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mr president is how hard won these guys and had been our response to this progress must not be to take our foot off the gas pedal but rather to keep up those strategies that are clearly working. this followed another highly unusual move the president's own intelligence chiefs telling congress tuesday that their boss the president of the united states is wrong all want a north korea not going to give up nuclear weapons and iran not actually violating its nuclear agreement i still isis will continue to be a threat not really defeated and the southern border not mentioned not a crisis the president was not happy and he took to twitter to call his own officials extremely passive and naive and in another tweet suggested perhaps intelligent should go back to school. for two years this is a president who has mostly gone unchallenged by his cabinet by his party in
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congress but that seems to be changing now decline al-jazeera washington. now e.u. countries have set up a new payment system in the attempt to save the iran nuclear deal by bypassing u.s. sanctions the mechanism would allow e.u. companies to trade with iran through a european payment channel created by france germany and britain is expected to be formally endorsed by all twenty eight members president trying to impose sanctions on iran last year washington has warned the e.u. against trying to sidestep that sanctions on tehran well our economics editor ammad ali joins me live now on set and so what more do we know about this payment mechanism of the europeans have devised so the information we have is pretty sketchy right now we have the a.f.p. news agency reporting what it understands from its source these stories so far so as we said you the european union has been looking to bypass sanctions which were reimposed by the u.s. and to do that they've set a place special fickel which will be run by britain france and germany it will be
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based in france and germany and the purpose of that will be so that small and medium sized companies can trade directly with the. to exchange dollars and euros now the whole idea is to actually not to trade dollars because once you start trading dollars you fall foul of u.s. sanctions and that's what they want to try and avoid it's almost impossible in this world to actually avoid using dollars because sixty percent of all world trade is conducted in dollars and every single day ninety percent of everything that's traded on international exchange is is dollar denominated and when you fall foul of those rules you fall foul of the u.s. rules and you can be sanctioned the penalties can be severe as we're finding out with what happened to hawaii the chinese the chinese telecoms operator and how the americans respond to this ad because they'll see this as sanctions busting surely
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sanction busting and you know i expect a tweet as soon as the amounts from president trump and that is most likely to happen because they will they will figure out a way of of you know finally find a mechanism to say that this is is is beyond the scope of those particular sanctions now total has left iran saying you know we will no longer develop different. we will no longer develop a gas field there has left the country as well are they made four hundred forty five thousand cars last year in iran and boeing has suspended a contract to actually supply boeing jets to the country so if those big big companies which have u.s. bases have pulled out the country because they know that if their executives were to fly into the into the u.s. they could be arrested and they don't want to be part of anything like that thank you very much indeed. all right lots more to come in on our desire including
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a brutal chills rips through parts of the u.s. midwest and what's being called the region's worst freeze in a generation plus. i'm daniel schorr i'm there in the brazilian. rendition is communities are organizing the president holds the nara suggested they no longer have a place in modern society. however we got some days of spells of sunshine coming into the philippines over the next couple of days to further south the heavy showers continue across malaysia down into indonesia to cut a hundred and twenty eight millimeters of rain in twenty four hours that's nearly a month's worth in just one day in the heavy showers continue through much of malaysia down into indonesia want to see showers yeah a possibility into the philippines but not looking too bad his say we will see the
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odd shower here but temperatures generally getting up around the thirty degree mark it will take mess the case right across the region they say mashal as over towards tomato want to see showers possibility into some parts of thailand but it seemed in the asia that we'll see the heaviest of the right as we go through the next couple of days and that heavy rain that extends its way down into the north of australia we do still have the flooding concerns to northern parts of queensland you see the circulation continue to roll away here townsville in particular seem to refer amounts of rainfall for the flash flooding problem as we go on through the next day or so there you go friday looks pretty wet once again for the south and see how the hates broken twenty six celsius natalie twenty three in melbourne enjoy it while it last week getting back up into the thirty's as we head through the weekend. the plundering of armenia's natural riches has uprooted residents and desecrated
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the habitat of some of europe's most endangered species. but a remarkable campaign by local residents is challenging the mike of the country's investors and putting high hopes on its newly elected prime minister people in power investigates armenia mining out. on a. welcome back of the top stories here on al-jazeera venezuela's self-proclaimed interim leader says he's held secret meetings with members of the military and security
