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argue ation a new election by universal suffrage and directed biology shall be held within thirty consecutive days pending the election and inauguration of the new president the president of the national assembly shall take charge of the presidency there but there was no election there are five branches all legitimate. if there's a discrepancy in the national. well the the national assembly doesn't agree then it should address the supreme court etc but what does this i mean for claiming a member of parliament simply. proclaiming him self president and to be to be recognized by other governments. i mean these are serious governments that respect the charter of the united nations recognizing him you're recognizing the position of force against legality this is very dangerous and we need to put a stop to that here today. i think that is i think it's enough with what i have told to the what i've sketched out for us is one tell you that the people of
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venezuela. listening and i think it's been demonstrated the people of venezuela is not alone as has been demonstrated in this debate as in other organizations including the nonaligned movement that we chair in israel is not alone and you know why it is not alone because then it venezuela so putting its constitution and the charter of the united nations we will continue following the path of our democracy . we will not allow anyone to impose on us any decision order. and i think the under secretary general said this individual says has proclaimed himself self proclaimed self where in our constitution is that allowed show me show me where this is authorized and we can do that debated in the name of the president is president. on behalf in the name of the president doing behalf of . the people and of the various institutions.
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venezuela is free and independent and no power no matter how powerful it can dictate to our people and to our nation its destiny or its future thank you very much. my friends tears excellency mr hariri also for his statement. to. the representative of the united states of america mr president i have not intended to speak. but it seems to me it's worthwhile and indeed necessary to respond to the. statements. on behalf of the regime in venezuela i cannot respond to every attack that was made on every country hear the. insults that were made by calling.
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many countries here satellites. in fact it was interesting that everything will country that was attacked or criticize was a democracy every single one that you criticized was a democracy. it was just a series of insults. that reflect the fact that today there is a satellite present here and it is venezuela which is unfortunately which has become a satellite of cuba and russia. the the regime is hiding behind any spokesmen is hiding behind the laws and constitution of venezuela while imprisoning opponents preventing free elections and killing democrats like for a non go on this is not about foreign intervention in venezuela it is not an tempt to impose
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a result on the venezuelan people democracy never needs to be imposed it is tyranny that has to be imposed this discussion in the council is about the right of the venezuelan people to direct their own internal affairs and choose the future of their own country democratically thank you. that's over but my thanks to the representative of the united states of america and give the floor now to the representative of the russian federation. over there who was thinking mr president well i wasn't going to speak either once again but. the. response by the represent of the united states. like you know who the representative of the united states represents by the way the his his responses forced me to do this and just for information i want to tell you that in russia unlike in the united states there is and russia is no satellites. venezuela is not
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a satellite russia is not our satellite state. we don't even use that kind of terminology. in our understanding it doesn't even exist or in our in our foreign policy or diplomacy perhaps i will surprise you distinguished representative of the united states but. when we discuss certain issues in the security council. we never tried to force any country to behave as we wish it to be of as we need it as it is in our interest for it to be if we always we always respect the sovereignty of any country whether it's a member of the security council whether it's speaks in this room we always wished respect its own opinions its own policy if that policy or those views correspond to
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our policy then we're happy if not we. we basically respect that any any member of the council or any member of the un can have their own views your own positions it is their sovereign right to have their own foreign policy. but unfortunately we know many of many many episodes when the country that you represent. not only uses its satellite states to promote its own interests but end fact. in fact forces them to to be in lockstep with you so to discuss who or who has satellites in who doesn't i wouldn't suggest you get into that thank you. my thanks to the representative of the russian federation. and i give the floor now. to we need.
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to see foreign minister to answer representative and it's well thank you very much . in response to what mr elliott abrams has just. it's difficult sometimes when spokespeople take the floor. they often deviate from the previous course of action or the previous storms. we've been involved in many difficult to go shushan far apart. but. i would recall that mr brown's up center tradition which has been try to leave it for similar such a times in the past such as the iran contra affair that he is the face of a world war and part of interfering with them for we have been listening to among others the foreign minister there of venezuela who is speaking again let's just go and talk to mike hanna so mike we obviously heard the foreign minister of venezuela
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very much accusing most of the nations there but their actions against his country and the nicolas mcdougal's government and then perhaps i knew surely messages from both the u.s. and russia saying very different things and it does show the once again the security council is potentially divided on this. well indeed yes let's make very clear here you'll notice the u.s. secretary of state is no longer in the chamber he walked away way before the venezuelan foreign minister started speaking he held a brief news conference outside and left the united nations while the security council is still in session we then heard from the venezuelan foreign minister who was alarmed by special agreement to speak before the council venezuela obviously not being a member of the security council he used the opportunity as a show and tell of years hundreds of years of u.s. intervention in latin america then we saw a response from the u.s.
