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tv   Arising From The Rouble  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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the u.k. . aviation plus. the latest gadgets connected to the internet. has cost. these are the top stories on al-jazeera britain's prime minister has urged him to take a second look at her bricks and deal ahead of a key vote on tuesday may is facing a likely defeat in parliament votes on the divorce agreement she has to go shaded with the e.u. lawrence lee has more. reason may spend the whole of today and the evening trying to persuade a still deeply skeptical parliaments and crucially her own conservative party to try to back a deal but on all sides people plainly have not changed their opinion the hardbacks has those who want to leave plenty without any deal still regard what she has to
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offer as giving in to the european union and those who want a much softer brecht's it's all no bret's at all don't appear to have changed their minds either arguing that the u.k. would stay in an all base of the european union but would still not have any powers and frankly would end up being a much worse deal than the deal that the u.k. has at the moment inside the european union so at this point in time it does look very much as though her deal will fail and warn projection tonight from the british broadcaster suggested that she could even lose by upwards of two hundred votes and if that happened it seems to me to be absolutely inconceivable that she could then claim that she could go back to the european union and ask for some more so than the go see asians or concessions from them when she tried to address parliament in the afternoon before the debate started she said when peace look history will judge you very badly indeed if you don't vote for my deal in return they laughed at him
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and the history books are written people will look at the decision. people will look at the decision of this house tomorrow and ours did we deliver on the country's vote to leave the european union. we safeguard our economy our security and our. four day train that the british people down there so of course the question everyone is asking is what happens if her deal goes down by a substantial margin the real nuclear options other. bans on the whole project calling a second referendum or a general election seems to be relatively remote for the time being since there are still about seventy five to eighty days left before the u.k. is supposed to leave one option is that she could hold what are called indicative votes with m.p.'s basically raising their hands just as just as
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a test to see if there is any support for any other sorts of deal but there appears not to be that's all either and frankly the most likely scenario at least in the shortest is that in the coming days to reason they will have to announce either a suspension or a delay to article fifty the withdrawal agreement for leaving the european union and sick it further down the road but at the moment it looks like she has lost or is about to lose the battle to get a deal through and if that happens then you can expect something else as yet unknown to have to happen instead the president of the united states and turkey have discussed cooperation on northern syria they talked about creating a safe sound a call comes a day after war and devastate turkey's economy if ankara's forces attacked us back kurdish fighters he now says there is great potential to increase economic development. yes secretary of state might pompei i was wrapping up his middle east tour he's now in amman after a stop in saudi arabia while there he met with the crown prince mohammed bin
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solomon they agreed on deescalation in yemen accountability for the murder of jamal khashoggi and the threat posed by iran zimbabwe's government says a number of people have been killed in protests against rising living costs police have fired tear gas at demonstrators in harare the cost of fuel more than doubled on sunday during the worst economic crisis and exactly. venezuelan president nicolas maduro has promised to raise the minimum wage by three hundred percent in an effort to halt hyperinflation he made the pledge during his annual state of the nation address to the national assembly on monday days after being sworn in for a second six year term as president was also defiant in the face of mounting calls for his resignation at home and abroad and so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera next in search of putin's russia.
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i'm on training cross a russian filmmaker and journalist for the past year i've been traveling my country trying to understand. once more the russian economy is in crisis sanctions
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unstable oil prices a fluctuating currency half of the country struggles to make ends meet. capitalism especially at the time of high oil prices did make many russians wealthy and it did modernize parts of the country. but a lot of capital ended up abroad. where it's of no use to the majority. who's to blame is it putting imperial ambitions the crimea beastly of crane and now syria is it the kremlin's economic policies the infamous corruption the soviet past . about war i want to hear from ordinary russians how this crisis affects the way they live and work.
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walking the streets of russia's major cities on a sunny day you might ask yourself what crisis. russians do talk a lot about sanctions the punishment for their countries intervention in the ukraine but how do sanctions really affect ordinary people. what they notice ironically are the. come to sanction putin's ban on foreign food in the television to the west a ban on sales of technology to russia. yet as far as i can see the food import ban has not affected the quantity or quality of food at least as far as the tastes of the majority are concerned. while shopping in st petersburg i look at the range of available products and take stock of shoppers mood.
