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this blockade according to the americans themselves according to donald trump if we recall when it started he actually took credit for giving the green light for it to be in place obviously he was in the yard during that whole u.s. islamic world summit place a couple of weeks before the blockade happened so the fact that they are now and the u.s. administration is saying well it's gone on for too long it needs to be revisited there needs to be some sort of a solution that is going to be seen positively by those in the region that's a view of the blockade as being a source of instability however those words have to be matched by some sort of action that will force. me to actually take some steps forward to wrap up some of what has been saying in the first part of his trip probably let's listen in to what our colleague from put together. mike bump ailing qatar with a message to the gulf countries and their dispute the worst political crisis in
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decades for the gulf cooperation council president and i both believe the ongoing dispute the region has dragged on too long and the dispute benefits adversaries and harms our mutual interests the emir of qatar shaved i mean been hammered he greeted . after discussions with qatar's foreign minister says mohammed been a little fanny both countries say they are keen to consolidate trade and bit to cooperation that includes expanding for the largest u.s. military base in the middle east and the date near the capital doha is home to the forward operating base of u.s. central command and then the earth leaving a bit and then we've discussed all the issues of interest for our country's regional issues starting with the gulf cooperation council and the peace process in the middle east as well as the rican silly ation in afghanistan as well as other issues such as syria and counter terrorism bomb. bio landed in qatar from the
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united arab emirates after visiting egyptian and behave rain he's flying to santee arabia which have imposed the eighteen month long land and sea blockade on. the accused the title funding extremism allegations strongly dismissed by a qatari leader as america's top diplomat has also visited jordan and is due in oman and kuwait on his middle east tour it's being seen as an attempt to rally support among key players in the region to counterbalance the growing influence of iran and i don't think that the administration plans for dealing with iran by virtue of trying to organize a larger coalition are going to work simply because most states do not agree with us in our policies canceling the joint comprehensive plan of action that would have prevented iran if implemented from ever attending a nuclear weapon the u.s.
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is due to host a conference in poland next month to discuss ways to curb iran's activities in the region and ensure middle east stability the us is keen of building a bridge an alliance to counter what it considers to be a growing iranian influence in the gulf but that may be impossible as long as the diplomatic crisis in the g.c.c. continues. doha you know the new zimbabwe has more than doubled the price of fuel overnight but the move has failed to ease a nationwide petrol and diesel shortage drivers have been queuing outside petrol stations in some cases for several days a fuel shortages began in october in a nation that suffered a severe economic downturn in recent years with different from midnight dramatic if you were a prize or crude as elevenses really who does that. and three dollars fifty one cents for patrol will come into effect
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these prices paid gated on the ruling official exchange rate of one to one between the bond not in the united states dollar. still ahead on al-jazeera pressure grows on indonesia to prepare more of its children for natural disasters this. alligator welcome back to international weather forecast or here across europe we're still dealing with the snow you can see right here on the satellite pushing across central parts of europe now the next couple days we're still going to be seeing some very heavy snow here across parts of austria into switzerland into southern parts of germany as well behind the system we are dealing with some very very gusty winds anywhere across parts of northern germany denmark as well as into
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the battle axe region now that is going to continue as we go from monday as well as into tuesday the snow is going to continue and we are going to see still very heavy winds across much of the region actually pushing more into parts of poland as well take a look what's happening down here towards the southeast this new storm system is promising to brings a very very heavy snow across parts of turkey we could even see some very gusty winds and white out conditions over the next few days from tuesday into wednesday there well here across the eastern part of the med we are dealing with that same weather system and lots of winds here across much of the northern part of africa now can be seen some showers here on monday but as we go towards tuesday those showers are going to start to move towards the north so better conditions in terms of rain but we're still going to be seeing some very gusty winds along the coastal regions so from gazi it is going to be a mostly cloudy day with winds in your forecast temperature sixteen in for tonight's attempt of you a fifteen. you're
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watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour turkey's presidential spokesman says the
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u.s. must honor a strategic relationship this is in response to president donald trump tweeting a threat to devastate turkey's economy if turkish forces attack kurdish fighters in syria the u.s. secretary of state is in riyadh on the latest leg of his middle east war my companion who is scheduled to hold talks with saudi arabia's crown prince monitored solomon is expected to discuss the matter of jamal khashoggi and the blockade of qatar by neighboring gulf countries. and zimbabwe has more than doubled the price of fuel overnight but the move has failed to ease a nationwide petrol and diesel shortage. a court in the democratic republic of congo is expected to hear the case of presidential runner martin for you know who's challenging the election result he's arguing for a manual recount the electoral commission declared for weeks she said katie the winner but opposition leader for you know says his victory was stolen from him how much asa has more from kinshasa. catholic priest the congregation to