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representative stayed behind now that turns out it was elliot abrahams he's just been appointed a few days ago by mike pompei or to be the point person on the venezuelan issue eliot abrahams a very colorful history in latin america ever could be described as such are seen very much as very hawkish once again the there is a rather than foreign minister asked for the right to respond and brought up this particular fact saying elliott abrams very much seen as a hawk in latin america with a very well he's only had to start in there because there are presented over of colombia of course one of venezuela's neighbors in a country that has endorsed the opposition leader is speaking now let's listen in venezuela and allow me to begin my statement by commending the process seeking to put an end to the use of patient power and to ensure a transition and restore ation of constitutional order which under the leadership of interim president hunger i do and the support of the national assembly and with
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the impressive determination of the democratic political forces of the nation and with the broad and vocal vocal grassroots support is a process that is to developing in our brother country in a new state of affairs that began on the twenty third of january a new dawn colombia requested the use of the floor of this meeting of the security council to and to the just and reasonable calls of the venezuelan people and to express our staunch and read. lutes support to the interim president of venezuela one quieter. and our staunch resolute support for the approach for the legislative progressives and powers of the national assembly it says julie elected on the sixth of december two thousand and fifteen we are acting therefore in compliance with the responsibilities that we bear as members of the organization of american states as a member of the united nations and as a signatory to the interim eric and democratic charter i think it worth recalling at this juncture that said duties and responsibilities impose upon us an obligation to act within the aforementioned legal frameworks in response to cases in which
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there is an evident breach of democratic order as we saw happen in venezuela in the wake of an electoral process that lacked legitimacy that took place in may of two thousand and eighteen spurred by that same reason colombia together with other democratic states in the hemisphere. and acting within the framework of the lima group is guided by the political decision i'm going to waive in commitment of the government presided over by dr even who came up guys. the political decision of firm commitment is of supporting and fostering conditions that would allow our brother people in venezuela to once again enjoy democracy and peace and they did to dictatorship in venezuela has emerged as a threat to peace security and stability in the region as well as being an affront to international law and in particular to into american nor and to control merican rights colombia as a country that neighbors venezuela the shares
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a border with countries all too well aware of its to of and is directly suffering the consequences of this threat posed by what's happening then as well and the tyranny in that country the forces of tyranny have seized the property of colombian companies that were legitimately and legally investing in the country as a tyranny as in the collapse to historic lows of what had been a flourishing and mutually beneficial trade relationship between our two countries and said tyranny has also given safe haven to terrorist groups that prey upon and attack the lives and goods the security and the tranquility molding a citizen in colombia so glaringly apparent other disastrous consequences of the abuses of the economy policies and society by the dictatorship that they have triggered the exodus of more than three and a half million people who have had to abandon in in despair. their homes in the quest for peace an opportunity colombia has welcomed and guided by a sense of responsibility solidarity and humanitarian feeling more than one million migrants streaming into our country from venezuela and we have done so despite our
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limited capacity and resources we will as a result continue to participate actively in the finding and forging of a regional and global response to adequately address this migration quizes. what moves us in humanitarian terms in the constitution stances is our desire to ensure that. despite the fact that the doors were slammed shut by the dictatorship but despite the fact of the dictatorship thanks to one of the first decisions of interim president one by deal we can work to ensure that aid reaches those in need and that is one of our key military names the international democratic community bears a moral and political responsibility to take diplomatic and political action without hesitation or delay to support the efforts of a people which are crying out for freedom and prosperity. once president even dukie said that what destroys venezuela will tank columbia down with it and what builds up in its way or will lift colombia up to what colombia is therefore asking in
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coming to this historic session of the united nations security council and we ask due respect but with the urgency what we are asking is for the international committee. what is the is for the international community to support the process that will put an end to the usurpation of power and will support the subsequent transition and holding of free transparent elections that underpinned by all necessary guarantees a process to be led by interim president one why don't you has come to the security council to request support. for its own rejection of the false claims that have been wielded to delay action to play for time and to prolong the suffering of the venezuelan people colombia has come to you respectfully request support for the delivery of humanitarian aid to toobin and sailor colombia has come here to the security council to ask the international community to demand that the life and well being of hundreds of held and not just that he is protected but also the members the national assembly and all those who fight for democracy and indeed we
