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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 16, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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citizens for the good citizens to have peace inside their holds the edict doesn't extend to carrying weapons in public even if concealed that right remains restricted to police public and private security personnel and the military the latest government data shows that out of the country's two hundred ten million people three hundred thirty thousand registered to have a gun but the justice ministry says there are some eight million weapons in the country illegally but i think that there is decree very clearly opens the way for violence in the countryside a group that monitors violence says data shows an increase in the number of firearms in circulation correlates to the rise in the number of gun related deaths . i think that increasing the number of weapons in a society is going to cause harm and it will increase by once last year brazil deployed thousands of soldiers and police in response to
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a huge spike in violent crime but the decision may have had a negative effect with accusations of human rights violations and the rate of homicides spiking up by five percent over the same period in twenty seventeen the newly elected president may think this is the answer to bring down crime but more than half of his population aren't fired up by his plan barbara and power in syria donald trump's nominee for attorney general has told a senate confirmation hearing that he doesn't believe the special counsel's investigation into russian influence is a witch hunt as often described by the president and some of the democrats are concerned that william bass taking charge of the inquiry led by special counsel robert muller he's looking into allegations that russia interfered in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election. now a long serving us republican and supporter of president donald trump has been dumped from important congressional committees for the next two here is steve king
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faces a strong backlash from his own party after a controversial interview where he questioned why white supremacy and white nationalism have become offensive terms ellen fisher has more from washington. steve king wasn't keen to talk after finding out he's being dropped from important congressional committees the iowa republican will no essentially spend the next two years in political limbo he's part controversy in an interview in the new york times when he said white nationalist white supremacist western civilization how did that language become offensive there and they are fighting this one it's not the first time he's made racially charged remarks friend from our state but this time he went to the floor of congress to see he rejects white supremacy under any fair political definition i am simply an american nationalist but that's not been enough to help the congressman while top senate republican mitch mcconnell told him to find another line of work. new senator mitt romney went further i think steve
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king's comments are his own and his exclusively and and what he said was reprehensible and i believe to his resignation from congress i haven't been following donald trump says he hasn't been following the controversy but is also described himself in the past as a nationalist and initially refused to condemn white supremacists who marched in virginia in twenty seventeen democrats in the house of representatives and no planning a series of censure motions against king which could force republicans to publicly denounce someone who until recently received no criticism over other looted remarks republican leadership or by stripping congressman king of a seat on influential committees like traditionally and agriculture that will bring an end to this issue but the iowa republican says that this isn't is simply political and he will spend the next two years serving the people of his district and in his own words pointing out the truth. well in. washington.
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now hundreds of asylum seekers from us have joined a new caravan that's heading for the us mexico border the second quote three months but this time many have to stay in mexico to work and reforestation projects. in the on their way. from where the caravan on monday. sitting in waiting near the side of the bus station hundreds of hundred nationals are preparing to leave the country by foot. is traveling with his two young children his four years old and she is to hydro says he understands the risks but says there's nothing left for him in his hometown. i have been told to these isn't easy but i have to take the risk what else can i do if i stay here my children cool stuff to death. under is one of the poorest countries in latin america with more than sixty percent of the population living below the poverty line apart from dire
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economic conditions many of the thousands of hondurans who fled the country in recent months cite gang violence as the reason for leaving the medalists in the first fifteen days of the year violence has increased drastically so have the number of violent deaths and poverty and people coming into the city in search of opportunities are also rising now choosing to emigrate to get away from the violence is. not their hissing and in response to increased pressure from the united states one hundred government has launched a media campaign aimed at dissuading would be migrants from crossing illegally into the u.s. these t.v. ads however don't appear to be convincing anyone to make a deal out of this sort of says he was part of the first micro caravan in two thousand and eighteen he wasn't able to enter the u.s. and it makes the trip wasn't easy but he's eager to give it another go. i made it
