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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  February 12, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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back to the ravages of war left. sky on the ground a witness documentary on. one of the world's biggest drug traffickers the mexican el chapo is found guilty on all ten counts at his trial in new york trial is paid back the curtain on international drug dealing in a way that no other trial. unearned take is al-jazeera live from london also coming up thousands protest against the venezuelan president the opposition leader says aid will enter the country next week. catalan separatist leaders start their defense in court against challenges of rebellion in. the study is not happy about it it's not doing the trick and
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president trump says he hasn't yet decided whether to support a congressional compromise to avert another government shutdown. hello mexico's most notorious drug lords has been found guilty of running an industrial scale smuggling operation of chapo guzman faced a three month trial packed with tales of gruesome killings jewel encrusted guns and cocaine hidden in how to pin your cans a sixty one year old shot to infamy after escaping jail for the second time in twenty fourteen only to be recaptured two years later. this trial has pulled back the curtain on international drug dealing in a way that no other trial has. it revealed that guzman and his coconspirators were responsible for smuggling hundreds of tons of cocaine heroin
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methamphetamines and marijuana into the united states. it also revealed that they were only able to operate on that scale because of endemic corruption. this is unacceptable and it will and. this is a day of reckoning but there are more days of reckoning to come. joins us live outside the courtroom. meant to stay in the global fight against drugs. yeah it really was this was a ten count indictment that to what chappell was facing here in this brooklyn courtroom that you see behind me and he was found guilty on all ten counts he will never get out of jail again even if hughes found guilty on one of the counts it was mandatory minimum sentence of life in jail so he will never see freedom again now this was a momentous trial as a trial lasted many weeks and it was
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a the government that showed fifty six different cooperating witnesses hundreds of documents and a wire taps and photographs that they showed the jury throughout this trial and in the end. chapo guzman when the when the verdict was read he looked a little shocked he looked over at his wife who was in the in the crowd and in the courtroom and waved at her briefly as he was taken out of the courtroom never to see freedom again now his wife emma coronel did leave the courthouse a short time ago i caught up with there i tried to ask her if she had any sort of comments or anything and she simply said no she was a escorted to a waiting. vehicle she was in the courtroom the entire time but the prosecution clearly framing this trial as a war against drugs and a real victory in taking down the leader of what they say was one of the biggest
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criminal organizations in the world when what chappel let it now let's look back at this trial it was so historic. a trial that lasted more than two months is finally over chalking guzman the way to no one by his infamous nickname of el chapo or shorty was charged on ten criminal counts drug trafficking money laundering and leading a criminal organization just to name a few over the course of the trial the jury heard the following tales of guzman's dramatic escapes from authorities through underground tunnels one c. escaped naked through a specially built tunnel under a bath tub that escaped he was with his mistress who testified in court while guzman's wife watched on they saw pictures of guzman's diamond encrusted pistol and the jury heard stories about him ordering the killings of rivals including one for the crime of failing to shake guzman's hand but it was guzman sinhala
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a drug cartel that often took center stage at the trial several of his former top level associates testified against him lifting the lid on a multimillion dollar smuggling operation that smuggled cocaine into the u.s. through tunnels in hollow penya pepper cans and even in bananas. and there were allegations of political corruption at the highest levels former mexican president now to keep union netto was accused of receiving a one hundred million dollar bribe from guzman a new neck though denied it. according to organized crime experts the trial has done nothing to curtail the activities of guzman cinna low a cartel nine out of ten politicians are funding their political campaign through dirty money right now through survey said we have conducted by interviewing politicians saw. the scene a lot criminal network was the most powerful the most effective network still is.
