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stories and then of course there's donald trump. it's a well it's generally that's right out of the script that calls for the annihilation of israel but it's not what the phrase. as we turn the cameras on the media focus on how they recruit on the stories that matter the most. a free palestine listening post on al-jazeera. we should to the british people to reason may warns of a bleak future for the u.k. if m.p.'s reject her plan to leave the european union. alone and stop the attack and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up.
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canada's prime minister justin trudeau condemns the death sentence of a canadian man by a chinese course. the face of a former leader accused of war crimes is about to be decided we go live to ivory coast for the latest. in the super bowl or the man who could influence the russia investigation hearings are set to begin on donald trump's nomination for u.s. attorney general. in less than twelve hours british m.p.'s are due to vote on to resume his deal to leave the european union the prime minister's warning politicians to back the agreement or risk no breaks at all but all sides are bracing for turmoil because m.p.'s widely expected to reject the plan that's going to join the how he's live for us in london china it looks like a historic defeat is in store for tourism a. yes indeed i think barring any last minute
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concessions by the prime minister by the government to defeat is not really in question it is merely the scale of that defeat that people would be waiting to find out about. the jury's amaze interventions thus far don't appear to have made much a dent much of a dent in the huge opposition to deal much of it coalesced around the northern ireland backstop hugely contentious that reassurances that should not be full from the e.u. rived on monday they had questionable legal weight behind them crucially no end date to the backstop if it's triggered at all and all it all doesn't seem to have swayed very many people this talk of a defeat in numbers of two hundred or more that would be historic to the biggest defeat suffered by any prime minister in british history and almost certainly would lead to immediate calls for her resignation later on tuesday night assuming she survives those calls assuming she then goes on to survive
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a vote of no confidence that's likely to be called by labor leader jeremy kohl been in the days ahead well then she's got to come back on monday next week and off the parliament her plan b. well there's no plan b. that anyone knows about being discussed to cabinet doesn't know she means to do next that could involve rushing off to brussels to ask for fresh concessions there possibly to put this deal to a revote at that point i'm pleased with themselves of the opportunity to we appear to have lost a whole van and we will return to him missing as we can but for the last few days to me is i'm a has been lobbying to get have it pasta today that's out of this and to what she said yesterday. people will look at the decision of this house tomorrow and ask did we deliver on the country's vote to leave the european union. did we safeguard our economy our security and our. or did tween let the british people
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down. we should deliver for the british people and get on with building a brighter future for our country five years deal tomorrow and then this statement to the house. we've got to know how that now jonah as we count down to the march twenty ninth deadline time surely running out of way on any kind of a deal. time is incredibly short if she wins that deal almost inconceivably on tuesday night then might just about be enough time before march the twenty ninth to implement the vast amount of legislation required to put that withdrawal agreement into play if she loses what it's almost beyond doubt now that they'll need to be some sort of an extension to article fifty that notice period that leads us to march twenty ninth the e.u. has said as much that they are willing to extend it possibly until july will they would do that in order to accommodate say a general election or possibly
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a renegotiation around the customs union of the single market should the government decide to embrace those or of course the nuclear option or stability of a second referendum be the way or different on tuesday night makes march the twenty ninth with less and less likely to be breaks it day if indeed britain breaks its actual here's my report on where we stand now. the. less than eighty days to go until briggs's day and the odds in favor of britain actually exiting the european union on march the twenty ninth lesson by the day. two and a half years since britain voted to neve the country is run by a cover. lost its majority in an ill judged election going on to secure a deal with brussels by prime minister to resume a nose by many others critics see it as a surrender of british sovereignty a trap binding britain to the e use customs union i know this is not everyone's perfect deal it is
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a compromise but if we let the perfect be the enemy of the good we risk leaving the e.u. which eritrea and while the prospect of no deal was demonstrated with a fake traffic jam by the department of transport who promised long queues and lengthy customs checks borders others in government of warned of grave consequences if the p.m.'s deal is voted down what is more like. it is that we have the risk of paralysis and. when that happens. the government says that would destroy the public's faith in democracy not that there's much of it around we are close. they have a. hell of freeze over the get set deal for how do we get out of this mess. world trade organization leave in those terms no deal and britain will be fine.
