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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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a lot of observers would say that those statements that we just heard there from the searcher of street were more suited for an audience in doha and maybe others that he is trying to appease and not necessarily one directed at the powers that be in the kingdom another important issue on the table is of course the g.c.c. crisis jamaal one here in doha on sunday from pay a call for an end to the dispute saying that it was hurting the countries more more than it was aiding them will here reiterate that call in riyadh and if he does how will it be received by the saudis. according to sources i've been speaking to in the region finally there is a belief that at least privately he will be reiterating that there is a keen interest from the trumpet ministration to find some sort of breakthrough with regards to the blockade on qatar which has gone on now for over a year and a half however there is a big question which is the ambiguity that stems from or rather
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a big question that stems from the ambiguity of u.s. foreign policy with regards to the g.c.c. if we remember right after saudi arabia the united arab emirates behind together with egypt imposed that land air and sea blockade on putting centrally inflicting collective punishment on the residents of the peninsula donald trump himself came out and essentially took credit for that saying that this was his idea that he had given the green light following that huge u.s. islamic world summits that took place in the yard a couple of weeks before that so the question is well if the u.s. essentially was in favor of this what has made its change its mind and what kind of leverage will it use to try and enforce a u. turn on this obviously trump has said in that statements that this was something that is now harming u.s. interests in the region and therefore the u.s. has come to the conclusion that it needs to change here is. with more. mike
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bump ailing qatar with a message to the gulf countries and that dispute the west political crisis in decades for the gulf cooperation council president trump and i both believe the ongoing dispute the region has dragged on too long and the dispute benefits adversaries and harms our mutual interests the ameda of shape to mean been hammered out fannie greeted pump after discussions with qatar's foreign minister says mohammed been a little fanny both countries say they are keen to consolidate trade and get it to corporation. that includes expanding the largest u.s. military base in the middle east and the date near the capital doha is home to the forward operating base of u.s. central command. and then we've discussed all the issues of interest for our country's regional issues starting with the gulf cooperation council and the peace process in the middle east as well as the reconsolidation in afghanistan as well as
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other issues such as syria and counter-terrorism. landed in qatar from the united arab emirates after visiting egyptian and behave in his flying to sandy arabia which have all imposed their eighteen month long land and sea blockade on qatar the accused the title funding extremism allegations strongly dismissed by a qatari leader as america's top diplomat has also visited jordan and is due in a man and kuwait on his middle east tour it's being seen as an attempt to rally support among key players in the region to counterbalance the growing influence of iran and i don't think that the administration plans for dealing with iran by virtue of trying to organize a larger coalition are going to work simply because most states do not agree with us in our policies canceling the joint comprehensive plan of action that would have
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prevented iran if implemented from ever obtaining a nuclear weapon the u.s. is due to host a conference in poland next month to discuss ways to curb iran's activities in the region and ensure middle east stability the us is keen of building a bridge an alliance to counter what it considers to be a growing iranian influence in the gulf but that may be impossible as long as the diplomatic crisis in the g.c.c. continues. doha. still ahead on the program we'll tell you about the impact of kenya has increased security along its border with somalia. by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the finest snowfall on a winter's day. hello there the snow problems are continuing across many parts
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of europe the satellite picture is showing the latest band of snow this being working its way southwards it's crossed the out now and it's working its way down towards parts of greece it's still getting a fair amount of snow across the balkans there and across the eastern parts of europe a little bit of rain though as it hits the warm air over parts of it today behind it the still more outbreaks of snow there across the northern outs at the moment and there's a lot of it to continue things do change though as we head through into choose day because on choose day we'll see the winds coming in from the west that will bring in some milder as so london up to ten degrees and force in berlin will be up but a round fix so some of this will be snow but some of this could well be freezing rain which was cool just additional problems here that of a system well that's making its way down towards the southeast for greece it is looking pretty stormy day lots of heavy rain some snow over the mountains as well and then that system will be working its way further into parts of turkey so if you look at the satellite picture that we can see we've just got
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a little bit of cloud there at the moment but the main system is working its way towards us for choose day so here it is snow for some of us and blizzard conditions and some heavy rain elsewhere it would also be just discussing the northern parts of africa as well so we could see the old shower here. the wind sponsored by qatar and. it's very difficult as a chef or a restaurant or to buy shrimp with the confidence that what you're serving is going to be good seafood by nature it is a high risk money sometimes through these rooms music production drones. you know there are approved for use in the us the f.d.a. simply isn't testing enough on the imported market to really find all of these violet if residues take note on al-jazeera.
