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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. this is al-jazeera. you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. i hear that as well as military commanders lined up in support of president nicolas maduro the international community is still
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divided on his future. also the afghan taliban appoints one of its founders to join negotiations with the united states plus. i'm wayne hay in phnom penh where opposition members could be about to attempt a comeback something that may result in their arrest. and from the streets of paris to southern iraq gallows becomes the color of protest in basra. welcome to the program venezuela's president has had his opponents at home and abroad with backing from the military and world powers like russia and china but the u.s. and its latin american allies are demanding that nicolas maduro be replaced by opposition leader plato has declared himself interim president un human rights chief michel bashfully is warning the situation may rapidly spiral out of control with counter. consequences i listened to reports not from venezuela's border with
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colombia. one after the other venezuelan regional military command took to the airwaves today clearly l.t. to president nicolas maduro saying that the opposition efforts to replace him with the transitional government were an attempted coup was a position reiterated by the country's defense minister blood even by that. i learned the people of venezuela that a coup is being carried out against our institutions against our democracy against our constitution against our president nicolas maduro the legitimate president of the bully varian republic of venezuela it was a show of unity and strength for the embattled government of unequal last month. and it came the day after the largest anti-government demonstrations in the country since two thousand and seventeen and after the younger position leave their door proclaim themselves illegitimate interim president outside business well
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a number of countries including the united states have backed away those claim to legitimacy and in tears the u.s. state secretary mike. time was up the time for debate is. the regime of former president nicolas maduro just illegitimate. his regime is morally bankrupt. it's economically incompetent but it is profoundly corrupt the president answered ordering all venezuelan diplomats home from the united states in giving us diplomats in venezuela seventy two hours to leave other world powers like russia and china came to my rescue worrying the us against the external intervention in the country. is the traditional revolution it is another flagrant interference into internal affairs of a sovereign state as you know there has been several attempts to out of the duma from power including attempts on his life is just ridiculous here on the border
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city of the thousands of venezuelans keep crossing into colombia on a daily basis in search of food medicine and basic health services they can't access back home they say they receive the latest news from venezuela with a mix of hope and wariness i look at we needed this to happen to bring about change and fortunately it will take more dead and injured the country. is not an option. local n.g.o.s say twenty six people have been killed since the latest wave of protests against my doodle began four days ago the president called for dialogue with the opposition but few see any alternatives to more turmoil in coming days alison and. who in the international community is supporting nicolas maduro and who is against him russia says that he moves to remove him from power or illegal wild turkeys calling him a brother china is also standing behind him mexico with
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a newly elected leftist president is recognizing that maduro as president so now allies bolivia and cuba saying they remain committed to him canada has joined the united states in calling for madeira to resign while in latin america the recent rise of the right as a road support for brazil argentina chile and colombia amongst others. now washington has called for a special session of the u.n. security council to discuss venezuela on saturday but as more nations side with opposition leader one leader and a gala explains the difficulties facing the u.n. . over the decades the united nations has tackled some of the world's biggest humanitarian crises and many say the situation in venezuela is no different millions of fled into neighboring countries as venezuela's economy continues to crumble colombia alone has taken in over a million refugees placing
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a strain on its economy speaking at the united nations colombia's foreign minister made it clear his nation is no friend of venezuelan president nicolas maduro we've done. the government of nicolas maduro on we give full support to the national assembly and to the discussion of the you know with the competency that they have based of the venezuelan. declaration that he's now venezuela's interim president has gained support across the world but for the united nations this remains a sovereign matter and so far it's not taking sides at this critical time what the secretary general emphasized and he emphasized again in davos is that he urged all actors to lower tensions and pursue every effort to prevent violence and avoid any escalation that remains our priority but as tensions in venezuela grow and its people become more desperate analysts say the united nations should take a stand and i understand you know and they have been important of them become a stain impartial but they also you know this is the kind of crisis that can either
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make the u.n. relevant or make it irrelevant and that would be my my i guess my my my my my argument or some sort of more proactive role in this crisis venezuela may now have two presidents but it's unlikely the united nations will follow the us canada and the u.k. in backing. the un's priority is to prevent violence and as long as china and russia permanent members of the security council continue to back venezuela that position is unlikely to change and gallacher al-jazeera the united nations headquarters the afghan taliban has named one of its co-founders to lead its political office in qatar gunning about another is expected to join negotiations with the u.s. which look to be gaining momentum. will be ripples. abdul ghani baradar was the former right hand man of taliban found. he spent eight years in a pakistani prison before he was released last october analysts say his appointment
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as political leader of the taliban's of hissing cattle shows the armed groups commitment to the afghan peace process he is somebody who all was favored negotiations in peace talks and therefore the pakistani government put him in prison years back and here he has this anti pakistan narrative and at the same time favoring trees and a strong supporter of the peace process the taliban was pushed from power by u.s. forces in late two thousand and one discussions between taliban leaders and u.s. diplomats started last summer in an effort to end the seventeen year long war and establish a unity government the u.s. envoy recently toured the region seeking help from allies including pakistan the u.s. has repeatedly accused islamabad of providing safe haven to the taliban leaders accusations dismissed by the pakistani government so this is