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world trade organization is a deal it's a deal the whole world these are extraordinary times in the history of this ancient democracy a country bitterly divided a government clinging to power by its fingernails and a parliament that doesn't seem to want the deal on offer but can't agree on very much else. and an opposition leader himself a lifelong euro skeptic determined to do what the e.u. says it won't renegotiate the brakes deal but first jeremy corbin must also pull off the nearly impossible we no vote of no confidence in the government forcing a general election i can think of no greater example of democracy in action than for this house to reject a deal that is clearly to this country. the uncertainty could mean delaying the u.k.'s exit from the bloc extending its article
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fifty notice period and that would be the very moment when those in favor of a second referendum unlikely to strike campaigners for a so-called people's vote believe the time is close when britain will have no other option so how al-jazeera london china's foreign ministry is calling for the immediate release of huawei executive mango as a dispute with canada worsens the move follows prime minister justin trudeau saying he is very concerned about the death sentence given to a canadian citizen by a chinese course canadian officials say the verdicts retaliation for the arrest of mang in vancouver in december robert schellenberg was sentenced to be executed while appealing against his fifteen year prison term for drug smuggling it is of extreme concern to us as a government as it should be to all our international friends and allies that china has chosen to begin to arbitrarily apply death penalty in cases.
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as in this case facing a canadian katrina you has reaction from beijing. china's foreign ministry has hit back at canadian prime minister justin trudeau his comments the softer noone saying that any implication that china has enforced the death penalty is just wrong now foreign ministry spokesperson quaternion told reporters at a news conference this afternoon that the chinese court found that all evidence points to the fact that canadian robert schellenberg was attempting to smuggle more than two hundred kilograms of methamphetamines from china to a stray leah she reminded reporters that in china these crimes are treated very harshly and in china or people are equal before the law she also said that china really hopes that canada will stop these irresponsible comments now this has further soured relations between china and canada in december canada detained while
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way tech executive an heiress among one joe which has been the cause of much strain between the two countries and china itself continues to detain two canadians former diplomat michael culver and a business consultant michael spiral now in terms of robert schellenberg he has ten days to appeal the sentence and his lawyer has said today that they fully intend to do so joseph chang is a political analyst he says china is trying to exert pressure on canada. we don't know enough about the details of the court case but we understand quite clearly that the judiciary in china is not independent it follows the guy nine sort of party on the important cases and in this case the chinese leadership certainly takes into consideration our son luke a need in relations in general and especially the detention potenza saw
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the extradition of one one to the top a top executive of war way technologies one of the very beating firms of in public communications in china apparently the chinese leadership believes that canada is toeing the line of the united states of the donald trump administration trying to exert pressure on issues including trade and protection of intellectual property rights and so on and it therefore daubs retaliation mashes trying to teach kind of the lessons so to speak and to create a deterrence effect the u.s. president is trying to defuse tensions with turkey over the future of kurdish fighters in northern syria donald trump's had a phone conversation with president russia type one it follows a tweet from trump on sunday nights warning he devastate takis economy if its forces attacked the kurds turkey's foreign minister responded by saying nothing
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would be achieved by threatening his country mike hanna has more from washington d.c. . well the phone call appears to be an attempt to pour all of the deeply troubled waters of the u.s. turkey relationship a relationship that was further deteriorate to buy president trump's tweet sunday in which he threatened economic options against turkey should it take action against kurds when the u.s. troops withdraw from north eastern syria but the phone call in the course of the day went ahead reports both from the white house and the turkish presidency indicate very satisfactory talks there was a broad base of agreement on what is happening in north eastern syria and it would appear some agreement as to what happens next when those u.s. troops withdraw now importantly there was no mention in the original white house statement about a safe zone being established in northeastern syria this despite the fact that in
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the turkish presidency statement there was reference to a safe zone to be established that would not infringe on syria's territorial integrity however in the course of today president trump has now tweeted saying that it was a very satisfactory conversation with the president earlier one and making mention of a twenty mile safe zone not specifying exactly where it is but matters may clarify in the course of the week when the chairman of the u.s. joint chiefs of staff holds talks with his turkish counterpart that will be tangible discussions one would expect as to exactly what happens when the u.s. forces go ahead leave northeastern syria. where there is next about still ahead on al jazeera. the center of attention in canada we hear from the saudi teenager who says she expects more to flee her homeland. somehow in my country the manifestation of happiness is not allowed a film banned in iran gets its u.s.
