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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 10  Al Jazeera  January 17, 2019 7:32am-8:01am +03

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iran. in this video he's in central taiwan marking the anniversary of the founding of the chinese communist party. but channel was not always a believer in one thousand nine hundred eighty four he wrote a letter to the then british prime minister margaret thatcher objecting to hong kong being handed back to china his letter began it is known to all that communist rule is characterized by suppression that leads only to bloodshed deprivation and diet poverty clearly child has since had a change of heart but are chinese authorities funding his political activities. here's what chuang see year co-founder and manager of the concentric patriotism alliance has to say the only. thing i think. that i am going to do. and. i think you're right and.
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i'm. in the. league now and you know. at the offices of the taiwanese government spokesperson last year tucker says more can be done to regulate all political groups one may stand as a xian toward. when he. says you're going to see this time. but even before changes to legislation police have started to act in early august they raid the offices of another fringe party the china unification promotion party and the home of its chairman chang on suspicion the group was receiving funding
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from the chinese government. agency was on winners and you. may have gone down the mail man don't. know what are. two days later a crowd greets chang as he arrives for questioning at taipei's district court. he's arguably one of taiwan's most controversial politicians also known as the white wolf chang is a former mob boss who spent ten years in prison in america and seventeen years on the run in mainland china he was arrested on returning to taiwan in two thousand. one thirteen and released on bail hours later in the hotel room chiang has since remade himself as a pro unification politician and while his party has no seats in the legislature
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chang's controversial past has kept it in the media spotlight. up chiang sohn chang way shows up a little later a travel agency managed by his wife has also been raided he denies it was receiving money from the chinese communist party but confesses to something else instead was the guy use those who knows who are against it and we go through again from the roof over her groove for me old to those who can feel two of those years ago. when for both of them all those as her life which was under our association for him for the group was will be voted the awful way the phone from the wall was showing how do you think i can find. the interrogation last supper out for hours chang says he was mainly aust about relief efforts organized by his posse following an earthquake in eastern taiwan earlier this year you warn you the way kids inside
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feels for. these are the on the margin was unsure what you didn't eat e.g. you without all the money was a challenge and the woman to chant zig meet women will be involved was a game was in my. intelligence it is how i am. just. as chang leaves the district court challenging the head of the concentric patridge is among lions. and jancsi yes. shout slogans in support of him. was. but in the privacy of their office some alliance regulars paint a far murkier picture of chang and his party. in the u.k. yes there's jang sin is
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a former member of taiwan's main opposition party the corpsman dung and an independent candidate in upcoming elections you know the so this is regions in the it appears he also knows chang and pretty well buses fluids going nowhere is this really free few hundred you know. they're not. going into the arms and hugged. the whole black kids agree with compound out home cheese you have both of your heroes are going to come home sometimes many of the in the when that's an option just a missile shot in a new down close and longmuir small bomb i'm going out with them i don't you know you're going to be done you're going to be the. worse you get tangled up the bomb on the downhills house is a message from now all of them are to my money cause a new gun up with the red bar there's no human mugger.
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despite differences in their beliefs some parties within the pro humor for cation camp have started coming together on a saturday afternoon in august hundreds of tender banquet in taipei i want being junks colleagues and members of chang and learners china unification promotion party are also here. it's three months to the elections and campaigning has clearly started. the host is the hong man association sometimes referred to as the freemasons of china home and not in the summer with the formula nice thing is on the board even those in the south will vote. when young jamieson answers to her home and not even some cause you got i would as a whole frenzy of rooming house doors in that i would say he's in jail.