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cheese. the defaults are become all bad and stink. they're not supposed to be here under these sanctions. the city of votes on the sort of jewels one euro says can all multiples the. euro piece is going to step out of the movie but this book will pull. a traditional russian drink cross the drive barefoot but that's not our call. though this is something very russian pickle carrots well actually it's korea but for some reason russians love it. or you know who are. going to mean part of cheer for the most part i love that not only is the show government job well enough for you are unsure but even the new talent like you were able to get your she's going to do just that but found. it was uplifting and he wanted to fit
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the mold shoot down deep beneath get. a blueprint that you. did there on. your article. fifty seven rubles which is the one you're still not. up to both it's a different kind of book. fifty eight hundred sixty nine google's one us dollar and. of course western sanctions are not supposed to target teachers but the companies and individuals implicated in infringing ukrainian sovereignty. in addition to military related to knowledge of the european union has pretty good
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exports of equipment that is used in the exploration of natural resources for example in the arctic. this gives the west a serious economic advantage in the competition with russia i wonder what punishing russia for its actions in the ukraine has to do with the scramble for arctic oil. as for the immediate future the sanctions may even be beneficial to some russian industrial companies. i found one in the ural region bordering on siberia. to mushroom on produces machinery for sophisticated modern drilling methods suited to difficult russian conditions or hard to access oil field.
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what sergei sylvana the company's boss told me was a mix of a success story and a tale of struggle which seems typical of doing business here. we should have but. but the. thought of. them. should. go. on. remember. the. first year. at the most of. the interview. with. the. stringy usually bush reporters are but an issue or.
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at least appears to be. the preview to get additional it was your duty cookie and. me a little of the business. but it came to me. it was. would be. the person who put the wish to the. you must get put your allusion to the global issues most of these three just. the world will see through this. especially the courts are going to know their new group. who. got.
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the yes. mores think you need. to give. rise to. mutual aloofness of mushing is in the. book people couple of years ago. look the guy did a book it was so weird about this yes some of the comes from home of his ilk or the study of it he bought a couple by the i knew much of it we're going to spoil it almost impossible to know with. because it was alive at the. meaning of to full of the season the season you get the. news that's going to be no it's influence on not minding your
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business is your district. just don't know why this selection. this company has no end of order it's a perfect example of a company that conforms to the government's vision of ridding russia of its dependence of imports yet the firm struggles without bank loans or the help that the state has pledged for made in russia businesses. for better or worse many companies are now being forced to end their dependence on imports. in culling grab a slice of russian territory situated outside the main russian federation borders surrounded by poland and lithuania
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a food company is cutting off its trade with europe. productive be tiny and makes various products chicken nuggets for example out of poultry meat it used to import from europe. the import of real meat has been bad. a friend of mine such a guy is a manager at this company in charge of development. his building in new integrated poultry farm that will provide the food processing factory with raw materials. for food if you build up the. darn thing. you. just. buy and. sasha and his wife nellie invited me to their home where they painted a revealing and witty picture of how russian business functions. you see the wood
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maybe isn't going to budge. but i see you see that you do business militant doesn't need to follow you to businessmen should walk in. does this mean the wall to award business going to slightly better or does mean you're after. the ship is a little clearing at the rear of the stage. you could have a good mood that you don't put much of that a book has been read them to supersede the music of the muslim. brotherhood airfare earth's gravity as well. for you this might help some of us here because supplies would form in the bodies much better which is at the link here but didn't then. make gears new some measure a man's question and there are a lot. of sides in buttress one the attitude to do. to the. spawn i would probably agree and attitude toward it should bush bush that he
