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tv   The Glass Wall  Al Jazeera  February 4, 2019 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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when you get into some of the show them. or not the state of mind was there. was and is a. good game show a dynamic i am. sure you have and i have one of the d.v.d.'s and losing my money on scouting to see how you can do with one hundred of them check out the money and then i don't have them because. i. think. any of the programs are nice but if it's not going to feel i'm the vote. for me i think. you. don't wanna
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get a lot of. kids to do you. know what you were pushing for pay it in the deal give you the dominant money. but then. the easiest way is ot i mean. that's a lot of talk to have been a show. was well thing. sort of though with the of susette also with the shift against the fascism and the new. stuff when i get one. oh thank you. like.
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this is. you out some of. you she lost. her she's i'm always speaking of them have a good. mo fuck surely. all of them. a lot of actually you know. i mean going to she initially. because of her because. of the shit kind of thing to go into things to be thought. to myself maybe. i'm happy for you. because you got it. i think. i know.
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i don't i tell. you that. i've. done it well what does it show me follow you did to me i'm sure she votes you on so called is above one other. groups but can this at. this point of him going to not come to my camp because much of him of and for gold will result. in the mice. that the some of. the who know the feel. good looking ones will. see. it did a cool job. or not muslim. i think i'm the perfect example of somebody who preferred not to.
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deal with this stuff and it's only because the kids forced me to like he did or if you could say force feedback by their activities by their saying this is important this makes a difference you know it's healed where were you when something was happening you know stand up and be counted the beds i'm a father the political emotional show. because i was really believe often out of a shame in a prenup would lead to an object. to sort of go to thematically. but going to him seeing. all this it. question with the ship being shipped over we're going to the location i. will eat. meat. first choosing my side
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of this one. more. mushroom. some shit should be about the about money yeah i mean for the bin. me or. my. i have to say i'm not a big demonstration person whenever my children get arrested which was has some degree of regularity. i have a very very difficult time doing is a very bad memories for me. she. is not that much of a she. will. not let.
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me run. a secret on the child of all call survivors and. the few people in my family who survives were helped by as much as people we grew up very much knowing that it's. just and righteous and brave people can make a difference in the. book i talk about you know. if you don't. and i think that's a message that we impart it's in our children. i think. if. i think they're living out this message in their own words and circumstances that are appropriate to what's going on in jerusalem or. just
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smug said she i shall not back to think. i don't youyou and i live about the boat. and the team you don't want to see him do with them she was just off his back on long and familiar with you know you went off without it. but mcconnachie yes i have said they v.s.e. and some odd days wheelchair and no shield to visit the ministry my thoughts and my but them silly as so many monkeys out of money on. the east from the lows of feet i must be doing and the disappearance of the blood money. on cocos show what killer servicemen.
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going called in the short look through the vessel showed. chemical own fish flavia's while he moved still fit this woman behind him. but he would be. a mix of the honey mothering chum. you know things are going to notice that i thought of a theme. also would anybody davy out of school some new or. and they had a mission so it was out of tissue of many. that was told they. could now one. element the minister john.
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a model. said to dawn let me. have. a whole. generation to. an end to emma and. i will try not to let. my neighborhood from two thousand and twelve a film with a powerful political message that we'll be talking more about in a moment but first i'm sure like us you're keen to know what's become of muhammad's well we caught up with him a few days ago a long way from jerusalem in atlanta georgia where he's at university studying for writing i want to be able to do my master's after i graduate and hopefully my ph d.
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and my ultimate goal would be to do something very big for the police you know their case and maybe i'll start with being a university professor but hopefully i'll be able to do something very very big in palestine whatever it will people i want to become a writer they laugh at me because what bread is that going to buy what money is that going to get me who's going to take a writer seriously in palestine. if you really want to make a living in palestine you're going to be human a to build building settlements for israel. because in palestine janitor's a work and it's rated spaces make more than palestinian teacher my grandmother has been getting very thick and she has been losing her memory but as a as a writer i'm trying my best to. you know record and document what you knows of her because it's very rich and it's the story of the naacp and its story of the clintons and what's reported there one of the nari or do not even know all about
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well mohamed and his family never did get their house spock even though a vixen stopped for several years in shifts on iraq but in two thousand and seventeen subtler started moving in once again we're now joined from new york by julia bossa who made sheds are often my neighborhood speaking of jerusalem how was donald trump's recent decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel affected the prospects of families like muhammad that we saw in the film it's hard to tell whether deep proclamation off trump is going to make life significantly worse for palestinians i think they really government was really sat under our own direction of the space and palestinians whether president trump made display now cement or not i think certainly in terms of gaining clarity into international stage for where dean at stake stands visa v.
