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tv   Oceans Monopoly  Al Jazeera  January 15, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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we don't need. a lot of. the top stories on al-jazeera the international criminal court has acquitted the former president of ivory coast of war crimes charges the i.c.c. ruled the prosecution did not prove its case against a long who's been in jail for seven years three thousand people were killed in post-election violence in two thousand and ten when bugout refused to leave office the court says he'll be released on wednesday morning to allow time for the prosecution to respond the chamber by majority here by decides. that the prosecutor has failed to satisfy the burden of
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proof to the requisite standard as for seen in article sixty six of the rome statute grants the defense motions for acquittal from all charges against mr long backbone and mr childs liquid orders even drill ease of both accused when it has more on this now from abidjan in ivory coast. people are streaming out of their workplace to on to the streets just a moment ago the crowd behind me were chanting bag groceries bag vote three it's a victory for his supporters especially in this neighborhood over to control a popular suburb of abidjan at least song at the international criminal court itself and of course. the charlotte beleaguered a vibrant right now and man hugging. a bug both really and at the same time here in
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the song the same ultra right i'm seen when painting on the screen for the an encore of a joint here on the streets of youthful why well because despite being held at the international criminal court for crimes against humanity he remains a popular figure of the opposition here in an ivory coast but there are the eighty thousand victims. of the civil war and of this contested election of two thousand and eleven we still want to see justice for some of the banks that by boat has been freed from the i.c.c. rightly cleared from detention is a move forward to reconsider the ation but for others it's a blow towards. to certain type of justice that people here are seeking the countdown is on in the u.k. to a vote on teresa mayes deal to leave the european union prime minister is warning politicians to back the agreement or risk no breaks it holds. people will look at the decision
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of this house tomorrow and ours did we deliver on the country's vote to leave the european union. did we safeguard our economy our security and our you to it or did we let the british people down. we should live for the british people and get on with building a brighter future for our country by writing to you all tomorrow and try to manage this statement about how. china's foreign ministry is calling for the immediate release of who are way executive men one jew as a dispute with canada worsens the move follows the death sentence given to a canadian cities to citizen by a court in china robert lloyd schellenberg was appealing against his fifteen year prison term for drug smuggling canadian officials say the sentence is retaliation for the arrest of mang in vancouver in december donald trump is trying to defuse
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a growing dispute with turkey over the future of kurdish fighters in northern syria the president has spoken to turkish leader richard type one on the phone that follows the tweet from trump on sunday night warning he would devastate turkey's economy if its forces attacked the kurds saudi teenager who fled her family and was granted asylum in canada says she hopes to inspire change in her first t.v. interview the half of coleen says she wants to use her freedom to campaign for others. a sculpture displayed in a museum in northern israel has caused outrage and protests among the arab christian minority the piece was created by finnish artist johnny then on and who says it was displayed without his permission those are the headlines monopoly's next.
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for millenia the oceans lay outside the dominion of man. as state's influence extended only three nautical miles from the coast a little further than a cannonball could travel. but then humans discovered the ocean floor. and the largest land grab in won't history began.
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naming names. i'm tom apply and i'm in the bedroom of rodeo should the no for line take twice i've sold it twice in small yards and also crossed in a bottle bug in. the. day with him when i lived on rock or in this some people call a survival capsule i call it a wooden box it's a house so this is my house this is a one man house i lived with a forty days it did the job it kept the window for me i was warm and dry but don't forget i'm right on the top of the cliff it's just straight down to the city.
