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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 14, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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looking and overseeing personally if you torture and even throw use of rape against political detainees namely women detainees in saudi arabia that he spoke about that as well what people will be wondering is that's how he would be insisting on the main suspect in the murder of tomorrow. how will be insisting through him that some sort of due process be taken place considering that the cia and the intelligence agencies in the united states believe that it is the crown prince who ordered or at least had a very big role in killing him what about on the g.c.c. crisis jamal he has canceled now that the stop in kuwait which was supposed to be the last leg on his on his tour of the region what does that suggest as far as resolving the dispute between qatar and the countries that have locate it. well obviously the symbolism in kuwait folly is that it has been leading the
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attempts to find a breakthrough to mediate to find a solution to this crisis which has been really the biggest threat that the gulf cooperation council has faced in decades and the fact that pomp arrow obviously needing to get back because of the death in his wife's family however the fact that he's not leaving behind some sort of representative to come to kuwait would indicate that of those cautious optimism or optimists rather that had said that maybe some sort of a breakthrough would come from this video that were proven wrong and that actually there isn't anything but aside from that g.c.c. crisis in that brief statements that he made in qatar saying that there needs to be some sort of resolution to it did possibly reach the maybe the most productive side of this visit was with regards to yemen or at least that's what the statements of led us to believe from he said that he managed to convince or maybe stress upon the saudi leadership for the need to continue with the political dialogue diplomatic solutions having faith in those talks that have been taking
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place in sweden there was a brief reference as well or maybe not so before there was a reference to combating iran and the influence in iran but without specifically talking about what kind of measures would be taken finally just in response to that story earlier that you mentioned fully with regards to president trump's tweets i reserve the turkey and the threat of economic sanctions compared did remark on that he said he didn't know what's trump meant he said however that trump's decision to withdraw from syria would continue but also said that there was that need to protect the kurds just an anecdote true got to give our viewers some context that according to some of the sources that i've been speaking to in the region the saudis actually had offered to foot the bill for u.s. presence inside syria on the use of you're afraid to use something that's had or. the turks quiets a lot and therefore for him to mention this in saudi arabia will be something that
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the turks won't be too happy about a very interesting thank you so much for that jamal and child reporting there live from kuwait city still ahead on al-jazeera nearly forty years on the run comes to an end for any tanya ahmed revolutionary the arrest. and in a country prone to earthquakes say there is concern at the lack of disaster training for children in indonesia. i know that the weather isn't quite chilly across the northern parts of asia the moment at least as we head through the day on tuesday the winds are firing down from the northwest so although it will be cold in beijing with top temperature of minus one at least the air quality won't be too bad with the air coming from a rather clean direction but does change for wednesday though the winds are more
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likely to be coming from the west and so the temperatures will be rising but there will be formal pollution in the air as well we will towards the east as a little bit more action in the weather here more in the way of cloud if you outbreaks of snow for many of us across japan tokyo making it to double figures there we should make it up to ten degrees for the towards the south and the rain is gathering over here once more i think just patches of cloud for tuesday in a few outbreaks of wet weather but that really gets going as we head through wednesday so heavy outbreaks are likely on the northern edge of that where it's hitting that cold air we're likely to see quite a lot of that turn to snow so do expect some fairly heavy outbreaks of snow a wednesday before the towards the south and force in the philippines is largely fine a draw in that dry weather is expected to continue for most of us as we head through the day on tuesday elsewhere though there are quite a few showers mostly bubbling up over parts of borneo and then tracking the way towards the west so don't be surprised if you catch one or two more impulsive kayo and singapore.
