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province which shares the same name but its reports from athens people are still upset. despondent protesters against the name change lingered outside the parliament where lawmakers ratified the agreement had prime minister alexis tsipras put it direct to the people in a referendum two thirds of greeks would likely have voted against the deal amid the gloom sounded a note of optimism. this is a historic day for greece where protecting the heritage of ancient greek macedonia is also a historic day for the balkans with a long history of wars and disputes a nationalist a trade we're turning over a new leaf we're making room for peace corp friendship solidarity a mutual understanding north macedonia is now clear to enter nato but the opposition conservative new democracy party which enjoys a ten point lead over the ruling seat is a is still promising a hard line position if it comes to power does he care much i love which. i shall
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not give up on greece's right to veto scorpios entry into the european union i shall fight with all my strength to mitigate the negative impact that is sure to arise from this problematic agreement. the principle of those who oppose the agreement is that it creates a basis for greece's neighbors to claim not just that they are citizens of north macedonia but potentially that they are a race of ethnic macedonians the agreement cuts through decades of greek foreign policy to recognize a macedonian language and nationality that is the nub of greeks disagreement with the deal many don't mind sharing macedonia as a political term but they see macedonian identity as spurious. because wanted good relations in the balkans they should never have recognized the macedonian state or given a macedonian identity to people it doesn't belong to. it all remaster down your
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language when you know that there has never been one we know that what's being ratified today in the parliament will be scrutinized by greek and european courts the government admits the agreement is not perfect but it has at least got the other side to agree to stop claiming ancient greek history for its own come september images of alexander the great are to disappear from north macedonian schoolbooks as our maps of a greater macedonia north macedonia is most illustrious history now perhaps lies in its future. al-jazeera athens. bolivia's main city is facing a waste disposal crisis after a landslide closed its rubbish dump cracks in the landfill exposed a dark liquid which community leaders say is dangerous for those living nearby streets piling up with garbage and keeping on message thousands of kilometers away malaysia's fast becoming the top destination for plastic waste from around the world people have been trying to cash in on china's decision to stop processing
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recycling and us foreign slurry reports this is created big environmental problems . punching him and his friends became environmental activists by accident the businessman and former village chief was spurred on by what was happening near his home state the number of plastic recycling factories had increased many of them illegal. to smoke and the smell from the factories was too much for us to bear even in the middle of the night there was no response it's all told chung enforcement officials have since shut down thirty factories in the area alone but authorities say there are hundreds more scattered across the country the industry is fueled by beijing's ban on plastic waste imports into china that came into effect this year and opened up a gap in the market between january and july malaysia imported more than four
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hundred fifty thousand tons of plastic waste forty percent more than for the whole of two thousand and seventeen. so. countries in the western countries. why. why do. the countries being a country i think financially. treat this. not all plastic waste that ends up here can be recycled malaysia is now stuck with tons of plastic waste that will end up in landfills at huge financial and environmental costs that's not the only has a plastic waste poses this is a common practice by on regulated plastic recycling factories here rather than pay for waste collection they dump and burn whatever can't be recycled the stench here is unbearable. the plastic processing industry could in malaysia eight hundred
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forty million dollars this year making the government reluctant to put a complete ban on the imports of plastic waste for now but it is taking steps to limit imports of plastic waste with a plan to phase them out entirely within three years florence. state malaysia. those fall on his feet and japan are celebrating hotly and they have every right to do so japan's naomi osaka has won her second grand slam title in a row after winning the australian open on saturday or opponents petra convert of words hoping for a feel good story of her own in twenty six in the czech header hamstead and knife attack in your apartment after sockets at the first set seven six it was converted over to fall back to take the second seventy five at the sidings it was also a close affair but eventually it was the twenty one year old who emerged victorious six four asarco will also take the world number one ranking on monday. twenty seventeen french champions monaco have sacked coach thierry henri and brought back
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a previous coach leonardo jardim when they had previously sacked in october so laundry lasted just three months of a three year contract with monaco who were runners up to p.s.g. last season but find themselves second bottom and threatened with really geisha they were only two places better off in league when john team was fired but he's come back on a two and a half year deal. manchester united have secured their eighth straight win since early going to salsa manager from josie marino this one came against fellow premier league giants arsenal in the f.a. cup alexis sanchez opened the scoring against his former club but should then not make himself popular among his one time fans at the emirates stadium united really seem to have their old swagger back after a dreadful few years and a break away goal made it to no jesse lynn god putting it away. within three one thanks to the shots and then three marcial follow up united going through to the
