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tv   Rainmakers Of The Outback  Al Jazeera  January 26, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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bodes poorly for riyadh let's keep in mind that in september the f.a. t.f. decided not to give saudi arabia full membership for many of the reasons which are obviously in play here saudi arabia is going to need to make some changes in order to convince its allies in the west that its leadership is very sincere with all of this talk about countering extremism returning to so-called moderate is a lot there is definitely a war of narratives in which saudi arabia is facing some major problems saudi arabia is trying to convince western governments and societies that the kingdom now with mohamed bin so i'm on at the helm is truly committed to this campaign against radicalism and violent extremism it really undermines their argument that the problems are coming exclusively you know from the usual characters iran the qatar
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turkey the muslim brotherhood it's adding momentum to the arguments that saudi arabia has also been a root cause of terrorism from at least certainly a financing standpoint. still ahead on the bulletin while the u.n. special envoy is calling from young man on the chain to be charged with genocide and want to donald trump's closest allies and the latest to be indicted and the investigation into russian action meddling. from the waves of the south. to the contours of the east. get a welcome back to international weather forecasts where across china we are looking at basically partly cloudy to clear conditions across much of the area now we do have a few clouds across parts of the interior but in terms of rain really not seeing too much over the next few days winds coming from the north for shanghai so lucky
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for you a little bit cooler at six degrees there on kong looking at a nice day if you at twenty two but as we go towards a sunday we are going to be seeing much of the same over the next few days maybe a few more clouds over towards taipei but attempt a few of twenty degrees there as her make her way down here towards the south of course we've been seeing some very heavy rain across much of into the asia we did see some flooding as well as landslides in south sulawesi over the last few days and over here toward chicago it is going to be a rainy day as well heavy rain is going to continue across to carter at thirty degrees there up towards manila it is going to be partly cloudy as we go towards sunday maybe a few more showers in your forecast with a temperature of about twenty eight degrees and then here across india we do have expect to see some clouds and some rain over the next few days you can see anywhere from katmandu all the way down towards kolkata the rain showers will continue in your forecast here on saturday but down towards hyderabad we do expect to see the rate actually increase intensity temp has come down to twenty two but colombo
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a nice day at twenty nine. the wind sponsored by cattle and nice. if you are looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going on but what he sees rice is a religion that they have. i mean depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as a capital artist. trying to break the world smaller and smaller we don't want to be set realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy. on al-jazeera. is good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories the search
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continues overnight for survivors of a dam burst in brazil southwest at least seven people have been killed and two hundred others are still missing after the dam collapsed at an iron ore mine near the town broome a genial. one as well a self-proclaimed leader on why though has vowed to lead street protests against president nicolas maduro in his speech in the capital caracas he reached out to russia and china which backed. and u.s. president donald trump has agreed to a deal to reopen the government for three weeks a stopgap plan doesn't include money for his border with mexico which is the reason for the political deadlock with the democrats when reopening federal agencies will be a slow process and many government workers are worried that it is only a temporary relief and is all no has more from kansas city. president donald trump has already made the announcement that the federal government will temporarily reopen again but here outside of this federal government office in kansas city
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there is no sign of it reopening yet the parking lot is still empty the doors are still shut and locked it gives you an idea that it will take some time to get things back up and running after this government shutdown went on for so long over thirty days i did speak to a couple of federal government employees immediately after the announcement and one of them who works for the field office of the internal revenue service here in kansas city she summed up her reaction in two words angry and disappointed she said for two reasons number one she said because this is only a temporary reopening of the government for three weeks she said that's not good enough there's still a lot of uncertainty she also is concerned that trump said that the government would try to get them their back pay as soon as possible in the president's words she said that's simply not good enough they need the money now people are still very much hurting because of the financial hardship of not getting
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a paycheck for so long now in another big development in the us a longtime ally of donald trump has been charged with seven crimes as part of the investigation and to russia russia meddling in the twenty sixteen action just on is accused of being a conduit between trump's campaign and wiki wiki leaks and then lying about it at a holiday inn has more from washington d.c. . walking out of the federal courthouse in florida roger stone seems to be channeling his first political boss former president richard nixon the gesture of a disgraced man who when faced with impeachment was forced to resign the presidency for stone his legal challenges are just beginning but he's vowing he won't testify against his long time friend he was president donald trump as i had said previously there is no circumstances. what should i have or under which i will bear witness against the president nor will i make that rise to ease the pressure on myself i
