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tv   Hard Earned 2015 Ep 4  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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veera. it's been four months since the washington post columnist marcus shoji was murdered in the saudi consulate in istanbul his body still hasn't been found a united nations special rougher turn has been in turkey for the past week leading an independent investigation shows he was last seen entering the consulate on october second he never left the building prosecutors in saudi arabia have charged a number of saudi men with his murder but turkish authorities want whoever ordered the killing also held to account stephanie decker has more now from istanbul. agnes is wrapping up a weeklong visit here in turkey she's met with the foreign minister she's met with intelligence officials she's met with the chief prosecutor of course the man in charge of turkey's investigation into what happened exactly in that building behind me she's met with friends of jamal khashoggi and she's also met with his fiance she's trying to get a picture of what exactly happened on that day exactly four months ago now it's not
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clear at the moment where the she has been given access to those recordings that turkey has of the murder also she was wanting access to forensic and scientific evidence so we do understand that she will be issuing a statement to the leader in the next couple of days or so with her preliminary findings what now well though we're expecting a full report from the un special rapporteur in june to the human rights council i think it's significant because it comes at a time when it seems that all countries are normalizing relations again with saudi arabia this is of course a political minefield if you will all countries very much invested in getting the most political mileage out of this but also afraid to really damage their relationships with the kingdom so she's doing this in her own capacity i think it's an important time and certainly in her words the gruesome killing the it has grave consequences if she really wants to put it back on the map because in her words neither united nations nor any of the member states are pushing hard enough for independent investigation i think it's worth remembering that four months on
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regardless of saudi arabia saying that it has indicted eleven men five of those facing the death penalty we do not know who they are we don't know who ordered the killing and most importantly still the body of jamal khashoggi has not been found so i have for you on the program the controversial new road in the occupied west bank the separates palestinian and israeli drivers and we'll tell you how modern technology is threatening the work of june the so-called father. going to welcome back to international weather forecasts were here across europe we are looking at some very stormy conditions here across much of the central part of europe this is all due to one air of low pressure that really has developed over the last twenty four hours a lot of rain is moving in from the south and over the next twenty four hours we do
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expect to see italy getting the brunt of that rain even localized flooding could be a problem across the region across the alps though it is going to be the snow and as we go from sunday to monday notice they snow start to dissipate but the rain does not dissipate at all and that is where the flooding is going to be a problem out here towards the west we do have another weather system coming in across the northwest and that is going to bring a mix of rain as well as snow to london your temperatures are going up we do think about nine degrees is going to be high as we begin the week across another part of africa we are going to be seen as a very heavy rain showers for algeria now the showers are going to be staying in the same location as we end the weekend and also go into monday so we are going to be seeing a problem on the roads there tunisia you'll see some heavy rain as well in tripoli you'll start to get the rain and your forecast over here towards cairo it is going to be a partly cloudy day few but again guys he is going to be seeing some winds in your forecast with a temperature there of seventeen in partly cloudy conditions for you your forecast
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. in the atlas mountains. village women are fending for themselves as their husbands are forced to find work elsewhere. patrolling home farm and family is tough with no outside support it's a much longer is this way of life sustainable al-jazeera world meets moroccans tillage superwomen.
