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tv   Afghanistans School Scandal  Al Jazeera  January 28, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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connection to their original owners from the four forty eight that are claiming and buying systematically those properties in order to clear the area from the palestinian residence and to build a settlement instead courageous about doesn't just worry about the practicalities of how and where to start again she also fears the effect on her children of having to go through the same experience as their grandparents are a force it out zero occupied east jerusalem but ember of illegal drugs factories being discovered in iraq is growing so is the number of addicts particularly in poverty stricken parts in the south robertson has more. this is one of the front lines in iraq's latest battle the fight against illegal drugs such as heroin and crystal meth. it's a makeshift treatment center run by police in the southern city of basra trying to help addicts such as has sound. i have been an addict for more than seventeen
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months then i got arrested by police while i was buying large quantities of drugs to use every day my entire family has disowned me. drug smugglers have been crossing parts of the border with iran which were left with little protection during the four year war against isis importing mainly cannabis and methamphetamines drugs factories have also been discovered on the iraqi side of the border in plantations and orchards in bass or province. we're tightening security to prevent the smuggling of drugs and narcotics doing as much as we can to stop it but there are ways smugglers are getting past this the treatment center in basra run by the police is one of two unofficial facilities that the city has but they can handle only a few patients at a time so some of them come here this is the even the most hospital in baghdad and it's a rags only official addiction treatment center it can deal with about seventy four
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patients at a time and some of these beds are empty at the moment but there are more patients coming from all over iraq every day buzzer province has some of iraq's biggest oil fields but its electricity and water supplies barely work i don't widespread unemployment problem means people here have very little money. irag zante drug force says it sees one hundred sixty loaves of drugs produced in basra province since november that's ten kilos more than was confiscated during the whole of twenty seventeen. but. i have reached. the number of people using them is rising more than thirteen hundred people have been charged with drugs offenses. but the police also admit it's hard to stop people making and selling drugs when the only alternative is poverty rob matheson all jazzy of baghdad.
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welcome back a plate of prawns from thailand makes a tasty meal so does all sorts of all the thai seafood that a geisha is a fishing boats using slave labor and overfishing didn't go down well in brussels the european union threatened the ban on seafood imports that so-called yellow card warning has just been lifted so high the reports from bangkok thailand fishing and
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seafood industry is big business it's the third largest export or in the world. so in two thousand and fifteen when the european commission issued a so-called yellow card warning over unsustainable fishing practices the threat of a ban on exports to the european union was a major blow anough to cause the military government to launch a major overhaul of the industry and a crackdown on illegal fishing implementing everything from vessel monitoring systems to tougher laws against the ill treatment of hundreds of thousands of migrant workers mainly from myanmar even sinking confiscated boats to create artificial coral reefs when the yellow card warning was withdrawn earlier this month it was a major relief for the seafood export industry but activists say there is still work to be done. good night as an observer and work on this issue the human slavery situation in taiwan seems to be well improved but we are not one hundred percent
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free from it yet we still have a lot to solve especially on restoration of not show resources. thailand is due to have a general election soon the first since the military backed government took over in the coup five years ago some are concerned that the progress on industry reform and workers' rights could be undone the government here says that the success of shutting the yellow card took some tough decisions new fishing laws and a new legal framework were not easy but they're confident these changes will stick even if there's a change of leadership we have the corporation work together we do fisherman and all the private sector and the n.g.o.s for the good of the country for sustainable fishery so just why everything has changed in the future we can be more sustainable to achieve that goal model and go back to what we have before but those who run smaller fishing operations say the changes cut too deep and not to
