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i'm hearing three media towns really want needing to leave it seems you're right. but she's very funny and they are interesting and so she would prefer not to take questions today so you can see here in crazy coming to life and she is now going to. see. then run. back through the doors to begin the first phase of the new life her wish to go to college and study architecture the canadian decision to grandson jury is likely to worsen already fractured relations with saudi arabia back in august saudi arabia severed diplomatic ties following criticism of the kingdoms human rights policy then in october the murder of jamal khashoggi saw an upsurge in demands for canada to counsel a multi-billion on's deal with saudi arabia this deal is now being reviewed the
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foreign minister though insists that the protection of human rights is more important than diplomatic relations or any trade deal with any c.r. . to. replace this time when. we were involved in those conversations as treaties and tenet was glad to meet her able to. see my friend you seem pretty blessed here and on her feet two percent to sling. here it was this message from a hotel room in thailand that. couldn't century the power of social media confirmed and an example perhaps for others seeking their freedom. mike hanna al-jazeera toronto. we'll get a weather update next to zero then we'll tell you how south africa's president is trying to reverse the ruling party's falling popularity plus. it was
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a disaster waiting to happen the government was well aware of the risks of liquefaction here in this area but did nothing to inform the people i'm step past reporting from without them to die off the heavy earthquake in september. our count probably much more rain or snow for afghans and that's it for the time being there's a huge amount of cloud cascading out of southeastern europe shoot through the caucasus and the caspian i'm open to think development is going to be further sasson that this is the picture of something we've got rain coming into lebanon as you can see pharaoh breeze that's familiar a mass of cloud syria saudi arabia and iraq and then catching the rising ground of
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the west and south of iran you see rain and you see snow and that is going to carry on falling of throughout sunday night into monday huge amount of snow is possibly right up to as a barn and then it tails off further east more case of cloud but all this time although there's been rain in lebanon touching northern syria it's not really come further inland have the rich much beyond the bekaa valley it's called the still have to say size of the cloud those different matter because of what they see is it's drawing air up from the south that this is the empty quarter it's not been raining here it's dusty said pictures like to be a fairly warmonger have to say twenty six riyadh twenty four and but also quite dusty was a strengthening wind but by the look of it it's just going to be clad as is the case at the moment no blue sky but no rain. in the jail new immigration laws and projects funded by european governments have
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seen a rapid decline in the migrant transport trade people in power travels to agadez to explore the realities faced by the drivers left out of pocket and the migrants who are choosing to return home who would like to go back to the country where they're from this would be a dismal he's got young one bottle of what i got why not go back yet. europe migration on a zero. well again this is al jazeera a reminder of the news this hour the u.s. president has been accused of concealing details of his face to face meetings with russia's leader the washington post alleges that donald trump took back notes made
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by his interpreter after meeting with vladimir putin in hamburg in twenty seventeen . the runner up in the democratic republic of congo's presidential election is challenging the official results martin failed to appeal to the constitutional court describing the votes as fourteen and. a saudi teenager who fled from her family over fears for her life in the kingdom as arrived in her new home country. flew from thailand to canada after an offer of asylum. south africa's ruling african national congress is on veiled its manifesto for elections in may at the launch in durban president soran oppose a promise to create more jobs and address racial inequality they suppose is seen as a test of whether run oppose a has reversed a decline in the a.n.c. his popularity since taking over from jacob zuma last year for me to miller reports from. africa's president and leaders of the african national congress aim to shore
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up support. at the climax of a week of unofficial election campaigning. at the launch of the party's manifesto cyril ramaphosa continued to play out the idea of a new dawn for south africa. as the african national congress we launched our twenty nine. election manifesto we do so at a crush of moment in the history of our nation. after a period of our generation certainty we never minded a moment of oh and the promise of a new beginning for a party marge not only by corruption scandals but infighting between rival factions aligned to either roma or former president jacob zuma the a.n.c. has used this event to highlight some of its achievements as the last election and its future plans for south africa but for many here it's much of the same from
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a new party president competing with the formally he's popular in this province there were concerns about how reports i would be received was in a tall is the home of former president zuma who resigned last year during various corruption scandals involving him in the a.n.c. thunderous applause greeted zuma as he entered the stage with distinctly few a cheers for the president from up north as presidency however appears to have regained some support nationwide one survey shows sixty one percent support for the ruling party its closest competitor the democratic alliance trails with fourteen percent the manifesto appears to continue previous government policies including free university education for students from poor and working class backgrounds and promising a more inclusive economy and a closing lead being the big one how they are led to the bible god and i want that to be a bar how they're probably given access to health and education but the emphasis on