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welcome back here with al jazeera live from london now top stories now venezuela's president nicolas maduro has proposed holding congressional elections the dirt has been battling a challenge from opposition leader. who declared himself the country's interim leader just last month thousands of people have been protesting in venezuela both for and against madeira in caracas anti-government demonstrators push on a show of force mounting the president step down and our other top story this hour president the democrats in his announce that russia will withdraw from the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty on friday the u.s. said it would stop observing the arms control pact accusing moscow of violating it . the taliban says president donald trump appears to be serious about pulling troops out of afghanistan a spokesman for the armed groups says such a withdrawal is the first goal of ending the war and forming what he calls and as nomic system reports. it's been described by the
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u.s. and the taliban as a draft agreement but for many it's a significant step forward. the u.s. is ready to pull out from afghanistan in exchange for the taliban joining a unity government and ensuring the country won't be used by armed groups like al qaida and i sell us on voice for afghanistan. says the deal is in finalized yet but seems confident the taliban is willing to make concessions the armed group that was pushed from power in two thousand and one has yet to commit to a nationwide cease fire or agree to hold direct talks with the afghan government it's the best chance for peace in the almost twenty years that this war's been going on actually over forty years that afghanistan has been at war with various forces but this is not going to be a quick and easy process. the taliban has repeatedly refused to talk to the afghan
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government which it considers an american puppet officials in kabul dismiss any suggestion for a bigger taliban role in the country if the deal happens taliban has to come to the negotiating table with the afghan government if you want to see a peace deal because previous experiences in afghanistan unfortunately have shown that excluding the afghan government from the process has had bad repercussions and consequences a taliban spokesman says it wants a different type of government operating under islamic principles and not the current democratic system that was imposed in two thousand and one. but peace in afghanistan goes beyond internal politics pakistan has an important role and will because szell in shaping and if you choose
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a peace deal but afghan president assad funny who has not been involved in the u.s. taliban talks question pakistan's commitment to the war carney has repeatedly accused islamabad of providing sanctuaries to taliban fighters. the key to peace in kabul requires that we have a practical principled and inclusive plan for it but the keys to war are in islamabad road pindi and quieter. a peace deal could change everything in a honest if possible ceasefire will be followed by a power sharing settlement a new constitution and then elections a process that might create a new political reality in a country that's been at war for decades. a suicide car bomb has exploded outside an ethiopian military base in somalia killing at least four soldiers the attack happened in the town of body here a in the south of the country al-shabaab claims to be behind the attack i'm going
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to doe has more on this now from nairobi. the talk happened in the town of bottom there in the region solved and somalia al-shabaab already claimed responsibility for the up talk saying they were targeting an ethiopian peacekeeper base but the attack actually hoppin at the checkpoint not far away from the ethiopian peacekeepers base eyewitnesses spoke of a dusty minibus full of vegetables speeding towards the checkpoint forcing the european soldiers manning it to fire the minibus which did not stop until it exploded al-shabaab fighters in the past couple of months stepped up their a tox inside somalia also outside they've cut it out attacks against somali national army bases they're also cut out on a toc last month in kenya in which they killed twenty one people but they've also
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been on the receiving end of u.s. forces who've been cutting out asterix against them inside somalia the us forces said that killed twenty two fighters in hit on a region of sell them some as well just two weeks ago they killed in a master like fifty two fighters who had just cut it out on a hike on a somali national army base which they had also overrun and had looted weapons from all these the talks. being cut out by al-shabaab to prove that despite losing so much of the up on strongholds there still a force that can be able to carry out attacks that can cause damage. belgium has agreed to take in the former ivory coast president laurent gbagbo following his acquittal by the international criminal court by both spent seven years in custody at the hague and was the first former head of state to go on trial at the i.c.c. he was charged with crimes against humanity after violence erupted following the
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disputed two thousand and ten election three thousand people died and more than five hundred thousand were displaced on his conditional release will not be allowed to leave belgium pending an appeal dramatic new video has been released showing the moment a dam bust in southeastern brazil last week at least a hundred twenty one people have been confirmed dead hundreds still missing and there are concerns that the mining waste could contaminate water supplies it tory again reports from the moment of the day. nothing could stop this wall of sludge and mud on the right of the picture employees can be seen driving around the mining complex in brazil seconds later the vehicles of swallowed up by tons of iron ore waste. parts of the nearby town of burma genia ingolf a week home from the disaster brazilians paid homage to the victims rescuers pools
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the search for survivors as ten helicopters hovered about the accident site releasing flower petals just as was a squirrel all the flowers that were released were donated by people to smalling as a way to show their affection and respect for the victims. mining is the area's main employer amidst the grief and the recriminations many a worried about the future. right now virginia will fall there will be unemployment the majority of people work in mining so the town will go down like i do my residence anger is mainly directed at the mine owners they will the same part owners of a nearby mine or dam burst in twenty fifteen killing nineteen people and causing immense environmental damage the wave of mud is now moving towards a major river there are fears it could contaminate water supplies victoria gates and be al jazeera the yellow vest movement has protested again in the french
