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but a remarkable campaign by local residents is challenging the mind of the country's investors and pretty high hopes on its newly elected prime minister people in power investigates armenia mining out. on a. fears that a cease fire and yemen's port city of a date is on the verge of collapse as a diagnosis warning of worsening humanitarian conditions. in jordan this is. also coming up a legal victory for a christian woman in pakistan was acquittal led to widespread riots. stop the crackdown on chinese companies beijing reacts to the u.s. following criminal charges against telecoms john. i'm hitting venezuela where it
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hurts the u.s. and the industry sanctions the pressure on president to quit. now less than two months after u.n. brokered cease fire was reached for yemen's port city of data it appears to be on the brink of collapse who the fighters and saudi backed government forces agreed to the truce in december but the fighting has never fully stopped and there's been an upsurge in violence in recent days but on monday the man tasked with monitoring the cease fire stepped down and retired dutch general patrick come it but only been in the position for a month and humanitarian agencies are warning the country is that breaking point seventy percent of food aid comes through the datas port the british red cross says fourteen million yemenis are at severe risk of summit with a more this al-jazeera correspondent joins me in the stew. and now action so where
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are we now with the cease fire in her data because it appears in serious danger of collapsing what's gone so badly wrong we're seeing clashes on the us because of the city of her data shelling of different positions from both parties the government forces backed by saudi arabia the u.a.e. and from the who are these the same time and were seen also fighting across the country in the us because of the capital sanaa all those other border with saudi arabia and the pattern has been intensifying over the last few days giving us an indication that this is an this could collapse and it's time now just to compound all that hashem yesterday the man the u.n. put in charge to monitor the cease fire and had data literally walked off the job i mean his role looked like a bit of a poisoned chalice didn't it widely widely go what he said well his convoy came under fire when he was in her data and he faces the delicate task of trying to convince all the parties to implement a ceasefire this is fire says the agreement says the should pull out from the port
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city of her data and hand over control to the u.n. . saying they will only do that if they have guarantees that local authorities of her there will take over the government is saying you know the we are the ones who should take over the whole thing is should pull out and this is something that has been rejected by the hoses and this explains why we're seeing an increase in fighting and i think he realizes now that is absolutely going to be difficult for anyone to impose that's absolutely and and i suppose the big question now is where does this all leave the peace deal that was worked out in sweden last month i mean you were there there was so much hope you know all around between both sides that you know this deal was a good deal now is it dead in the water and what happens next and indeed this region agreement broke a stalemate that went for almost two years and people was very excited saying that this could break the impasse in the suite of the agreed about two things ceasefire that had a day doesn't seem to be working they're great about the prisoner exchange is not working at all and. we're getting indications from different sources that the un
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might go for a new round of talks in kuwait or in germany to revive hopes this could be the last chance for them to revive otherwise of the day the deal collapses we're going to see intense fighting across the country and it will be extremely difficult from that particular point to bring them all together all right thank you very much indeed. not one person has been reportedly killed in a suicide bomb attack in northwest syria the blast targeted a court building in the rebel held city of it live a number of civilians have also been injured some of them just say it has more now from their turkish southern border with syria according to the details emerging from city the capital in a province this was a coordinated attack against the salvation government the civilian of the body which controls the province much of it is militarily controlled by. a group which is formally linked to al qaida and was known as
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a front according to the details and there was a clash outside the building then a female suicide bomber entered and blew herself up at the reception area this is the second attack this month in a province according to the local government but to deny that it is the political. that this is an attempt to try and derail the local control often lip and to schaw that it is not secure according to these forces is secure but according to russian foreign observers there has been fighting that has been going on it has been gaining control and pushing out other groups from the ground and this is a source of concern between the turks and the russian. pakistan's top court is up held that is to acquit a christian woman who'd been sentenced to death for blasphemy bibi spent eight years on death row for insulting the prophet muhammad last october sparked death threats nationwide riots by religious party supporters and an appeal for a review of the decision welcome to has more from the supreme court in islamabad.
