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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 16  Al Jazeera  January 16, 2019 8:32pm-9:00pm +03

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union we have the right fortune percent twenty percent in there in germany we have . to reach that frame percentage gain twenty percent in britain so do you know of this should look outside to have a very frank or french few finke that what is possible is did believe that if there's a bridge to go away then it would be all right they seem to forget that before we reduce tribute if you want to save our social model which is a very different system of don't we first must create wealth ok so nora what's your reaction to that. yeah i think it's we got again the lesson of the trickle down economics as if if wealth is going to be is created in society it's going to trickle down everybody else which you know this is not the reality which is lived by people so all your statistics are very interesting as that but they're not the reality that people are living and this is why we're seeing that we're seeing this movement happening which is people cannot meet. and make both ends meet again of
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the month and this is the issues and you cannot just say this is not an issue and we have the best country in the world and we have the best system if this is not what people feel and the reality that they are living so then again you need to find we need to find solutions but i think that the problem with this debate is that we're not looking at the actual solutions you know what are we doing to to to react on the digitalisation of the economy and the fact that this is a deleting loads of jobs and that it's leaving loads of people outside of the economy what are we doing on the development of hugely precarious jobs that we as a genius or we are in favor of universal income to cut countrified that we're in favor of a robot tax in order to put more pressure on on on on companies that digitalize we're in pressure of more of capping the bonuses of big companies which are which keep rising while the minimum wage and while lower salaries keep being as low as
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ever so these are concrete actions and i don't think these options are open within michael's debate we're going to say it but i'm not sure they're going to be taken into account and that's a big issue and a big danger for this debate to create more frustration than there are already is another problem here livia's as you're very well aware is that you here is a member of the movement but the thing is movement does not have one voice does it it has many disparate voices and there's no structured team to negotiate with you know a leadership that i mean to negotiate room not here to negotiate. we just explain what we're feeling ok let's go back with jack say because that's a big problem is talking about from his ofis from his desk about figure but fronts over again so it's soon front we're talking about what's happened on the scene as a red u.t. i mean to negotiate we just want to explain what's is going on and then to work on
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it to work on it like dig microloan but until it all for macros that's exactly the same problem the eos question was unser who doesn't reflect the reality let's talk one subject everybody was very surprised about immigration first ok to receive immigration when we don't have food in the frege second we are already immigration here in paris young people are fifteen your sort who come from guinea from specific industry that the sieving zones of population wes's them so when you talk about if we want. to bring people here what for we got the guys two months ago jordan just reciting that sixteen year or so on so we want to call it out to bring people to sleep in the street in winters in paris or to street side because they spent one year or so to get an answer in
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friends decides our men are on mars or everything's like that so well talking about tragedy jackie stop again about studies teach ok laura when our hero here to say we are libya is that a good amount of liquid you would do you adhere to this view that there is no negotiation here that there is no need for the yellow vest movement to have a kind of leadership that has a point of focus to it will think that's right. i think it i think in a way it's actually ok that this movement doesn't have one leader you know and i don't understand why we would need a one leader to present the whole movement i think that i think that you know part of this movement is is to to is to criticize the way our democracy our republic works and the way that our republic works is that it focuses it concentrates a huge amount of power into one person and we're seeing election after election
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that one person is not able to solve the problem of one nation so i think that it's actually interesting that that yellow vest movement does not want to fall into this into this trap which which is the trap of an immature democracy but i think that on the other hand that should lead. to open a real debate open a debate where there's neutrality also in the way that the answers are going to be considered and at the moment this neutrality is not guaranteed at all you know there's going to be five people apparently who are going to be responsible for the neutrality of this debate three of them are going to be nominated by michael himself and by the president of the national assembly who is a member of the typical mush now how is that going to guarantee that there is some neutrality in the debate it's not so people can not have confidence in this debate if things are not really open from the beginning right judge that that is a problem is not the process is a problem how it will work that there doesn't appear to be any neutrality. figured
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that you dead to be organized quickly you have to find people ready to organize it and quite amazed speed i did of the turn of events i already did you base are going to stop there's a date limit fifteen for march. all right it's going to happen and what's important who takes part people who are criticizing it can take part to propose those that durham is making very interesting proposals and it can be debated let's not say before it started that it's going to be completely biased that's not that's not the case there are obviously ok some subjects that are very close to the hearts of the you know vestiges of where facts but part of the debate even though some minister said it might be part of the big i don't know but let's give dialogue a chance to know what we have ideas or general to sue as we say different people
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talking to each other and not listening to each other we've listened to the us we know that we're now waiting for concrete proposals which can be made even on the tree improved a lot of people climate change it's a tear up but it is too it needs to be debated serenely contradictory to bait. the. girl if that's what i support and people of real good solution in need to be decentralized i don't see what i can't understand why people dismiss district right out of that ok so pierre alleviate let's give dialogue a child that's what's wrong with. another guy i'm not agree we cannot say that people are create the guys we don't create the guys we need is the bar and my difference between jock it's i want. a good razor. so i don't critique guys i just suck some question let's talk about the about i know there way
