.k.
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change is in the aviation plus smarter and creepy the latest consumer gadgets connected to the internet on show in las vegas counting the cost on al-jazeera. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera in this year new immigration laws and projects funded by european governments have seen a rapid decline in the migrant transport trade people in power travels to agadez to explore the realities faced by the drivers left out of pocket and the migrants who are choosing to return home who would like to go back to the country where they're from you know this is a big it is more going to. europe migration
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on a zero. al-jazeera it's swear every. this is al-jazeera. glamour shall carry this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty min. crying foul in the democratic republic of congo the runner up in the presidential election takes his case to the top or demanding
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a recount. as president heads out of the f.b.i. after report that the agency opened an investigation into whether he was a national security threat. posed by her by her. was. a call for the british prime minister to step down and for a new general elections just days before a crucial vote. it was a pleasure for me listening. to her new. age theory a new. saudi teenager who took a family and feared that she was deported back to riyadh receives a warm welcome and canada. runner up in the democratic republic of congo's presidential election is challenging the official results martin has appealed to the constitutional court
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electoral commission gave his rival thirty eight percent of the vote four percent ahead of and the results also show that the ruling coalition of outgoing president joseph kabila has won a large majority of national assembly seats in the constitution and the president must appoint his prime minister from a party that commands a majority so that's likely to feel suspicion of a power sharing deal with. more. evidence to prove he won last month's election by a landslide sixty one percent of the votes and the presidential run up is challenging the result in the constitutional court. the court we call. because that's what. we. to politicise agree with the result that sydney has announced that. they are fabricated nothing to do with
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the truth provisional results released by the election commission on thursday declared felix just a kiddie the winner with nearly thirty nine percent of the vote his supporters say she accept the result. more than guys stop with it's done we want it we don't she didn't she did we didn't make an arrangement. this is just the result of the polling station and we make sure what. we do or we don't want to go into a fight unlike previous elections voting day at the end of last month was relatively peaceful but growing suspicions over the count could derail congress' first democratic transfer of power since independence from belgium in one thousand sixty constitutional court judges like you to meet on monday and tuesday to go through what martin finally says is evidence which proves he won last month's election if the judges say he has no case in felix's the katie will be sworn in as president the influential catholic church is rejecting the official result so too
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is france and former colonial power belgium the african union and the southern african development community regional body are appealing to the people of congo to respect the eventual decision of the constitutional court judges and avoid a violent reaction. as are. progress has been made but he doubts paralysed court challenge will change the situation. definitely here the right under the constitution to. every course. and you have to show evidence if. the courts are independent or not there we'll deal with accordingly and also show the evidence if you win then you win but what is most important here is to look at really the outcome and where on what has been and make an assessment and look forward but i am i am doubtful that the rebuke and
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in the by the results that we change the situation this is a tremendous victory for the congolese people because what you've been thinking would not have been had happened the transfer of power without. bloodshed and. saving the electoral process the democratic process that is very important to the congolese people so as a kid who has been on the other side of your pollution not how. to organize the mix elections without the late what you were criticizing for this i hope you will not do the same president ronald trump has blasted in the york times report that the f.b.i. opened an investigation to find out if france was secretly working on behalf of russia against us and for us according to the paper the investigation began in may two thousand and seventeen after transpired then f.b.i. director james comey counterintelligence investigators were assigned to evaluate
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whether trump was a potential threat to national security the f.b.i. also sought to determine whether the president was deliberately working for russia or had unintentionally and influenced by moscow so he responded in a tweet of what he wrote while just learned in the failing new york times that the crop former leaders of the f.b.i. almost fired or forced to leave the agency for some. very bad reasons opened an investigation on me for no reason with no proof after i fired line chains komi a total please resign as a former us associate deputy attorney general and a constitutional lawyer he says this revelation could lead to more investigations and no other president has ever done anything that skates close to the line of acting on behalf of foreign intelligence service or a foreign country it would necessarily constitute treason which under the united
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states constitution requires a leveling of war but certainly the evidence that was accumulated suggesting that there was some kind of collaboration between president trump and russia because the house democrats you know now control the house of representatives they can undertake an investigation issue subpoenas to those at the f.b.i. and even though this wasn't you know a crime necessarily it certainly bears on the fitness of the president for office and which means impeachment covers actions that are short of criminal activity but where does this go next and i can guarantee you that the house government affairs an oversight committee will probably issue subpoenas on monday to get the bottom of this why did the f.b.i. think the evidence was credible enough to suggest that mr trump was actually spying on behalf of the country of russia and now another report coming out on the president and russia apparently the washington post is reporting that he has been
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concealing a face to face details of meetings rather with the russian president the paper alleges donald trump took back notes made by his interpreter after a meeting with vladimir putin in homburg in two thousand and seventeen reportedly instructed the linguists not to tell us officials what the two had discussed. let's get more now from heidi castro who is in washington d.c. this is quite a report in the washington post heidi what else does it say this article. that's right it was so we are aware of five private meetings between trump and putin during trump's presidency in this article in the washington post focuses on that twenty seventeen meeting in hamburg germany and we know at this point that president of this meeting was of course trump and putin as well as then u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson and trump's interpreter now following that meeting
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tillerson told reporters that a wide variety of topics had been discussed and that trump had pressed putin a whether russia had interfered with the presidential elections and that putin had denied it but tillerson did not answer reporters' questions of how the president responded whether or not he accepted that denial as truth while the interpreter told phelim and other members of the ministration of the time that trump did respond saying quote i believe you to putin but since then that interpreters lips have been sealed and this reporting in the washington post sheds light on why that may be the case because they are they are citing former and current u.s. officials saying that trump in structed the interpreter to not share details of the meeting even with other senior members of the administration and took possession that the president took possession of the interpreter's notes of this meeting of
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this revelation it would be an extraordinary break from the practices of past u.s. presidents who have sought to get witnesses for these one on one meetings with foreign counterparts especially those representing a foreign adversarial country were verses in this case it appears that trump had wanted secrecy and the result is now there is no existing record of what was said between to these two heads of state not even in classified u.s. documents which is a handicap to. to the policy advisers may have impacted the policy decisions that shrum took what with regards to russia moving forward and perhaps most dangerously of all to us national security gave putin at least the opportunity to have greater leverage on manipulating the u.s. president or shell through precedented situation heidi so what possible
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reasons could there be for such unusual behavior on the president's part that's the big question that remains to be answered as you mentioned this headline just follows a day after the new york times broke the other story where the f.b.i. was at least at one time if not presently investigating trouble as a possible national security threat to the u.s. because he may have either wittingly or unwittingly unwittingly been a tool of the russian government so if this meeting occurred the way that the washington post reported and the contents of what was discussed was concealed of course that begs the question why what was discussed why with the public why would trump not want the public to know about it now his allies have defended the president saying that this is simply trumped style as a businessman he wanted to build report with putin he doesn't like subordinates in the room because it hinders that and also the president is as
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a no fear of leaks from within his administration and having fewer people know the details of these sensitive discussions may to him be more of a protection mechanism. ok live in washington heidi thank you. still on the news hour. the government was well aware of the risks of. reporting from. earthquake in september. and expected.


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