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saudi arab. the company and the state. this is al-jazeera. this is the news. coming up in the next sixty minutes here's the cease fire in yemen sports city of a day there might be on the verge of collapse. war worsening conditions a legal victory for a christian woman in pakistan with all the protests. where it hurts the u.s. imposes sanctions a pall of pressure on the president to quit. and investigators in brazil arrest five people over their alleged role. and support captor playhouse the united arab
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emirates in the final it's being called the blocking darby first picture between the start of the gulf crisis and. the six week old u.n. brokered cease fire in the port of a day there in yemen appears to be on the brink of collapse. and on the outskirts of the capital and the retired dutch general in charge of monitoring the truce stepped down. has more. the ceasefire intraday there appears to be on the verge of falling apart fighting has intensified on the outskirts of yemen's main port city further north government troops backed by the saudi and emirate he led military coalition are on the move took up certain
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areas near the who think controlled capital sanaa u.n. envoy martin griffiths met who think amanda's to plead with them to maintain the whole day the cease fire which began six weeks ago the hand of the rebels political council told the u.n. envoy that saudi arabia is undermining the truce no economic power our focus is to consolidate the front lines our success will depend on what we will achieve militarily. this is the retired dutch general who was given the job of ensuring the delicate ceasefire doesn't fall apart patrick comer met leaders of the yemeni government in exile in the city of aden. and he's due in her day it may be his last official mission his being replaced by a danish general who led a peacekeeping mission in mali. the day to cease fire agreed during talks in
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sweden in december calls for her theory to withdraw from the city and port it's the main gateway for much needed aid and food into the country the fighting around it has burned millions are threatened with famine. the truth these say they will pull out but won't hand over the area to the enemies and they say saudia marital led forces must stop attacking her data who are the fabled cabinet that we need to fight against aggression and send fighters to the battlefields that should be our answer to those who want to escalate yemen's government and president of the hardy reject the who are saying they must withdraw immediately and a lot of the yemeni army to take over. if the day the ceasefire collapses completely millions of suffering yemenis will be waiting even longer for the four
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year old war and. of him on this let's welcome to the studio he's now here good to have you inside. let's start with this ceasefire agreement worked out in sweden is it all breaking down now and collapse all developments suggest that it could fall apart any time soon for different reasons that are clashes now they ask us of that is a government push to take over areas in the western part of the country the coastal areas particularly and also of the os course of the capital sana and southern which is the stronghold of the whole thing on my border more ways around where the idea was basically when they agreed in sweden to start a ceasefire agreement and confidence building measures they failed on both things there's no president exchange deal it was supposed to take place a few weeks ago and they couldn't maintain the cease fire and ask the houthi to
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pull out from the date of the government is saying that the hope is should pull out and the government to assure take over the whole things are saying this you know where we're let's give him a leisurely worth of leashes they'd agreed in sweden they'd agreed on a prisoner exchange the greed on combatants leaving her data what is the thing i mean really interesting i was in sweden covering the story and the time when they were making the signatures the initial ones i asked her who the official about the dea is and he said he doesn't really believe this is going to be implemented and then ask a government representative and he said it is definitely going to take some time of a confidence in the trust deficit has been really why did over the last few years and it seems that the united nations is really struggling of this particular moment to convince all the parties there's also the regional implications to the story convincing the saudi arabia saudi arabia and the u.a.e. to stop the military campaign in the western part of the country or does this mean for the tarion situation because as we know her data is
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a vital port. there's an all to record swine flu in india but about eighty six people were killed talking about a country where the health infrastructure has been severely. undermined over the last few years we're talking about thousands of people who were killed in the fighting we're talking about nutrition we're talking about more than forty million people who are civilian affected by the war in yemen so this is definitely going to further exacerbate the situation and the biggest concern if the whole day the cease fire collapses we should brace for. a massive military particularly the northern part of the country all right thanks so much for bringing in coming in and bringing us all your perspective on that. at least thirty thousand people have fled the town in nigeria because they wrongly feared boko haram fighters were about to attack the u.n. so people panicked when security forces protecting the town of ron moved out. joins