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a major major change for the taliban and one that bodes very well for peace mullah baradar has been on the side of peace for over a decade and this is a sign that there is great hope many things could go wrong but there has been no such hope for peace in afghanistan for the last twenty years almost. that peace would be easy the taliban doesn't recognize the government in kabul and demanding foreign troops leave afghanistan it's unclear if the parties are willing to make any concessions and agree on a unity government big touring again to be al jazeera well as the background for him dusty is the former chief editor of the kabul weekly and a political analyst joins me now live from kabul good to have you with us on al-jazeera again sir why is. really the warning that the u.s. and we general powers feel that they can do business with
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oil as a as it was said in your report it seems that mullard rather been the pharaoh of the peace negotiation. and he has a reputation among the top one used to figure out how in the law the use of the defense minister of taiwan why you are in power now ninety five to two thousand and one and that sure is that the issues enough of our brother as chief negotiator for the other one delegation shows that they are quite serious in this view stocks in this country it of course hopes in. if that's the case then why has you might say his name come forward now or why is his star rising why wasn't able to push for peace if he'd he does play that role many years earlier. i think we can interpret it as a change of policy from the pakistani side because while he was
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in favor of peace negotiation with the former president karzai government he was arrested by pakistanis and almost a decade in prison or then if they released him i did they have released him several months ago but they've been let him to leave pakistan and to take the lead of negotiation in the qatar office it seems that the pakistanis have to end their policies as well. indeed recently only twenty four hours ago from davos we had the afghan chief executive a dollar speaking to our senior u.n. diplomat james bays and said that negotiations have to be led by afghanistan and by afghans here we see the u.s. and pakistan playing quite important roles here where does kabul fit into this much why did you possible. not kabul is to to be part
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of this negotiation i delegate. to emirates in the previous round of negotiation but all of them were not that step accepted to talk to them my understanding is that the pakistanis in the u.s. envoy was talking with our live on they are just paving their all for the face to face negotiation between taliban in the afghan government. like it or not the afghan government is the legitimate government of afghanistan in nobody can bypass it so. too did the war of the day after tomorrow taliban has to talk with this government also but i feel there are there are some issues that they want to be resolved before coming to the to the negotiation table i think they are they're looking for for some guarantees from the u.s. side in other major international players then to come in to talk with the afghan
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government indeed i mean while they take on those negotiations with the u.s. and pakistan in the in the government in kabul the taliban themselves a little broader also will have to look at his own. personnel and people around him because not everybody will be happy surely in the taliban to come to the negotiating table he has to win over his own people. exactly but equally those fears come on there is only there is for days in the last decade and a half who have not been indicted it can't with a lot of other even. let me stay with the old generation after eleven of course that that will not be easy for them to convince everybody to be in a common peace but. also when we see there are miles on either last year or two thousand and eighteen taliban have
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a feel for the mic and the cease fire then their foot soldiers will enter this city's in their control of them so this is why as i said the beginning that they are looking for some guarantees before coming to the face to face negotiations with the afghan government well we'll leave it there for interesting time certainly and want to keep an eye on definitely for him dusty thanks so much for joining us from kabul sir. mr international says it's obtained new reports of detained female activists being tortured inside the arabia the rights group says it has testimony showing that ten women have been hurt and sexually abused in an informal holding center and two of the activists were forced to kiss each other while interrogators looked on each other spoke of being tortured with electric shocks amnesty revealed similar reports last november those claims were dismissed by saudi arabia baseless the group says it's written to saudi authorities requesting access to the detainees but has had no response linda maloof is amnesty international's middle east
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research director she says the saudi government must allow independent monitors access to the detention centers. we don't have confirmed reports what we do know is that. the torture that they were subjected to were in an undisclosed location in the beginning of their detention the first three months of the detention. but you know the lack of information the lack of ability to verify these reports just hi and like it's that urgent need for access to independent monitors we're going to keep calling for this and says this is the only we want to keep the pressure on the saudi authorities to allow for this access if the soldier with or it is today are genuine in their in their narrative of being reformist and wanting to do to reform the society then this should be the beginning of the conversation access to independent monitors into the country is the beginning of the conversation and
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this should be the starting point into the situation sort of africa now a more antigovernment protests are expected across sudan on friday this comes as activists say at least two more people have been killed during demonstrations thursday's rallies which carried on through the night were some of the most widespread since the arrest began last month the government says twenty nine people have been killed since december but rights groups say the figure is much higher. still ahead here on the al jazeera news relocating ring of refugees why new camp in the bay of bengal is raising concerns amongst human rights groups and tension and turned a gas in the greek capital as crowds protest against a deal over the name of macedonia. the family of missing footballer emilio sala calls on rescue has not turned that search for days after his plane went missing over the english channel.