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the point. yellowcard is only for fishing businesses which many source a food from abroad and merely exposure to other countries for us we have so little for export almost none alec catches for canned fish of poultry food she hopes that if a new government comes into power there will be changes not undoing all the new laws but those that hurt smaller businesses will be revised so her workers still have a reason to keep their nests in good shape it's got either al-jazeera bangkok. all right sports fans and is here to get us all caught up with the game thank you so much sammy will christiane and al there was a match in a few events this is they maintain their unbeaten record in its lease area the defending champions are eleven points clear at the top of the table you very hard to come from behind in this match against chance chrome an own goal were early in the second half. drunken sailor schooled the equaliser in the portuguese play i was in the winner as well as tumble in the box resulting in
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a penalty and i gave an hour the chance to score his seventeenth goal of the c's. missed the chance to close the gap on second in the table not fully man so to speak and go no one know when faltering. or one minute is still playing catchup in the german bunds league at the six time defending champions beating still go for one on sunday but the troll is brushy doing it by six points russia beat one of a five one on saturday ban will face liverpool in the last sixteen of the champions league next month. now a player wants it by by i mean it played a key role in chelsea's win in the english f.a. cup c. major callum hudson dorie has handed in a transfer request to to his lack of first team chances in a game that also saw incentives strike a gonzalo higuaín making his chelsea debbie puts an adoring played and scored against sheffield wednesday in this fourth round tie also
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a couple of goals for william as chelsea wrapped up a three when i saw them suffer their second cup exit in a week after losing to chelsea in the semifinals of the league cup crystal promised not to come out of the f.a. cup goals from kahnawake conveyor. and a penalty from townsend giving palace to bale. and now something of a rarity in the dutch league in the game between alkmaar and heron v. b pairing dean goalkeepers attention is elsewhere and school direct from the corner is. when you were going to mail their us a fourth. now the first semifinal of the asian cup kicks off in the united arab emirates a little later on iran taking on japan before cats are playing the hosts in the second semi on shoes day with four asian cup cycles just part of the most successful nation in the history of that sort once they were in bits and so for having won all five of their matches by
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a one goal margin iran also beats him they haven't won the title since nine hundred seventy six. fernando alonso is off to a quick start in his post formula one career that suits i am a former world champion surviving some really tough weather conditions to win the daytona twenty four in the united states having already won the lamont twenty four hour title and the monaco grand prix during his career alonso aim to complete motor racing as triple crown with victory at the indianapolis five hundred in. tennis world number one of a joke that says he want to spend soon long enjoying his win at the australian open one his final against rafa nadal on sunday adding the trophy to the u.s. open and wimbledon titles he already has he now wants to hold all four grand slam titles at once for the second time in his career with may's french open crown already in his sights i don't want this to sound arrogant but i've done it once why not do it again in just one slam away from that i'm not the only one that.
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has been in this situation before and dahlan for there have been holding three or four. you know many times throughout their careers and. you know everything is possible you live so it's kind of feel as if you have. now israel's blockade of gaza has left two million people struggling with unemployments power blackouts and crumbling housing supply suffering little hearts of palestinian youths but in the town of carney yunus a group of young men are finding a new purpose the rest sports tailor made for an urban landscape scarred by war. reports from southern gaza. you have the disciplines do their warm up exercises in this cemetery in kommunist in the southern gaza strip. they all call in fusion asked the discipline developed from french military or political calls training. of all seeing your environment in negotiating its obstacles in
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a freer often dangerously acrobatic way the boys don't deny the irony of practicing among the graves many of the people buried here were killed in wars with israel. so. this gives me a different feeling from other sports park takes us away from israel see all the suffering we experience when we practice we feel emotionally and mentally away from the refugee camp here we are. the group calls itself the hard core gaza many of the walls and buildings they used to practice on scarred by bullets and partially destroyed. palko garza was set up in two thousand and five the guys here say they practice bush lee every day they say that despite the difficulties they face here israel's and land and sea blockade only motivates them more.