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supports have a couple of business rescue mission let's us cops on the study. bush he's gonna eat the u.c. paul got to go water it was morgan says that i would prefer to be with given what we got today you know i chester necrophiliacs here on your column is i'm a lot isn't i love isn't north dakota what america does and you'll still meet the guy but instead he figures that caught me by you. i think he company probably planets but he's pretty picky the thing. for the room i do not know what is currently stands prints informational used to go no more limited system listens in months the. ship the crew going about scopes that the kid strongly probably plans to merge when i know cops in europe borrow is this is just a leak or book of winter group's annual salary atmosphere the local time you repeatedly will buy only because think i suppose there are but i thought i was
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close if i should dismiss an english. justis in the mobile in the way it starts. why don't you want. that because of that first thing you'd think there were some here that you. don't look. for that for six months look at the. multi-party system may be beneficial for russia as such a says but even before it's in place business see that corruption leads to inefficiency. in italy just sistema where i was core were. losing. you can your guests they believe pick up tory. feels throw it those top of his meals that was that city was there but he's eighty there's a musician you will. be there. was a neighbor back so before and usually knew of the video of you really it was maybe the media so well be that he's studying you know there's no pleasing he said he was
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mr with these millions i think shippey with his stories. mr soong people the first responders of this is a. substance business at the years we used words of it's. very. even if business has adapted to the system that certainly congress set of all citizens. tens of thousands of middle class fully employed people have found themselves in total financial ruin because of the kind of mortgages they take now. they say that with food by the banks poorly regulated by the government. the trick was that mortgages were denominated in foreign currency. when the russian ruble which had been stable for many years of pushing through fell sharply people that turned rubles ended up owing fortunes to the banks
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with that with him. who are going to buy. interesting this is the disadvantage of who we are but i would love enormous resources these are. there was some of that was a bill that would put the bush group to do what. we shall soon be doing the. ninety's and i was the book on from my friend of. mine just as well from a group of borrowers have gathered in front of the president's office to seek protection against their banks. and get them to just me all my. people you. would know that. larisa a construction engineer is delivering a letter to putin asking for help in dealing with what she sees as how banks financial scam.
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was superseded will be a lot but you will be looking into. that. when you brought it to poland in the hold up. put almost one hundred national bank of the good of simple teach kids is the good news in the world of the world but the most of those are the. one i'm with of all who believe it. will give meaning it could utilize it takes it on the dole. bludgers it is considers the looked into the hole in them giving him cover to getting gifts of your civil govt that is peace and i bring up theirs and you'll end up like you mr give it up ox that's so much of the of the of the good of the whole thing is not. to suppose that it needs you the president of the cosmos not the moon it. is not me it's a thing it's not which english you could build. and if they killed is it just keep
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this one. here who knows in spain. because it can fit into also a country of one of the most but should move us born in the us that so life bench. to give them one thing is that somebody can endure this poison that it's on the course and asked on their window to publishing you will not get away after their students that the stumble cost it's a good to get it's wasn't that big. even in that sense of the. need we need growing new sanctions for shipping if they wanted us but it would be sitting down. on the beach next. move there's a suggestion we can do much about this at lots of storage and you look at all of that those little but you.
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failed mortgages they're not a uniquely russian problem of course are a widespread calamity in this country. i've heard of a family friend ending in a situation similar to that of larissa's. i visit tinier and her temporary residence in the country where she moved with her daughter from the mortgage free to flash she committed longer for. the rest of the work done with that not my fault but i don't think that's going to help. but. what. are we sure that no one has to grasp. and as. well i teach them how to deal. with that get on that system isn't
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it mr jones that i would need a shooting or two but up at the top of. the two movies even. this is just a name some of them i have attempted to put into the production a book. that says above come. keep the think it's i needed to buy them when i did the deal with the new good. down movie you don't know what's going to get. that good old list but the moment those movements are good i would have thought i would wish for you to. think you could get to without a script or to do it is. just no way to turn a blind you know. i was lying in. the midst of the team it does. me up to look at you know if you love with what i just. sat there in a studio scream do you ever want to get to school. when you question you how should perspective or any status to be taken seriously and see then what you look you can use nice when you're supposed to do the first. art do is just too much to believe.
