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willing to release those conditions and once that happens will be released interac country but he won't be able to get back to the ivory coast. but the as you say the key condition here is going to be that this neutral country has to prevent bad both from fleeing correct just just in a way as an ordinary resourceful justice ministry operating in a country like ours has to ensure that there are conditions of care they can't guarantee that kept people can travel can achieve right but these days it's rarely easy to be pretty pretty controlling a people's movement to stress again if you used electronic means i don't know whether that's in the mind of the court at the moment why it why is this been such a complicated process can you. shed some light on the difficulties that have everything and this yes i mean it's a it's the last bit is particularly our new show because first of all it was the
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are neutral decision by the majority to release someone of all charges or to man to of all charges at the end of the prosecution's case on the basis that there wasn't enough of a case to go forward second that it was a majority decision against which the minority expressed the strongest possible resistance and objection but said in most unusually the majority didn't actually give their reasons and i think it had six months to do so but they said no we will not be ready to give our reasons we'll make we'll announce our decision so your two acquitted men at least for the time being until there's an appeal if there is no great reasons later and that means that. most unusual situation exists in which case they are apparently pretty they don't know if the prosecution is going to appeal in the prosecution's entitle to say well we can't possibly decide to appeal until we see the reasoned decision and happily all this really allows the prosecution maybe to extend the period of time that both men will be kept away from
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the ivory coast. and if they decide to appeal you know that appeals last a very long time in these courts months more often years and i just got to ask you miss and i said what is the prosecution likely to do next is isn't a pale but certain. i couldn't possibly say. this is yet another case where i believe it is said that there was political influence in the decision making to prosecute a certain a being rumors of france having exercised strong arm on the prosecutor on the court to ensure that the backbone was prosecuted in order to preserve french interests i don't know if there's any truth in that it will although the prosecutor has been overheard off the record saying things that might suggest that and if such pressures have been applied in the past why should they not be applied now one of
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the sad things about international justice is that it is simply not true in international political pressure. sometimes guess that for example in the cases of involving israel who assumed it was benefiting from pressure applied by america or in the launch of each case it was quite clear to me that political pressure applied by the west to suppress evidence showing us involvement or chasity or whatever it might have been in this romance or affair. it was clear pressure of pride about who should be indicted and who should not be indicted and sadly these courts don't offer. raters clean courts and indeed just a link that to another recent unhappy event judge who gave the german judges in the follow on mechanism for the international criminal tribunals and that's only the start is just through resigned alleging pressure from america and
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when we in some countries we're probably all of us this you and i probably are happier after lou where we can trust the legal system and don't expect there to be pressure that's not what happens in the world the real world of international both international criminal trials so that your original question no idea whether the prosecution will appeal if they find the reasoned decision or the judges when it's finally given an overwhelming memory decide to cut their losses rather than face an embarrassment in the appeal chamber by losing again on the other hand as the minority judge whose opinion was extremely strong. persuades them that they have good grounds for appeal and probably will appeal draggle well thank you very much. geoffrey nice professor of law joining us there is a complicated process and you've certainly helped us to understand it better thank you you're most up. six months on from the latest about
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a virus outbreak in the democratic republic of congo the world health organization says four hundred sixty people have now been killed overall seven hundred forty three cases have been confirmed as the virus returned last august making it the worst outbreak in the nation's history response efforts been hampered by violence and resistance from some traditional communities there's no cure for the virus yet but the w.h.o. says it might have turned a corner in stopping the spread with a vaccine. this particular vaccine. has been proven in west africa to be effective in trials so and we are seeing that same process on hold in congo where using a strategy of lacson is in along social networks contacts of cases contacts of those contacts so we're tracking the virus along the route which it spreads in the community and using that targeted approach and using intense community engagement over ninety eight percent of people who are eligible for the vaccine are willing to
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accept it that's a very very high vaccine coverage and the most high risk people. the un refugee agency is called on the u.s. back syrian democratic forces to help civilians access medical care the s.d.f. has been asked to designate a transit site in northeast syria where people who are fleeing war in harsh winter conditions can get life saving a this comes after twenty nine babies and children died from hypothermia at the whole refugee camp over the past eight weeks more than twenty three thousand people including many women and children have arrived at the camp since the end of november senior figures in turkey's ruling ak party have met the un human rights investigators looking into the murder of a saudi journalist jamal khashoggi they say agnes caught a mud shares their frustrations and fears that there won't be full justice for everyone suspected of involvement the saudi leadership insists it had no knowledge of the killing which took place inside its consulate in istanbul last october.
