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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 3, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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the village is just going to grow and they're going to feel. good to speak with phil gunson talking to us there from caracas thanks very much now the government of central african republic has struck a peace deal with fourteen armed groups it was agreed in sudan's capital hard to muster a week of talks backed by the united nations and the african union muslim and christian fighters have been in conflict since twenty thirteen thousands of people have been killed and hundreds of thousands displaced on alliance of muslim rebels known as the celica overthrew president francois government in twenty thirteen a few months later rebel leader michel djotodia was sworn in as interim president he was forced to resign after fighting between seleka and christian fighters known as the anti continue the un sent a peacekeeping force to support african union and french forces already there and
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since then cease fires have been signed in violated and all sides have been accused of war crimes or money cheers is an assistant professor at george washington university she joins us live now from providence ya'll in the turks and caicos via skype thanks very much for being with us now we don't know the details of this peace deal but i suppose the the obvious question is going to be. is what are the chances that this is this is going to work with other attempts have been tried and failed. absolutely i mean we've seen now to fighting her she mentions her own since two thousand and thirteen and we were truly at a point and we were on the brink of genocide i mean we saw that as you mentioned thousands and thousands of people have been routinely murdered sex and christian as well as muslim priests and ben i'm just horrible violence happening in the streets so now we're at a point where this is their last option and the rebel in the militia groups are
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equally looking for a peaceful resolution one of the largest issues during these talks was an amnesty for warlords which the the central actor probably in government was adamantly against partly in due to their western allies their backers he did not want to offer amnesty to a number of these individuals who were should be seen in front of the the i.c.c. for their crimes against humanity yes on this issue of an amnesty this is where the talks hit a hurdle earlier in the week is that as i say we don't know the details. but it's it's a major question as to whether that has been sufficiently resolved isn't it. yeah i mean the reality was that a number of individuals many of the warlords as i mentioned were seeking a certain sort of embassy for their crimes against humanity and their crimes of particular violent crimes violence against women crimes that could be seen of course as genocide and that hasn't been resolved yet they're at
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a point now where the peace agreement a lot of it was also hoping for they hadn't seen one yet though the u.n. security council or the government wanted to have the embargo the arms embargo lifted it was unanimously agreed to to extend that embargo for at least one year from today to see how this peace agreement works out but i mean it's not it's not a very volatile time but there's there's high hopes because the first time that there's been direct talks with all of these these different players fourteen militia groups of course as well as the government the u.n. with their their mission there as well as the african union are looking to come to some sort of agreement because at the end of the day the central african republic is very very very strategic in the region its neighbors of course advantage evers' democratic republic of congo which is also seeing you know some issues after their election results that came at the beginning of last month so it's really a power player in the region and hopefully we're at
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a point we can see some stability yeah just just remind us get give us a sense of how bad the situation is for people living in central african republic and how a last thing peace there is so desperately needed. absolutely millions millions of people have fled and we're looking at a country that has a little less than five million people and over half of those people in particular with their population and have been currently seeking some sort of humanitarian aid they fled their their villages in their town seeking our refuge going to enter church internally displaced persons camps we've seen conflict there is well it's a complete and utter humanitarian disaster and at the moment it is incredibly balance how women and for children and the most brought runnable populations in these crisis are actually a shock right now good to speak with you a mani too joins the ranks of interns. now belgium has agreed to take in former ivory coast president long bug go off to his acquittal at the
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international criminal court but well has spent seven years in custody at the hague in the netherlands and was the first former head of state to go on trial at the i.c.c. he was charged with crimes against humanity off the violence erupted following the disputed twenty ten election under his conditional release will not be allowed to mean. we've got plenty more ahead on the news out tens of thousands of civilians flee violence in northern syria as the u.n. says they must be given safe passage driving people apart the road in the occupied west bank that separates palestinians and israelis. and in sport the celebrations continue as couples football heroes return hour after winning the asian cup needs to be here with more.
