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tv   The Mafia And The Migrants  Al Jazeera  January 24, 2019 12:32pm-12:59pm +03

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some of the suspects has begun in saudi arabia the united nations special envoy to yemen martin griffith is in charge of arabia for more talks about how to end the nearly four year war he flew out of sanaa with retired dutch general patrick hamad who's heading the u.n. mission charged with monitoring the c.s.i. in her data is expected to meet members of the yemeni government in a three hour it's finally a c.e.o. and chairman of french carmaker renault has resigned qantas cohen has been detained in japan since his arrest on suspicion of financial misconduct in november a sixty four year old was removed from the sound board almost immediately but they have been questioned since over the future of the twenty year old rhino nissan mr alliance the headlines people in power is next in afghanistan billions of dollars of international aid have been donated to girls' education but where has the money gone when east meets girls desperate to learn and asks why is the system failing
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them on al-jazeera. hundreds of thousands of migrants have arrived in italy over the past four years gaining sanctuary from violence and poverty prompting an increasingly truck response from the state others of being more welcoming those seeking to profit from the migrants misfortune we've been to investigate and i would say the system of privately run reception centers has fallen wide open to exploitation corruption and organized crime.
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more than six hundred thousand migrants have arrived by boat in southern italy over the past four years seeking sanctuary persecution and extreme poverty. most of them have been funneled straight into a network of privately run emergency reception centers. funded by italy and the european union. that program now to take you live to london for a news briefing on assad. detained a female activists at attention review panel and human rights watch at this news briefing let's listen in to what they have to say people like me who have been saying and supporting britain's relationship with saudi arabia and recognizing the opportunity that a dynamic young leader has brought society arabia right vision twenty thirty on the
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other side taking up its some of its regional security responsibilities in a way that would otherwise fall perhaps countries like the united kingdom if they want to step in. to step in to take up their responsibilities then. if it's people like me getting engaged in this to try and assist. saudi arabia find a way through this process to have a. healthier relations with the other nations of the world basically the liberal democracies as well as an opportunity to improve the position of civil rights activists and civil society activists inside your idea then so much the better and we can make a very positive contribution to the things. well the issue is no it's that there's no change the position in twenty eighteen seems to get significantly worse. with it within sight it wouldn't saudi arabia the
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position isn't universal that their conduct of their operations in the yemen significantly significantly improved with some as far as its consistency with international human rights law in the conduct of the military operation in the yemen so for example. accountability when things go wrong in that in that operation has very significantly improved from the one that when that operation commence now there is a ban i've been engaged in that discussion in parliament over two years and some might say that i because i took a position so that in defending. the side it led coalition's operation in the yemen and britain's role in continuing to support arms sales to saudi arabia no circumstances that maybe one of the reasons why i was failed to get reelected as general the foreign affairs committee so. i am prepared to call things i was whichever way i see them on whichever side of the equation equation they sit and i
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would hope my chairmanship of this of this panel should then give confidence to the side you'll start gauge with us and they will be dealt with fairly and we will listen very carefully to the. saudi arabia's saudi arabia's position. thank you chris been but i will point out that of course we do not share the view about sales and that's actually one of the strengths i think of why it's important to have the cross party support of this panel and the liberal democrats think that the government has not been strong enough however that's why it's so important for the saudi arabians to engage with us because we have the whole range of the views here and the fact is if they did allow me to go and interview the detainees and seek this evidence it would be well received by britain and other liberal democracies this would not be a seen as any kind of stitch up this is very much a cross party effort and the focus remains on international human rights will
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regardless of we know what other geopolitical considerations saudi arabia may well be involved in at them and. between from got in as i understand you wrote to the saudi embassy here and you've is it correct you hear nothing in. what we know. we're not for it we're not forming a gauge twice a reprint of the panel in a letter to the saudi ambassador on the second of january and then a couple of weeks later with imus of followed up with a less. formally of congratulations to the new foreign minister in saudi arabia and also again in that last. for george drawing attention to the the outstanding requests that there was to the saudi government to engage with us and oversee giving the reasons why we believe it would be
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a wise thing to do for saudi arabia to officially engage with us in unable us as a panel to be able to consider that side of the. side of the story alongside the evidence that has come from your rights watch imus international and other organizations including one might say the united states state department. kim sengupta from the independent but what happened to the don't do the wise thing and give you permission to go in and talk to these tortured business what happens after that and secondly can i ask you you have to know exactly how many women activists and their partners are being ill because the figures tend to be confusing a deal to have to know when the last set of arest took place. and we i mean we really hope that the saudi government do look favorably on our
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request but we have set a deadline for response and we are serious about that deadline and if the saudi government don't give us the opportunity to independently go and collect first hand evidence for ourselves then we will produce a report the only evidence that we will have to go on will be the existing evidence that we have from human rights watch from amherst international and from other sources and so we are asking for the opportunity to collect further evidence first hand evidence but if the if that request is either not responded to or if that request is denied we fully intend to produce a report and give our. comments on the best available evidence the likelihood in the veracity of these claims. in