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premiere at a festival celebrating the best in iranian family. hello there we've got plenty of sunshine across the philippines at the moment in fact on the satellite picture we're not seeing a great deal of cloud at all and it should stay fine for most of us at least as we head through the next few days for the south though plenty of clouds here we've got some working its way towards the southern parts of vietnam so if a few more showers are expected here on wednesday but there's heavier more persistent showers for the south working their way through parts of job and into barley barley seen over seventy millimeters of rain in the last twenty four hours and it looks like it's going to stay wet as we head through wednesday and thursday as well meanwhile if we head for the south force in australia pretty hot for many
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of us here you can see this area of cloud here just working its way across the south coast is ahead of that where we've got a hot weather say for adelaide where up at forty degrees the cloud gradually pushes its way across us as we head through thursday and then the temperatures start to drop so thirty seven the maximum on thursday but then they really drop off as we head through friday so the heat here is finally easing further ahead of it though it's still going to stay credibly hot as we head through the next couple of days as we head across towards new zealand plenty of fine weather here twenty four so really quite warm for us in or clip or the way of cloud in the eastern part and that will be bringing us one or two outbreaks of rain during the day. short films of hope. and inspiration. personal stories of people who have keeping the spirit of freedom alive. by
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courageously defending their rights to be heard. as that's what i'm going to be because al-jazeera selects. welcome back. a reminder about top stories this hour the countdown is on in the u.k. to a vote on two reason may's deal to leave the european union the prime minister's warning politicians to back the agreement or risk no brakes it at all. china's foreign ministry is edging canada to immediately release while way executive. the
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move follows prime minister justin trudeau expressing concern at the death sentence handed to a canadian citizen by a chinese course. the u.s. and turkish presidents are trying to diffuse tension over the future of kurdish fighters in northern syria they've talked about creating a safe certain it follows a tweet by donald trump warning he'd devastate techie's economy if its forces attacked. victims of post-election violence in ivory coast eight years ago have protested against the possible prison release of former president. the international criminal court is about to decide whether to acquit and free him off to seven years behind bars is accused of crimes against humanity let's cross now to nicholas hytner live for us and nic just how likely is it that bad boy will be released and what kind of excess of reaction might we expect. well there are three possible outcomes to this hearing either their judges will
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reject the demands of this trial being a nice acquittal or they will accept but both could be a free man returning home to ivory coast or there could be a conditional release now the three judges are split over what to do on this case it's been going on for over seven years and this is a blow to the prosecution that the lawyers of law were able to put this hearing forward in it in the first place because the prosecutors have showed an overwhelming evidence of rheims remember is accused of crimes against humanity but they've struggled or at least the witnesses that have come to this down have struggled to put a direct significant link between the crimes committed and by himself no matter what the fact that this hearing is taking place is really capturing people here in ivory coast and in this neighborhood which is
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a stronghold of both the hearing itself is already a cause of celebration take a look at this report. it's a catchy tune celebrating laurent gbagbo a war criminal prosecutors of the international criminal court. a folk hero for the people of hugo a popular suburb of a beach on. the i.c.c. even multiple people he's not a monolith but a man of peace we need him to come but he needs to come back to the them it's the only way this country what accused of crimes against humanity judges rule over by bush request to be acquitted and released after spending seven years in prison. he was picked up in two thousand and eleven found hiding with his wife simone in a hotel room a humiliating moment for this former head of state unwilling to hand over power to newly elected ouattara stoking divisions and calling for ivorians to throw out
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foreigners was air force lead by example bombing a french military base killing several soldiers from the former colonial ruler quickly intervened in support of ouattara but was supporters known as the young patriots went from house to house killing anyone they thought were foreigners or supporters of ouattara in four months three thousand were killed. among them is seaman sabera son he was walking home after work when he was lynched right in front of his mother didn't want to do not want to continue bit by bit. if back buoys free the violence will come back and it could get even worse maybe another person will take power and create the same problems we don't want to see him walk away from these crimes. question prosecutors at the i.c.c. provided overwhelming evidence of crimes but few witnesses could link the former head of state directly sabera son was found here along thirty seven other bodies in a mass grave years later while vog bose supporters believe any move to