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in capturing the political system in mexico and that network is intact has not been touched regardless if guzman way to is in jail guzman's defense attorneys wanted to pivot the trial away from their client's alleged wrongdoing to focus on official corruption but the judge blocked their efforts leaving the defense with few options other than to argue chapo guzman was being set up as the fall guy. now i did speak to the defense attorneys as they left court i asked him if they plan to appeal and they say they do chances of that soup succeeding however seem like very long odds given this unanimous conviction now guzman while will be going to a jail somewhere here in a maximum security prison in the u.s. we're not sure when or where he'll be transferred but it's important to point out that to that the defense did say that this really is not necessarily a win on the war against drugs and it's important to point out that guzman cinna
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low a cartel is still very much active two of his sons are running it back in mexico and by all accounts they continue to sell drugs throughout the world gabriel his own death thank you very much indeed. and long more on the n.f.l. guilty verdict later in the program. venezuelan opposition leader has said aid will enter the country next week after thousands of his supporters rallied in caracas and there was traitors have been demanding that the aide be let into the country after president nicolas maduro turned down offers of help from foreign countries under a denier's there's a crisis in venezuela and supplies have been stockpiled just over the border in brazil and colombia. we bring you a very clear message today the time the few trees on the side of democracy every day that passes we need a new a bastard or
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a new country recognises us we mobilize hundreds of thousands millions all across venezuela each passing day i remain in office as interim president of venezuela each of these days is a victory for bit israel or. latin america eternity and human is in caracas so this year there were thousands of people on the streets how much impact will these protests have. lauren it was indeed a massive demonstration of support for one dollar and the opposition in general at another part of the capital downtown president. tried but was unsuccessful in trying to rally a similar amount of people in fact he was due to speak to his supporters but from what i understand he still has not shown up so this was meant to really as a show of force head of the intention by the opposition to bring in the humanitarian aid as they call it all of the food and medicine that's being gathered on the colombian and brazilian side of the border into this country whether the
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government likes it or not and that's the operative word they say they are going to bring this in regardless this even though the authorities have said that they will by no means allowing these convoys with food and medicine financed by the united states and other countries now also the u.k. says that it will donate i think of something like ten million dollars to the effort they say they will not allow that to come into the country and there are armored trucks and the army at each border passing to try to ensure that that doesn't happen to give the order given to learn how realistic is that claim then that aid from going to aid will enter the country next week. lauren i think it's very interesting that that white door said that it would not be until the twenty third of february before they would try to move it into the country and they had initially said according to our sources that it would be this week but they are spending they are letting this time go by perhaps in the hopes that there will be more pressure from the army from the international community to
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get president other to capitulate but if not we're already hearing rumblings from some sectors of the opposition that say that unless that a lot that it is allowed into the country that would be considered a crime against humanity which would justify international intervention and in fact they're going to propose that the opposition controlled national assembly approve a motion allowing that to happen international intervention by the way from colombia from brazil and from the united states they're calling for if you know if the little government continues to block the eight larn you see in human thank you very much indeed a politically charged trial has started in spain threatening to inflame tensions between the central government and pro independence catalans twelve cashel and separatist politicians who appeared in court on charges of sedition rebellion and misuse of public funds and they face up to twenty five years in prison for their role in catalonia is big for independence in twenty seventeen david schaper reports from madrid. as the jailed catalan leaders arrived at the supreme court their
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supporters were calling it nothing but a political show trial the spanish authorities though live streamed the pictures as the trial began claiming the proceedings were free fair and open meaning when ali but the former president of catalonia now in exile had words of support for his former colleague sitting in the dock. d.v.c. an honorable and innocent people democrats people who have acted under parliamentary mandate sitting in the dark as if they were criminals but i hope the court case will bring about the opportunity that's been still has to impose a fast sentence that is the acquittal. the rebellion charges facing some of the leaders will only stick if it's proved they incited the violence seen when the referendum took place in twenty seventeen that defense lawyers refute the charge the state's accusing the independent this movement to be violent but in the words
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knowing that the violence of the process came from the states and came from the spanish police it's strange to see today that. hundreds of people hundreds of policemen will come to the court to testify and this is the same people who beat the voters in the trial is set to last at least three months by then the government in spain may have changed the spanish prime minister sanchez needs the votes of the cattle and separatists m.p.'s to get his budget through parliament on wednesday . a promotional video has been produced by the spanish government extolling the positive side of the country this is the real spain but extreme right wingers managed to penetrate police lines guarding the courts precinct their message out to all those who want to destroy spain they will soon dispersed david chaytor al jazeera madrid. still to come here we have more reaction to the guilty.