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pray for peace in d.c. as uncertainty grows over the disputed election result the catholic church deployed forty thousand election observers on voting day last month they tell us his opposition leader modify you lose one sixty one percent of the vote almost twice as many as the official result of thirty four percent in the presidential run up attend a church on sunday he accuses feel it is a kiddie of making a deal with the outgoing president joseph kabila to steal the election. if i you know has gone to the constitutional court to appeal to judges to order a recount of all of we have faith our phrases on shake now because the people have decided and the wishes of the people will come true i am a man of faith. the church is a respected institution in the d.c. when bishops speak many people listen the catholic church has influence here some bishops aren't afraid to speak out when others don't but opinions are divided
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a whether the church should be involved in politics at the largest catholic church in the capital kinshasa religion and politics divide opinion. that the bone i think the churches involvement in politics is right and normal it should be done to help and political problems affecting our country according to me i don't think it's right for a child to be to get those problems. because putting people in confusion calls to end the political crisis are growing the southern african development community once a recount of the votes or a government of national unity formed the regional bodies approval of the electoral process is crucial for the legitimacy of the government and the new president how to reach us al-jazeera kinshasa nine people are feared dead after a congo plane crashed in iran it happened near or just west of the capital tehran iranian state television says severe weather may have played
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a role i'll have more on this story as more information becomes available. just days after u.s. secretary of state michael i'm pale made a surprise top in baghdad on his regional tour iran's foreign minister arrives in iraq for talks of his own jobs every from met with the iraqi foreign minister mohammad ali al hakim to talk about a wide range of issues including u.s. sanctions against iran they also discussed allowing syria back into the arab league . having. talked about regional issues the necessity of bringing back sovereignty to all regions of syria and combating terrorism and supporting the syrian government we welcome the iraqi government's efforts so normalizing relations between syria's government community. u.k. prime minister to resign may is set to make a final bid to convince them peace to back her breaks a deal when she delivers a crucial speech in a few hours sign as her last chance to shore up support ahead of
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a key vote in parliament on tuesday she's warning m.p.'s that if her deal is rejected breck's it may not happen at all writing in the sunday express newspaper may said parliament has a duty to implement the two thousand and sixteen referendum result to leave the european union to not carry out would be a catastrophic and unforgivable breach of trust she writes opposition leader jeremy corbyn says he would table a motion of no confidence if the prime minister's deal fails. my own view is that i would rather get negotiated deal now if we can to stop the danger of a no deal and exit from the maternity not so much which would be catastrophic for industry catastrophic to trade and the long term effects of that would be huge i think parliament did vote for an amendment to the finance bill this week which indicated its opposition to no deal with isn't totally specific on it we will do everything we can to prevent a no deal except. in france president emmanuel michel is about to launch
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a two month nationwide debate aimed at tackling the yellow vests protests in an open letter published in french newspaper as michael said he was open to ideas but want he will not back down from his twenty seven thousand election promises france has been rocked by more than two months of so-called yellow vests demonstrations which began over a fuel price hike a letter touches on a variety of issues including taxation citizenship and democracy it aims to quell widespread anger over how france is run in the united states senator lindsey graham says he is asks president trump to temporarily reopen parts of the government as a possible shutdown enters its twenty fourth day the longest in u.s. history graham says it would allow talks to resume between republicans and democrats over funding for a mexico border wall part tried to see if we could open up the government for a limited pitter period of time to negotiate a deal and the president says let's make
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a deal then open up the government nancy pelosi says even if you opened up the government would fund a wall so that's why i'm depressed. to indonesia now where children support groups are urging the government to include disaster education in the school curriculum many children died during an earthquake last year because they didn't know how to protect themselves said vasant has a story from palo in slow. i disaster drill at this school in just after earthquakes happen all over in the knees but of the six thousand schools in jakarta only one hundred sixty five have been taught how to respond in case of an emergency for many children into law ese disaster drills are too late. so five years are studying intense after this schools collapsed during the seven point five earthquake on september twenty eighth teachers and children say there was panic when the quake struck. that. my mom disappeared into the mud that suddenly appeared