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the democratic republic of congo's new president says that he's ready to. challenges that lie ahead by building a country where everyone has a say but people are impatient to see how he'll deal with the weak economy and corruption to meet the miller has more from conscious or was arriving at the palace of the nation to be sworn into office felix to secure the city to become the democratic republic of congo's fifth president since independence from belgium in the one nine hundred sixty s. but for many congolese the ceremony matters deeply in a country having dealt with decades of conflict and violence it's the first peaceful handover of power since independence and a symbol of change after eighteen years of rule under joseph kabila. last month's election was bitterly fought the country's new president came with a message of reconciliation national party we want to build
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a strong congo in its cultural diversity we will promote its development in peace and security a conduit for each and every one everybody will have his or her own place. the formal ceremony soon turned into a celebration there were loud cheers from the thousands of people would gathered on the lawns of the palace of the nation throughout the proceedings and continued people here excited about the message coming from the new president felix just a katie one of unity for my remark i am very happy to hear myself the former and the new president calling for unity this will help us to live in a very good society without discrimination. that we are here to welcome our new president and we ask him to please address our problems from the street all the way up to help our children get off the streets and find jobs is. as good as
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a feeling of joy because it's the first time for me to see a peaceful transition in my country and a significant first to see this example which will help in our future but not everything went according to plan it was confusion and panic as the president fell ill during his address we were told to stop filming. i soon after the president resumed his speech no official explanation was given but the people we spoke to here said the president was simply overcome by the occasion just one african head of state was seen at the ceremony kenya's president of. the african and european union's had expressed concern about the way the election was conducted but did recognize the outcome. however little can take away from the optimism many feel with the new president now sworn in that mood will be tested in the months to come as felix to security deals with the challenges facing the democratic republic of congo for me deborah al-jazeera kinshasa. south asia now
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where the united nations special rapporteur on me and all yang he was granted access to inspect a temporary facility that will house during the refugees and bangladesh bus and jar is a low lying island the bad. nearly five hundred kilometers cox's bazar about a hundred thousand rangar are to be moved to live in nearly built barracks while human rights groups have criticized the plan saying living there will be like a prison lee is wrapping up her trip and is expected to speak about it on friday our correspondent natasha going to joins me now from the bangladeshi capital dhaka earlier this week natasha you talked about how india was deporting reading go back to bangladesh and now we hear about this island in the bay of bengal a potential location for the remainder what do we know about it. well i can tell you when you spend several hundred in the refugees as we have in the camps they have very strong feelings about the prospect of going to boston char
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island it literally translates to floating island depending on what kind of boat you take it's about a four to six hour boat ride to the mainland and it's constantly in the path of cycling site clones and typhoons so clearly prone to flooding it's uninhabited but the bailiff actually government is hoping as you mentioned to transfer about one hundred thousand rohingya refugees to this island up until recently it has been shrouded in secrecy the un special rapporteur since the rohingya crisis began has been pushing the bangladeshi government for access to the island that was finally given last minute on thursday and we're looking to hear what the special rapporteur has to say about the conditions on bass and char island we found some video leaked on you tube that shows aerial footage of row very long concrete looking buildings with red roofs but you can see that nobody is living on the island the government's
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position is that the living conditions would be better on boston shahr that it would allow refugees the opportunity to earn a living they say right now the almost one million people packed into this mega camp in cox's bazar are living in very congested conditions there's been an enormous environmental impact on the area it's heavily deforested and it sits on an elephant migration route the hope is according to the refugee relief and repatriation commission is that as soon as it gets the green light from the bangladeshi government they will move refugees to the island now as you just said. is expected to speak later on friday and we are hoping that you could to touch on the republican plan. also very controversial to. indeed i do want to mention one more thing about boston char one of the things that we are expected to hear from ms lee is whether or not the bangladeshi government
