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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 11  Al Jazeera  January 18, 2019 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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right now to give you one they are waiting waiting for the constitutional court to make a ruling on way the village of the k.t. did did indeed win the election if they rule that he didn't they could order a recount or they could they have to have another election all over again which could take months and that will cost a lot and a lot of money money to be really doesn't have in terms of reaction on the ground it's quiet relatively quiet i mean there was a violent day off the results were announced but it's quiet people waiting patiently they've gotten used to the fact that there's no internet in the early days we saw him being frustrated they couldn't estimate they couldn't go on social media but now it's a case of ok well there's nothing we can do about it this way for the to be released and then maybe the government on back the internet so generally i can say it's it's it's a little bit tame to what you can wait for these results but right now a lot of people understand it really is nothing much they can do until these results are released and we're hearing the judge you could could make a ruling in court as early as friday so we got
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a lot of comments from people asking us who cover these ongoings this is tony here and he brings up an interesting point i'm hoping you can clear for us because he says we should cover the d.r. congo election results and the uproar from the congolese catholic church to talk to us about the role of the catholic church in this i know that they deploy the election observers now what what's their role now. well they usually influence he had many people here are catholics and yeah when the bishops speak when the priest speak people jimmy tend to listen because opinions are divided there are some congolese will say to you why is the church even involved in politics that is not their business they must be out of it but i do think in the process of us never there was a crisis you get a chance to come in try and mediate and is old that crisis mixed opinions up in may that the catholic church is going to they tally are saying that opposition to the mountain for you won the election with fifty one percent of the votes obviously
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she's the kiddies support to say that is not true they feel he's the man who won but right now i think i mean despite what the catholic church is saying the matter is not in the constitutional court it's how those judges are going to rule on friday if they will on friday if they say they need more time we could be waiting until next week and right now for the moment for the most part generally most plus the country people are quietly waiting for that announcement and the reaction of course would be if you're unhappy with whoever has won it would have been declared the winner how would the loser react if the b. and the could be violent if people don't accept the court decision. what is jones is doing in order to this this is quite an unexpected turn of events what is his role. well as you know some people are accusing him of manipulating the election results so that the katie is a candidate win this election campaign. he's been very quiet i mean it was a video posted
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a few days ago some kind of their own money for the themes joe told people to be calm and wait for the outcome again of course a lot of people are wondering what is the end game because they feel that it is true that he put to the game by making when the election is on we should unite but it is it is a he could still be pulling the strings from behind the scenes of the new craze in this one in which nothing much will change in the in the but again i can't deny that but there are questions about his game they know that he took a long time to have this election it seemed for a while i didn't want it now to happen is he really going to go away quietly and retire or is he still going to be manipulating things behind the thing. i want to bring up an interesting point that a couple people have to eat us and they say that there is western influence in this is gene who says i think the elections were chaotic but using this is a by the congolese people as some of the media around the world do with their reports projecting for you all of the winner this creates fiction what isn't
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acceptable these documents could be easily tempered with and we don't want war another person writes in saying that it is western t.v. and radio stations that are trying to interfere in the decision of the justice and trying to proclaim for the winner so clearly there are people here who are skeptical about the need for a recount. exactly let's have one of the rican come people are saying these ballot papers away had they been thinking all the time if there is a recount what guarantee do we have that they have not been tampered with in terms of waste and influence brunt of the very very vocal about this election they feel that martin for you is the one who won this election not just the katie i think you know he does had a meeting in ethiopia today on thursday and they basically thinking to international unity please don't into the in the d.l.c. politics leave it to the people of the deal let them decide the outcome with them was old the crisis african leaders the thing everyone must now put they say in the
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constitutional court way to me what those judges say and then after that decision was you go so. you use again from international african leaders about what to do about controversial african elections this is nothing new it happens pretty much all the time on this continent the key thing of course is how will the people handle this process and would the extent the final result remains to be seen things that are. finally to los angeles california where thousands of teachers are striking for an increase in pay and better work conditions al-jazeera correspondent rob reynolds filed this report from l.a. . tens of thousands of teachers and their supporters rallied in front of l.a. city hall california is among the richest of the fifty us states but ranks forty third in terms of the amount of public funds spent per student half as much as new york not only was the school board says it can't afford all the union's demands in