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answer to your question the the numbers are. not exact because the issue is a lot of people have been arrested and it's sometimes difficult to say which detainees go which with which case right that's that's probably the reason for some of the confusion our count is ten women. currently in detention which we whom we would associate together as well as one man at least one man associated with the same case the. as far as i'm aware the last arrest of this group would have been in july. we've been we've named eight women activists and for that mal supporters and all less of the saudi authorities and it's those cases that we're seeking to pursue we don't have the capacity to review the in. saudi society justice system. i might add that you have personally i regret the fact that the british ministry of justice
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was engaged in a war with the side you'll foresees systemically to try and improve that. system which was counseled by michael gave when he was sector say for justice and if you get some sense of my. where i come from on the on all these issues is. that what was on it will. recall being initiated during my time as prisons minister so i rather regret the fact that way not using the expertise of the prison service the relations i was in the united kingdom then to assist countries who are open to improving their own customs you'll. find a management offender management systems i think that's no appropriate use of of british expertise or whatever the commentary are in prison information system by global standards there are a lot of very highly motivated good people doing doing their best to manage the system in the united kingdom and have of systems of a great deal to learn from them should they wish to do so and we should welcome it
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when they do wish to engage with improving their own justice systems. well with the deadline you just mentioned you have a dog a deadline. for them the deadline is that is twenty days states or twenty knots of this month so we invited the saudi authorities to. let us know in four weeks that they're going to engage with our side is an extension on why we're originally right but recognizes that has been up for major government reshuffle and inside your eyebrow and they want to have time then to get an advice commission properly to the senior decision makers which still has to be a necessary part of the process of coming to a decision to and get engaged with us and if they then if there is then they then say they're going to engage with us then of course we will. need to discuss with them all the timetable of visits might be in the rest to get this. see the
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times over the panel and extend but if it if we had that we didn't hear anything all they say they're not going to engage us then we were reports on the basis of the evidence we've we've got. michael kaplan from c.n.n. . you know sarah you mentioned that one of the tactics is going after people on foreign soil going after exiles asylum seekers on foreign soil do you get the sense that any of you get the sense that that's still going on and post what happened. i mean no i actually insist on adam amplifying what i have to say but certainly the reports we've seen recently. first of all reports published reports we've seen recently has shown the attacks harassment vilification of asylum seekers saudi
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asylum seekers who have gone public with the efforts to punish them or try to entice them to return to the kingdom particularly a number of women who have managed to leave and flee the country in addition to that we are in touch with a number of other women and men who are you know desperately seeking our help and support for their own efforts on asylum and terrified about retaliation in particular against family members who remain behind so certainly as far as we know the practices are continuing i think. no no just that you know what while i probably can't point to a very specific case for you i mean it's still an area of major concern and we don't think that there's necessarily been an observable change. you need was the british government. i'm not going to work with it was the british
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parliament and we're not not members of the executive or nor has the you know have we. now we're looking at site we're looking at what's happening inside irregular on these detainees that's that that's the that's the focus of our of our work. sorry countries double check the purpose of your the whole enterprise is to find out whether there has been torture or is it to challenge the actual detention and second you know your cross party panel but have you in any way sought this poor from the bush government for your enterprise. and your last question is is no this is quite deliberately to be independent of the government this is not a british government or an official british exercise this is an exercise of. three parliamentarians and. legal council and we
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that sense stand our own reputation on our own merits as a group of three members of parliament not i think i could be flanked by two better colleagues better qualified to engage on this work in this panel people have to come to their own view about my merits. and. on new york. the focus of the work of the panel is on these name detainees and their conditions of detention and what happened to them in detention we are not seeking to conduct a review of the entire saudi justice system and. we're not seeking to make take a view about whether or not they have been in a sense properly gone through that that justice system that would be a wider inquiry and frankly outside the scope of the. capacity to do it to do a proper job as a panel with the resources we've got on this question so you made it but that's made a narrow narrow focus on named individuals and what has happened to them but of course
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because of the that they are in effect. celebrities and in the international women's movement about whether they're fighting for women's rights in a nation which would be seem to present the most difficult challenge for the vols one of women's rights globally there is an enormous global focus on what's happening to them and. one would hope that the opportunity then for saudi arabia to send a clear signal that things have changed. and they could amplify that by engaging with the with the bottle. are you watching their news conference by the detention review panel and human rights watch in london on the fate of women activists detailed in saudi arabia the detention review panel brings together across party hoop of british parliamentarians and international lawyers they have
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been requesting the right to visit eight female activists detained in saudi arabia after allegations that the women have been subjected to ill treatment including torture now the lawmakers there say they still haven't had a response to their requests from the saudi government about their visit and you know the request to engage with the saudi government they say they hope the saudi government responds favorably to their isp we quest. have said that if the saudi government doesn't allow them to visit riyadh then they will still produce a report the detention panel review is intending to produce a detailed document they say on their findings following claims that the female activists some of whom were instrumental in georgia is murder this is actually a discourse that turkish officials have been repeating it since the day since the day my day off the crime on to where the second but today turkey's foreign minister