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can guarantee the safety of these refugees and allay the concerns that human rights groups have about the island the other issue is this repatriation plan you might recall that in november there was a massive outcry and protests among working to refugees when they would actually government announced that it had reached an agreement with the and mark to transfer about twenty two hundred refugees back to the country the outcry was to the extent that these refugees were so terrified some were saying that they would commit suicide in light of all that the bangladeshi government said ok since no one is volunteering to go because forcibly deporting them back to me and mara transferring them back to be a mark would be an international a violation of international law they tabled the repatriation plan but we spoke to the commissioner of the refugee relief and repatriation commission last week and he
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says that the government is eager to resume this plan as soon as possible but the calving out so is that that is very dependent on a people volunteering to go and be the conditions and the m.r. being safe enough for them to do so natasha of course come back to. us represents to slee a spoken thank you. greece's parliament is due to vote on a landmark agreement with neighboring macedonia as police fired tear gas to disperse protesters and some chanted traitors on thursday as politicians inside the building debated the contentious issue for a fourth day they're arguing whether to ratify the u.n. brokered agreement under which macedonia will change its name to north macedonia. this hypocrisy must end thirty years of hypocrisy this truce and must be tied up the reserves of hatred and division that were sown by nationalism on both sides must expire colleagues i believe that with this agreement greece gains back the
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most important thing what belongs to it it's history symbols its traditions the heritage of ancient greek macedonia further our neighbors north macedonia a country that we have turned our backs on and have kept pushing away to seek others becomes a country that is a friend and ally a supporter of greece for cooperation peace and security in the region was a good close look at what led to the longstanding dispute over macedonia's name but the crisis between macedonia and greece started in one thousand nine hundred ninety one and that's when macedonia declared independence after breaking away from yugoslavia during the balkan walls greece objected to the new name saying it represented a claim on its territory as it has a northern province called macedonia highlighted here in yellow last june the two countries signed an agreement to change the name to north macedonia the deal was ratified by macedonia's parliament while great legislators delayed the vote until now if passed greece will stop blocking its neighbors bid to join nato and the e.u.
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but critics say the deal will give away greek cultural heritage. israel says it summoned ireland's ambassador and plans to reprimand her it's in response to the irish parliament advancing legislation which if approved aims to criminalize any business that deals with israeli settlements in the occupied west bank prime minister benjamin netanyahu has called the planned law a disgrace more than one hundred people were detained in egypt last year for criticizing the government and that's according to a report by amnesty international which says at least one hundred thirteen were jailed for peacefully expressing their views adding critics are often sent to solitary confinement or face force disappearances and the city warns it's now the most dangerous time in egypt's recent history to speak out against the government there's been no immediate response from the egyptian government. the same way me is that mr internationals egypt researcher joins me now via skype from budapest good
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to have you with us on the program and your findings make for stark reading but how did you collate your facts and why should we take them at face value. morning saw the numbers of who we came up was it's actually the absolute minimum and this comes after months of for we managed to document. and your accounts of the wrists proceedings in the court and how that piece and been going on so far so you have examined court documents we examine we've looked at lots of distance and. burton and we have also examined so legislations that were used to in prisons use individuals to now the egyptian government hasn't made any acknowledgement of your report or commented on it yet your findings. if they are the way they are from previous form will be disputed by cairo how does that impact on your report
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and where do you go with the rejection of it from cairo. so as a general searches don't usually respond to criticism from human rights organizations and when z. to be mostly deny deny all indications instead of actually engaging with human rights organizations i don't think that at this level i don't think that's a general sort of his denial does carry a lot of weight simply because the reality situation i'm in now was a first time since eight years as there aren't even calls on social media for going out to street simply because there is no space for protesting now at all. and also so you say that you in your report that twenty eighteen was the worst for people being detained as you just mentioned there and the peaceful expression can you just expand on that what do you mean by peaceful expression what are they being arrested for. and it is that we have collected so far so includes
