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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 26, 2019 2:00pm-2:33pm +03

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tobar aba countries on the list include iran iraq syria yemen and north korea joke a few aero is the chief executive of gulf state analytics he said although it's only a draft it's damaging for saudi arabia it's of course important to keep in mind that this is merely a draft it's subject to change but of course the fact that we're even talking about this in the first place bodes poorly for riad let's keep in mind that in september the f.a. t.f. decided not to give saudi arabia full membership for many of the reasons which are obviously in play here as saudi arabia is going to need to make some changes in order to convince its allies in the west that its leadership is very sincere with all of this talk about countering extremism returning to so-called moderate is a lot there is definitely a war of narratives in which saudi arabia is facing some major problems saudi
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arabia is trying to convince western governments and societies that the kingdom now with mohammed bin saw a man at the helm is truly committed to this campaign against radicalism and violent extremism it really undermines their argument that the problems are coming exclusively you know from the usual characters iran the courts are turkey the muslim brotherhood it's adding momentum to the arguments that saudi arabia has also been a root cause of terrorism from at least certainly a financing standpoint. still ahead on al-jazeera the u.n. says myanmar envoy calls for the army chief to be charged with genocide against iraq blasts kept on making history to reach a final four at the asian after. hello
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again to welcome back to international weather forecasts were here across parts of the law and we are going to be seeing an increase of clouds over the next few days you can see on the satellite image all those clouds making their way towards the east so this is what it looks like by the time we get towards saturday now looking too bad across much of central iraq maybe baghdad a partly cloudy day for you at twenty two degrees but by the time we get towards sunday we do expect to see an increase of those clouds as well as rain in the forecast up to the north though it is going to be the snow across parts of turkey as well as another system coming in from the mediterranean and that will bring some rain by the time we get towards sunday night across much of the eastern mediterranean there where we are going to sing an increase of clouds as well coming in off parts of egypt and that is going to bring some clouds mostly cloudy conditions and possibly some rain across much of the area so from lida it is going to be a cloudy day for you at thirty two degrees and those clouds begin to extend even
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over here towards doha by the time we get towards sunday evening and there could be a possibility of a passing shower by the time we get towards the evening as well doha twenty eight degrees about twenty six in the sca seeing a twenty six degree day as well and over here towards parts of africa well johannesburg as well as durban some rain in your forecast but down here towards cape town a nice day if you with a temperature of twenty seven. where there is water there is life but finding new to most reviews arid desert is a skill few still possess the tourists who raised a small school with those who and this was this is a very important point is that they've been telling us about for the last five days between a. and a new orders against all odds an aging population is policy on. the rainmakers.
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zero. zero again you're watching al-jazeera with me fully back to bore a reminder of our top stories the governor of the brazilian say to me nash era says the chances of finding survivors of a downburst are slim seven bodies have been recovered so far but at least two hundred people are still missing the down collapse said an eye on all mine near the town of. the u.n. security council is expected to meet on saturday for a special session called by the u.s. on venezuela's political crisis washington says it's ready to step up economic and diplomatic pressure to force president nicolas maduro out of power donald trump
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along with a number of regional leaders have recognized opposition leader one as the interim president and the u.s. president has signed a bill to end the longest government shutdown in history he has agreed to reopen the federal government for three weeks but trump has warned democrats that if negotiations over the funding of a border war with mexico hit another deadlock is ready to declare a national emergency. meanwhile our long time ally of the u.s. president has been charged with seven crimes as part of the investigation into an. it's russian interference in the twenty six thousand election on just oh and he's accused of being a conduit between china's campaign and wiki leaks and eyeing about it had a hand has a story on the walking out of a federal courthouse in florida roger stone seems to be channeling his first political boss former president richard nixon the gesture of a disgraced man who when faced with impeachment was forced to resign the presidency for stone his legal challenges are just beginning but he's vowing he won't testify
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against his long time friend us president donald trump as i have said previously there is no circumstance whatsoever under which i will bear false witness against the president nor will i make up lies to ease the pressure on myself i look forward to her to call me and indicate a special counsel robert mueller says stone was talking to both the trunk campaign and julian assange founder of wiki leaks about hacked e-mails from hillary clinton's campaign when asked about it by a congressional committee stole her allegedly lie we had a very frank exchange and then when a person promised to tell the committee the truth the indictment says stone sent an e-mail to him saying he should prepare to die and his dog would be killed as well it's very interesting to see the kinds of people that the president of united states have surrounded himself with in this connection to the integrity of our