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us now live from abu just so what's happening to these tens of thousands of people now on the run. well basically reports from the area actually villages are run as. the locals saw a large scale movement of the regional forces fighting boko haram that's the multinational joint task force and they planning thinking that they are withdrawing and then. will step in to the boy but there is no word for the military whether or not they're withdrawing or whether it's a tactical maneuver but united nations officials say thousands of people afraid that book or arm will step in on the move now this area the area of run has been attacked separately has come under heavy attack bible quote on previously and a lot of people have been killed so lots of movement lots of activity in that part of northern nigeria where. book out of factional like to the
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iso is launching a series of a types not only on military bases but also on civilians for some time in december last year they launched attacks on several towns and villages in that area held them briefly before the military chased them out so the locals there felt that if the military is indeed pulling out that's the regional force if it's if indeed it's pulling out then definitely their lives at stake so that's a reason why u.n. officials are saying that several thousands of them of crossed the border into cameroon and others into different parts of nigeria where they feel they would be safe i guess this incident only highlights the sort of security challenges that regional leaders are meeting in a conference to discuss how are they coming up with any kind of solution for this kind of exodus of refugee problem. well basically they have met in abuja and have discussed over the last two days on issues
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pertaining to movement light skin movement of refugees in the region across chad across in cameroon and nigeria where most of the fighting us taken place over the last three months or so they said that they have been new movement of refugees about three hundred twenty thousand people have been displaced by a recent fighting sin the lake chad region of cameroon and after two days of discussion this is the document they came up with. one of course focused on nigeria and i did a regional refugee response plans two thousand and nineteen to twenty twenty this details the current humanitarian situation on the ground and what needs to be done so they have launched a campaign now to collect millions of dollars to help people who've been displaced yesterday when i was talking to the regional presenting chief of the un it c r in west africa she said they don't want to alarm anybody but the situation is getting
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worse and if no urgent measure or steps have been taken to address the kind of security challenges in that region they don't know why there will be in the next ten years they said the situation in that area is dire added research from a butcher the main opposition leader in cameroon has been arrested following weekend protests about the disputed presidential election result modi's canto says he won october's election not present called the government describes counted as an outlaw for not accepting the result five year old president b.n. has been in power for more than thirty years he denies forty his reelection. a suicide bomb attack in northwest syria is reported to have killed one person and injured others the blast targeted a court building in the rebel held city of idlib. geraint has more from gaza and tapped in a turkey southern border with syria. according to the details emerging from it lip
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city the capital of it province this was a coordinated attack against the salvation government the civilian arm of the body which controls province much of it is militarily controlled by how yet there either sharm a group which is formally linked to al qaida and was known as a list or a front according to the details there was a clash outside the building then a female suicide bomber entered and blew herself up at the reception area this is the second attack this month in province according to the local government but to deny that it is the political arm of. that this is an attempt to try and derail the local control of lip and to schaw that it is not secure according to these forces is secure but according to russian foreign observers there has been fighting that has been going out of calm has been gaining control and pushing out other groups from the ground and this is a source of concern between the turks and the russians. a christian woman who spent
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eight years on death row for insulting the prophet muhammad is free to leave pakistan after the supreme court judges up held the decision to acquit her baby was sentenced to death for insulting the prophet muhammad her acquittal last october sponsored nationwide riots on religious party supporters who demanded an appeal of the supreme court decision came out higher has more from islamabad. police forces andy paramilitary forces the rangers have been for don't read alert across pakistan and specially here in the city of islamabad where the court has dismissed a view protection from the day to kill a backpacker stand against the equator lafarge your baby and for maintaining the death sentence awarded to her by a law court that supremes court throwing that protection out and order considered to be
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a landmark judgment for the progress on your daughter did they tell you being a big challenge they have already arrested their senior leadership of their daily gallop back pack it down that of god's will minimize the protests against the word nigger of the supreme court are here baby was thrown are not special aircraft or islamabad under protective custody her daughters we're told according to reports have already moved to canada and it isn't there to bury their dead out here baby to relieve pakistan in pakistan the blasphemy laws have become controversial because of the misuse of the law and by certain religious parties rejects brought this country through our world you will stand still every time the court has ruled in favor of people who have been accused wrongfully of blasphemy this is indeed a test case for pakistan the government is confident that they will be able to deal with the after effects of their judgement and that is also because the senior