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or less still have a first one day after the united states said it was pulling out of a landmark one thousand nine hundred seven nuclear treaty was russia moscow is doing the same and abandoning the agreement is raising fears of a new arms race or a challenge reports from moscow. vladimir putin held a meeting with his foreign and defense ministers on saturday shown on national t.v. and he explained what russia would do now that the united states has pulled out of the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty that's the solution. here we will do it this way our response will be symmetrical our american partners stated they will stop their participation in the treaty so we will also stop they stated that they will do research and development of arms so we will also do the same he also said russia would not get into a costly arms race with the west that doesn't mean that russia won't pile into new
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weapons development just that initially at least it will try to do so with an existing defense budget years of military modernization have siphoned money away from social spending and with the real incomes of russians for willing for five straight years now more defense spending is unlikely to help me putin's falling popularity defense minister sergei showing who recommends a land based version of the caliber cruise missiles russian ships of launched against targets in syria also a land based medium range hypersonic missile the new frontier in missile technology and there's the land based cruise missile russia already has according to the us this has a range that broke the terms of the i.n.f. treaty and was the reason washington gave for pulling out of the agreement there will be more briefings with and we're going to travel to military sites and
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factories really produce these weapons to scare the europeans and the and the world public opinion that they should come to terms with russia that they should make deals with russia not ignore russia because russia has terrible things putin says the door is open for new disarmament talks but he's made clear that russia will not cause the u.s. on this if there are to be any new arms treaties which we moscow and washington putin says it's washington that must break the ice will reach islands down to zero in moscow. of course the salumi has more on the u.s. reaction from washington to the united states that a russian withdrawal from the treaty was a distinct possibility when the administration announced it was stepping away from the deal but u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o said that the united states could no longer be restricted by a treaty that russia wasn't following the administration's concern is not just russia however they're worried about china which is not
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a party to the treaty and was not a military power when it was signed in the one nine hundred eighty s. but has since then deploying similar missiles to those that are restricted under the agreement throughout asia and the united states feels limited and how it can respond to what it sees as a threat president trump a suggested that he be open to renegotiating the treaty but if he was hoping to get china involved the chinese foreign ministry shut down that idea saying it was opposed to the u.s. withdrawal from this important treaty and that the country should continue to solidify it with russia and not expand it to other countries so the united states says now that it's exploring other military responses and options to the situation they have not announced any plans to deploy missile senior administration officials have said that new missile deployments are not something they see happening in the near future russia has promised to respond in kind if the united states were to do something like that which is exactly why critics of the united states have decried
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this move saying that it could ignite a new arms race a tall nichols's professor of national security affairs at the u.s. naval war college she says washington's withdrawal highlights how confused the trumpet ministrations policy is. well the russians now have the ability to look like the gracious and magnanimous party the americans are the ones that flipped over the table and walked away and let's be clear about something well as be clear about two things first i don't represent the us government and it's this question but the other thing to be clear about is that the russians were cheating i mean there's no doubt about it the russians were in breach of the i.n.f. treaty and i think it was a provocation to first to menace the europeans and to see if they could beat the americans in this simply just walking away from this whole situation now the russians can afford to look like they're being diplomatic and magnanimous and leaving the door open for further discussion so i sure think it's possible they'd
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be happy to talk because one of the course skill sets of russian diplomacy is long dilatory diplomatic engagements that don't go anywhere and we've just pushed that horizon further out by dumping the treaty instead of trying to rescue one that still in effect of the number of dead from a dam collapse in south east in brazil has risen to more than one hundred twenty new footage has been released now of the moment but the disaster sent a wave of sludge and mud through a mining area in the state of minas jette ice a week on hundreds of still missing the mining waste is now moving towards a major river and may contaminate water supplies the battle to remove i saw from one of its last pockets in northern syria has displaced tens of thousands of people us back kurdish forces have been fighting the armed group indeed it is or the un refugee agency is calling for a transit site for civilians fleeing to a whole camp camps population has tripled in the last two months some of in jellied
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has more from gaziantep on techie's border with syria. i. for the last eight weeks kurdish fighters have been battling myself from one of the armed groups last pockets in syria you're confident that most areas are now under the control in the original problem. activists say more than two hundred people have been killed in the fighting shelling and airstrikes by u.s. led coalition forces we are. all. fighting to respect their obligation and there are international humanitarian. so really in. many families had to leave and fought the syrian red crescent says more than twenty four thousand people have been displaced in a matter of weeks. it's a lot riskier at night but more people arriving to nearby camps but we were