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forces. on the bosses to withdraw their support for president nicolas maduro. u.s. senators have launched a new bid to end support for the saudi led coalition in yemen resubmitted a draft resolution that passed the senate last december but was blocked the house of representatives. and european leaders are set up a new payment system in an attempt to continue trading with iran despite u.s. sanctions the mechanism would allow e.u. companies to do business with tehran using a european payment channel and therefore avoid us and. at least nine people have died in extreme cold weather in the us in some parts of the midwest and northeast and states the deep freeze has plunged to minus thirty degrees celsius is the coldest in a generation as there was john hendren has more now from willis in the state of michigan. in arctic freeze envelops the american midwest bringing dangerous cold in record low temperatures this is an event unlike any we've seen in a generation i think it's really important that we protect people the arctic air of
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the polar vortex is sweeping the region driving temperatures down to thirty below zero celsius it should goggles o'hare airport with wind chills in the suburbs making it feel like minus forty eight the predicted low of minus thirty three at o'hare on thursday would be chicago's lowest temperature in recorded history the weather system stretches across a huge swath from the dakotas in the north that minus thirty degrees celsius to maine in the east and as far south as alabama to prevent freezing chicago sets the train tracks on fire schools post offices and businesses are closed even a few minutes exposure to temperatures this low can cause frostbite one local forecaster is warning if you shut your eyes for too long they can freeze closed it's that kind of cold. the frigid air that forms a polar vortex once spun around the stratosphere over the north pole but its current now disrupted is pushing down into the u.s.
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the arctic blast leaves a mess of crash cars and broken pipes with days to go before the cleanup begins john hendren al-jazeera willis michigan a town about and says it's not seeking a monopoly on power in a future administration in afghanistan yahoo group says it's looking for ways to come exist with others went on it this week the u.s. envoy said there had been agreements in principle towards a framework for peace with the town about and about framework was drawn up without input from the afghan government with the taliban regards as in a just met. but a report on u.s. operations in afghanistan shows the government's influence has declined it controls around sixty three percent that's down almost two percent from the previous quarter whereas the taliban has slightly increased its influence controlling nearly eleven percent the report also reveals the u.s. dropped five times more munitions in afghanistan last year compared to twenty sixteen drug trafficking remains a widespread problem the report says senior afghan security forces are often in
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control of narcotics rings in northern and western regions last year more than seven hundred fifty thousand undocumented afghans return from iran most of them are unskilled men under thirty and the report says they're vulnerable to being recruited into extremist groups on top of that afghanistan is experiencing a major crisis due to a prolonged drought well into zakim as a political analyst and a lecturer at mazar university he says the report highlights the need for the u.s. to change its tactics. it's not only one point three per saying that the taliban or maybe they're in opposition increase the tutorial but some more certainly for me that why we're not winning this war while you were just stuck in the mud for the last fifteen years after eighteen years why the united states the international community and all stuff can go and are still claiming that they can fight but still we see the decrease in the control of the afghan government they died a state of america would like to play two techniques in the same time they would
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like to shake the right hands and they would like to hold iraq and the left both back to work off so far because the special and why for donald trump meeting have been meeting with the taliban for six days in qatar when he came to afghanistan i think that it was not very happy he shared his concerns in his briefings with person gani there was no good reaction that i mean definitively that he is on the table but if we're not going to right direction i think that we're not in the succeeding position and we have to change that the geeks and a major taliban are still fight for the political power sharing what they means and how they can play their minds in afghanistan if they're not part of the political power they do not want the political power monopoly but they would like to be part of the political structure which is nice is that inuits is a logical position in the we have to understand that when we are dealing with taliban in terms of bringing peace that should be part of it and we have to be having flexibility to push the power when there is no point for taliban to just
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fight for the last fifteen years they will not say it but i think there is a hidden and latent idea that they all share the power. thousands of ethiopian israelis in tel aviv have protested against racism and police violence. about the killing of a mentally ill ethiopian israeli man who was shot dead by police two weeks ago organizers say the case is the culmination of what they describe as years of discrimination by the israeli state. now carmakers in the u.k. are blaming bragg's it for a slowdown in business foreign investment in the british car sector almost hard last year and production swords biggest drop in almost ten years it emerged as britain's prime minister to resign may and opposition leader germany corben held talks to try and find common ground on a briggs that deal i mean barbara reports. westminster one day closer to break and whisper it's signs of cross party efforts to find a way forward jeremy corbett leader of the opposition labor party finally held