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elections is obviously something we have to get the truth about wiki leaks has denied doing anything wrong and the president reacted in a tweet again calling it a witch hunt and that there was no collusion but this is the first indictment to clearly link the hacked e-mails with the trump campaign and bruce fein says more charges are still possible you can issue what's called superseding indictment and add counts that aren't there necessarily in the first grand jury allegations so this will be. you can say you hold it to ratchet it up say all right if you don't cooperate we're going to bring in more indictments against you so that's certainly a possibility roger stone has been known for decades as a man who revels in police dirty political tricks who doesn't back down sending the message by tattooing nixon's face on his back netflix even made a documentary about him i revel in your trigger because if it were ineffective you would need me he's about to find out if he's crossed the line from controversial to
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criminal. behavior al-jazeera washington. in sudan the leader of the largest opposition party has called on the government to bow to mass protests and give up power so they can mock the address hundreds of supporters at a mosque in khartoum human rights groups say more than forty protests as of been killed since demonstrations began last month irani started out as protests against rising food prices but i've grown into an uprising calling for an end to president omar bashir is nearly thirty year old. and has a wave of optimism across the democratic republic of congo people welcome their new leader the public is eager to see how phoenix just a key will deal with high unemployment corruption and providing basic services common to miller has our report from kinshasa. it was just as former president joseph kabila took office eighteen years ago that abraham when lumumba opened this roadside printing shop he says he started the business after he couldn't find
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a job in a country hit by high unemployment now that new president felix she said katie's been sworn in abraham says things may be different. i think with the new elected president things may change especially in the economy so that my business can grow but we will have the same individual sharing the wealth of the country i will be very disappointed to see katie controversially won the election in december with the result still disputed by rival martin for you know people here have long accused the government and elite of benefiting from the country's wealth with little trickling down this market is popular with students it's when many take a break between classes most is now which is about to complete a degree in communication he says he wants more opportunities for new graduates our country we are so rich because we are very thought of garlands a dime loans and so on yes so we did but people are so poor you see and we don't
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understand what's there is a for white people must stay in poverty the dears he has an estimated twenty four trillion dollars worth of natural resources including iron ore natural gas gold and cobalt according to the u.s. geological survey the d r c produces more than a half of the world's cobalt and more than twenty percent of global diamonds yet it remains one of the poorest countries in the world many have come to the capital kinshasa to find work with more than ten percent of the eighty five million population living here the city's overcrowded housing is expensive and hard to come by especially for the poor developments like this one when meant to provide homes for them but instead it was rented out all force up by the wealthy many people here say the government hasn't followed through on its promises to help the plus. corruption along with insecurity and conflict continues to hamper economic growth ninety percent of the population doesn't have access to basic services. the first
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challenge for the new president is infrastructure electricity and water you must put into action projects which will develop the country this will increase the level of income and through this we will reduce corruption. felix the security begins his first week in office not only on a wave of optimism but also realistic expectation while the d r c goes through its first peaceful handover of power the challenges remain great for the new president for me deborah al-jazeera kinshasa. the un special rapporteur for human rights on myanmar says the head of the military should be prosecuted for genocide. is investigating crimes against minority that have forced hundreds of thousands to flee the country the independent mechanism that i recommend to be established last year has been formally and funded and recruitment has started justice for victims
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isn't. conceived through the question of evidence of crimes committed in the creation of the case files have been. returned years these cases will be ready for prosecution credible international or international and lisa says myanmar isn't interested in allowing the writing get to return tashi go name reports from bangladesh. the ruling the refugee crisis has become a fast growing regional problem with global repercussions that's the latest assessment of the un special rapporteur on human rights in me and mark young he leads cited the recent deportations of rohingya refugees by saudi arabia and india to me and mar a violation of international law in his. eyes not working to conditions return. intimidation and
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harassment its neighbor bangladesh has been struggling to accommodate this predominantly muslim minority since august twenty seventh t. more than seven hundred thousand have sought refuge here it is clear it really into refugees in bangladesh can not return to me in the near future because the government is beginning to gauge a longer term plan i'm paying the. nation for this yesterday bangladesh wants to transfer about one hundred thousand refugees to the remote flood prone island of bashar in the bay of bengal lisa says despite the government's quote tremendous efforts to prepare the island she's concerned about the security of refugees and isolation does include. especially in the event of. natural disasters. fully informed that. the
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bangladeshi government says the refugees who moved to boston shar would have access to health care and education be able to fish and farm and visit their families in the camps in cox's bazaar despite the challenges of living in the world's largest refugee settlement none of the refugees we spoke to want to move to a place they fear is dangerous natasha in a zero dhaka. rescue is in southern spain have found the body of a two year old boy who fell into a well nearly two weeks ago mine has worked around the clock for thirteen days to find the toddler who was shot in a narrow bore hole seventy metres below ground. now the plight of refugees has been high on the agenda at the world economic forum in davos one aid group is highlighting the issue with an interactive simulation which is giving delegates a very different perspective on a whole report summed up. it's