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leadership of the dead eagle a backpack a ton including cars a motor and raise we have been arrested by the authorities several months ago and speak to human rights activist in islamabad she was in the courtroom when the appeal was dismissed today a good time you with us how confident are you that list might be the end of the whole legal process. good evening and a dislike to start by saying that congratulations are in order and it's a happy day for pakistan because not just for us here bibi for her children for a husband for our family and not just for the christian community of pakistan but for all those who believe in the constitution the law the rule of law justice has been solved and so it's a happy day i'm not confident i'm afraid to answer your question. one swallow
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doesn't make an entire summer and a positive judgement from the supreme court we got one on the thirty first of october twenty eighth in when i see a baby was under be acquitted and today the appeal against that acquittal has been dismissed and forcibly dismissed it was a one and a half hour hearing which is which is a long time in a supreme court hearing and the opposition lawyers arguments were heard in detail by a three member bench headed by the chief justice himself. did a very clearly showed the flaws in the in the case of the petition and they showed that their judgment of thirty first of october was correct they showed the lies and the perjury that had been committed by so-called witnesses to the event all of this notwithstanding i'm sorry to say and by the way i'm an
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incorrigible optimist but i'm not hopeful that the blast me that will make any difference to the blasphemy laws because generals out how committed the changes to the existing blasphemy laws in the mid one nine hundred eighty s. many many decades ago. unfortunately daws were given indemnity and permanence and constitutional amendments which neither the military government nor the civilian so-called democratically elected governments following whether the people's party the pm l.n. and now the p.t.a. government they don't have the guts or the political will or the commitment to it to be able to make any kind of amendments live a longer period of those laws i don't think they have their stomach or the courage to make even the least possible division but example even building my own down side
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of the general just in a very healing mind changing to the blasphemy laws in general i mean the question about b.b. into to how concerned might you be that we might that this court ruling now might spark another round of public protests demanding that she be put back into a trial or a legal situation again ok first of all the chief justice of pakistan and three members of the judiciary of the supreme court have ordered her to be released forthwith. saw those are orders that i don't think any government can afford to ignore so the government must follow orders instructions of the supreme court of pakistan that's the way the legal system and that's the way the dichotomy of works and but the stand number one but how concerned am i about us your b.b.s. safety and security i am hugely concerned about as if the insecurity and the sooner
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she leaves pakistan the better and i say this with a very heavy heart because i would like to live in a pakistan i am a proud pakistani and i would like to live in a pakistan where all people or people of all religious faiths and persuasions and all communities feel safe and secure and proud to be living in pakistan all right we'll leave it there thanks so much to her of the law. still more ahead on the news hour including al jazeera speaks with the un special rapporteur who's in turkey investigating the murder of john social. china demands the u.s. that stops cracking down on chinese companies after criminal charges are filed against telecom giant huawei. and in small campaigners demand urgent action after bahrain issues an extradition order for refugee footballer.
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now five people have been arrested in southern brazil in connection with friday's dam collapse more than three hundred people were killed in the torrents of muddy waste from an iron ore mine three of the detained work for the mine mine companies owners the other two are engineers who worked on the dams safety. has the latest from belo horizonte the capital of. where the disaster happened. the search continues around the town the broome with genial but now they're looking for bodies rather than survivors in the meantime the legal case against the company valley which owns the mine is great is gaining pace arrests have been made further investigations are taking place with the vice president of brazil hamilton saying that a full investigation will be carried out into the structure of the company the company executives said they're sorry for the disaster but have so far accepted no responsibility saying that
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a full investigation was carried out into the safety of the in both june and september of last year but now anger mounting against the executive board of that company many are now beginning to assess the environmental damage with something like twelve million cubic metres of waste from the iron ore mine being spewed out into the surrounding countryside people posting on social media videos of the. in the river. dying dying in and around the river in the meantime shaping up to be one of the worst disasters in brazilian history. palestinian prime minister. and these unity government have resigned and done the lead the west bank based reconciliation efforts with garza's amass leadership and has headed the unity government since it was formed in two thousand and fourteen.