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capital and this time it's not just about putting pressure on the government to gas was used to break up the crowd in paris who are paying tribute to activists injured since demonstrations started in november the government has defended police actions but rights groups want to ban only use of rubber bullets which a blame for many of the injuries. and erode in the occupied west bank has sparked controversy designed to ease traffic between jerusalem and nearby settlements israeli officials call it route for three seven zero but its opponents of called it the apartheid road it separated by an eight metre concrete wall on one side the drive israeli on the other the palestinian high full set reports. the israeli occupied west bank is hardly devoid of barriers but few tell the story of division here in quite such a dramatic way this is road for three seventy northeast of jerusalem the left side is for those with palestinian papers the right for those bearing israeli documents
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side by side but each part of an entirely different road network some of labeled it the apartheid road last month palestinian and israeli activists blocked the highway calling it discriminatory part of plans to annex the west bank. opening the road in january the israeli public security minister said it would help create mutual life for palestinians and israelis ensure security and strengthen israeli sovereignty. for israeli settlers it allows for fast direct access to jerusalem without having to queue at checkpoints and while the palestinians half of the road is cut off from jerusalem it has sped up traffic going north and south of mohammad has brought his vegetables here from hebron in the southern west bank. job it was then a hard yes we palestinians are restricted and limited israelis can use any entrance and any road they like but this road does make it easier for us provided there are no other obstacle and. the palestinian leaders say any such benefits will be
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overwhelmed by the future cost as stark and as concrete an expression this is in the current situation in the occupied west bank in terms of separation between israelis and palestinians in terms of continued israeli control here there is for many palestinians also a fear that this is a precursor to a white a separation further down the road. this stretch of highway is part of a plan to connect the palestinian cities of ramallah and bethlehem but the other part of that plan involves extending illegal settlement building east of jerusalem in a way that palestinians say will in circle a city and split the west bank into it heads the corner like north and south but of course they made it in the world. twenty eight. connection between east and west for the israeli people to without saying that we are blocking the middle of the future. for the movement road for three seventy is two things the timesaving link
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for israelis and palestinians both as they travel between separated zones and a monument to the unresolved conflict between them are a force that al-jazeera in the occupied west bank a museum in south korea is trying to decide how to restore one of the world's most famous video art installations it's made up of more than a thousand t.v. sets with flat screens now becoming the norm it's getting hard to find the old boxy models from reports from sell it's probably the best known work of south korea's best known modern artist the more the better is a tower of one thousand and three t.v. sets created in the one nine hundred eighty s. by back now in june who was a pioneer a video art until his death in two thousand and six. saw a new me it's become so essential and i believe it's an international cultural legacy that we need to preserve and it's not so easy with consumer technology that
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designed eventually to burn out and for the past year it's been switched off for safety reasons a video of how it should look now greets visitors. it was the job of children john moe a curator and friend of the artist to preserve his work. even if one of the t.v.'s wasn't working people would notice it and say the management here is terrible at the cutting edge of modern art the first video artists were working with a device that was the very embodiment of the age ok the average t.v. set only had a life expectancy of about ten years but that didn't matter as long as the world was mass producing them but now it isn't art museums around the world have been stockpiling used t.v.'s to keep aging video installations going for others the solution is in digital technology playing flat screen images inside the curved
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screens of old sets. so i think. it's time the op museums and experts agree on a global standard for preserving video art. chung says the artist himself embrace technology and wouldn't have minded what solutions are found. he never took his art so seriously i think he would say it's not a bad idea to replace the t.v.'s with the t.v.'s of today any innovation to keep the screens flickering and not let the light go out on that art rob mcbride al-jazeera sold well this is our website and is their adult cong. i. just a quick recap of the top stories this hour venezuela's president has proposed holding early congressional elections nicolas maduro has been battling
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a challenge to his leadership by the opposition leader one by doe who was greeted by a warring crowd at a rally in the capital caracas wider leads the congressional body that would do a proposed elections for and last month declared himself interim president meanwhile madeira insisted he's not going to give up power is not the twentieth anniversary of his predecessors rise to power. to the opposition reflect on twenty years of conspiracy twenty years of cool after coup of defeats after defeats when are you going to stop hating the country. or are the headlines the president of russia vladimir putin has announced that his country will withdraw from the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty on friday the us said it would stop observing the arms control act in six months time the two countries signed the treaty in one nine hundred eighty seven but both sides of accuse each other of not keeping green and a peace deal has been reached between the central african republic government and