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direct talks with prime minister to resume a he previously refused until she ruled out a no deal breaks it was very pleased that the house voted yesterday to take no deal off the table when asked for a promise assurance that we were not back into the territory of threatening no deal as a way of getting support failed deal which is obviously got very limited support in parliament the prime minister the parliament also voted to pass to reason if she can negotiate changes to the so-called irish backstop the house did vote to reject no deal but that cannot be the end of the story the only way. i think i think that's the first time is actually that you can't just vote to reject no deal you have to vote for a deal. well that prospect may be looming large or at least that's what the head of the european commission told the parliament in brussels from time
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. some hope to twenty c. . other countries will abandon. and so ireland at the last minute but this is not a game the e.u.'s chief negotiator was also resolute calling the withdrawal agreement the best and only means of avoiding a hard irish border that could threaten the historic good friday agreement. structurally budget dogmatist the backstop is not being dogmatic it is a realistic solution throughout the negotiations under your control we sort solutions to the problems created by breck's itself in particular but not only in ireland and while islands clearly worried about unload brics it dublin says some considerations trump economic interests we need a backstop or insurance mechanism based on legal certainty and not just wishful thinking for now we're left with mixed messages from the politicians here m.p.'s
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have said no to no deal without any clarity or consensus on how to stop it just a green light for to resume aid to try once again to tweak that deal that she reached with brussels well she's now said she realizes it won't be a breeze that could well be an understatement the dean barber al-jazeera london samsung has announced his first quarterly drop in two years profits between october and december last year were down thirty one percent from the same time twenty seventeen that's one of the worst performances posted by the south korean tech giant it blames the growing competition from chinese smartphone makers and a cousin orders the memory chips for the bad performance. un human rights experts are calling for an investigation into friday's dam disaster in southeastern brazil at least ninety nine people have been confirmed dead so far after the dam holding an iron ore waste collapsed because a sea of mud turned gulf part of the town in burma didn't go more than two hundred people are still missing. representatives of brazil's indigenous peoples gathered
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in palo to protest against president policies say the far right leader is taking over control of their ancestral lands. visited one community in the northern amazonas state. in the past it was their remoteness the protected the once modern society reaches these isolated communities it often becomes their turf for patients farmers taking land deforesting minus polluting. the collude with or ignore the transgressions. this is indigenous people now say the president. will only make this situation worse. indigenous people if we do not keep our guard up we will lose a lot so we do not accept anything less than what is guaranteed in our constitution and if needed we will fight to defend our rights as porson are does not respect us
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. three main education health and territories we are putting the emphasis on territory because territory in compassing everything we don't have our territory we don't have health or education. the past four years have seen a fifteen percent rise in the murder of indigenous activists across brazil with the killers rarely brought to justice. as communities have been struggling to protect their land and to maintain their languages and culture in the face of encroachments . but now they're fighting for their very survival. only about half the three hundred fifty seven indigenous territories and i was on a state have been fully registered the president both the nado has said repeatedly that not one centimeter more will be demarcated as indigenous land why should one percent of the population have twelve percent of the land campaign a sphere that will only open the way for further conflict shared assume. there's
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a feeling that indigenous rights have been abolished with no punishment for those invading indigenous land or making death threats well that's already a bad situation will now be worse a mess the new government has placed indigenous issues with the agriculture ministry which has promised to promote agri business it's not what they. want to see for future generations. i was born here my father my mother my grandparents were all from here and they died here and the new generation has come along to take care of us they will not allow the non-indigenous people to take away our land this latest battle in a conflict that's been raging for more than five hundred years there's a new just. that one there al-jazeera amazonas state was ill a prominent human rights activist in zimbabwe has been released on bail after his arrest during recent protests. could face twenty years in jail if convicted on