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the un special rapporteur on executions is meeting istanbul's chief prosecutor. and a forensic and legal team are in a week long visit to turkey to investigate the murder of sami journalist jim. stefanie dec has more from istanbul. so the u.n. team led by. is just here outside the saudi consulate in istanbul that's part of her investigation into what happened to she has for access to the consulate also access to saudi arabia and this is what she had to say what is your impression after really with the foreign minister nothing. are you related to the saudis and are you when. you have made a request to the saudi government for access to the consulate as well as meeting with saudis or years and in saudi arabia we are waiting for their response to be
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fair. request to them come quite quite late so we need to give them a bit more time to. question or you think you know no no no not at all ok we just want to have a sense of it and we are respectfully calling on the authorities to give us access at some stage while we are here so the u.n. will be meeting with the chief prosecutor these are of course the people who big leading turkey's investigation into what happened inside that building we also understand they'll be meeting with. his fiance and also certain journalists trying to piece together what exactly happened here she wants accountability and she wants to find out the details it will be difficult but what she says is this is something which has taken upon herself because it seems that the united nations and the member states are not pushing for an independent investigation the u.s. government has imposed sanctions on venezuela state oil company it's the latest
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move by washington to push president nicolas maduro out of office he says the sanctions are illegal to take action u.s. national security adviser john bolton is appealing to the venezuelan military to back the self declared interim president. the un says at least forty people have been killed during venezuela's recent violence including twenty six shot by pro-government forces between january twenty first of the twenty sixth more than eight hundred fifty people were detained including seventy seven children six hundred ninety six people were held in custody on january the twenty third alone we have a sound that i'm p.f.c. in bogota but first let's go to kimberly how kit she's live from washington d.c. with the latest now understand some new u.s. measures tell us what's happening there. yeah this coming down from the state department in just the last few minutes
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a statement from the deputy spokesperson robert palatino saying that in fact the u.s. secretary of state might pump aoe has certified the authority of venezuela's interim president to receive and control certain property in the accounts of the government of venezuela held by the federal reserve bank of new york to in essence safeguard those assets for the benefit of the venezuelan people in this certainly is just bolstering the actions that we saw on monday by the trumpet ministration its announcement of sanctions essentially its goal to allow the opposition that is currently in place in to gain control of the country's oil wealth what we heard from the national security advisor john bolton is that they are the united states is trying to take away the reduce sources from nicholas most duro the the official president of venezuela and his ability to hold on to power and how they are doing
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this is sort of continuing to have a ripple effect as we're seeing from this statement coming out of the state department we also know that with respect to u.s. companies that certainly take in an awful lot of oil from venezuela that in terms of the refineries here in the united states they are still going to be able to continue to operate but those assets that come from that refining is going to be held in block accounts so again the goal for the united states to make sure that nicolas maduro does not have the ability to seize any of those assets and that's the goal let's switch gears a little bit and talk to us on the ramp yetis following this for us in bogota now i guess this should be a lot of concern now that some of the assets the being the control of which being handed over to avoid don't know of course sanctions on oil that's the main breadwinner for them as well as. absolutely sammy there's no doubt that these latest sanctions will have huge consequences for the venezuelan
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economy the venezuelan government to relies on their hard currency the u.s. dollars it receives on a daily basis selling oil to operate and it also needs that money to really distribute it among businesses in venezuela that's because the local currency bolivar is not recognized anywhere internationally so local businesses need u.s. dollars to be able to produce goods for the people that means that these sanctions will definitely make even worse the humanitarian situation on the ground that the sanctions are different than nature is in nature to what us had imposed so far most sanctions had to do with their governments leadership up to this point in their assets in the u.s.
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so this will directly impact the functioning of the government and the economy and the country of course when i do it will blame the u.s. for the a worsening situation in the country but i guess here the u.s. is betting that this way will it's now the time to put this kind of pressure on my to do it and convince them to step down all right thanks so much yes even as well as can be helped to go. time to catch up on the weather how's it looking kevin that's a well we're talking a stormy weather as well as the polar vortex is in play right now across parts of the states i want to show you some video that has come in across parts of denver first of all starting out here a little bit more towards the west they had a lot of stormy weather as well as a lot of snow causing problems on the roads across this area this current video showing a lot of the airports as well being delayed or cancellations actually yesterday we're talking close to over fifteen hundred cancellations and delays just in the united states alone now i want to show you what's been happening over here across