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all the way to tio. but now i'm back here because i didn't leave house in the u.s. now thanks to god i'm going to try again god has a solution for all of this. finding safety in numbers many hundreds of answered a call in social media for the formation of a new caravan of asylum seekers we are at the main bus terminal and. this is the starting point for the next migrant caravan there's an expectation that thousands more honduran citizens will be joining this group along the month long journey outside of central america across mexico and ultimately the southern border of the united states. the trip from central america to the united states is fraught with dangers and only a fraction of asylum applications are ever accepted but for those facing extreme poverty or a threat to their lives at home they don't see they have any other choice. now automakers in the u.s. a dawn trumps trade war with china is creating uncertainty and driving up steam in
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an element. it's a hot topic at the north american auto show in detroit john hendren that here in the hallowed home of the american auto industry there is a collective case of terror of terror tariffs is really given us more uncertainty in the street as are already very uncertain you know every body that uses metals is seeing increased prices even if they were sourced domestically because the domestic sources are seeing greater demand to have the biggest automakers here at the north american international auto show in detroit the motor city zone ford and general motors say tariffs are cutting twenty eight hundred profits by a billion dollars each the world's largest car market china the target of u.s. steel tariffs is contracting and after a nearly decade long auto industry boom forecasters say the industry is due to decline in twenty nineteen in part due to a trade war president donald trump picked with china. the president who calls
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himself a terrorist man insists the u.s. treasury is reaping billions from chinese tariffs that's absolutely hurt john a very badly but are. they getting a lot of money a lot of money a lot of them but among auto makers the trade war has left many casualties it's too early to say who's winning the trade war i think it's clear that there are losers already but it's through early to say who in fact is winning china's g.a.c. motors won't be selling in the u.s. market to twenty twenty but they're preparing by coming here to detroit. but for the first time in years most european auto makers including porsche audi b.m.w. mercedes in the range rover are skipping north america's most revered auto show v.w. is a rare exception yet for some in chaos there is opportunity we're growing we need more engineering talent so you know not that i wish the downturn on the industry
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but if there is a downturn and if some good talent comes free that's going to be a benefit to us next year as the detroit auto show lose from a winter date to a summer event the world's automakers hope the industrial climate will be beaumier as well john hendren al-jazeera detroit. hello again on is a prominent aha with the headlines on al-jazeera. day and has been defeated by the largest margin and u.k. parliamentary has changed the eyes to the right two hundred into. the nose to the left four hundred and thirty two on. the opposition labor party has called for a bunch of no confidence in the government which could trigger a general election but it's likely to be defeated may must present an alternative breaks the plan on monday. every day that passes without this issue being resolved
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means more uncertainty more bitterness and more rancor the government of heard has heard what the house has said tonight but i ask members on all sides of the house to listen to the british people who want this issue said. to work with the government to do just. more gunfire and explosions have been heard at a hotel complex in the kenyan capital at least fifteen people have been killed including u.s. and british citizens that we know of so far the somali based al shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack it is the worst in kenya since twenty fifteen. former ivory coast president is expected to be freed from jail nation on wednesday the international criminal court acquitted him of crimes against humanity that ball has been behind bars for seven years he was accused of ordering violence after a disputed election in two thousand and ten the third day of protests against
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rising living costs in zimbabwe is expected on wednesday and the stay international says at least eight people have been killed and two hundred detained since demonstrations began the price of fuel has doubled during the worst economic crisis in a decade the former mexican president indicate pena nieto has been accused of taking one hundred million dollars bribe from a drug kingpin a former associate of joaquin el chapo guzman made the claim in court was testifying in new york at the trial of his former boss and was captured in mexico in extradited to the u.s. and twenty seventeen pena nieto denies taking bribes. well that is the head of the bulletin on al-jazeera the stream that's coming up next thank you very much for watching. talk to. you personally one of the main beneficiaries is that the case listen if you want to read it in new york that's not exactly my point we meet with global newsmakers
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about the stories that matter. a bill that grant citizenship residency rights along religious lines in india has prompted widespread protests i debate on social media for me ok and i'm really good so maybe look at the citizenship amendment bill some of your thoughts we have twitter and the live chat and you could be on the story. thousands of undocumented immigrants living in india would be granted a polish way to legal residency and citizenship under the citizenship amendment bill but the legislation is remarkable for who it leaves out the bill was crafted by the ruling bharatiya janata party or b j p it extends rights to followers of six religions who came to india from bangladesh pakistan and afghanistan before the end