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russian filmmaker under the neck rosol travels across his homeland to discover what life is like under putin the russian economy is in crisis tank and unstable oil prices fluctuating cards off of the country struggles to make ends meet in soviet times doctors were in charge now economists calculate everything we don't want to think what will happen when the bank takes away our flags. in search of putin's russia on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour approve my deal risk no breaks it at all in life pictures from stoke on trent in england where the british prime minister teresa mayes about to give a very important speech ahead of tuesday's vote on her divorce deal with the european union in the house of commons she's due to speak to factory workers there in stoke on trent trying to send out why m.p.'s should vote for her breaks it down on tuesday it will bring that speech to you live when it happens here on out to sea or in other news u.s. secretary of state michael impale has met the saudi king and the crown prince on the latest leg of his middle east war that was in riyadh he has just arrived in oman now and they discussed the war in yemen and the importance of deescalating military operations in the coffee and take his presidential spokesman says the u.s. must honor a strategic relationship with turkey this was in response to president tom sweet threatening to devastate turkey's economy if it's horses
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a ta kurdish fighters in syria. fifteen people have been killed in a military plane crash in iran it happened near five or just west of the capital tehran the congo plane was attempting to make an emergency landing in bad weather the army said one flight engineer survived the crash and was taken to hospital in indonesia second black box has been recovered from a lion air plane which crashed in october the boeing seven thirty seven max plunged into the java sea shortly after takeoff from jakarta killing all one hundred eighty nine people on board divers found the cockpit voice recorder not far from the crash site investigators hope this will help piece together the final moments of the flight. a court in the democratic republic of congo is expected to hear the case of presidential runner up martin for you know who's challenging the election result he's arguing for a manual recounts the electoral commission declared kerry the winner but
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a margin for you says his victory was stolen from him. as more from. catholic priests as the congregation to pray for peace in d.c. as uncertainty grows over the disputed election result the catholic church deployed forty thousand election observers on voting day last month they tallies his opposition leader martin for one sixty one percent of the vote almost twice as many as the official result of thirty four percent in the presidential run up attend a church on sunday he accuses felix is a kiddy of making a deal with the outgoing president joseph kabila to steal the election for you know has gone to the constitutional court to appeal to judges to order a recount of all of we have free our phrases on shake now because the people have decided and the wishes of the people will come true i am a man of faith. the church is a respected institution in the d.c. when bishops speak many people listen the catholic church has influence here some
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bishops aren't afraid to speak out when others don't but opinions are divided a whether the church should be involved in politics at the largest catholic church in the capital kinshasa religion and politics divides opinion. on what i think the churches involvement in politics is right and normal it should be done to help and political problems affecting our country according to me i don't think it's right for a child to get those problems. because people in confusion caused in the political crisis are growing the southern african development community once a recount of the votes or a government of national unity formed the regional bodies approval of the electoral process is crucial for the legitimacy of the government and the new president. police in zimbabwe have fired tear gas at protesters angry about high fuel prices
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the cost of petrol and diesel more than doubled on sunday after president amazon mungana announced a hike to battle a crippling shortages that have seen motorists sleep in fuel queues frustrated demonstrators have barricaded roads and set tires on fire. in kenya the army has taken over security at its border with somalia in recent years after attacks by al-shabaab the effort has greatly reduced the armed groups capacity to operate in kenya but he remains a threat elsewhere in east africa he has a report from nairobi. president who can yet i began the new year by thanking kenya soldiers for their service and telling civilians they too have a role to play in the country's security i further every kenyan in twenty nineteen and beyond to continue to remain vigilant let the authorities know if you see a suspicious person in your village or neighborhood be aware
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of who is around you and do not allow terrorists or criminals to hide amongst us. attacks by the armed group at a shopping mall and a university in kenya in two thousand and thirteen and twenty fifteen killed more than two hundred people and change the way the government deploys its security forces the army took over from the police to launch a multi agency operation around boney forest on the somali border once a safe haven for al shabaab kenyan security forces have taken back territory destroyed temporary training camps and stop the free movement of armed fighters coming over the border from somalia people who had moved from their farms to. temporarily some of these principles comps i.b.p. to their friends and neighbors buck to normal. kenyans living near the front line are grateful for the heightened security but those displaced by the fighting say they still can't sleep at night. we have issues with water we use water from
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boreholes and a hospital a small we need more facilities to check our health to treat even basic health needs. pushing back into somalia has also given way to unforeseen threats closer to home the farmers who fled the fighting and are still living in camps say while the police and army were focused on external threats armed kenyan herders took their fields to graze animals and now that's the reason they're too afraid to go home. we left off. we had security now the security has really improved but we can't go back because the security operation insisted on going. though the border with somalia is secure for now experts say the fight is far from over at this point in time that it is the terrorists who. because they are now able to pick. the place the time type of target that they'll