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the bucket chord had made the review petition filed by that very good law backed by get on with protested against the acquitted b.b. in a landmark ruling of the supreme court on the thirty first of october that supreme court took up that predation and board not satisfied with the argument of the practitioner saying there were many different rippin see and the accounts given by the witness i had read. than the prosecution that court therefore freeing our baby however because of the danger to her life she is being kept at a protected place undisclosed location and it is likely to fly out to canada great she's been given political is also the fact that her daughter they have already been transferred to canada. for a reaction from the religious parties particularly the dating back pakistan which
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wrote that the full front of the protest and bogged down following b.b. they acquitted however the government is gone for doing their day will be able to deal with that situation because they have had the leader of that eagle a bag pakistan including call them within reach we arrested a few months ago and therefore has taken the steam out of the broad day if it indeed a landmark case i think the forces are on high alert just in case did the reaction across the country now concerned and disappointed that's china's response to the us justice department announcing criminal charges against telecoms giant who and its chief financial officer beijing's calling on washington to stop what it described as unreasonable suppression of chinese firms the charges filed on monday include food theft to trade secrets and conspiracy reynolds reports. top level
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government officials lined up to announce the u.s. will prosecute huawei china's biggest most influential telecommunications company for a broader array of alleged crimes the criminal activity alleged in this indictment goes back at least ten years and goes all the way to the top of the company to grand jury indictment charge while away with theft of corporate secrets they zhen of u.s. sanctions on iran obstruction of justice and other offenses officials singled out joe while ways chief financial officer and daughter of the company's founder who has deep connections with the chinese government the u.s. says mung worked to evade u.s. sanctions on iran by selling while way products to tehran using a front corporation set up by wall way mung is under house arrest in canada the us plans to extradite her for prosecution the defendants are variously charged
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with conspiracy bank fraud wire fraud violations of the international emergency economic powers act when you on during an obstruction of justice the detention of mung has infuriated the chinese government which is pressuring canada to let her go free beijing arrested two canadian former diplomats in what is widely seen as retaliation officials outlined a tale of auditions corporate espionage in which while way officials tried to steal secrets from t. mobile about a smartphone testing robot called tapi weiwei entities directed employees to take photographs take measurements and take other protected information without permission. and finally when all this still did not get them what they were looking for they tried to steal tapi s robotic arm in order for engineers in china to
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replicate it. the trumpet ministration has been sounding the alarm about china's efforts to achieve supremacy in high technology while way components are being used to create the new architecture of global super high speed five g. internet technology officials say that threatens u.s. national security as americans we should all be concerned about the potential for any company beholden to a foreign government especially one that doesn't share our values to burrow into the american telecommunications market and the charges come against the backdrop of the damaging u.s. china trade war which has stretched on for months trade talks between the two countries will resume on wednesday robert oulds al-jazeera. well the chinese government says the indictments against huawei are unfair and immoral. just as the
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foreign ministry said with no evidence they using their state power to discredit and attack designated companies this sort of behavior is unfair and immoral as the department responsible for the sea mystery we consistently encourage chinese companies to act in accordance with international rules and market principles and develop foreign economic cooperation on the basis of abiding by local laws some for a short break here not just europe when we come back as it has to host a regional summit we'll tell you how cyprus is open with an increase in the number of asylum seekers and the first funerals held for victims of the brazilian down collapse the search goes on for hundreds still missing more on that status.
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hello you know welcome back we're here across parts of japan we are looking at some better conditions today that's not going to stay for too much longer because we're going have another weather system coming into play so right now things not looking too bad here across much of the area we're going to be seeing tokyo attempt a few about ten degrees partly cloudy conditions as well temperatures though across the korean peninsula well they are going to be coming down so starting here on wednesday for seoul at nine degrees then as we go towards thursday minus one is going to be high up towards pyongyang it is going to be about minus three there well here across parts of china we are going to see more rain as well as snow in the higher elevations over the next few days but that weather system is going to be moving out quite quickly so he go for the north as well as the west there's a snow and rain combination then as we go towards thursday a lot of that makes its way towards the east and shanghai you're going to be in a very wet day for you with the terms are there of about eleven degrees down towards the south though hong kong it is going to be partly cloudy at twenty four degrees for you there well here across much of the philippines a lot of clouds in the forecast of rain down here towards the south manila here on
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wednesday about twenty nine degrees few there over here towards what you meant city we are looking at partly cloudy conditions at thirty three and bangkok more rain in clouds in your forecast with a temperature there of about thirty three degrees a qualifier at thirty five. if you were looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going on what he sees rice is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to beggar the world smaller and smaller we don't want to be set realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing on al jazeera.