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they're watching al-jazeera with me fully back to our reminder our top stories turkey's presidential spokesman says the u.s. must honor its strategic relationship with turkey this is in response to president tom's tweet threatening to devastate turkey's economy and its forces attacked kurdish fighters in syria at least fifteen people have been killed after a military plane crash near iran's capital tehran state television says sylvia weather may have played a role the plane had been attempting to make an emergency landing and u.s. secretary of state mike comparable is in riyadh on the latest leg of his middle east war he's scheduled to hold talks with the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon was expected to discuss jamal khashoggi smudger and the blockade of qatar. what's more on this let's now speak to you brian fayyad who's an associate
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professor of conflict resolution of the doha institute for graduate studies thank you very much for being with us on al-jazeera abraham now even the americans are saying that the g.c.c. crisis has gone on for too long and that the blockade of khattala must and will pump pale. back this with action where the saudi's enemy right is we actually push them to end the blockade not serious action for the moment i think the could of the status quo is helping the united states is in the interest of the united as it's making arm sales for both sides of the crisis so the united states is not in a rush to in the skies i however but what they're talking about is military force regional military for exact count tehran's influenza is it really in their interest that there are divisions within the exact the saw the change in the in the status quo or is it is linked to the progress that the us administration is able to make with the with regards to iran so if the confrontation if we see
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a serious scenario for a confrontation with iran is coming then it becomes in the court interest of the united states to end this crisis and two because the united states wants to have you might the g.c.c. in order to be able to really confront their on the you know have this however also what could the united states do because we saw this in the in sort of fully resolving the crisis could elicit some cool operation among all the states on the military aspects because we have we saw this happening with the with inviting the autumn achieves of all g.c.c. countries in kuwait if you want to go in order to exempt the military cooperation out of this crisis because that's our then the they what the united states wants so but it can be a military collaboration without diplomatic collaboration between these two these countries and just coming back to the americans what sort of leverage do the
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americans have what can they what sort of leverage can they put on the saudis and the iraqis to ensure that they make a u. turn on the blockade of the united states has very serious leverage to pressure saudi arabia and specially in this. now they are talking about not only the regional allies but also talking about the conference in poland that's supposed to be held soon which is the at the core of this conference is to confront iran as announced by. deal so with the united states is going to use this leverage i think it's it's using it slowly but because again as i said before it's linked to the progress that they make on the track of confronting iran if we seek over those without serious is a serious in a row then we are expected to see more leverage on more pressure on the. brain surely abraham on. the secretary of state says he will put pressure here keep up
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the pressure on the saudis to find the murderers and to to resolve this matter but will he really is that just at waves rather than a concrete action when he's in riyadh because from what we've seen so far from the trumpet ministration they're not really that keen to put pressure on the saudis i highly doubt that that serious pressure will be used on the saudi leadership on the shore. i think what the u.s. strategy on that with regards to the moment is to try to search for an honorable exist for them is to show the world that we are doing something with the saudi leadership the saudi the ship is doing something and that's enough i think there was administration has moved the trump administration has moved on with regards to the issue it's the issue of the good ability in the world that they're trying to salvage on this issue because they made it so we have that with our primary interest as autumn sales trump said that so it's not it's no longer
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a secret and in order to salvage some over to the bill to show they want to do pressure to use some you know some some sort of an honorable exit with soft approach to sure that we did something with a brain triad thank you very much for your insight thank you. u.k. prime minister theresa may is set to make a final bid to convince and base to back her breaks a deal when she delivers a speech in a few hours' time it's her last chance to shore up support ahead of a vote in parliament on tuesday may is warning m.p.'s that if her deal is rejected breaks it may not happen at all writing in the sunday express newspaper she said parliament has a duty to implement the twenty six thousand referendum result to leave the european union to not carry it out she says would be a catastrophic and unforgivable breach of trust opposition leader jeremy holden says he would table a motion of no confidence if the prime minister's deal fails. to kenya now where the army has taken over security at its border with somalia in recent years after
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attacks by al-shabaab the effort has greatly reduced the armed groups capacity to operate in kenya but it remains a threat elsewhere in east africa as in basra the reports from nairobi. president who can yet i begin the new year by thanking kenya soldiers for their service and telling civilians they too have a role to play in the country's security i further every kenyan in twenty nineteen and beyond to continue to remain vigilant let the authorities know if you see a suspicious person in your village or neighborhood be aware of who is around you and do not allow terrorists or criminals to hide amongst us. attacks by the armed group at a shopping mall and a university in kenya in two thousand and thirteen and twenty fifteen killed more than two hundred people and change the way the government deploys its security