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a variety of of reasons for being arrested suse's comes from people who support for supporting football teams people who are arrested for coming out against sexual harassment people who are arrested for doing so journalistic or people who. whose voice an opinion on elections last year people who were arrested for simply proposing sarcastic tweets or for posting memes on social media and in people who were not who were arrested simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time saw it so you can see that this is a variety of. reasons and zero chance that you'll be arrested if you do oppose the government and we can all seasons of sars against them are completely unfounded because the police charged with the same charges which is that which our membership interest groups and also this meeting process information whoever's or almost no evidence at all against them and evidence if there is evidence it relies on tweets
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or facebook posts that are or videos that were taken from that person accounts ok talk about these people let's talk about these people what sort of demographics are we talking about what sort of backgrounds to these these people come from all they politicians are the activists are they just general members of civil society who are they. so i think a variety of demographics saw it includes join a list it includes politicians it includes also former military former two men's that were actually try to run out of turn elections against prison c.c. last years for example same young man was arrested last year but also includes lots of young people saw it shoot includes lots of people in search twenty's does that impulse for fans in their late teens that includes women who were raised offenders include civil side towards it includes people that are completely political and
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this is also a gender balance not gender but position to a mix of men and women that were just insists that we but it's interesting to see and hear what you have to say between see how cairo reacts to your report the moment the same way we thanks for joining us from amnesty international. well in a few minutes we'll have the weather with robert still ahead here on the al-jazeera news. the large social issues being pushed aside in britain while its leaders are consumed by proxy. and the bills pile up for us government workers going without pay because of the shutdown we meet one woman who can't afford to heat her house. and cattles asian couple was to become a true power on the pitch by the time they host the world cup in twenty twenty two santa will have that story and spoke. from a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback.
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you probably don't equate algeria was snow but of course the atlas mountains run into argyria and this is a picture which i mean it could be somewhere you know par in europe this is the picture yesterday as that snow fell so about a thousand meters off look it said tif now it does know fairly often in the winter but this is quite a good for just represents what is really hot stormy weather in the central mediterranean at the moment that snow is just one aspect of it of course the whole circulation is moving slowly eastwards and it's strong it's cloud against well turkey and that rain that antalya ahead of it all it was quite stormy so the picture again from yesterday's was effectively a nascent tornado of course a certain amount of wind damage that this is the main problem with this system and as has been the case it was the case every which in madrid it rain is the problem
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the amount of rain that falls is quite significant anywhere from capri in italy eastwards to northern greece you'll find typically sixty eighty millimeters of this very persistent rain and the storm itself though producing stone its northern flank is mainly a rain and windy feature and it's moving eastwards guess where it's going to go the next couple days eventually it will reach the levant again. the weather sponsored by cat time race. if you were looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going on what is this gross is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to figure the world smaller and smaller we don't want to be set realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing pains on al-jazeera in the next episode of science in
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a golden age be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islamic period in the field of chemistry they transformed the superstition of alchemy into the science of chemistry. many of his chemical procedures are those which may still be used today. all while. science in a golden age with professor jim a lily an al-jazeera. bookmark you're watching the opposite news hour with me so rob a reminder of our top stories and as well as military has reiterated its support
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for president nicolas maduro saying it tends to remove him amount to a coup and human rights chief michel bash layers warning that the situation may rapidly spiral out of control with catastrophic consequences also the afghan taliban has known for one of its co-founders as the leader of its political office in qatar i mean better than expected to join negotiations with the us which appear to be gaining momentum. and greece is part of it is due to vote on the market removed with neighboring macedonia but i. after police fired tear gas to disperse protesters under a u.n. brokered deal greece's northern neighbor will change his name to the public of north macedonia. well ever since britain voted to leave the european union twenty sixteen brecht's it has consumed the workings of its government campaigners say this has taken the focus off other important issues like poverty and homelessness which they worry will only get worse if the e.u. agreement isn't reached policy reports now from north hampton.