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around us and then me and my brother to my uncle came in we screamed for help he rescued us and brought us to a safe place it's important to be taught about disasters so we're not confused about what to do and where to go. the earthquake struck at six in the evening this is what do you to avoid the film the next morning. but i have to be honest when the earthquake struck i was not prepared at all we were all confused we panicked as a teacher even if we face a disaster we need to know how to act i should be better prepared. more than eighteen million children and one million teachers in indonesia are at a high risk that their schools will be damaged during an earthquake most schools have yet to be built using earthquake proof materials luckily classes here had already finished when this school. just a few moments. here on the powerful reminder that this can happen anywhere
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anytime. but a long history of. most still don't know how to protect themselves when it happens again. that's why volunteers and. discuss escape routes with victims who have lived through previous disasters around recent survey done by the national disaster agency shows that seventy seven percent of indonesians say they don't feel that they're well. and ninety percent says disaster education is important still the government had to include this in the national curriculum. until now it is optional for schools to teach about disasters especially in high risk areas so far we've not thought any further than this but yes we get a lot of pressure from many organizations to make this part of the formal curriculum. the ministers as children have to learn so much already that he does
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not want to burden them even more. and that it is a master drill and swiss song teaching children what to do in case an earthquake or tsunami happens simple reminders that can make the difference between life or death stuff last one hundred zero zero zero ac. thousands of asylum seekers from haiti who were denied entry into the united states two years ago have established a community on mexico's northwestern border many have been granted work visas by the government and are helping new migrants adjust to life in mexico manny arapaho reports from tijuana just across the u.s. border. this restaurant a serving of haitian style fried chicken left thirty. seven am a little onion garlic peppa always delicious. this popular food stop however isn't in haiti it's in downtown d.
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one in mexico way many mexicans come here every day and also many americans come to buy food as well there are thousands of haitian nationals in one. they began arriving two years ago in a caravan of some twenty two thousand people after fleeing a series of natural disasters and a political crisis in the impoverished caribbean nation denied entry into the united states many settled just south of the border. a local pastor runs a shelter for he migrants who continue to arrive in the city from where you have another. how did they end up in the city someone told them this was the safest place to cross the border one day they give them shelter and they never stop coming . this mountainside barrio is usually a first stop for new arrivals it's known around town as little haiti yet only a small portion of the local creole speaking community actually resides here
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a majority of patients here are dispersed across the city where many of given up trying to enter the united states and have either enrolled in university or started their own businesses with nowhere else to go the haitian community now consists of around four thousand people despite the success many haitian migrants have found young people like wilfred say it's an every day struggle. there are opportunities in mexico only that you have to be smart you have to search for your future nobody's going to come and change your life you have to make that change. many locals laud the way the haitian community has assimilated to life and adding that it serves as a model for other migrants arriving in the city. no again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera turkey's presidential
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spokesman says the u.s. must honor its strategic relationship with turkey this is in response to a tweet by president donald trump threatening to devastate turkey's economy if its forces attack or to shi'ites is in syria the u.s. secretary of state is in riyadh on the netas leg of his middle east tour my compadre scheduled to hold talks with saudi arabia's crown prince mamak bin salman he's expected to discuss the blockade of qatar by neighboring gulf countries and the matter of saudi journalists. we will continue to have a conversation with the crown prince in the saudis about ensuring that the accountability is full and complete with respect to the unacceptable murder of so we'll we'll continue to talk about that make sure we have all the facts so that they are held accountable certainly by the saudis but by the united states as well where appropriate zimbabwe has more than doubled the price of fuel but the move has failed to ease
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a nationwide petrol and diesel shortage drivers have been killing outside petrol stations in some cases for several days the fuel shortages began in october in a nation that suffered a severe economic downturn in recent years. we've effect from midnight tonight if you were prone to prise over crude oil as levin says who does that and three dollars fifty one says really to corporal will come into effect these prices preyed greeted on the ruling or surgery or one to one between the board nor the united states doing. nine people dead after a congo payne crashed in iran it happened near or just west of the capital tehran iranian state television says severe weather may have played a role. iran's foreign minister is in iraq for talks. with iraqi foreign minister
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mohammed ali and i came to discuss a wide range of issues including u.s. sanctions against tehran they also discussed allowing syria back into the out of the. you have to sit with headlines on al-jazeera the news continues right after inside story to stay with us i mean every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories joining them listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter and demands on al-jazeera. an eighteen year old girl flees saudi arabia and granted asylum in canada she says she feared abuse at home what does this reveal about social reform in the kingdom and will it encourage other women to speak up or get out of the country this is the inside story.