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a long way from the champagne and canopies that define the tao of austerity. but even some of the world's most powerful people have been humbled by this experience of life as a refugee. when a soldier is yelling at you and there is no one else around you you become like everyone else you are just human why are we here at the world economic forum it's the same goals to prove it's committed to improving the state of this world and our world and each changing sixty eight million displaced people. who sits in this forum they are the people who can shape this world now living a very different experience of reality is real life refugee muhammad her son muhammad here with the world economic forum's young global leaders program mohammed is a citizen of nowhere having spent twenty years living in kakuma camp outside nairobi
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the plectrum of the world economic forum provides i mean i it's tremendous and it has the potential to solve these problems and send a flavor to the camp and i don't know how things will be from there on but i hope that i'm a minister who has inspired enough people to act in bring tangible results to the coming we don't want to be that forgotten people forever so for all the talk about davos damp squib this year with headlining world leaders largely absent this is still a place with three thousand of the world's most powerful most influential people meet each year most are not here to make headlines they're here to make deals and while it may be true as some critics of the world economic forum suggest that the global elite gathered here in davos has had a hand in breaking the global system that doesn't mean that they can't be involved in fixing it oxfam's executive director believes dabbles has an important role to play trump is no it. is not. it is amazing
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to do with public i'm going to be our country's they've got to sort out the issues why didn't the other countries but this is a place for influence and there are big businesses here. and you are the media here and then the us will work with ordinary people i hear we're here to talk to each other and give each other from this it and find solutions. in the basement beneath her feet the refugee experience moved some to tears there's nothing like a screaming soldier to make one seek and unlimited in the dark journal how al-jazeera davos switzerland. now surely is. friends of the asian cup title has been ended five tournaments whole scene united arab emirates it was a tight quarter final match in the line but the any raw cheese got a lucky break in the second half. a terrible vaca pass was picked up by. hoops at the edge of the box easily went around keeper matthew ryan the goal was
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the only one of the game include the u.a.e. into the semifinals a qatar for a place in the final will beat south korea by a goal to me in abu dhabi but late in the second half qatar abdulaziz her team got the breakthrough curling in a low strike the goal was enough to put qatar into their first asian cup semifinal cattery fans were able to attend the game because of the young going diplomatic the kaito of the country by whole scene eyes arab emirates and saudi arabia. and again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera the governor of the brazilian state of maine a sheriff says the chances of finding survivors of a dam burst are slim seven bodies have been recovered so far but at least two hundred people are still missing a dam collapsed around in iron ore mine near the town of well my dean yelled
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earlier i spoke to you one is my brother who's a reporter for the news agency a.f.p. and is close to the side of the dam burst he says the rescue operation is going to resume on saturday morning but the hopes of finding survivors are dim. but it's not much of that they can do and since it searching it is h. talk now as if it's an election. with stephen states that is because they don't fit in well the. most likely of the mill of listening most of them will be will be dead body most of those about one hundred sixty of the mind operators who were on site at the lunch when this is off the happen and most of the mafia did. their government at the press conference shortly ago and eats each of those a million more of finding any survivors which is part of the diet thing to be saying this is really all that. the u.n.
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security council is expected to me on saturday for a special session called by the u.s. on venezuela's political crisis washington says it's ready to step up economic and diplomatic pressure to force president nicolas maduro out of power it's appointed former diplomat elliott abrams to lead those efforts. long with a number of regional leaders have recognized opposition leader one as the interim president and the u.s. president has signed a bill to end the long is government shutdown in history his agree to reopen the federal government for three weeks but has warned democrats that if negotiations over the funding of a border wall with mexico hit another deadlock is ready to declare a national emergency you know on a close confident of the u.s. president roger stone has been charged with seven crimes as part of the investigation into alleged russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen election stone is accused of being a conduit between trump's campaign and wiki leaks and lying about it those are
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the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next here it's science in a golden age to stay with us. between the eighth and fourteenth centuries there was a golden age of science when scholars from the islamic world introduced the rigorous experimental approach that laid the foundations of the modern scientific method they transformed the superstition of alchemy into the science of chemistry the chemical industry has of course reshaped the modern world giving us new fuel drugs and new materials but the methodology and principles of chemistry go back over a thousand years. and i've been researching the contributions of the scientists of
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the golden age i'll be tracing back the roots of modern chemistry to the scholars of the world. this is doha the capital of qatar two decades ago none of this existed all this development has only been possible because of a huge investment of revenue from oil and gas in other words the chemical industry .