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look forward to being heard and indicated special counsel robert muller says stone was talking to both the trump campaign and julian assange founder of wiki leaks about hacked e-mails from hillary clinton's campaign when asked about it by a congressional committee stole her allegedly lie we had a very frank exchange and then when a person promised to tell the committee the truth the indictment says stone sent an e-mail to him saying he should prepare to die and his dog would be killed as well it's very interesting to see the kinds of people that the president of united states have surrounded himself with in this connection to the integrity of our elections is obviously something we have to get the truth about wiki leaks has denied doing anything wrong and the president reacted in a tweet again calling it a witch hunt and that there was no collusion but this is the first indictment to clearly link the hacked e-mails with the trump campaign and bruce fein says more
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charges are still possible you can issue what's called superseding indictment and add counts that aren't there necessarily in the first grand jury allegations so you can say you hold it to ratchet it up say all right if you don't cooperate we're going to bring in more indictments against you so that's certainly a possibility roger stone has been known for decades as a man who revels in pulling dirty political tricks who doesn't back down sending that message by tattooing nixon's face on his back netflix even made a documentary about him i revel in your hatred because if i were ineffective you would make me he's about to find out if he's crossed the line from controversial to criminal. behavior al jazeera washington. the un special rapporteur for human rights and myanma says the head of the military should be prosecuted for genocide yann he lays investigating crimes against the regime the minority that of false
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templates of thousands to flee the country least said evidence is being compiled for future cases. the independent mechanism that i recommended be established last year has been formally established and funded and recruitment has started justice for victims is it. it will see can see is really the question of evidence of crimes committed in the creation of case files being against religion perpetrators these cases will be ready for growth for prosecution in a credible international or international court fully also said that myanmar isn't interested and allowed the hangar to return and she's in the back of a shia government to prepare to host the refugees for the foreseeable future the name reports from the. the ruling the refugee crisis has become a fast growing regional problem with global repercussions that's the latest assessment of the un special rapporteur on human rights in me and mark young he
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cited the recent deportations of rohingya refugees by saudi arabia and india to me and mar a violation of international law in his. working to me in conditions of return. as a campaigner intimidation and harassment its neighbor bangladesh has been struggling to accommodate this predominantly muslim minority since august twenty seventh more than seven hundred thousand have sought refuge here it is clear it into refugees in bangladesh can not return to me in any of engine i encourage the government to begin to gauge a longer term plan i'm paying the. nation for this you have a team bangladesh wants to transfer about one hundred thousand refugees to the remote flood prone island of bashar in the bay of bengal lisa says despite the government's quote tremendous efforts to prepare the island she's concerned about
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the security of refugees and isolation does. especially in the event of. natural disasters without. fully informed consent of. the bangladeshi government says the refugees who moved to boston shar would have access to health care and education be able to fish and farm and visit their families in the camps in cox's bazaar despite the challenges of living in the world's largest refugee settlement none of the refugees we spoke to want to move to a place they fear is dangerous natasha in a zero dhaka. and so don the leader of the largest opposition party has called on the government to give in to mass protests and to give up power so they can be addressed hundreds of supporters of the mosque and car through human rights groups say more than forty protestors have been killed since demonstrations began last
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month the rallies started out as protests against rising food prices but have grown into an uprising calling for the end of president all models but she is twenty nine you. now there is a wave of optimism across the democratic republic of congo this people welcomed their new leader the public is eager to see how the felix chance to carry will deal with high unemployment corruption and providing basic services farm of the reports from kinshasa. it was just as former president joseph kabila took office eighteen years ago that abraham was opened this roadside printing shop he says he started the business after he couldn't find a job in a country hit by high unemployment now that new president feel extra security has been sworn in abraham says things may be different. i think with the new elected president things may change especially in the economy so that my business can grow but it will have the same individual sharing the wealth of the country i will be
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very disappointed to see katie controversially won the election in december with the result still disputed by rival martin for you know people here have long accused the government and elite of benefiting from the country's wealth with little trickling down this market is popular with students it's when many take a break between classes most is now which is about to complete a degree in communication he says he wants more opportunities for new graduates our country we are so rich because we are very thought of garlands a dime loans and so on yes so we did but the put us through what you see and we don't understand what's the reason for why the people must stay in the poverty the deer's he has an estimated twenty four trillion dollars worth of natural resources including iron ore natural gas gold and cobalt according to the u.s. geological survey the d r c produces more than a half of the world's cobalt and more than twenty percent of global diamonds yet it remains one of the poorest countries in the world many have come to the capital