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what i feel in life is fear free this is always like a month it's kind of flying you know so well flying going to do this we are boxing things we are by the way a little things up on the walls so as we posit a lot of things in life let's say because we have a lot of obstacles and in life so. this same info we are the walls and if and if a lot of us easily without you know i difficult. they say they dream of being able to do part cool outside gaza but israel has always refused them permits to leave despite the challenges they face their love of this physically demanding and risky pastime gives them a sense at least that there is no barrier they cannot overcome stop an al-jazeera on eunice gaza. well another big scoring performance from james harden sealed a comeback win for the houston rockets in the n.b.a. forty points against the orlando magic helping the rockets to
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a third straight win no big deal for the league's reigning m.v.p. you set a franchise record with sixty one points against the knicks last week. and the new england patriots had quite a sendoff ahead of sunday's super bowl tens of thousands of fans gathering here at their home stadium to wish that same well ahead of a trip to atlanta to take on the los angeles rams it is the patriots third straight super bowl appearance quarterback tom brady getting off the plane where he's aiming for a record breaking sixth career. ok that's a sports looking for now something thanks so much for this news hour down jordan is back with more of the day's news in just a couple of minutes so stay with us here on out is there a. short
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films of hope. and inspiration. of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects. when the news breaks a few minutes ago we were able to hear a huge explosion fifty people are still missing when people need to be hurt and the story needs to be told we need to invest in development money for the best making sure the people are not left behind al-jazeera has teams on the ground join us for
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this historic shift in american politics to bring you more award winning documentary and life moves on and on line by a major piece every weekly news cycle brings to see only simple breaking stories and then of course there's donald trump told through the eyes of the welts janin ace that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase means at all he joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most in better use a free palestine a listening post on al-jazeera. turkey
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says it wants to create sights sounds and serious and millions of refugees can go back home. alone down in jordan the sound as they are alive and go also coming up the u.n. human rights investigators are looking into the death of the john misha arrives in turkey as part of a probe. flexing his military muscle but as well as president puts on a show of force and faces growing calls for new elections. france's president speaks out about egypt's human rights record out of meetings with presidencies. so his president is looking into establishing same zones that would allow for refugees to return to syria president russia typer don says such an up the safe zones along the northern syrian border would allow for millions to come back home
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around four million syrian refugees counting live in turkey and estimated three hundred thousand have already returned to syria some of them. in the turkey syria border. in the last few months turkish government has closed down a number of refugee camps in sight peckish territory perhaps making way for these refugees to go back to syria president have our go on saying that three hundred thousand people have returned to syria but these people have gone back to areas which had been under turkish back to rebel fighters for a number of years and the area of to rob lowe's and which came under rebel control under the administrative control of of turkish government in twenty sixteen and twenty seventeen respectively so people here are reluctant to go back until they find and they make sure that the security situation allows them to go back and rebuild their lives and you have to remember that the the people who are into it people are not just from these northern parts they're from all over syria who have fled the violence and the fighting and you take
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a step back you see that this statement from their bardon saying that four million refugees need to go back to turkey to go back to syria and turkey is in this war on humanitarian grounds only and does not want any territorial gains from this is coming on the backdrop of a number of statements that have come from not just the syrian government but the russian government as well a turkey and russia held a meeting between the two presidents quite recently perhaps not achieving the core sort of results that they wanted and the book and the point of conventional means the northern part of syria which will be which the u.s. forces say that they will be withdrawing sometime soon which is under good control of kurdish fighters as well as at the problems of libya. that it is under the. russia disagrees and says that it is. a group of terrorists it's been almost four months since saudi journalist walked
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into his consulate in istanbul never to be seen again and now the u.n. human rights investigator looking into his murder is meeting with turkey's foreign minister. will have a week long talks in turkey. says it's a crucial step towards formal accountability for the killing of a saudi journalist who was a critic of the crown prince well stephanie decker joins us live now from outside the saudi consulate in istanbul stephanie how significant is this visit by the un special rapporteur expect to come out of it. i think it's significant that she has taken it upon herself to conduct an investigation under her remit in her words she said that it doesn't seem that the united nations or any of the other member states seem to be pushing for an independent investigation for what she called was a gruesome murder one that had grave consequences so as you mentioned she's met with turkey's foreign minister expecting her to travel from ankara to istanbul later today tomorrow she'll be meeting with the chief prosecutor what she's trying
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to do daryn is to piece together from different sources senior officials the people involved in the investigation and also friends of. and perhaps also his fiance as to what exactly happened she has requested access to the saudi consulates not clear whether she will be getting that she's also requested access to saudi arabia and also things like information from for example the american authorities because goes of course the cia has come out earlier and said that they believed that he was killed and dismembered inside that building and that that was under the orders of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin selma and what do we expect of her reporting while she's due to present her findings in june. do you and human rights council but again what she's going to be able to uncover we know these are very difficult circumstances are remains unclear stephanie thank you. venezuela's president is calling for two days of protests to demand that nicolas maduro hold