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whether they can really be a neutral moderator between palestinians and israelis that pronouncement makes it clear that the answer is no that it states is not in a neutral position to to really be able to help policy is in israeli's reach peace through negotiations are we likely to see more violence in jerusalem so easy resilin has been targeted on a systematic process of displacement of palestinians by the israeli government and they go neighborhood by neighborhood targeting homes that they think are more vulnerable and easier to get a court ruling to get the palestinians out and move in joy sattler see how palestinians respond to what is happening right now on the ground is a question that activists. our a grappling with there are a lot of conversations happening particularly desir which marks the thirtieth anniversary of the first intifada around what lessons they can learn from that
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uprising that took place in the late eighty's and one of the most successful movements to actually raise the question of policy in independence today international level and got very close to finding a solution to madrid and washington negotiations and so that activism that took the form mostly of nonviolent resistance strategies and also creation of peril of situations for the ultimate viability of a palestinian state those strategies are being revisited today by palestinians for you personally what sort of work are you doing on violence the resistance sure i'm a documentary filmmaker for the past fourteen years i've worked with a nonprofit called just vision bringing attention to palestinians and israelis who are using nonviolent strategies to end the occupation so we believe that sort of
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regular media coverage of the conflict through its focus on violence and up nurturing an environment where violence becomes is seen as the most viable method for palestinians to get their costs in an international stage so we want to highlight the stories of individuals and groups and communities using nonviolent resistance and we continue to do that doing about so thanks for talking to us here on rewind thank you amounts of from us to join us again next week and do check out the rewind paid zero dot com for more films from the series before now thanks for joining us and syrian soon. rewind returns a care bring your people back to life from start with brand new updates on the best of al-jazeera documentaries in liberal i was the focus of lust and no i like any other student everyone continues with joseph's journey this is
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a. struggle continues but. for bob did to now. go for his distance rewind on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to. al-jazeera. take the worst possible material you radio grounded into dust comparable to flour and makeup. and put it into place where people live think is a colossal event. as well and so many people here. but does it make you feel nice you feel like a murderer we have created an enormous amount of mental disaster. and investigation
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south africa toxic city on al-jazeera al-jazeera is there what us till we break. to see what happens next. on. fire where mobile barricaded seventh street that leads to here the middle east now is being changed people have gone to hear that area the mission of the national army is to look the entire complex and al-jazeera stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture. several european countries. as well as opposition leader as interim president with the expiry of the deadline for the presidential vote.
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but so long this is. coming up in the next thirty minutes turkey's president calls the saudi crown prince a liar and questions why the u.s. is not doing more to hold him. to account. also pope francis arrives in the united arab emirates and the first papal visit to the arabian peninsula. the political outsider is claiming victory in el salvador's presidential vote promising change in a country known for its gangs and migrant. heading towards the u.s. . welcome to the program several major countries are set to recognize that as well as opposition leader. as interim president that's after a deadline passed for president nicolas maduro to call for new elections latin america editor lucien newman has more became the face of change in venezuela.
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it's late at night at the basketball court when one wide dog summons his neighbors to share with them his vision for than israela. we were born on this earth to be happy we'll do everything possible to achieve a political way out of our crisis and show that we are powerful united you are powerful will never let them take away our ability to dream. he's only thirty five years old but for those who dream of seeing president nicolas maduro go why the war is the yes we can. get many in fact are comparing his looks and his style with barack obama. a remarkable turn of events considering that most venezuelans had barely heard of why the until the opposition controlled national assembly put claimed him venezuela's interim president i heard of him two weeks ago
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when i put on the t.v. . and what is your opinion of him anyone is better than the one we have now. this working class neighborhood used to be fiercely loyal to deceased former president although chavis was but hard as we tried on this day we can't find anyone who doesn't believe that his successor. has struck out. on is angry. white or represents hope for our country we need takes over god willing investors were returned to venezuela and so will my two sons because with no one believes in venezuela he's handed it over to criminals twenty six year old says that now that he's heard of he likes what he hears. change to be able to go to a supermarket and find what they want a future of our children. not that it's been easy for y. daughter get his message across. the government. down tailed much of the
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opposition media and that includes access to the internet was. pointing to a european in geo the track censorship addressed a mass rally on saturday the state internet carrier blocked the social networks for twelve of the thirteen minutes in which he spoke. president mother charges of foreign intervention to bring about regime change are heard everywhere was but many venezuelans the issue of sovereignty has become less important than the promise of better days to come. to see in human al-jazeera that acts. president has already ignored calls for elections offering to hold early congressional polls instead and that's been seen as a bid to use company head of the opposition majority national assembly in an interview aired on sunday remain defiant. we don't accept