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go for preventing all from operating and recruiting in kenya has made it a blueprint for east africa but with security operations likely to continue for the foreseeable future people dislike interrupting that report to take you live to soccer in trenton england where the british prime minister theresa me is about to give a very important speech to factory workers they're defending her breaks it divorced ahead of the crucial vote in parliament on tuesday let's take a listen to what she has on our future relationship that vote in westminster is a direct consequence of the votes that were cast by people here in stoke and in cities towns and villages in every corner of the united kingdom in june two thousand and sixteen the british people were asked by m.p.'s to take a decision should the united kingdom remain a member of the european union or should we leave in that campaign both sides disagreed on many things but on one thing they were united what the british people
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decided it the politicians would implement in the run up to the vote the government sent a leaflet to every household making the case for a name it stated very clearly this is your decision the government will implement what you decide those were the terms on which people cast their votes if a majority had backed remain the u.k. would have continued as an e.u. member state no doubt the disagreements would have continued to but the vast majority of people would have had no truck with an argument that we should leave the in spite of a vote to remain or that we should return to the question in another referendum on the rare occasions when parliament puts a question to the british people directly we have always understood that their response carries a profound significance. when the people of wales voted by a margin of no point three percent on a turnout of just over fifty percent to endorse the creation of the welsh assembly that result was accepted by parliament indeed we've never had
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a referendum in the united kingdom that we've not on of the result of parliament understood this fact when it voted overwhelmingly to trigger article fifty and both major parties did so to when they stood on election manifestos in two thousand and seventeen that pledge to one of the results of the referendum is as we've seen over the last few weeks there are some in westminster who would wish to delay or even stop brix it and who will use every device available to them to do so i ask them to consider the consequences of their actions on the faith of the british people in our democracy the house of commons did not say to the people of scotland or wales that despite those in favor of the devolved legislature parliament knew better and would overrule them or else force them to vote again what if we found ourselves in a situation where parliament tried to take out of the e.u. in opposition to remain vote people's faith in the democratic process and their politicians would suffer catastrophic harm we all have
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a duty to implement the result of the referendum ever since i reached an agreement with the e.u. on a withdrawal agreement and declaration on our future relationship i've argued that the consequences of parliament rejecting it would be grave uncertainty potentially leading to one of two outcomes either no deal or exit that would cause turbulence for our economy create barriers to security cooperation and disrupt people's daily lives all the risk of no bricks at all for the first time in our history failing to implement the outcome of a statutory referendum and letting the british people down these alternatives both remain in play if the deal is rejected. the differing views on the threat that a no deal exit poses i've always believed that while we could ultimately make a success of no deal it would cause significant disruption in the short term and it
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would be far better to leave with a good deal others in the house of commons take a different view and regard no deal as the ultimate threat to be avoided at all costs to those people i say this the only way is to guarantee we do not leave without a deal are to abandon breck's it betraying the vote of the british people oughta leave with a deal and the only deal on the table is the one m.p.'s will vote on tomorrow night you can take no deal off the table by voting for that deal and if no deal is as bad as you believe it is it will be the height of recklessness to do anything else but while no deal remains a serious risk having observed events at westminster over the last seven days it's now my judgment that the more likely outcome is a paralysis in parliament that risks there being no bricks it that makes it even more important that m.p.'s consider very carefully how they will vote tomorrow
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night. as i've said many times the deal we have agreed is worthy of support for what it is chief for the british people immigration policy back in the hands of people you elect so we can build a system based around the skills people have to offer this country not where they come from and bring the overall numbers down suffering control of our borders decisions about how to spend the money you pay in taxes back under the control of people you elect so we can spend the vast annual sums we send to brussels as we choose our priorities like our long term plan for the n.h.s. suffering control of our money. u.k. laws not easy laws governing this country so the people you elect to decide what the law of the land in our country is suffering control of our laws. of the common agricultural policy with our farmers supported by schemes we designed to suit our own needs for the common fisheries policy so we decide to fishes in our waters and
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we can rebuild our fishing fleets for the future retaking our seat at the world trade organization so we can strike trade deals around the world that work for british businesses and consumers the rights of value to you citizens here guaranteed and reciprocal guarantees for u.k. citizens across europe the partnerships between our police forces and security services that protect us every day from the threats that know no borders sustained and implementation period that ensures our departure from the e.u. is smooth and orderly protecting your jobs and yes a guarantee that the people of northern ireland can carry on living their lives just as they do now what ever the future holds is a valuable prizes the deal honors the vote in the referendum by translating the people's instruction into a detailed and practical plan for a better future no one else has put forward an alternative which does this. compare
