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tv   Afghanistans School Scandal  Al Jazeera  January 25, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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students who were protesting against president tomorrow bashir in the capital for two protests have broken out in several sudanese cities following a call by trade unions for a mass rally have been daily demonstrations against bashir is the rule since last month. and two measures to end the partial u.s. shut down fall in short in the senate one was a bill backed by republican president donald trump to end the shutdown by funding the war on the us mexico border the a bill supported by the democrats to reopen closed agencies without such funding so the deadlock over that shutdown continues you are out today with our top stories this hour coming up next one zero one east investigates the scandal in afghanistan schools that's it for myself in the team here in london more news from doha later. the week began with views of ninety days truce in the to protect u.s. china trade war the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leading
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the biggest oil cartel we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on zero zero. in war torn afghanistan. simply going to school can be a privilege. especially if you're a girl. and. two out of three girls don't attend school this is by billions of dollars in aid spent on education over the last two decades . i'm steve on this episode of what i want to use to reinvestigate why so many of afghanistan's girls are kept outside of the classroom.
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into the dawn of a new school day across afghanistan and girls from the dash district or neighborhood in west kabul begin making their way to class. pursed a trickle. and soon a steady stream of. by six am the outpouring from the gates. thirsty for knowledge maybe. it's six am seems early for school and it is and. that's because this is the first of three shifts here. it's the only way to accommodate the more than fourteen thousand students from the school wolf split almost evenly between schools and. over the next week we've been given extremely rare access inside the cia the shahadah school to try to understand what life is like for a girl for at
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a school in afghanistan. because the car business are hard for us in our country. or problems. sixteen year old man. has been a student at seattle shahada since grade one over that time she and principal akila tasha cooley have seen the numbers of girls at your school more than ok melissa yes and show a stroll and though we have. a few buildings here and there. was a student here they get this seven thousand just as just yes i wonder how long. the huge increase in the numbers of fuel studying it. is a welcome sign of progress compared to the days when the taliban were in power and
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girls were forbidden from going to school. but the school's enormous growth has a major consequence too many students and not enough classrooms so we have a few buildings here yet ones are for girls one is simple this. time of movement is saying that that building is from the beis building room for the from the five buildings from the by the we are seeing the buildings are all the by all the building all of the boys are the mice yes. where are the girls that's the eyes of the yes. we don't have a classroom. we don't have buildings and that's just for our parents and all of the buildings are on the mice but we don't have any room. how many classes into
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tiles we are more than four feet from what it costs us more to come in times a day she time with a. really good is ok just go hard to be on the bus to lug with you. now you're. getting. there is only one high school in this neighborhood which is why the girls come from far away from all the population is growing and day by day the girls come knocking on our door to be enrolled and we cannot tell them no point. and we have to accept them but we don't have enough space that's why we have problems. the. lack of infrastructure is only one of many reasons why so many afghan girls are out
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of school. in fact no one actually knows how many girls are in school not even the afghan government the ministry of education is not sure how many students are there is it eleven million or is it seven point two million is it eight million nobody knows exactly how many students are there. welcome that that's just one of several findings of a recent independent review on corruption within the ministry of education released late last year the results made headlines across the country it found widespread corruption throughout the education system ministry. of bashar is the former director of afghanistan's anti corruption watchdog and author of the report after spending billions and billions of taught in the last sixteen years. we have not been able actually to have any kind of building for most of the schools our finding
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shows that. the treaty money was taken in cash to remote parts of afghanistan by the trustees and we had information that the money did not make the right people. had siad all shahada there aren't even enough classrooms for the boys. many classes are held in the hallways or in stairwells wherever a teacher came from space. the only place you won't find boys attending class is in a tent or out in the open with the girls in the past we where together by some girls we didn't go first to a lack of that class is ok we had enough classes here but right now we have too much people we have too much a student here because of this there is no play is. recognizing the desperate need
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at the school japanese donors built to need buildings five years ago so girls would have their own classrooms. at the school shura community leaders decided to give those buildings to the poor. in this school is a blank stare as to girls because when the foreigners are coming we were under the sun we were under the rain bad therefore and i was next one did the school's frazz but right now is this by says i don't know why you feel angry about this through angry yes because in the past. where when they're coming so they will think about us as about about the gears but right now it's the my school i don't know why and it's right makes me really angry that's why i always the right of the girls are like. improving education especially for girls is a well known objective for international donors principal akila says the local
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community gave the buildings to the boys thinking. that donors would come back to build more classrooms for the girls. the honey. what if. people think n.g.o.s come here to work only for girls so the community decided the buildings should be for the boys. i don't know if the school's management or others interview these issues are always decided by the males and the school management. did the donors ever come back after they built the building. they came once to visit then went back to the raffle. the security situation continues to deteriorate in afghanistan as a result there we feel international donors are able to visit the projects they support so many rely on third party monitors to do that work which according to the
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anti corruption committee opens yet another avenue for corruption we've found that the school monitors and instead of doing proper monitoring off the quality of education. they have been working for themselves you know to go to some of the school to kind of harass the teachers in the school administration get money from them and then through their evaluation once they were happy we had an exam or. a school that we were working with them but actually on which has a thousand kids on the register actually when we went in there there were twelve kids coming to school. in kaplan is a researcher who contributed to the anticorruption report as an education specialist he works with the norwegian and geo providing support for schools throughout afghanistan including this school for the deaf and kabul. sign language