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have called for the incomes of all of the international community's support for all those venezuelans who is going to build a better future we have come here to ask more members of the international community rallied to call made by several countries who have submitted a request to the prosecutor the international criminal court calling upon that body to investigate these serious events that have taken place in venezuela we have come to request support for measures. to ensure protection for the assets and goods confiscated by the dictatorship or lost to corruption colombia has come to request political support that we seek from all corners of the world support for actions that have already begun to restore hearts to a people that are beginning to see the glimmerings of hope for the future colombia has come before you all to request support for the decision to make headway towards transparent safe and secure elections elections in which of and it's willing brothers and sisters can freely choose for themselves what is the strength of government that they wish to thank you very much my thanks to his excellency mr
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holmes trujillo and that was the representative of colombia there that special session of the security council at the united nations dealing with versa to ation in venezuela a lot of the members of the security council there having already endorsed the opposition leader in in venezuela opposing of course the government of nicolas maduro we heard both from the foreign minister of venezuela earlier on and then representatives from the u.s. and russia will be the security council divided along different lines on their fourth or not of a president that we will of course continue to follow developments from the security council but now let me hand you to my colleague in doha that we know who gave the real. barbara thank you very much and we're watching al-jazeera we continue our live coverage from the united nations security council countries
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discussing the power struggle that is really gripping venezuela mike hanna listening in joining us from the united nations so the latest speaker a mike was the colombian foreign minister he was calling on the international community to take action on venezuela saying that it has a moral responsibility to do so. indeed yes colombia one of the neighbors of venezuela and one of the countries which has borne the brunt of the three million refugees who fled venezuela's sensor two thousand and fifteen we're hearing from a whole host of neighbors at the moment and earlier we heard from the foreign minister of venezuela itself he was given special permission to speak in the chamber as have other neighbors all of them directly involved in the outcome of these particular discussions the foreign minister of venezuela launched a very strong attack on the united states pointing out in a show and tell
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a litany of what he called an illegitimate u.s. involvement in latin america but the secretary of state earlier addressed the security council wasn't there to listen he left he held a brief news conference and walked away while the session was still underway leaving the u.n. behind so we've seen the divisions within the security council on the issue russia and china in particular not even wanting these proceedings to take place the u.s. and its allies in the council absolutely adamant that action must be taken the united kingdom repeating any european ultimatum that if there are not elections called within the next eight days then they will recognize the president of the national assembly as the legitimate leader of venezuela here and to that the venezuelan foreign minister had a response like when he flat out rejected that you automate him for new elections. indeed yes what we've had here is setting up what is going to be
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a very tough diplomatic dispute in the days ahead venezuela very clearly not going to accept any ultimatum from europe or anywhere else indeed certainly not going to step the u.s. it's a recognition of the president of the national assembly as the president of venezuela so we are going to see the standoff once again the position of venezuela strengthened by these support expressed publicly here in the united nations of heavyweight countries like russia and china we've also heard support will be being expressed by cuba for example so there is a significant bloc of countries that continue to support the president of venezuela nickers nicolas maduro despite the u.n. session and clearly the u.s. intention to get u.n. involvement directly in venezuela simply not working as it might have hoped we also heard interestingly mike from elliott abrams who the trumpet ministry sent just in
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the past twenty four hours appointed as this special envoy overseeing u.s. policy towards venezuela what are we to read into that appointment considering his history what does it tell us about the u.s. policy going forward. well he replaced my panto the secretary of state in the chamber when pompei a walked out and they were it's a very interesting and perhaps telling to and fro between him and the venezuelan foreign minister who brought up that precise point to abraham's rather colored history to put it mildly in latin america abrams one must remember was involved in the iran contra scandal he was in fact convicted of misleading congress he was subsequently pardoned by george h.w. bush so certainly abrams has a marked history in latin america and the fact that he has been made the point person by my pump a zero in the trumpet ministration as the man for a venezuela is
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a very clear signal of how the us is going to play this no softball whatsoever they putting a hawk in place a hawk incidentally who's likely to ruffle the venezuelan feathers even further so certainly this is a ping the anti the us choice off at best or point person for dealing with venezuela and mike and just talk us through sort of the mechanics of what we've seen in the past sixty minutes or so and what we're likely to see going forward because you are saying that there were north no formal votes that were going to take place so what will come out of this debate this very heated debate that's going on. well in short answer nothing but let me just take you back before the debate even started at the very beginning of the session russia called for a procedural vote saying that the session should take place at all now nine