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told mclean is one of the u.k.'s greatest adventure has he crossed the atlantic. five times the first time in a globe and once in a vessel shaped like a beer bottle for his latest trip he sailed from newfoundland children in the smallest sailboat ever to cross the atlantic. and. soon mclean will travel to new york in a boat built to resemble a whale. boat was more than an adventure. it was a mission a mission done in service to mother england. somebody said about us and killed and they go in there but so rock or rock was right there in the middle of the atlantic and there seems to be
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a dispute who owns it and i thought what if i be a first civilian to reside on rock call and that would help the case it wasn't quite so good the wind carried that. they closed in without it. is very dangerous there now you can see how lumpy is quite dangerous. they were far from ok after that momentary triumph but then don't whack the big the way down i go down there was fifty four straight down into the foam flies helplessly into. the landing at one thousand nine hundred eighty five most cost told him to clean his knife. but he eventually made it to safety and flew in london and getting to the top was only the beginning however great britain willing to claim of the law because an island it. happened international law stipulates at the
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time must remain there for twenty one days old. when the boat turned to go home and leave me for the first time. i was glad to see them go i was on my adventure i'm here with iraq and the birds i'm happy to be here the chiefs are making history . to remind those who may challenge it that brittania ruled these waves. for the u.k. it was about more than just claiming a lump of granite in the ocean the real objective was to secure the resource which a oh yeah oh around local the islet was to play a key won't british territorial claims. the main players in british maritime claims work in an office on the south coast of india and. it's
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a fascinating area of work to do it it's there's not often somebody working in oceans signs that you do get the opportunity to mix both the legal on the technical aspects and see how they work together almost in order to develop something on behalf of the state. but we have the united kingdom to the east and as we. west past the rock all rock itself onto the lot of the land area of great britain of two hundred forty thousand square kilometers the area that the u.k. have submitted for the rock is a hundred sixty three thousand square kilometers. this would be to. my main reason to go to rockall was to inhabited and if i stayed in international
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law less than twenty one days i'm only visited i had to stay more than twenty one days and by staying there more than twenty one days that in fact forty days it wasn't iraq it's an oil and i made it or not and. local. for the u.k. to claim the territorial sea overwhelmed along it had to prove that it was inhabitable yet the eyelids could be easily confused with any walk and tom stay was controversial so controversial that the u.k. had to put another territory into the mix st kilda the archipelago increased the british crowns claimed by one hundred sixty thousand square kilometers to st kilda has been deserted ever since its thirty six remaining inhabitants left almost a century ago but humans live there once and they could live there again at least theoretically. what does the u.k.
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want with all this water. what do you owe them by owning a piece of the ocean. the idea of the ocean has changed over time. most from. the plan was to show how the rules and their kotoko for those months saw the world and what they thought an ocean is very much sure what was important to them and also. before fourteen ninety two before columbus's journey to the americas the ocean as a broad portion of the world's surface as a major space that figured into our sense of the globe really wasn't there in the
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middle ages the world was thought to be a single large landmass a veritable mega continent without ocean. so the ocean really plays no role at all except to show a limit the ocean shows the limit of society and shows the limit of actually of god's kingdom of the kingdom on earth to the east beyond the ocean clay eden lay that the promised land lay heaven beyond that there was really nothing baptist. for most of human history the oceans were projection screens for the imagination of an unexplored an irrepressible the a mighty barrier a place of terror. despite its dangers the ocean became more and more important over the centuries. as global trade developed merchant fleets transformed the oceans into vos shipping lanes people
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from charleston centuries would never have dreamed of laying claim to the ocean for them it was a blue expanse full with dangers and obstacles that needed to be overcome a sailor's journey to foreign lands. and of course the two dimensional bit is ironic because the ocean is so material a three dimensional you know we you step into the ocean you sink. yet in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries something happened that changed our idea of the ocean for ever the seabed became a place of exploration in eight hundred fifty eight as the transatlantic cape was being late engineers noticed variation in the oceans could this be evidence of undersea mountains the first scientific study of the ocean floor was undertaken by the german survey vessel meteor in one thousand nine hundred twenty five scientists
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today likened the expedition to columbus's first voyage which began the exploration of a towering incognita a previously unknown land over the next few decades a picture of the undersea cosmos gradually emerged. suddenly kind of developed this new awareness of the seabed of the underneath of course this itself is also kind of a fantasized idealisation of the ocean because you're imagining that you can see through the water column the water is missing from here the fish are missing suddenly the topography of the seabed is quite literally brought to the surface. of the discovery of the seabed radically changed our idea of the ocean the ocean was no longer just water it was first and foremost a land mass a vast expanse that belongs to no one but that could perhaps be seen just who. this man had