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which. kaplan says he's fortunate to be able to visit the projects and geo supports it's often kind of difficult for donors to be able to do that because of security concerns but also sometimes it's not always the interest to go out and follow up on these things and to go out and visit so it doesn't happen very often i think even when you get a feeling for something in a way that you don't if you're sitting behind a desk you know you see people and you see them engaging in learning and i mean for me that's the reason to be here but without that i would just lose the feeling for it i think altogether but he says lack of donor access and oversight is only one of the issues affecting girls' education in afghanistan while girls lacking so much more than boys when it comes to education well i think you know at least in the past there have been just much more of a focus on just getting anyone in the school first and then it was easier to get boys into school and. you know and also just because of gender you know that
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the more attention has been focused on boys than girls generally see india is a country that's leaving all this like saying that they are not that they're not that there's all this saying that this. is top the. levels of the afghan government and the international community deal with the findings of the anti corruption report the staff and the girls that say it all shot up face more immediate issues. the first shift of the school day from six am to ten am is almost over and while four hours might seem a little light on school times it may be a blessing in disguise because any longer and the girls may happen to play with. the shocking new car bomb we have seven thousand go but both male and female students have to use the same time on such was a problem. we tell them during the summer yes do it at home before coming to school
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. have you ever gone to the toilet in your school yes i was seven years old that i or went to call and. it's a will but situation here. the biggest kind of war during. the course of the by so. was. employed with this. poor working conditions in most schools make it more difficult to attract female teachers yet they are desperately needed because many families still will not accept men teaching their daughters. we have only fifty four full time teachers including principal and edwin starr so this is the problem when we don't have enough teachers and we have to take temporary staff
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but because of a school is far away many female teachers condren. far away is simply the outskirts of western kabul. but it's too far for female teachers unfamiliar with the neighborhood or uncertain about its security. it's a paradox principal akila cannot recruit enough women to teach at her school yet it's estimated that up to seventy five percent of teaching graduates are unemployed and most of them are women. at the saeed jumma luden teaching college in a more affluent district of couple afghanistan's next generation of teachers is learning the best techniques to connect with their future students. every one of these graduates knows a good education is not always enough to land a teaching job. that i studied inside john lydon
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and he graduated from class fourteen. i made it in dari and king second in the class. then i tried looking for a good job. graduated three years ago from this college but she is still looking for work as. we try our best to get jobs in the local way but we cannot get anything. but there is another way which is illegal but i have never tried it. i try my best to do things. but it hasn't worked yet. of all the findings in the corruption report the issue highlighted as most devastating was the poor quality of teachers throughout the country. jobs were given to those who could afford to pay a bribe not those who are best qualified it's hard to slap
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a percentage on this stuff but the majority of teachers that we spoke with suggested that teachers coming in recent years have to pay a year's salary in advance to be able to even get a teaching position. what about your classmates who you graduated with twenty of them have jobs are they in the same position as you are. as far as i know none of them have secured a future either. the problem is that we have to have qualified teachers. it's not about the number of the teacher it's about the quality of the teacher. we came across instances where you know. a religious school graduate was teaching you know physics in math to the students he didn't know and i think and something about that subject i think what's happening now more and more sick kids are you know leaving school because their experience is just so miserable and they're not learning it just isn't prepared just prefer children for work or for life. and so
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what's the point. it's truly afternoon and the students and staff of study you don't have another major problem to deal with this is the courtyard of the so you know how the school where most of the girls take the passes but this afternoon behind me there is a massive storm brewing and if the rain gets any heavy or school is over for the day. do you think it's fair that boys always have classrooms and girls have to say. it's a problem then because general of the well known times within the world there are thousands of the boys they have right but the girls. they don't have they have class by the girls don't have class for example my my brothers are not they are boy they have class my sister i thing more than five years their student outside in front of this. and they are there rain and they do those days that
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there was a van so they will not they will not teach you one they will like the study something. it will come back oh it's harder to learn yeah you're outside worse so they can not do little knowledge under the rain the rain will come. as the sky gets darker and knowing some of the girls have up to an hour's walk to get. to know weeks no longer. after just an hour and a half of lessons the girls are sent on their way to. afghanistan has never had so many students going to school even when the security in some parts of afghanistan we still have the the quantity actually we have. between seven to eight million students going to school as i said we don't know the
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exact number but i think that's a significant number but i think the quality of education what is more important we don't have that we have fairly poor quality education and that goes back to many things you know corruption is one of the major causes of having poor quality education. and you have to convince your dad to let you go to school or worse my father was also. he was not ok about going to school before he was saying something not that you don't want the boys at school like there's no destiny that school is not good. for example biggest working in the home. cleaning washing listings and now he is
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a play i was thing for him that it's the world has changed and we should have knowledge that. man was his father dad runs a small store around the corner from the family home. he and his wife have six children that is the oldest. this business is the sole source of income has to provide for his family doesn't hold lucrative i have never been to school or to get emotionally i can't even understand the simple. afghan tradition dictates the eldest daughter should stay home to take care of the family. does not. mean and looks after her siblings before and after school but she's also impressed her family with how hard she studies.