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kinshasa to find work with more than ten percent of the eighty five million population living here the city's overcrowded housing is expensive and hard to come by especially for the poor developments like this one when meant to provide homes for them but instead it was rented out all force up by the wealthy many people here say the government hasn't followed through on its promises to help the plus. corruption along with insecurity and conflict continues to hamper economic growth ninety percent of the population doesn't have access to basic services. the first challenge for the new president is infrastructure electricity and water you must put into action projects which will develop the country this will increase the level of income and through this we will reduce corruption. felix's security begins his first week in office not only on a wave of optimism but also realistic expectation while the d r c goes through its
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first peaceful handover of power the challenges remain great for the new president for me deborah al-jazeera kinshasa. soaring temperatures in australia have sparked more than fifty bushfires across the southern island state of tasmania hundreds of firefighters have been brought in from other parts of the country to help contain the fires the heat waves prompted and the urgency of warnings and other cities to have which is a forecast to reach forty four degrees celsius and melbourne the hottest in a decade. this parliament has voted to ratify a landmark agreement with its northern neighbor to change its name to macedonia politicians voted one hundred fifty three to one hundred forty six in favor of the un brokered deal signed last june was approved following days of heated debate but not all greeks support the deal last reports from athens.
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despondent protesters against the name change lingered outside the parliament where lawmakers ratified the agreement had prime minister alexis tsipras put it direct to the people in a referendum two thirds of greeks would likely have voted against the deal amid the gloom sounded a note of optimism. this is a historic day for greece where protecting the heritage of ancient greek macedonia it's also a historic day for the balkans with a long history of wars and disputes a nationalist a trade we're turning over a new leaf we're making room for peace corp friendship solidarity a mutual understanding north macedonia is now clear to enter nato but the opposition conservative new democracy party which enjoys a ten point lead over the ruling seat is a is still promising a hard line position if it comes to power. to say love which. i shall not give up on greece's right to veto scorpios entry into the european union i shall fight with
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all my strength to mitigate the negative impact that is sure to arise from this problematic agreement. the principle of those who oppose the agreement is that it creates a basis for greece's neighbors to claim not just that they are citizens of north macedonia but potentially that they are a race of ethnic macedonians the agreement cuts through decades of greek foreign policy to recognize a macedonian language and nationality that is the nub of greeks disagreement with the deal many don't mind sharing macedonia as a political term but they see macedonian identity as spurious. because once it could relations in the balkans they should never have recognized the macedonian state or given a macedonian identity to people it doesn't belong to or a macedonia language when you know that there has never been one we know that what's being ratified today in the past. and scrutinized by greek and european
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courts the government admits the agreement is not perfect but it hasn't least got the other side to agree to stop claiming ancient greek history for its own come september images of alexander the great to disappear from north macedonian schoolbooks as all maps of a greater macedonia. most illustrious history now perhaps lies in its future. al-jazeera athens. watch more news on our website to see why dot com. when that temporary measure to end the u.s. government shutdown. the headlines on al-jazeera and brazil the search continues of an officer vive us of a damnedest near the town. at least seven people have been killed and two
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hundred others are still missing after the dam collapsed at an all in all mine. tomorrow morning along with the defense minister we will go to bello desire to there the governor administrator will join us to fly over the region to evaluate the damage adik all the necessary measures to lessen the suffering of relatives of possible victims as well as the environmental issue but as well a self-proclaimed leader one why though has vowed to lead street protests against president nicolas maduro in a speech in the capital caracas he reached out to russia and china the two superpowers which have backed with little moscow has offered to mediate between the government and the opposition to end the political standoff. u.s. president of trump has agreed to a deal to reopen the government for three weeks the stopgap plan doesn't include money for his what a war with mexico the reason for the political deadlock with the democrats a close confidant of the us president roger stone has been charged with seven crimes as part of the investigation into alleged russian meddling in the twenty
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sixteen election stands accused of being a conduit between trans campaign and wiki leaks and then lying about it the russians news agency is reporting that the european commission has added saudi arabia to a draft list of countries that pose a threat to the block the list includes countries that are seen as having lax controls against terrorism financing and money laundering in sadar the leader of the largest opposition party has called on the government to give in to mass protests and stepped down so the they addressed hundreds of supporters at mosque in khartoum the rally started out as protests against rising food prices but have grown into an uprising calling for the end of president omar bashir is twenty nine year old and greece's parliament has voted to ratify a landmark agreement with its northern neighbor to change its name to north macedonia greek politicians voted one hundred fifty three to one hundred forty six for the un broken deal that was signed last year all those are the headlines on
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al-jazeera and fide stories coming up next thank you very much for watching. campaigning begins in thailand it's the country's first elections in. two thousand and fourteen but will be free and. this is inside story.