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subversion charges he was an outspoken opponent of robert mugabe and says nothing has changed. it is a very sad day for me even though i am i must be joyful that i'm being released it's a very sad day that i have to be in this situation again we went through this with the mugabe regime and here we are again. going through the exact same thing and it's it breaks my heart more than anything else it's a loss to the young people of our nation it's a loss to the old people of our nation. and one hopes that. since then just is somehow prevailed millions of people in china braving the cold weather and crowds as i travel home for the lunar new year the weeklong holiday will take place in the first week of february around four hundred million people are expected to travel across the country for a family reunion. let's
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get a quick check on the headlines here venezuela's self-proclaimed interim leader. says he's held secret meetings with members of the security forces he wants military chiefs to withdraw their support for president nicolas maduro the united arab emirates says the saudi led coalition in yemen has attached ten who the training camps outside her data on wednesday as a more fighting around the port city of the past few days threatening a cease fire deal reached last month. in the us republican and democratic senators have launched a new bed to and washington support the saudi u.a.e. led coalition in yemen. when yemenis see made in usa on the bombs that are killing them it tells them that the united states of america is responsible for this war. this is not a message the united states should be sending to the world the united states should
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not be supporting a catastrophic war led by a despotic saudi regime with a dangerous and irresponsible military policy e.u. countries have launched a new payment system in an attempt to save the iran nuclear deal by bypassing u.s. sanctions the mechanism would allow e.u. companies to trade with terror on through a european payment channel created by france germany and britain expected to be formally endorsed by all twenty eight e.u. members washington has won the e.u. against trying to sidestep its sanctions on tehran. donald trump has lashed out at his own intelligence chiefs calling them now you've been wrong over the threat posed by iran the us president suggested they should go back to school in response to officials who contradicted his claims on key national security issues. but taliban says it's not seeking a monopoly on power in a future administration in afghanistan groups insist looking for ways to co-exist
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with others earlier this week the u.s. envoy said there had been agreements in principle towards a framework for peace with the taliban that framework was drawn up without input from the afghan government as the taliban regards as illegitimate. but those were the headlines and news continues here on al-jazeera after people in power station tanks watching. the week began with a ninety day truce in the tip attack us china trade will the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest oil content we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. the twenty eighteen
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a new government came to power in armenia amid widespread optimism that its leader nicole should quit in decades of corruption and economic mismanagement but now his administration faces a major dilemma whether to proceed with a huge be defined mining project but some are warning will cause enormous environmental damage and one of the world's rarest animal species. the former soviet republic of armenia has witnessed dramatic changes in the last twelve months. a bloodless revolution led by journalist turned politician nicole
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pushing a promised an end to decades of corrupt rule this. is just one a snap election and for the first time in years there is hope to ms m o first priority is to continue. to call it was and to make a real difference is enough when young because. all mania has enjoyed years of blockades imposed by its neighbors turkey and azerbaijan the country's economy never really recovering from the collapse of the u.s.s.r. . previous governments result it's a leasing it's mineral rich benton's to foreign mining concerns it was driven by need for revenue but it's also cools and momus and wine and mental damage even worse say some the economic benefits were only ever enjoyed by a few new army of oh sure the property market. they're still
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new to me soon along with all new notion. of cool loss of slumbers in the who she says beautiful shill but he believes the police. now have the latest of these mining projects is proving she usually divisive supported by the previous government and poised to begin work it is said to exploit a massive gold deposits in the south of the country but it is being blockaded by activists who believe that profits are less important than armenia's unique environment you can't drink gold or you can't eat gault you can't just bury gold you need pure environment for life. what happens next for the mine goes ahead all the activists win the battle lies in the hands of the new prime minister nicole pushing and. it's a decision that could affect the future of his administration and threaten the
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ecosystem and even the fate of one of the world's most imperiled animal species. tiny landlocked all mean year is the oldest christian country in the world. blessed with rich soils it is also considered to be the birthplace of wine and even today agriculture forms the mainstay of the economy. the magnificent mind ararat where many believe the remains of noah's ark will one day be found is the national symbol. today the mountains of armenia like the fabled on remain a refuge for many endangered animals the hunting ground of the world's rarest big cat the cook asian leopard of which there are estimated to be only ten left in the country. this unique footage was captured by trial cameras.