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and i welcome to the program i'm not clog. up the world's attention for defying a strict social code in saudi arabia she said she feared for her life if she was returned home she launched a twitter campaign from her hotel room in thailand pleading for help united nations granted her refugee status in canada offered her asylum and you have a case may complicate already strained relations with saudi arabia qatar the had previously good riyadh by calling for the release of women's rights activists from saudi jails mike hanna has more now from toronto. the long and arduous journey from saudi arabia over the eighteen year old step through the arrival doors accompanied by the canadian foreign minister the size of the media contingent a reflection of the massive public interest generated state you know that everyone
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. else oh. i'm hearing free media towns from what's needed to leave it seems arrive at a new phone but she's now the theory on how your internet and so she would prefer not to take questions today so please don't see the theory crazy coming to life and she is now going to go see her new home then rush. back through the doors to begin the first phase of the new life her wish to go to college and study architecture. the canadian decision to grant sanctuary is likely to worsen already fractured relations with saudi arabia back in nor has saudi arabia severed diplomatic ties following canadian criticism of the kingdon's human rights policy then in october the murder of jamal khashoggi saw an upsurge in demands for canada to counsel
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a multibillion on's deal with saudi arabia this deal is now being reviewed the foreign minister though insists that the protection of human rights is more important than diplomatic relations or any trade deal with any c.r. . to. replace. this time. we were involved in those conversations as. an tentative plan to bring a. sumo wrestling team seem pretty blessed here and on fifty two percent playing. here and it was this message from the hotel room in thailand that drop all couldn't century the power of social media confirmed and an example perhaps for others seeking their freedom. mike hanna al-jazeera toronto. so before we get into our discussion let's
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examine what freedoms women actually have in saudi arabia that they can drive go to the cinema and watch football but they still cannot make crucial decisions without the consent of a male guardian so they can have a possible car open a bank account or get divorced without the permission of their father brother uncle or the husband and they can't mix freely with men they can be arrested for eating at restaurants that don't have family areas most public buildings are segregated there are also restrictions in sports when saudi arabia sent female athletes to the olympics for the first time back in london two thousand and twelve and they had to be accompanied by a male guardian and cover their head and women must wear a full length black or buy a robe in public designed to protect their modesty. all right let's bring in our guest some places say here in the studio is now a. visiting fellow at the brookings doha center and from berlin you're initially
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skype is my mom. a saudi political refugee fled the country in two thousand and thirteen and also via skype from canada where money a professor of political science at the university of waterloo thank you everybody for joining us let's start right here in the studio with no hurry it is an extraordinary story of our times really just kind of played out like a screenplay and almost seems to have ended happily does that what's your reaction to what's happened. well i mean i think that you know this was a very canada's offering of asylum for al capone was a very sort of smart political move on canada's part especially you know following the canadian saudi spat that sort of climaxed last august when sort of a cut relations with canada for calling for on saudi arabia to release dissidents and activists but canada can now say look we really mean it when we say that we have a feminist human rights oriented foreign policy but you know wouldn't it be great
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if canada then institutionalized this kind of feminist so-called human rights policy and applied it to other women who also you know suffer from domestic abuse sexual harassment who suffer from war and and protect for instance those yemeni women millions of them who continue to you know starve be killed to get m.p. tate said in a war that canada has implicitly supported through its continued arms sales to saudi arabia it's a certainly good p.r. move let's get the view from kind of remind me what's been the reaction to the news over the how it's been unfolding over the. it's been very positive i think you've seen an outpouring of public support for his case here in cannes and it certainly has no one said i have been a very good frankly p.r. move for the trudeau government allows it to say that it's now finally lost of being a feminist for and how to have this born policy agenda certainly i agree
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with his criticism of the trudeau government as well but the challenge i think for canada or frankly many countries is that we're dealing with the rise of nationalism populism there that made it very difficult for countries like canada to have this normal human rights centric type of foreign policy and so i mean kudos to the meetings for doing this is playing very well here at home and i would say it's probably getting camera the kind of attention and want as a defender of human rights but indeed i think there's so much room to grow and frankly the world just a little crazy so much talk rights violations the frankly you know canada just one small drop in the pond right national politics is of course one thing individual rights quite another you just wonder how bad things have to be for somebody to have to flee best family it's something that you did back in two thousand and thirteen
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tell us more about what goes on in saudi arabia that leads to this kind of thing. it is very important to them of the people that woman so dearly that when they escape in interviews they're not nice keeping an abusive father that was escaping tribal in a society where women can be you know subjected to honor killings they're also skipping the government but also in prison women who escape the room in a husband and father and this circle often used in certain you know what do women escapes the house she gets to prison and she can only leave the prison if the bill guardian himself comes and pick up and she returns to the news of the nation to begin to be of use of them against just a circle so women really have no choice but to leave the country the saudi