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a groundbreaking idea. the president of the united states harry truman a man. who are reaching of any other man on earth. how he truman asserted his country's influence with nothing claiming this ocean was a territory to retreat under water that could be annexed just. part of the united states. enormous quantities of oil befell in the gulf of mexico but the oil lay beyond the three miles island in which coastal states could exercise their song rights truman wanted more he wanted new term story for the night it states the superpower needed more more oil urgently oil reserves on the mainland no longer sufficed. our dependence on the minerals and raw materials is so fresh
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and our supply so uncertain that we are moving as rapidly as we can and by every means that ingenuity and. to expand facilities to step up production find new sources of elop substitute and bring in increased supply from foreign sources. after the second world war in one thousand forty five then us president truman issued a proclamation. declaring that the natural resources in the. seabed and subsoil belong to the united states of america. in convincing the world that the american president not only had no will but also the right to incorporate undersea territory truman used an argument that built on
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a recent discovery in some areas of the seabed oceanic others a continental. the us had to have this kind of basis of a job logical link between its land mass and the land mass submerge and lead to its territory and be an idea of the geological continental shelf is the basis which the us saw as. a legal basis as well. they had to finally and the bases that they found most convincing was of course science. the.
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odds of being at sea and they're not so cursed by ever what you think was there should be their mirror she again let the entry if in yet or the christening years. in this industry are vital again. the argument that the continent continues on made up the core of truman's justification this was all the more convincing because the historical events that legitimized this theory which by far into history. possibly far. entire do if keep this. time yarn true jumps. over korean talent lift the descent efforts by medion me mom. will feed your cat is a geophysicist at the alfred vega institute in play my husband alfred vega noticed that the coastlines of north and south america seems to fit together with those of
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you up and africa like pieces of a possible fun indeed carnegie lookee in differ on fonz i. was dusty couldn't i much as some. good scientists today believe there was once a supercontinent that at some point began to drift. in the early twentieth century this idea seemed completely. supervised. this is on the continent on them in the atmosphere to nothing when only outs work and where does africa the american doctors and indian land mass and the fungus. and disease to cure the present.
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indian see it's here. to cast us as the con invite not. that. these are but i hear that's where the quote entire. went on here home is the only planet delegates has as a. where does it up or can do that condemned. for me on this issue have to be done not your sausan of the feel of them up soon you know grasp at all. the idea that this submerged land mass is really a prolongation of your land territory you know it's who can argue that this would not be partly right territory. the more people became aware of large quantities of oil and gas in the ocean floor the more coastal states tried to claim it for themselves they called for an international law based on the
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geological definition of a continental shelf yet many states resisted the earth's history has not favored each country equally to brushless learned how to answer biden chairs for finance in mind us as we but fear not limit apart from. africa. particularly made up artist doesn't. want importing context or picturesque land. to balance out the geological differences that emerged over hundreds of millions of years the nations of the world abandoned the geological definition of a continental shelf in favor of a legal definition that applies to all coastal states uniformly the godless of its . and to see geology every country has gone to a continental shelf extending two hundred nautical miles to see its exclusive economic zone. so does the debut of this two hundred as
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a magic number became acceptable to many states at the conference but the broad margin states did not accept this because of course they were as far as they're concerned they would come out as a loser it's not just the us and. also other states such as canada russia is also one of those states so they were not willing to give this up. ultimately states with a wide continental shelf prevailed and a cools with momentous consequences was quietly appended to the law of the sea convention the cruise in question is article seventy six it says that the state can lay claim to his geological continental shelf in addition to his legal continental shelf provided in the state can supply data demonstrating the show's outer limits within ten years. the time limit triggered
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a veritable wound on the world's oceans and the largest land allocation in world history. for the first time in the history of humanity a land grab occurred based not only more on traditional forms of count but rather on geological findings. scientists have a special role in the case of the ocean because the physical difference isn't as obvious it's not as experienced if you're on an island detention no you're on an island you can experience where land meets water i have no idea where the seabed ends you know where the continental shelf fans and you know nobody does from every day observation.