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fourteen armed groups the agreement was struck in sudan's capital khartoum has been fighting between muslim seleka rebels and christian anti baloch of fighters since two thousand and thirteen thousands of people have been killed and hundreds of thousands displaced in the conflict. the taliban says president donald trump appears to be serious about pulling u.s. troops out of afghanistan a spokesman for the armed groups as such withdrawal is the first goal towards ending the seventeen year conflict earlier this week u.s. envoy said there had been agreements towards a framework peace deal but it was or not without input from the afghan government which the taliban regards as illegitimate. and belgium has agreed to take in the former ivory coast president by following is a quickly by the international criminal court both spent seven years in custody at the hague and was the first former head of state to go on trial at the i.c.c. he was charged with crimes against humanity after violence erupted following the disputed two thousand and ten election will those are the headlines this hour the
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listening post is up next analyzing how the international media has been covering the crisis in venezuela well have more news after that about twenty five minutes time r.c. then. today venezuelan opposition leader one guy go declare himself a country. that's well and battle president nicolas my. question below to force i've got a. problem i know i start right now and it's about all of us have served the president. hello i'm richard gives birth in europe the listening post here are some
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of the stories that we're covering this week a coup take shape in caracas washington is supporting it and the u.s. news media who are usually tough on president trump make nice for a change serbia faces its biggest anti-government demonstrations since the fall of milosevich but you wouldn't know it from watching the news there fake news and trump yet again but this time it's not the president it's the first lady and in malaysia a former prime minister releases a music video just ahead of going on trial in one of the world's biggest cases of corruption. you know the news. when we reported on venezuela two weeks back we focused on how the domestic media were covering the economic and political crisis there however when a relatively obscure opposition figure want to go i go to clara himself interim president he was quickly backed by the u.s. and many other governments including right wing leaders in neighboring brazil and colombia with media outlets they're following suit the u.s.
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news media covered the push to remove president nicolas maduro without saying what that attempt if successful would amount to which is a coup instead the focus has been on the legitimacy of last year's election which is a relevant point. it focused on the dire economic situation but it mostly stayed away from the role that successive american administrations through economic sanctions have played in handicapping the venezuelan economy as a rockies iranians libyans and others will tell you this is not the first time that the us has taken a disproportionate interest in the governance of a country loaded with oil washington has a playbook for this kind of thing and so apparently to the u.s. news media our starting point this week is caracas. to swearing in ceremonies two weeks apart in qatar both of which left much to be desired january tenth nicolas maduro sworn in for
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a second term as president after an election last year that the u.n. and the u.s. all said fail to meet except stand it's january twenty first. the head of the national assembly swear some self in as president an office he's never run for and the u.s. and many other countries quickly announce he's their man. one hand raised to the head you proclaim president having no electoral mandate and having no religion or constitution with it in the city. before dawn and the camera that's how you do it nowadays eighty percent of venezuelans have no idea who's the who this man is but he is very well known in d.c. we know that not only did mike pence home. the day before he declared himself president but in fact the u.s. government has been working with the opposition for decades so this equation is
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dramatic and i think the simplification of that situation into goodies and baddies cowboys and. if you mental followed the standing of the situation in gaza part of the world. war i do it was partly edge of. he did in the us he's a protege of opposition figure leopoldo lopez who the majority government has under house arrest he was first elected to the national assembly in two thousand and ten however he only became head of that body early last march why don't argue is that his claim to the presidency is legally sound since the constitution allows for the head of the national assembly to do that if the assembly deems the office of the president to be vacant however material supporters argue that go i doze move and washington's role in backing it are tantamount to a coup which is a side of this story that doesn't get much play in the us news media it's basically a failed state so i think at this point they're hoping that they really don't have
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anything to lose by endorsing this clearly represents a coup in my opinion just recently john bolton has been forced to graft with a document that said five thousand troops to colombia and so therefore we can see the american actions are building up possibly military intervention and yet what we see from the media is they refuse to use the word crude and the reason for this is that the united states media always follows the pronouncements and projections of the us government however it is also also means. illegal seizure of power in venezuela what we have is a country and a government where the rule of law no longer applies where the government itself has violated laws repeatedly just last year just in the same. when there is no rule of law then who is to decide what is and is not
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a law for move off after the city government allowed me to have been doing is to only use the term coup by quoting you that's my daughter we obviously he sees it as an attempted coup and this billy writes that it should be reported that that is his view. two coal a spade a spade and an attempted coup an attempt to not to be found. and certainly there is no denying the severity of the problems within us with the responsibility of the chap as some of the administration's have been for instance the humanitarian crisis there is no denying that there is also no denying that what we are seeing here is that mainly us. tend to. selling a humanitarian intervention in venezuela would be easier for the trumpet ministration if not for the us is long track record of engineering the overthrow of leftist governments in latin america there was nine hundred fifty four and