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welcome to the program. when thailand's last held an election five years ago it ended with mass protests and a coup several delays the military government has finally announced a general election for march twenty fourth campaigning is well underway three of the main players vying for seats into the democrat party the military and the posse of former prime ministers tax and. gas and just a moment but first this report from wayne hay in bangkok. the leaders of thailand's political parties are in full stride towards an election. after so many delays the announcement of a date was welcomed at the headquarters of the largest party good time i. could mean. by it is time to set the future of our nation by voting for the right people to work for her country five years under military rule is longer than any democratic government we have had in the past eighty years. time i was in power
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when the military staged a coup in two thousand and fourteen it was the second time the army had removed a government led by the shin and what clan who have still had parties to every election win since two thousand and one. sibling's taksin and shinawatra both former prime ministers are in exile avoiding jail terms for corruption and negligence the leaders of this party are worried the campaign and the election itself won't be free and fair enough particularly concerned that the courts could be used against them something that had plenty of experience with two previous versions of the party would dissolved by the courts for electoral fraud now there's an ex hanging over poor thai again three leaders with charged with sedition for violating the military's ban on political activities last year but a guilty verdict could result in dissolution again as a safety net a back up party has been registered on monday we must believe in the judicial system and in democracy are we concerned yes we are but there's nothing we can do
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about it what is best for now is to move forward and deliver our work most experts believe her thai will be the most popular party again but it may not get enough support to form a governing coalition and that could lead to more political instability after the election if the party that get more swarms in the house cannot form the government . and it's going to be the other way around then people might find that. their warts and not respect it whatever the outcome the ultimate power will remain with the military which will hand pick the upper house they may also be an unelected prime minister. for the moment most thais have got what they've been asking for but the wrist still uncertain times ahead wayne hay al jazeera bangkok. well thailand has had twenty one attempted and successful military coups since one thousand nine hundred eighty two the most recent was in two thousand and fourteen
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when the army took power after a constitutional court invalidated an election result in two thousand and seventeen the new king signed a military draft a constitution paving the way for a return to democracy then last month the government lifted its ban on political activities and earlier this week thailand's election commission announced the vote would be held on last twenty four. for those bring in our guest today and joining us via skype from con ken in thailand is historian david struck first in bangkok the. pro democracy election activists and those of us got from her in japan pavane charles pomponne associate professor at the center of the southeast asian studies at kyoto university a very warm welcome to all of you pavane if i could start with you the minute she has postponed these elections a number of times are they definitely going to take place now on march twenty
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fourth. yeah i just hope that this time you know it will not force one once again i think that the current government has to be and extreme pressure from domestic audiences also from the international community to know as you said that it has been postponed for forty five hattrick or here at this time. i think the government has shown that it is had become rather ineffective you know in the past two years and with all the pressure i think. if very difficult now for the government to to make any kind of course to amend solve ok david did do you agree with that do you think that it's the pressure from inside not outside of thailand that force the military now after five years to finally bring about this vote well it's hard to say because of pressure within the country's premier league and of the free summary. so it's possible that the powers played
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a role in this because the new king it was said wanted to have a no what action before he went to require nation ceremony. to tour or crowned in a democrat more democratic so that might have been factors well ok that's how democratic do you think this thailand's going to be a real let's start with the election itself how free and fair is that likely to be . it's very unlikely first of all the government has refused to you know change is state us to become the caretaker government and by being the government with full authority it can do everything that a normal government before the election cannot for example it can pass any bill with the parliament without any opposition it can use the but debt freely including the budget that will oblige the next government it can morph around
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and transferred to a government office or the way it like and it still has the article forty four with which enable the leader of the n.c.p. or the prime minister himself in to to issue any order without any accountability so this is the context and the free and fair election is fairly very unlikely the media yes still very much censored and with the special order to be able to ban any media any time or you've been shut down media it didn't see any time so this is this what we are before the election ok so bob if we look at the lay of the law and if we think that there is going to if we assume that it's going to be no intervention from the military if we look at the poor thai party the democrat party of thailand's oldest policy in the country and the party that seems to be aligned
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with the military the poland per shot policy which one is the most popular at the moment. well i mean if there has to be the. you know the after. four or five years in locking laps in a lot now running away from kind of country to be so highly but we have seen himself being overthrown in two thousand and six has been living in dubai mainly still again has has remained so popular for example he just has feast. day talk you know we do thai people from oversea and that proved to be again you know a mash attracted you know by his supporters you know in the not in a not nice region saw exactly because the government has become so ineffective and has failed so many policies that kind of make people realize that you know kasim will be the answer you know to what thailand needs during the past like years saw.