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what has gone wrong but particularly with quality to me by all citizens is what is wanted. from a force or acknowledge that corruption has weakened south africa's public institutions and went on to say it would not be tolerated as the a.n.c. winds up its one hundred seventh birthday celebrations and the launch of its plans ahead of the general election in may delivering results such as improving the economy and creating jobs remains a priority so does a united front with factionalism remains a major threat to the agency's election success. al-jazeera durban president to tell. france's interior ministry says that more than eighty thousand people took part in the ninth saturday of so-called yellow vest protests across the country there was violence in central paris where tear gas and water cannons were used against protesters who threw rocks and missiles or what police demonstrations began
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in november over plans to increase taxes on fuel for the measure was shelved by president emanuel much for in response to widespread protests natasha butler reports from paris. thousands of protesters marched across paris and they've congregated here the arctic chill just behind me which has become something of a symbol of this yellow vests movement and police are at the moment firing tear gas they're trying to move people away from this area dispersed the crowds if you look behind me you can see the police that there are eighty thousand police deployed across the country security has been boosted as the government tries to crack down on what they say some of the most violent elements in the protests so far have been peaceful most of the protestors are of course peaceful and that's why the police saying it to try and control and manage the situation but it has been very difficult for them over the past few months to see these protests have been very unpredictable now the government response has been politically to try to offer
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protesters more concessions more financial concessions they don't think big national citizens to date to get people move of course in politics next week but people here say that's not enough what they want are more taxes to be scrapped they say they want to be done for poor people they say the president only cares about the rich with just three days before the u.k. parliament votes on prime minister tourism a sprigs that deal the country remains deeply divided over leaving the european union protesters marched through london demanding a general election and in sheffield in the north of england a rarely heard calls for a second referendum paul brennan reports. with just days to go until teresa mayes breck's a deal is voted on the volume and the tension is cranking up. this demonstration in london attracted a wide array of left wing protesters with
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a wide range of political grievances this was anti austerity not a brics it rally at all but it certainly bret's it which has brought matters to a head. after eight years of ashes thirteen they want to push us over the age into our present month deal right retro signage our economy savard up of it services so the solution is very straightforward on shoestring we router three days. was labor is not seeking to overturn bricks it's simply to try to deliver a different rex's i what is clear and f a size by all the different events taking place across the u.k. this weekend that there is still no single coherent principle everybody can unite behind. in the northern city of sheffield campaigners for another referendum have been pressing their case you have the right to be heard and they must listen to the
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voice of the people as people now look at the exit understand what it means and realize that this great country in truth has made a terrible mistake and at the same time government minister chris grayling warned that the biggest mistake would be not to go through with grex it we risk a break with the british tradition of moderate mainstream politics the goes back to the restoration in six hundred sixty he told the daily mail newspaper it will open the door to extremist populist political forces in this country of the kind we see in other countries in europe. opposition figures quickly denounced grayling's comments as gutter politics but the round illustrates the bitter divisiveness of the current political climate and the uncertainty how this will be resolved brennan al-jazeera central london protesters have marched in belgrade against serbian president alexander votes each and his government it's the sixth saturday in a row the demonstrators have accused of stifling media freedoms but attacking
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opposition figures and journalists is growing anger in lebanon over the worsening economy protests as a calling for reforms but the country hasn't had a working government for eight months now to zeros in a honda reports from beirut. all marsh baro is struggling to pay the bills for his mother's cancer treatment the twenty seven year old is not receiving help from the state that is why he joined this protest against the caretaker government which is not making important decisions access to free and proper health care is just one of the many problems lebanese face. and i cannot afford to hospitalized my mother every month they didn't admit her in the hospital also she needs four different medicines and the ministry offered only provides three i have to choose whether to eat or pay for her treatment but protesters have rallied outside government ministries demanding what they call their basic rights
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because. nobody cares about it and. then we'll move it to the ministry of truth. because. the fault of hospitals it is hard to attract crowds in a country controlled by sectarian political parties many lebanese rely on them for jobs and financial support and it seems intimidation tactics are being used to keep people silent we were distributing brochures about. to us and try to. stop us from some at serious. risk the world bank says seventy percent of the population of six million people earn less than ten thousand dollars a year many find it hard to make ends meet because of the high cost of living public anger is growing is economic worsening fiscal reforms are needed but not has
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been without a functioning government elections politicians are fighting overseas but many here believe even if those politicians agree on the government's formation little will change the same political elite remain in charge nonsectarian civil society groups are too. trying to make a difference the system was there for decades that's true that's correct they were very powerful they know how to play within the system they know how to turn things into their advantage by thing once experience and we will never accept defeat the old ways make things the same pressure we were always work on next and next and next elections we will get somewhere for now the balance of power is not in their favor they can only hope their appeals for change are heard senator al jazeera beirut. thousands of people in indonesia will have to be relocated after their land turned to mud on a seven point five magnitude earthquake struck in sulawesi in september if sources were aware of the risk but gave no warnings stuff reports. under this pile of mud