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ultimatums from anyone it's like as if i told the european union i give you seven days to recognize the republic of catalonia and if you don't we are going to take measures no international politics can't be based on ultimatums that was the area of empires and colonies. present donald trump is not ruling out military intervention in venezuela while russia has warned against the move in an interview with the us television network c.b.s. troubles and said that he'd refused to meet with venezuelan president nicolas maduro. well he is requested a meeting and i've turned it down because we're very far along in the process you have a young and energetic gentleman but you have other people within that same group that have been very very if you talk about democracy it's really democracy in
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action. turkey's president has called the saudi crown prince on the former foreign minister over the hunting of the murder of journalist. one also lashed out at the u.s. for not taking a tougher stance against the kingdom over the case so the latest from istanbul. turkey. speaking to the state broadcaster mentioning. i suppose about how there's been no real movement also referred to the united states disappointment in how they are tackling it and this is what he had to say. i cannot understand america's silence been such a horrific attack took place and even after members of the cia listened to the recordings we provided. but you have the harsher words going back to when it all
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began. the saudi foreign minister of course he was saying that there is a collaborator there was a collaborator to dispose of the body of this is the saudi version of course the body of mr hersh has still not been found he said well if there is a collaborator who is he where is he what is his name if you know that he also mentioned the saudi crown prince mohammed of inside man saying that initially his version was that he had left the consulate he said now we know that those two things were laws so he also called for those fifteen men the fifteen saudi nationals that flew into it on the day of the murder he said these are the perpetrators we need to know who they are and of course turkey has already requested their extradition but the saudis are conducting their own investigation nobody knows who the men are that they have indicted eleven men have been indicted five of those facing the death penalty but it is a very opaque process all of this comes just as. the u.n.
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special. has wrapped up a visit here in turkey is really the first independent person looking at this because of course it is such a politically loaded story all the countries yes they want to put pressure on saudi arabia but the same time no one really seems to be willing to go that extra mile to break relationships with the kingdom so for months still nobody and certainly a big question as well as to who ordered the killing of a high profile journalist in the saudi diplomatic mission here in. london the united arab emirates for the visit. to the arabian peninsula his three day trip will see him hold talks with the crown prince. religious meeting is due to celebrate such a stadium in abu dhabi on tuesday. home to around one million roman catholics mostly from the philippines and india. is a professor of theology. university says the pope will offer
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a message of unity. it's a historic visit because. he really represents the message what francis now represents in a global world there is much more fragment the then it used to be and the catholic church is really acting as a messenger our unity area for eternity and also facing a significant headwinds not just in the global world but also we're the only got a church were part france is sometimes seems is today a logical you got a church there ease in the western world especially in north america special series is really it around what can a dark catholicism people should interpret and there is ease efforts in reaching out especially towards muslims in muslim countries ears are
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often not really understood or taken as a sign of weakness a refugee footballer has appeared in a court in bangkok to fight extradition to bahrain or maybe will be or was living in australia and was detained in thailand in november while on holiday but he says he fled bahrain because of political repression the government is demanding the return of him to serve a ten year prison sentence for vandalism human rights groups say that he could be tortured if he sent back the case has been adjourned until april but the democratic governor of the u.s. state of virginia is refusing to step down despite growing calls for his resignation the controversy began when a photograph emerged of two students in costume one in black face and the other as a member of the klu klux klan it's alleged that one of them is ralph northam but after initially apologizing for it in our says it wasn't him she pretends he has more from washington d.c. . this is the folks here that caused the outrage it appeared on now gov ralph
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northern is medical school yearbook page in one thousand nine hundred four on friday the governor apologized but on saturday he said it wasn't him to rule reason he so sure the time he did with blackface my belief that i did not wear that costume or attend that party stamps in part from my clear memory of other mistakes i made in the same period of my life. that same year i did participate in a dance. in san antonio in which i darken my face as part of a michael jackson asked that explanation proved too much particularly for members of his own policy the democrats the party's senior leadership both nationally and in his state are urging them to resign a message repeated by democrats on the sunday talk shows i think he should resign now he then can contribute to this dialogue but he as i said he should do it as privates and as i think this country hasn't dealt well with the issues of race i
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mean we have a president who is a racist the democrats have to capitalize on donald trump on the republican policies handling of race a recent poll found that sixty three percent of americans disapprove of crumbs handling of the issue but the controversy in virginia is a reminder of the democrats' open poor record on race so that you get to know them to step down as quickly as possible but you know like all the southern states has a long history of democratic party racism just a few weeks ago the state's african-american lieutenant governor just in fairfax who would succeed governor and all of them if he does resign walked out of the state senate rather than preside over a tribute to confederate general robot leave. briefly be obese. in twenty sixteen then democratic party presidential nominee hillary clinton had to apologize to statements like this that seem to differ but communities the kinds of kids that are called super predatory has no conscience no empathy at the time then president bill clinton was signing legislation that led to record at.


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