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that outcome to the alternatives of no deal or no brics it with no deal we would have no implementation period no security cooperation no guarantees for u.k. citizens overseas no certainty for businesses and workers here in stoke and across the u.k. and changes to everyday life in northern ireland that would put the future of our union at risk and with no bricks it as i've said we would risk a subversion of the democratic process will be sending a message from westminster to communities like stoke that your voices do not count . the way to close off both of these potential avenues of uncertainty is clear it is for m.p.'s to back the deal the government has negotiated and move our country forward into the bright future little weights. i've always believed that the reason majority in the house of commons for a smooth and orderly exit delivered by means of withdrawal agreement and that's why
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the government table to the motion for the meaningful vote last month but it became clear that m.p.'s concerns about one particular aspect of the deal the backstop preventing a hard border between northern ireland and violent in the event that we cannot reach agreement on our new relationship before the end of the invent taishan period meant there was no prospect of winning the vote so i suspended the debate to allow time for further discussions with the e.u. to address those concerns today i've published the outcome of those discussions in the form of letters between the u.k. government and the presidents of the european commission and european council i listen very carefully to the concerns of m.p.'s from all sides expressed particularly the concerns of my fellow unionists from northern ireland. in my discussions with the e.u. we explored a number of the suggestions made by m.p.'s both about how the backstop would operate and for how long do you have said throughout that they would not renegotiate the withdrawal agreement or reopen its text or alteration and that
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remains the case throughout my discussions at the december european council and since i also pursued in these discussions a proposal for a fixed date with legal force going to the point at which the future partnership would come into force because that is the way to bring an end to the backstop by agreeing on a new relationship the e.u. is position was that while they never want or expect the backstop to come into force a legal time limit was not possible. but while we did not achieve that we have secured valuable new clarifications and assurances to put before the house of commons including on getting our future relationship in place rapidly so that the backstop should never need to be used. we now have a commitment from the e.u. that work on our new relationship can begin as soon as possible after the signing of the withdrawal agreement in advance of the twenty ninth of march and we have an explicit commitment that this new relationship does not need to replicate the
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backstop in any respect whatsoever we have agreement on a fast track process to bring the free trade deal we will negotiate into force if there are any delays in member states ratifying it making it even more likely that the backstop will never need to be used we now have absolute clarity on the explicit a linkage between the withdrawal agreement and the political declaration putting beyond doubt that these come as a package and finally the e.u. have confirmed their acceptance that the u.k. can unilaterally deliver on all the commitments made in our northern ireland paper last week including a storm lock on new e.u. laws being added to the backstop and a seat at the table for restored northern ireland executive the legal standing of the significant conclusions of the december council have been confirmed if the backstop whatever triggered it would only be temporary and both starts would do all they could to bring it to an end as quickly as possible the letters published today
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have legal force and must be used to interpret the meaning of the withdrawal agreement including in any future arbitration they make absolutely clear that the backstop is not a threat or a trap. no i fully understand that the new legal and political assurances which are contained in the letters from donald to us. do not go as far as some m.p.'s would like but i'm convinced that m.p.'s now have the clearest assurances that this is the best deal possible and that it is worthy of their support to other areas of concern raised and reflected in amendments table to the meaningful vote were on the protection of workers' rights and on environmental standards i could not have been clearer that far from wanting to see a reduction in our standards in these areas the u.k. will instead continue to be a world leader we've committed to addressing these concerns and will work with m.p.'s from across the house on how best to implement them looking at legislation
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where necessary to deliver the best possible results for workers across the u.k. . this afternoon i will set out in greater detail to m.p.'s what is contained in the correspondence i've published today and what it means for our withdrawal and tomorrow i will close the debate. but as we start this crucial week in our country's history let's take a step back and remember both what is at stake and what we stand to gain by coming together behind this agreement settle the question of our withdraw and we can move on to forging our new relationship back the deal tomorrow and that work can start on wednesday fail and we risk face the risk of leaving without a deal all the even bigger risk of not leaving at all. i think the british people are ready for us to move on to move beyond division and come together to be moved
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beyond uncertainty into a brighter future that is the chance that m.p.'s of all parties will have tomorrow night and for our country's sake i urge them to take it thank you. teresa in the case for light relief and she cried frank dileo she's been addressing their factory workers in oakland trend ahead of tuesday's crucial vote in the house of commons on her divorce deal with the european union and these are expected to. reject the deal let's listen to some of the questions around being put to the british and if you really think you have a chance of changing their minds well i've been speaking to m.p.'s over the weekend i'll be back in parliament today all of the as i said be making a statement but also be speaking to colleagues today and indeed tomorrow i'm obviously will be speaking when i close the debate tomorrow and i have seen m.p.'s