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the united nations delegation has shown that their objective is to convey the facts and deliver true evidence in case to the whole world they have listened to my testimony as a friend of jamal khashoggi we have no hope of reaching justice as long as the first suspect saudi crown prince mohammed bin is in full control of all aspects of governance including the judiciary the united nations' investigation team has the same suspicions and are trying to reach the truth objectively and therefore they are seeking help from turkey and algeria stephanie decker has more now from outside the consulate. it was amusing that last around an hour and a half un special rapporteur for extrajudicial killings meeting with his a senior party advisor is also the first official that the fiance of jamal khashoggi called when she was outstanding outside here after he failed to reemerge almost four months ago now we understand from mr act that he conveyed to and miss that he believed that the saudi crown prince mohammed bin saw
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a man who was responsible for ordering this killing we know from the un special rapporteur that she's been talking to also the chief prosecutor the man in charge of turkey's investigation trying to figure out what exactly it is turkey has discovered or the foreign minister friends of also his fiance trying to piece together get a sense really of what happened here key that she really wants at this point in time before she leaves is to listen to the order according to all the recordings that turkey has from that murder inside that consulate she's currently meeting with intelligence officials in ankara whether she will be played a copy of that will have to wait and see certainly mr act i believe that she will be hearing it before she needs to this is an investigation that. has taken upon herself to investigate in her remote as a role at the united nations because she says that neither the united nations nor any of the member states are pushing for an independent investigation this is of
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course a hugely loaded political story it's a political minefield if you will and almost four months on there really seems to be no justice certainly the body of mr jamal khashoggi has not been found and still nobody knows who exactly ordered the murder. israeli forces have opened fire on palestinian protesters in gaza injuring at least thirty two people according to gaza's health ministry thousands of protesters had gathered for weekly demonstrations near the border fence east of the gaza strip the ratties began last march and a calling for palestinian refugees to be allowed to return to their former homes now inside israel meanwhile the u.n. envoy to the middle east and an egyptian delegation holding meetings with her mass to try and find ways to stop the violence now police in karachi have fired tear gas at protesters angry at the acquittal of a christian woman who was sentenced to death for blasphemy demonstrations have taken place in karachi and several other cities of to pakistan supreme court upheld a previous decision to release
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a sea of baby baby spent eight years on death row on charges of insulting the prophet mohammed the indian government has released its final budget out of this year's general election prime minister narendra modi is hoping to win the backing of urban and rural voters by promising more than ten billion dollars to support poor farmers and reduce taxes for the middle class but on the streets of new delhi many a saying the government scheme doesn't go far enough to address the concerns mama gem jhoom has mall. these farmers protesting outside the indian parliament want the government to help them they're demanding loan waivers and better prices for their produce the government has pledged almost eleven billion dollars to help them india's interim finance minister is optimistic the economy will improve they are poised to become my hero was to become a five trillion dollars economy in the next five years. and i supply
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or. be inspired to become a ten trillion dollar economy and that makes a yes. but the farmers feel they are not sharing in india's economic growth this isn't over yet the farming has become a loss making proposition for the farmers because seeds in fertilizers have become very expensive it is also expensive to hire farm labor for irrigation sowing and harvesting the fields. prime minister narendra modi has been facing widespread discontent from farmers about six hundred million indians depend on agriculture for their livelihoods and many have huge debt debt they say that won't be lowered by what the government is now offering them this is was then a lollipop. six thousand five hundred a month it comes to fifteen rupees per day a couple of the cost that much per day in india i think that this is a total sellout. the farmers by the government budget.