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parts of the east particularly here towards the ohio river valley they're also dealing with some very stormy conditions a lot of the snow in precursor to the polar vortex meaning all that cold air coming down so this snow right here is not going to be melting anytime soon i want to show you what's been going on with the cold air coming in from canada we have two fronts one had down here across the gulf coast even bring snow to mississippi another front this one is assuring in the polar vortex which means part of the air mass in the arctic has broken off has come down these are the temperatures today minus twenty seven as a high for winnipeg now take a look at the overnight lows we're talking about minus thirty five in winnipeg a lot of that air begins to shift down towards the southeast for chicago tomorrow you're only talk about minus twenty four at your high as we go overnight we're going to be seeing minus thirty new york minus twelve when you factor in the wind chills across this region we're talking about almost minus forty to minus forty five. scientists from turkey gathering their warm clothes
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that you just said all front talents into their forty day trip is turkey's third scientific expedition to the frozen continent someone called salo has more from a stumble. turkey has been conducting an ambitious poor impulse in international arena this time to become a major player in the scientific field this group of turkish scientists are having to untie arctica to establish a temporary base a station which is called turkish national scientific base as part of a national poll of program this is the third expedition scientific expedition to the coldest continent on earth and these scientists are going to be studying on climate change which is a major global problem and they will be collecting data on the dynamics of this global problem we have about nine national projects scientific projects mainly about the marine life sciences and for international projects coming from
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poland bulgaria ukraine and she like what's in talk to provide us that the information from past and we know all our prisons and the scientists are trying to model the future of this circus scientists tell us that they all of this started working on the print fabric base in two thousand and eighteen they are very excited about going there because this is going to be the first time that they have their own base and on to arctic out without renting from any other country and they say by this space they will gain the chance to become a consulate a permanent member and on track to come on the continent where they believe the future is hidden. still ahead i'll just say that the threats of empty shelves in britain submarket sound the alarm over a no deal breaks it. cyprus hosts a regional summit how is the island coping with an increase in asylum seekers and it's called a different challenge for the n.f.l.'s biggest stars of sunday's super bowl.
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for bring on i just really. mr gates the toxic legacy of south africa's mining industry and examine exactly what is hiding beneath the oldest toxic waste africa's largest democracy heads to the polls join us for live coverage as nigeria books al-jazeera well showcases the best of the networks documentaries with powerful untold stories from the middle east and north africa as cubans are set to vote on the possible changes to the constitution what impact will be outcome have on the country and the world sunny day witness visits ghana and sweden where a community polarized by mining clans questions their heritage february on al-jazeera. to. the town.
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just. welcome back you're watching hour just zero time to recap on. the six week old cease fire in the port of a day that is to be on the brink of collapse fighting has flared in the city as well as in tires and on the outskirts of the capital and the retired dutch general in charge of the un brokered truce has stepped down at least thirty thousand people have. because they wrongly feared boko haram fighters were about to attack the u.n. says people panicked when security forces protecting the town of brown moved down
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pakistan's top court has upheld this decision to acquit a christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy. spend eighty years on death row for insulting the prophet muhammad. concerned and disappointed that china's response to the u.s. justice department announcing criminal charges against telecom giants weiwei and its chief financial officer beijing is calling on washington to stop what it described as unreasonable suppression of chinese firms the charges filed on monday include fraud theft of trade secrets and conspiracy reports top level government officials lined up to announce the u.s. will prosecute weiwei china's biggest most influential telecommunications company for a broader array of alleged crimes the criminal activity alleged in this indictment
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goes back at least ten years and goes all the way to the top of the company. two grand jury indictments charge while away with theft of corporate secrets evasion of u.s. sanctions on iran obstruction of justice and other offenses officials singled out joe while ways chief financial officer and daughter of the company's founder who has deep connections with the chinese government the u.s. says mung worked to evade u.s. sanctions on iran by selling while way products to tehran using a front corporation set up by wall way mung is under house arrest in canada the us plans to extradite her for prosecution the defendants are variously charged with conspiracy bank fraud wire fraud violations of the international emergency economic powers act when you on during an obstruction of justice the detention of