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no more than one hundred kilometers north of the bright lights of london and you're in a different country. many of the homeless people looked after this center in northampton for the working poor or cannot manage a meager government benefits the center itself is threatened with closure they dearly wish politicians in the media would pay more attention to them than they do obsessing about all the bickering over bricks. here they may have two jobs and still be on the street because work does not pay if you're a low skilled to clear term i know them to my rents are really quite high due to our proximity to london. and so we're seeing increasingly a change in the in the characteristics of homes me push in them more and more and not the traditional image of a kind of tramp who's on who's on drugs not like a ring around the corner more volunteers give up their time in the food bank gross experiences quicker than finding out
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a generous public means there is no shortage but plainly many who come here because even afford the most basic items. the counter that gave england its first poet laureate has even had to consider closing every public library to save money as it stands yet more volunteers keep many of them running. this local author who wrote the graphic novel v for vendetta is apoplectic at the political class who seem so absorbed with the intricacies of breck's it's so remote from the decaying country they are elected to help like war everybody is focusing upon this absolute farce that is happening in westminster which will possibly devour us all nobody is paying attention to the ongoing collapse. of services in this country. nobody. in fact it makes you think.
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it is serving any function at all it is as a matter of door. the market square tells of a long forgotten past where northampton was a proud thriving market town has got to tell the difference although it will be a good first good british service they said look these losses are or a tell all the traders here told us things have never been worse there's barely a customer in sight northamptonshire county council which is in charge of public services here is effectively bankrupt as it is the projection of a no deal breck's it is that they could shrink the british economy by getting on for ten percent more than after the banking crisis of two thousand and eight that could wipe billions of dollars off what central government is able to give to local authorities the fear is that places like this that are close to rock bottom already could find they have far further to fall. on the main shopping streets the homeless live in tents outside an abandoned one psychotic british department store no doubt
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the status quo has failed northampton in frustration fifty eight percent of people voted leaving the bricks at referendum but it is genuinely hard to see how grand talk among politicians in london of rex's allowing britain to trade with the rest of the world will do anything to help people in this abandoned england lawrence leigh al-jazeera northampton. the iraq city of basra has faced months of protests against corruption and poll services demonstrators now say they want to get more organized and unite with other groups and they're embracing a movement that began in fronts matheson explains. yellow is now the color of protest in the southern iraqi city of basra angry crowds mainly of young people have adopted the brightly colored vests first seen in demonstrations on the streets of paris a few months ago. if. our universe movement symbolizes the rise against corruption
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by the people of basra and iraq we'll wearing these yellow vests to deliver a message to politicians that even simple oppressed protesters can make a change about seventy percent of iraq's oil sits beneath the land around basra. yet people who live here say little of the money comes to them. the city's electricity supply barely works the tap water is undrinkable because it's full of salt. and there's high unemployment catalyst lass said and i tell her no enough is enough the iraqi people have been suffering we need to wake up these politicians are making a joke out of us they can't even resolve their differences in parliament how can they manage a country street protests began in the summer of twenty eight when barely functioning air conditioners couldn't stave off the burning heat the protesters in basra blamed the problems in their city mainly on corruption in corporations but also in parts of the government which is based here in baghdad iraqi prime minister
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markey went to visit just recently to see the problems for themselves and told by his predecessor. did the same thing but despite these high profile visits the people of basra say nothing has changed these latest protests are different this time they're organized as rosy yellow vests say they want to join for. as with other protest groups and put even more pressure on the government the. idea must rise always going to be a boiling pot and the situation will go out of control of things aren't solved. because. on may have changed but the problems are still the same rob matheson al-jazeera baghdad. where the u.s. senate has again failed to end the partial government shutdown the republican and democratic parties tried to pass competing bills but neither had enough votes president trump is refusing to fund government departments until he gets billions
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of dollars for a wall alecks can border well about eight hundred thousand government workers are about to miss that second monthly paycheck because of the shutdown and many say they're drowning in bills. spoke to one such woman in kansas city for defeating hansen the bills just keep piling up that's because she was sent home without pay a month ago from a customer service job at the u.s. tax agency field office in kansas city the longer the shutdown lasts the more pressure she feels my life we'll have two hundred thousand dollars a month. or so with to pay half the light b.-o. and half my heating b.-o. because it's cold. to buy food or to medicine chiquita goldsby has worked for the tax agency for twenty five years and without pay since