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guatemala one nine hundred sixty four brazil chile and argentina in the one nine hundred seventy s. the list goes on the new york times has its own track record of finding reasons to support those coups it recently published this piece on venezuela blaming the state of the economy on the madeira government's mismanagement and corruption other factors the steep drop in the price of oil the economic sanctions placed on by the obama administration since widened under president trump go completely unmentioned although destabilizing economies through sanctions and other means before intervening or invading has been an american tactic from chile in one thousand nine hundred fifty three right through to the iraq invasion in two thousand and three. sanctions are an act of war and they hurt the most poor and vulnerable sectors of the population. you can look at iraq in the late ninety's sanctions were genocidal
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actually took the lives of five hundred thousand babies in iraq that's more children than that and hiroshima and. you know is the price worth it. i think this is a very hard choice but the price we think the price is worth the media don't really report it so it's not too surprising that the us media is completely covering up the fact that there are u.s. led sanctions on venezuela that just under trump alone has cost the venezuelan economy six billion dollars the sanctions probably aggravated the situation in venezuela but it's time that a lot to america we also assume responsibility to say in some of this stuff it's our fault it's time also to recognize that a huge part of the economy was mismanaged and the international community have been offering motherlode of humanitarian aid and he's repeatedly and systematically hast denied that there are certain ominous echoes. with two thousand and three
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in that now we have a very hawkish administration in washington that is talking of intervening and we have large sections of the us media. in effect. acting as cheerleaders it is far more important to shut down the material government than our government and i think donald trump is leading there that's going to happen that's going to bring us together but it's too easy to think oh here we go again you can only hope that peaceful change comes some sort of negotiated settlement which would pave the way to free and fair elections. nicolas maduro is trying to go around the mainstream taking his message on the line in this case directly to the american people. however madeira has got problems much closer to home this past week this headline how the u.s. can drown the duros economy appeared in one of colombia's biggest papers. the
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hostility madeira was now we're tracking in regional news outlets is a reflection of the rise of the political right in latin america it also has to do with self interest. the millions of migrants venezuela is now producing spilling across borders. the media in south america has shifted decisively against the the venezuelan government they have seen the that disaster that's unfolding in venezuela wave upon wave of venezuelan migrants so the media in these countries are partly reflecting that in brazil and other countries where you now have right wing in some cases far right wing governments that the media also has a vested interest in reflecting the ideological viewpoint of the city government none of which reflects well on the news outlets involved or bodes well for nicolas maduro there are shortages of food and medicine the essential elements of
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journalism accuracy objectivity context have also grown scarce there's a surplus of discontent on the streets one too many politicians calling himself president and too much oil under the ground to go on noticed in washington so much at stake so many political actors with an interest and so much at issue in the coverage. we're looking at other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers flo phillips flo two weeks ago we looked at a government crackdown on domestic news media in sudan one newspaper in particular alger rida its officers raided its journalists harassed conditions of since grown worse they have that kind of harassment and censorship is now being felt across the board the state intelligence agency has been busy confiscating copies of. tire to sudan's leading newspapers and as of now sixty six jenison been arrested and at
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least six correspondents working for foreign media have had their accreditation is revoked including reporters without jazeera and the turkish news agency on the dollar and all of this because president omar al bashir wants to keep a lid on the car bridge of demonstrations on the street that have been underway since december right and he said just that speaking at a press conference in neighboring egypt he suggested that the media were over blowing the story we do not claim there is no problem he said but it is not of the size that some of the media portray this is an attempt to copy the arab spring and the shit is right on one thing one of the slogans being used by sudanese protest is the people want the fall of the regime was made famous by uprisings in tunisia and other arab states and given the eight year anniversary of egypt's revolution last week he might be feeling a tad nervous on to the u.k. now where the daily telegraph has paid substantial damages and apologised
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unreservedly to milan the a trump after the paper got a story on her wrong so wrong it seems we're not just talking one mistake the telegraph is admitting to a whole heap of them the story the mystery of millennia by american author and john this new nobody was an excerpt from a book she wrote about the women in president trump's life after an unusually swift settlement the telegraph took the story off the web and issued a point by point correction this is just part of it. mrs trump was not struggling in her modeling career before she met mr trump and she did not advance in her career due to the assistance of mr trump now here's the twist bunny's book was published four months ago and burley said the lawyers had gone through it carefully so it's been out there in an interview with the washington post but he basically accused the telegraph of caving in to the threat of a lawsuit and said that by calling what it published false reporting the paper had actually defamed. on all of this was perfect fodder for trump who obviously did his