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mung has infuriated the chinese government which is pressuring canada to let her go free beijing arrested two canadian former diplomats in what is widely seen as retaliation officials outlined a tale of auditions corporate espionage in which while way officials tried to steal secrets from t. mobile about a smartphone testing robot called tapi weiwei entities directed employees to take photographs take measurements and take other protected information without permission. and finally when all this still did not get them what they were looking for they tried to steal tapi robotic arm in order for engineers in china to replicate it. the trumpet ministration has been sounding the alarm about china's efforts to achieve supremacy in high technology while way components are being used
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to create the new architecture of global super high speed five g. internet technology officials say that threatens u.s. national security as americans we should all be concerned about the potential for any company beholden to a foreign government especially one that doesn't share our values to burrow into the american telecommunications market and the charges come against the backdrop of the damaging u.s. china trade war which has stretched on for months trade talks between the two countries will resume on wednesday robert oulds al-jazeera the chinese government says the indictments against weiwei are unfair and immoral. just as the foreign ministry said with no evidence they using the state power to discredit and attack disconnected companies this sort of behavior is unfair and
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immoral as a department responsible for the same history we consistently encourage chinese companies to act in accordance with international rules and market principles and develop foreign economic cooperation on the basis of abiding by local laws i have a tang and is a political analyst and advises the chinese government he says the move will receive a massive backlash from chinese consumers. well within china i think that they see it as a tactical ploy by donald trump bombing remember this is it's not unusual for donald trump to engage in a bit of drama firing missiles during the dessert course with xi jinping sailing ships warships through the taiwan straits before negotiations and then sending u.s. warships within the twelve mile area of the parcel she shot islands. while the his group group is actually negotiating in china i think from donald trump's point
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of view it makes good tactics to try to put your opponent off by doing these types of things unfortunately for him i think china is was kind of expecting this they're still not happy about it but in the end this is just political theater i don't know that the chinese are going to change any position because of this but it could have a backlash within china itself hallway is massively powerful popular they have overtaken the crown as the number one provider of cell phones within china other source of great pride and you know chinese consumers might react to this by saying well if they're going to attack our companies we will not stop buying american goods the philippine president has ordered security forces to crush slides is them twice or who bombed the roman catholic cathedral claimed responsibility for the twin explosions which killed at least twenty seven wishes and injured dozens during sunday mass the attacks were in holo the capital of suna province in the fall south
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of the philippines devon island organised that. when the tragedy strikes there's always that period where people expect that life will go back to normal well here in the law that sense of normalcy is a relative it is the most militarized area in the southern philippines and it has been that way since the philippine military established a permanent presence here decades ago but soldiers are still here because it is still home to several armed groups yesterday the secretary of national defense told us that is a bill to operate because of its continued support from communities the secretary of national defense and that is an even harder battle by winning hearts and minds. oh. i feel really sorry for the victims it wasn't there.
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we couldn't do anything now except listen to these stories. we are all friends we are humans they are human christians and muslims we are all deceived it happened early sunday morning the first bomb exploded while mass was ongoing then panicked churchgoers and survivors rushed out where they were met just outside by soldiers responding to the scene and that's when the second bomb was detonated there have been efforts across mindanao to resolve the lead decades long conflict in the region a referendum last year was met by jubilation but not here in the law what happened here is proof that a lot remains to be the region's powder keg. now britain's biggest supermarkets are warning of possible food shortages if the u.k. crash is aus of the e.u. without a break deal with sixty days to go before brags it's due to happen food retailers
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have sent a joint warning letter to the m.p.'s almost a third of what britons eat is imported from the e.u. shops say there will be severe disruptions in the food supply chain if there's no deal and british m.p.'s are due to vote in a few hours time on what happens next to be their first chance to propose their own solutions to break the briggs's deadlock after they overwhelmingly rejected prime minister to resign may's draft agreement earlier this month in the brags that referendum three years ago fifty two percent of british voters supported leaving the bloc but in some areas the yes vote was much higher such as in the port of grimsby emma hayward has been finding out how voters feel now. it was one of the world's biggest fishing ports with the fleet of hundreds of boats and thousands employed to sought to start then to. manage them.