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government made a statement earlier about the casein this is a family affair this is really not just an immediate this is an institutional discrimination against women when in saudi they're not only leaving from their families that wasn't even from government it is not opening section is it possible to put a figure or a percentage on on the number of women who are dissatisfied with the way things are inside although there are those who are happy to live under the way the regime is. the happy when we were absolutely satisfied with the new good mentionable women who are privileged you know from the absolute last open minded then believe you know we're educated to have the city to have an education in a different country travel the route of the union and absolute freedom but no so really do not represent the majority the majority of the average class let's say
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the public do not have this privilege women who belong to an average family do not have the same computer to meet is that a woman born in comfort or or who family was a g.k. to the law and did not have the same rights so the the middle guardianship system is really mostly effect in the average saudi woman now it's the upper class women and that's why in the media after. they leave the country we see a lot of one minute obviously from a very privileged but i'm criticising so it is not new again the majority of even you know we are in the in by and forcing women to. follow the strict shillito laws in this kind of laws are really not forced on us for employees and suddenly ok only in-force average. one
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wonders how this is going down in saudi itself or what the reaction may have been a p.r. truck for. yeah i mean i think as an ira said to the from the saudi side at ciena that the argument is this is this is a family affair it should have been resolved internally i think you'll find not just in saudi arabia but in other muslim countries you'll find some reactions. you know and saying well you know perhaps or have should have approached the family courts rather than export this kind of very. domestic matter too to the west and so you know i think that this is another sort of addition to to this long list of ongoing tensions between canada and saudi arabia and of course the you know that could increase criticism of the internet from the international community toward saudi arabia but i think that largely will see that the argument as this is this is very much an internal affair but it's also extremely sensitive right because i
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understand you have renounced her islamic faith and so this could also be you know the argument from the saudi perspective and certainly from other muslim countries would probably be you know canada is interfering in our law and our religion but remind us what the law is about what you're not allowed to or to renounce your islamic faith basically it's it's it's it's prohibited right it's prohibited so if i could bring you in what do you think this could lead to seeing plenty of commentary online about how this is just the tip of the iceberg and we've alluded to that so far but could it lead to more women trying to leave the country is it going to lead to a clamp down within the country or on women. i think all of the above remember theater canada courts accepted the case because she was seen to be legitimately facing domestic violence not because of her gender that she was allowed in because she was facing domestic violence and of course in the case of saudi arabia when your abuser is also your guardian you are in frankly illegal
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traffic very difficult then for women to proceed for a double whammy for many women by the country in terms of what this will mean for other women i will remember yours is not the first to attempt to leave the country and i don't think she'll be the last the question will be whether or not there will be others who will try to frankly follow her path and be energized by her stuff i think that's the case but remember here women will have to leave france in saudi arabia to get on a plane and by going to kuwait and then boarding a plane to fry's or through a so i think this is going to be very difficult and indeed i think the clampdown may come from the family from snow from the use of families or others who feel that their daughter may indeed want to leave the country they need be more fearful about taking a vacation outside of saudi arabia so indeed i think there's going to be many a knock on effect from this move and mama you you left the country fled the country what happened off you got how did you get
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a lot of support from within. found no not really but you know strangely enough the country in numbers that i became a refugee i have received norma's the e-mails and messages from saudi women who want trying to escape the country so we did successfully halfway through in dubai in the cart or in review countries. and you know i spoke also with other side the women who lead the country and they were residing in this trailer some of them in the u.k. in germany it is really not a new phenomena it's been happening for quite a while and the only difference is that those women have always done it secretly you didn't really use the media it was nigger complicity in their escape as much as it happened to the case but it's has been happening for quite a while now i've spoken with so many women who escaped the country for the exact
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same reasons domestic violence know how often you want to come in they think just it listening to speak there about you know the numbers of saudi women who have fled for their protection i mean i think well it's obviously a good thing that you know they are protected and no longer facing a a literally. a danger to their lives i think that this is also bad news in a way for saudi women who don't want to leave the country who want to be protected in their own country right and then of course you know we could sort of elaborate on this and talk about how women's women's rights activists inside or even other countries in the region are critz criticized for being too western right and so this whole narrative about women's rights as a western thing where you know and and so this is bad news for those women who want to pursue this struggle for women's rights in their own country the other thing i wanted to add is rather have rob's case is an individual case and she's also i mean