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alexander more caution a rule authority on the reclusive animal has been charting the leopard's battle for survival for over twenty years as an awful events and outdated dodig what ali was shelagh the braces show up short i missed it. and as such i'm not going to be a lot of color loaf. where that box of yours i'd say i'm in the corner but you're not going of course out of the gate like of. but the fate of this magnificent beast hangs in the balance with the new mind ready and waiting to get into production. yes there is are lots of very many of. them where you are but it was enough to go. deep within the karabakh ridge a mountain called amel saw which translates as the barren place is ironically the
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side of a massive gold deposit discovered by anglo-american mining company lydian international who intend to extract the precious metal by means of a controversial he pleading process. may be an international as of biggest foreign investor in the cult during last for been years we invested about five hundred billion over this project is very important for the economy. we designed the project to be. environmentally. safe first of all he pleased ethnology doesn't have to face down there is no issues with water no issues with the health of community. but local see things differently and fearful that their lives are about to change
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forever. that tourism in the free trade which have always been the main source of income will be destroyed if the mind goes ahead. spurred on by the recent revolution for the last six months protesters have blocked all roads to the mountain stopping for the mine construction. first we leave out to our cars then we bring and now we bring temporary hall was this really this is the place we are living to now. this is our scene well that's we must save on the side of the dollar and our mom i know we're almost sorry depend on we must save eat right home michael he was not going well read on last night where we. are going to tell your run down i would get your rights reborn as a loved you document your for conquer go and see i born or sure none of them made it or michael jordan got all those that. many. have come to this remote
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sports to support the book a duce. people like annie from the capital younger than he was a seven year old son is. every time i go to. a skin need to stay with him and i just explain him that if i don't go. who who can go so i feel it's some moral duty to go there and to spend it with them anyway it's a little bit difficult because i'm a girl and they're all boys but i can say that during this months we became just like family. let us know when there's just this just this nice woman for ya got sushil you start to hear sure sure just leave it right it. would do but mess with. the blockade has proved for
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a markedly effective. the machinery and croaks lie idle the project is literally frozen. which is. it's about hollywood dollar but now it's more because we're lost people. professionals we had a mean eight hundred thousand two hundred seventy contracts. the blockade is making some people just because of the wider implications. for not coming one day close all the mines because they will have basically you will be destroyed a big part of your budget thousands and thousands of people will be out of the job armenia's titular head of state president sarkozy and used to be on the board of lydian the blockaders believe he's just one of many power brokers backing the mind his role was more of brokering this potential big investment into into the country
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as opposed to anything else. on my side has been a fixer for this mining project and we wanted to. we actually asked him directly questions of what was his role and asked him to disclose information that is particularly important at the moment. he denied to disclose information when you join a board you saw him challenging. my cautious is absolutely clear what i did absolutely clear. and on the less the blockade is a wary of the president preferred to put their faith in armenia's new prime minister nicole pushing him on his shoulders the future of the minaya rests a political ad side and in
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a fired man of the people last spring the shinya was swept into office on an unprecedented wave of popular support. he promised to end the endemic corruption that had dogged his country under the decade long rule of former president says suck sand of the republican party his attempt to stay in power by becoming prime minister had set off a political earthquake. the legitimacy i mean social. psychological edge over the public good port was there is hope they were not popular even ten years ago with this exit because the truth. pushing in a former political prisoner began a long march from the west of the country to the capital yerevan much of the time with his wife at his side in her right at the. heart of itself. i doubt.
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we had a good hour to get it behind our back to someone else almost nothing and like the slumlord yes that's what has formed in christiane's us that's important and that's the good nods i levels most economists that. with hundreds of thousands of supporters on the streets demanding he become prime minister instead of socks and pushing in his sheen power in a velvet revolution. he immediately set about tackling corruption with high profile cases like the mayor of yerevan his numerous mansions were filmed by a drain the video of which went viral on the internet. people were incensed love that these are options to push you know the. dish near us through little. to those that stick in the book. in order to see who sprouted used to be something that in your bus on the. culture of
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corruption came from the soviet era and it was and it wasn't fought with in the early stages of arminius independence just like it was the case on other in other countries it became a norm. the mining industry and body thought corruption say activists extraction permits given by politicians without due process or proper scrutiny had terrible environmental consequences. the armenian environmental front of volunteer group mom says pollution levels of mines across the country including kudzu run or manias biggest we have many mines in armenia and armenia is none that big we have a small country saw but we have huge mines here we have the tailing dump which is