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for three. i mean everybody everybody manager has his way of working memory you have it we have work try to improve social club sort of do the same and you know right now everything is going well if you go you know i had rivals manchester city have taken over the neighbors crowns as the kings of english football of eight but they haven't done so well in the f.a. cup losing to lowly wigan last year city played burnley on saturday. of course if it is a prestigious cup a prestigious title not just in this country so. they're one of those who would like to you know two for zero in some finals international we could not reach the final and. in this last season was a week and australia's defense of the asian cup title has been ended by the tournament hosts the united arab emirates it was a tight quarter final match in our lane the emirates got
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a lucky break in the second half. terrible back toss from the last stage iniquitous picked up by early at the edge of the box easily went around keeper matthew ryan the goal was the only one of the game and put the u.a.e. into the semifinals l. now play regional rivals qatar for a place in the final cut of we're up against asian power south korea abilities our team at the breakthrough in a one win. i think one of the keys of this team is that as a group. they're outstanding and they know what it means to win the game in this competition show that they shall read every game because we need to celebrate the big reason to the of course is one step forward more and everyone was celebrating congratulating each other the milwaukee bucks continue to have the best record in the n.b.a. thanks to another powerful performance from gianni assented to compo the great star
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has just been named captain of the eastern conference all-star team he did the bucs again on friday night scoring thirty four points in a one hundred eight ninety nine when over the charlotte hornets. the now thirty five and twelve they lead the restraining champs golden state of the west. and the utah jazz are staking their claim on a playoff spot staying sixteen away start to beating the minnesota timberwolves. one of the mitchell trying to run down the clock by missing this late free throw but who wins in minnesota can come back the jazz win one hundred six one hundred two mitchell with twenty four points and a career high eleven assist. tiger woods is still scratching around for some early season form after a disappointing second round at his first tournament of the year the american fell eleven shots behind leader justin rose at torrey pines the place where tiger first taste of golf as a young boy hoping this year will see him when his first major since two thousand
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and eight after his return to form last season i squeeze a couple of the teasers get in and play in rep to few here and there and get a couple good bombs on there are shots weren't as close i'd like to like to have them i wasn't quite as sharp as i like to be but. i had him in there close enough or i should've made some of those parts. they limp in a similar thing out of the ballgame changes all the way sinise are cruising towards a huge win over england in the first cricket test in barbados after the tourists failed to take a single wicket on day three the host sitting in an impossible victory target of six hundred twenty eight that's after jason holder scored a double hundred in the windy second innings of four hundred fifteen for six declared he had a partnership of two hundred ninety five with fellow century and changed our age in an incidentally we're fifty six for no loss in their reply but it's not looking good for them. men's handball will have
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a new world champion after france's four year reign at the top came to an end the french were dumped out of this year's semifinals by denmark thirty eight thirty on friday the danes are a little the gold medalist of beating france at rio twenty sixteen but have never won the world championship title. and that's all sport more game later so thanks very much peter. kenya's serene beaches and tropical climate long been a magnet for tourists especially from europe but attacks in kidnappings by the own group al-shabaab in recent years have scared visitors away. and. the war on sunday because of kenya's long island tell the stories of its troubles in good times this bitch will be full of tourists bringing much needed income for beach boys into a guides but holiday makers have shown that in normal results home after a spate of attacks by al shabaab fights has people who live here say visit as a static to return i would find it very peaceful and trying to. not notice it was
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lovely and that's a picture. we sent them back and people say happy to say yeah it's a lovely first impression. was largely been peaceful its proximity to somalia has worked against it. has been walking he has a beach boy for thirty years so we used to. come out of this is long. but everything now become very. nice it's hard for us organize a long trip because people feel. about it's the kidnapping of a french tourist from the two thousand and eleven which prompted the kenyan government to send its troops to somalia and more than eighty as the open ocean
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leaned into your portion protect the country still born in somalia and is slowly recovering from the effects of tuck's. al-shabaab says its attacks in kenya in response to the presence of kenyan troops in southern somalia. mohamed always was an official of the law to a guards association he says there's been a decline in the number of visitors every time they talk anyway in case. reports by the media that the gunman who carried out the recent attack in nairobi passed through law moves have affected us in any attack anywhere in kenya undoes some of the progress we've made. was the government's warnings to their nationals against travel to the kenyan coast also hot. every morning at the water from two young men one by his side to jobs. it's these young men but what it does most.