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for now that means bringing about peaceful unification between taiwan and china. believes this can happen if both sides adopt the one country two systems model most often associated with hong kong taiwan you'll utahns you know the full influence of an illusion so you learn in june and have your with jamba juice you know was a relative i wonder she would argue that one account is the same there are several in jamaica when young and out. for twenty six year old lin geeing that's not a workable system. but politician from the pro independents new power party she's been observing developments in hong kong and believes beijing is not up holding its side of the bargain this is all time around cars are not all ten or ten here her ha ha down in the high one on by the a million so how oman see them ethan's own home from is until. it heads in with dad
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that's it not until now so dollar gold the mountain going up or that is. lynn is running in local elections in the southern city of tire none traditionally a stronghold of president chinese democratic progressive party now running beijing it seems has been reaching out to young people here too as a student lynne and her classmates go to visit china on a highly subsidized tour titled i know it's all fun and a little bald so they have have a whole the heart of i in the house it's adults are nails along all one ha well done that i dassent hard on hotter an issue and only you should. down into fans now when the name where you go i want you to find out if beijing has been trying to influence politics at the grassroots level we've come to see chanting true he's a pro independence village chief in an area that has traditionally been pro
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unification this afternoon he's busy showing some primary school children his office's chan says mainland chinese academics have asked for similar tourists come and go home and being. soon fade so will the endings. and the strong here and. now with the knowledge of. cheering his first year in office chan was invited to visit china with a group of other village chiefs. it's a lot these are the. leaders of the bang bang with one arm and all that hunnam is one thing joe doesn't mind dancing. taiwan's mainland affairs council says these sorts of exchanges have been happening for some time for many years. in this gentile media opus's or behavior that sends the tool somehow and they mean that in
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the city for any. real wouldn't they be aware that incident home. back at the offices of the concentric patriotism alliance in taipei chief. has decided to offer our undercover such a job. but first he wants to see some id and become too much. like our dog owners are you here in the pub. or they don't know how to when it was on the top. a little later we find out why one probably won't in the world because you're. going to make him proud are you going to die you . can. only get a gun when the only one you're going to go on we're going to see if you know why we didn't budge from your point regarding the young girl you two. years old going up to town and. it's clearly time to end the undercover assignment
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but just before such a leaves child receives a call what were you i would be leaving me even if you come here because i was here he can't get. there bob he's entitled million felt. cold he's working. hard on you know. it's really really. hard yeah. yeah yeah hey i have a new. type of the life who died young eagle. tiger vulcan. one of. the concentric patrick says i'm a lions china's taiwan affairs office and the taipei police don't respond to our requests for comment. beijing's attempts to simple tenuously intimidate and charm
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the taiwanese public have drawn mixed results an annual poll by the taiwanese public opinion foundation found more respondents viewing china favorably than unfavorably for the first time since the survey started but in a separate survey conducted by the mainland affairs council sixty four point seven percent of respondents agreed that the taiwanese government should take stronger steps to prevent infiltration by the chinese government during cross straits exchanges. for most taiwanese historical ties to china are hard to ignore. culturally the two sides have much in common like this traditional lion dance these teenagers are learning in a village outside the capital taipei. their teacher is a village chief chin jong way he's a supporter of chiding when but has also been criticized for leading other villages
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chiefs on exchange visits to china. it was engines are a tire maker and in your genes you are in your city even years that are would be your home for them been there were just too dumb to the email bomb on forgot she. makes it a point to show us this creature a lion unique to taiwan. he says he supports democracy but sidestepped the issue when we asked for his views on unification of the eating so i will go to orders from widgets and control them in the war more than human bargain dollars good than thousands of ns on thoughts of the wiser. i arms and salute he has a little inside her sing one song i'm i'm dying no you don't know your homes are all from a border you go on on which a latika. it's an ambiguous and yet commonly held position in
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taiwan recent calls for clarity mean its leaders will have to strike an increasingly delicate balance in a time of heightened tensions. paul trains one of the moons of cities seen through the eyes of those who know it best they see their city of concerted a few. al-jazeera world goes on the road with palestinian taxi drivers living and working at the heart of one of the most hockey contested locations on a. jerusalem's a palestinian cabbies on how jazeera. al-jazeera is a very important force of information for many people around the world when all the
