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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 41  Al Jazeera  February 11, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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well i mean i'm ducking work at. nine am and. john why sue me and let you know what. the an american what are they and as this year nine majority militia philosophy ajai the bash at the time i got to tell you they bear much of my cash up right now i'll have my main up on guard and head and met their audience wise when i then rush out here i will get out of shot the hero while very much i doubt. my charm.
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cruel and. unusual. wording me i wouldn't budge i didn't just say that we know how to negotiate he only said that and said senator and senate actually. when you. have a side. you are not and too much of another because of. this the other way of us are. well off and i was just going to say. you know what i'm i'm not the militia and nice at all with that at the shop. i shall
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see john as i can i show up at core as the one i'm on you know most of. when i shop. back in baghdad. now talks in a similar negative way about life on the tigris. not had minute. not had one law ministry and one how to. log. not as high as it like. and how long an ad has. and on the southern marshes inch by inch the u.n.
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environment program sees that thirty seven percent of the permanent twenty lines have now been restored. their food recovery will take many more years. well as to why the mom market was going to drag on another john model year when i was in the a while when i was in no one i was you know another now when i was in the i have thought oh my god girl i'm going to vary my for the third in the world near all of it i would than the amount of coverage i'd like i had my own more than i had a live there and god were not even know under five hundred i was under the yard undercover i was there no i don't i. know you i give your mind i give you not only any. oh. no.
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here. but away from the problems facing professional fishermen and the pollution of the euphrates and shut. down there is one positive heartwarming story. i mean that and then. when i look at. that fire.
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doesn't come from a fishing family but has befriended a local tigris fishermen. and discovered a mug of the ancient river. all acting. like a god. or their. backyard and. given. more of. the golly they got one ear. at the other betty. where mother bear. does a lot of us a lot of hair said alice so it ate. at them but their eyes.
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at letter. just. a matter. so what i need yet i am. not on the record tele. attack the lawyer as jeff pushing each other constantly to my oh i let me tell. you i'd madonna time so when she's trying to sell with brought. a lot of dollars they. have
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a seven we are no question you are you are you thank you thank you. michelle pulled over. also. if you are oddest after. a juggler but on clue issue i remember when i was so i was only trying not to have a command to wait have like a sore arm with it but any leans in only i agreed to let a quick obvious i look at communism come in and say that i said god bless the drug field really them and they are so weak. and you know i didn't even mean when doing none of them. were not man or. i i didn't know i'm not. one of the first one i had no. they are not they are near
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government and about five not anyway i seventy of of them. i'm going to go look at the not so much comes in below me and you can go to any college and was layer by ramtha county near you're going to turn your head to the sun than good by going to philly. after honeymooning give this metaphor of a significant in on hi fi i'm in trouble had us. classified our no business in a two way different how i assign you lucky hyphen and how the only find your net showing your legs. get the letter where. then match up the damage that the average on your part not in the way that an affair while you get
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how well it would not have an obvious even a monster. that loosely trouble. oh now as it is it and the clash are lost this year none of this the i'll be out as out as i will largest what i'll let the child of god well. i watch our early. earth understand that i love her
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a lot of it tell them well. that's just a. mess good is a traditional mr putting in dish made by cooking seasoned fresh water car on the fire. i've done cooked it in the marshlands and it's often considered iraq's national dish. but that prides itself in making the best mess go with the up you know was district almost dedicated to the dish in its dozens of fish restaurants. had no gullibly. so i live i live. i one my family never thought when. as what had been. a sleazy me
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push as i was just. story shows how iraq's great ancient rivers are still close to the heart of its people. today's crisis means that iraq once so abundant in water resources now imports sixty percent of its fish. but above all it's threatens the roots of iraq's identity. between the two rivers the tigris and the euphrates on which the country and its people have depended for thousands of years. a story of revolution defiance and mud i'm told by. a major figure in the war against the french occupation. the french. who was brave even impressed
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and. untrue inspired others in the fight for independence after death that a good. the algerian revolutionary on al-jazeera. hello there we've got another winter storm that's pulling itself together across north america this one's made of two sections the first one you can see it working up from mexico and the other area is making its way across the rockies these two sections will gradually pull themselves together and really get going as we head
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through the next couple of days for monday then lots of heavy rain stretching from texas northward and a fair amount of snow on its northern edge but it's choose day that that storm really gets going so here we could see a lot of snow very strong winds and we could also see a fair amount of freezing rain on the transition as well for the south where it's largely rain well here they could be a few tornadoes linked him with this as well but the west a lot comment generally but you can still see another weather system making its way into the northwestern parts the u.s. and that will be bringing us some snow further towards the south and for many of us here is the fine and settled over the past few days but now we're seeing more in the way of cloud bubble up and i think a monday there's a chance of seeing one or two showers around cuba and that's still with us as we head through the day on tuesday towards the west plenty of fine weather to be found here in just one of two showers perhaps if you're unlucky to be further towards the saddle for the northern parts of argentina we've seen some more violent storms most of the rain for monday though is overboard as ari's and pushing its way northward
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as we head into tuesday. you know what i think they are no l.b.j.'s and i believe simply the footage. very clear before. i know fifty. we have been playing see do it but it's not funny that we have a separate call me and me right yes it is definitely a competition but we want to do a good way for the future then she gave me a few test frames that i'm not seeing some big. this year there's been a suggestion and i absolutely do it's addition to making good make a massive. new burger and we live in many a national campaign also and we see d.b.s.