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part due to the heavy cost of pension and health benefits the l.a. strike is part of a growing movement teachers in several u.s. states who walked out last year and won higher pay and other concessions how long the l.a. strike will last no one knows with these children's education at stake direct from the picket line if we have any we have. for more high. thinking with strike how's it going. i am sitting in my car right now i'm soaked i am upset i have. no clue when this strike is going to be resolved. our demands are many and our power is increasing the students are out there with us in the streets the counselors are out there in the in the streets with us we're
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seeing now more parents today than ever the weather today is wet and miserable and we are making it a point to say what we believe needs to happen in l.a. today i'm just going to share with us one of the pictures that you took so that we could really get a sense of what it's like on the picket line on my lap top this is what was out just a little while ago he's going back out there. talking to us and he. is not the only one in his car because it is pouring rain in the los angeles area here is another teacher so alyssa tweeted this video of a fellow teacher this is megan an l.a. teacher and she talks about why this strike isn't just about l.a. here's what she told the story i definitely think this is the beginning of something or the continuation actually of the hard work of all the teachers who went on strike last year and it's something that's going to continue to spread throughout this country when the fifth largest economy in the struggles to have
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class sizes that are within a national norm of twenty one to twenty five students norm is in the thirty's if not forty. and it's in one of the most progressive states in the union the very nature of public education isn't risk so broadly should references the continuation of mass protests we saw in twenty eighteen across the u.s. did this surprise you that to see protests here and l.a. the first time really in thirty years well you know it's not surprising there were twenty one lead up to these protests. we knew it was on the table but when it actually happened i mean it was the first time in thirty years as you said. this is new territory for a lot of us here mike what was the moment where you thought i can't take this anymore we have to do something what was that moment so i'm in
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a teacher for thirteen years i'm also a los angeles unified product and i know from twenty years ago that there have been problems when did i decide to step up and make sure that i put my face in front of all this when i found out that our district superintendent is making three hundred fifty thousand dollars a year when i get my math and i realize that our governor of california is making over one hundred thousand dollars less than that. and when they talk about there's no money for students that upsets me we have an investment banker as our district superintendent making over a quarter million dollars you can't find money for students this is how i'm upset. and wanted to share this perspective from someone on twitter who saw the package that we played a little bit earlier from our correspondent rob reynolds who talks about forty plus students in one class and so on a tax on twitter says forty plus students in
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a class could be ok if we had five plus teaching assistants per class which most classes do not so badly i know that you spoke to an art teacher who's juggling a lot what did you learn. yeah on the first day of the strike i connected with an art teacher. is she in one period she has five different curriculums that she'll teach she'll teats ceramics one in two so it's a piece studio art and then she'll teach two separate special education classes and that's spread between forty plus students that one teacher is handling and as she said to me she said it'll make your head explode matt tell us a story about your teaching life that will wake up the well as to why you need to be on striking off right now. great so i'm a history teacher and you know this is a great example for our students to see democracy in action so as
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a history teacher and someone who is representing all teachers today this is extremely important for everybody to understand that their voice matters we just got through a general election and one of the reasons that this is time for the president is because our governor gavin newsome needs to start paying attention when we hear about stories in the classroom of forty plus students it is unmanageable i can speak to it personally and i have friends in elementary school i'm an eight year teacher in middle school and it is unrealistic for anybody to to manage the education of twenty five or more students and this is where we need to start valuing. the education that we give our teachers and the opportunities that we put in front of them to stay in the classroom so that we can develop the relationships with the students so that we can provide the counselor with the kind of feedback that they need to be able to successfully counsel the students and to be able to create the curriculum that makes learning fun and it's not
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a boring disengaged classroom like we can remember from when we were kids learning is different now there are so many factors that make the classroom more interesting and more dynamic that we can not create a safe learning environment to implement any of these with forty kids in the classroom so i do want to direct our audience to the hash tag for this l a u s d strike and you can see that on twitter and disco through there lots of pictures there this from joel freeman who says day four this is harder than it looks stand up fight back so with that bradley what is the future of negotiations right now where is this going. you know we don't know today we've seen the first positive sign you know they have they left the negotiating table last friday. we got news overnight. both sides have agreed to meet today in city hall the mayor will be needing their conversations their meeting in about thirty minutes here at.