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december even before the shutdown money was tight now even paying for the basics is a challenge is hard because it is i'm just like everybody else you know paycheck to paycheck and i have to figure out where my gas water's going to come from figure out where my next meal's and. rent rates do every month but it's worse chiquita has severe asthma and can't afford this sixty dollars for her prescription it says at forty six. that will only last till the end of the month i ask her what will happen when it's gone then i'm out a map just here in kansas city there are seven different federal government agencies that have offices here including the department of commerce the internal
1:44 pm
revenue service and the environmental protection agency just to name a few and just here in this city there are nine thousand barrel government employees that are currently not receiving a paycheck for what you say about the employees as the two women try to map out a strategy to financially survive the shutdown the challenges mount as defeated thinks about the deadlock over the funding for donald trump's border war she's increasingly fed up they're supposed to hear our voices into things like nobody's listening and some a message to washington. and i've said this before we are not we should not be used as your collateral damage in a political game in washington with workers in america losing out gabriels on dough al-jazeera kansas city. they probably congressman in brazil has stepped down and fled the country saying he's getting too many death threats jean willis has been an outspoken critic of president. who has
1:45 pm
a history of making homophobic comments willis one another told the media that he has no plans to return to brazil he said to be replaced by another openly gay politician who's currently serving on rio de janeiro's city council. in indonesia the number of people killed by floods and landslides has risen to fifty nine many villages living near an overflowing dam in these south and the province had to be evacuated thousands more were forced to leave their homes since tuesday after to ensure rains triggered severe flooding across the region earlier this month another landslide in java killed thirty two people those are members of combo has burned opposition party have told our jazeera they're planning to return with the next few months more than one hundred of them were barred from politics in the run up to the twenty eight thousand general election when he fled fearing arrest with a report. highlighting the political divide the ruling cambodian people's party is
1:46 pm
having new headquarters built by the chinese just down the road the offices of the banned opposition cambodian national rescue party are abandoned many of its key members left the country but a valid one to return even if it means they'll be arrested the price that we had to pay. the price that it's worth. the opposition was accused of conspiring with foreign countries to overthrow the government and was dissolved by the course that led to the party of prime minister who owns in winning all seats in last year's election his spokesman says those who have committed crimes must face justice we never close the door for them to them we have overcome them to come back but they have a biggish and i mean to respond to the core. one opposition member who didn't have a chance to flee was party leader kim who is under house arrest in phnom penh awaiting trial for treason plain clothes police keep a close watch outside in response to the turmoil cambodia's largest export market
1:47 pm
the european union has started a six month investigation that could see phnom penh lose tariff free access for its goods remove all of that would. impact one that can be awarded to to a quicker the e.u.'s move came after intense lobbying by example politicians and activists the government has made some concessions like amending a law to allow banned opposition members to re enter politics but they have to apply to the prime minister or interior minister and they have to accept that the original court decision to ban them was correct so they basically have to ask for a pardon something most of them are prepared to do they believe the threat of economic punishment could provide an opportunity for negotiation and reconciliation we will. go more. convinced that our people want us back.
1:48 pm
to. who has been in power for thirty four years and is in charge of a defacto one party state is unlikely to back down completely and reinstate an opposition that could be a threat to his rule wane hey al jazeera phnom penh. lol the. story.
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well but it's not his fault in some mouthwatering australian open finals of the final every tennis fan has been waiting for start with the australian open world number one know about could joke of it has set up a fine old old rival rafael nadal cruised through the his semifinal against lucas really beating the frenchman in straight sets it's love six to six that joke of it is aiming for his seventh title in melbourne. it is two thousand and six world cup winning a coach much in libya has left his job as a boss of china after a loss to iran in the asian cup quarter finals the iranians were unstoppable in abu dhabi has they stormed into the same is goals from mehdi army is a small one and carry a month side a fired wrapped up with three male win over the chinese to bring to an end the peace two year reign iran will play japan and the last four. or japan's when over
1:51 pm
vietnam in and dubai all of dominated by the video assistant referee first feature the at last year's world cup in russia in the first half japan thought they had taken the lead but the vase showed a clear handball or so the goal did not stand then in the second half the t.v. replay system favored the japanese their appeals for a penalty were only successful after the referee had taken a second look through the t.v. monitors rizzuto on made no mistake with the penalty a one nailed to japan. or the second quarter final match is over the asian cup kicks off in on fridays. take on defending champions all straight here and the game both sides will force extra time and their round of sixteen matches with the socceroos thing. down on penalties and the u.a.e. edging because stand at three two will be looking for revenge following the two nil
1:52 pm