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that it sounded down to chapo guzman mexico has missed me tourist drug lords. and nigerians votes in a general election on saturday with the armed threat from boko haram still a main concern for some of the electorate. so looking a little more spring like across western parts of your glossy clear skies now coming in what clapper to have will get squeezed out of high pressures the things settling down quite nicely not quite so settle into the southeast and loss of cloud around here in the middle of the disappointing side of the truth not just nine celsius and athens rain coming down across a good parts of western turkey in c. the eastern side of the mediterranean snow further north one celsius in moscow on the mild side if some snow over tools both states with the proper mild weather
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lovely weather as i would tools west london twelve degrees nine celsius stepha paris some light winds as of present sunshine it really will feel like spring i will the next couple days might even see a few flowers starting to bloom and have a celsius in paris as we go on through thursday not a bad day for a minimum well it's even much of the pushing up of scotland fairing quite nicely little breezy here plenty of breeze data to the eastern side of the med with that rain starts to push away from greece but it will still bring some wet weather into a cypress some of the weather also affecting the far north of libya. for benghazi on wednesday off natal ease as well little further east which as we go through thursday tutting some behind. the story of revolution defines and murder. a major figure in
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the war against the french occupation. and maybe someone who's brave or even impressed and. i'm truly inspired i'll go see the fun and after. that if you're good you can call me you're going to go you know a lot of b. ben mcgeady the algerian revolution on al-jazeera. logan or one of the top stories. the world's most infamous cartel boss has been convicted of drug trafficking in the u.s. . guzman could face life in prison after jurors in a brooklyn court found him guilty on all ten counts. as reading opposition leader
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has said aid will enter the country on february twenty third next week after thousands of his supporters rallied in caracas. and doesn't separatist leaders from the spanish region of catalonia have gone on trial for rebellion they face up to twenty five years in prison and their role in catalonia for independence in twenty seventeen. he's got more now on the child than a century as the co-author of the book hunting at chapel he joins me now from new york thanks very much for being with us so it was described as an avalanche of evidence against him in court and there was this kind of keep element to this was actually finding the festus tell us about that dramatic story well i wrote a book with andrew hope and drew hogan was a dea agent and along with homeland security in the mexican marines they had a massive successful infiltration of his of chop o's black berry system and they were able to zero him down in two thousand and fourteen to this network of safe
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houses and this came out at trial he had safe houses connected by a hydraulic bathtubs scape tunnels and it was very james bond but it was a monumental victory for the cooperation between law enforcement the united states and the mexican marines in spite of endemic corruption in mexico which of course came out it drugs all and there was also this is a big group of corporation witnesses so that must mean a huge cost to to turn these people against and. well i'm actually surprised the choco went and took a case to trial because usually the evidence so overwhelming that people plead guilty and yes a lot of these people were very high ranking norco's in their own right colombian narco traffickers guilty of tens of murders and dozens of murders so they were very unsavory people and they they gave up shop ok because they're going to reduce their sentence in prison and that's that's of course the argument topples lawyers made is who are these people they're very they're on trustworthy but chapa himself is a as it came out a trial
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a very very disturbing person i mean allegations of torture murders and and things that the jury wasn't allowed to hear about you know raping young girls was it was brought into evidence so i hope it punctures the myth of the sort of robin hood narco that he's been portrayed to be and you have mentioned him and british now the corruption behind the gangs i mean will any of this trial do you think have an impact on all night and change any of the culture that's that helped him to survive this no. will it change the situation in mexico no i mean there is now a geisha of the kenyan netto and yet to be serving. president nixon had been bribed one hundred million dollars that wasn't proven and of course he denied it but job but was able to stay out as long as he did and he's co-equal partner in the sinhala cartel. is still at large and these guys survive because of paying tens of millions to all level of local federal and political those as i was
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there able to make billions of dollars and have that ability i don't think it's going to put it dents in the actual drug trafficking because they caught a big fish they caught the biggest fish biggest market ever go on trial but as long as there's an appetite for cocaine in canada the united states great britain a western europe there will be other marco's maybe not as legendary as chapal but certainly equally bloodthirsty and willing to capitalize on that appetite and to bribe the officials in mexico thank you very much indeed for joining us on the edge there appreciate your time thank you thank you. and u.s. president donald trump says he's not happy with a proposed funding agreement but does not expect another shutdown like the one earlier this year at the dam agreed by democrats and republicans includes money for trans border will know in near the full amount the president has demanded have to