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one of the biggest in the world. for decades the country's mineral wealth has been plundered by all agog at the cost of the environment lax legislation and very low fines on pollution lead to explosion of mining industry. that's a good corporate mind north of the capital is a typical example. even before the mine began operations locals say many of them were compelled to sell the land to the company for a fraction of its value if they really enjoyment out of. earshot your lady. gaga a little wish mannings all it's all shelter what are my kids. your socks on you what about nicky well as it gets in you does a bonus also it gets. worse was to come it turned out that the tail down had a construction issue and it was cracking and that was
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a major risk off toxins leaking into that environment so they had to shut down but no before did released a poisonous discharge into the river a dead bed once one of the cleanest in the country contaminating land for miles around and. arak produces vodka from his sharon trees but there is no guarantee that it's free from contamination by heavy metals discharge from the mine. soil samples from farms in the vicinity shows serious contamination is paired trees dried up completely and no longer bear fruit so he's had no choice but to start from scratch in the hope that new plantings fared better. arik films discharge from the mine going straight into the river. make nikolaj langkawi run company may link you don often to languor
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i think would make on either car think reality on the market on the chaotic at the room by phone on casual villainies best news the protesters amel saw fear they will suffer a similar fate if the mind goes ahead but director of sustainability philip you know mania armin step in human remains sanguine about any potential risk we come very dim to crushed material all the way down to this facility which is here the hip logis is about one point one two meter way from the village that he pleads facilities were crushed rock will be does to the cyanide to extract the gold right by the village of can devise as i. say it's a month thousand tons a year a thousand times. and even before the mine has actually gone into production inhabitants of can devise complained of incidence.
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mean thoughts. well you know it can come when i also learned. you have shot meds of a tongue there reschedule current work of a. marker and you have to go to. the south caucasus is one of the richest regions in the world for biodiversity and nowhere more so than. the world wide fund for nature conducted numerous field studies on the mountain that are completely at odds with the company's assertion that the mind poses new threats to wildlife we found these bought into therefore out that these are at least the species of plant. you for i'm not mistaken fifteen species of birds we count one species of mammal this is brown bear. three species of snakes perhaps even more
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importantly than this the proposed mine is sighted in the middle of one of only two corridors used by the endangered caucasian leopard comes on city area because like you. have you seen monkeys here it's very important for me gratian of lead part of that and also connect with these ranges so in short buying project it's for he called that you know one of the corridors partly the last biggest chapter over europe and we should protect it. well if there's a leopard or an odd endangered species you know we will we will produce aciphex you know specific action plan. by by having by changing be environment you actually also create an environment for your species but that's what happens. but it's not
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just animal species that could be affected. i mean nine miles from the i'm also a mind is the sport and of jimmy famed for its spring water where there is also open hostility solidity and seventy percent of german community these. people are against these they are thinking about their future and germ abuse spa place of you know many people go to their house in the summer jimmy could try to visitors from all over the former soviet union it's a source of bolton bolton of the south caucasus but this distinctly up market atmosphere might be about to change if the mine goes ahead. according to libyan's environmental and social impact assessment similar projects have experienced increased out a whole consumption new or widening commercial sex networks and prostitution it solution distribution of condoms and information materials in local restaurants
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and entertainment areas. local businesses are understandably anxious about the future if. shut my thousand accounts on me as yours of us i would jump off earlier i've had our time without all the meds or or school of right. or the need general argument with adults running on the wood from. a more fundamental concern is that the close proximity of the mine could i'd firstly effect jim igs famous mineral water. and maybe even further afield. this is lake seven the largest body of freshwater in the caucasus holding some twenty five percent of all meanies freshwater. levon is captain of a soviet built research vessel that moment as the like your ideas of grandma the
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bit where the mother was of a. yeah. small that's the god is always around it's as god is was where you're probably going on your you were the other there your mate does is that there's the border of what she is there of a god without. the lake is connected to the catch at reservoir which is less than three miles from the mall saw so could any toxic discharge from the mind also threaten the lake. according to libyan's environmental and social impact assessment lake seven will not be impacted. if i recalled the words correctly the practice is negligible or there is no impact at all however many of your meaning is leading the scientists on most convinced these are biodiversity experts or experts in hydrology or hydrogen ology they are concerned