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i had to guess then i think i would still you know whole where the money warts and all saw as if it re popular and still want to you know by his support but then we cannot really and i'm underestimate all sort of the like around you know with all the conditions set up in order to allow this party you know to win mall work as well and we haven't even talked about the constitution so i mean he could be a close call but i still think that should that should the election be whole be held free and fair my you know happy chance to we want any party david you think the military was quite i thought he went well i mean the bankers. and the military that represented the bank. have attempted over the last ten years or twelve years to try to. get taksin and more democratic leaning
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groups. out of the sea and so the two thousand fifty five solution set up a system in which they hope the good high when when the put taiwan. in and i think they're probably provinces right that could a tie it show it seems like here in the northeast. of the red shirt supporters of the good high had just gone into hibernation and now they're right back where they were that same thing people firsthand knowledge of the scene on the grounds of course that's a very texan friendly area should know what fundie area i mean they transfer the loyalty to you not when she also took the prime ministership how far what inroads of the minute she managed to make into those rural areas because it has been giving out cash handouts rural subsidies. how far has it managed to win support over to
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the side i don't think it appears to be very much i don't think anyone's mind was changed after this five years of somehow the coup was a good idea people still feel agree and then agreement comes from the from having their franchise. in the in the elections taken away so you know i think probably a good time will win but the constitution. that this new constitution sort of ensures that the that the election result will be meaningless because a even a coalition will not allow the popular will of the majority to be expressed just expand a little bit on us all but for us this we call the new constitution that the military has thrown off and how that manages to consolidate its power even beyond the election. that's right. they will continue to i mean the
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senate is already in that do that the military. rule it takes one quarter of the elected parliament to be able to elect now on earth is there likely not only acted member of parliament presumably the head of the military right now ok another there's also this this twenty year national strategy isn't that that's a i've been reading about which again is drawn up by the military and the military says any new government must follow it what does that involve. the national strategy will play it its role after the new government is in place the implication is that because the content is draft that in a very vague manner and that's the rule that if the government in charge has issued any policy that is in conflict with the national strategy it can go to the lawsuit and the cabinet could. could could have to just stop it
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roll at any time that the the verdict came out and that's that is the highest risk father new government because any kind of policy can for example be against the principle of sufficiency economy that is written in the national strategy so. with this kind of way policy in the stretchy it it it is a threat to any new government to take i guess it is only in the view of the court . pavane it's fair enough to say isn't it that ties were pretty fed up with the sort of seemingly endless street protests that were going on before the coup and with the military taking power it did bring some stability and a sense of order and we have seen a relatively peaceful five years in the country i mean could you credit the
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military with this transition period. no not at all. the fact that. there have been no street protests definitely because of the article forty four that prevented all kind of you know protests or you know they do not allow people to assemble in fact more than five people on the surface it seems to be you know didn't seem to be able to make to give some kind of order to society but it just like water simmering and it could kind of like exploit any calm i just like to bring the attention to the fact that in fact when but when we have lost people i think the battle has moved on to cyberspace instead and you would see that people have become as you say you know not of not only being fed up with the whole situation but they have become more and more politically active especially online i you know they have come to criticise quite you know all about the inability of the
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government in still many you know trending policies and you know for example. the fact that department had earlier plan to postpone the election citing. the overlapping time with the coronation that of what you know kind of drop you know the thai people to the edge and that came up with you know protests on to twitter so you could see that you know the order put only see on a selfish that's it said but at the end of the day acting thai people just so ready now to get a call ok i do want to stick with perhaps the benefit that the military brought during this period there just to pay devil's advocate because it was a time when thailand transitioned from a very popular king to rather less popular son it was quite a sensitive transition and some might say that no posse would have been particularly things to baden-powell and have overseen that transition and so
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perhaps all sides were happy to let the military take control during that time dave if you agree with that point. well i think the military wanted to make sure that it was in control to oversee that that transition over that transition having been made i'm not so sure that the monarchy is in lockstep with the with the. with the monarchy or the military my military and monarchy and the very on the same page they may have separate interests and so yes the military wanted to name itself a defender of the monarchy it wanted to oversee that process but at the same time there's a law here that's been used less midges majesty law which has been used with abandon by the military in the name of the monarchy well the new king has ordered