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new elections president maduro was sworn into office for a second earlier this month he's accusing the opposition leader of being part of a u.s. led code. we are calling for a mass mobilization of national and international level we would be taking to the streets of venezuela and around the world to follow and show our support for the european union's ultimatum to the government head of the senate a deadline it's an unprecedented ultimatum in support of our people's demand to bring down the user reapers. well astronomy is the latest government to recognize garrido as interim president it joins the majority of countries in the americas major new european union countries such as france germany and the u.k. our latin america editor said newman reports in colombia near the border with venezuela. as never before venezuela's armed forces are taking center stage president nicolas maduro spent the day showing he's still in control of the
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military hanging out with the navy. after overseeing military exercises a prelude to what he says will be an unprecedented display of force next month. from colombia is a conspiracy to divide our armed forces thousands of messages every day of the social media water trying to erode the army's morale and plant the poison of a trial today i come to say that this bolivarian armed force will be every day more loyal to the people to the revolution and. as he spoke that so-called poison was being distributed by opponents to members of the armed forces it's an amnesty law offered to soldiers and high ranking officers guaranteeing that they'll be no reprisals if they defect and cooperate with an interim government or not meant to fight them we only need forces we are inviting them to join us to join to people not to come from there. the military is key to president mother's duration empower
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. soldiers of venezuela to give you an ordered not to shoot the people of venezuela . one why dog interim president designated by the opposition controlled national assembly says that the government has escalated a campaign of repression and is calling on the un high commissioner for human rights to rush to venezuela to witness unfolding events according to penal forum and in jail the tracks arrests the number has jumped from five hundred to seven hundred ninety one over the weekend but so far why the all. it's not just one of the president my little is treading with caution in part because why dogs arrest could trigger a domestic powder keg but also because of the threat of international reprisals u.s. national security adviser john bolton tweeted that if anything should happen to guide dog or the national assembly the u.s. would issue a quote significant response you see in human al-jazeera colombia the
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french president says egypt's human rights record is seen as worse now than it was under who's going to barak's leadership one year marker on made the comments during a three day trip to the arab nation he's currently holding talks with the president of the fattah el-sisi at the presidential palace in cairo icons under pressure to take a strong stance against a country's rights record while the tasha butler joins us live now from the french capital emmanuel macross and making some strong comments natasha egypt's human rights record what more is even saying. yes that's right the french president is clearly criticizing egypt's human rights record under president sisi saying it's much worse today than it was under the former egyptian leader hosni mubarak who was deposed in twenty eleven there's some strong comments on the french president's first visit to egypt just before he actually meets a presidency you see he also said that you can use national security if you like an
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excuse for human rights abuses and that is a reference again to the fact the president sisi often talks about the importance of national security it's a priority he says for egypt is certainly a change in positional thinking for the french president from twenty seventeen when president sisi was invited by a man on my call to paris and at the time emanuel markhor said it wasn't france's place to lecture egypt about civil liberties while he was quite criticized here in france by human rights activists for those comments and human rights activists may well come across latest comments natasha but some n.g.o.s are also calling for france to suspend its weapons to egypt. that's right france sells a huge vast amount of weapons to egypt it is a trade that's worth billions of dollars for france but human rights activists in
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france say that this trade in fact violates international law because what they say is that they have proof and we're talking about n.g.o.s like amnesty international all the international federation for human rights they say they have proof that french weapons are often used by the egyptian security forces to suppress the population things like armored vehicles or surveillance equipment and drones well cross government has said that they will put in place more checks and balances to make sure this doesn't happen but it is certainly a very delicate balance and test for the french president who is in egypt because of course on one hand he wants to be the purveyor of human rights he wants to stand up and support human rights but on the other hand he wants to boost french trade and investment with egypt and the arms trade is one of the main areas of trade but . time for short break you're not just here out when we come back. the huge devastation in this region a swathe of destruction that swept through this area destroying homes killing
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possibly hundreds of people anger and despair in brazil as people wait for news of their loved ones missing up to a dam collapse. or hooked on heroin in iraq we see how some out accepting help but it's not nearly enough for everyone more on that stay with us. we've got some slighty try whether making its way into japan over the next couple of days off to some of the lively storms recently this area of low pressure making its way across northern areas of honshu through qaida training cold front clears through bright skies start to come back into the chance of one of two showers in c. northern honshu for choose day tokyo gets up to ten degrees getting into double figures over the next couple days you see a bright today a dry day for much of the country as we go on into where to say that dry weather
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stretches across a good part of the korean peninsula into northern areas of china southern china also laci dries a bit in the middle that we'll see increasing cloud and right as we go through the next day i'll say so we'll have at about seven celsius on tuesday bits of rain around here and that rain becoming more widespread as we go on into the middle part of the week for the south where we're looking at temperatures in hong kong around twenty two degrees celsius lot you know the parts of the philippines but some areas of the country could see some very heavy showers as we go through the next day or so really wet weather setting in the southern parts of the philippines somewhat weather to say just making its way across the south china seas edging towards the lazy more be downpours for a good part of wednesday. russian filmmaker andrea christoph expose how put in is russia.


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