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study it i'm not happy about it it's not going to trick but adding things to it there when you add whatever i have to add it's all it's all going to happen we're going to build a beautiful big strong wall that's not going to let criminals and traffickers and drug dealers and drugs into our country it's very simple it's very simple white house in washington d.c. said trump isn't happy about the deal with another shutdown might not necessarily happen. well the deal's been hammered by democrats and republicans from the appropriations committees in both the house and senate we heard their president trump say that he's not happy with it he added as well that there might be things he might change now that is a red flag for the negotiators who spent the weekend and hours on monday hammering out a compromise now as mentioned there the full amount that president trump had demanded and over which the thirty five day shutdown happened was well over five million
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billion dollars the bill that has been hammered out provides for a little over one billion and this is for border improvements not specifically for mr trump's wall so certainly there are still issues here that may have to be settled remembering the deadline to get new funding through or agreement on funding is midnight on friday president trump at the stage indicates that he might not veto but he did say there that there are changes that he wants in that compromise legislation that will come before house and senate and what's the reaction has there been from migrant families already in the u.s. . well there have been a series of demonstrations in the course of today in washington these demonstrations conducted by those who are called having temporary protected status now these are people from deceived native countries who came to the united states and were granted temporary legal residence because of the conditions within their
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countries they are now at risk would appear because president trump has put the idea whole issue of temporary protected status in the very core of his hardline immigration policy and are some of these residents have been here for more than twenty years but they are facing expulsion now should president trump succeed in legal actions that he's taken on the other hand the residents of i spoke to happy that there is a new democrat controlled house and hopeful that legislation will be passed making their temporary status permanent but there's always a presidential veto in the offing i can in washington thank you very much and the seventeen people fleeing u.s. led airstrikes have reportedly been killed in eastern syria including seven children this comes as the kurdish led syrian democratic forces are continuing their fight against eisel as a group hold on to its last remaining enclave on the border with iraq iran can has
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the latest from gaziantep close to the turkish syrian border. coalition air strikes its hardest thing i saw fighters in the old war whose. the village is their last remaining stronghold in northeastern syria the safety of civilians caught up in the fighting is becoming a major concern. during a lull in fighting on the ground kurdish led syrian democratic forces and i saw fighters are reportedly negotiating a monetary encouraged to let civilians out there is a way out if you know the right people and can afford it to wives of isis fighters both french paid smugglers to get them out of the village. we have nothing to eat only iraqis are locked have food they're allowed to go outside while they're locked inside i just have to keep my children alive. commanders say the majority of the estimated six hundred to a thousand eisel fighters who remain are foreigners with plenty of combat
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experience. there are two factors that have a direct impact of this battle first of all the terrorists here are the base the terrorist group from different foreign nationalities including europeans afghans pakistanis and iraqis these are all professionals and have past experiences in other terrorist groups including al qaida and so on the second factor is that they are defending their last headquarters. very concerned about the civilian population . because of. that. and that. will take longer than we originally estimated. are still in syria seven people including three policemen have been injured by a car bomb. crossing on the border with turkey the crossing is in an area under the
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control of turkey backed rebels fighting against eisel. the acting u.s. defense secretary is in the iraqi capital baghdad on a surprise visit patrick shanahan is expected to get an update on the fight against eisel they also discussed the future of american troops in iraq and syria shanahan's visit comes after he spent the past two days in afghanistan where he met president ashraf ghani seventeen people have died in a hotel fire in india's capital new delhi at least four people were injured including a woman who jumped from an upper floor to escape the flames thirty five people were rescued from the hotel which is located in a district known for budget accommodation. to pakistan now where a gas shortage is damaging the entire economy it's even worse for areas where the approaching winter has made temperatures go below freezing meanwhile the government is seeking foreign investment to proof read ability and security of energy supplies to hide it has more from islamabad. another cold wind the morning and.