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oil is responsible for much that we take for granted the daily life from fuel. to plastics the medicines even the tarmac road i'm driving on the chemical plants over there is processing the gas and crude oil that exists in such abundance in the middle east. oil in its raw state is a mixture of many different chemicals and these are separated out through a process called fractional distillation. the crude oil is heated until it becomes a vapor the vapor rises up the distillation towers and separate sensors different components as it cleans the fractionating tower in a modern oil refinery is a high tech version of a piece of apparatus called an eleven pick used by the golden age scientists as a distillation tool over a thousand years ago. one early pioneer of distillation was the ninth
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century physician and chemist arathi amongst his many writings are the earliest known accounts of using distillation to produce substances like kerosene sulfuric acid and pure alcohol this wasn't for drinking but the use as a medical disinfect. here in istanbul to piece a star studies the work of the scholars of the golden egg has brought with him and still to show me how the early chemists used it for distillation. this one is made of copper and there were others made of of glass or a world glossy yes yes the important thing about a still is that there's a hot and cold and so the whole turned is where the steam is produced it's been condenses. and is received into the receiver here. what we would need would be
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water. first of all usually distilled water you could use rainwater the. flue and then we'll need whatever we're going to distill for example if you want perfect roses would be excellent rose petals up i'm sure the restaurant of mind. and so the water with the rose petals will be heated up here as the steam given off it takes the scent of the rose as it reaches the bit queer it condenses back to a liquid and drips down here into this other container who are the people who are carrying out these things the chemistry i think there are two main names which stand out above all the others above all jabbering hyena. but also other drowsy jobber but high on a particular is very early on in the golden age and he is regarded by many as the first scientist of the golden age and all sorts of things as he doing many of his chemical procedures are those which may still be used today. for example motion or
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precipitation or distillation job or about how young was a polymath who grew up in modern day iraq and vast work covers medicine music chemistry and much more there were thousands of manuscripts attributed to far more than a single man could actually have written it's believed that many later scholars wrote under his name because he was held in such high regard whatever the truth he's credited with applying an experimental based approach to chemistry. the scholars of the golden age began applying the scientific method to chemistry by which i mean they were conducting experiments in a way that was a big leap from the pure philosophical thinking of the eight weeks but to conduct
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careful experiments they. operates much of which hadn't even been invented at the time and for chemistry in particular they need to hone their skills at the last blowing and glass making and so i'm going to meet a man who's going to show me just how difficult or easy it is to actually carry out that skill. so i want a. smiley. the kind of to start the. ball. some looks for. making sure. they have a name in a awful. lot of this is. the
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wrong one. of the. left as. the number. on the mount although. if joe was making it back in the eighth century he certainly would have been doing it this way the sort of gloss they would have used one thousand years ago would have been very different they would have put this and they did all the other ingredients into these options and just cooked them a bake them until they melted so although they did have glass blowing to shake the molten glass they didn't have something with such high temperature like this. jetta
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of gas here. should clinch. well that's pretty remarkable my own a little bit. although job i'm highly on and those like him are performing experiments and perfecting apparatus the work they were doing was very much a mixture of chemistry and alchemy indeed the arabic word for chemistry is l. kenya from which the word alchemy is derived but whereas modern chemistry is a rigorous exact science alchemy is associated with superstition a magic the l. commis main goal was to turn other metals into gold to his followers job in high yarn was known as. the mystic because they believed his work was no different from
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sorcery even today some chemistry can seem like magic of those or chemistry student and she's going to help me with some demonstrations that i guess could be used as part of a magic show i'm going to turn these callous liquids black simply with the power of my mom. writes i think. and. we go. so this is a chemical reaction to. these
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reactions we know there's a chemical explanation for what's going on but what we call chemistry has its roots in the alchemy of the golden age. so. to what extent was their real flaw and it's being done in amongst all this mr mysticism and alchemy. jim i don't see a contradiction between science and alchemy. rather i see a synergy the one feeds on the other quite often and that you could say about every period great period of scientific breakthroughs you said of the greeks you could surgically lots of lots of middle ages you could sew to burn a sauce or leave it was that newton was was involved in alchemy that's my sigs on the real thing.
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the early alchemy school obsessed with turning common less valuable metals into precious gold job out of an eye on a particular was obsessed with trying to dissolve metals and that led him to research all different kinds of suits but gold is notoriously difficult to dissolve so i'm going to buy a small amount of it and see if it's possible. i just didn't make can we do them at that. job and nothing they can. and is there nothing political emilius the dozen or so we have how to live the head. of more just to have the next you know center men who are. not that hot on the end . and i'm loving this but it has a commission you didn't. ever complain about and you have been there kind of if you
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want to on in the. last one job and keep going. and live in the head it's ok to. run the government so elect a disco lead. figure which i'll tell you what i mean it's a lot and i figure i shall look at it it is shallow and so bizarre let. me through my experiment to dissolve is professor house about. what the hell i need your chemistry expertise here i've got this gold coin and i wonder is it possible to dissolve gold berry very difficult i don't like all noble metals is relatively unreactive but the act of towards acids is only one assets that can really do the job which is this one. which means kingly water and it's called can you.


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