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says that prisons are don who has been saying that he is the personal defender of this case has ordered his team to initiate to push the process for an international investigation if from the turkish side turkcell lost their hope and trust in the salvage a dish or a system because they have been saying that the process the legal process ongoing in turkey has been very transparent ever day have been receiving not collaboration from the saudi justice system especially about the arrests of the suspects who are suspected to have killed. in the saudi consulate building going to stumble and now . the human rights watch panel actually repeats react to rates the same need for an international investigation it seems that it is not only turkey who has lost the hope and sounded just the system and who doesn't who do who does not trust them but it is also the international community is so now in turkey everybody is working
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hard. to push the thirtieth is the second kountry is is to initiate an international investigation and the foreign minister announced that un report turn on extrajudicial summary or arbitrary executions dr agnes call marge will visit turkey on january twenty third until february three and he said that if his schedule will be available he also is planning to hold a meeting with the u.n. repertory thank you for that live for us in istanbul a quick look at other news now and in the democratic republic of congo opposition leader felix you say kate is due to be sworn in as the new president it marks the first peaceful transfer of power since the country gained independence from belgium in his fur final televised address the outgoing president joseph kabila public to support his successor he said he'll pass on power without regret after more than
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two turbulent years of delayed elections this week should be construed you should respect in the constitution i will hand over power tomorrow without regrets or remaster the same way you supported me join the past eighteen years or call in a youth in particular the future of our country rival leaders from central african republic are due in sudan to try again to settle on a peace agreement here our has been in the grip of crisis since twenty thirteen when rebel fighters took over the capital make a report this is fourteen month old john dulled by hunger in a diet of boer leaves john and the others now face death. while rebel groups and muslims and christians fight each other children in the central african republic are suffering the united nations fears the worst is yet to come the central african republic children have been abandoned for too long they need
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attention they need it now they need it in the long run so that they can have a future they can look forward to that they can as i get. gunshots inside the parliament last october politicians continue to fuel hatred pitting christians against muslims twelve thousand un peacekeeping troops trying in vain to end the sectarian violence fighting between the fourteen militia groups is intensifying each vying to control a country rich in diamonds gold and other valuable minerals. surrounded by rebel groups and frustrated with the west's inaction president ouattara has called flatterer putin for help in november al jazeera gained exclusive access to russian soldiers now training and arming the country's forces on the outskirts of the capital. i think that's otherwise a piece is our goal we are training the forces in order for them to regain control
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and security of the borders so we bring peace to this country and that means that muslims of us in. sudan backed by russia are jumpstarting peace talks with rebel groups that were stalling under the african union initiative they're now meeting in khartoum in hopes to break the deadlock with this russian intervention france the former colonial power is losing its footing on its former colony reviving tensions of the cold war. in the east are countries with russian military presence in the west are french and american military bases caught in the middle of this escalating crisis are the people of the central african republic. nicholas hawk al-jazeera a prominent iranian journalist jailed in the united states has been released american born marzia shammy was detained for ten days as a witness in an undisclosed investigation the fifty nine year old news for center
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appeared in court twice but was not charged with a crime she's been freed from u.s. custody after testifying before a grand jury in washington. u.s. president john thomas former lawyer is delaying his testimony to congress michael cohen was scheduled to speak in february about trump's ties to russia and payments to science and adult film actress he blamed the delay on threats from trump and he is attorney rudy giuliani denies this and says cohen is a lie has more from washington. it was going to be must see t.v. michael cohen u.s. president donald trump's former fixer and personal lawyer will he was supposed to testify before a house panel on february seventh he has now come out and said he can't testify just yet so id threats that he perceives from the president and the president's own lawyer basically the president's been naming his father in law saying that that's who should be investigated for his part president trump said what colin's afraid of is not him but the truth coming out so michael cohen saying he can't testify just
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yet and now the question is is he going to testify he's going to prison in march for up to three years for things like congress financial crimes campaign finance violations the congress can't subpoena him and some democrats have indicated that they might still if they bring him out of prison and bring him before capitol hill it's not at all clear he's going to answer all of their questions because he is a central part to the ongoing investigations and there are several of them and his attorney has already said he's not going to divulge anything that he's told investigators to go ahead in washington and that's it from me back to bill for now on al-jazeera but do stay with us so how raman is with you next for the al-jazeera news hour. the plundering. the habitat of some of europe's most species. but a remarkable campaign by local residents is challenging the mike to the country's
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investors pinning high hopes on its new prime minister. minding our. business updates to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates to you by qatar airways going places together. with you. in the. china trade. bill is leaving the biggest call to bring you the stories in the economic world we live in counting the cost. of. this is al jazeera.
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celeron welcome to the al-jazeera news our live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes a panel of british m.p.'s and lawyers say the saudi government has failed to respond to a request to visit to take and activists. also venezuela's opposition leader one plato declares himself president with the u.s. on some regional support but nicholas the tourist says he's not going anywhere. and the first peaceful trying.


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