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idle remains of saw me as house it was buried on september twenty eighth after a happy earthquake suddenly turned soil into liquid houses cars and people were sucked inside hundreds of people disappeared and the bodies of her three young nephews and nieces have yet to be found and. if i think about my nephews and nieces i come here i have no more hope that we will find them but it helps me to cope with my sadness just to be here sami aboard the land in the one nine hundred eighty s. by then many houses had been built she remembers that it was muddy but she says she didn't think anything of it in two thousand and twelve a team of geologists found that seventy percent of palo and its surroundings are at the high risk of liquefaction. meaning that if an earthquake happens water saturated soil can turn into liquid but. we had informed them about the risk but
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that was all we could do because there are a lot of problems with that area in a difficult economic situation also the information had not been spread. who's the mustafa who was the paolo mayor at the time says he never received the information he. says he only received a report about the high risks of earthquakes and tsunamis which you failed to pass on to his successor that is how you will monitor what i do feel guilty even though i passed it on to my deputy but i feel bad that i didn't warn anyone that this could happen i forgot about it because as a politician i'm a busy man. sources tell al jazeera that people in high risk areas were not warned about the dangers of liquid faction because the local authorities were concerned rights would break out while the government was well aware of the risks of liquefaction here in this area you know how this was still being built followers are growing and becoming more popular newcomers were moving into areas no danger zones while it's too late for many the government has now decided that those who
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have survived will have to be relocated. some survivors have moved to temporary shelters built by the government outside of the city others are reluctant to leave their own neighborhoods those that are you teddy if they send us out of town it will be difficult to find work we can only be farmers there here we can earn money by selling things at the market whatever it is if people start building again i will do it too. despite government instructions not to build in the affected areas some construction has already started horse stables have now been built on the land where hundreds of bodies are buried some say that if the authorities are not firm new neighborhoods will be constructed and the tragedy that happened only recently will soon be forgotten step fasten al-jazeera. barlow.
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it is good to have you with us hello adrian finnegan here in doha the headlines from al-jazeera the u.s. president has been accused of concealing details of his face to face meetings with russia's leader the washington post alleges that donald trump took back notes made by his interpreter after a meeting with vladimir putin in hamburg in two thousand and seventeen the runner up in the democratic republic of congo's presidential election is challenging the official results martin failed to his appeal to the constitutional court describing the vote as fraudulent. i'm hoping that the court we call the electoral commission to recount the ballots because that's what. we are totally disagree we did is that. announced that before they had fabricated nothing to do with the truth and they want to truth the truth
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as to come from the recount of the ballot problem a saudi teenager who fled from her family ever fears for her life in the kingdom has arrived in her new home country the hobbit alco known through from thailand to canada after an offer of asylum the eighteen year old won international attention when she launched a social media campaign from her hotel room in bangkok pleading for help turkish backed forces have carried out military exercises at the border with syria and of an expected offensive on the northern city of miami beach it's currently held by u.s. backed kurdish fighters u.s. secretary of state mike compare says he's hopeful an agreement can be reached with ankara to protect kurdish troops. there's been more violence in france jury and night saturday of yellow vest protests tear gas and water cannon we used to push back and take up the demonstrations in paris. but just as of march through london calling for a general election comes just three days before the british parliament votes and prime minister to resign may's brigs deal and south africa's ruling african
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national congress has launched its manifesto for elections in may president suleiman poser promised to create more jobs and to address racial inequality. and those are the headlines these continuously on al-jazeera after people in power next. it could be the biggest land grab in history. as powerful nations lay claim to territories under the ocean has twenty one geologists a secret could block the borders. as the struggle for resources intensifies some of the world's most powerful scientists speak out. oceans manakin on a. fish
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air in west africa is located a staging point for migrants and asylum seekers risking everything to reach libya the mediterranean and then europe now and she trafficking was introduced with the help of the european union are said to be stemming the tide and reducing fatalities in the southern somalia desert but not everyone is happy as giuliana rufus has been funding and. a checkpoint on the outskirts of our this seven gateway into the sorrow. of. it is here that business men matter to me more sad dispatches vehicles that
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carry people and goods between egypt and libya. with the mortgages and i think most of us so when the markets are. at unity so. what is to. come that's not. three years ago pickups like these filled with migrants from across west africa passed this barrier on their journey to europe. today the flow of cars has become in me a trickle the nigerian government has passed a law that has made the transport of such migrants illegal. to me. because that at best is. not. what the. idea that we get after.