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of twenty fourteen that muslims who came to india in similar circumstances are not eligible people protested soon after the bill passed the lower house of parliament last week strikes were held across northeastern india student a women's groups in among those demonstrating against the proposals the bill has also split opinion online supporters of the bill say the b j p m prime minister narendra modi have taken a bold stand to protect non muslims who fled persecution in their home country but others say the bill is a political risk that may backfire on the beat. j p before elections due to go ahead in april or may for id for look at the bill we're joined from new delhi by common pal joy he is editor in chief of east mojo that's a digital news platform he has reported extensively from north eastern india raju as an independent journalist and writer she joins us from mumbai some result but the stars are is chief advisor and spokesperson for the all us some students union
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which led protests against the bill he joins us from doha team and in new delhi we have swadeshi saying he is a former national vice president of the b j y m s the youth wing of the ruling b j p he's now an assistant professor at delhi university hello everybody really good to have you here let me show our audience what this bill looks like it's not much to look at have to tell you this citizen ship amendment bill twenty nine his page one his page to and and then we're done comma as you've been on packing this for your. resists for your subscribers who are following this citizenship bill what are you telling them it's can you simply explain it. you know as far as the citizenship amendment bill is concerned it is very simple i mean if you look at it in a plain and simple we need jobs citizenship to people who are non muslims who
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are you know induce well secured or karsies or following the sikh religion work with us you did in countries which i mean about india they will be granted citizenship it's as easy as that but mostly they're muslims when so this isn't your program will not be granted to keep it simple that is how it is. i just want to show you what happened when this bill was passed in the lower house there was uproar havoc. and believe me i may say my dear if there are any migrants who are the victims of persecution anywhere in the country they can apply for indian citizenship and after that they will be able to live in any state of the country like any other indian citizen their responsibility is on the entire country and not just one state if you are not you can do they see big. problems for everybody.
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because at that really we wanted to go ahead with the bill. it's a divisive bill one politician says what our community talking about almost exact same words are being used this is a tweet from ten moira he would says this is citizenship amendment bill is a direct attack on the concept of equality that's in chimed in the constitution and an attempt to intensify communal antagonisms between the bengali hindus and muslims rather break this down for us in terms of being an attack on the constitutional principles. well malik i think you are missing the to decide absolutely guide because just months before the general elections the government is trying to do so for the rise issues and mobilize the majority voice because this is an attack on the indian constitution and the principle of because indian constitution does not allow for discrimination in citizenship to
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a true religion jane here you have citizenship granted to citizens from pre country from the base of the bridge and are just a week before the biggest possible lower house fly is going to read the protests from the north you say to assemble and and the government policy has been to before going is if you talk about persecution of minorities then why under clinton today means you are discriminating on the basis of pridgen if you are really concerned about pussy good minorities why not look to the neighboring countries like a saw that i am and these are being prosecuted wearing us having protected on the other side said the scale of the sentence i will i'm going to make a point that they should appoint ms indian constitution is a living document and under article three sixty eight indian constitution again parliament has all the right minded and constitution and dislike of america and you cannot and meant that will be of the can cause. and it started for in the form comics of the golden gate also and constitution about supposed right to quality is
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right to cut a deal with and to place imposed if the should of just as it did because equally unequal and equally those who was a secret could go to what educated those who were abused they would be given the r.t. and this is our government of india has done subject to amendment bill i too was going to sing at the mill i did business not a single line in the indian constitution that out for discrimination on the basis of religion they knew to move it or turn it on villages or think it is a good new model community middle of the morning if this condition policy all hard to get sixteen million people because if you look at you and i don't but that and. now i'm just going to stop you for a second asco free sixty eight article sixteen can we do this conversation without all of the articles this talk about the broader principles so what ash i'm thinking about you p j p the voting party in india this bill this is just it bill has got a lot of blowback people are really upset even your allies other parties are upset
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with you why. look we have to see this billion totality event how did years we in the country fuse in a secluded communities from iran and other parts of the world now in the modern set of you need a legal status for defuses for a prosecutor population and in the last twenty years we have seen that many persecuted communities from different part of what is basically from of gonna get on and bangladesh they have come in india so we have to differentiate between persecuted people and those were coming for economic benefit there is a difference between both of them and we should really come those were prosecuted.


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