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besieged and because we're so hungry and tired for two days we had no sleep and no food for fifteen days all that was available was grass leaves and bark from trees there was a humanitarian crisis brewing in the remote desert areas under rice and a lack of food made worse by a shortage of medicines and doctors in the last few days dozens of bison fighters have surrendered some civilian say they had stopped them from leaving and the mostly kurdish forces are concerned but i still fighters and their families have fled among the civilians. seventy five percent of them were working with seventy five percent iraqis twenty percent syrians and five percent foreign those from central asia europe america germany and other parts of the world in addition to isis atrocities in the area coalition attacks have also reportedly killed civilians for the how the u.s. led coalition always said that their air strike targeting i saw positions yes in some cases the surely but these positions were in heavily populated residential
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areas this is why dozens of innocent civilians were being killed. unicef says that these thirty two children have been killed because of violence displacement and harsh conditions in northern and eastern syria the world health organization says it's extremely concerned about the deteriorating humanitarian situation as more families arrive in already crowded camps aid agencies are demanding unhindered access to people in need it's clear that ice is no longer controlled territory but what comes next is also a cause for concern for rights groups and aid workers tens of thousands of people in their rehabilitation and they say lasting peace will only come if the marginalized people are given hope and opportunity. a vigil has been held outside egypt's embassy in london for an italian student murdered in cairo in two thousand and sixteen julio origine went missing and was
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later found dead showing signs of torture in the van battalion prosecutors said they wanted to investigate five members of the egyptian security services over the killing but they say egypt hasn't been cooperating with their inquiry. go ahead on al-jazeera remaining as press freedom and human rights record are in the spotlight as it takes over the president's. a window of opportunity the story of one woman who wants to turn washington's call boxes. and find out why the f.b.i. are worried the head of sunday's big super bowl game in atlanta need to be here to explain in school. a log in a welcome back to international weather forecasts well the polar vortex is gone and
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things are starting to warm up just a little bit here across the central plains what we are now going to watch is what is happening out here towards the west another weather system is coming in bring some very heavy rain and some snow to the higher elevations of california as well as into the rockies widespread stowe and also up here towards the north in the northern plains we are going to begin to see our next winter storm and that is going to potentially bring some blizzard conditions as well so as we go towards monday notice how that snow makes its way over here towards the east and chicago minneapolis again you are going to be seeing the next winter storm now the temperatures are not going to dropping off as much except up here towards the northern part of canada where winnipeg is going to sing about minus twenty two in your forecast calgary about minus twenty five down towards the south though it is going to feel more like a spring day here in dallas where we are going to sing into the mid twenty's there as a make our way down here across parts of the caribbean what we are going to see some heavy rain across much of the bahamas over the next few days nasa about twenty six
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degrees for you there on sunday and as we go towards monday things begin to clear but for hanna it is going to be a partly cloudy day if you are twenty seven and said to me go sun in your forecast with hunters of thirty. the silence has been just. beneath this. is one of scandinavia smog just iron ore deposits. and it's driving a wedge between those seeking wealth. and those defending their way of life. gallo a witness documentary on a. right out of a hamas script examining my headline with me again with the fractious issue of palestine and israel in the u.s. news of the setting the discussion what makes them different as far as you're
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concerned sharing personal stories with a global audience nobody feel safe explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire. the world is watching on al-jazeera. again you're watching as does the interim minder of our top stories this hour tens of thousands of people have been rallying in venezuela for and against the government of nicolas maduro opposition leader why do i gain called on the military to switch sides just after an air force general became the highest ranking military
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defect. a peace deals been reached between the central african republic government and more than a dozen armed groups the deal was struck after a week of talks in sudan's capital khartoum. russia says it is withdrawing from the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty a day after the u.s. senate would stop observing the arms control act washington is accusing moscow of violating your. answer become known as israel's apartheid road a stretch of highway north east of jerusalem inside the occupied west bank an eight metre high wall splits the road into on one side the drivers israeli on the other palestinian forces reports. the israeli occupied west bank is hardly devoid of barriers but few tell the story of division here in quite such a dramatic way this is road for three seventy northeast of jerusalem the left side