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farmers continue to do the same due to quest coming in. here i thought just because they wanted to me could you were good so i thought for more children from want. to do this and know it's become so much off says they're not doing their homework so no sometimes their mother needs to come back to me that you know. just the do not over till then but know what i need to make you. and then i'd be good to buy them understand there's death to greet us at the dentist who don't. know him and have people. who take this game to them because he does it tend to pick him and we have the main . issue or opposition to the spirit of these we don't want to make
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right before and of all was too late to court of law was no fifteen spent money for . this is the prerogative of how i have it to be followed. every good day every year i have to see my home i don't need any new city to be done nothing on the ceiling good day and just the right in the city a few days out to be free my friend take the visuals that i have good business in the city. this is. hello i'm the star and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next
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sixty minutes venezuela's opposition leader tells the minute she that blocking aid is a crime against humanity. the arrest of a professor and afghanistan raises concerns about universities being a recruiting ground for. talks on a vast saying another u.s. government shutdown stall over border security with the latest funding deadline just five days away. and a warning that the wilds insect thing two words extinction threatening a global ecosystem catastrophe. venezuela's opposition leader has called attempts to block aid from entering the country almost genocidal tons of u.s. aid remains stuck on the colombian border venezuela's military has so far refused to let it in under orders from president nicolas maduro says the aid is part of
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a u.s. way to intervene in venezuela says he'll use volunteers to open new aid routes into the country. i understand that they want to block the aid because that's what the victimizer does it makes them seem almost genocidal by their actions they're killing venezuelans killing children who are protesting killing fernando abandon opposition lawmaker i understand that they would want to deny this and not allowing the humanitarian aid the regime should know it this is a crime against humanity gentlemen of the armed forces. well the venezuelan president says his military is ready to defend itself against the united states nicolas maduro made the comments during an address on state television he had been overseeing military exercises in the northern miranda's states the drills involved and he aircraft systems and other weapons. today the most important military exercises that are republican history recalls have been
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successfully initiated throughout the national territory the most important because of the situation we are living in of real threat from the imperialist government of donald trump against the peace of venezuela the head of the empire has threatened us and that is generated indignation rejection by all the people of venezuela and of the world's public opinion well russia and the united states have offered rival solutions to the crisis in venezuela both country is present in draft resolutions to the united nations security council washington back self declared interim president one glider its resolution calls for a free and fair elections and the delivery of international aid moscow on the other hand supports a venezuelan president nicolas maduro it's counterproposal criticizes any efforts to intervene in venezuela's domestic issues no date has been set for the voters venezuela's economic hardship has also been hurting vulnerable elderly citizens our
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latin america editor you see a new man has been to a care home to see how it's surviving. this is hill of hope western been in old age home where destitute or abandoned senior citizens are meant to live out their last years with dignity. but as always in times of acute economic hardship it's the youngest and the oldest who suffer most in the absence of full time staff seventy nine year old. keeps the gate locked and helps those who can't walk because he still can. we help each other out amongst ourselves michael most everyone he suffers from hypertension but there's no medicine here. and solace could walk and see when he came here three years ago now he's blind from untreated cataracts can't walk and is tormented by a hernia i think. last night i was in terrible pain.