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free the former head of state from the international criminal courts is a move towards reconciliation for those living in this community it would revive tensions in divisions that led to sabera son's killing crimes committed by want to his supporters have largely gone unpunished by both is a divisive but popular figure outspoken he has become a symbol of the opposition against ouattara and against france that continues to wield influence over this country. with this latest i.c.c. hearing emotions are running high at stake is a country trying to move on from its recent violent past a desire for reconsideration before justice. now we'll find out in less than a half an hour what judge is saying he'll put forward by law by both lawyers
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but already here as the newspapers hears headlines say this isn't one of the main newspapers but today very hopeful and then this one that probably captures the situation here and i rico. is holding its breath this is an important case and historical case for ivory coast not only that it's also a story of will case for the international criminal court by boys the first head of state that was captured and brought to the i.c.c. remember that many on the african continent and especially in ivory coast the international criminal court with this mission because there's an overrepresentation of. african leaders have been tried in that in that court and so people including part of the ruling party here of president want to or want to see this trial or bug go take the trial about good take place not at the i think you
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but close to home a justice for africans by africans but we'll hear from the judges and less than half an hour in the meantime i reproach is holding its breath al-jazeera is nicholas haq following the story for us from abidjan thank you nic several people have been killed in zimbabwe during protests against the doubling of fuel prices another two hundred people were arrested during the first of a planned three day antigovernment strike on monday there have been days of marches in cities across the country confirmation hearings for president donald trump's nominee for attorney general should begin in the coming hours william bars proceedings are expected to be dominated by questions about the miller investigation and the potential link between the trump campaign and russia alan fischer reports. he's the man donald trump wants to run the department of justice respected by republicans as respected by democrats he will be nominated for the
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united states attorney general. hopefully that process will go very quickly bill boehner has already been attorney general he served for two years during the george h.w. bush administration in the early one nine hundred ninety s. it's the attorney general's responsibility to enforce the law even handedly and with integrity. eternia general must ensure that the administration of justice enforcement of the law is above and away from politics if you cruises through the nomination process like he did before he will essentially take control of the ongoing millett inquiry into alleged russian collusion with the trump presidential campaign but recently he wrote to the justice department criticizing the mill inquiry that's enough for some senate democrats to have him disqualified i still believe after the revelations about mr barr's unsolicited memo president trump ought to withdraw this nomination it's been reported by his personal friends with
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robert mueller the two what together years ago i am very excited about the hearing that the man who will try to guide his nomination through the senate committee says that should reassure skeptics i can assure you that he has a very in this from hour and he is committed to saying mr miller. you know complete his job jeff sessions was essentially fired is donald trump's first attorney general because of the president's increasing frustration he couldn't protect him from the militant quality bill barr has shown but one leading law professor says bill barr is a good choice for the president but for the u.s. is view of what the law is is just so extreme so far out of the mainstream and so partial to donald trump that this is the worst time for him to serve as attorney general of the united states with a republican majority in the senate it's likely bill barr will be the next attorney general but not before he faces some awkward moments as he tries to convince he's
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the right man for the job especially no alan fischer al-jazeera washington. well u.s. troops will be stationed at the border with mexico until at least september the pentagon has extended their mission about five thousand soldiers and national guard members were deployed as part of an order by president on trump in october it was in response to a so-called caravan of migrants making their way from central america to the u.s. the young saudi woman who fled her family and was granted asylum in canada says she hopes to inspire change in her first t.v. interview and says she wants to use her freedom to campaign for others the eighteen year old arrived in her new home of toronto on friday couldn't one global attention when she launched a social media campaign from hotel room in bangkok pleading for help. to her the next year i want to be free from abuse and depression i want to be