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is for those with palestinian papers the right for those bearing israeli documents side by side but each part of an entirely different road network some of labeled it the apartheid road last month palestinian and israeli activists blocked the highway calling it discriminatory part of plans to annex the west bank opening the road in january the israeli public security minister said it would help create mutual life for palestinians and israelis ensure security and strengthen israeli sovereignty. for israeli settlers it allows for foster direct access to jerusalem without having to queue at checkpoints and while the palestinians half of the road is cut off from jerusalem it has sped up traffic going north and south but mohamed has brought his vegetables here from hebron in the southern west bank. job it was then a hard yes we palestinians are restricted and limited israelis can use any entrance and any road they like but this road does make it easier for us provided there are no other obstacle and. palestinian leaders say any such benefits will be
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overwhelmed by the future cost as stark and as concrete an expression this is in the current situation in the occupied west bank in terms of separation between israelis and palestinians in terms of continued israeli control here there is for many palestinians also a fear that this is a precursor to a wider separation further down the road. this stretch of highway is part of a plan to connect the palestinian cities of ramallah and bethlehem at the other part of that plan involves extending illegal settlement building east of jerusalem in a way that palestinians say will encircled the city and split the west bank into it heads the kinetic north and south but of course they made it in the world. twenty eight. connection between east and west for the israeli people without the thing that we are a block in the middle of the future think. for the moment road for three seventy is
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two things the time saving link for israelis and palestinians both as they travel between separated zones and a monument to the unresolved conflict between them are a force that al-jazeera in the occupied west bank or tribal chiefs and clerics in afghanistan say new polio vaccination campaign won't be targeted by the taliban five million children high risk areas need to be vaccinated but as early as they were discovered many parents are still suspicious about the vaccine tony berkeley reports from kabul. this is all it takes just a couple of drops of vaccine and this baby has protection from polio the highly contagious virus attacks the nervous system and can lead to paralysis mainly in children under the age of five. daughters all vaccination program in the capital kabul is relatively straightforward but in rural afghanistan threats against medical staff and deep rooted suspicions about vaccines have led to outbreaks of the virus more and i mean one formula moment after in the main are not willing to
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have their kids vaccinated but a lot of effort to be usually convince them to allow it thirty years ago polio was rife in one hundred twenty five countries affecting three hundred fifty thousand youngsters annually today only three countries still suffer from the virus but i was twenty seven cases last year twenty one of them were in afghanistan a lack of access or vaccine teams because of the continuing conflict is a major reason of course we are worried about the. security. something that your freeze because during the companies doing these they have to move from security to. yours to immunize our children. tribal leaders in clerics have told the government taliban fighters won't target medical teams and their families will allow their children to be immunised unless it's controlled and eradicated the world health organization estimates that up to two hundred thousand
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children a year could be affected by the polio virus but despite this people here especially in rural areas are still deeply suspicious manner but no we are not vaccinating our kids because these vaccines are coming from the infidels and west to us it has bad effects on our kids and most of our people are against it. so we are not happy with these vaccinations because we heard stories that the polio vaccination is not good and it's used for spying and that the ingredients used are also not allow this these use started spreading eight years ago after a fake polio vaccination program was used as cover in neighboring pakistan to find some of bin laden now as a consequence of that in parts of south and east afghanistan medical teams are not allowed to go door to door only mosques to mosques and that's another reason why afghanistan's battle against polio may take some time to win tony berkeley out zero
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carbon. has claimed responsibility for a suicide car bomb attack outside an ethiopian military base in somalia at least four ethiopian soldiers were killed the attack took place in the southern town of balad here how much i know has more from nairobi in neighboring kenya. the talk happened in the town of bottom there in the region solved and somalia al-shabaab already claimed responsibility for the al talk saying they were targeting an ethiopian peacekeeper base but the attack actually hoppin at the checkpoint not far away from the ethiopian peacekeepers base eyewitnesses spoke of a dusty minibus full of vegetables speeding towards the checkpoint forcing the european soldiers manning it to fire the minibus which did not stop until it exploded al-shabaab fighters in the past couple of months stepped up their attacks inside somalia and also outside they've cut it out attacks against somali national
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army bases they're also cut out on a toc last month in kenya in which they killed twenty one people but they've also been on the receiving end of u.s. forces who've been cutting out asterix against them inside somalia. u.s. forces said that killed twenty two fighters in hit on a region of southern somalia as well just two weeks ago they killed in a master like fifty two al shabaab fighters who would just cut it all kind of talk on a somali national army base which they had also overrun and had looted weapons from all these attacks. being cut out by al shabaab to prove that despite losing so much of the up on strongholds there still a force that can be able to carry out attacks that can cause damage cyprus is being warned by the e.u.