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the. president of the union mr alex her all he said. it would be a little overly optimistic to think that they will get a resolution today. he said there's a good chance that it will go into the weekend and there's a chance that it will go into next week and your teachers too just a fighting he said that the murder that they protest the easier time. i'm just going to wrap up with a look at your twitter page brad in the pouring rain a band of students and music teaches took over the p.a. system as seen as a power finish speaking and you can see the rain is and the rain is coming down the weather is measurable but it looks like the teaches are getting ready for a fight that rosen thank you very much for telling us about the l.a.
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teachers strike and we'll keep following it with other stories also it out easier don't com you can also follow us on twitter where at stream thanks for watching me when i will see you next time take. in search of a safer neighborhood it was a huge blow when they came in our house and took all our stuff being a man who can't put my family in the hole they discern that's a problem for me struggling to secure a home really really quite of our military does all that and so we don't we could potentially lose the house and living paycheck to paycheck there's nobody to blame and live with the consequences every day of the choices that have been hard. on al jazeera. right out of a hamas script examining the headline we begin with the fractious issue of palestine and israel and the us newsweek setting the discussions what makes them
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different as far as your concern sharing personal stories with a global audience nobody feels safe explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire. the world is watching on al-jazeera. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. i prepared for the four hundred people it was you know here to be the. savior if that aco get fed up because everybody wants al-jazeera selects. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west
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africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of the days looking forward to for the dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. and a rare intervention the african union called on the sea to delay the announcement of its final election results citing serious doubts. and. also coming up. our goal is simple to ensure that
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we can detect and destroy any missile launched against the united states anywhere anytime anyplace u.s. president outlines his new space based missile defense system. questions over the death of one of its top and best. of the big win at the asian cup beating saudi arabia in the first months of the salary paid off to heart. i. have. the democratic republic of congo to postpone the announcement of its final presidential election. results saying there are serious doubts over the vote provision for original results were released last week declared runner up at last
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and for you who have filed a court challenge demanding a recount he insists he won sixty one percent of the votes in contradiction of official results was declared. the winner. the situation on the ground has fortunately reminded generally calm so far it reminds holly were you to put it bluntly you have serious doubts about the results and the democratic republic of congo. has the latest now from contrasts with some official here say that they are confused usually when you hear african leaders disagree about their job really do it publicly so people are saying what is going on with african leaders we heard that for example we saw this apparent confusion over the weekend them via issued a statement saying that they think that they should be a recount in a few hours later issued a statement saying that is not opposition we are saying that people should wait for the courts to make this announcement so people really wondering what is going on
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with the actually being a what is the way forward and they wanted some kind of clear line from the african leaders to what their stance on the d.r.s. he we know that some international players like france are out there also demanding a recount but all eyes are now on african leaders what is it with us and where they stand on one page if they are divided what does that lead to the deal he if they need to intervene. says all of congress violent piece is also an independent expert on conflict security and democracy in central africa and he says the african union has rights to intervene. goldberg next elections three weeks ago and it turned a bit into a massacre it did declared someone as the winner provisionally who has not had the majority of the votes and it looked like the regular jim was getting away with that and now the african union takes up its responsibility and says don't do that let's start before let's look for a consensus and i think that's
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a very wise decision and a very good development if you look at the past years in congo you see how the. impact of the traditional key players in international diplomacy the western countries have been losing influence at nurnberg has been decreasing and the did the region dirty african multilateral institutions as their views that are going community and indeed the african union have been growing there that there has been a claim for ownership of african multilateral institutions undergoing this conflict which is an african conflict and disclaim has been successful they have the ear of kabila when men did give stigall spivey that exact into consideration because it includes countries like angola who saved his regime at several occasions. in sudan further protests demanding the resignation of president omar al bashir are
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expected following friday prayers nationwide confrontations between police and protesters on thursday killed three people that included a child and a doctor death triggered a sit in at a hospital in khartoum or mourners have been paying their respects at the funeral for that doctor abdel-hamid who died on thursday and says that forty people have been killed since protests against price rises and the president began last month. and speak now to mohammed val our correspondent who joins us on the line from khartoum and mohammed we're getting reports of police firing at mourners of another funeral of one of the protesters who died on thursday. florida was mission but our sources there at the funeral said they haven't had any gunshots of this type but that our session is still going on now they are taking the body of the sixty year old mario bashir who likened to his wound today in