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bit on twitter accusing the telegraph of fake ok thanks for moving out of serbia now and the disconnect between what's happening on the streets and what's going out on the airwaves thousands of protesters marched in belgrade this past weekend the ninth straight week of the biggest any government demonstration since the fall of slobodan milosevic in two thousand however news outlets that either back or fear president alexander of the church and that's the majority of the serbian media have either ignored the movement or minimized its news value to church came into office in two thousand and twelve with the reputation of a former nationalist he has since resorted to a range of political and financial measures to silence critical media outlets but he also wants to get serbia into the european union which means counterbalancing some of his autocratic tendencies with a new set of laws supposedly aimed at improving conditions for journalists laws that his critics say have more to do with pleasing e.u. politicians in brussels than addressing the concerns of citizens and media outlets
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at home the listening posts johannah who's now from belgrade on the state of the serbian media. the demonstrations in the streets of belgrade are now entering their third month and this early part of this story. and. the more they may be nameless among. when i shine with them and get them and it's not like i'm older. than them the protesters are calling for an end to what they say are the author of terry and tendencies of president alexander footage and his creeping control of the media but the judge made it clear he is standing firm as between all those schools. his comments went viral and one in five million has become the slogan of the protests the criticism myself that sort of got there at the ball but the officers are the
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people that watch not just a little detail but purchase. the real live disturbances and sold off to several years of alexander fugitives right the story from the ninety's when he served as the minister of information under manasseh which is being repeated we no longer live in war hysteria now. practices the same politics just with other means and in a more subtle way although some do not back by then it could be made about ninety percent of the media are under direct control of the government and these outlets are not really media but some sort of a propaganda service for a long time now only seven years the government has shown that it does whatever it wants and the situation is not getting better it's getting worse by the day is the . demonstrators have marched along pretty much the same route week in week out because there's one location in the serbian capital one particular address they don't want to make. everyone in belgrade knows this building it's the offices of
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public broadcaster r.t.s. but since the protests it's taken on a new notoriety it's become the symbol of so much the protesters here say is wrong with the serbian media in the. us is a public service paid for by all serbian citizens but its news program is completely in the hands of the ruling party the protests are held right in front of the r.t.s. building and yet they only get to. minutes coverage in the twenty third or twenty fifth minute of a half hour newscast brought this. newspaper politica which is also covered by the government reported on the protests on page five and despite the protests happening in front of the building used the photo from reuters it was hopelessly called what i did. the protesters won r.t.s. to stop being state television and take on more of a public service role where every social group even if it criticizes the government
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can and should have its place i think burchett's knows very well that the media are very strong government too and i think this is why so much has been done to control the media why we don't have critical programs and why most of the mainstream news is under cover propaganda and manipulation. and it's not just the state outlets news organizations with close ties to the ruling party who played his game. last year a magazine called politica which is part state funded run a cover story a six page article identifying certain independent media outlets and specific reporters as traitors and collaborators of the enemies of serbia. journalist unions describe the article as a public court to lynch critical reporters and say such mark and pains in pro-government media are common tactic to silence critics while the government
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publicly distance itself from the story citing the magazine's right to freedom of opinion journalist working at outlets targeted in the article like phillips. your message had been sent it was it was forgotten i felt like i was returning to the last years of his regime i don't know what the intention of the article was probably to defame some people to stop them but the phrase dog on the front page representation. critical media outlets are aggressively attacking the government showing the true nature of this regime and how they feel about independent media outlet witnesses then maybe. the government government has created an environment in which magazines like last ravana politico fill free to publish something like that and this wasn't a surprise because you have similar smear campaigns in tabloids friendly to the regime every day all of us expect the day when even politico and t.v. station r.t.s. will cross that line publicly targeting opponents of the regime and independent
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journalists we're only a step away from an. alexander a good church has been in power since two thousand and twelve in addition to smear campaigns he's been accused of using a host of administrative political and economic pressures to rein in critical media i visited the independent journalist association of serbia also known as nuns which three months ago together with four other media associations composed a letter addressed to the international community and serbia's deteriorating state of press freedom. he had received wasn't chosen at random serbia formally apply for membership of the european union in two thousand and nine and for years critics have said footage is more concerned with this emission brussels than in belgrade rather than replying to the media association's concerns put it wrote an extensive op-ed in a european news outlet the e.u.