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forces the army took over from the police to launch a multi agency operation around boney forest on the somali border once a safe haven for al shabaab kenyan security forces have taken back territory destroyed temporary training camps and stop the free movement of armed fighters coming over the border from somalia people who had moved from their farms to. temporarily some of these principles comps i.d.p.'s up. to normal. kenyans living near the front line are grateful for the heightened security but those displaced by the fighting say they still can't sleep at night. we have issues with water we use water from boreholes and a hospital a small we need more facilities to check our health to treat even basic health needs. pushing back into somalia has also given way to unforeseen threats closer to home the farmers who fled the fighting and are still living in camps say while the
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police and army were focused on external threats armed kenyan herders took their fields to graze animals and now that's the reason they're too afraid to go home. we left off. we had security now the security has really improved but we can't go back because the security operation insisted on going. though the border with somalia is secure for now experts say the fight is far from over at this point in time but it is. the. initiative because they are now able to pick. the plus the time type of target of the of preventing all shabaab from operating in recruiting in kenya has made it a blueprint for east africa but with security operations likely to continue for the foreseeable future people displaced by years of fighting wanting to go home may have to wait a little longer zain was ravi older zero nairobi some news coming to us from saudi
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arabia now where we understand the u.s. secretary of state mike on pale is cutting short his trip to riyadh to return to the united states where his father has passed away a spokesperson for my own palace says he will continue to amman late on monday but will then return to the united states and will travel later to coate in the near future but in the meantime he needs to return to the united states to be with family after the passing of his father the thousands of asylum seekers from haiti who were denied entry to the united states two years ago have established a community along mexico's northwestern border many have been granted workpieces and are now helping new migrants adjust to life in mexico there is money a wrap on all reports from to just across the u.s. border. this restaurant is serving a patient's style fried chicken. all a little onion garlic peppa always delicious. this popular
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food stop however isn't in haiti it's in downtown t one in mexico ok many mexicans come here every day and also many americans come to buy food as well there are thousands of haitian nationals in one. they began arriving two years ago in a caravan of some twenty two thousand people after fleeing a series of natural disasters and a political crisis in the impoverished caribbean nation denied entry into the united states many settled just south of the border gustava banda a local pastor runs a shelter for he migrants who continue to arrive in the city from where you are out of the. how did they end up in the city someone told them this was the safest place across the border one day they give them shelter and they never stop coming. this mountainside barrio is usually a first stop for new arrivals it's known around town as little haiti yet only
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a small portion of the local creole speaking community actually resides here a majority of patients here are dispersed across the city where many of given up trying to enter the united states and have either enrolled in university or started their own businesses with nowhere else to go the haitian community now consists of around four thousand people despite the success many haitian migrants have found young people like wilfred say it's an every day struggle. there are opportunities in mexico only that you have to be smart you have to search for your future nobody's going to come and change your life you have to make that change. many locals laud the way the haitian community has assimilated to life and adding that it serves as a model for other migrants arriving in the city. the
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headlines on al-jazeera turkey's presidential spokesman says the u.s. must honor a strategic relationship with turkey this is in response to president tom's tweets threatening to devastate turkey's economy if its forces attacked kurdish fighters in syria at least fifteen people have been killed after a military plane crash cheney won it happen neophytes amp or just west of the capital tehran hearing in state television says severe weather may have played a role the plane had been attempting to make an emergency landing. the u.s. secretary of state my companion has cut short his middle east tour to attend a family funeral the announcement comes as he's in riyadh he's expected to meet the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman and as him bob way has more than doubled the price of fuel overnight by the move has failed to ease a nationwide shortage of petrol and diesel drivers have been queuing outside petrol stations in some cases for several days if you shortages began in october in
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a nation that suffered a severe economic downturn in recent. weeks different from midnight tonight if you were prone to price of crude oil as levin says who does that. three dollars fifty one says believe corporal will come into effect believes promises proved greeted on the ruling or crucially of surgery or one to one between the board nor the note is this do or. a course in the democratic republic of congo is expected to hear the case of presidential runner up martin for you know who is challenging the election result he says the vote is fraudulent and has demanded a recount after his rival felix she said katie was declared the winner by the electoral commission and a second black box has been recovered from