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the journey between egypt and libya is dangerous. and migrant desk and desert roads have been frequent and. the new law will save lives according to the european union who pushed for its introduction. men like madam me who organized the migrants transport had previously risked those lives. today is the largest per capita recipient of e.u. aid including funds to train guards at this checkpoint. under critical mock us with a bit of a bonnet and as you know. but the e.u. has a vested interest it wants to stop african migrants from reaching europe and it's been argued that by passing the law has helped europe move its most southern border
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right into africa. in return for managing migration new share is rewarded by europe with lots of development aid and if successful this is a model that could be exported to other countries around the world so we've come here to find out how it works. for centuries the city of ideas has been the gateway into the sun harra. caravans departed from here and the one nine hundred eighty s. saw a boom in tourism until a series of travel the belgians turned the region into a no go area. with the so-called migrant crisis and twenty fifteen are there started making global headlines once more three quarters of all migrants and asylum seekers who reach the italian coastline made the journey from the share.
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desperate to stem the flow to europe struck a deal with libya's coast guard to deter migrants from going to sea. with the introduction of the new jerry an anti trafficking in law migrants and refugees was stopped even further away from europe shores. we have come to see more about me more subtle to find out what effect the law has had since it was passed three years ago. with. his compound was a so-called ghetto a place where migrants and drivers gathered before starting the journey to libya. after the law was introduced the authorities arrested many of the drivers calling them people smugglers. you know and as.
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i said. nearly every one of my editors and a bachelor before the migration ban passengers paid around two hundred fifty dollars each meaning that emmys profits might have been as high as a quarter of a million dollars. would you want would you want to come. to an age. who. would want to. do an madam these cars have been confiscated by the military and he takes us to see them to make up for financial loss the e.u. is funding a compensation scheme that helps form a migration worker's start new businesses. but ghetto and is like mad at me i excluded and i'm not reimbursed for confiscated cause. i'm.
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mad at me is a leader of the tube snake group that is home in the north of new jack and the cells of libya nine years ago when the rebellion and the arbutus region came to an end the government gave the to boost the transport route through the eastern desert it. used. to be a banner when. they roll in cross border trade means the two were disproportionately affected by the migration ban. not divide by zero which are more. than one the e.u. has been investing heavily in stopping migrants from reaching it shows but that's not all it's also funding the return of migrants back to their home countries this
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so-called trans migration center is run by the international organization of migration or i.o.m. who arranges the migrants return maurice. shows us around. where the political situation is not well and then we are so many. informal reasons the closure of the mediterranean migration route into europe and the violent behavior of libya's militias has caused migrants to feedback in tunisia but the processing of return nice is not always straightforward for the person of sieving year. for many they can be laws all they can be called. a crowd is building outside nigeria security
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forces are violently rounding up africans dumping them quite literally across the border in tunisia. this is my money this is so many different to get to my family has become a repatriation hub not only for migrants who get stuck here but also for those who have been turned back in neighboring countries you want your people believe the hostility they differentiate and for so that they have a long time who would like to go back to the country where they're from you know knowledge of you know the young what. their big three buses deal to leave. but area that matter. a new group of migrants is starting their journey. but. when you see other people go how do you feel in their defense that will be for
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a bit it will be obvious that. in twenty eighteen alone over fifteen thousand men women and children have returned to their home countries with the help of the i.o.m. . from europe's point of view the flow of migrants has been successfully reversed. but not everyone is ready to go back. a contact takes us to a ghetto that is still operating in spite of the new law mohammed balladeer has been picked up three times by the new gerry and military trying to reach libya and now he's run out of money. asian diplomas show me. he feels he's got nothing to lose. as there's no motherhood in order to beautiful. mohammed is from guinea conakry on the west african coast
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a country that's seen violent ethnic clashes. and there are once again. lose will be a good the result. of one man who knows he's a. me along a new job and i was here for me here a long way i'm a pretty solid flick little blue the. sun lit up lovely girls and the. mill going to the. little of the that i was only as. we set off from us to follow the route migrants take to reach europe our destination is still cool. and from there we want to drive towards the libyan
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border we will travel with an i.o.m. team that's on a rescue mission. looking for migrants who are lost in the desert as three car army escort provide security. we soon get a taste of what travel in the desert is like we're just outside decor and we already having the second part of car breakdowns often leave migrants stranded in the desert our first stop is the village of the thai with thousands of migrants used to drink water from this well to day military patrols are frequent and i.o.m. team leader. is told that cars with migrants no longer stop here. soon we're back on the road driving towards a nearby oasis called to member it is known as a hiding place for migrants a desert ghetto as our work once to show us something very disturbing.


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