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attorneys the prosecution department and of prosecution the blais madison so last year there were no new cases and so one of the main weapons of the military has been taken away by the monarchy and that's an interesting point is that because the law is most fair is that in thailand. the plateau i posses when as david mentioned before dishonor in the discussion then beats doesn't like this policy so what fear is that the point i posse will be allowed to win and form a government what people take to the streets again. i think the fact that the election has been postponed for five times. is something that is linked to to the fact that put high party is still very popular and as long as the poll shows that it may win that the government try is hardest to postpone the
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election now that the election date is set i think they have to come out with a new strategy and one obvious one that most people are afraid of is is that they may test this self the party with a very complicating law that the election commission has issued is very very easy for anyone to to break a few rules or my no rules and needn't in the whole list and that could cause the party to be to be out of the game and i think this is something we can foresee before the election if the party is not careful enough ok but then will the red shirts accept that or will we see them return to the streets. i think there are people power to to come out and protest on the street and it has been shown through the we follow the movement that i take part in being that the the the people that
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don't have enough power to to come out and express the way they used to do when when thailand has the right movement partly because of the very strict order and and the way the military government has rude so. i don't think that will be big enough protests anymore in the way we used to have because that there is no more leader that is a willing to take that kind of race and there is no more we saw that that is enough to to bring out that kind of power far far from my movement and my friends movement it has it has been up to the love level of that maybe we can push for the election date but it is not enough to you know to get this government out of the way before the election so this is the fact this is there. in the context we are a problem you mentioned before taxes a weekly podcast that has just launched in thailand which he's of the broadcasting
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from exile in dubai means clearly prepared to enter this fight in the run up to the election do you think he's angling for a return. i of course i'd like to think that he wants to return to thailand even though you know it would be so difficult for him to do so but i think the parity for asking is not about him returning home i think the first step would be to ensure that he. will be able to win you know majority once again and then to kind of being bring back north some kind of power back in the hands of syrian rule syrian syrian rule and ours and of course you know in the hands of the. saw that would be the case but everyone else in this tunnel you know explained it would be so difficult even if patty would be in would be in the majority and half in parties would be allowed to form a government it would be so thought if you could go under the current constitution
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that would keep you know you know all women power to the apple house all the lower house that would make the life of the new governments or difficult and on top of that should the new government prove to be too strong for the o.l. you know to control you know we can also expect and a route of retreat to you know we're talking about a new army she you know general up iraq comes on home who has been directly handpicked by the king upon his you know. assumption up to this position if he already said to the public that. mission is still an option saw in full looking ahead i am not so optimistic even though we would happen election un door to put high pappy would win an election because the road ahead will still be ready fickle not only for the player type party but also to get high waters as a whole ok david a spare a thought for the democrat party that was. the leader of the party has been prime
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minister in the past i mean he said he would not align with the military government after the election is of course part of the do we believe him. well i want to make one of the one point from an earlier thing we're focusing on the but along with her tie there are millions of new voters coming in into the scene this time since the coup first time voters and they really may play a role there seems to be kind of a youthful movement with some other parties that are also pro-democracy that also might might play a role in forming that new government ok. as to your question the democratic party has gone through a hard time in trying to decide whether one of its founding principles not to join a government that came into power through a coup or of some sort of very undemocratic constitution like this that they wouldn't join
9:44 am
a military party they've said that before but they've ended up also joining i think that's on clear whether they would ever consider joining with the put a tie in a more democratic front so i think that once still hard to call it has a lot to play for nothing just in the last minute although we have left is this thailand's time to return to democracy. yes it is this election will be the starting point for us to return to democracy and even though we have to be under a very undemocratic constitution. if the people believe in its power and go out to vote and if the democracy side so call could have the landslide winning is the beginning point that we can use the palm and. they can use them to start to do something for example we can the parliament can fix a few laws if not the constitution but a few laws that that is restaurant to the people's right and when when when when
9:45 am
those laws are out that can be an either referendum to ask people whether or not the constitution could be fixed and if if there were the level of would this is enough then it may be able to push the upper house to you know comply with the people's voice so first of all thai people need to go out to vote fairs absolutely and we'll be watching closely at the time of great change ahead for thailand many thanks to all our guests today for joining us david start for not-a. and paul in church i will. thank you to very much for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website this al-jazeera dot com foods gushing to go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter. a.j. inside story from me laura karl and the whole team here in doha it's by fanatics.