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and they have expressed their negative opinion on them on the validating off their risk assessment is the up which you are the problem of would. you have to have what sivana. recall of issues is there but almost all civil no one knows your obfuscates of what they put this into the regular earth about what is here on our shirts or would survive. like a rut it is impossible to overstate the cultural significance of like serpentor mania and the new prime minister has been obliged to take natures the position of prime minister is that there shall be proper. impact assessments and proper investigation understands. is it really that there is a risk for impact the lay servant as
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a result of. it's the test of almost i'm right or not so who knows whether he missed all sins or source the whole this region is going. based on current twenty yes no one really knows. the history of positive value of the water we don't beat me leave your city if you are going out for business is very easy. such is the importance of this issue the just days before last december snap election cooled to decide whether pushing in should stay in office he came to the blockade to hear the concerns of the protestors compiled by investing or that i got that i thought the whole don't give of people not respect but i was made to have a killer t. to get it because it's like you just need to work on models are make
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a demotion from the office mate i've been on course numbers from the third are called milling hard and evil men are going home cos numbers from benefits from the children. the prime minister moved on to jimmy where he addressed by those in such an election rather he seems to hint where his sympathies lie on the minds future it four stars million votes up at the bus doma if aides are as if they only an hour before still they thought would sooner. he mob without god leave for a bit lets us know if that a minus is i think i got a little knot of good cheer you know i saw a lot of black sheep. if she got really put the little hot chick not made in china i asked bonnie some jack on the child id michel that he guarantee will iraqi troops on the hunt got i'm on it i got maybe what must that cost me it make is not so you
6:47 pm
need to make it they will walk i've. known the last fishing in his safe oh mine inch through a voyage taking a decision only a most saw mine the biggest investment project in the history of all mania. now he faces a stoic choice that could either deter foreign investment or alienate the very people who put him where he is it's an uncertain time but one thing seems clear the blockade is on gang anyway. you. mean. the wall as possible. people in power i mean it's the women heading an eighteen man
6:48 pm
militia. and dispensing justice with an unforgiving hand. and eye for an army in iraq on al jazeera. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. the unsold flats. a place. for generations long. but the discovery of precious lithium below the salt threatens to change their way of life for. witness.
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this is al jazeera. hello i'm sam is a band this is the news hour live from doha coming off the next sixty minutes keeping the nuclear deal alive the e.u. announces a plan to bypass u.s. sanctions and keep trading with iran. piling on the pressure thousands of protesters across felt as well a call on president nicolas maduro to step down. the united arab emirates accused of spying on refel rival regional leaders by hacking into their phones. in s'pore the former club of missing football a million isola has paid tribute to argentinian player french team norte or playing their first home game since hours plane disappeared over the english channel.
6:51 pm
now e.u. countries have launched a new payment system with iran which bypasses u.s. sanctions their hope to save the two thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal the president don't trump pulled out of last year when the mechanism will allow e.u. companies to trade with iran through a european payment channel created by france germany and britain it's expected to be formally endorsed by all twenty eight e.u. members president trumpery imposed tough sanctions on iran last year and washington has warned the e.u. against trying to sidestep its sanctions let's go live now natasha bottlers she joins us from the french capital paris first of all explain to us natasha how exactly does this mechanism work. well we don't have all the details of this mechanism because foreign leaders foreign ministers i should say are actually meeting in bucharest today and we are
6:52 pm
expecting them to launch this payment mechanism and actually tell us more about it what the european media are reporting is that it would be called in stakes it would be a payment transaction channel that would be based in paris run by a german banking manager but actually have its supervisory board based in the united kingdom now the idea is it would allow companies to trade continue trade between the european union and iran but it would at this stage only be for things like medicines food and medical devices but it could be expanded to other things and just to give you a bit of a back story to this ever since donald trump announced that he was going to re-impose sanctions on iran last year of basically scrambling for a way to try and bypass those sanctions to try and contour them they did say in september that they were looking at some form of payment mechanism it does now seem
6:53 pm
that they're ready to launch it with russia how much of a conflict does this place the you into with the u.s. . well in some respects there's not much of a surprise conflict because the e.u. doesn't agree with the united states over the iran deal the e.u. wants to keep the iran deal going the u.s. says it's pulling out so no surprises there however of course this is in a way symbolic because the european union is trying to defy these u.s. sanctions the for them with this payment mechanism is that in many ways many of the big major european companies you know i'm thinking of companies like the french oil giant tow towel all basle of the german car maker daimler have already pulled out of iran or at least suspended their operations because they are multinationals they deal with the u.s. and they simply do not want to be frozen out of the u.s.