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and won't be she's still synonymous with grimsby in britain very little is courtney of the. seventy percent of people who live in this area voted to leave the european union some blame the e.u. for the decline of the industry here when you look at it emotionally throughout the u.k. it's massively important because a lot of people would've thought about the fisherman when they were voting a have no doubt about that in some cases it may have been misguided but nevertheless a lot of people thought well the fishermen deserve better opportunities and better chance and that's the basis on which some people voted. nearly all the fish britain eat is imported but most of it is processed in grimsby and about a third of the five thousand strong workforce involved from eastern europe about eight hundred fifty thousand new cars coming from europe are handled at its river terminal attempts though reinvention haven't stopped shops from shouting and high
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levels of deprivation because the. case of people jobs. it seems to be getting worse so we need to take control make our own decisions rather than. a ten minute drive from grimsby and you're aiming at britain's largest port some of the fish sold ingram's be makes its way through here where a wide range of goods are transported to and from the e.u. . it is a quick turnaround to get the ship ready to go back to where it started its journey in the netherlands in all it takes less than twenty four hours and millions of dollars are being invested in the poor to ensure it's ready to cope in a changing landscape post bracks it we're already seeing some growth as people concerned about the potential impact on some of the southern ports such as dover have made a conscious choice to come into the humber because they see that as
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a viable alternative to bringing trade in and that obviously will have a boost on the local and regional economy grimsby has been living on promises of a brighter and better future for the years it has often felt forgotten and the politics of westminster trying to shape it and the rest of the case future still feel a long way away and the heywood al-jazeera in north east lincolnshire. migration will be the focus of a summit of mediterranean leaders in cyprus later on tuesday the divided island has become the main target for smugglers trafficking migrants into europe the government says it's been swamped with requests for asylum david schaper reports from the casea the buffer zone the device the island between the turkish controlled north and the internationally recognized republic to the south stretches for more than one hundred miles it's easy for the human traffickers to find a way through these are some of the boats they use now impounded and breached by
4:45 pm
the police. but we'll do it to find themselves closer to baghdad in the catholic charity keratitis does what it can to help most of them are too afraid to show their faces and i don't mind. just. so. this man told us he was forced to provide sexual favors to him who have smuggled him across the prophecy. of this man said he had now lost all hope he had a new job lived on the streets and was always hungry there are hundreds more like him indicus here they've come from across africa or the middle east and asia seeking safety and a better life but finding themselves in a limbo in a country that can't afford to look after them the numbers are quite staggering i mean there were over a thousand one hundred. with very limited capacity for services to
4:46 pm
catch up so this is a. place to keep everything falls apart leaders from seven e.u. countries bordering the mediterranean here for a summit to see if they could reach an agreement on how to tackle the problem the cyprus government say the only solution to the crisis is for an automatic relocation mechanism to be put in place which would allow the distribution of asylum seekers throughout the european union. but borders are closing all over europe. abdul has been living in a mosque since he arrived from syria eighteen months ago it's no life for his three year old son. at least is better than living in the street maybe to al-jazeera because here. japan.
4:47 pm
we have.
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sports science for us has to get us all caught up with the game thank you so much sammy in just a few minutes time kept our take on the host united arab emirates in the semifinals of the asian cup it's a game being called the blockade darby since june twenty seventeen the u.a.e. saudi arabia and bahrain have imposed a land air and sea blockade on catarrh after accusing it of supporting terrorism
4:49 pm
katter has denied all the allegations but the effects of the dispute have been felt at this events qatar as the hunted vice president of the asian football confederation had as a rival delayed by u.a.e. officials and a group of katter based journalists were refused entry into the country very few fans have been able to support cabs are joining the tournaments it's now a criminal offense to show public sympathy for cats are in the u.a.e. our reporter dave itself has more. talk about maximizing home advantage the united arab emirates has bought the remaining tickets for the semifinal against cats and handed them out for free but crucially only to their phones effectively blocking away support so not for the first time this tournament catalyst players will largely be alone when they take to the pitch in abu dhabi but despite the prospect of a hostile crowd of forty two thousand they fancy their chances they are the form team
4:50 pm
after all with five wins from five and no goals conceded so far reaching the deal very good with that. of course all of us we know that that is the pressure readers is a semifinal but i think we are more costly than under pressure to play this game cats are entitled to eight percent of the match tickets but next to no fans have risked traveling that's because since two thousand and seventeen cats are has been the subject of a land sea and air blockade by the u.a.e. bahrain and saudi arabia who they beat earlier in the tournament the qatari players themselves had to make a five hour journey via kuwait just to compete instead of what ordinarily would be a forty minute flight. they have had some support both more than one thousand oman fans turned up to cheer them on in their quarterfinal whenever south korea tossed progression has certainly caught the eye coming into this tournament very
4:51 pm