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the battle over the minimum wage heated up across the country today thousands of fast food workers walked off the job desperate for a better way to use if you give your average worker a little more money they're probably going to be able to pay bills maybe to spend a little bit more on me to fifty right now so fifty k. painting would be to survive in twenty first century america i'm nervous we cannot afford for one of us alone a job. on al-jazeera. with
9:47 am
bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera is correspondents live in green the stories they tell. us about it. is iraq fluent in world news. rewind returns macare bring your people back to life i'm sorry with brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in libya was the both of us and the like and the others through that rewind continues with mono and me going into a war zone he said the first thing i look for is the exit it's all how to get it it's all to get out that nobody sees your pictures there's no point going to these
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places rewind on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current events that matter to al-jazeera. and i'm a little proud of in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera a day seven people have been killed and two hundred others i'm missing in southeastern brazil after a dam burst had an iron ore mine rescue operation is underway to evacuate residents and stem the flow of mond that happened near the town of burma genial daniel shrine now has the latest on
9:49 am
a wave of british soaring sludge was sent spewing into the countryside when a series of three dams collapsed the failed structures in august tailings dans filled with residue from iron ore mining the risky operation is underway to evacuate people from vulnerable areas in and around the nearest community below forty call the the town the prevent the neural efforts are also being made amid fears of widespread pollution to prevent contaminated mud and sludge reaching the refutal by your hydroelectric plant with the national water company said could happen in two days president job or so not all said he was sending cabinet ministers to the region to oversee the operation the corys would have fish while iron ore mine is owned by the brazilian mining company vale they were part owners with the a straightly and b.h.p. billiton of the my name mariana also in the state of mena should rice burst its banks in two thousand and fifteen nineteen people were killed and the whole
9:50 am
community is submerged by mud that has called brazil's worst environmental disaster they are officials have said they're very saddened by what's happened with. the news. it's with great regret that i confirmed the collapse of the dam i have no words to describe how disappointed and sad i am about what just happened it's beyond anything i could possibly expect i want to tell you that vow will do everything possible to help those affected. however environmentalists say the company and the country have failed to learn the lessons. the money and the disaster. which is zero. venezuela's self proclaimed leader one why though has vowed to lead street protests against president nicolas maduro in a speech in the capital caracas he reached out to russia and china the two superpowers which have backed by the little moscow has offered to mediate between the government of the opposition to end the political standoff about
9:51 am
a better human being they are never going to steal our dreams away from us again in the presidential palace they believe this movement will run out of steam those who assert the symbols of power believe we will become tired but we are going to leave here stronger no one is going to give in we are going to dream of a stronger venezuela u.s. president donald trump has agreed to a deal to reopen the government for three weeks stopgap plan doesn't include money for his border war with mexico the reason for the political deadlock with the democrats. we're going to work with the democrats. and if we can do that then we'll do obviously. the emergency because that's what it is a national emergency these are hispanic voters and reference ministers and they understand better than anybody it's an emergency it's a humanitarian emergency and we're going to take care of our border a close confidant of the u.s. president who wanted to stars being charged with seven crimes as part of the
9:52 am
investigation into alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election stones accused of being a conduit between trump's campaign and wiki leaks and lying about it. the russians news agency is reporting that the european commission has added saudi arabia to a draft list of countries that pose a threat to the blog the list includes countries that are seen as having lax controls against terrorism financing and money laundering and so don the leader of the largest opposition party has called on the government to given to mass protests and step down for the kalma they addressed hundreds of supporters at a mosque in khartoum for over a month demonstrators have been calling for the resignation of president omar al bashir this parliament as one who directed fire a landmark agreement with its northern neighbor to change its name to north macedonia greek politicians voted one hundred fifty three to one hundred forty six for the un brokered deal that was signed last june was approved following days of
9:53 am