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they say they're now planning and the ball festivals and cultural activities to attract more visitors to the island and hopefully help it regain its glorious past . and you can watch the al-jazeera news hour with me so i have another full half hour of news on the other side of the break so to learn from me on the news our team thanks very much for your time and your company.
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fly because our ways and experience the words like never before. is going places together by means of fish every week a new cycle going to see any simple breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welts jan an ace that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all. as we turn the cameras on the media focus on how they were
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caught on the stories that matter the most in bad news a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. and monday put it on. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war. taliban sources say they finalize a draft agreement to end the afghan war involving the pullout of u.s. forces in eighteen months.
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alonzo raman you're watching al-jazeera live my headquarters here in doha also coming up the u.n. security council prepares to discuss the power struggle bringing venezuela why there's a little chance of a breakthrough. at least nine people killed and hundreds missing in brazil where a dam has collapsed sending a torrent of sludge into a mine and nearby homes. and the policy change in china that has created a plastic waste problem for malaysia. welcome to the program taliban sources have told al jazeera that u.s. negotiators have finalized the details of a draft agreement to end the seventeen year long afghan war talks have been ongoing in qatar between taliban and american representatives for almost
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a week but with me is how has covered the conflict extensively for al-jazeera and these are very encouraging sounds coming out of this joint meeting being held here in doha indeed and it seems that the taliban made some significant concessions for the talks to move forward particular when it comes to the timeline for the pullout of the foreign troops down there talking about eighteen months before the taliban was saying that there would be no political settlement no talks alas the as long as the foreign troops stay in afghanistan now they are trying also to finalize the terms of a ceasefire to be announced soon but this i think has to take into consideration a decision also by the afghan government at a commitment from the taliban that the country won't be used in the future by groups like isis or. two. launch attacks against the united states of america and other countries it's really if this is agreed upon by all the parties is definitely
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going to be a turning point in the last week we've had a great deal of talk about the fact that the taliban are us talking we have one of the rada has just come into those negotiations where does that leave the government in kabul because they're very insistent about what their role is their intelligence chief is flying as we speak to doha it seems that he wants to get more clarity from the american ego shearers and from the taliban. before committing any. statement from the afghan government they seem to be sidelined they were insistent to be part of any talks with the taliban the taliban have been always describing the government of us of money as a in american puppet saying that these are window dressing we would not deal with them would like just to do the talks with the us government and the moment it's over we are the ones who will have the final say they are the ones who control about fifty percent of the country so i think the afghan government's going to
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receive this with some sense of the bit about the really not happy with this particular outcome because they're concerned what kind of role they would play in the future and of course there are regional players regional stakeholders and powers that have a vested interest in what happens here in doha and how it actually impacts on afghanistan both now and in the future we've seen when the american influence started to wane in afghanistan over the last few years particular where with the drawdown the used to have one hundred fifty thousand troops in afghanistan and now they're back to sixteen thousand other key players stepped in the russians the iranians and the pakistanis of course the key player in the region and this is the up the pakistani government has been saying that it what comes the talks but i would like to make sure that india won't have any role in any future political settlement in afghanistan under think up if pakistan is on board that would definitely shape the way or pave the way for the talks to evolve into a broader political settlement because so here are typically these are just
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confidence building measures the biggest problem in the future would be what kind of government what kind of role with the taliban play in afghanistan because as we speak this there say they are the legitimate authority there was effected by the use of force by the americans in two thousand and one they don't recognize the government of us of money in terms of the way the negotiations have sort of mood. from various regional capitals to doha how significant is it that. neutrality within these talks is important of course qatar wants to be involved in making sure there's long term peace they have a vested interest like any other country the u.a.e. saudi arabia in iran how important is it for the taliban to make sure they can also bring those regional neighbors in to understand their point of view i think the they also realize that the another get in through a very complex political landscape landscape in the region