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he's very intelligent he's now in grade eleven. the last few years he was number one school and now she's number two. did you include richer. than ever with yes it was with our encouragement a mother and father she is now in grade eleven and number two in school. do you worry at all your daughters when they walk off to school have been the major yes i worry because the security has not been good for the last few years fairly this year the security is much worse and that's why we worry i mean we're going to talk even today there was a bomb blast. that blast was just two kilometers away targeting a voter registration center sixty people were killed. but it did not stop madness
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from going to school a few hours later. to seeing your girls attend the last shift of the day from one to five pm. the community won't allow teenage boys and girls to mix so no boys are present during the afternoon shift. it's one of the few times the girls can use the buildings that were actually built for them always i don't think to myself and i know. this situation is not good you have to change this. just start changing the first your family were unable. to that you can be a successful to serve or always i'm saying for myself i can't i can leave the thing i can do they like and believe. me these things.
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well manaus looks with hope to all that is possible can support a killer continues to deal with the seemingly impossible so if it's just a judge. even after the boys have left school for the day they're still not enough classrooms for all the girls and at times not enough teachers are not yeah i was. one i'm isha i would. write about it well. i just was. all you got to be. for those working every day in afghanistan schools the strain is evident in the future uncertain. the responsibility of being a principal is too much to ask a lot of. they don't have copied and i don't think i can get them if i were just
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a teacher it would be better. whether the reforms recommended in the anticorruption report will help principle remains unclear but the fact that the report was commissioned and released at all may be seen as a sign of progress. we did have resistance from some of the ministry resisted. graft on other work in the last few years and you have record does not reflect as good but we have to. be clear to senator that this report is not about. the reaction to the report was swift with the president ghani himself promising to implement the recommendations but any improvements that result may be too late for a man. she's hoping to be at university after she finishes high school next year. after that i would get a job after that i have. a
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world of politics and i will supply eastern for the keris it's. not like it with me was my little brother to be what this is a. thing that for against being a boxer. it's good for the. i want to live for they care so. it's estimated that more than sixty percent of afghanistan's girls are not in school so manaus is dream to provide a better future for them. but given the challenges that she and many of her classmates have faced just to go to school anything seems possible you never feel like it's. sometimes sometimes it's hard
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but again when i think something when i. again thing that is a war that about the world and thinking again i. ask. for now decisions about girls' education still lie mainly with men who run the ministry and fathers who rule the home that may slowly evolving. has convinced her father to let her go to university. where once he questioned whether she should study at all the debate now is whether she studies medicine or politics . but girls like matt and her peers will have to keep fighting to change the future for themselves and for the next generation that stands girls when we're all happy. when my father says. when for example my father say that yes you are my problem
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is the obvious but i'm. yes. rewind returns i care bring your people back to life from start with brian new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in live i was the global for the us . and the others through the rewind continues with me going into a war zone he said the first thing i look for is the exit it's all how to get it it's all to get out but nobody sees your pictures there's no point going to these places rewind on al-jazeera. russian filmmaker andre explores how putin's russia impacts the very values of the nation russians are famous for their cultural legacy but can traditional and conservative be the source of stagnation and authoritarian rule why was almost the assuming he did by the police to the shoes ukraine six homosexuality the significance of the book into the russian elite
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is that he was like a feature who controls the cobra in search of putin's russia on al-jazeera. this is zero. welcome to the al-jazeera news hour on live from my headquarters in doha. ron i'm coming up in the next sixty minutes what the military by his side venezuela's president back against the u.s. while clinging to power. challenging. the former student leader who's declared himself interim president. i think. a lot of the things that they're saying. work.


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