6:54 pm
lucrative dollar market by continuing to trade with iran and risk risk the wrath of if you like of the white house administration so they've already pulled out this mechanism will allow some of the smaller companies to continue but it's probably more important for the european union really in terms of that simple not only that it defies the u.s. but it's also a symbol a message if you like to iran that the european union is supporting the deal and it wants to continue with the deal for him so much natasha bottler from paris. while a self-proclaimed leader says he's had secret meetings with members of the military and security forces an opinion piece on why those said he needs them support to bring about a change of government. on the first of the war protests were held on wednesday with the aim of forcing him out in america newman reports from.
6:55 pm
thousands of in israel and some to the call to hold a midday protest carrying signs that read we all have reasons. they are demanding the president nicolas maduro to resign a transition government and you elections. we cannot stand it anymore can't stand it anymore to have gone from being a rich country to one where people are starving and a fleeing. opposition leaders say five thousand similar protests took place simultaneously nationwide this gentleman came from which is venezuela's largest slum to take part in the demonstration with their own reason and the reason is in their hand it's this money they say it's absolutely worthless this is a weak salary but only by a half a carton of eggs with it. one week ago the opposition controlled national assembly proclaimed deputy why they all but miss weyland interim president in close
6:56 pm
consultation with the trumpet ministrations. since then the u.s. and most of latin america have joined forces to try to push mother out. wednesday while also appointed chargé d'affaires in washington met with u.s. officials to iron out details of confiscating venezuelan oil and gold assets to cut off all income to the maduro government. but at a military base battled president's response was that he won't cave in to pressure ultimatums blackmail. very interesting like i've said in the face of these circumstances of imperialist threats of acting like bathrooms we need nerves of steel calm and sanity and to mobilize your conscience with much military mobilization but due to repeated he's willing to dialogue with white bill but says the opposition's non-negotiable demand early elections is out of the question you know the most this is mexico in europe by attempt to put together
6:57 pm
a coalition of neutral countries and organizations including the un to attempt and negotiated settlement to the crisis but it's an option that the opposition seems unwilling to entertain as they with the help of the united states push to precipitate marvelous downfall human al-jazeera got access. to their amorous says the saudi u.a.e. coalition in yemen struck a ten houthi training camps outside a day there on wednesday has been more fighting around the port city over the past few days threatening a cease fire deal reached last month un special envoy is in the day there to help preserve the delicate truce politicians in the us are not giving up on their attempt to end support for the saudi u.a.e. war in yemen the bipartisan group announced plans to resubmit a draft resolution that was passed by the senate in december but was blocked in the house of representatives late last year i had the opportunity to meet was
6:58 pm
several very brave human rights activists from yemen urging congress to put a stop to this war and they told me very clearly when yemenis see made in usa on the bombs that are killing them it tells them that the united states of america is responsible for this war. this is not a message the united states should be sending to the world the united states should not be supporting a kind of strong war led by a despotic regime with a dangerous and irresponsible military policy. survive because more from washington d.c. well this resolution has a much better chance of passing than it would have a couple of months ago when a similar resolution was introduced in the senate back in december a bipartisan group of senators led by bernie sanders introduced
6:59 pm
a resolution to end u.s. involvement in yemen it passed but it didn't even make it to the house of representatives for a vote because the house at that time was controlled by the republicans well since that time the democrats have taken control of the house so this measure would have a much better chance of passing now the sixty thousand dollars question is whether or not the president would veto any kind of resolution that would come to his desk there's a chance that he might but there's also a chance that congress would override that veto right now there is distaste in the u.s. senate and in congress over u.s. involvement in the atrocities that are going on in yemen and additionally there's been outrage over saudi arabia's involvement in the murder of journalists jamil so those those two things could provide impetus to get this resolution passed
7:00 pm
in both houses and could put pressure on president trump to sign it. the u.n. humanitarian chief has repeatedly is warning of a crisis on the border between syria and jordan if there's a military operation in the market is calling on all parties to let aid in to the makeshift refugee camp just inside jordan made convoys expected to arrive next week after security guarantees from russia and the international coalition in syria some forty two thousand people remain stranded in rock band along the syria jordan border conditions in the informal settlement have continued to deteriorate since the last humanitarian convoy to the area from three to eight november eight infants have reportedly died since last month again the cold is making the situation even.


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