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welcome back to come out of our top stories here on al-jazeera the six week old cease fire in the yemeni port city of the data has to be on the brink of collapse fighting us fled in the dead as well as some on the outskirts of the capital sana'a and the retired dutch general in charge of the un brokered truce a step down. a suicide bomb attack in northwest syria as reported to have killed one person injured others the blast target a court building in the rebel held city of. and pakistan's top court is up elder's decision to quit a christian woman sentence of death for blasphemy bibi spent eight years on death row for insulting the prophet muhammad last october spot nationwide riots by religious party supporters who demanded an appeal by the supreme court. at
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least thirty thousand people have fled the nigerian town of round of the weekend fearing and attack by the armed group boko haram and u.n. spokesperson says people panicked off a security forces who were there to protect the town left the area but idris joins us live now from a boucher so talk about reports that thousands of fleeing the latest but what more can you tell us. well daryn actually it's the numbers issued by the united nations high commissioner for refugees and the lines the fluid nature of the security situation in the northeast of nigeria now basically what officials by the way right behind me in this building behind me is an ongoing conference but does that has in attendance the nigerian vice president and what they talking about is that the effect of book fighting or other attacks in the recent months have escalated forcing thousands of people and also instilling
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a climate of fear now what we know according to one official united nations high commission for refugees official is that people are around the town run especially in isolated communities are so large a movement of multinational joint task force the regional task force charged with fighting a book or a. movement of that group that has sort of sort of struck panic about itself so many people so a lot of people fled the areas moved into a larger cities some across the border into cameroon for safety so it's a very very fluid situation there is no word from the security forces either the multinational joint task force whether these troops are actually on a tactical maneuver or they are withdrawing to another place but what we know so far according to the u.n. it's the are is that thirty thousand people have been on the move around the town of run and that's what is being reported right now and it looks like it has
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resonated well with a lot of a few shows taking part in the conference in the room behind me yes i was going to say that it's the it's the decisions at that conference behind you where officials are looking to secure and protect the very people who are leaving the area under this boko haram onslaught. well basically senior officials spoke at the conference among them is the minister of interior. chief of army staff actually left in a general who said it's not good in terms of securing the northeast of nigeria and neighboring countries like china and cameroon he said there are still pockets of resistance pockets of attacks by boko haram fighters especially those allied with eisel in west africa that's i swap so he said challenges still remain but i didn't security services are stepping up their game to ensure that boko haram is defeated
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well this is the same government that dollars two is ago that book or arm is defeated now the tour has been downgraded to seriously degraded like fighters have been seriously degraded but they still pose a substantial threat in the northeast of nigeria i mean neighboring countries of cameroon chad and you have a right to up an interest in a boucher thank you for the funeral as have been held for some of the victims of a dam collapse in southeastern brazil the number of dead has now risen to sixty five nearly three hundred people are still missing after the disaster in the town of burma didn't you know on friday as the story. the first funerals are some of the first victims to be recovered and identified the whole town of war a genial is grieving their brothers and sisters sons and daughters were employees and subcontractors of valley the company that owns the iron ore mine where the dam burst. we didn't hear anything from the company
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if we had looked for him his body would most probably still be in the mud after the accident we wanted information. francis was thirty four years old married and with a four year old daughter. what is this is you know how many people would ever be found how many fathers mothers and kids how we going to cope now i don't know how i will cope but my brother how will his daughter cope without her father how my father being about his son. dozens of bodies have been recovered but many hundreds more remain unaccounted for and with a far we don't have space for more than three bodies in the funeral parlor so many people are gathering here i might end up doing a collective funeral in the sports center where i think. emergency teams are still involved in the rescue operation although most say there is little hope of finding more survivors. after the tragedy the morning this is a mining town but it's a small town where everybody knows everybody else and with many many more funerals