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in my country i've been twenty years sell inside from you money to an activity at that times when you did a contract reserve fran at the end of their contracts it was a close knit core. and it's means that you make a contract for business for your friend you're not agree you discuss to get to find a solution it doesn't work it doesn't work now or when you make a contract i'd janja of a close call made yashin what that means that's meant we were friends before now we fight we have no communication to gays or so we need somebody else a media toe to come to put bags of communication to solve the problem to find the solution so that's why i'm not agree actually what is a conflict the government of french your book relation. jack let me let me just let me just change or not it let me just change the talk a little bit has inject really and i want to otherness and then n.p.r.
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leave it we will come back to you we are running out of time but we will come back to you jack this he's known president is known as president of the rich is stuck with him isn't it just a case of if he changes his approach he's human touch that that would just go way further than a two thousand word letter yet michael has to change this practice of government has to go back to the promise is made during the campaign off a consensual contractual republic based on dialogue with citizens ok . to laura doesn't it to come down to the fact that this this name that president mccone has as president of the riches he's known it stuck but if he changed his approach and developed a human touch that that would go way further than some two thousand word letter. well the problem is not only the approach or having putting a human touch on the door you know the problem is the actual policy and what people
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have been seeing and this is why the so much for the so much focus on the wealth tax is that you know on the fund at the same time as michael was cutting the wealth tax which is really the the wealthiest people of society that they'd pay it. they reduced housing benefits for the poorest parts of society you know how how can people how can then people stay calm about it stay quiet about it and be confident that this debate is going to happen in a in a trustworthy way so i think there needs indeed to be clear actions that first and i think that reinstating the wealth tax was one of them one of them but again the right questions need to be asked the what right question is not should we lower taxes the right question is what kind of society do we want to build together and then so how do we fund it yes what taxes can be raised which are the taxes that we need to lower which are the new taxes that we can create i talked about the robot
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tax earlier what how can the social security system be changed in a way that not too much focus is put on on on on jobs which are being more rare every day but that we can redistribute wealth in different ways for instance through reduction of working time or for the trying to implement a universal income there are loads of solutions and i hope that this debate will allow them to know we will put them forward during this debate but i'm i'm not confident at the moment that the government is waiting to hear them and this is a huge problem because it's going to distort even more the confidence that people have towards politician into what's the political system and if we don't find these ounces then the far right not in a band is going to benefit from that she's already benefiting from the situations the right role of the president this is going to come to actually this is what it was really the yours appear live in let me let me come to you is our progress. what are the dangers of not call failing here if he loses his grip on power who steps
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into the vacuum. no i would i would like to go back to the previous question of what you meant to get your man for my what i'm thinking it's not the job of our presidents we want your man to be between two pair for months economy and so on very want month performance and that's a project i'm working for the you know movements it's two hours a non-governmental organisation is that's not the government we want to follow the same model that's ice year see for the red cross movement to follow to money towards the application of geneva convention we want that odds at times in any decision to protect our planet zazen organise money towards the aspect underpopulation and get the tours but because the river so fell on them to have very nearly our design is going to jump in there they will tell you that you've
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explored this this you've gone down this road already a bit let me just come back to the question that i just asked you because it's important what are the dangers of macro failing what happens if he loses a presidency down the line who's going to step into the vacuum and bear in mind what laurie was just saying about the potential for the far right i've no answer and i don't want to have to look on the shouldn't you have an answer given that i know european regulators here don't regularly extremism but we're yet it we're not fair we have to work to not to do other extremist see stemming fronts of course. laura let's. go there are we what's your. what's your sense of where this is going to go are you do you have any room for optimism here i mean i think that you should always have room for optimism and i think that in this universe movement we've seen a lot of different things but there their eyes been a new sense of of of of politics that has been created in the country and you
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willingness of people to take back control over their lives and i think that's a very positive development now the question is is is can this develop into a positive a positive outcome of the debate or or positive political outcome and these social movements also create long term changes in society you know what i think is is that the that there needs to be political forces at the moment that really give reliances if the government is not giving them and it's not the case at the moment and i think that on the left we have a huge responsibility in bringing about these answers about wealth redistribution while taking tax climate change and we need to we need to put these for these proposition forwards and the yellow based movement you know is going to evolve and maybe part of it is going to politicize more around these claims laura thank you very much it will have to leave it there it is certainly a source of fierce debate thank you to all our guests. and laura in the money thank you very much dave and thank you for watching you can see the program
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again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page facebook dot com ford slash inside story so you can always join the conversation on twitter on huntley's a.j. it's hard for me the club and the whole team here if i cannot. didn't know that corruption has reached a level like nothing ever before in our country. rank outsider.