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independent in saudi there is control over a woman's life her job and position as well as we're going to still have to suffer the army can't even travel on their own they're treated like children even if they're fifty or sixty years old they aren't free or equal to their male counterparts i think the number of women fleeing from the rules in saudi arabia in the abuse will increase. and i hope my story encourages them to be brave and this might be what causes the change the former chairman of japanese motor company has been denied bail call of scorn was arrested and detained in tokyo in november he's charged with underreporting income and breach of trust for temporarily transferring personal investment losses to the company say it's likely to take up to six months for his case to go to trial. it wrong to launch a satellite in defiance of the united states but it says the rocket carrying the
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pion satellite failed to reach orbit because it didn't pick up enough speed the u.s. says the launch violates a u.n. security council resolution which iran denies tehran says it will continue with plans to send two satellites into orbit well iranian cinema already has a wild class reputation now it's getting a wider american audience at the first iranian film festival to be held in new york organizers are hoping it will help bridge the divide between the two countries al-jazeera is kristensen amy reports. just getting to new york was no small feat for bachmann farmer nora and we tried to do whatever accompany your the only iranian director able to travel to the iranian film festival under the trumpet ministrations travel ban but the seventy eight year old is used to having to navigate tricky political situations this film i want to dance is getting its u.s. premiere at the festival after
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a four year ban back home where dancing is forbidden i don't know any religion that is happiness but somehow in my country the manifestation of happiness is not allowed. yes. well it. but again. aronian film directors are known for their subtle touch and symbolism the comedy pig uses satire to make its political points its result of their very sophisticated artistic culture but it's also a way of avoiding the censors. because there are a lot of rules and regulations that are placed on iranian film. the country's film industry has gained international acclaim clued into oscars for best foreign film in the last decade but still is not well known in the u.s. something organizers are hoping to change there are so many films being produced by
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younger tears that are not being shown outside and they don't and they deserve a platform to be and to be shown they hope that people who come to watch films like sheeple will go home believing that ronnie and that americans have much in common there is in the mazing be distorted view of. how and what iran is about they think that you know. everything is grim yes life is grim and so many ways because of the sanctions and other things but people are calling people of the us for menorah hopes the festival can also help change the script when it comes to us iranian political relations christian salumi al jazeera new york. and these are the top stories the countdown is on in the u.k. to a vote on to reason may's dail to leave the european union the prime minister's warning
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politicians to back the agreement or risk no breaks at all. people will look at the decision of this house tomorrow and oh yes did we deliver on the country's vote to the the european union. we safeguard our economy our security and our you. or to the british people drown. we should live for the british people and get on with building a brighter future for our country right right stuart morrow enjoyed the statement about how. china's foreign ministry is urging canada to immediately released way executive. the move follows prime minister justin trudeau expressing concern at the death sentence handed to a canadian citizen by a chinese court canadian officials say the verdict is in retaliation for the arrest of maying in vancouver in december victims of post-election violence and i rico
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state two years ago protesting against the possible prison release of former president laurent gbagbo the international criminal court is about to decide whether to acquit and free bag after seven years behind bars he's accused of crimes against humanity the former chairman of japanese motor company nyssa has been denied bail carlos korn was arrested and detained in tokyo in november he's charged with underreporting income and breach of trust temporarily transferring personal investment losses to the company lawyers say it's likely to take up to six months for his case to go to trial iran's launched a satellite in defiance of the united states but it says the rocket carrying the pion satellite failed to reach orbit because it didn't pick up enough speed the u.s. says the launch violates a u.n. security council resolution which iran denies those are the headlines they'll be
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more news here off to a.j. selects to stay with us. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. gonna sleep in a minute out it ends up not mine it and i get to talk about joe hockey at least not until lately i have limited downtime we are hoping the prime minister modi is going to wake up and listen to us for what we have been trying to say for the last part
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of b.d.s. that people in bhopal need adequate compensation from union carbide and dow chemical entities and many because more people.


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