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among the crowd on friday many simply didn't believe the government's latest promises would come to pass especially with elections expected in the coming months a shotgun loaded with these governments will end soon and be in their graves by the month of may so whatever they are now says now who will implement their schemes if a new government is elected why should they agree to these budget proposals. and want analysts say the direct cash support being offered to farmers in this interim budget is a clear attempt by modi to shore up crucial police. supporting the countryside protesters say the plan doesn't go nearly far enough. thousands of iranians have been visiting the mostly i'm of ayatollah ruhollah khomeini the founder of the islamic republic they've gathered to mark the fortieth anniversary of the one nine hundred seventy nine revolution that overthrew a centuries old want to keep the same bus travie has more now from the capital to run. when the man who led iranian revolution toppled the king and ended centuries
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of empire was buried his final resting place was a humble empty plot next to a graveyard now the muzzle iyam of ayatollah ruhollah khomeini iran's first supreme leader serves as a symbol of the islamic republic its grand halls a reminder to visitors perhaps of the reverence he is owed as men and women young and old civilians and soldiers packed into khomeini shrine to commemorate forty years since his return from exile iran is going through one of its most challenging economic decline the government remains clear about who is to blame. and that he had got even america be damned it does whatever it can to break the power of islam like the many sanctions they've been hosed they're waging psychological war they want to make people pessimistic about islam they haven't achieved it so far and they never will. iranian leaders often speak of the one nine hundred seventy nine
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revolution as a living thing its mission and islamic ideals as perpetual usually for a political purpose forty years later the revolution that khomeini brought to iran continues to be a source of strength for iranian leaders who are the focus ideals to rally support for things like the foreign wars in which iran is currently engaged but leaders here also speak of it simultaneously by something fragile and precious that need to be protected against external threats which years of economic struggle has led many iranians to have more practical perspectives i noted he ended up with a good education over there of a notion has been beneficial i would try to change those of shows that don't think about the people and not one of the people those who live in luxury houses and off expensive cars the officials don't understand the difficulties of living or sad thing in their awful nice the economic situation is not good today we are under sanctions if the sanctions did not exist. it could have been that iranian leaders
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who came to power at the time of revolution still wield enormous power but what is happening inside the country stands to change the status quo more than any outside influence as the old guard continues to promote decades old ideas as part of modern day politics iran's ailing economy chips away at government popularity. to her own much more. a memorial of grief and anger hundreds of south koreans mourn the death of a woman who was sexually inflamed by japan in world war two. and i'm lawrence lee in romania which has just taken over the presidency of the european union and whose government stands accused of complicity in the mass illegal logging of its own forests. and lindsey vonn announces the event where she will skate competitively for the last time i have the details and.
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hello again welcome back to the national weather forecast we have seen plenty of messy weather here across much of europe we have a storm out here in the atlantic causing a lot of snow across parts of the u.k. but we're also seeing a lot of snow here in germany i want to take you specifically to cologne show the snow that has come across the city there not only in the city but also at the airport almost white out conditions at some points when the wind was strong enough and we did see a lot of kids lesions as well as delay unfortunately over the next few days we expect to see more snow across much of germany take a look at your forecast map right here saturday more snow across the area from berlin all the way over here towards paris we could be seeing some snow the good news is for the u.k. the snow has ended by the time we get to saturday and things are going to be much
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better by the time go through the rest of the weekend i'm fortunate to be seeing a lot more snow across much of the alps with that same system vienna you can be see a mix as well down towards rome it is going to be a chilly day if you would some rain in your forecast here towards the northwestern part of africa we could be seeing rain along most of the coastal areas algeria tunisia that is going to be the forecast through the weekend we think with some windy conditions as well as we go towards sunday we are going to be seeing that windy conditions and rainy conditions make its way towards the east in tunis it is going to be a rainy day for you at eleven degrees. high in the atlas mountains. village women are fending for themselves as their husbands are forced to find work elsewhere. but training home with farm and family is tough with no outside supports come much longer is
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this way of life sustainable al-jazeera world meets my rockers diligent superwoman . rewind return to care bring your people back to life from start with brand new updates on the. documentaries in. the global. and the other rewind continues with. my neighborhood. screaming. we want leave. my ultimate goal would be to do something very big for the pretty. rewind on al-jazeera.