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that the how did you cross are doing brisk business because of the cord read by gore days across the country including businesses such as bakeries are complaining that their three northern gas pipeline system is not able to give them the gas necessary to keep their businesses running the country is seeing a shortfall of all the more than fifty percent and above when it comes to gas delivery pipelines. because. they're shipping and and that all the so-called virals read us consumers. are already complaining that there's. no market for their gas. our previous bills were sixty to sixty five thousand but from last month it increased incredibly a winter gas office they said gas is going to be expensive and you have to pay it
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we have this small business and we have to pay sellers and other expenses we all think you to shut down our business. we have fed up of paying bills we're not able to give education twa children pain electricity bill gas this is just tom and tonight's we've come here at the gas office but no one's listening to us they can indeed a serious crisis for a country where you already cash strapped a budget on the rupee is losing its value and it seems that people across the country are now also losing their patients. as nigeria prepares to vote for its next government on saturday many people in the northeast still under threat from a president who do bihari swept to power in twenty fifteen with the promise of defeating the armed group but four years on her arm is surging back and many are questioning if they can vote for bihari again managers reports one degree or
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security remains top of the agenda. despite stitches services here and say three desirable work a trip for two days with a triplets to escape. at the end of last year. the children were barely two weeks old when the family fled back in for the second time she arrived my degree a city the family left six months are yet to rebuild their lives. the recent attack was more ferocious i came face to face with boko haram i saw them i was very frightened that he's one of several thousand people displaced by the renewed fighting. the nigerian army has recovered at the areas briefly occupied by the fighters and says it's consolidating its gains by motivating and rearming its troops. formations new formations to conform to new challenges the.
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u.s. mission is. indeed across the country but despite recent successes by the army displaced people like zara and considering the return to baghdad. we're not going back we went back and nearly lost our lives will stay in my degree. launched an insurgency in northeast nigeria in two thousand and nine aiming to establish a caliphate. the violence in the decade old conflict has killed tens of thousands and displaced more than two million people abroad one person affiliated with high some has claimed responsibility for most of their thoughts with their targeted him a music or things a government agency they want to exploit say the government probably tried to drive nigeria need to order to deliver the price. some for you was in nigeria including the united states said earlier want of possible attacks my book ahead of the elections and with
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a few days to the vote there is insight into what communities in nigeria's call the east. might agree nigeria and of course when you can catch up with all the stories we're covering on our website it rest of that is ours there dot com and that's updated throughout the day. and one of the top stories on our jazeera the world's most infamous cartel boss has been convicted of drug trafficking in the u.s. you're kinna chapo guzman could face a life in prison after jurors in a brooklyn court found him guilty on all ten counts a sixty one year old shot to infamy after escaping jail for the second time in twenty fourteen only to be recaptured two years later his three month trial was packed the tales of gruesome killings jewel encrusted guns and cocaine hidden in hull opinio cans. this trial has pulled back the curtain on international drug
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dealing in a way that no other trial has. revealed a good one and his coconspirators were responsible for smuggling hundreds of tons of cocaine heroin methamphetamines and marijuana into the united states. it also revealed that they were all the able to operate on that scale because of demick corruption. this is unacceptable that will end. this is a day of reckoning but there are more days of reckoning to come. and is when an opposition leader one by door has said aid will enter the country next week after thousands of his supporters rallied in caracas the demonstrators have been demanding that aid be let into the country after president maduro turned down offers of help from foreign countries in europe denies there's a crisis in venezuela supplies have been stockpiled in brazil and colombia twelve
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catalan politicians have appeared in a spanish court on charges of sedition rebellion and misuse of public funds they face up to twenty five years in jail for their role in catalonia is bid for independence in twenty seventeen u.s. president donald trump says he's not happy with the proposed funding agreement but does not expect another shutdown like the one earlier this year the president has stopped short of saying whether he'll veto the deal just hammered out by republicans and democrats it reportedly includes more than one billion dollars in funds for border security but falls well short of a five point seven billion dollars trump has demanded for a wall along the mexican border there's the headlines next up the stream explores the challenges of political theater do stay with us if you can thanks for watching .
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hi i'm femi oke a. year in the stream ridicule threats of bodily harm and scorn this is what is really after us and playwright i not why it's meant endured for participating in art and activism focused on israeli palestinian politics today where we explore how actors and artists like her are using fear to as a tool to break down barriers in israel and the occupied palestinian territories have questions be sure to leave them in the us chat and we will do our best to get them into the conversation. you should die and shade in the occupation people can be occupiers in the room last week i went to greece that simon managed to moan a second you know how did that.


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