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to stop selling passports and visas to wealthy africans the blog refers to the practice as giving golden passports to europe especially for rich and influential russians they would take the reports from lim of seoul. the hills above limits all are filled not for the sound of music. but the sound of construction the building boom is being fueled by russians and the sea front of cypresses second biggest city is being transformed with luxury high rise flats it's not just the sunshine is drawing them here the government has earned more than five billion dollars from selling cypriot passports so far and with them comes entry into the european union. the russian community is now estimated as eighty thousand strong and even has its own radio station the russian wave it was formed by
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a businessman from the urals but he's not impressed with the new wave of ali guards . about seventy percent of these people who get the gold in fast boards the. community here a single day can change everything another russian businessman set up this computer wargaming company it has millions of users worldwide. the russians already have their own supermarkets here now he's about to lead their own political party so most people just buy. real estate for. some solutions who cleans a passport so. i do not support. the marina in limits seoul is filling fast with the luxury yachts of the oligarchs but there will always be room for more definitely yes i would say that a rational gods are always welcome to cyprus. for some time what is that up to the
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jurisdiction for our passports but it's attention i believe will help until we can see the cyprus once again the e.u. commission is warning that such golden passports will allow organized crime gangs to infiltrate the block and that could cause problems with tax evasion money laundering and corruption and russian businessman already well established in cyprus see it as a threat to their own interests you know mostly people living in these floats it's going to be we could go stone awards the sun may be coming down though on the days of the golden passport because of pressure from both the e.u. commission and the united states that threatened catastrophic sanctions on any bank involved in money laundering david chaytor al-jazeera the missile. french security forces have broken up a demonstration in paris denouncing police violence. it
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was the twelve consecutive a saturday of protest by the so-called yellow vest movement against the government two thousand people including police have been injured since demonstrations began in november on friday france's top court threw out a bid to ban the use of rubber bullets which are blamed for many of the injuries. elections for the european parliament are just three months away and e.u. leaders are increasingly worried about groups distributing misinformation to skew the results the as presidency is currently held by rumania where so-called fake news is a big problem largely reports from bucharest the manipulation of public opinion is one of the battles of our times and it is spreading through the european union remain here is one of the new front lines at this independent media monitoring organization the troll through hours of t.v. footage from privately run news networks owned by all accounts with links to major
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political parties fake news they say is spreading like a virus. very very poor. and the sometimes the feeling there are. personal computers for the politicians billion media has been trying fake news through the mass protests against new laws protecting corrupt politicians are met with media claims that the demonstrators have been paid to turn up by the billionaire george soros already a hate figure in a liberal countries european elections are fast approaching national elections in romania later in the year a perfect opportunity it is feared the media owning all of guards and politicians to come together to try to silence independents critical voices. this radio presenter is one of remaining as most respected broadcasters with half a million twitter followers and three hundred thousand on facebook yet he admits to
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a sort of self-censorship on social media in fear that hidden forces might have his account suspended more than that he predicts a far bigger clampdown on critical media after this year's elections just as happened in hungary i think in the very next day after mr orbán win the election the last opposition radio station simply says they exist so. i look to hungary and say these guys want to do the same to us. and what of the real investigative journalists like paul who helped expose global corruption through the so-called panama papers the day after his website run an exposé on a high ranking politician he received a visit from the tax police based on a fake complaint from a nonexistent accountant his view is that the european union should be doing a whole lot more than it is to support people like him that this goes across
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borders countries themselves cannot deal with this these type of problems you know so there is a need for. kind the law enforcement agency in order to deal with very high level cases and all of this at the center absolutely absolutely yeah yeah well the european commission certainly knows about all this it spends most of its time and efforts on fake news originating from russia but decent journalists in bucharest remain is current high profile much focus minds on the democratic deficit much closer to home largely al-jazeera in bucharest for now the streets of washington d.c. will soon be home to some unique a street art call boxes which well it's a most roads in the city no longer serve a purpose but a historian is now hoping to give the boxes a second life by creating public art that celebrates the city's.


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