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so i would like to explain you now actually article seventy six of the convention the sea actually works and it's all about natural. laws so we have. actually learned continues under water or something like this everything is decided by the point where the continental gradient off at the foot of the continental slope this spot is used to calculate the shelves out and. limits the states can choose between two formulas it can extend its borders sixty nautical miles hundred kilometers from this point see woods and be more dangerous however to use the settlement fixedness will because the settlements on the mainland the state has a territorial claim to this part of the sea bed the thick of the layer of sediment the better according to the thickness will the continental shelf extends until the
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point where the thickness of sediment amounts to one percent of the distance from the foot of the slope. because no one can only just understand data only thing can determine how far the state so when winds extend over the election hence the commission of x. that was found to deal with the global community recognizes the stakes and has so far in bullet has evolved one. zero non-si beside cows inspired mcteague yeah it's not so good because of the poem is your own or am envision omission of it limits of. as pows idiotic and zachary's as is easy is cheap to join you bob heaped then join just head busy should feel if we had be truly involved. would.
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call him names helped build this commission yes now he is among its fiercest critics. g. home in their home is sure no one know that paper for ten c.n.n. live our stop they should read sua as yeah it's bad when fog that our right mocked. are you not a president. of the twenty one geologist of the continental shelf commission would building d.c. to the united nations plaza filming it is for me that none of the members may speak to the public in spite of precisely because of the fact that their decisions can change maritime of the nations.
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i have confidentiality the. best i have the. hotness. oh joe because you've run every loach that joe de it down the debt even needs. this two thousand and two in there that's. way of confidentiality pfaff on the nights crazy but does ice sheets rising you know how those. trains one of the moons links to cities seen through the eyes of those who know it best they see. fit to see it if you. al-jazeera world goes on the road with palestinian taxi drivers living and working at the heart of one of the most hockey contested locations on the. jerusalem's palestinian
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cabbies on how jazeera if you were looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going on but what is this race is it a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic drugs this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to pay for the world smaller and smaller we don't want to be set realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing pains coming soon. you know that corruption has reached a level like never ever before in our country. rank outsider. to president of the united states. the power was in the data we will ask the american people with the truth and nothing else discovered. for winning the
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white house unfair game on al jazeera. a lot and has i'm saying here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera the international criminal court has acquitted the former president of ivory coast of charges of war crimes the i.c.c. ruled the prosecution did not prove its case against long who's been in jail for seven years three thousand people were killed in post-election violence and twenty ten when refused to leave office the court says he'll be released on wednesday morning to allow time for the prosecution to respond the chamber by majority here by decides. that the prosecutor has failed to assert his for.
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the burden of proof to the requisite standard as for seanie an article sixty six of the rome statute grants the defense motions for acquittal from all charges against mr l'ombre gone and mr childs legal orders eat meat release of both accused of the countdown is on in the u.k. to a vote on teresa mayes deal to leave the european union the prime minister's warning politicians to back the agreement or risk no breaks at a top. people will look at the decision of this house tomorrow and ours did we deliver on the country's vote to the the european union. did we safeguard our economy our security and our the it or do it we let the british people down. we should deliver for the british people and get on
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with building a brighter future for our country by writing this to you all tomorrow and then the statement to the house. of china's foreign ministry is calling for the immediate release of hawaii executive mainline jew as a dispute with canada worsens the move follows the death sentence given to a canadian citizen by a court in china what lloyd's schellenberg was appealing against his fifteen year prison term for drug smuggling canadian officials say the sentence is a retaliation for the arrest of men in vancouver in december the saudi teenager who fled her family and was granted asylum in canada says she hopes to inspire change in her first t.v. interview i have been called newman says she wants to use her freedom to campaign for others. those are the headlines now back to ocean's monopoly. a colleague must much hussein has now been held in pretrial detention for two years what is his