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of course she has you know as we know we've seen she has suffered you know unspeakable abuse and so on and her and her family and her country but she had she was fortunate enough to be able to escape if that if if i can say what she was you had a phone she could she had her plane ticket and she she she was fortunate enough to know about twitter she was fortunate enough to tweet and have those tweets on change on holiday to you it and she was on holiday in kuwait millions literally millions of women don't have those privileges of that's what we can call them and yet they are also suffering multiple forms of oppression and so going back to my earlier point i think this is an it's high time for canada to really show how serious it is about institutionalizing sort of introducing more programs to help protect women from other parts of the world right now within saudi itself we have seen some reforms from the crown prince but the list that i read out of the start of the show it goes to show that there's a lot more that needs to be done. absolutely and i think you know it's important
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point out that life for the average woman is so your view is getting better relatively speaking and there have been reforms and i think we need to sort of commend those reforms but the trunk engine is that it's just not at the pace fast enough for where so many women want to be aware study women deserve i mean you know i appreciate the. point about you know this is not the case for also the women certainly of the class that i mentioned but let's not forget you're so you're you know women are increasingly very educated they're becoming far more i think hyper connected to the world they do travel many of them do travel and so you know this is just not heaping in keeping with you know in modern twenty first century society and so do we know that and i think that this is become you know a an important issue for the saudi government responding to recognize that if it wants to achieve the dreams it has of the so-called vision twenty thirty and other
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ambitious you know social economic reforms that need to start recognizing that it needs to allow women to be poles that isn't before the law one hundred percent enough not the case the guardianship laws and i would add that you know in this business twenty thirty vision plan you know it's a book creating an innovative creative society and if you want to do that you need to start recognizing that women are a part of that you cannot have a society that is dancing that is progressing that simply is just not there in terms of countries are able to make all the high indicators of sex success the economic social and other life without the full equality of women and so this is i think a national imperative and i hope that the saudi government takes on this there's not another p.r. bad yarmouk or that somehow this is just another stain on its reputation high need to just heal but instead say well this is about high congress to do something about this domestically and very encouraged by the fact that not just women but men in
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saudi arabia or. it seems this is not working for a modern family or a modern man and woman modern family it's just not the case and so i think there's just room but we're cheating here and study but i hope that the government finally takes up on an image that something that you think is likely to happen the way things are going. well look at the history of saudi arabia the ball was introduced to change into a new only gradually back in the sixty's when the saudi government finally and love women voted even to go to schools and pursue education a lot of the religious. religious groups protested in saudi arabia against that so i believe specially after what's happened also in the eighty's surely i think the saudi arabian government do want to make a change in the sea society they do want to open up a little bit and give women freedom but there are also a great off that reaction of the religious sects prayed that they might create
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another words he mad like movement you know the my create some sort of religious revolutionary movement even a lot of religious people would be very upset if women became in even very dependent and especially in this society like saudi arabia very tribal very conservative especially in the central part in places like eastern province and the western provinces you know eastern saudi women and what didn't live in the western part of say we've been really you know that's a more open society and they have a lot more privileges and we live in or live in a scene for example. i think i'm i haven't but maybe in this case of might have shaken up the saudi government a little bit but i don't see that. right away they're probably going to be against no change just like in the been. there has this is
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a change that has got to really come from within or what role does the international community. well i think we've seen the role of the international community with the case of her her firm she knows she she drew attention from the u.n. and the u.n. it even h.c.r. stepped in and you know this was actually quite an easy case for the u.n. it was an individual case it wasn't you know millions of political asylum seekers and canada very willingly accepted roughs case i think that the international the international community needs to push governments even more than they already have been pushing to standardise or sort of institutionalize again this human rights oriented. policy but in particular to draw attention to those women and men who don't get as near as near as much attention as the syrians for example or the saudis i mean i think saudi arabia right now is you know it's it's it's it's the state that everyone is talking about because of you know everything that has
4:43 pm
happened in the last few years but it's really important to remember that there are so many people so many other women in rough situation and worse who are not getting anywhere near enough attention as she has and of course a lot of a lot of agents out very close ties with saudi arabia and huge financial dealings worth billions of dollars not least the arms trade i mean i think this should also be a wakeup call for countries such as saudi arabia to think about you know do we want our citizens to flee and and you know continue to call us out from from the west and causes this headache or is it better to treat them better and and have them stay in the country and and contribute to the country i think this is also a wake up call for reforming the legal system in these countries ensuring that there is legal protection legal redress for women and other oppressed people and in those countries that you want to come in the. you know i mean i agree completely i think there's