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that building is that. that's you know that part that you produce you look up to. the plea deal. i don't know what this national force where you can get them i give me a question for you when we present the final question do they want us to believe. this these bits of the fifty we've given in the darkness with our son and daughter on the station missed if. not to speak to or keep this rebel to persuade. the sterilizations to ensure that their new year when it comes out to the best that's not but quickly you know people. will use this but it's just going to mean. that's through the plot the book getting in a group with no. the biggest. student loan. you're the most advanced getting of that not just those that
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get in the nuts and bolts goes without a job. which was just. good lucretius because i'm used. to really think that ignore. stories that. well they should just stop by ship the ritz we ship the ritz you know. the law. and that and then. got the.
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money. for.
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six. or. lower. if you were looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going on but what is this right this is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to pave the roads smaller and smaller we don't want to base a realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing pains coming soon. culturally i believe the muslims had
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a far greater effect all europe than europe on the middle east. the crusaders fault ferociousness all because they failed to recognize the moment when you had arrived not halakha it was in the the list campaign of colonization that exploited religion in the name of the cross of the crusades an arab perspective the final episode liberation at this time on the. i mean this was different than whether someone is going for someone's favorite. tree think it's how you approach an individual and i think it is a subtle way of doing it consciously by story and fly out. that corruption has reached a level like. that before john kerry. to president of the united states. the power was in the data we will
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the american people with the truth and nothing else discover. for winning the white house unfair game on al jazeera. i'm richelle carey in doha these are the top stories on al-jazeera britain's prime minister has urged him to take a second look at her breasts and deal ahead of a key vote on tuesday may facing a likely defeat in parliament votes on the divorce agreement she has negotiated with the e.u. . no it is not perfect and yes it is a compromise but when the history books are written people will look at the decisions. the. people will look at the decision of this house tomorrow and oh yes did we deliver
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on the country's vote to leave the european union. we safeguard our economy our security and our. or to tween that the british people down the president said the united states and turkey have discussed cooperation on northern syria and talked about creating a safe cell on sunday fourteen devastate turkey's economy if its forces attacked us backed kurdish fighters he now says there is great potential to increase economic development turkey's foreign minister played down the threats on social media if. we can see the difficult situation that mr trump is in now there are serious pressure on him and he took the decision of withdrawing however the security divisions are putting constant pressure to stop this and we know that the latest tweet is a domestic policy message this week. we have said several times that we are not
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going to be afraid of any threats and will not bow down to it nothing can be achieved by threatening turkey economically. you know secular state might pompei o is now in oman after visiting saudi arabia they met was saudi crown prince mohammed bin salma they have preyed on deescalation in yemen accountability for the murder and the threat posed by iran. somebody security minister says a number of people have been killed in protests after the price of fuel doubled a three day strike is underway during the worst economic crisis in a decade and then israel president nicolas maduro has promised to raise the minimum wage by three hundred percent an effort to halt hyperinflation in may the pledge during his annual state of the nation address. are the headlines to keep it here on al-jazeera we're going to return you now to in search of russia.
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to understand contradictions in the russian economy and finances i see card victor good russian. he was once a member of the communist elite and head of the soviet central bank then in the one nine hundred ninety s. president yeltsin resurrected him in the same row after capitalist reforms ended in a financial crash. that i'm as good as martin and we believe that in the mideast looks to me as number one no one asked. me what old computer. really giving you a bully when you're never going to stuff them one could do that on the computer. but i was rudely is pretty really. a group of israeli with pearson. spross i'm evolution in the chair the rebbe doctor to tell you that he is they
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weren't. sure it was only that on a really good omen the children then you've started a barrier doing you. but usually that slows you for resupply george bush said with the red blue food you would issue a bookie. i'm glad you did it i called it a deal and to realize you dropped unary and vidal friends are now the newest are not a gamble as bill and c.e.o. only well now if you would call was very few i don't know which of the wards of the company want medial it's god knows who is sure to mediation the collaboration eighty city it's certainly booming he says sure but built over to about seventy. nine here will give you a city like yours no balance the budget in him sound financiers where unitless would. be a pretty stately bush reopening is
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a deal and we probably had to stop but i really really bad indeed get. in out of the bill is sure we don't teach i'm going to go because it is a team is great but absent of well you wouldn't wish it but you're almost zero leg where you ledge year if you're a story here is great president avoided now you're not a new man or days but misty failed bunky ill after a moment legion settled in which enables covert action of nice boys who do were shown who were. no no no no going on you dug me deal and being made needy i would do is. go was it really she'd been spoken to the police were stored in with new beringer till coalition lease boys would surely pretty sketchy it could be telling what quite old to add to the equivalent.