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to come the anger people here feel is only going to grow there are already signs of it lessons not learned and insufficient investment in safety it's mostly directed at the mine known as the same part owners of a nearby mine were at them burst in two thousand and fifteen killing one thousand people and causing immense environmental damage. of those in this profoundly religious country have their own way of showing their grief and support this local usage year we came from a nearby city to give emotional and spiritual support to these people who are suffering so we brought donations to but we're mostly here to hug and console on neighbors mining is the region's major employer amidst the grief and the recriminations the brazilian government the mining industry and this devastated community must now tackle what is emerging as one of the biggest crises in the country's history that. roma genial brazil. five police officers have
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been injured during a raid on a suspected drug house in the us state of texas two of the officers were shot in the neck when they opened the front door of the property in houston both of undergone surgery and are in a critical but stable condition two suspects were killed at the scene. nicolas maduro is accusing the u.s. of trying to steal venezuelan oil reserves which are some of the world's largest the white house has ordered sanctions on the country's state owned all companies to block around seven billion dollars of assets well the latest escalation comes as the un's human rights spokesman says at least forty people have been killed in violence over the past week and more than eight hundred fifty detained me reports from washington. the united states is now putting its money as well as its endorsement behind the venezuelan opposition posing sanctions on venezuela's state owned oil company pether they say the path to sanctions relief for pad of a so is through the expeditious transfer of control to the interim president or
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a subsequent democratically elected government who is committed to taking concrete and meaningful actions to combat corruption but the trumpet ministration has president nicolas maduro in its sights hoping to weaken his support with the military which now controls the oil company and so far is standing behind him the duro vowed legal action to protect citgo it's us me subsidiary thumbelina. with this move that trying to steal six go promised the venezuelan people be on alert finn is buying up today the united states has decided to take that road of stealing the company citgo from venezuela and that is an illegal drug the aim of the sanctions is to direct oil revenues to the self declared interim president and opposition leader won by del rio who's calling for a day of protest on wednesday international observers declared the last presidential election a fraud demonstrators have been taking to the streets over the country's dire
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economic situation facing violence and mass arrests people are obviously hungry and tired and desperate the situation in venezuela it's very difficult and they don't see the possibility of change anytime soon the trumpet ministration has been warning security officials to back off we want the venezuelan security forces to know how strongly we think that president lied oh the national assembly the opposition and most importantly american personnel are not harmed this is an unequivocal statement on our part is there a circumstance where their forces were good but the president has made it very clear. on this on this matter that all options are on the table while the united states makes the rats and withholds money the opposition is offering immunity to members of the military who joined them more than twenty countries have now recognize one guy i don't know as venezuela's legitimate leader and more are
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threatening to do so unless new elections are held christian salome al jazeera washington hundreds of italians are running it outside parliament demanding the release of dozens of migrant stranded at sea by the. forty seven people have been stuck on a rescue ship off the coast of sicily for nearly two weeks they were picked up in waters off libya but it is government as a fused to let them in and migration will be the focus of a summit in of mediterranean leaders in cyprus late on tuesday the divided on and has become the main target for smugglers trafficking migrants into europe the government says it's been swamped for requests for asylum they would change reports now from nicosia the buffers in the device the island between the turkish control and the internationally recognized republic to the south stretches for more than one hundred miles it's easy for the human traffickers to find
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a way through these are some of the boats they use now impounded and breached by the police. but will that to find themselves closer to baghdad in the catholic charity keratitis does what it can to help most of them are too afraid to show their faces and i don't mind what they just say is the case. so. this man told us he was forced to provide sexual favors to him who eventually smuggled him across the prophecy is very typical of this man said he'd now lost all hope he had a new job lived on the streets and was always hungry there are hundreds more like him indicus here they've come from across africa the middle east and asia seeking safety and a better life but finding themselves in a limbo in a country that can't afford to look after them the numbers are quite staggering i
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mean there were over a thousand one hundred. with very limited capacity for. immigration to catch up so this is. because when you've got. to keep everything falls apart leaders from seven e.u. countries bordering the mediterranean are beating here for a summit to see if they could reach an agreement on how to tackle the problem the cyprus government say the only solution to the crisis is for an automatic relocation mechanism to be put in place which would allow the distribution of asylum seekers throughout the european union. but borders are closing all over europe. abdul has been living in a mosque since he arrived from syria eighteen months ago it's no life for his three year old son. at least it's better than living in the street maybe che to al