4:44 pm
a ministers here that need to be pointing out i mean one thing remember here is not the vast majority of society suddenly being under the age of thirty and yes there's a religious establishment in clerics who will want to push against these kinds of reform but they're just simply not the majority in one so i think if you haven't been so money is going to really i think energize the base of young people as he tries to do the brits recognize that this is actually going to be a popular movement in young saudis and i think you know the dinosaurs the religious dinosaurs just need to deal with it they're just simply frankly not the future of saudi arabia that's one thing the second thing i think is not you know the international community is at a point today where frankly kind of feels like a mobile ace talking about human rights i mean you know we're talking about the the twitter. that our board minister pointed out last summer that cause us to be frankly ostracized by the international community including many western countries who you know profess to have this you know liberals human rights agenda they were
4:45 pm
absolutely silent and quiet when it came to canada as a proposal with the saudis and i think it's because of the economic weight that saudi arabia has saudi arabia still the largest and biggest importer of weapons in the world that means the worth of big business and so there is this counting saudi pressure because of the economic stakes play here but i think you know some are took a very brave move it may cost us some financial relations with the saudis but i would say that most needs are frankly point willing to pay those costs to be on the right side of history and i can't say that's the case for many countries around the world . well it's been a pleasure talking to all of you we've run out of time but a great to get your perspectives on this important story thanks very much indeed thank you to our guests now i will here in the studio where mani and i my job and thank you for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to all facebook page
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guarantee our national security and poverty destitution and the sense of unfairness that actually we are the heart of virtually every civil conflict in the last twenty years of him steiner head of the u.n. development program talks to al-jazeera. every. turkey responds with anger to president trump striked of economic devastation if it a top security fight as in syria.
4:49 pm
this isn't just there live from the headquarters in doha for the back to brawl also ahead and a rainy an army plane with sixteen people onboard crashes near the capital tehran plus ensuring that accountability is full and complete u.s. secretary of state mike comparable is in riyadh promising to step up pressure on the saudi leadership over. there and making mexico hold y. thousands of haitians a settling down either u.s. border. turkey's presidential spokesman says the u.s. must honor its strategic relationship after president donald trump threatened to devastate turkey's economy if its forces attacked kurdish fighters in syria it's the latest political fallout from the u.s.
4:50 pm
leaders announcement that he plans to withdraw american forces from syria truck tweeted starting the long overdue pullout from syria while hitting the remaining isis territorial caliphate hard and from many directions will attack. again from existing nearby base it reforms will devastate turkey economically if they hit kurds create twenty mile safe zone or trump suites follows the mob is ation of the syrian army iran mom bage at the request of kurdish y p g forces ankara is preparing for a long planned offensive against a white b.g. it views the group as a threat near its southern border or speaker on his ears mahmoud i'd go in gaza me the turkey syria border in just a moment but first let's go to c.n.n. in istanbul for a sim until the swedes turkey and the us seem to have been on the same page of on syria tell us about the turkish reaction to this threat by donald trump.
4:51 pm
well faludi the request of donald trump for a buffer zone inside syria for thirty two kilometers it shows that they are not on the same page and it shows that despite the claims that turkey is the american it is the american ally is a nato ally in side syria and turkey has been fighting against eisel. the people that i have spoken from ankara they believe that the us has shown they are all intentions inside syria because despite united states also recognizes doubts both could to some workers party a as a terrorist organization and they want to separate the y.p. this is what the turkish politicians that i have spoken to told me this morning if but of course we had the reactions from the presidential eighty eight presidential spokesperson and communications director until now we haven't heard from president our don who is actually preparing for a meeting with his a team in late afternoon today and turkey's foreign ministry of
4:52 pm
defense ministry intelligence and army representatives are preparing briefs for him to be presented it today and of course i have to i have to highlight that this is the first time that a u.s. office szell has ever threatened turkey with such averred the us stating turkey's economy though officials in ancora say that even during the cyprus crisis in one thousand nine hundred fifty nine and despite the american. goes against turkey there was there has never been such a language so it is a breaking point between two countries relations especially considering that turkey's current situation has been fragile against the us dollar in the in the last why year due to some by literal the blue matic tensions today the all eyes are on the markets as well but one thing expected is also turkey might become more close much closer with russia. over its policies inside syria which united states
4:53 pm
will not be welcome and of course we are waiting for the turkish opposition and the turkish government and to show some reaction to some statements today but probably it's going to be india afternoon everybody is waiting for each other to speak out and we will of course go to you live in a sample for the reaction there from turkey thank you very much for the moment. live for us in istanbul let's not cross over to monitor. the techie syria border mohammed where does all this leave the agreement between champaign and one that turkey should take over the fight against i saw in syria. what it takes it to unchartered territory of course we do not know what or which parts of an agreement the u.s. and turkey heard on turkey taking a leading role in filling in the volatile vacuum left by the withdrawal of u.s.