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so as a result of massive corruption and poor investment of public funds but also low oil prices and western sanctions banks don't have enough money to lend to productive businesses and when credit is available it's too expensive. an extraordinary court case has caught my attention the russian central bank has charged a farmer with the illegal introduction of a substitute cards. named after his village apparently it's a threat to the russian ruble. everything that i start to do much more when there's still a corner. or a protest used. as a venue for us is to go to the birth of civil war was the only one i. got that. you know a villainous fellows like one of them were unionist for a good. news for mobile them in the guise of a good was will it come or make
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a new cd and there's lives of us who skiffy girths are supposed to go slow the do not jump all over the place when you think you're over no matter what if it goes very soon and not could we turned toward the mosque that you can use to get that has been changed. to not so let alone one of many if not floods pushing on made the change should move her around him cool or clear one on which it would just be good to do the work of them to find out why the summer is to be a summer's day been a relatively much. new look while a new addition. picoult
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hearing is inconclusive the case is adjourned mikail will go on fighting for the right to use his currency. we've taken their local mini van shuttle to his village . some hundred miles east of moscow. where you know it was a job for your previous liberal grow up border blue were you put in mind there but you modeled who tries to do this but you're more who was blood got the word of the but you wouldn't be able to know who would do that but you wouldn't be able to of the group in your book the norwegian use of little kids or you could have. what you thought you mean yeah what do you have fulfilled my flute. georgia for just as you know which door will. order to. get the good the oldest with all of this
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included up of world to do the. number of those because there were just all of the figures look i would look for a book who would yell at you and you wish god would you knew it was a. bit like them. because the. first. to do is. a cartoon you can learn after the girls are just different thirty one of. them come watch. wow. for the fun. i mean the money showed us obesity is not changing with it he did. at the blueshirts a. level to. be. go what he's given to the brits about their money to give her the
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questionable which is a guy's obviously not a robot so the article was a thought it was. by the got about just what the. bottom of the one of the cool floor. would do you just mia to double up on. your resume yeah you knew what i should put as a reusable if you just gotta be that what you just said will be you know with all those peas going by i meant the group to find you. i look you're the reason you do it you will be there you can reach it you know that you will be perceived as appropriate idea you as a person just because both of the good illusion of a couple of called the. most good looking it could be one of the more just because it must seem like a good dog would cause your dog old uniform got to school so that was yet similar going to that would you guess what the grass looked more like it was a young couple who don't want to. be but just get it got to hurt a bit but just bunker i was just a little bit you could move the do you do
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a budget. so what i do want to do transcend the school can put you to give you people just you know that you three will do what you need to do. maybe you just need to deal with the need to get the bulk of your does and i didn't but since you don't i wouldn't do what you thought of. as a new guy you deal. with it but i do started this it's going to. be conquered and must be stabbed with it with here grass course he said we're going to go through your. view of the ammonia. you can i mean skin color you. are more than just other compounds that will or. are stone was discovered a good or. more story it was to me as it was third in those what do you. feel
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he will god will. be you. don't know. them. i want. you to be me supposed to go through his normal well it was not those who would. have his repeats of him later which was good you will. come to love music these days. and if anything. would burst rule. that was a reasonable thought on either of them i applaud your to do so and of visiting you boot. the open canoe on. your preview with. i would not sit with you and then in a moment rowing in the face of it with love could i make you know about it they