defeat to the all these in the two thousand and fifteen asian cup semifinals all before that twenty twenty two world cup hosts take on two time champion south korea and the quarter final match in abu dhabi could have been one of the more impressive teams in the competition when an old four games without conceding a goal or expectations as we said from the beginning it was to come here to put to play the most important competition in asia and to to try to show that we can compete against. the most powerful teams in the continent. i think so far we were able to manage well. for the world cup are being hindered by the blockade on the country that us according to the head of the organizing committee has his at the world economy forum in dallas where he told al-jazeera that the wall couple is bringing change to both qatar and its national to the
1:53 pm
transformative power of hosting a tournament like the world cup is not just limited to the national team but no doubt it will integrate the national team and we have a fantastic example in east asia you know in japan south korea when they hosted the tournament you can see where their teams are today you can see where their leagues are today there is no dust i will have that knock on effect what i'd like to also emphasize is these tournaments have a knock on effect in terms of social events such as economic events as well and we are working very hard to capture as much as possible these benefits and so that these benefits remain beyond twenty twenty two and these benefits are felt beyond the state of for the middle east in the arab world. in the world cup is that going to help you think using the blockade of issues around that city. issues of the block is a unilateral action taken by the blockading nations against qatar. you know for us we've always said that this world cup is a regional tournament it is a tournament for the people of the region it is a tournament that we that we work very hard and we're working very hard to ensure
1:54 pm
that the people of the region benefit from it i think it's a testimony to the resilience of the state of the people of being able to overcome such an obstacle and now honestly we're focusing on delivery deliveries coming along very very well as i said projects are coming along the pipeline according to schedule and we're ready to deliver and host the world in twenty twenty two human rights watch report. in terms of workers' rights not something we've always agreed to i mean i've never personally i've never said that the work is done on the back every time we've spoken to international organizations every time we've discussed the progress and the significant progress of the state of kabul has made it work we have always said that more work needs to be done i don't believe any nation can rest on its laurels and say that everything has been done in relation to labor reforms will work well for reforms and there is no different however what is very positive is the fact that there's a recognition of significant progress being made good work being done on the ground
1:55 pm
and being done in a way where it's sustainable for the long term not short term solutions or band-aid solutions and that is exactly what we're looking for looking for long term solutions in terms of labor reforms and we're very proud of but again. to the prime minister his government. has been. almost two months. the play. thailand is proposing to trample interrogate the un refugee convention by threatening to send hakim back to bahrain where he will face a ten year prison sentence for a crime he didn't commit based on a politically manufactured charge rubberstamp by a bahrain kangaroo court the family of missing footballer. has begged for rescuers
1:56 pm
to resume their search after they called it off on thursday the twenty eight year old cardiff city player and his partner two were on board a single engine aircraft that disappeared from radar monday as they flew from france to wales after three days rescuers abandoned the search saying the chances of surviving in the freezing waters of the english channel were extremely remote when a man mano and went in and. the only thing i want is for my brother to be found for the pilots to be found to put ourselves in their shoes to fill our hearts because you are missing a family member i feel that they are alive and that they are ok and that they are waiting for us but please don't stop searching for them don't stop i am very grateful for everything but they are live. player former club were in tears at their first training session since the tragedy the french club held
1:57 pm
a minute's silence to remember him. the west indies england for just seventy seven runs as they took control of the first test in barbados the host had ended their first innings two hundred eighty nine ahead before written to england with the ball that much to the delight of their fans the tourists lost just three and a half hours to morrow out to five wickets for just four runs so the west indies found themselves batting again reaching hundred twenty seven for six three hundred thirty nine runs ahead at the end of day two. in the n.b.a. the oklahoma city thunder building momentum towards the playoffs they won the game and russell westbrook made sure the new orleans pelicans never really got take off and alcohol the city setting up seaven adams up for the dunk here westbrook's called the twenty three as he posted his fiftieth triple double of the season on the when hundred twenty one two hundred and sixteen. but we'll have more later on
1:58 pm
thanks so when you have. several news outlets the whole roman summer. of next. of news you can join until of summer and me thanks very much for your time and your complete.
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cartel. result is one of nigeria's top tourist destinations but in the shadow of the mountains some nigerians continue an ancient tradition which child protection workers say condemns young girls to a life of slavery and sexual exploitation old miracle was married for money just a few weeks ago with some missionaries who says she just happened. as a missionary goals. outrightly. the get. away and the next episode of techno the team travels to the heart of the amazon. where we are now should be grateful to investigate illegal gold mining
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mercury has a very unique characteristic finding the gold for a miner it's almost like magic and the technology being used to expose its devastating impact and so what we end up doing is imaging a forest in very high fidelity three. techno on all just zero.


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