heated debate. those are the headlines on al-jazeera growing pains is coming up next thank you very much for watching. you're. the view growth of something positive. it's grade watching our kids grow up or seeing a tree grow. it we always aware that all growth must come to an end. there's a limit nature knows no such thing as infinite growth this rule seems to apply to every kind of growth but one economic growth is somehow supposed to continue indefinitely. we believe them and now there are no limits to growth and
9:54 am
human progress when men and women are free to follow their dreams and we were right . if that growth fails to materialize we panic but why. does one person recognize the hundred fifty years ago growth is the fundamental principle of our economic system capitalism only works when the economy grows but karl marx recognize something else as well it is this growth that will eventually destroy the system itself. and today have through each that point is the system about to collapse or might infinite growth actually be possible. the governments don't want us to even question the g. word they don't even want to put a discussion around growth if you're looking at this from the outside it an alien arriving from outer space and you're looking at the society. you would really
9:55 am
wonder what was going all what are they doing what what is this gross that has to appear in every political sense on some is the basis of every economics textbook what is it all about is it or is it a religion that they have is the god that they're chasing is the virus that's taken over them. what is this visceral fear that emerges as soon as growth starts to go away.
9:56 am
and he sells off to one of vox storm kindness garnished gave the well to do from is it the mention the of it was not a little you didn't talk back storm in the. fall to guy the tough facts them style gets filtered out sucks them into finding and seemingly the audience votes us maximun know what is being there which is the politics. to but it went up and and because if not. the d.m.z. politique can come. along but of a fickle. it's a long as mention of the planet and keep to. the box to me i'm a huge how does fit in the. oft. where does this unshakable belief in economic growth come from. has it always been
9:57 am
there. is a drill a part of human nature. it was raw data was under imaginative use of mass production methods but there was a lot there was able to perform much more time marable to build more plane of what all the united nations but together to turn our ships at the rate of two hundred a month depth which carried over the years beyond might of the united states to decide the outcome of a war. the success story of economic growth began during world war two mass production of tanks and aircraft let the american economy out of crisis the output of military equipment was now calculated by a new statistical measure of gross domestic product or g.d.p. if production i.e. g.d.p. grew and so depressed kirti americans believed so firmly in this new formula that
9:58 am
they compel their allies to bring they can elect policies in line with it from then on it wasn't people's incomes that counted it was only growth and it turned out to be such a useful measure actually for the war effort and for understanding the war effort the oft awards it became the single most important policy number. across the world it kind of symbolizes progress to us soldiers says wow things are getting bigger so they must be getting better that was the birth of the g.d.p. . in the three decades after the war the western economies grew up to eight percent and in the u.s. they called it the golden age of capitalism in france they were the thirty glorious years in germany it was the economic miracle an entire generation enjoyed material prosperity and full employment and this became engraved in the collective consciousness even though these high growth rates were only made possible by massive water destruction the believe in growth was now unstoppable. g.d.p.
9:59 am
became the most important benchmark in history. and the economy in the grace of economy was doing a good job force when when we were young if you like when as an economy as a society we were young and one of the really important things to say is that there are some societies where that is still necessary where you still need that growth where you still need food clothing and shelter whether very very poor undernourished people living on less than the price of a skinny latte from the cafe downstairs and that's why that's a situation where growth makes some sense. but the idea that as human beings all we want is more more stuff doesn't really stack up so after a certain point you have to ask yourself well how much is enough how much how much more do i need to great economy to satisfy human appetites.
10:00 am
the nineteen seventies so our growth rate sink for the first time due to the odd crisis and not affect us the boomers over the market century to its western economy stagnated millions suddenly found themselves unemployed it was uncharted territory . for the first time the limits of course became visible economically socially and ecologically. we do have some understanding about growth. in one thousand nine hundred eighty two a group of scholars commissioned by the club of rome presented a report in washington and titled the limits to growth using a computer simulation researchers at mit had calculated for the first time what continues economic growth would do to the planet's they're finding set off alarm bells around the world when resource consumption is doubling your.


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