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a hospital to his final burial place and they are chanting of course you know a hundred or two of people are chanting for session against the government and we had but they have been. challenging some of the security. teams in cars that have been surrounding the place but if there is if there is a. fish to think that about four session we haven't yet got any confirmation of if this is just a set casualty or who died so far since the fresh start of the forces yesterday because honey the doctor who was killed yesterday was barely buried an earlier today and a child a fourteen year old mohammed ali was also killed in those protests and today friday we're expecting more anger to be shown after the friday prayers ok and if these are shots all concerned want to give us an idea of what sort of violence we
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can expect those processes to be met with when they come out on the streets later. yeah what happened yesterday and the consolation of more this today will vacillate the anger of these protesters in a number of they have been taken to the streets for amalfi now despite the clock done by security forces and this has been only getting bigger and bigger and spreading across the country by the leading discourse of the government of bashir the president saying that they should forget about changing the government but that's exactly what they want to see is what is that they want to change of regime they once this has been in power for nearly said yes to leave because they say it has failed to fix the problems of sudan and they say that the situation economically and politically socially has only deteriorated further and further and they say they can't take this anymore so we have this this war of attrition that has been going on you know the security forces being really strained and dispersed
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because they need to be everywhere these people are gathering in the different areas and creating father situations of challenge to the to the government security forces so we expect particularly after friday prayers to see them coming out of mosques because most. heating a golden opportunity for them because two forces are always ahead of any part of fatah's been planned and discussed any before it gets momentum mosques are different situation because people cannot be prevented from going for two friday prayers or will expect and more anger to be shown today mohamed valdez he's on the situation there and tossing thanks very much man. an investigative journalist who helped expose corruption in african football has been shot dead in ghana's capital where hussein was part of an undercover probe to expose corruption by the award winning journalist and army your us their investigation led to the resignation of
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the head of the ghana football association and the bursting reports from. relatives and friends gather at the family home of the murdered journalist ahmed hussein. he was shot multiple times just outside his home in accra and what appears to be a targeted killing almost all do is from the north the other family from this place is all here morning you know it's something very shocking and what people were even intending to do we have big. in moscow come to talk to us not to take the law into our home decor yet we don't know who is responsible. of this unfortunate incident i'm at work closely with the award winning investigative journalist and mass army together to expose corruption in the gun in traditionally health sector and most recently saw several hours after the killing and asked posted a video on twitter showing a member of parliament making threats against ahmed in june last year after the
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latest exposé on it led to a lifetime ban from the sport for the head of ghana's football association for bribery and corruption ghana has a very good track record of press freedom not only in west africa but across the entire continent and that's what's made this all the more shocking media and civil society organizations are concerned that environment could be changing and this has come to. that which we need to do something extra not only to maintain our position but also to ensure their rights atmosphere is governed sheet for the participation as an england fan as president has called on the police to act quickly to bring to book the perpetrators of what he called a heinous crime. as the family prepares to bury ahmed and mass and his team say they are devastated but unshaken in their resolve to continue exposing corruption i'm up watching al-jazeera across. yes president donald trump says he wants to
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explore space based weaponry that could shoot down enemy missiles is not so much part of the unveiling of a new defense strategy the particular hand reports from the pentagon cost and technology could put the brakes on space mission. for decades american presidents have dreamed of creating a missile shield over america from ronald reagan's star wars you have to do it today the u.s. president donald trump promising a full scale modernization of the military's missile defense systems but he's taking it further literally into space we will recognize that space is a new war fighting domain with the space course leading the way my upcoming budget will invest in a space based missile defense layer. its new technology it's ultimately going to be a very very big part of our defense and obviously our offense
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that would be a shift felt worldwide but some experts were quick to point out what the president promised is not actually in the pentagon plan review itself says the united states is very interested in seeking a three way or in space so satellites that could observe missile launches and detect them sooner but there isn't any mention of putting weapons in space yet pentagon said that it was due another study over the next six months for the usability of that idea this sounds like science fiction and it would be exceedingly expensive they want to come up with a laser with the technology doesn't exist yet that they could put on drones to potentially shoot down missiles as they're being a lot so how much would all of that cost well there was a briefing here at the pentagon with senior officials the question was asked over and over again and they refused to answer. bottom line it's easy for the president to make big promises but the pentagon is a backdrop getting money to.


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