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crime. why hasn't he been tried yet why hasn't justice been applied in this case is he detained because he said journalist has journalism become a crime have moles become a tool to silence weiss's of truth we will continue our news coverage with professionalism and impartiality our work will remain credible and accurate but journalism is not a crime incarcerating journalists is not acceptable we demand the immediate release of our colleague mahmoud to same and all journalists detained in a gyptian jails free mahmoud's and all his colleagues we stand for press freedom. the commission of experts was founded in new york where the global community recognizes states and the suffering borders as posed you got there and zach is as
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jeezy institute joined bob peeped. for the first time in the history of humanity a land grab occurred based not only more on traditional forms of power but rather on geological findings. the experts who tipped the scales in loring's about maritime territories a notoriously unforthcoming one members agreed to speak about the commission on the condition the team meters not in new york but in which city informs. personally i've always felt that we could do an effort to actually be more transparent and to communicate more. so my name is walter roost i'm
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a marine physicist look at it from air france and i'm a member of the un commission on the limits of the continental shelf. well the first thing i should say is that you know the work of the commission yes it's true it's quite. three that in a very confidential fashion and the main reason behind that from the beginning while this two reasons one is that we're dealing with sovereign rights of states secondly many of the states submit data that are actually confidential data derives from petroleum industry differences so in those data they have to be treated with a very high level of confidentiality there were powerful interests behind the state's petitions seabeds data have enormous economic significance this information contains important clues for where natural resources might be located industries and states are not inclined to share this information which can be worth billions i
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think what we did what i could say is that as members of the commission i think we consider ourselves really scientific and technical experts but we also. cautions of the fact that our recommendations or decisions that we make have huge impact both politically economically. and so on so is it possible to distinguish those two. for geologists in the commission have the job of if valuating continental shelf data submitted by countries officially the commission only makes recommendations but since their conclusions are not cooperated by anyone else they have de facto or pfoa t. to decide which nations get which territories. five nations that border the arctic ocean are in
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a bid to extend their software lights in the direction of the north pole denmark trying to tell us norway and russia each wants as much territories possible the area is best. managed to contain ten percent of the world's oil was. due to fire who wouldn't. be ed sushi. if. for. us we're doing is is hince has put down. actions. that. is. understood to take advantage of the new. in two thousand and two
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it was one of the first countries to submit a claim to the continental shelf commission the russians asserting to no less than the entire essential arctic an area of one point five million square kilometers including the north pole coal hinz was known as the man who shot down blushes claim on account of insufficient scientific evidence employed a trick that many states are using to push through their claims even often there we checked it. as. is and is a country and. this is id for both. events. or the also s. . ron. i am a fresh one of. the.
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missions. in the race to control the world's oceans data is key if a claim that nations can have with search is collect information this effectively allows countries to circumvent the commission's ten year deadline governments can submit new reports until their claims who approved each additional geological submission brings with it a fresh womb for interpretation the name of the game is if you want to have the best answer for your time boundaries. nor the best answer for your extended continental shelf you go out and collect the best modern day data possible to go in use for your final application for law the seed to ensure that the answer is the best that it can be. russia has since submitted it with fines to date to the
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continental shelf commission but canada and denmark want to know home. how can other countries with the same scientific arguments claim the same territory . is an ocean and water is a continent it is a question of the spec to the commission evaluates the scientific data and makes a decision if the for or against a state's claim once a claim is approved it is binding and cannot be reversed. i don't know i mean we have know. that if we replace all members of the commission that the cleeve we have twenty one new members and we would give them the same case it would be get the same result can be quite certain we will not get exactly the
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same result so i. i don't believe that the commission can be a hundred percent right because one hundred percent right does not exist in natural sciences we're talking about interpreting based all relatively sparse data. the commission is a clip of textbooks selected by the church the nations of the twenty one members on the commission nineteen come from countries that others like the territorial expansion to national interests play decisions of its members won't inserts against the recommendations tested. and. the phased plan so good as your name. on top line is that the work has harm in that range i mean by.