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welcome back with the news hour live from london a look at the top stories the united states is withdrawing from one of its main nuclear weapons agreements with russia saying the nine hundred eighty seven intermediate range nuclear forces treaty has been consistently violated. ivory coast president has been released by the international criminal court two weeks after being acquitted of crimes against humanity. and six months on from the latest about a virus outbreak in the democratic republic of congo the world health organization says four hundred sixty people have now been killed. abu dhabi investment capital is confirmed it purchased three tons of gold from venezuela central bank nicolas maduro as government started selling gold about a year ago off to falling oil production economic collapse and mounting u.s. sanctions all of that affected public in common it made it hard for the country to access credit the u.s. what you banks venezuela's opposition has warned bankers and traders not to deal in
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venezuelan gold or any commodities no capital and says it didn't do anything wrong but says it will refrain from further transactions until the situation in venezuela stabilizes. meanwhile u.s. president donald trump has again warned that all options are on the table to deal with the political crisis in the country the u.s. as well as several latin american and european nations are publicly backing self-appointed interim president joe president nicolas maduro is standing firm u.s. vice president might pence has been missing venezuelans living in miami to discuss the crisis gripping their homeland the assure you we are with you the american people are with you these leaders gathered here in this prison and in the situation are going to continue to stand with you until the suffering is over and freedom is restored the end is in sight the wreck or deep freeze across
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parts of north america out of all text that subzero temperatures to twenty two u.s. states will give way to much milder conditions over the weekend at least twenty one people were killed in the frigid conditions that stretched across the u.s. midwest and northeast well news from thailand now a government there is deployed drones trucks and small planes to spray water in the capital as it chokes under a cloud of small schools across bangkok of been closed because of it dangerously bad air quality but activists say the government isn't doing enough waianae as mall . face masks have become a necessary fashion accessory in bangkok the thai capital and its people a choking under havey air pollution no no i mean this makes me gravely concerned about my health every time i'm outside i feel i shouldn't breathe the air at all my heart the situation won't last long. i think the government should have better
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measures like car free days that would help reduce pollution causing the schools helps and offering discounts on public transport would also schools were ordered to close for two days but some here say the government's response has been slow and at times bizarre it spied water into the air and launched drones to spray water from the air i think your finger on to combat being polluted any of it with strength. from many perfect be. it bad is a p.r. spawn the government has defended its actions but doesn't seem to have a long term plan to fix the problem the bangkok administration has called for help from experts there are many causes of the pollution which is made worse at this time of year because of the still dry weather conditions farmers burn off their fields their respect tree pollution and of course bangkok's notorious traffic the city has a fleet of old diesel buses that emit smoke and fumes more rigorous testing of
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emissions has begun and the prime minister has even floated the idea of ordering diesel vehicles off the roads it's become a sensitive issue a thirty seven year old blogger was arrested and charged with violating the computer crimes act for writing that a woman had died because of the pollution the police say it was false and he could be jailed for up to five years wayne hay al-jazeera bangkok. hundreds of south koreans have mourned the death of a leading campaigner for women who were kept in sexual slavery jaring while or two kim bach dong and thousands of other girls were forced to work in praful is run by japan's military she was one of the first so-called comfort women to speak out and kept protesting until she died at the age of ninety two. reports from cell. it was a highly charged event walking alongside the coffin of a woman who's come to symbolize a cause that touches nearly everyone in south korea forced to work in
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a brothel from the age of fourteen kim bach dong devoted the latter part of her life to making sure others wouldn't suffer like. she traveled widely to speak on the issue and supported groups helping the young victims of violence in conflict zones and as the japanese empire was waging war and order was issued to collect young korean girls they said we would work in a factory to make uniforms for soldiers they just forcibly took us. as evidence of her influence president moon j in lead senior government figures to pay their respects ahead of the funeral japan's military brothels in slaves thousands of women and girls from neighboring asian countries many from korea. the funeral procession led to the front of the japanese embassy where campaigners hold a permanent vigil. rather than saying it has taken legal measures japan should
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offer a sincere apology that comes from the hot zone kim taught us the universal value of humanity and that women should no longer unfairly fall victim to war. often frosty relations between japan and south korea are especially chilly right now. tokyo and seoul are still disputing a close encounter at sea between a japanese military aircraft and a south korean warship in december and the incident came soon after south korea's supreme court ruled in favor of a laborous forced to work during world war two by japanese companies with those firms now ordered to pay compensation japan called the decision totally unacceptable claiming the question of compensation had been settled by an agreement back in one thousand nine hundred sixty five as for the comfort women it says an agreement reached with the previous south korean administration in twenty fifteen was meant to have resolved the matter once and for all accusing the current