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observer denying accusations that he has monopolized the serbian media. we are in this period of serbian integration into the and we have an obligation to make sure media freedom remains on the agenda during negotiations because if you had to believe the government serbia is a paradise for journalists of course this is not true far from it the journalists here want to do their job freely but they are exposed to constant threats. and cannot work because all opponents of the government being financially destroyed the distribution of public funds is murky millions of euros are going towards favorable media in the last two or three years no critical media received any money. order when the budget is deliberately spent on media close to the government or in outlets whose editorial staff have political or business ties to the government this becomes a very subtle yet efficient control mechanism you either write something in line
4:43 am
with the government's agenda and you get paid for it or you dare to write something critical and you don't which then prevents you from working with them. we took these criticisms to the government official in charge of media serbia's ministry of culture and information. i cannot understand and i'm truly surprised that someone who is dissatisfied with the situation in the country regardless of whether it is the media or something else goes beyond the borders of serbia to complain and i really cannot agree with anyone in this country who says listen to church once you have absolute control over the media that he wants an autocratic country in which he will rule as a dictator media freedoms definitely exists in serbia of course it can always be proved that there is a place for criticism of the government and i don't agree with those who say that it is a very difficult to report our people to scorch. the rooted government says it's drafting new media legislation that will improve conditions for serbian journalists
4:44 am
but many fear that this new set of laws called a media strategy much like the one the authorities adopted in two thousand and eleven will be just another missed month of filth promises do little to satisfy the demands of the protesters will be marching the great streets for weeks political benefit when it comes to the media strategy i fear that this will be another idealistic wish list a gesture to the e.u. but in practice list. it will change because there are many good north and south korea north that were copying from other european countries but they are never actually implemented media freedoms are severely threatened and i think this is the biggest challenge for democracy and sabia if this continues the big question is what serbia will look like in the coming decades because without media freedom almost nothing is possible. and finally malaysia's former prime minister najib razak is going to court in a corruption trial in
4:45 am
a couple of week's time over allegations that he pocketed hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers' money the sixty five year old najib is looking at a possible jail term of two hundred years that's two centuries so obviously he's released a music video in which he along with a bunch of backup singers recorded a malaysian version of a nine hundred seventy song made famous by a group called the manhattan's that jeeves contribution is mostly spoken the word not exactly rap more of a lament really he's pleading not guilty and accusing malaysia's current ruling party hereupon of slander and revenge will leave you with a couple of verses of that we'll see you next time you're at the listening. you know.
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you need your. cars. to be. easy.
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faced with growing financial burdens i have to separate money from a student loan this chase credit card leaves me forty nine dollars and thirty one cents. i don't have a husband left me a pension my future scares me because i don't want to struggle as the dream of retirement fades away and we're clear gotta do something try to keep it above water
4:48 am
hog. on al-jazeera. in recent years the sawhill of north africa as witness the so-called war on terror. but is this official narrative. masking a larger battle. a battle for the earth's natural resources. shadow war in the sahara i'll just. how i maryam namazie just a quick look at the top stories now venezuela's president nicolas maduro has proposed holding early congressional elections by duros been battling a challenge to his leadership by the opposition leader who was greeted by
4:49 am
a warring crowd a rally in the capital caracas why don't you the congressional body that would do a proposed elections for and last month to tighten self interim president meanwhile madeira insisted he's not going to give up power as he marked the twentieth anniversary on. three descents his rise to power. to the opposition reflects on twenty years of conspiracy twenty years of cool after defeats after defeats when are you going to stop the country latin america editor and brings us more now from caracas. president the last mughal is offering to bring forward legislative elections the national assembly remember it is controlled by the opposition that is certainly not likely to fly with his opponents who are calling for him to step down for a transition government to be put in place and for new presidential elections to take place under international supervision or has not offered back kind of supervision even for parliamentary elections remember that when they were the last ones the
4:50 am
opposition won two thirds of that assembly body at the government's response was to create a new alternative super body a constituent assembly that bypasses the national assembly and so clearly this is not expected to be an offer that would change things in any way in the meantime flung wide laws calling for his supporters to continue to go out onto the streets to hold another major rally on the tenth and on the twelfth of february as he calls for the international community to bring humanitarian aid to the border of venezuela with his with neighboring colombia and brazil and called on the armed forces to allow that to happen in our all the headlines president putin has announced that russia will withdraw from the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty on friday the u.s. said it would stop observing the arms control pact in six months time do countries sign the treaty nine hundred eighty seven but both sides of accusing each other of not keeping. just solution. we will do it