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countries voted to continue that's the absolute number needed for the procession for the proceedings to go ahead in a procedural vote but four countries voted against even discussing the issue two abstained so that at the very beginning showed the division within the security council was not a narrow one but a very wide one indeed the discussion went ahead everybody taking their preposition positions russia insisting that the proceedings were an abrogation of venezuela's territorial integrity the u.s. insisting that the democratic situation unfold in the part of venezuela and that the president of the national assembly should be recognized as the new legitimate leader of the united kingdom giving an ultimatum an ultimatum gave by other countries in europe as well saying that this needs eight days or else it is going to be a unilateral recognition of a girl as the legitimate leader of venezuela but then again words of defiance from
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the venezuelan foreign minister and at the end of the session we are going to be left of the situation exactly the same where it was at the beginning the u.s. intention perhaps to try and gonna international opposition this part of a process that would appear of getting this wide swathe of international opposition together but still at the same time what it's also done is show that they are very powerful countries out there who are not going to go along with the u.s. initiative or russia and china in particular who will continue to bolster the madeira government despite the u.s. and its allies insistence that it falls all right tom i can now with an update from the united nations thank you well just a quick reminder of who in the international community is supporting nicolas maduro who's against tend to russia. as your hearing says any moves to remove him from power are illegal while turkey is calling him a brother china is also standing behind him and will go back to the u.n. security council and listen. representative. no one which is based on
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something that they lied to me to president i'm saying we reject it categorically the statements made by the representative of the united states of america in this council chamber today we regret the fact that the government of the united states of america is seeking to exploit and use the security council to lend legitimacy to the international campaign is to be hedging against the constitutional government presided by nicolas maduro models of the main threats to peace and security in latin america and the caribbean is in fact the bullying by the united states and its allies of the bolivarian republic event and soil and yet one of which is that lay ground affront to the popular will of the people of venezuela and to the institutional framework of this country will and framework of a jewel expressed in the elections held on the twentieth of may two thousand and
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eighteen elections which the venezuelan opposition voluntarily refrain from participating it we reiterate our unwavering support to the cause of the chartist and bolivarian revolution as well as our unwavering support to the civil military in the ship and union of the venezuelan people and for their legitimate and democratic government led by the constitutional president who nicolas mahut of them are us we condemn and decry in the strongest possible terms the attempt to impose through a coup d'├ętat a government that will serve as unlucky to the interests of the united states and venezuela and we also reject the recurring recurrent calls to bolivar bolivarian military m goes to join this version. sovereignty of our peoples is to be seen today in the attitude of an it's well let me attitude against it we support the legitimate right of our of our sister nation to set its own path for the future and to defend the dignity of all president and we must not overlook
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or forget other such terms such as the military coup in two thousand and two and the oil can two thousand and three as well as the aggressive executive order issued by the united states which described venezuela as an unusual and extraordinary threats to national security and to foreign policy of this superpower we must also recall unilateral coercive measures the call for a military coup d'etat to topple the constitutional government of and its way into the warning of the president of the united states that the use of military might was a possible option. while attempt to assassinate a president manager or to place on the fourth of all gassed the attempted assassination of a jew and it's an elected head of state president the acts of a group of countries and this shameful role played by the oas constitute a new and indeed desperate attempt to apply what is it grew calm and worthless
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policy of regime change a policy which has really been frustrated time and again by the unbreakable resistance of the venezuelan people and their determination to defend their national sovereignty we reiterate our own unshakable respect for the purposes and principles of the charter of the united nations under international law a full and unwavering support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of country states and the need to respect the same we reiterate our foreign unwavering support for the principles of the nonuse or non threat of use of force in international relations under noninterference and we domestic affairs of state as the sovereign will of the people of venezuela will prevail over this attempt at an imperialist intervention history and in turn will judge those who have fueled and sought to push a coup d'etat that would use their villages. thank you very much. ok so that is the . cuban leader to the united nations no surprise going against the position of the united states which is recognizing the opposition
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leader who's a cleric himself president. so defying the united states you're looking at live pictures continuing live pictures from the u.n. security council meeting right now discussing the power struggle that is gripping venezuela and once again the u.s. which called for that meeting taking place right now is pushing the security council to back that opposition leader. who is the clear himself as interim president but we heard earlier on from china and russia they've both reiterated their support for president nicolas maduro so divisions clearly on display at that meeting right now let's bring in the sea a newsman she's joining us from. that is on the colombia venezuela border and we did hear from the colombian foreign minister in fact lucy at the u.n. security council but let's just move away from that for
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a second from the action going on there and tell us what you're seeing and what you're hearing from venezuelans who've had to flee their country.


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