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them food him up there well we know you boys feel. his reaching in with the three of the one them middle because love for the other so close and you just don't feel you have thirty three history. this is a beautiful vehicle to appear to forgive those who don't want to move them in stores in the real school. most ordinary feeling with the emotional tug of instances which increases you thought of the vocal you thus deeply biggest killer you're using because you give it your care but needs. the supposed was the superstorm the. congress of us here because you told us earlier. still images you know. you know her beauty. sort of the whole
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history of the thirties or me of the bunnies. the unassuming beauty of the central russian plain fills me with a keen melancholy. there are fewer and fewer people here. and there is her still around feel completely abandoned by the state. they create of attempts to tackle russia's economic problems get no support and even me to existence. a healthy economy protect those who contributed to it in the past but can't work
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anymore the problem is especially acute in a country where people work for token pay under communism and therefore have no savings. dr vishnu called from their death region and sent to russia is struggling to balance the books in a hospital where there are not enough beds for former workers of collective farms. says. it would take you to stay on year before you feel good for starting your on your fall sort of little bit for too long if that were the motive for going there was a goal that i was going to fall down if you don't have all the. follow ups well i
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think we'll pull all. these bushes to sun up now this fear is for you to choose to go to study this is difficult. so this committee appointed a new would you believe it or would she have kowtow to this part or is as though it's a just punishment there are crony devotion and stones there's an economist a couple of matches so she does now sentient escort exploited to bullis quick story pretty over russia's quick story. gene we can see it is just in so many words quite good school smarted look it's just not the best and i'm sure that's going to continue does it did not rise to should he want you to see it is due to but not the mutant conditioning at a time that nobody among the idea is that good but pretty unless it is must make other people migrate don't there's a good many doing it by mark i need you on the bus senate do a little bit i says if the police had no money could but it's your great if they were to put it but i'll start your t.v. discussion if we're switching yet not in the dark of the balance of government
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continue to do the christmas of. this multilingual course but in new york city so what are we focused but if it's not sophistry a chance that there's a fire burning inside to which it's perfect but seem to. be tricky to be sure couldn't because one place the us would leave when you. knew you had to go broke if you didn't just put it would sure. to put there were talk to broaden the discussion or to go to the composer of course and then you want to discuss the good serious community is going to get the thumb work to counter the terms of the goods kilometers i think of i mean from his could if you could pay for this moment. to mistrust the first. couple of it out to her it was a pretty good deal of skill that is cool i should. let.
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them know you're some i'd love a concert because i'm going to wait to get down to that disco this point so that the afterwards is in the cards at the venue just get use for me shipboard to put in my it's go other than just to get my it's a some. it's some luck or worse if i did that it was a. question would do if. my practice just a crown heights but he knows he still can't test response from. the go through football. close vision is just desserts the thought of it was really that it was from below the. bradleys of the super bowl were with the rule i knew pretty repetitious for most of birds i think and i think you know i think i'm out of there because when you thought it was you speak or a kid. i just did a google search of c. of what you did equal. rights for. them to. think you didn't want that lump libya looked up yes just a thought not
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a suggestion the doctor i declined your post i just foremost. was a little chilly look on the mobile first incident seized his researcher susie's to reduce his ease of course cause of value to it's really physically difficult so he's given a new mother to produce roots we're not sure where needs. busy example you've forgotten it and you. see just then you do push in the community it's just interfere with our nation. hears you were just really bored you doing with. much to discuss that usually got this. straight the daughter of. the woman's story. is going to. the death of realization i sneered at the true story of her or reserve subsidies or one ensure you remove. my blog.