4:54 pm
troops will carry a of course turkey have been raring to go have been appealing to the united states for not only our support but also more just to call support in taking on what it was calling terrorists the lucky in syria of course to talk you there's no difference between ourselves and the kurdish y p d n p k k fighters who form the bulk of the fighters of the syrian democratic forces who have been a great ally of the united states in the fight against isis some of the fighting right now is going on in some remote districts like a dream right of the border between syria and iraq and of course if. turkey is montagne but it will cut out on offensive against what's called interest elements in syria either way we don't mean them a tukey the forces who are currently engaged in the fight against i so i'm talking
4:55 pm
about as the fighters will cut it mainly cut it so it's going to be even more complicated from here on in yeah and i imagine his latest comments as you say they confuse things further what's the situation on the ground right now as far as troop movements. right now as the turkey has maintained a minute not only the numbers of cars but also put its allies the free syrian army on a war footing book only hope they send them to mum big but also. sending in tons of a shipment in the past few weeks into syria. sixteen thousand. the city and rebels are life to talk he also preparing to take on the members and the kurdish officials. desperate to move help invited
4:56 pm
the city and administration to come on paul the horse the city and i'm also on the move for protecting members also leaves gives them a hold in the city and control part off sivia the cutters were told part of syria which accounts for the thought to plus some to all the countries something that brings assad to several steps cool's up to taking over the entire city of bochum but his control of course the qods have shelled their plans for all tell me she having that i'm not talkin turkey is going to really be diverse. and this is a big boost of course for us and there's a demand russia its biggest baka of course there's also a whole call gulf countries pushing for an out of court of sorts to try and feel
4:57 pm
do some of the walk that's been done by the u.s. forces and that we all pettengill borders in the but i'm buses excuse me in damascus indicate that this is being walked on as we speak thank you for that mom had. in other world news at least fifteen people have been killed after a military plane crashed in iran it happened near five cts just west of the capital tehran iranian state television says severe weather may have played a role the plane had been made attempting to make an emergency landing. the u.s. secretary of state is in riyadh on the latest leg of his middle east tour michael impale is expected to hold talks with saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon earlier he was in qatar where he reiterated that washington will make sure riyadh holds accountable those involved in the murder of journalist. we will continue to have a conversation with the crown prince in the saudis about ensuring that the
4:58 pm
accountability is full and complete with respect to the unacceptable murder so we'll we'll continue to talk about that make sure we have all the facts so that they are held accountable certainly by the saudis but by the united states as well where appropriate as speaks jim on a child who is following developments for us from kuwait city jamal was just that was that just talk from my company or can we really expect him to push the saudis hard on the matter of demolishor g. well i mean there were say the proof is in the pudding fully in the sense that you need to see what the actions that the white house and the trumpet ministration will be taking so far the most significant. reaction that has come as a consequence of the murder of john carroll she has really been mainly from the congress in the senate in terms of how they have been trying to level some sort of accountability through the saudis the big question for me that
4:59 pm
a lot of people are asking is the whereabouts of the one of the key aides true crown prince will have been some months old bunny so an advisor to him somebody who in the past couple of days american media has exposed to have been part of. a personally overlooking torture of some of the female prisoners in saudi arabia even threatening to rape them and somebody who the u.s. itself has put on a sanctions list as a result of his role in the murder of kushal she now whether complera while he's there is going to try and see whether there will be an actual trial whether. for even more information as to who gave the order that's. unlikely considering that the strategy in which the trumpet instruction is taken towards its relationship with god has always been about its business before ethics trump himself said it's in so many words at the beginning of this case and therefore a lot of observers would say that those statements that we just heard there from
5:00 pm
the structure of st well more suited for an audience in doha and maybe others that he is trying to appease and not necessarily one directed at the powers that be in the saudi kingdom another important issue on the table is of course the g.c.c. crisis jamaal one here in doha on sunday from pay a call for an end to the dispute saying that it was hurting the countries more more than it was aiding them will here reiterate that call in riyadh any fee does how will it be received by the saudis. according to sources i've been speaking to in the region finally there is a belief that at least privately he will be reiterating that there is a keen interest from the trumpet ministration to find some sort of breakthrough with regards to the blockade on gaza which has gone on now for over a year and a half however there is a big question which is them.


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