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cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront. i know that corruption has reached a level like never ever before in our country. run count sajda. to president of the united states. the power was in the data we will moderate the american people with the truth and nothing else discover the formula for winning the white house unfair game on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. where ever you are. the week began with views of ninety day for truce in the tip attack us china trade all the world's largest supply of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest one called to we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. zero. hello i'm the star and this is the news hour live from coming up in the next sixty minutes it's time for us to come together put the national interest. to live for
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all the rest read she's going nowhere to reason may have to battle on never breaks it off to winning a confidence fires. says an attack on a luxury hotel in kenya is in response to donald trump recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital. american soldiers and civilians are among the dead in an ice on the tag on a popular restaurant to northern syria. they've fled war now they're freezing we talk to syrian refugees facing a new threat to their lives. to reason may is not giving up the bricks that fight within the past hour the prime minister's politicians to put self interest aside she wants them to work together on a consensus deal for britain's exit from the european union she's made the playoff
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to head government survived a confidence vote called by the opposition leader three hundred six m.p.'s voted for opposition leader jeremy corbin's motion and three hundred twenty five against that means the government won by nineteen votes paul brennan begins our coverage. she's not just clinging on she's fighting on this evening the government has won the confidence of parliament. this now gives us all the opportunity to focus on finding a way forward on brics it i believe it is my duty to deliver on the british people's instruction to leave the european union and i intend to do so far from quitting of accused in ice historic defeat to resign may return to parliament on wednesday in competent mood for. the prime minister knew that the rebels who voted against her bricks a deal would vote with her this time the eyes of the right three hundred six the no
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use of the left three hundred twenty five. it gives her the breathing room to start talking to opposition leaders about her plan b. i would like to invite the leaders of parliamentary parties to meet with me individually and i would like to start these meetings tonight mr speaker. the government approaches these meetings in a constructive spirit and i urge others to do the same in response the opposition labor party urged have to take no deal off the table. the government must remove must remove clearly once and for all the prospect of the catastrophe of a no jail break certainly and all the chaos that would come as a result of that europe has reacted with some alarm to the turmoil at westminster the u. nations have started accelerating their preparations for a no deal breck's it on march twenty ninth the commission regrets the rejection of
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the word withdrawal agreement as representative of the council said because we do believe this was the best possible outcome yes we are making preparations for noticing our you know we have to do that now. checks the ports and airports and we're not making preparations for checks on border and but having said that. the only way they can avoid a hard border long term isn't through good will isn't through. the right words it has to be through an agreement but suspicion is growing that the prime minister's plan b. will look remarkably similar to the deal so emphatically rejected already the u.k. is really now in the realms of the unprecedented many m.p.'s are so skeptical of teresa mayes chances of finding a workable plan before bricks it's that one group is actively seeking to strip her of power and handed instead to the powerful palm tree liaison committee for across policy solution on the government would be legally obliged to follow its recommendations it could advocate
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a new general election another referendum perhaps on the m.p.'s would effectively be in charge of the executive these are indeed extraordinary times paul brennan al jazeera westminster well theresa may has begun missing opposition leaders to try to secure a bricks that deal she will need to present have plan b s a parliament by monday after politicians voted overwhelmingly against her original proposal if she fails to get it approved then britain faces the real prospect of breaking away from the e.u. on march the twenty ninth without a deal to avoid this the british government could propose to negotiate a new deal this would mean the e.u. to delay the departure deadline other options include calling another referendum snap elections or cancelling bex it altogether well the european union has warned the brics a deal agreed with may is the best it can offer but the e.u. may be more flexible on when the u.k. leaves the bloc david chase a has more from brussels. it's