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dr vishnu coughs beat is equal in size to the touch of luxemburg and he is alive. i can only call his word he read but and that is not to let him in russian. history with what he must do for a precious and west point he didn't do you keep the ship question frustrating illusion. as. well as the book but at the national. meeting to discuss the case the grandson of a famous writer and himself a successful photographer. has chosen to try and tackle some of russia's problems through philanthropy. because the world is flat but just market what skills about the didn't sit on them but doesn't want to buy much of the ocean. when i look really i'm. not the monster but we're still the i didn't respect your. girl but. you know most wish it would but this don't buy this is too full of should be that's
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going to be the into the world of the most minute with the. media doesn't like his organization to be called a charity it raises funds but it also invest he says information and human resources more. didn't. books appeal to the. aleutian you must have run an enormous. movie deal or great. we could only use this just me to produce this ship mediaplex missile cut off which can we meet don't put my game you don't see what i'm doing in the form of the dishing problem because i'm or licinius his temper or my security must do those deeds dig up some prefer to put in front of my good concrete more numb which later quote so reading in the machinery of. the mainstream which there
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is that me bro i miss those two sort of thing united she knew but no it don't come with spending in thanks to but it's you not lot of richie for the novelty of it change the mob which in your village she wished we could use to post must of us thoughtless almost from the book of the sort of thing initially i don't want much about because there was a which is this much a quest human being as it's got me tell me what the doctor would do it is pretty crazy this is me shed nuclear from c. because there is no cause and effect ver sternness rise with a system that well for a doesn't breastfeed move up she needs them as possible starts to push monetary deal with the by me to become way. he's a boozer though it's a process you submit on much as this doesn't but that's often not the mubarak marketing team called my gramps is my supposedly did mr it on the ship it off but there was that's the beauty of a short form i use that the most a but senior deity it was those who oppose me as they wish list to one or more that
4:53 am
doesn't come which meter we heard assures nighest on usenet that he. could unite make as the chair still has a job so it should look would listen to the who would hold it with a cheater who are here at the instrument most lists of them never meant to notice that i mean this literally it. first. because it's a. good . option the best. that a lot of people. from gives
4:54 am
a demonized in the film which. is . going to this is. going to mislead you see the. moment. when you can come and do something. cheers. at the store. where you. seem to. want your boss to put almost a yes no. it
4:55 am
doesn't at the. just a bit of a pit mix of course most of the new stuff doesn't it if you were. going to cook for them but if you push your emotion on down here in here which are a. pretty good. dumb of the moment ummagumma.
4:56 am
because the response to his first lit up an amused moment as some has and there's a misunderstanding now just use your own words rush a lot hard till. it got to be shallow gotta be shallow about it so that. i see about. it will go with you she was the first to come out of the heat treat the teacher didn't think is the best so swamped those who post to give her the spectacle it is doing to do it. to you would be the way the first islamist you just joined do it
4:57 am
first you. watched it all. this seems to be a lot of goodwill and some money around. but is this the best way to pay for hospital building wealth the project and even how it was to. die. it makes me wonder whether russia's quest for influence outside the borders is the right focus for our end when this is so much to do at home.
4:58 am
hello the snow fell rapidly and to depths but it's disappeared nice back cloud take it out of the way just leaving d.c. of this picture now you can almost draw a line string it back towards the southwest nasa place probably look next for incoming weather was rain and stuff of course up in the mountains in california fifty's southern california so will burn scars are at risk again of producing flash floods but look at the rest of the us the temperatures are above freezing virtually
4:59 am
everywhere we're only just below zero in calendar and that's warmer than it should be by some considerable margin down to where it should be in winnipeg come wednesday so the arctic is showing its influence once again fifteen san francisco the rain is here is dried up in l.a. by this time there's plenty of mountain snow it's creeping across towards colorado again as well as you might expect. it's not much training it's not as far as we've seen the days now a bit more in the way of sharing he's in the coast of nicaragua billie's probably honduras to be an ongoing story the heaviest right to science is that there has been quite extraordinarily heavy is still there in the old knowledge and teach your trust in you to go and southern brazil it's a paragraph it's widespread flooding in the low power because here it's going to carry on with more rain and the easing off by wednesday. on counting the cost blame it on bragg's it's one trillion dollars worth of assets
5:00 am
shifted out of the u.k. change is in the aviation plus small creepy the latest gadgets connected to the internet on show and last vegas counting the cost on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. carry this is the news hour live from to hot coming up in the next sixty minutes as the u.k. parliament prepares to vote on the prime minister's deal to put the new no sign of agreement on the name political price in. the u.s. and turkish leaders talk by phone on a security plan for northern syria after a threatening tweet from donald trump angered ankara. protesters in zimbabwe furious at a doubling of fuel price.


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