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that. by gunfire there could do a. lot of job of problems job nobody. why kingston well there were two candidates. from malta. and all i can say is that john mccain won so we ended up in kingston. michael law which puts the international seabed to. say it is a type of executive council the addition floor they supervise one of the states are unable to get their hands on with continental shelf claims the i.s.a.'s official motto is that the deep sea bed is the common heritage of mankind they believe that the ocean belongs to everyone the common heritage concept includes.
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a number of basic ideas the first idea is that. it's an area over which no single state can claim sovereignty and it has to be administered for the benefit of all mankind. the seabed all for two years the toll distributing which is that are not in the sovereign areas of national states if a country or a company makes a profit from mining minerals the i s a ensures that poor countries and countries without coastal borders receive a share. when founding the i s a states agreed to make environmental regulations a strict as possible for deep sea mining in international waters because no one knows its effect on the merits of the ecosystem.
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so the i.r. say has no standing in the continental shelf commission it's not an observer to the commission it has no right to object to a recommendation of the commission. the commission's recommendations go only to the coastal state that is making the submission and not to anybody else. the ocean compass ever three hundred sixty million square kilometers. of the earth's surface. and. over forty percent of this area has been assigned to legal continental shelves. claims on expanded continental shelves make up another ten percent of the ocean. it is now
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projected that around fifty seven percent of the oceans will eventually be under the control of the coastal states. in the year two thousand and that's the latest set of figures that we have the international seabed authority which is based in jamaica they came up with an estimate as they saw that governments were starting to work through this more recent component for a lot of the sea for the extended continental shelf they have a figure just just below twelve thousand us trillion dollars is the in-situ estimate of seabed resources in the expanded continental shelves. estimates about the quantity of natural resources buried in the seabed are highly speculative but if the figure of twelve thousand trillion u.s. dollars is white it would be enough to every person on earth a check for one and a half million dollars. for this is one of the country's leading the charge to
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claim a piece of the pie but to look current nothing has a leg over many other states at colonial past. worries so. please leave. blues. in the realm of. say they flee she. do or do. not want to feel at least want to feel like. they've given. all. a lot. of. things to its colonial cost france administers islands in almost every ocean of the world now it stands to gain substantial maritime territory in which.
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currently france has eleven claims pending the continental shelf commission. says it is on t.v. . it is. declan regularly do not print says is. different. the army does he did was this is such young. france has claimed territories amounting to some twelve million square kilometers around twenty times the size of continental farms if the claims are. it will
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become the world's second largest maritime nation its sovereign wide stretching over an area of the ocean almost as large as the entire arctic less yachts also there. are a little him all this limo and bulldog. us a good. leader of our political power it could do just remodel a bit more now because i do security doing it don't drive or. duplicate some of the predict not. which is going to switch don't you know.
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that you're not that or last disease do put in as. they go off or send decision. that's to the button off that there's the down to. that of the want you shall see it is. called for seventy. something for. the sort of grew to want their machine are better may i mean. the why are they sure do some unity us was shocked it is a book. there's opus up or shut.
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up boarding is you also with the forces not best. served up with a false sense of false. would present a crucial trump card in the battle to control the world's oceans it's all about geometry because the islands are surrounded by water there so for interest or you extends around them in a circle even if an island were just a small walk it's maraton so would be larger than germany. if a group of islands forms and. a common baseline around the entire cluster violence is used to calculate the maritime territory. this man is japan's
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hope in the race to claim the won't oceans he cracks the genetic code of a life form the could help japan i'd say four hundred thousand square kilometers to its territory. is a geoscientist in the university of tokyo he specializes in coal organisms that display characteristics of both animals and plants. going to the mall all of them up until they get it quite got up to a causal step that we all know. yet kayani has delved further into their biology into the secret of their reproduction and found a method for breeding them on a large scale. that on the third of them all of them. at the bottom of it it's akin to what i mean out of the often this is echoed argument about thought there were
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numerous. mass produced coals sixty thousand tiny coal babies being artificially poor at a farm on a small island off the coast of okinawa put food walked her does. kinda trollish him a is located seventeen hundred kilometers south of tokyo it is a small calling at all during high tide he clears the surface by a mere centimeters japan regards it as an island but the existence of a q notorious under threat. all six journey. and he just said. yourself that they wanted to ask it of them or is one of but we're going to. this
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or you kenya us. japan has decided that kinda true or you must not vanish it's maritime area which presents a massive territorial expansion bringing with it so when whites over fish and other natural resources. the ornaments sickie. them. their gods and all. that. and so they can hide that. nothings. in. all. this territory be lost if the leave disappears oni's call. being used to save the thousands of them have been ships to. preserve that we find make
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it as launch as possible a pilot project on an island taiwan is studying what might one day look like things to. soon for he could become a real island like the pilot project. which consists entirely of cars. japan's whistles fulness being welcomed by everyone whether it's demerits on claims of tensions with his powerful neighbor china which it's still a face infomed an island territory disputes with a whole array of countries. as states attempts to extend their maritime zones as far as possible many international conflicts have a listen.