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a lion air plane which crashed in indonesia in october the boeing seven thirty seven max plunged into the java sea shortly after takeoff from jakarta killing all one hundred eighty nine people on board divers from the cockpit voice recorder not far from the crash site those are the headlines coming up next on our jazeera techno. in the next episode of science in a golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islamic period in the field of engineering. the heights of sophistication in mechanics at the time was the extravagant elephant cloak. written around age fifty eight in the book contains a range of ingenious inventions and contraptions science from a golden age with jim alkalinity on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so
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no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current of fans that matter to. al-jazeera. you know that corruption has reached a level like nothing ever before in our country. rank outsider. to president of the united states. the power was in the data we will moderate the american people with the truth and nothing else discover the formula for winning the white house unfair game on al jazeera. this is techno a show about innovations that can change lives the science of fighting wildfires we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity and we're doing it in the unique way. this is a show about science lol are no lies scientists. tonight
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techno investigates shrimp safety seafood by nature is a high risk commodity for americans love their shrimp but most of it comes from countries that use expensive antibiotics that could make you ill now techno goes inside the federal testing program from. that's supposed to protect the food supply doctors should do some more is mechanical engineer she will share the results of her investigation into how dangerous is that for human beings and i'm still taurus i'm an entomologist visit a shrimp farm in the middle of indiana yes indiana that could revolutionize the industry. this is like a little laboratory here yes it is. a terrorist santa maria it is a neuroscientist. imagine that you are one of the first to take a trip to mars. this is the definition of pioneering that's what makes it exciting
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events our team now let's do some science. yeah. hey guys and welcome to techno on phil tours joined by dr showed you some aura and . one of my favorite things is shrimp soon ruling away on a hot grill but i also have a fair amount of hesitation when it comes to actually knowing where that shrimp comes from then you may not realize it but shrimp raised overseas can have high levels of antibiotics and other additives that don't always pass american safety standards in america imports a lot of shrimp ira billion pounds worth so we also the food and drug administration the agency responsible for policing u.s. ports if we can follow them while they test unsafe shipments. america has a jumbo appetite for shrimp you know it's
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a little piece of flesh that they can be easy it's kind of like popcorn of the sea americans it's an average of four pounds. at fred sixty two. chefs fred eric serves a lot of shrimp. it's very difficult as a chef or restaurant or to buy shrimp with the confidence that what you're serving them is going to be good type of rush make sure. americans taste comes with a price. ninety percent of the shrimp eaten in the u.s. is imported. much of it from countries like india thailand and indonesia sometimes trip is raised overseas using production drugs like antibiotics that are approved for use in those countries but not approved for use in the u.s. johns hopkins microbiologist david love surveyed federal data on drugs found in
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imported shrimp some of the top drugs that we found in shrimp were fear and chloramphenicol tetracycline itself on a meds and instructor meissen what does it mean for the consumer to be exposed to antibiotic resistant bacteria if you get an infection from these bacteria it can be hard to treat using antibiotics especially if these bacteria are resistant to the antibiotics that your doctor would prescribe you see shroom bombs that use antibiotics often farm with overcrowded pom diseases are a big deal in shrimp farming can be a high mortality rate in some shrimp farms. the food and drug administration polices shrimp imports. five point five billion pounds is the thing it is imported into the united states every year
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and much of it ends up in a cold storage facility like this one in southern california but only a tiny fraction of all of that seafood is actually inspected so we've come here today to find out exactly how the f.d.a. . emily morrison is a veteran f.d.a. inspector we've collected one subsample out of fifteen brando boxes and now i'm in the process of bagging them up. put them in coolers. and ship it to the lab a computer system red flags imports believed to pose the greatest risk based on country of origin and the company's past history of violations seafood by nature is a high risk commodity done so lease has inspections at the ports of los angeles so there are many boxes here and there or pots full what percentage of the song gets
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chosen to be taken to the lab so f.d.a. reviews all electronic transmissions and we utilize things like foreign inspection domestic inspection whether it was sampled and another for all that information's gather within the predict application and then that shipment will be given a risk or the higher the risk or the more chances one of these officers will sample that much at. once the f.d.a. inspectors have picked some close friends specks it is sent to an f.d.a. lab like this one and find california. you may see it for him maybe i'm looking for all. who i can imagine. that the shrimp is mixed with a chemical solvent dried and liquefied again run through an animal.