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a few weeks ago they were supposed to go and talk with the americans injured day in saudi arabia and then suddenly they said we're not going to go to saudi arabia insisting on staying in doha and finalizing all the talks they are key players here who would like to have a bigger say in shaping the future of afghanistan the united arab emirates saudi arabia but i think now with the taliban maintaining their political bureau and particular with the decision to have more luck rather taking over you go she is with the americas that is quite a significant step forward was the one who co-founded the taliban along with william hammer drama and his considers someone who could build bridges with the different factions within the taliban the particularly. council. of the taliban the entity which will have the final say over over and it political theater in afghanistan which is the waters of the moment thank you. the u.n. security council is discussing the power struggle grouping of venezuela the us
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which called for the meeting is pushing for the security council to back opposition leader. who's declared himself the interim president but china and russia have already announced their support for president nicolas maduro latin america that are lucy anyone is standing by on colombia's border with venezuela but first let's go to mike hanna at the united nations mike what can we actually expect in terms of the way the conversation is expected to go in the security council today. well we've heard from some of the delegates going into this meeting and very clearly expressed by the ambassador from belgium and indeed the british diplomat responsible for the americas that of deepest concern is the three million refugees who live in and around the borders of venezuela people who fled the country since two thousand and fifteen this argument being advanced before the meeting began because what is going to be one of the points of the meeting is whether or not the
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united nations has the right to get involved russia and china are absolutely adamant that this is an internal affair the u.n. should not be getting involved neither should the u.s. or any other country however the u.s. and other members of the council such as france the u.k. will be arguing very strongly that among the reasons for intervention is that massive preventive tarion problem that is arriving in the region so that will be part of the discussion whether or not the u.n. has a right to get involved moving on from that there will be discussion as to what should happen and clearly the u.s. of particular represented by the. secretary the secretary of state might compare will be arguing very strongly that there be direct u.n. involvement in terms of negotiating some kind of settlement in that region and in terms of making very clear that it recognizes one gedo as the legitimate leader of
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venezuela so it's likely to be a heated meeting in the hours to come indeed we'll come back to mike once that meeting gets underway in new york thank you of course over to lisieux newman she's live at kuta on the border between venezuela and colombia and while the diplomats talk it through in new york lucy are the united states has made it very clear what it wants its diplomats to do and of course the international community is also deciding to choose sides as we speak. absolutely i'm at a outside of a soup kitchen here in where many of those three million refugees economic refugees from it is so i love that mike was just referring to are waiting here to go in to have lunch they've been here since six thirty in the morning where that in the parish where the breakfast was being served for three thousand five
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hundred venezuelans they weren't they didn't arrive in time there wasn't enough so now they're hoping to get a meal in a couple of hours' time when the doors open again so that just gives you an idea of the magnitude of the humanitarian crisis just here and on the other side of the border with venezuela many of these people tell me that they've arrived eight days ago two weeks ago two days ago that they just cannot survive any longer in their country and they are watching very very intently what is happening both inside of in israel and outside in the international community and what is being said now just a few hours ago france germany and spain made it clear they really basically issued an ultimatum to the little government saying that they gave them eight days just eight days to call for free internationally supervised elections or they would recognize one wide or as the legitimate interim president of this country so the pressure is increasing however i have to say so i have just on friday
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mentioned something about this he made a reference to it and said that under no circumstances would do you hold elections and he called the spanish government a bunch of racists and and colonialist so that is the kind of language we're hearing at least at this stage from the venezuelan government for the believe that of course i. join you through that i thank you. around three hundred people are missing after a second term collapse in southern brazil within four years or tours of modern waters of most homes and farms killing at least knowing people which is in cruise looking for survivors to a much larger loss of life now the dam collapse on friday night before your iron mine near the town of roman penal it's in. state one hundred thirty kilometers from marianna where a similar disaster involving the same mining company happened in twenty fifteen that brings us the latest from belo horizonte in brazil's minas get
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a state so the day after the bank spewing millions of liters of sludge tailings as they're known from the iron ore mine into the environment a rescue operation in full swing the president of brazil a job also nado jew here in belo horizonte way he has said he is going to oversee the operation he's bringing members of his cabinet into the region to try to initially to find out the extent of the damage to try to rescue survivors and then to try to limit what will inevitably be a huge environmental disaster to try to stop the contaminated waters heading down into a nearby hydroelectric plant to try to then start a massive cleanup operation in the meantime questions are being asked about exactly how this has happened less than four years after the last catastrophe. in the same state of minister lies the same company valley involved in that operation as well they.


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