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when i've spoken to them who are now who recognise the importance of the decision that is being taken and saying that they will support the deal whereas perhaps in the past they had some doubts about it but obviously we've seen the assurances that have been published today i believe those do give more assurance and confidence to m.p.'s about the nature of the relationship we will have with the european union in the future about the desire on both sides not to see the backstop come into force and what we will both do to ensure that we're working to make that not happen so that we can get on to that future relationship which is the best way of ensuring a sustainable long term relationship and dealing with the northern ireland border on the sustainable long term basis basis and the commitments expressed today show commitment on both sides to get on and do that. paul. going to be news from you so you've had to use to reach out to m.p.'s you've got two days left and
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virtually nothing to offer them why shouldn't parliament wrestle control of it from you well first of all over the last two years we have of course been talking with m.p.'s about the issues that they. want to see raise the issues that they've been concerned about and the process that i've been what i've been doing over the last few weeks over the christmas and new year period is having heard m.p.'s in december in the debate taking those issues to the european union and we have you say we haven't we have achieved this exchange of letters which gives those further clarifications which gives those further assurances which i believe are do give further confidence to members of parliament about the future relationship we'll have with the european union and about both sides not wanting to use the backstop but. you talk about parliamentary taking parliament taking control what i think is important is that we deliver on the result of the referendum and what i'm concerned
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about from what we've seen as i've said in my speech over the last few days is the real prospect that we could see stymie in parliament or parliament operating or people in parliament trying to operate in a way that frustrates bricks it we have a duty to deliver bricks it and that's what i and the government want to do and it's what we are going to do and i want m.p.'s to recognise that as well. jack there's a. jackdaw from the daily mail. promised to talk about workers' rights and environmental standards but are you prepared to go further to attract the votes of labor m.p.'s would you prefer to for example move on a customs union or any other issues that i've always been clear that we will not be in the customs union because being in the customs union has with it so the other aspects which are not what people voted for and what people wanted to see was us
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able to ensure that we could have independent trade policy we're working obviously to it ensure that those trade agreements where part of as a member of the you can be trans to u.k. trade agreements in the future and then what the opportunity to make those even better trade agreements for the u.k. we can do that by having an independent trade policy and in order to have that independent trade policy it means not being in the customs union. francis you have promise you've been very clear about what you say is the damage to the public face if. it does go have a talk which was most democratic legitimacy deal imposed on you by parliament or no deal bricks that wasn't on the ballot paper well first of all the for those who don't want to see no deal as i've said then they have to agree a deal you talked about a bricks it deal imposed on by parliament actually i think if you look at what's been said across parliament nobody has yet come up with an alternative bricks it deal that is negotiable and that actually nobody has come up with an alternative
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brecht's it deal that is negotiable and that delivers on the result of the referendum and that's what we must remember this is not just about negotiating a deal is about negotiating a deal that delivers on the result of the referendum taking back control of money or some borders but also ensure that we do it in a way that maintains jobs maintain security protects jobs and security and protects our union and that's what the deal does. i see nick from sky. good morning promise of nick martin from sky news i just want to add to a question it was mentioned earlier. and it will perhaps understand where you are in your own mind right now as you stand here do you believe that you can get this through to morrow i'm sure you hope you will but do you actually think you will i'm working to ensure that we get members of parliament voting for the deal tomorrow i
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believe it is important that we deliver on this result that we don't see a situation where there's a risk that parliament tries to frustrate brix it i think over the last few days we've seen that risk increasing i want to ensure that we deliver on the referendum that we leave the european union and i want to do it on the basis of a good deal that protects people's jobs protects our security and protects our union gess prime minister the e.u. offering an extension of article fifty potentially until july do you categorically rule that out i don't think that we're leaving on the twenty ninth of march i've been clear that i don't believe we should be extending article fifty and i don't believe we should be having a second referendum we have that instruction we have from the british people to leave i believe it's our duty to deliver on that i want to do it in a way that is smooth that is orderly as i've just said protects jobs and security
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and protects our union another loss on last question i'll take from phillip corrigan from the state sentinel. phil corrigan stocks and so you say it's important that people in stoke on trent feel that they're not being ignored but it seems that most of the people that are in favor of bricks it don't feel that what you're offering is bricks it and obviously people who are opposed it don't feel your deal even so who exactly are you doing this for. the people who stoke i mean the people here in stoke i think voted nearly seventy percent to leave the european union and that's what we're delivering and what i and my government will be delivering and it's i think for many people when they voted obviously people had a number of different things reasons why they voted i think it was in key things that were crucial i think bring an end to free movement so we took control of our borders was one of them i think bringing them to the jurisdiction of the european court of justice so we took back control of our laws was another.


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