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is an f.d.a. chemist so kind of the results are in from the tests what are they showing us this close the compound working for sponsored programs and how dangerous is that for human beings are true currently for human beings because it's costs. are certain level for her for a massage. the building of one was the building of this equivalent of working for one so you know olympic size swimming. so how many parts per billion is this result i was one through the building or so two grains and so pick sides simple when you've managed to find it in that binary is incredible so that batch of strand is not allowed in this country essentially this is not going to be along with the f.d.a. simply isn't testing enough on the imported market to really find all of these violet of residues. rangan headed a study of imported shrimp for the june two thousand and fifteen issue of the
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influential magazine consumer reports of the two hundred five imported farm samples that we found a leaven of those actually had illegal residues of antibiotics on them that comes out to about five percent of the imported farm shrimp samples being contaminated with an illegal antibiotic residue the fact that the f.d.a. only tests about point seven percent of all the shrimp in this country for those antibiotic residues suggests that the agency is not actually testing enough shrimp to catch the amount of legal residue products that may be coming into the market however many of the countries that export the shrimp permit the use of antibiotics when you feed low levels of antibiotics every day you're not feeding them enough to necessarily kill bacteria those bacteria can become resistant to those antibiotics and that can make those antibiotics less effective in people if we're infected by
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those bacteria just as worrisome was the number of shrimp that tested positive for bacteria we found about a third of the shrimp that we had had vibrio contamination vibrio is one of the few food borne illnesses on the rise seven of the samples we found had mercy that's concerning to. and that's probably primarily associated with the amount of processing that goes on the shrimp production both have the potential to cause illness with a through the cooking process they can be killed we do know that there are shrimp farms in shrimp production practices that are doing a lot more to address those issues that are addressing hygiene and addressing other issues so that they aren't heavily reliant on drugs or other chemicals. six hundred miles from the nearest ocean nestled in the patchwork of windmills and soybean and corn fields as tiny indiana. a mom and pop indoor salt water shrimp for.
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their own they're over and i asked her why now welcome darty after at a scout. darrell brown accidental shrimp forming pioneers are you going down six pounds with thirty two dozen backyard pools is growing takes the perfect indoor system with zero waste no chemicals in the ninety percent survival rate. that's a third higher than traditional outdoor shrimp forms well this is like a little laboratory yes it is form yes it is we do nine tests every single day we do temperature dissolved oxygen night c o two salinity alkalinity ph ammonia and flop as you can see our water is brown the test we're doing here right now is we're trying to see how much bacteria is in our water and we call the settling so you're basically waiting for all those bacteria to go to the bottom tells you how much is in how much we have an exact like air for over
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a certain level then we have to get it out of the tanks otherwise it's going to start suffocating that's very important that has to be done every day basically we're not even strip farmers anymore we ask ourselves guardians of water as long as the water does what it's supposed to be doing the script are just fine we add no antibiotics no hormones are ever added into. you heard that right no antibiotics no hormones just fish food salts and baking soda it's called a hetero trophic bio fluxus tum a process that revolves around bacteria and now it looks very brown what is this brown i'm seeing brown is the bacteria in the bag here is why i say it's out there way so that they can survive without a major fail here's what's happening below the surface the shrimp eat their feed in excrete ammonia the bacteria turns that into toxic nitrates other bacteria turn that into benign nitrates and as.


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