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jazeera because here. the main opposition leader in cameroon has been arrested following weekend protests about the disputed presidential election result maurice come to and says he won the election not president. it's a five year old has been in more than thirty years he denies fraud in his reelection. hundreds of thousands of federal employees are back at work in the united states off the longest government shutdown in history thirty five days it's left a backlog of work in departments from an open tax returns to stalled immigration applications on those all white house correspondent kimberly hulk of reports there's still no long term solution to a standoff over funding. back on the job. after more than a month without pay at the end of the week most of the eight hundred thousand federal workers some who relied on charity handouts during the shutdown will have
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received the money owed to them feel relieved to be back and looking forward to get back to work i am very proud to announce today on friday u.s. president donald trump agreed to democratic demands to reopen the government while both sides continue to debate trump's push for five point seven billion to build a border wall along the us mexico border it's a debate that led to the thirty five day u.s. government shutdown and could shut it down all over again the president doesn't want to go through another shutdown the best fix is to be able to do it legislatively but if congress particularly democrats in congress would rather play political games than actually do their jobs and fix the problem in the present will be forced to take a different path trump is not ruled out declaring a national emergency to force through the building of this border wall a little time for congress to reach a deal government funding runs out february fifteenth leaving federal workers to wonder what's next people. buckle down and just try to get back to work and and see
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about going about the business of their day the congressional budget office estimates the shutdown the longest in u.s. history cost the country at least three billion that won't be recovered the impacts aren't just economic immigrants awaiting hearings before federal judges are facing months of delays in already backlog states like california new york and texas cross the country three quarters of immigration judges were off the job during the shutdown and could be again if there's not a funding deal some scientific research has also been hurt after the shutdown caused grant applications for medical and scientific research to be put on hold at the environmental protection agency and the national science foundation absences of large numbers of workers processing tax returns of the iraq america's tax agency means many expecting refunds will now wait weeks or even longer as
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a level of continuity that's required for what they do and now you're asking them to operate on a temporary or three week basis in terms of how they work and i think that only makes their job that much more difficult it's a future filled with uncertainty adding to workers concerns a projection from president donald trump he's skeptical congressional republicans and democrats can reach a deal in a recent interview he put negotiations at a less than fifty percent chance of success kimberly helped get al-jazeera the white house. our time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera the six week old cease fire and the yemeni port city of the data appears to be on the brink of collapse fighting us fled into data as well as tallies and on the outskirts of the capital sun-il on the retired dutch general in charge of the un brokered truce
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a step down. one person has been reportedly killed in a suicide bomb attack in northwest syria the blast targeted a court building in rebel held city of idlib a number of civilians have also been injured. pakistan's top coaches up tell their decision to quit a christian woman who'd been sentenced to death for blasphemy be spent eight years on death row for insulting the prophet muhammad last october spawn death threats nationwide riots by religious party supporters and an appeal for a review of the decision at least thirty thousand people have fled the united russia on the weekend fearing an attack by the arm group boko haram according to a united nations spokesperson people panicked after security forces who were there to protect iran left the area. the un special rapporteur sure who is in turkey investigating the murder of the saudi journalism is meeting with istanbul's chief prosecutor. is on
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a weeklong visit to the country there forensics and legal team but she's not yet on access to the saudi concert where she was murdered in october. china says it's concerned and disappointed after the u.s. justice department announced criminal charges against telecoms giant who are way and its chief financial officer the accusations include fraud and theft of trade secrets beijing is urging washington to stop what it calls the unreasonable suppression of chinese firms. just as the foreign ministry said with no evidence they using the state power to discredit and attack designated companies the sort of behavior is unfair and immoral as a department responsible for the same history we consistently encourage chinese companies to act in accordance with international rules and market principles and develop foreign economic cooperation on the basis of abiding by local laws all right those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera of the inside story of that sort of.
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turkey. consulate in istanbul where the kill but will it get any. make any difference anyway. to account. story. to the program i'm richelle carey. a critic.


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