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a relief for the leaders of the european union that they will be talking to to reason maybe there was always the remote possibility that she could fall in this vote of no confidence but that least they do know who they'd be talking to the same and they've been talking to them more than two years now over this deal and e.u. say that they will not change the details the important details of the withdrawal agreement but what is being increasingly talked about now in brussels is the fact that the march the twenty ninth deadline the the cliff edge that everybody is talking about the withdrawal agreement might be suspended they have made to look on that very favorably it's all a case of how long will it be extended so this is a pressure coming from the president of france and the chancellor angela merkel of germany to come to some sort of flexibility on that not on the deal but on the time
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being allowed to allow the term or that we've seen in the house of commons to die down and for these cross party talks to come up with a new strategy an evolution of the politics in the united kingdom this is what they want to see and the only way to get that is to allow time for it to evolve so we might see a quite a long extension of the withdrawal agreement and so march the twenty ninth will not be the cliff edge that everybody is facing because nobody here in the new wants to see and no deal breaks it so that's the feeling from brussels and from the european union. the armed great behind tuesday's attack in kenya says it was in retaliation for the u.s. president's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel at least twenty one people died in the assault by al-shabaab fighters on a nairobi hotel complex the red cross says fifty people are still unaccounted for
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catherine so it has more from nairobi. outside this morgue in nairobi and she's family members and colleagues wait for news some more than that. now this over details of what happened inside the dusit hotel complex are beginning to march surveillance cameras capture the beginnings of the attack when heavily armed men walked into the upmarket complex from all over the place employees are running all over the place he was screaming for point to realize that the best thing to do is to find a service a place to hide. for hours afterwards terrified workers and clients barricaded themselves in as gunfire and explosions rang out. some people are still missing hundreds of others were taken to safety you know peroration that lasted through tuesday night we go out to say for the evacuation
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but they make a big mistake because it was not secure we go and move the ship to us kenya's president has vowed to bring those responsible to justice we are a country governed by laws rules and regulations a country that embraces peaceful coexistence we believe in these principles and values. even in the face of adversity and i must also state that we are also a nation that never forgets. those who hurt children the police have started investigating they want to find out how the attack was planned how the gunman got hero who was a canyons of a foreign is who are their friends who helped them where was their attack plan and
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all this are questions that many kenyans want to quit consistent. al-shabaab has in the past said their tox i read response to kenya sending troops to somalia as part of a un backed international force this is the third and a vast area of the killing. of more than one hundred kenyan soldiers on a military base in south and somalia. this must have been. pock. sleep in. in the country and was just activated for two reasons one of course our shabaab was commemorating the idea need vasari and secondly it was announcing that it is still there it is still irreverent and it's too. lethal the hotel is now a crime scene and the city is mourning one small. catherine soil to zero nairobi. well i still has claimed responsibility for a suicide bomb attack that killed nineteen people in northern syria among the dead
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are four americans two soldiers and two civilians it's happened just weeks after president donald trump announced he was pulling troops out of syria because i still had been defeated in reports from washington d.c. . love in the streets a popular restaurant blown apart american helicopters rushed in to help the wounded and remove the dead in the city of men bitch the u.s. military confirming on twitter that u.s. service members were killed this logic state of iraq in the levant says they are responsible and that they were targeting the coalition of u.s. senator lindsey graham directly blamed the attack on president donald trump promised to pull u.s. troops out quickly mark uncertain statements made the president trying. is it you're set in motion enthusiasm by the enemy we're fighting you make people who are trying to kill wonder about us and as they get older the people
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we're trying to help are going to going to get more uncertain saw this in iraq and now seeing it in syria he urged the president to reconsider but that seems unlikely because just after the attack the vice president made this claim we're bringing our troops all the caliphate has crumbled and isis has been defeated. one of the leaders who most clearly does not want to see the u.s. president change course the president of turkey who weighed in the me. i asked his claim their responsibility for the attack and this may mean to affect the decision that mr trump has taken but as i know mr trump's determination about this issue i do not think he will step back against this kind of a terrorist attack. donald trump has been criticized by both parties for his decision to withdraw u.s. troops his secretary of defense quit in protest now his claim that i still has been defeated will be openly question.


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