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i cry from the pain. i am very sad. only god knows how long i'll remain. sometimes there's nothing to eat we have no help from the government there is no one to help us. the home is a foundation that runs on donations but they've dried up so there are no nurses or doctors and very very little food. the cook says it wasn't always that way. they used to throw away the food once there was abandoned. until the crisis came the crisis began six years ago she says most of the donors have left the country hyperinflation has led to widespread poverty and scarcity of
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almost everything. it's time for dinner and so you have a c.e.o. who's confined to a wheelchair helps guide for the beneath this who's blind to the dining room and this is the dinner for the i will eat off the grandfathers as they're called it's corn flour boiled in water because we're told it's been more than a year since they received any donations of milk and this will be the last thing they're going to eat until tomorrow. the cook and the cleaner will be leaving soon and they'll be left alone to put themselves to bed no later than six so they won't feel so hungry until breakfast. they are resigned they say to being forgotten in a country with so many other desperate need. to see in human are just. in this way that. and venezuelan doctors have held a demonstration in neighboring colombia calling for u.s. aid to be allowed in as we mentioned the country is suffering from an acute shortage of medicine and failing hospital infrastructure yet he has more from. a
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couple of dozen medical doctors from the venezuelan state of patchi just crossed into colombia earlier on sunday to stage a demonstration in front of last you bridge that's the international crossing bridge between colombia and venezuela where did the same thing by the united states is being stored in a warehouse and they were holding a giant venezuelan flag and demanding that the president. let that aid into the country and they were also denouncing this critical situation in their hospitals talking about the lack of maybe soon and medical supplies. we don't have dialysis kits and we have to ask patients to try to find them the kit to perform a dialysis costs twenty thousand dollars minimum which is. a most patients need to dialysis performed three times a week the result is that those patients are dying because there are no be
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a success. but this by these calls president nicolas maduro remains a steadfast in his refusal to lead in and continues describing this situation as little more than a coup attempt on part of the united states and we haven't heard any a movement at least publicly on and i'll turn when i'm part of the opposition to manage to get. inside the country and also the leader of the opposition for called for another nationwide massive demonstration on tuesday. the u.s. backed syrian democratic forces have been making advances against i still and what's being billed as the final battle to seize the armed groups lost on klav the offensive by the kurdish led group is focused on the eastern village. there's been heavy fighting since the offensive began on saturday twenty thousand civilians have left the area but hundreds are still thought to be inside one armed group
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affiliated with the s.d.f. say that stops them from advancing further. we are posing a siege on the villages and for the sake of children and civilians we cannot move forward because we are waiting for them to leave civilians are leaving now we're waiting for that then we move toward eisel there's great displacement and look at how many people are leaving so we slow down so we do not hurt civilians while the u.s. military says it's likely to begin pulling its troops out of syria in a few weeks but the top american commander in the middle east cautioned that the exact timing would depend on the situation in syria the trumpet ministration has been sending mixed messages on when the pullout will happen president surprised many of his allies in december when he announced all u.s. soldiers would be withdrawn from syria and that i still had been defeated. also been talking about withdrawing troops from afghanistan and his administration is negotiating with the taliban but has been making inroads there and many fear
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fighters pushed out of syria a rebasing there and there are concerns universities are being used to recruit feisal tony betty has been to the border area with pakistan where the fight against i.c.l. is already taking place. in the wild and rugged areas of eastern afghanistan life is difficult at the best of times now it has become the main battleground against i saw a fight that i saw is not losing these militia know the capability of the men their fighting commander zeitoun knows better than most he was and i saw fighter this is video of him when he was with the group he joined for idealistic reasons he says he left when he witnessed the brutality of a little bit the humble person them in the eye so was very cruel to everyone they killed people slaughtered them they used bombs they did whatever they could i had to leave his survive three assassination attempts the last a few days ago when a magnet bomb was attached to his car in
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a crowded marketplace killing one of his men and badly injuring him the people here are scarred and scared by ice all the group launches regular attacks from mountain hideouts and bloodshed is a constant fear to mohit goals nine sons were killed by eisel one was hacked to death with an ax. i don't have power to take my revenge otherwise i would have hammered him all over his body from head to toe i would keep him for a week and then let him die slowly because that is what he deserves. with the afghan army overstretched in the fight against the taliban militias are the first line of defense in one the hard province where some good as i learned they are tough and not far from here if we leave this area they will come back to destroy this place again but we will fight again until we die then the other cues these militias have only basic arms and equipment they say is insufficient to really fight i still they need more and us air power alone is not enough to destroy eisel
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bases or prevent their operations that needs to happen on the ground the network of tunnels and i saw hideouts in the tora bora mountains are easy to defend and almost impossible to attack from the ground commander zeitoun points out the spot where the americans dropped their biggest non-nuclear bomb containing ten thousand kilos of explosives to try and destroy eisel positions the militias say it made no difference. if the u.s. paid the amount they spent on this mother of all bombs we could have finished deisel local commanders say that i still hear as men from chechnya turkey and pakistan in its ranks but communities fear that if i saw he's pushed out of syria it will rebase to afghanistan the. president this was the foreign fighters are very cruel and don't have sympathy for anyone the local i saw have at least some feeling for afghans but foreign i see.


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