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in the south china sea eight countries are fighting photorealism value to one hundred billion dollars. there is no part of the world that is safer than others in other words with fifty three percent of all maritime boundaries within the ease that unresolved we're seeing conflicts raising up to. driven predominantly by resource development for the off shore typically will end up having a coastal frontage area that looks like this and let's say that we have a land boundary we're country a is sitting here and country b. is sitting here back in the seventy's when we were moving from oil and gas exploration on land to the marine area they may have negotiated a provisional boundary that sort. allowed them for country a to issue offshore oil and gas blocks and country b.
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and let's say in a say in a more recent scenario an extremely large discovery is made and let's say the neighboring country country b. then all of a sudden size we'd like to have some of that so they are starting to propose new boundaries as this initial line was not even a modern day accepted boundary line. have become contest its territories the won't move everyone wants a piece of the sign new boundaries of being tulum for to find peace which is powerful industries only move in the deep sea no one can predict the consequences of this industrialization of the world's pollution as. they are the consequences of a whiff aleutian that began years ago and has mostly gone on notice to the ocean is being defined you don't like and. you also have to realize
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that the oceans are future so we need to have some way of. deciding who is responsible for walked and where and when. and so. at this point in time this is maybe not the ideal solution but this is the solution that was created with the convention. the world's oceans fold more than its continents bellwood a cohesive ecological system a sensitive continuum in which what happens to one area can affect all of the others. it is now up to the world's nations whether they want to take responsibility for their new knee a quiet maritime territories. from
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the clear blue sky of a doha morning. to the fresh autumn breeze in the city of love. hello there is a very hot for some of us in south america recently that includes rio and at the zoo we're having to give some ice to the animals to help them cool down and it's always good to see some pictures of animals anyway but elsewhere has been incredibly wet let's take a look at the showers that we've got there stretching down through parts of paraguayan to the southern parts of brazil through year requires well and into the northern parts of argentina we've seen a lot of flooding in this region over the past week or so and there's more wet weather still to come during the day today some of the wettest of the weather is likely to be in the year ago area and the surrounding so in to parts of argentina
3:59 pm
once more and then the system gradually eases eastwards and it is fading a little bit i think it's we had through wednesday so maybe we'll have a bit of a break at last for the west is generally fine and dry santiago up at twenty nine degrees a bit further towards the north and for many of us across the caribbean it's fine and settled just a few fair with the clouds coming and going at times for the west though the showers will be continuing for some of us around the yucatan peninsula and those will also be stretching further south at times two if we head further north still on fours across the u.s. it's been pretty wet recently particularly in parts of california more rain still to come and that could cause us a bit of a problem with some flooding on the been scarse. there with sponsored by qatar race . talk to al-jazeera. we ask you personally one of the main beneficiaries is that the case listen if you want to
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receive a ration of it in new york that's not exactly my point we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter just zero. this is al-jazeera. this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes the debate to begin in the u.k. parliament before the big vote on a prime minister may's plan to leave the european union. the prosecutor has faced as such as. the burden of proof. the international criminal court acquits a former president of the i re coast of war cry.


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