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to president of the united states. the power was in the data we will honor the american people with the truth and nothing else discovered. for winning the white house unfair game on al jazeera. and all your watching al-jazeera these are all top news stories a deadly attack lasting around seventeen hours the time i wrote the hotel is over kenya's president who can yet or has offered his condolences to the families of the victims and promised to find all of those who were responsible the incident started when attackers talked to three cars and detonated
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a bomb in the lobby at least fourteen people were killed we will seek out every person that was involved in the flight funding planning and execution of this hideous act we will pursue relentlessly wherever they will be until they are held to account we will continue taking every step. to make our nation inhospitable to terrorist groups and their networks kenya's opposition leader rollo dingo calls the unity following the attack because in the strongest terms possible this does to acts of courage or use of a trip to enemies of the human civilization. him as a jerk divisions of all sorts be their allegiance ethnic the going on
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gender or human political and social divisions or or terrorists a one zero sum family depend on standing together that is just agents of doom on the other top story that we're following a vote of no confidence in the u.k. government is set to be held in the british parliament of the prime minister tree's amazed that deal was overwhelmingly rejected m.p.'s will debate the motion later on wednesday and it could trigger a general election well the e.u. chief threats that negotiator says there's ready or they're ready to consider changes to the deal if britain is willing to compromise siegel or you'll be needed if the united kingdom chooses to shift its red lines if it makes that choice to be more ambitious and go beyond a simple free trade agreement which would be quite something in the european union would be immediately ready to go hand in hand with that development and give
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a favorable response kurdish forces in northern syria of rejected a safe same proposed by the us and turkey us president will trump turkish president recipe to one of both floated the idea of a safe zone as a solution to prevent a turkish military offensive against kurdish forces kurdish representatives say that they will only accept the same same proposal if the un has a role. who. we can except sleep soon if there is a decision by the united nations to send international forces under their supervision to these areas and if these forces are neutral to preserve peace and security alternatively if we agree with damascus according to the principles for dialogue that we put forth the syrian forces can enter the area to protect the borders from any external attacks which is considered one of the duties of the syrian army now the taliban is starting to walk away from talks with the united states accusing it of deflecting from the issue of withdrawing forces from afghanistan last week the armed group council planned negotiations with the u.s.
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special envoy for peace in afghanistan earlier activist has been arrested in the capital after days of protests over fuel prices passed even more wary it was taken away from his house in harare there have been demonstrations across several cities in zimbabwe since the government more than double the cost of petrol and diesel fuel. prosecutors at the international criminal court all set to appeal the acquittal of the former president of the ivory coast laurent gbagbo who was accused of committing war crimes judges said the prosecution failed to show his involvement in violence that followed the disputed twenty ten presidential election the bank of china is offering strolling through a three hundred million dollar loan to help repayments jew in the coming months a series of credit rating downgrade some political instability has made it harder for sri lanka to borrow internationally really a quarter of sri lanka's total foreign debt is owned by beijing which is then
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billions for infrastructure projects those were the headlines and back with more news in half an hour next it's out of their world you stay with us. because. the good news.
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