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administration of reneging on the deal. many south koreans believe the fight for justice is far from over for campaigners kim was a symbol of that struggle in death she symbolizes it still the bride al-jazeera so . remain here is entering its second month of the presidency of the european union its romania's first presidency which is awarded on a six month rotation between the e.u. nations and the increase profile is also putting the spotlight on corruption and environmental issues in the eastern european nation largely reports now from the ancient seminary national forest which activists say is being systematically destroyed. these high hills have proved rich pickings for people who show scant regard for the importance of ancient forests supposedly immune from exploitation they don't even try to hide their business it's all piled up on the roadside despite commercial logging in the national park being illegal nor did it
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take long to find the law because we'd been warned they might be armed so we kept our camera at a distance they insisted they had won a government auction which allowed them to do this fairly the environmental activists trying to stop it's say none of this could happen without the government knowing if you slogging consolations are most of the times approved by the state but when we write letters and make complaints the minister for south is answering to our said there should be no logging in national parks so there is a little contradiction here they approve it and they say it's not legal at the same time but you can see it i mean we just drove up the track and it's here you can't you can't miss it all over in any nation are in the town which sits below the national park a huge steel works used to provide employment for nearly everyone but not anymore nothing was found replace the jobs so it's easy to see why logging became such a large industry romania's forests are vast which is partly why the lot was get
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away with it some of this woodland is among the oldest in europe but large areas have been cut out of it the government keeps secrets any records of what's legal and what isn't so global companies which buy romanian timber furniture cannot know the origin of the wood. alina worked for the forestry agency for fourteen years when she complained about all of this she says she was intimidated and isolated ultimately forced to resign and forced k.-mart the large lot of the bad luck i was questioned by my directors as a biologist i was prevented from doing field work that didn't from going to logging areas in the park they kept me on minimum wage they did everything they could to stop me from being able to speak out they cut me off remaining a currently enjoys the privilege of holding the presidency of the council of the european union which means it has the opportunity to set policy objectives for the whole of the e.u. including on the environment and yet despite all the evidence to the contrary the
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remaining government still insists that nothing illegal has been happening inside its own protected forests their own ministers have been saying as much to the european parliament even though it has been presented with evidence suggesting the very opposite we are talking about illegal logging in private forests where there were no proper services for guarding these forests thirty years ago the remaining people rose up against their dictatorial leader nicholai ceausescu and embarked on a journey to democracy which for the first time has put their country into a leadership position across europe for all of that remain yet maintains a reputation as having a thick covering of corruption it seems unable to shake off largely al-jazeera in western remain. the iconic dior fashion label is being honored in a new exhibition in the u.k. visitors can trace the history of more than seven decades of the brand's influence
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on the fashion world since its inception by french design a christian dior in one nine hundred forty six charlie and now reports. this is the outfit that sparked a fashion revolution simple and yet in one nine hundred forty seven so different in one show christian dior swept away boxy austere dresses and designed a bold new curvy look for the worn women of europe. this vast exhibition in london celebrates that moment and the themes that have defined his house of dior ever since in every stitch there is passion from the bull by princess margaret had twenty first birthday to this dress embellished with gold celebrities and royalty clamored for his creations but ten years after his first show do your died suddenly making his legacy all the more impressive he had such an impact in those ten is the name of christie into your was sort of known throughout the world as a leader
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a fashion and so. you know the six successive artistic directors at the house of. sort of maintaining the relevance of to you. by reinterpreting in reimagining the currys of the house to modern and contemporary audience is. the exhibition weaves together the work of those artistic directors including young frankel ferry and raf simmons but it is the work of john galliano that really shouts drama and excess. a key theme for dior is flowers which spring up everywhere from embroidery to gallons overflowing with petals a theme embraced by currently creative mario got out to a charity that has fairy tale creations some five hundred objects are here illustrations accessories miniatures and perth and the meticulous process of is
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revealed in this room where each creation is first tested in its purest form. each of these pieces is a was built by cross men who were appreciated and paid a far cry from the fashion and today most clothes made and disposable right now the fashion industry is under pressure to improve its sustainability credentials. back to the past. with the i have for you on the program as millions of people. knew the year of the pink. for the chinese economy. and at the super bowl is days away with one of the biggest days of the sporting calendar. business updates.
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business updates.


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