4:51 am
this way our response will be symmetrical our american partners stated they will stop their participation in the treaty so we will also stop they stated that they will do research and development of arms so we will also do the same russia won't deployed a new land based short range and intermediate range weapons neither in europe nor in other regions of the world unless similar american made weapons appear in those regions all our proposals in this sphere remain on the table as before the doors for talks are open at the same time i am asking the foreign ministry and defense ministry not to initiate any talks on this issue let's wait until our partners open a dialogue with us. a peace deal has been reached between the central african republic government and fourteen armed groups the agreement was struck in sudan's capital hard to as been fighting between muslim seleka rebels and question a fight to since two thousand and thirteen thousands have been killed and hundreds of thousands displaced in the conflict meanwhile
4:52 am
a suicide car bomb has exploded outside the ethiopian military base in somalia killing at least four soldiers the attack happened in the town of beit here in the south of the country al-shabaab times to be behind the assault and says the death toll is much higher the taliban's as president donald trump appears to be serious about pulling u.s. troops out of afghanistan a spokesman for the group says such a withdrawal is the first goal towards ending the seventeen year conflict earlier this week the u.s. and taliban agreed to a framework perfectly still but it was torn up without input from the afghan government and belgium has agreed to take in the former ivory coast president by by the following his acquittal by the international criminal court. has spent seven years in custody at the hague and was the first former head of state to go on trial at the i.c.c. he was charged with crimes against humanity after violence erupted following the disputed election of two thousand and ten. coming up next al jazeera wald
4:53 am
looks at the powerful women of morocco's atlas mountains will have another headline update for you after that in about twenty five minutes time stay with us.
4:54 am
this month's loses some from iraq. people here speak em as ian and i for asiatic language going back several thousand. the arabic language only came to north africa in the seventh and eighth centuries. the only grab your liver is the second largest american and has its. roots in one of the mountain villages here and sings in m a z is about the harshness of her life and bouts of many other women. and there are lots more women here than man. i wish a song is about women suffering in the region feeling imprisoned she says without
4:55 am
food or water were no one can see them. and that's what the story is about. the villages near the source of the river are poor and geography plays a major ruling maracas poverty three quarters of the four million people living in poverty in morocco live in rural areas. this is spotty mom who's bringing up her three boys. and ibrahim virtually on her own kid they would have. to look that model there so what if they think that she needs. to get one then as soon as. this law that says yes. condoms again. can you tell them. that that is.
4:56 am
the last. let's get a mass. so that the was then that. that's just some. what i said john connor alone i left behind say middle sister in law how long they were it is they'd issue it is it what it said i was sure they would it did fit a set of. the rest. of us that there's some wild animal goodness and that's never. safe and i. hope. you're canadian. and i'm. yes and say our order there then that. the last say if there are still
4:57 am
some vents i'm not going to go. then that. there are no real jobs here for men of working age so most of them have to leave for bigger farms or cities to find jobs leaving their families for long periods at a time. so the women have to do pretty much everything. operates a small cafe for tourists and passers by but you could hardly call it a real business. like many here she lives more or less on the poverty line. because there were didn't. all of them and so i'm not. one to go on said our door sister dad endorsed him out a lot of her own. but once of investment. hadn't seen that i made them that's in the sales laden sales i don't want. in two thousand and
4:58 am
five morocco begun its national human development initiative support project with a million dollar budgets aimed at improving people's living conditions and reducing poverty by twenty fourteen the overall poverty rate had been cut by about half but there's still a yawning gap between urban and rural poverty official figures suggest that over eighty percent of the rural population still lives in poverty or are considered. so there are still i should. say. you can tell a lot about a society from its cultural expression including its music and song and in december
4:59 am
speaking community separation is a recurring theme. of. oh. oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh oh oh oh. oh oh oh. oh. oh. oh. oh. she's not only a more gentle that is just something
5:00 am
a lot of the deaf who do to us know. this is a very little bit for many is not a lot of days i met a lot handel is still kind of order or so we. thought oh yeah that's pretty good if a lot for nothing and after. that for having ridden a horse feed the house and. the can a lot of them. have enough that's what i meant to get had to get a vehicle after you. if fine if that's not awful. and there's also the head of the fin again. over all life expectancy in morocco is only a few years lower than in europe and the united states but the harsh living conditions in remote rural areas and poor access to health care affect longevity. literacy.


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