different to how they came in two thousand and sixteen two thousand and fifteen are expected to do really well potentially even when a day and a very good group of players a golden generation so to speak even this time around it's been completely different in terms of the expectations on the national team and they've done absolutely fantastic when perhaps the success shouldn't come as a surprise head coach felix sanchez has worked with these players for years many of them were part of the team he led to the under nineteen asian cup title five years ago and most of them will have a bigger stage to perform on when cats are host the world cup in two thousand and twenty two being in the a.f.c. right now and having a group of young players playing with such passion playing with such skill and as well getting the results on the ground is fantastic and no doubt they will be the they will form the core of the team that will represent us in twenty twenty two and i'm absolutely confident it will do us proud there again world cup organizers no doubt hoping that it's the players rather than the off field politics that take center stage david stokes al-jazeera. and al-jazeera delves into bari joins us from
4:52 pm
a fan's hour here in delaware. so how big is this game for catarrh and its fans. welfare we've been speaking to many of the fans here and they saying this is so much more than just about football for them now it's a matter of national pride they are wishing their national team the best and they hope that they will win this game and they're confident the qatari players are aware of all the support that they've been receiving from their fellow qatar's in doha now this is the first time we still countries will be facing each other in the current climate of the blockade the qatari players posted a message earlier today to the fans here saying that they know they have the country support and they hope that they will be bringing home a asian cup very soon i'm sure so tell us how important it is for it qatar to
4:53 pm
perform at the asian cup considering this country is hosting the world cup in two thousand and twenty two. well that's very important for them to show how much the national team has improved and a lot of people are saying they have shown that already despite the outcome of today's game that's the six game they were playing they have won the past five games in this tournament they're also the host of the world cup and twenty twenty two so this is a chance for them to showcase what they have been doing and they're also going to be playing in brazil in the summer against argentina and cup or america another one of the big games big tournaments in the world of football so this tournaments is really highlighting how far qataris come they have not considered a single goal they've scored twelve goals in the past five games since they started in this tournament and their coach has said that he's confident that the players will show how much they've improved in today's game as well. ok about match coming
4:54 pm
up in just a few minutes time we'll be catching up with dorsey a bit later but we'll leave it there for now thank you so much carlos keros has stepped down as arounds head coach after eight years in the job it followed his team's defeat in monday's semifinal against japan japan winning three nil and with all the goals coming in the second have a soccer scoring twice as around hopes of winning this title for the first time since nine hundred seventy six were ended. and sealed the win an injury time japan now have the chance to be asian champions for a fifth time. thank you very much to my players for. the. all the seniors. the difficulties. the. limits limitations conditions that. they're going to be
4:55 pm
most of my life. campaigners fighting for the real release of bahraini refugee football or hockey say that his situation has become an emergency that's after barring issued an extradition order to fly him back to the gulf kingdom from thailand. has refugee status and australia where he's been living since flaying his home country after being arrested in two thousand and fourteen campaign but campaigners were at paper headquarters on monday to press the world governing body for action. the next five days we want to say absolute progress and that means hakeem al-arabiya being released and we're going to work continue to work with fee for to ensure that that occurs on behalf of the football community in australia particularly all of the our former players and all of the citizens of our country who continue to say that hakeem should simply come home to his wife immediately. our reporter wayne haney is in bangkok where be has
4:56 pm
been in detention since flying to thailand for his honeymoon back in november bahrain had until february the eighth to file an extradition request with thailand and that is exactly what they have now done saying that he needs to return to bahrain to serve his sentence clearly that prospect is very concerning for the footballer himself he says that if he is made to go back there he faces torture possibly even being given the death sentence and making his situation even more precarious while he is here is the fact that thailand doesn't recognize the rights of refugees the asian football confederation the governing body in this region has been criticized a lot for its apparent inaction over this case hakim himself has been a vocal critic of the a of c. president shake selman been. who happens to be a member of bahrain's royal family. now for the players involved in super bowl
4:57 pm
fifty three one major obstacle has already been negotiated at playing and related games with fans just one of the challenges on super bowl media night for the stars of the l.a. rams and the new england patriots hundreds of journalists with one last chance to ask a question i had a sunday's title decider in atlanta i'm always nervous before games yeah. it's. you know we don't give a do overs in sports so you work hard for that one game that you got to be able to get it done in the biggest moment and that's all your support for now much more coming up later but for now it's back to you sammy. brings us almost the end of the show of course you can keep with old news. website just zero dot com.
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fly castle airways and experience the words like never before. going places together. in recent years the sawhill of north africa as witness the so-called war on terror. but is this official narrative. of battle. a battle for the earth's natural resources. shadow war in the sahara on al-jazeera.
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here's the yemens poll city of hyundai there is on the verge of collapse as aid agencies wall of worsening humanitarian conditions. and this is al jazeera live from so coming up in venezuela where the u.s. imposes oil industry sanctions the pressure on president nicolas maduro to quit.


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